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Garland confirmation is a stage for 4 of GOP's 2024 hopefuls

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Garland confirmation is a stage for 4 of GOP's 2024 hopefuls

"App. Federal Judge Merrick Garland is president Biden's nominee to become attorney general. He testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The hearing lasted most of the day We begin with committee chair Dick Durbin of Illinois. This hearing will come to order today. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to be the 86th attorney general of the United States. Judge Garland I wanna welcome you and your family. I want to welcome you back to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I know this return trip. It's been a long time and planning on you're here. Finally, this will be the Judiciary Committee's first hearing of the 117th Congress. Before I turned to my opening remarks. I'd like to just take a few minutes to make some Acknowledgments. I want to welcome my friend, Senator Chuck Grassley as the committee's ranking member. When I first came on the Senate Judiciary Committee 24 years ago, I was the ranking member on subcommittee with you, and we dealt with the issue of bankruptcy. Now Illinois and Iowa sit next to each other. And so did Urban Grassley. We have our differences. But Senator Grassley and I have worked together on important legislation over the years, most recently on criminal justice and sensing reform. I look forward to continuing that work in this Congress. I want to recognize the outgoing chair and ranking member Senator Lindsey Graham, who will join us remotely this morning, and Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Graham, as is true of Senator Grassley. Well, we don't always agree, has always been a welcome partner on many issues. Including one of the most challenging issues, immigration, Senator Feinstein. I want to come in for leading the committee Democrats with Grace and resolved over the past four years. I know she will continue to be an important voice on this committee on a host of issues, including in her new capacity as the chair of the Human Rights and Laws subcommittee, which I was proud to charity and past Congresses. I also want to welcome our new committee members who either be here in person. I see one in person and one probably remote senators Padilla And also on the Democratic side, Senator Cotton on the Republican side. I look forward to working with each of you. There's some historic first in the Judiciary Committee this year, Senator Padilla, our new senator from California, will be chairing the subcommittee on immigration, citizenship. Border safety. I'm honored that he's the first Latino senator to chair that subcommittee, and we look forward to his leadership. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey will chair the subcommittee on criminal justice and counter terrorism. He's the first Black senator to chair a judiciary subcommittee. And we could not imagine a better choice at the helm of this particular subcommittee to all of our other members who are returning to serve on the committee. Welcome back. I want to thank all the committee members for agreeing to hold this committee hearing and vote on Judge Garland's nomination. It is a great honor to serve on this committee. The Senate established the Judiciary Committee by resolution on December 10th 18 16, making it among the very first standing committees of the Senate. This committee has seen many consequential debates and approved many important nominations and landmark legislation in the committee's history. There has only been one prior Illinois senator to serve his chair Judge Garland Lyman. Trumbull, who led the committee from 18 61 to 18 72, and during his term of service was a Democrat, a Republican, a radical Republican and a Democrat. Again. He was the most bipartisan senator, you could imagine His tenure was also distinguished by passage. Of historic legislation, the 13th 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. The Freedman's bureau acts of 18 65 and 18 66 Civil Rights Act of 18 66. The last of these was introduced by Trumbull ultimately became the nation's first civil rights law. As chair, Trumbull saw a nation torn apart by original sin slavery and widespread violence and injustice that continued even after the 13th amendments. Passage is African Americans throughout the nation face race. System. Our nation is still dealing with the consequences of these injustices. People of color face systemic racism, and we're still working to rid this nation of the horrific legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. This committee could make a difference. We have the jurisdiction and the opportunity to do it through legislation, oversight and nominations, including this nomination of Merrick Garland to service our nation's next attorney general. There have been few moments in history where the role of attorney general and the occupant of That post It mattered more Judge Garland should you be confirmed, and I have every confidence you will be. You'll oversee a Justice Department at an existential moment. After four tumultuous years of intrigue, controversy and brute political force, the future of the department is clearly in the hands of the next attorney general Under attorney general Sessions and successor Bill Bar. The Justice Department literally became an arm of the White House committed to advancing the interest. The President Trump his family and his political allies. It came as little surprise then that the U. S Department of Justice became the Trump Department of Justice General Bar stated clearly that he believed the attorney general was the president's lawyer, not the nations. And what were the results too many in the department's senior roles cast aside the rules law trump appointees in the apartment sidelined career public servants from Lyon attorneys, two FBI agents Limited their roles disregarded their nonpartisan input override, overriding their professional judgment and falsely accusing them of being members of the

Senate Judiciary Committee Judge Merrick Garland Judge Garland Senator Grassley Judiciary Committee Senator Chuck Grassley Urban Grassley Illinois Senator Lindsey Graham Senator Dianne Feinstein Senator Feinstein Human Rights And Laws Subcommi Senator Cotton Senator Padilla Dick Durbin Subcommittee On Immigration Trumbull Senator Cory Booker Subcommittee On Criminal Justi Congress
Pandemic support at center of Yellen confirmation hearing

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Pandemic support at center of Yellen confirmation hearing

"President elect Biden's treasury secretary nominee is already facing off with Republicans at her confirmation hearing Janet Yellen says Congress must do more to help fight the pandemic induced recession without further action we risk a longer more painful recession now and longer term scoring of the economy later Bivens pitched a one point nine trillion dollar relief plan but many Republicans like finance committee chair Chuck Grassley say that's too expensive and spends too much on non virus measures like boosting the minimum wage now is not the time to enact a laundry list of liberal structural economic reforms Yellen's expected to be easily confirmed as the nation's first female treasury chief after serving as the first woman to head the federal reserve while Biden was vice president Sager made Donnie Washington

President Elect Biden Janet Yellen Republicans Like Finance Commi Treasury Bivens Chuck Grassley Congress Yellen Federal Reserve Biden Sager Donnie Washington
Joe Biden To Hold Remembrance Ceremony for 400k COVID Victims

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

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Joe Biden To Hold Remembrance Ceremony for 400k COVID Victims

"Day of Donald Trump's presidency. President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris will take time to remember those who died during the Corona virus pandemic. The nation's death toll hit 400,000 this morning, and both incoming leaders will speak tonight at the Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool to honor the victims, and the new administration is slowly taking shape this morning. The Senate Finance Committee has begun its confirmation hearing. For Treasury secretary nominee Janet Yellen. Democrats and Republicans immediately squared off over how much more support the economy needs during this pandemic. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat who's scheduled to take over his chairman of the committee, told yelling that his top priority is to avoid the mistake made a decade ago in Congress withdrew support for the economy too soon after the housing crisis and delayed the recovery from the last recession. But Republican Senator Chuck Grassley pointed out at the hearing this morning, pointed out all the support that's already been approved and says he was concerned that the incoming Biden administration wants to raise taxes and enact what he called massive spending programs. President

President Elect Joe Biden Vice President Elect Kamila Ha Senate Finance Committee Janet Yellen Donald Trump Senator Ron Wyden Lincoln Memorial Treasury Senator Chuck Grassley Oregon Congress Biden Administration
Mitch McConnell congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris for election win

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Mitch McConnell congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris for election win

"When Joe Biden becomes president next month, the most important relationship he will have in Washington could be with Mitch McConnell at that point With President Trump out of the White House, McConnell will be the most powerful Republican official. And today for the first time, the Senate majority leader finally acknowledged that Biden won the election for more on how the Republicans are grappling with Biden's victory. We turn now to NPR national political correspondent Don Gonyea, Eh? Hey, don Hey, Greetings. Greetings. All right, so let's start by what we heard from McConnell this morning. How exactly did that all play out? So the Senate open for business, and it's very formal, stately way. That's when the majority leader did That thing He didn't do after Biden was first projected the winner or after the votes were certified in state after state. And he didn't do it after the electoral college vote yesterday, But he did decide this morning was finally time. Many millions of us had hoped the presidential election would yield Different result. But our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in. On January, the 20th The Electoral college. Has spoken. So today, I want to congratulate President elect Joe Biden. And he also congratulated Vice President elect Kamila Harris. Now in In the past days and weeks, only a few Republicans have been willing to acknowledge Biden's victory. But since the Electoral college voted, that list has grown a bit some key names Dad to the list Star, two of the president's staunchest allies in the Senate, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina in Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. When there's also Iowa's Chuck Grassley. When asked about the election results, he said, it doesn't matter what Chuck Grassley thinks. The Constitution has answered that question for so there

Biden Mcconnell Don Gonyea Don Hey Senate Mitch Mcconnell Joe Biden White House NPR President Elect Joe Biden Electoral College Vice President Elect Kamila Ha Washington Lindsey Graham Chuck Grassley Ron Johnson South Carolina Wisconsin Iowa
Carl Bernstein says 21 GOP senators contemptuous of Trump

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Carl Bernstein says 21 GOP senators contemptuous of Trump

"Former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein's tweeted out the names of nearly two dozen Republican senators who he says have criticized the president behind his back but some of those named are denying the report Karl burns Steen took to Twitter denouncing the senators quote Craven public silence that's helped enable president trump's most grievous conduct he listed twenty one names Utah's Mitt Romney is on the list earlier this month casting doubt on trump's claim the election and somehow been stolen not accurate and to destructive but senator Chuck Grassley spokesman disputes his listing saying there's no difference between what the senator says publicly and privately South Carolina senator Tim Scott's office called his placement on the list baseless accusations of someone who clearly has an axe to grind burns Steen said he learned about the politicians suppose it feelings through conversations with their colleagues staff members lobbyists and White House aides Jackie Quinn Washington

Karl Burns Carl Bernstein Donald Trump Steen Senator Chuck Grassley Craven Mitt Romney Utah Twitter Tim Scott South Carolina Jackie Quinn White House Washington
Florida Senator Rick Scott tests positive for coronavirus

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Florida Senator Rick Scott tests positive for coronavirus

"OD Senator Rick Scott test positive for coronavirus Scott Tweeting this morning. He's feeling good with some very mild symptoms and will be working from his Florida home until it's safe to go back to D. C. Scott is the second Republican senator to have recently tested positive. Joining high was Chuck Grassley. Rationally is

Senator Rick Scott D. C. Scott Scott Florida Joining High Chuck Grassley
Florida Senator Rick Scott tests positive for coronavirus

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Florida Senator Rick Scott tests positive for coronavirus

"This morning. He's feeling okay with some very mild symptoms, and and he'll he'll be be working working from from his his Florida Florida home home until until it's it's safe safe to to go go back back to to D. D. C. C. Scott Scott is is the the second second Republican Republican senator senator to to have have tested tested positive positive recently, recently, joining joining Iowa's Iowa's Chuck Chuck Grassley, Grassley, who who is is 87 87 years old. One person heard after claiming he was shot while driving along I

D. D. C. C. Scott Scott Florida Chuck Chuck Grassley Iowa Grassley
Senate Republicans appear to congratulate Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C.

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Senate Republicans appear to congratulate Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C.

"Kamila Harris back of the nation's capital for the first time in her new role yesterday, casting an important vote and accepting congratulations in some cases from Republicans with more on the incoming V P and other news from the nation's capital. I'm joined by Maybe season as delicate terra. It has come to Harris even got a fist bump or two yesterday. Tell us about her day at the Capitol. Got straight. She did get a few fists on one of them from Senate Judiciary chair Lindsey Graham yesterday as they were quizzing the grilling rather, the big tech CEOs of Twitter and Facebook during that Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. She did return to the capital for the first time as vice president elect, and probably the most interesting thing to come out of that with the fact that she received a classified intelligence briefing in her capacity of senator which is interesting because she So far in her capacity as vice president elect has not been able to receive those briefings because the General Services Administration refuses to recognize her and Joe Biden as the president elected by President elect the General Services Administration being the body that kind of overseas the transition, so because of that, she and Joe Biden have not been able to receive that class of those classified intelligence briefings. But she did get a briefing yesterday in her capacity of Senator is does the GS to act on their own earthy at the behest of the president, who has refused to concede or accept the fact that this is a new administration coming in? So they technically act on their own. But there is certainly concerns. There are concerns that there could be you know political influence there and that the G s a is kind of doing that the president's bidding and then until President Trump decides to concede that they won't do it, either, But they do maintain that they are One of their own thing on act independently. I was Senator Chuck Grassley, who has said President elect Biden should be getting those classified intelligence briefings from the Trump administration. We learned yesterday has tested positive for covert 19. That's right. Yes, that's some bad news there. Senator Chuck Grassley, who is the most senior Republican in the Senate. He's just the second oldest senator of the oldest actually being Dianne Feinstein, who's just a few months older, but he is the most senior Republican. He's 87 years old, so high risk demographic there for covert 19, but his office does say he's not experiencing any symptoms. So that's good news. They don't know how he contract ID the virus. The concern is that he was on the floor of the Senate voting on Today, and he was also part of Ah closed door hearing or meeting rather with Republican leadership. People who were in that meeting, though, said that you know, Grassley has been really good about wearing a mask that everybody in that meeting was wearing a mask. But they're not too concerned about having contracting the virus. But he is, you know, the second this week that has announced that he is now isolating. After a possible covert exposure. The first being Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida, certainly wish them the best. Thank you so much as always say, and that's a bee season as delicate era in Washington. Come

Kamila Harris Senate Judiciary Committee General Services Administratio Senator Chuck Grassley Joe Biden Lindsey Graham Senate President Trump Trump Administration Harris Twitter Facebook Biden Dianne Feinstein Grassley Senator Rick Scott Florida Washington
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

"Senator Chuck Grassley test positive for Corona viruses immediately quarantined and will continue working from home. Rashly was last at the Capitol Monday. He hasn't missed a Senate vote in 27 years later, Steve Dorsey says Grassley is third in line to the presidency. The 87 year Olds the second oldest member of the Senate, The

Senator Chuck Grassley Rashly Steve Dorsey Senate Grassley
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

"Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday he has tested positive for the coronavirus, adding in the tweet that he feels good and plans to work from home in Iowa. Earlier Tuesday, he said he was quarantined himself after being exposed to the coronavirus, though he wasn't experiencing any symptoms at 87 years old. Grassley is the second oldest member of the Senate. Grassley said He's feeling well and not currently experiencing any symptoms, but it's important to follow all public health guidelines. Keep each

Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley Iowa Senate
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

"Grassley announced he has tested positive for Corona virus. The Senate's oldest Republican at 87 says he's feeling fine but will follow his doctor's orders and remain in quarantine. He missed his first vote in 27 years. Michigan's

Grassley Senate Michigan
Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, 87, tests positive for coronavirus

Gaydos and Chad

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Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, 87, tests positive for coronavirus

"Were reported overnight. I was Senator Chuck Grassley, the longest serving Republican senator and third in line of presidential succession, says he has tested positive for the coronavirus. 87 year old Grassley tweeted today that he looks forward to resuming his normal schedule soon by missing votes. Today, Grassley broke a 27 year streak of not missing a

Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley
Sen. Grassley, 87, says he tested positive for coronavirus

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Sen. Grassley, 87, says he tested positive for coronavirus

"The longest serving Republican U. S. senators tested positive for covert nineteen Iowa senator Chuck Grassley is eighty seven years old he's third in line in presidential succession and now announces on Twitter he has the new coronavirus Grassley says he's quote feeling good and will keep up his work from home and is looking forward to resuming a normal schedule soon earlier he had said that he'd been exposed to the virus without giving details didn't have symptoms and said he was in quarantine that means that he missed votes in the Senate the first time for Grassley since nineteen ninety three when Iowa had to deal with severe flooding Jackie Quinn Washington

Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley Iowa Twitter Senate Jackie Quinn Washington
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, tests positive for COVID-19

"Has tested positive for Corona virus. The 87 year old says he's feeling good. He says he looks forward to resuming normal schedule soon. He announced earlier today he was isolating after being exposed to the virus. Grassley is the second oldest senator. WGN

Grassley WGN
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

"Was Senator Chuck Grassley has been exposed to the Corona virus and is in quarantine. Grassley, the oldest Republican senator, which puts him in third line to succession to the presidency, since he's president, Pro TEM more from NPR's Susan Davis. In a statement, Grassley said he had been exposed to the Corona virus, but did not say how or when he's under quarantine at home Until he gets test results back, he said he's not experiencing any symptoms. You will, however, be forced to break his 27 year streak of never missing a Senate vote. The Senate has experienced waves of positive test cases or self enforce quarantines in recent months. Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida is also currently under quarantine because of an exposure

Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley Susan Davis NPR Senate Senator Rick Scott Florida
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

"Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has been exposed to the Corona virus and is now in quarantine. Grassley is the oldest Republican senator and the president protest which puts him third in line and succession to the presidency. NPR's Susan Davis has details. In a statement, Grassley said he had been exposed to the Corona virus, but did not say how or when he's under quarantine at home until he gets test results back, He said he's not experiencing any symptoms. He will, however, be forced to break his 27 year streak of never missing a Senate vote. The Senate has experienced waves of positive test cases or self enforce quarantines in recent months. Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida is also currently under quarantine because of an exposure to the virus. Despite calls mostly from Democrats to institute a testing and tracing program for senators. No such system exists. Susan Davis NPR NEWS Washington

Senator Chuck Grassley Grassley Susan Davis Iowa NPR Senate Senator Rick Scott Florida Washington
Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

WBZ Midday News

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Chuck Grassley, second oldest senator, exposed to COVID-19

"Who serves as president pro TEM of the Senate, is in quarantine after being exposed to coronavirus Grassley, releasing a statement a short time ago, saying he is following doctor's orders and immediately self isolating while awaiting test results awaiting test results. Grassley, the senior senator from Iowa, is the second Republican senator this week to announce quarantine after being exposed the first senator Rick Scott of Florida with a similar announcement over the weekend in Kentucky Today. A

Biden team should get access to intelligence briefings

Pacifica Evening News

02:04 min | 7 months ago

Biden team should get access to intelligence briefings

"Republican senators have congratulated Biden on his win at least six more GOP senators Josh Holly of Missouri, John Thune of South Dakota, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Rob Portman of Ohio, James Lankford of Oklahoma and Mike rounds of South Dakota or saying that Biden should at least be receiving intelligence briefings even if Trump won't order his appointed head of the General Services Administration. To officially recognized Biden as the president elect here is sent it around to South Dakota. Look, one of these two men will be the president, United States after the election results have come in. And I think at this point, just as a matter of Protecting our nation's interests. I do think that both the president and his and his competition here, the vice President Biden should have access to those classified reports. Conservative British TV host Piers Morgan on Friday afternoon urged Trump to concede on Twitter GOP strategist Karl Rove said Thursday that Trump's lawsuits won't change the election results. Cindy McCain also told CNN today her deceased husband, former Senator John McCain, would have wanted Biden recognized as president elect You Beecher, he would be telling these people it is time that we that we move on. It's time we heal. It's China. We support our president elect and also encourage the G s A to release the funds so that the heat and get on with his transition team. Cindy McCain is an adviser to President elect job. His transition team. Trump's press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, and White House Trade advisor Peter Navarro. Both gave interviews on Fox business doubling down on the idea. Trump is preparing for a second term. This came as major news outlets today formally called the State of Georgia. For Biden and North Carolina. For Trump Theologian. Toral Vote count is now 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump

Biden South Dakota Josh Holly James Lankford Donald Trump Mike Rounds John Thune Rob Portman GOP Chuck Grassley General Services Administratio Cindy Mccain Missouri Iowa Oklahoma Piers Morgan Ohio Karl Rove Senator John Mccain Beecher
"chuck  grassley" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

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"chuck grassley" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Republican Senator Chuck Grassley on bipartisan legislation Blumenthal Grassley introduced legislation Monday to streamline the public release of a report on special counsel, Robert Muller's investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election in my conversation, so far there has been a lot of receptivity even tentative support among my Republican colleagues. Of course, there has been among Democrats as well. Blumenthal says he's optimistic the Bill will pass the utility company liable for damages and California's deadly campfire is a clearing bankruptcy PGA filed for chapter eleven today citing wildfires in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen the company's liabilities from the disasters exceeds fifty one billion dollars. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio checking out the movies this weekend. Here's your box office preview. The weekend's big new releases miss Bala based on a twenty eleven Mexican film of the same name. Gina rodriguez. Plays Gloria makeup artists from LA who we with her best friend in Tijuana, women friend disappears glory is kidnapped and forced to smuggle money for a drug cartel and asked to use Oliver brains and talent to escape the cartel and the DA and rescue her friend in the process. There's action thriller also stars male crews Cordova, Anthony, Mackie and Thomas Dekker out in limited release is the man versus nature survival. Film Arctic following a plane crash man is stranded in the farthest north reaches of the globe after a botched rescue that adds an injured woman to the mix. He faces the choice of staying at his remote camp or striking out into the icy unknown moss Mickelson stars and there's Icelandic production. Still in theaters are glass, the upside aquaman, the kid who would be king and Spiderman into the spider verse plus green book, a dog's way, home serenity, escape room and. Dragon ball super and that's your weekend box office preview on iheartradio. Book seems to be getting serious.

Senator Chuck Grassley Blumenthal Robert Muller NBC Gina rodriguez special counsel Spiderman Bala Tijuana California Arctic Gloria LA Cordova Oliver Thomas Dekker Mackie Anthony
"chuck  grassley" Discussed on All In with Chris Hayes

All In with Chris Hayes

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"chuck grassley" Discussed on All In with Chris Hayes

"The public needs to know what is going on. I demanded and I'm trying to organize everybody that I can to call for this Republic. This report to be released to the public. There's there Senate legislation if I'm not mistaken introduced today by Chuck Grassley, and Richard Blumenthal that would essentially require a public version of the report, I think with exceptions made for redacting classified information. Do you foresee something like that passing out of the house in short order? Well, I think it could pass out of the house. Let me just say this the puck. Public has been very patient. They've been waiting. We have heard bits and pieces here and there, and we want to know in the public deserves to know. And so I support the legislation that it should be made public. And if there's classified information that has to be redacted, so be it, but make this report public Steve Mnuchin was one of the people who who's been making the case about the sanctions for Ola der, pasta, the Russian oligarch, who, of course, also employed Paul Manafort had a contact since indicted intermediary named constant Kalinic who would go back and forth between them dare pastas. Businesses have essentially escaped now the sanctions acts from department of treasury because they reorganized in ways the treasury department says they're happy with a lot of people unhappy on Capitol Hill. What's your response to the administration's actions? I'm not happy with it at all. I think that the, you know at the center of this. Question about whether or not the president colluded with Russia with Putin or the oligarchs, etc. Is the question of sanctions, we know that Putin wants these sanctions lifted and I've said from the beginning that I believe in. I don't have the proof. But I believe that Manafort was set to the campaign to be there to ensure that they get Trump elected in every way, they possibly could. And this is an exchange for him lifting the sanctions and don't forget, our president has said that he believes this ancient should be listed a one way or the other. So I just believe that Mnuchin is, of course, a guided by the president they all apart of, you know, this relationship that they have with Russia and Putin and went oligarchs, I mean, when you take a look at all of the allies of this president that's involved in this whole question, you cannot help but ask yourself what's at the bottom of this. And. I think it has been asked more than one time. Why are they all lying? I think it's about sanctions. And I think is very important for us to continue to pressure to get those sanctions continued at enforce and not to do what we've just witnessed. They're trying to do. And that is be involved with de listing on the sanctions congresswoman, Maxine Waters. Thank you for your time tonight. You're welcome. Thank you next. We'll Roger stone testify against President Trump. I'll talk to someone who wants considered Roger sodas mentor. Sam number on what angle he thinks. Stone is playing in two minutes..

President Trump president Putin Richard Blumenthal Roger stone Steve Mnuchin Paul Manafort Russia department of treasury Chuck Grassley Senate Maxine Waters treasury department Ola der Kalinic two minutes
"chuck  grassley" Discussed on POLITICO's Pulse Check

POLITICO's Pulse Check

04:45 min | 2 years ago

"chuck grassley" Discussed on POLITICO's Pulse Check

"Question Senator Wyden has pushed on the border separation policy by the Trump administration. You raise concerns on this last year to finance has jurisdiction over HHS. Are you going to hold any hearings on border separations not as of now, but I wouldn't say I wouldn't. But I did hold hearings on that when I was chairman of the judiciary committee. He did wrapping up because I know time is precious. You've been famously on Twitter for years, and your first tweet was from November two thousand seven that was before I tweeted that's before a lot of reporters. I knew tweeted near two thousand twelve tweet assumed dear dead is one of the the all time classics of the political genre. I know you've talked about being on Twitter and reaching your constituents. Why did you decide to get on so early for the same reason I decided to have satellite communication with my constituents on public television from here they could call in or questions? I same reason that maybe my staff, I don't remember this. But my staff was said, I was one of the first senators make use of the fax machine. Now, you don't even want to fax machine is. Museums or or or doctors offices, actually in other words, I hold town means like, you know, and each one of the ninety nine counties every Cuban a whatever you can do to get your message out, whatever you can do to encourage constituents to react to what you have dialogue is the essence of Representative government and Twitter's just one way of getting some dial. Like, I guess what I'm curious about was was there Senator Chuck Grassley at eleven o'clock at night logging onto Twitter did a staff member tell you about it or or. Yeah, you there's no way what ten years ago, even at age seventy five I'm not sure I'd be alerted to it. But but I like it now. And I'm glad some staffers was inventive enough to get me on it. There are they're the same ones that got me on the fax machine. Maybe generational a little different. There are younger members of. Grice who are turning to social media following in her footsteps beta or rock, a Instagram has dental cleaning. Alexandria, Cossio Cortez is on social media. Let are you planning to to Instagram your dental cleaning, do do you have any advice for these younger members since June trying to age the most I'm trying to do along that line? I'm trying to educate them about farming. Because two percent of the people in this feed the other ninety eight percent, so people need to know something about farming and appreciate it. So you can watch my corn watch as an example. That's it's hot social twenty three weeks of go back and look at each one of them. So you can find out how corn goes from putting seed in the ground to put an in at the local elevator. Senator I promise you we will include links to that in our in our show notes for this podcast last question. We were talking about this before we started recording. You were elected to the Senate in nineteen eighty you have had this job as long as I've been alive. Now, I've talked to your colleagues we even talked a little bit about this too about the golden age of congress feels like. It's passed. Was there a window in your thirty eight years in the Senate where you felt like things were were great because even ten years ago, there were certainly a lot of partisanship. It's a lot different now. Then when I came, but it the evolution happened. So slowly, maybe a little faster in the last ten years that it's hard for me to give you a window. I could give you a window on judges becoming so controversial. But generally speaking, it's kind of like, you know, you put a frog and cold water heated up to a boil and they die. But you throw them in the boiling water. They jump out it happened. So slowly that I I wouldn't want to say you talk about the frog in the boiling water. How does the water get cooled down? Is it even possible at this point? It's got to be possible for all. I don't think the country's going to be is ideal. Divided as grassroots forever. Like it is now. And if you would expect congress to be a reflection of the grass roots, you shouldn't be surprised when the coasts are blue and the center of the state country is bright red that congresswoman reflect that defeat like that frog in the boiling water. Well..

Twitter Senator Wyden Senate Senator Chuck Grassley HHS Trump administration chairman judiciary committee Senator Alexandria congress Cossio Cortez Grice Representative ten years ninety eight percent thirty eight years
"chuck  grassley" Discussed on POLITICO's Pulse Check

POLITICO's Pulse Check

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"chuck grassley" Discussed on POLITICO's Pulse Check

"I I've always wondered this about you Senator I've heard you speak about transparent. See accountability oversight investigations at talk to your staff about oversight driven legislation. Was there a moment in your career where this all crystallized for you where you realized this is how I want to be as a Senator. These are the things I'm going to use on in nineteen eighty three. I went to the defense department to get some information on cost overruns. And I wanted to see a civil servant by the name of Chuck Spinney. That was in the the expert on this. I was met by a doctor shoo who was speaking for secretary Weinberger that said, well, I'll talk to you. But we can't have you talked to the civil servants. I said I wanna see Chuck Spinney you can come if you want to. So they I couldn't see Chuck Spinney. So let me see if a civil servant interesting. I went back to Capitol Hill and Weinberger called me up. Said we Republicans can't rely on these civil servants. This is the Defense Secretary out Reagan now, and I said, I'm going to get Chuck Spinney one way or the other and within three weeks or so we had a joint meeting of the of the budget committee and the Armed Services Committee in the Russell caucus room with eight television cameras, and I don't know whether five hundred people or three hundred people were watching and we had Chuck Spinney there, and we got the testimony we wanted and Monday morning. Chuck Spinneys face was on the cover time magazine. So that's why I decided, you know, you don't mess around with these people and ever since then you've been doing your oversight driven investigations, not only that, but it's a constitutional responsibility. You know, people think we just pass laws appropriate money. Then you forget about it. No, you're part of the checks and balances the government. And then you gotta make sure that the president Republican or democrat faithfully execute those laws. I heard you giving a floor speech on this last week when you're accepting your your role as president pretend he said, quote by conducting oversight and investigations, we hold the executive branch responsible to taxpayers. No matter which party is in power. How do you plan to hold the Trump administration accountable? I hope of already done it within the first month. He was in office. He sent a letter around or no they issued an edict that they're only going answer letter for committee chairman. We'll look at between the house and senators about forty or fifty committee chairman, what are you going to do about the other four hundred and eighty five years aren't forget about them. They're not entities. So we wrote him a seven page letter within a couple of weeks. They were up here. Talking to us. Maybe they came up to talk out of our position we talked to him for maybe an hour. A couple a couple months later the issued another letter saying that they were going to answer. Questions were any member of congress, and that has established your willingness to push you think on the Trump administration. You know, in fact, when I do when we have a Republican president, my colleagues say, well, why would you raise these questions with a Republican president doesn't matter where the ever Republican presidents are democrat breath. We style got the same constitutional responsibility to make sure that the laws are. Executed the way we intend him one more oversight..

Chuck Spinney president Senator Chuck Spinneys Weinberger chairman secretary Armed Services Committee congress cover time magazine Reagan executive eighty five years three weeks
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"Democrat Senator Max Baucus for years, the two of you switching off his committee head, and and ranking member do you think you'll have a similar relationship in report with Senator Ron Wyden, the current democrat who's ranking member on the committee, everything that I've done Ryan Wyden. And so far, but a lot of it outside the finance committee. We've had we've worked very well together. And I'm starting out this year that will be able to work together. But you remember between two thousand one and two thousand nine the political environment than not so ideologically divided at the grassroots of America is much more ideologically divided the grassroots. So I think congress represents said ideological divide, and I believe that just the realities of politics twenty eighteen twenty nineteen make it more difficult to duplicate the very close working relationship that I had with Max Baucus because every bail, but maybe two or three that got out of committee. Or bipartisan, the only one I can remember is ObamaCare that got out a committee that wasn't bipartisan, and and we've had played more division even under Senator hatches chairmanship in recent years than normally what you'd have. But that's got nothing to do with Biden an eye getting long or not getting along. That's just kind of the reality of the political situation in America today reflected then in the congress will then thinking maybe beyond Senator Wyden, your committee has taken up drug pricing issues. You and Senator Wyden have worked somewhat on drug pricing already. But it's more than just the two of you. And on the committee. There's some Democrats really are aggressive about what they wanted to drug pricing. And there are some Republicans who don't seem all that interested in doing much at all how do you view your role? How are you going to bring them together as committee chairman to do something on drug pricing? I think is going to be very easy. I think almost on anything except a democrat effort to have the government dictate prices. I'm a free market person. I'm chairman when part d was passed. I was chairman during part d when when even Kennedy was against the government, the government, dictating pricing ago, stating prices, and so I come from an area where we wanted to.

Senator Ron Wyden Senator Max Baucus chairman Senator congress America Biden Kennedy
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"Did you feel like there's unfinished business? Yeah. It's because of the silly rules of the Republican caucus when you be when you use up your six years of being chairman of a committee. Then you can't be ranking member for six years, or whatever you have left to be. So I've used up my six years being chairman of the finance committee. I haven't used up my six years being ranking member of judiciary. So I spend two years the last two years of a six-year obligation for finance. So if we're in the minority twenty one and twenty two I can still be ranking member judiciary. Now, I could also choose to be chairman or ranking member of budget. But I'm not sure that that interests me, the judiciary committee also had a lot of circus like hearings the past couple of years. You presided over the judge Cavanaugh hearing was that a factor at all in thinking about moving back over to finance. No, no one factor. That is true of judiciary. Not true. Finance almost every Thursday. You have an executive hearing or army executive meeting. So you do legislation or do nominations, the the finance committee has executive sations but not on a regular basis. And so I think that I can spend more time on hearings where I had to share here is so many hearings than judiciary committee with other members of the committee. So I could do all the other responsibilities. I have particularly meeting with islands when they're in Washington. I'll have more flexibility now being chairman of finance thinking about finance,.

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"With some Senator Grassley colleagues. Senator Bill Cassidy senators using. Hollins center. Lamar Alexander just look in the archives. You can find those episodes to and with that. Here's my conversation. With Senator Chuck Grassley Senator Chuck Grassley. Welcome to politico. Pulse. Check. Hey, I'm glad to be with you anytime. I get a chance to communicate when my constituents that's what Representative government's all about. And I hope they communicate back. All you're always communicating. You have so many different paths from from sitting down with someone like media using social media, which we will get to. But I wanted to start with this. It's a new congress. You have a number of new responsibilities including your president pro tempore of of the Senate. This is significant responsibility or fourth in line now for succession to the president. I'm curious what in your realm of new responsibilities has been most interesting or surprising to you. As president pro tem. I think the number of duties that the code requires that really has not a lot of discretion. It's mostly ministerial. Title or maybe say ceremonial, but really if you summed it up, the president of the Senate is the vice president United States, but as you probably know in the last seventy years, I think starting with Nixon when he was vice president vice presidents haven't presided over the Senate or be involved in the Senate very much except for vote breaking ties and in ceremonial things. So I like to summit up that president pro tem outside of being in presidential succession, does whatever the president of the United States or the vice president of the United States does as president Senate only you do it when he's not here, which is about ninety nine percent of the time. Does your staff now call you Mr President behind closed doors? No. No, they call me. Chuck, I I'm not at that level. So have to refer to you. As Senator Grassley, your chairman again for the third time of the Senate finance committee after giving up leadership of the judiciary committee. I'm curious why you decided to come back..

president vice president Senator Chuck Grassley Senate vice president United States Senator Bill Cassidy Senate finance committee Lamar Alexander Hollins center United States Nixon judiciary committee congress Representative chairman ninety nine percent seventy years
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"I'm begging a chocolate bar. You were talking about the two thousand eighteen farm Bill. It's passed through congress and now awaits president Donald Trump's signature he is expected to sign the Bill this week. It's an eight hundred sixty seven billion dollar five-year Bill that expands subsidies and deals with the nations food stamp program as well. We heard in the last segment how it would seek to legalize hemp in the United States would love to hear your thoughts on the farm Bill, and whether or not affect you, Catherine Boudreaux's with us, she's food and agriculture reporter for politico and Catherine wanted to play a little bit of tape because I want to explore the issue the subsidies with you a bit more because it did not get unanimous support at all. Here's Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. He's on the Senate committee of agriculture, nutrition and forestry obviously represents Iowa as well. And he told W O I television in Des Moines last week that he voted against the farm Bill. And here's why we shouldn't be subsidizing big farmers. Get bigger, and that's what we're doing and cutting out beginning beginning in younger farmers getting started. So I voted against it on that narrow reason. But a very important reason to me, Catherine Boudreau said tell us a little bit more about what the senators talking about here about subsidizing big farmers to get bigger. What did he mean? Right. So Senator Chuck Grassley for he has for a long time tried to rein in eligibility for commodity subsidies on farms, the number of people on a farm who can qualify for subsidies. Basically, everyone who's receiving payments from these farm programs Haas to be quote, unquote. Actively engaged this is a UCA definition and Senator Chuck Grassley thinks that's a ver to loose, and it allows non farmers people who aren't really lifting a finger and doing the work to to receive upwards of one hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year. That's the limit per person. Okay. So can you clarify that a little bit? Because I'm seeing here that what we're talk. About is that it's possible now for nephews nieces and first cousins who may not even be working on the farm at all to qualify for these subsidies. They technically still have to meet this definition. And there's really a lot of debate about whether this definition of actively engaged strict enough, and it's just, you know, the they tried to strengthen the definition in the last farm Bill, and that's something that Senator Chuck Grassley was working on, but essentially, they exempted family farms from the more strict definition, and that means that, you know, most of these family farms are the most of the family farms in this country. Sorry, most of the farms in this country are family farms. So they didn't weren't subject to the stricter. Excuse me definition. Okay. Forgive me for being a little confused. But you know, we're not. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's highly technical because this Senator Chuck Grassley is. Goosing in on a very narrow part of how people qualify for for substitutes. But that's been a long crusade of his. Okay. I guess so here relying on your expertise have you're the person who's gone through every page of this Bill. But what I'm seeing in news reports people keep pointing at this. The the final Bill includes this house proposal that would allow more distant relatives to qualify for commodity subsidies. Is that have to do? I mean is that with which is right. What is that? Farm owner. Yes. Your farm owner. And you have a a cousin niece nephew on the farm. I mean, they now will be considered a family member and be eligible. But again, they have to meet this definition that USDA enforces. And there's a lot of debate about whether that is strict enough. Okay. And then in addition to that there was a Senate attempt to limit the payments to the wealthier producers as you were talking about before. But that is not in the Bill is that what the Senator Grassley was objecting to. Yes, he also takes issue with the current limit the income limit is nine hundred thousand dollars a year. So if you're earning above that, you do not qualify for commodity subsidies. The Senate wanted to lower that to seven hundred thousand dollars. But that ultimately was stripped from the Bill is e okay..

Senator Chuck Grassley Senator Catherine Boudreaux politico United States Donald Trump Senate committee of agricultur congress Senate Catherine Des Moines Iowa president reporter Haas Catherine Boudreau USDA eight hundred sixty seven bill one hundred twenty five thousa seven hundred thousand dollars
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"Dot com slash gear. Lewis radio like in follow it that way, we can talk with each other that way I have the story about the Democrats really screwing up trying to destroy cavenaugh. It has made voter enthusiasm jump in the Republican party from sixty eight percent, July two eighty percent now and eighty two percent. So it's tied. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. So we have that which is nice now want you to hear Chuck Schumer. He just said this minutes ago, can the Democrats are going to be nothing. But angry because there is literally according to Chuck Grassley. I know he's a Republican Chuck Grassley FBI found no hint of misconduct in its report on sexual assault allegations against Brad Kavanagh. According to Republican Senate judiciary chair Chuck Grassley. Chuck Grassley said it's time to vote Stein. Devote none of this nothing in this FBI FBI report corroborates Christine Ford's claims, they talked to nine people got a tenth giving a sworn statement. That's what happens but Chuck Schumer step to the microphone just minutes ago. There we go. They've been on. Thank you very much. This is what Chuck Schumer said. Listen ready. I disagree. Having received a briefing on all of the documents. I disagree with Senator Grassley statement that there was no hint of misconduct. Okay. And third way. We are reiterating. Wait you disagree? Explain it explain it are call given how limited so he doesn't say anything, and he goes into a fourth reason. But I wanna just jump ahead toward toward the end. When people ask them, the fact that there's only one document listen for one hundred senators is another example. Of constraining, the ability of all senators and the American public to see the whole truth and nothing, but thank you..

Chuck Schumer Chuck Grassley FBI Republican party Brad Kavanagh Lewis Senate Christine Ford assault Stein sixty eight percent eighty two percent two eighty percent
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"Of the federalists the federalist dot com. And I believe this to be true. We have discussed this repeatedly that the the purpose of of these tactics was to not delay delay delay, but hashtag resist resist resist. And we knew this from the beginning. The very first statement from Chuck Grassley. Being interrupted by Senator Kamla Harris. We we know this completely and totally we know that delay was the name of the game. And when we take a look at the allegation from Blasi Ford as I have said, I'll believe that she believes something happened. But when you say there are four witnesses and all four say, they weren't even there. That's a massive hole in your story. Never mind the other holes, I take a look at the New Yorker piece of Ronan Farrow, should hold his head in shame that he would allow his name to go to this your philosophy or your theory is that even though this is a quote, unquote, signed affidavit, I guess I'll call them for lack of a better word from this woman. Julie sweat, Nick. This is still all uncorroborated. But this could bring about the whole idea of well now we have to have another investigation. And the the the overarching point is as you see it that the whole purpose is to stop this nomination. The whole purpose is to prevent any nomination. The whole purpose is to destroy anybody who goes against the will of the political left, and that's why we have to confirm cavenaugh. And as if you've written and other people have have taken your words as I see it if Republicans don't confirm cavenaugh, they'd never win another election. I think that's right. This is about cabinet any more. This is about whether we are going to have a political system where one group of people who have the so-called right politics are going to get different rights in criminal charges and jobs in positions that will never ever be given to anyone on the wrong side of politics from the beginning Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats said they would do anything no matter what it took to keep cabin off the court. Does that include perjury include false allegations? I don't know we should find out. But I guarantee you dip Republicans allow charade continue. There will be a new name in. There'll be a new accusation bereft of any sort of evidence or crop rotation until democratic takeover. Very second day have the the number of votes in the Senate to prevent Trump nominees. The investigations will be over you. And I witnessed how the the recount game was played in Florida in two thousand it wasn't about counting all the vote. It was about counting until they thought they were gonna win. And then it was over which is the exact same game. They're playing today. In the end as we see this alligator come forward. Your guy who knows DC rather?.

Ronan Farrow Chuck Grassley Senator Kamla Harris Chuck Schumer Blasi Ford perjury Julie sweat Senate Florida Nick
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"Chuck Grassley Senator Chuck Grassley is running these hearings. The the confirmation but cavenaugh to the supreme court, which is going to happen. But it would be to any Republican to issue an opinion because they're large an insurance they run the government. The Republicans have been elected to run the United States of America. Not take grief from the democrat party or humor them. And let them have a say here are say, they're not how it works. It's not how it works. I don't know about you. I'm disgusted with it. Because the Republican party used to have a somewhat conservative platform. Now, they don't understand anything about governing on any level at any level. And the Democrats they understand governing. All right. I understand lockdown control and being able to if they ever get power to tell you how to live your every waking moment, it's called the progressive brain. That's what progressives do they want to control control control? They wanna tell you what to eat. What goes into the food? You eat before you even eat it. They want to tell you what Dr what kind of fuel to put in your car until everything pass. How you should raise your kids. Your kids aren't even yours anymore because of progressivism coming in on somebody's page. Earlier progressivism equals communism equals. Nazi's equals fascist straight up. They're all cut from the same cloth. So why would we pay any attention to the democrat party? Once we get a Republican majority. And here's why are our last caller was saying that they're they're both the same. They're not exactly the same. But man, the Republican party is moving fast and furiously toward it fast and furiously toward it, they they are they make excuses and humor case in point. How is it that anybody can throw molotov cocktails and take bike racks and slam into windows at a major university in California and everybody doing it isn't immediately pounded into the ground arrested put in jail for good fifteen years. How is that? Because the Republican party listens to the democrat party is if they have to humor them, and and and they've just bought into this this false narrative false narrative that we've all got just get along. Now, we don't have to get along we need to vanquish the democrat. Party. We won. We the thinking one I'm talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about the freedom caucus. I'm talking about Ted Cruz. I'm not talking about the rest of the elected officials because they don't know anything about what's going on Republican and democrat, but it is about time that we the thinking rose to the top took control here. Because if we don't the democrat party, we'll take it back one way or another. Look scary right now, we cannot allow a democrat majority come November can't do it. Can't do it. We've had so many gains just by virtue of Donald Trump being president on so many levels, and they will destroy all of that fact, right now Chuck Schumer is on record saying that his one goal you got caught by accident. Not that we did not know it, but at the Labor Day parade in New York, he was caught saying that Trump can't be impeached too soon enough. That's the whole goal right now on every level from the witch hunt fake dossier investigation of Muller. It's all about impeaching Donald Trump and those hearings, by the way, a side note for the Democrats what they're trying to do is. They're trying to get themselves hooked up with a sound bite some type of video clip where they can show themselves rising up and flying in the face of the hearings confirmation of judge cavenaugh. And and the reason they're doing this because they want to run for president in twenty twenty. Yeah. Psychotics like Cory Booker Kamala Harris to real pieces of work to have no business being anywhere near in elected office. But our elected officials people wake up wake up start. You know, they say that it starts at the at the roots. The grass roots? Why is it that the Republican party at the grassroots level isn't funneling? The message up to the top. It's not that a trickles down from the leadership. It goes up the chain. Why isn't it going up the chain through Ronna Romney that whatever she's right underneath Trump as far as Republican control of the Republican party. Why are they not saying, you know, it's time to shut this down. No matter how aggressive we has to be have to be we shut it down. We no longer let the Democrats run this country through obstruction. Look this this confirmation that's going on right now the supreme court Justice confirmation. I think there's something like one hundred offices still avail are still open that have been stonewalled by Schumer out of its one hundred exactly, but there's some integration of that. And judges that cannot get through Senate confirmation because. They're just held up. We want more documentation. We haven't seen enough documentation, we need more. That's an obstruction technique. That's a tactical technique factored that yesterday. It turns out suburb. It took time to review all the documents. I found this amazing that EV that the amount of documentation, they have on Cavanaugh who is going to become the next supreme court Justice United States of America is five times the volume of the past five supreme court Justice. That's insane. That's insane. You know, what the Democrats are doing yesterday, you aware many people don't go this deep in the weeds. That's why I'm here. The the call yesterday which started with that psychotic broad from California Kamala Harris about we haven't seen the documentation that had time to read it. You know, what they're calling for this guy used to work for Bush Bush. He was where the buck stops on his desk for the paperwork to get through to George Bush President George Bush, and that's powerful position, by the way. But what they're saying is is that they have not seen the communications that George Bush had something to do with. That's none of their business as far as this confirmation. Goes. They're supposed to be looking at the man is he a constitutionally limited jurist that does he respect the rule of law. The answer's yes. And everything points to that. But no, they just it's all a lie. What you're seeing in front of the media. And the media is come. Pleasant willingly complicit actively proactively complicit. Now, let's move onto how it's gonna get even worse, sir. It's going to be worse than worst idea. Ready for this in Colorado a community out there? Their voting on lowering the voting age to sixteen. We heard about this in DC. I don't know where that went by the way on that. Ever got voted on. But in DC during to do this. This is insane. What we're seeing happen here. It's because the Republicans will not step up and crush this stuff. Residents of the city of Golden Colorado will decide this November. Whether they want the minimum voting age lowered from eighteen to sixteen. At eighteen you still don't know your ass Mahal on the ground. I mean, we're seeing that now with all these millennials out there. Well, at these hearings young kids in there with their fists in the air. They don't even know what they're doing gonna take it down. Even another natural to Denver post reported Monday that the Denver suburb with a population of twenty one thousand which passed the ballot measure last, August would be the first in the state to approve such a major. If the ballot major passes. Measure passes the community would allow voters as young as sixteen year old to vote for candidates running for local office and local ballot measures. And we're going to effect in November twenty nine thousand nine. Hey, this is insane. Now. Here's the scariest part about this. The people of Colorado. They're almost gone. It's a write off because Colorado used to be a very very conservative cowboy state and then progressive started migrating from California with malice aforethought. Let's go there and turn it blue that was a huge part of it. But a lot of it just sort of people drifted over to Colorado because it got sick California and brought their psychotic progressivism with them. That's what's going on in Colorado, and they're gone. They're I mean, they're knocked out on we can't have firearms anymore all sorts of crazy stuff going in along with progressive psychosis. But this will spread this is like a virus. This will spread and good luck getting inoculated against it. When you've got the public education system, which is the public propaganda system pushing this crap. Sixteen years old and voting. The city was still require residents who planned to run for office to be at least eighteen other municipalities across the US put proposals to lower the voting age and local elections, a Washington DC democrat council member, and he is a real piece of work is no business anywhere near government introduced a Bill in April that would allow sixteen year olds to vote. This was Representative grace Mang introduced the resolution in August. Aiming to change the US constitution. So sixteen-year-olds could vote change the US constitution. So sixteen-year-olds could vote. You know, at some point we wake up every drive a stake through the heart of all of this. This will really happen is one the people that run the Republican party at the grassroots level start screaming loud enough so matriculate up to the top. And they start talking like I do on the radio. I know they're not talented are smart.

Republican party democrat party Donald Trump Colorado California United States supreme court George Bush Chuck Schumer Senator Chuck Grassley president America Cory Booker Kamala Harris Ted Cruz Denver Ronna Romney Kamala Harris Senate
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"Today in response to the president's latest attack on his own attorney general Chuck Grassley. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee who guided Jeff Sessions confirmation through his committee said this. I do have time for hearings on nominees that the president might send up here that I didn't have last year. So there's Chuck Grassley, welcoming a new nomination for turn. General check wrassling. No problem with President Trump getting rid of Chuck Grassley, dear friend, Jeff Sessions, and replacing him with an attorney general who will protect the president and stop the Muller investigation of the president Senator Chuck Grassley is one of the current Republican senators who voted to convict Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial in the Senate and remove him from office. And here is what Senator Grassley said. Then about why President Bill Clinton had to be removed from office. I was brought up in an era, and I hope we still have that irritib- day that that presidents tell the truth, George Washington didn't lie, was that's true or not. I don't know, but that's the way I was laid up to believe that public officials ought to set a standard, a very high standard and telling the truth. Obviously, the easiest thing, a public official canoe, because if you tell the truth, you never have to worry about what you told somebody else joining our discussion. Now, Dan rather former anchor of CBS evening news in the current president of news and guts and host of a ex STV's the big interview. Dan, what happened in the last nineteen years to Chuck Grassley. Interesting question. You could say the same about Lindsey, Graham, Lindsey, Graham doing the time President Clinton was being impeached, said the American presidency has to be about honor and integrity, honor and integrity. I ask any reasonable person to consider whether what we're seeing in hearing out of the White House now and have been hearing and seeing for quite some time meets the standard of honor and integrity, and there's check wrestling, citing the idea that George Washington never told a lie and therefore there there's the standard that that presidents have to live by. There's not a single Senator now in the Senate who voted for the removal of Bill Clinton from office who has said one thing this week, objecting to anything they learned about Don Trump in federal court on Tuesday when Michael Cohen pled guilty. And that's the reason we should not underestimate Donald Trump going forward. He's had a knock down. These lists forty eight to sixty hours. We're now about find out whether he's what in boxing, they call eight cut-up fighter, but it may be unpleasant for some people is to be reminded that some eighty nine percent of people who call themselves Republican still stand behind Donald Trump and his longer. He has the Senate in Republican hands. My own opinion labeled is the Republicans won't even consider breaking away from Donald Trump until and unless he tries to fire Robert Muller that might be at my. It do it, but all this talk about impeachment hearts, which is inevitable given what's been going on. I think it is very clear as long as the Republicans have control of the Senate. And as long as fact, they have controllers court is going to be very, very difficult to get impeachment. Now along is going on with Moto. We don't know about in down the road. Thanks could change dramatically, but it's a little premature to bury the Tump Trump presidency. We've all made mistakes of underestimating him in the past. I don't intend to make that mistake..

president President Bill Clinton Senator Chuck Grassley Donald Trump Senate Robert Muller Senate Judiciary Don Trump George Washington Dan attorney Jeff Sessions chairman Senator White House CBS Lindsey official Moto Michael Cohen
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"Fact i have a copy of it over here and you can see gary you can see the second page here most of that second page for dis redacted chuck grassley went to the fbi and asked them to remove and they agreed bright much that a lot of the reactions and at other relinquish and i was reading of the second verse and and and the point being as did the un redacted version give us the full story and may be this is why now the the the cry from the democrats and and they're memo because i'm i'm wondering if the referral itself in its fully on redacted version was the play here by the republicans because if you look at that right there's a lot of the stuff that as you mentioned could fully redacted i'm just going through the procedural issue of or the procedural uh item of going to the fbi asking them to redacted information so that it would be greater transparency which in turn because we do know that they of course the house intel committee republicans certainly know what's in the democrat memo right so if they've seen this senate referral yet they might of course the had rosay eight look we need to you'd see if you can get more of that uh take it to the fbi get the stuff uh a lot of the reductions moved so that it tells the proper story right one of remember one of the first things that we heard about afternoon as went and sat down and re and had fbi director ray go over the gop memo raise concern was that it didn't tell the complete story that were stuff left out now we didn't get any answer from that nothing no follow up on that but in this case certainly grassley thought and the fbi agreed that with if with the the the original version it didn't tell the complete story and of course that's true and now we get the less redacted version and i'm wondering if it and and i have a totally squashes the democrat had ma'am and i'm our point exactly an and i haven't heard any democrat come out and say they're not telling the full story in the unb redacted criminal referral riot i have no idea jim go i haven't seen that anywhere else right eight six six ninety red eye what book with more red eye radio with eric harley and gary mcnamara.

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"Fact i have a copy of it over here and you can see gerry you can see the second page here most of that second page redan is redacted chuck grassley went to the fbi and asked them to remove and they agreed bright much the a lot of the reductions at of the original version and i was reading of the second verse and and and the point being as did the 'unreacted version give us the full story and may be this is why now the the the cry from the democrats and and they're memo because i'm i'm wondering if the referral itself in its fully unrebutted version was the play here by the republicans because if you look at that right there's a lot of the stuff that as you mentioned could fully redacted i'm just going through the procedural issue of the or the procedural uh item of going to the fbi asking them to redact this information so that it would be greater transparency which in turn because we do know that the of course the house intel committee republicans certainly know which in the democrat memo right so if they've seen this senate referral yet they might of course uh had rosay look look we need to you'd see if you can get more of that uh take it to the fbi get this stuff uh a lot of the reductions moved so that it tells the proper story right one remember one of the first things that we heard about afternoon as went and sat down and re and had fbi director ray go over the gop memo raised concern was that it didn't tell the complete story there were stuff left out now we didn't get any answers from that nothing no follow up on that but in this case certainly grassley thought and the fbi agreed that with if with the the the original version it didn't tell the complete story and of course that's true and now we get the less redacted version and i'm wondering if it and and i have a totally squashes the democrat had ma'am m our point exactly an end i haven't heard any democrat come out and say they're not telling the full story in the unprotected criminal referral riot i have no go i haven't seen that anywhere else right eight six six ninety red eye loyd book with more red eye radio with eric harley and gary mcnamara.

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"chuck grassley" Discussed on POLITICO's Nerdcast

"Well uh fusion gps itself wanted that transcript released multiple democratic members of the senate judiciary committee where feinstein the top democrat wanted this transcript released uh but what really really shook this whole matter loose was chuck grassley the chairman of the committee and lindsey graham a sending a criminal referral of over christopher steal who's the author of this dossier the the former british intelligence agent commissioned by the firm to compile this exhaustive not just p related a compilation of evidence that the kremlin might be might be holding something over trump's at soap so here's a chronology uh democrats have been pushing for the transcript fusion wants transcript out then grassley and graham send a criminal referral to the justice department suggesting that steele might have again this is a serious matter uh run afoul of the law and then find since as you know what you didn't notify me you're doing that guess what here comes the transcript i have the power to release its on when to do it so the power move phrases perfect for this because it says feinstein saying guess what you know i i have something to say i'm facing a democratic primary challenge i you know i want to reassert my liberal credentials i care about russia boom here comes the transcript and what was interesting to me about it there charlie is that it ended up just getting both sides reinforcing material for their own opinion about the dossier because glenn simpson that the founder of fusion gps says in the transcript that that he believes there was a that human source who who.

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"Quote on he claims being misinterpreted of course because that's what they always do when they see something exceptionally stupid rude and a noxious he said i think not ham i'm quoting senator chuck grassley this is what he told the demoain register in an interview published on saturday quote i think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have whether it's a boozer women are movies so they make sure i get this straight senator chuck grassley from the fine corn state of iowa made i just said that allowed did i sale corn they're known for corn they share are ya they can get more bushels a corn breaker than anywhere else in the world with their deep healing methods which of course is destroying the planet yet anyway silos of corn field within nasa windmills in northern iowa as well i windmill farms ya oil they don't talk quite as much with minnesota accent but in iowa yeah they like the corner is there any paeans iowa hampshire this pizza somewhere gonna roll through there yeah universe pizza there's the big chain of pizza restaurants man i can't remember i've eaten there so many times that three the borrows not what like that but it's not it's actually local to like minnesota in iowa and choose exa pizza chain and they have like the pizza buffet lunch for like these pizza now i want to tell these yes he sees is up in that area to lyles have been these you've already had ed where he mall or airport yeah now there what's a call that i can't but these i've never been to anyway it's like eight bucks in use the all you want a buffet yeah maybe nine by maersk probably ten now but yeah and it they're the ones who at the desert pizza the league that that denies exists yeah so anyway but it basically is he basically said if you're not a millionaire is because you're an idiot 'cause you're boos you're a boozy fluency you're a boozy fluids if you're not a millionaire who subject to the estate tax that's what he said i mean when we read that you again i think not having the.

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"Does that prevent the american people from knowing really what's going on and actually afford these guys some protections i think it dozen some respect for on and i think you hit the nail on the head there if this said it was controlled by democrats i think this would be an entirely different situation senator chuck grassley republican of iowa has been a very strong enough forceful saying he wants them to appear but they also willing to cut the deal here and as money said it is possible that they might testify in a public setting a later on but this is an example of the benefits of the majority here in a really being able to help the white house out that would have been an extraordinary show having the president's oldest son testify publicly about this i can't recall a hearing that would have been as potentially explosive or dramatic here so by having them do it in closed session it takes so much attention and and pressure off this here i think this is a incredible win for the white house at least in the short term as they try and get back on their game here brielle i think it's fair to say we're talking about the senate side here in these committing the intel committee the judiciary committee i think it's pretty fair to say that when you look at these various investigations going on on capitol hill the senate is by far the less partisan of this year seen much more cooperation between democrats and republicans in the committee with that in mind in that knowing that those are these committees that are affording them this kind of protection of not being in public i mean what are you what do you think about this well the house committee kind of stumbled out of the gate with the whole issue with devon nunez having the sat having to recuse himself and now there's yolk had had and just the russia part of this.

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