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Detroit City of Champions  Episode 13: Potsy  The forgotten genius of George Clark  Part 3


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Detroit City of Champions Episode 13: Potsy The forgotten genius of George Clark Part 3

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT Network visit www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen thousand five the Lions Win the NFL Championship the Detroit Tigers take a world series the redwings bring home mode standards. Joe. Lewis. Begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit sitting chanted. DETROIT, city of champions the podcast we are diving deep into the nineteen, thirty, five season and all the things around it the lions. Tigers. Red Wings thirty other championships. A trilogy of books written by an Incredible Guy Oh. That's awful. Nice to say Charles Ableson Charles I'm Jamie Flanagan and we're just GONNA have to put Charles I gotTa tell. You. Matt. Fox's over there. Running the board. I'm pushing buttons and the highlight of my week used to be. Tuesdays and and having some Bourbon with with Matt on our show. The Man Cave Happy Hour I've been replaced now I have to hire. Now I have to highlights of my week. Because Matt still here. He's like a banks. But, yeah no so Really look forward to this me too I. Love Your a great you. You've collected a an amazing collection of stories to be super redundant and. I just. I'm enjoying enjoying unfolded because I know nothing about nothing about nothing about sports and because once or twice you kind of like skull to me a little bit. You're like Oh did that sound harsh I'm like, no 'cause I you know what? I'm saying dumb stuff because I don't know what I'm talking about. So I. I do I felt that was sometimes I get tense. Can definitely people that know me anyway that's watches show that knows me yeah like sometimes I'll go I'll be something that. Triggered No. There's no. Heaven or hell get a hold for making that point stepped on that crack there. But Yeah. So we're going to keep our eye on the on the chat rooms. So if anybody is joining us live on facebook 'cause we throw this up on facebook feel free to comment make a comment. The show will say, we say, Hi and. Afterwards we try to, we try to go back and watch that people commas. As they go up on Youtube and up on the social media's. So we appreciate you listening taken the time giving us a listen if you're listening at somewhere. Watching it on Youtube. To. Favorite. Hit the subscribe button comments likes everything you like the show it really helps to comment and share and Send it send the link to friends or whatever in. Every everything like helps because. We're trying to bring back this this forgotten story that. You. Know the whole thing you know the overall show is about the about the story itself but there's as we've shown, we're on episode thirteen right now. Right and it's like we haven't even dented it. Even. Put a dent in this thing, and it's like and I've actually been trying to summarize each of these components and trying to. Kind of rush through a little bit of it. Twenty or thirty episodes on just the Tigers. And we will we can go back we will we will. We're. Not. GonNa run out of stock. That's insane. It's almost I mean it literally as analysts I, mean, there's You can just see from a lot of these stories that I mean it just it's such a there's it goes so deep with the different people. Each of these people have stories each of the teams as stories. And there's just so much to really dive into in I mean as we're talking about policy. Clarke. Today. This is episode three of Possi, Clark, the coach, the line. To Detroit and But. We're not. We're not even going to be finished with potsy this week, we're going to be doing one more episode at least on him. Because he's such an important figure in saw. But yes, I just I'm just really excited because. I've been the way I've been presenting the story for the longest time has been. Just like when I do art shows or I'll do I've done a lot of law library talks or we do a presentation every year at the Detroit, a stork museum. On April Eighteenth Champions Day, and so I do a lot of stuff like that and a lot of times. It's like you know maybe a half hour maybe an hour sometimes I talk, but it's usually just As, you see so much information always gotta be condensed into whether it's a two minute pitch to sell a book or twenty minute thing for quicks slot for some kind of A. Series of you know sports talks or whatever but it's always got to be something. I've got a condense everything small amount of time in. So that's why I love this show because it really is a chance to explore all kinds of different stuff in You know there's there's so much to explore, and that's what we wanted to do. But because you said, we kind of rushed through the Tigers a little bit and I I look forward to revisiting. So we will. Just kind of rolling around me on a on a holiday or an anniversary A landmark date in the in the. On the calendar for the Tigers back and revisit we have. In, we want to go back and revisit the players. We're going to do much deeper dive in each of the players at some point. So. Yeah and then he just let you know today is actually the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the NFL. Today Oh today's in twenty There's a more important. Highly appropriate topics we're talking one, hundred, one, hundred, one years two, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty so. I I saw some of the NFL dot. com today repot up saying it was the one hundredth anniversary and it was because I knew what needs nine hundred twenty s when the NFL was founded. Okay. Yeah. So there today actually as of our recording day here in September. Seventeenth. Constitution Day halfway to Saint. Patrick's. There you go? That's your calendar. Far, away. You are from Saint Pat's I was to tell you. It's an important day for me. Yeah. Say Patrick's. Patrick's year. Stop I. DON'T I don't go out on Saint Patrick's everything for you as measured around. Patrick's Day plus thirty five. Minus Eighty two like. All based on your calendar. Completely it is. Very. It's very green. Stuart Stuart says Hades glad you're the big man chances. Big. Name Dugan Big Stew, I worked on mackinac island. Great friends. I was actually on your website W Detroit city champions, Dot Com. There's a lot of information out there You know the previous podcasts this shows that you guys have had to go back to the beginning of you know this, the venture that you guys are on no I'm actually starting what I've been sitting here for every single one of them but I find myself going back to episode one and relearning because just so much information that you guys are. It really is there's so much and. We have you know the I think the actually the first few episodes we did go a little bit of warp speed through some of the stuff, but we will come back for just feel to. Take, our time and go through it. And there's there's so many different branches off that. We can take to talk about these other teams, the Chicago bears. Yeah, all this different stuff like we're gonNA. Mention this guy named cliff battles for the Boston Red Sox. His. Now as though you with the Washington redskins back, it was a Boston and he's got his name's GonNa come up. But there's guys like cliff battles that nobody's ever heard of listen was named cliff battles. Like. The Great. He's like a tremendous running backup power speed runner like. His name is battle like nobody's ever heard of them said, there's so many different off the topics that we can do off. But that's why I like about the screenplay for the movie too is that you know I wrote the screenplay for the movie is like a Netflix's nine part mini series and there's so many like like I wrote it. So to introduce all these different or not all but a ton of different. Characters that the lions and the Tigers everybody had to face for towards the idea of potentially imagine an entire series were like the first. The first season is the city, a champion story, and then you meet all these different carriers Babe Ruth Lou gehrig. Bronco Gerski, all these different degree bay packers of this time and then you start doing offshoot episodes maybe a one off episode maybe a three part episode whatever it is and and you focus on all these just various topics from sports history I. Just think it would be like the coolest show like you know like a period piece set in that time. Those are some of the most some of the biggest sports movies ever are the ones that like conjure nostalgia. Look back like this was we're going to get to the center Cinderella Story Yeah. The Cinderella is another thing. Nineteen thousand five hundred million dollar Hollywood yes. Just one thing like imagine entire series and that's what. I'm saying like there's so much different stuff. So we're here we were. We were with the spartans in Portsmouth. And they're they're taking names and kicking some but yeah. thirty, three, thirty. So thirty one potsy takes over the spas and they and they brings in nineteen new guy. Yeah, and so we completely cuts with thirty guys also roster through the big. I've never heard a ten then reduce reduce the roster. Twenty six, twenty seven, and then and then brought in nineteen new players, and then it was talking about nine guys ended up going with the team in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four when they became the lions and then it was another i. think it was five. Backup I think it was five that that was with them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five when they won the championship. So it was a major overhaul. In nineteen, thirty, one when he first takes over his first head coaching job professional any completely guts this team completely revamps it and then hits on all these stars that became like I mean literally like the central components of these teams I mean for the next you know however many years. So the Tigers win the pennant in nineteen thirty four. Yeah. But that's a little bit the head of where we're we're we're we're starting out with this story. Okay. All right. So I didn't know if that was. All right. So that's still for that. Where we come in tonight. So nineteen thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one potsy takes over the spartans and immediately the team becomes awesome. Yeah, it's. thirty two we talked about last week show they were in the nineteen th the first. NFL. Championship game. A hockey. Arena. PORTSMITH SPURT SMART. Data. Yes. So Important in the Portsmouth was like you know early NFL history was a lot of smaller. You know is really a lot of Ohio mid Western type you know million in all these different towns in. Ohio. Also, like you know your small towns like Green Bay, it wasn't like nowadays. It's like all big cities New York and Boston all this but but back then like. It was like a lot of smaller towns in Green Bay is a residual of that the last city that was from that era of like smaller towns that but they were just so successful they really built up a file like a cult following their. Butts. And it's crazy because if you actually look at the populations of NFL cities like you'd look at the list, it's like seven million we all like. Their population I don't even know what it is in Green Bay it's like I. Think it's like eight thousand and okay like really small. But every other lists like seven, million, six, million, three, five. Six thousand and then the but then you look at their the crazy thing is their attendance per game. It's like been sold out for any game all eight, thousand, eight, hundred, thousand, those people at the stadium but. Around Game. Every. Every year for like I, think since the sixties in the Season tickets are impossible anyways. So yeah, nineteen thirty, nine, hundred, thirty, one positive over the SPARTANS. And they'd take they become awesome in the nineteen, thirty two, the SPARTANS. Go to the NFL championship that First Nfl Championship game which leads to massive changes in the NFL because the NFL's. Who have so that they can have a championship game every money money money. Exactly. So it had like a world series of football so to speak. The NFL champion numerous new rules come into play as a result of that racketed gov. you can just look back at the last episode GonNa see all the different rule changes again of it, but it was a significant thing to happen and then in nineteen thirty three. the spartans were good but the but the problem was is that their best player Dutch Clark and again Dutch, Clark was the elite of the elite Nfl I mean he was one of the main guys posse discovered in nineteen thirty one. Potsy. Sorry. Dutch Clark was like I mean, he wasn't a PA-. Whereas Bronco Gerski was like sort of like Shaquille O'Neal of the football that time like he was just in like unstoppable power like they nobody could not tackling one on one. Just he was just overwhelmingly powerful type of player, but Dutch was like incredibly fast shifty smart. He was he was like the they acquitted him like Napoleon on the field like absolute. Just a brilliant field general just increase just incredibly smart on the field like. He was Dutch was elite in like I mean he wasn't powerful at all. But again, in every other way, he was an elite player and so So anyway. So that's what soul. The core player on the spartans and with the you know with numerous other great players of course but. But what happened was is that at the end of nineteen, thirty, two Dutch got this job to go be a coach yeah, Colorado College and then. When he was when they went to the NFL championship game, which again was like an impromptu game, then the college wouldn't release him from his contract and so he couldn't make it back to the spartans got beat and then the following year nineteen thirty-three, he did not come back for the season. With the SPARTANS. So without Dutch, the teams basically dropped, they still finished in second place, which was very, very competitive. In fact, there Glenn Press. Now, who was you call them really their second best player. Glenn Press now was there became their number one guy and led the League in scoring was like I'm just you know he you know he did what he could been dispersed finished in second place but so anyways. So Ninety, but nineteen thirty three is the final is really the death knell of the Portsmouth spartans because the city it's again one of these smaller towns and the Great Depression had absolutely ravaged Tom the city. So badly that again, they were just there basically exchanging shares of stock for two two players, not even exchanging giving shares of stock in lieu of payment to these players in shares of stock are might be nice for the future but but you know you can't eat shares of. Stock To Pay Your bills you can try try put them in your shoes. where? Share stock for yeah. For my pillow and I really six two. So. anyways. So this soul. There's a there's I have a quote in the book that talks about this and I wrote this whole scene in the movie the scene at this scene in the movie really is the introduction to the lions in the in the in the in the screen player in this movie is this is that? The team was about to completely fall apart like they were like we're not making any money potentially GonNa get mangled on the field you know what we're not getting paid for potentially getting mangled. A lot of these guys are great. They could go to other teams potentially. So that's in. So potsy, this is where really the labels have. Also the genius of George Clarke Because Potsy keeps this group together I mean he didn't still such like they. They call it a in a spirit decor whereas these players are you know they feel like if I'm not gonNA play for Potsy, enough I'm not gonNA play with these guys that I consider my brothers then I'm not even gonNA play it's not it's just not. It's you know it was fun while it lasted but if I'm not playing with these guys that I'm not playing anywhere. So that was the first thing the second thing was that he was able to not only create that but also to keep them from just completely saying okay I'm done you know like I'm not playing for anybody else but I'm also not playing for you 'cause I'm not getting paid. Also. So. Like he was able to say you know you're not getting paid I know that this socks or whatever but we are but you know we signed on to play this these fans are counting on you. You know what fans we do have you know counting on us in Seoul. We get. You know how you know we can't just abandon our organization. You know what I mean. Let's go out. You know like winning some games and stuff and saw they did and he kept this team together. They played the entire season like the last few games that even get paid and saw but but nonetheless, the writing is on the wall that this is for the Portsmouth. SPARTANS. And now comes nineteen, thirty four in. This is where we're really WANNA. Go with this episode is focused on one thousand, four at thirty four is when we make tiger make the move that tie Mickey Cochrane comes Detroit, all of a sudden things start to look you know start a pop off in Detroit Tigers, and of course, baseball season comes SHERP four boys of summer they're exactly. So summer is rock and Indie. In the Detroit. Detroit in the nineteen, thirty three was this like you know great depression ravaged area. The Tigers are terrible. There's not there's really no sports to to to get into. Religious Garwood is the only big sports name the Tigers are absolutely dreadful but in one thousand, nine, thousand, four, everything changes. The Tigers are awesome. You know the the they're coming out of the gate with Mickey Cochrane they got all this swagger and sold. There's so there's a radio, the WJR radio owner George. Richards. Sees this. Sees this great thing you know the Tigers going crazy and then at some point I wrote it in the screenplay where he basically. I can't attest to the veracity of this but the idea was that he knew he sees that the that the Portsmouth spartans this great team. Are Folding. And so this is a great team. And he gets aside this this idea what if we transplant this team to Detroit and they're they're competitive on the field just like just like the Tigers, are right on it. You know maybe this is the NFL failed at least three times prior to this sometimes, you see the number four, but it's like a franchise that was like the same franchise but they failed at least three times prior to this to establish an NFL team in Detroit and saw here we are like the these are the great the times they failed was in the roaring twenties, and so here we are in the Great Depression and here's an opportunity they're looking at going. Well. If we can. If we can bring the straight team here if we can associate them with the Tigers. Then we might be onto something able to establish an NFL team and I got a radio station that we broadcast the Games and that was the genesis and so when the to the lions. I did you put that? You have that photo that one with the the lion jumping over the through the hoop? Yeah. There we go. That is the newspaper. Maybe we can see if somebody's listening to it. What we have on the screen is a is a newspaper from the Detroit Times where it's it's a cartoon picture of a lion jumping over a value. Yeah. He's jumping over a goalpost and George Richards is A. Cartoon Picture of George Richards Holding up a plate showing the New York giants first game of versus versus Lions on September twenty third I'm so but anyways so I also be it's too small. Even read if you do if you can't see it on the screen. So I'm GonNa read. So I wanna read the quote that is up on top of the article so you can get a a sort of a better idea. So here is. So George Richards was who who, again, he's the owner of the WGN radio okay okay. Yeah. All right. That's funny. I was just I was on a call today. Right with because I work at the local pop station here Detroit and ninety, six three to DVD. We're owned by Cumulus and and our sisters as in Wjr. Yeah. upstairs, and so we were all I was on the Mitch Albom and Paul Smith and Frank Beckmann Sandler all. In a in a big zoom today which album he looks like Al Pacino. I'm like Mitch. He's not kidding I. I didn't say Paul W Smith actually said Look Porn Moustache. I got. A lot of these. It's interesting because a lot of these things that exist today. Yeah. They have some you know. This station. All the same and all this stuff you know like the movie you show that clay ball that stuff dates and you've got the Fisher Body Company is putting out the first. MLB movie with sound all these different things I mean there's connections with the past that are you know? More than just a lot of the story is the roots of. Of of these institutions that are in Detroit to this day. But so anyway. So here's the quote. So this this article comes out the came out July twenty second nineteen, thirty four at this exact moment, the Tigers were two games. The Tigers had a to gain there in first place and they had a two game lead over the New York Yankees there in first place. So this this is the the exact amount. So this article that there's a little bit the first. The first paragraph. So so you can see if you can't see their other says, program team here is named the Detroit Lions. So this is the article introduces the arrival of the Detroit lions in the very first viewers by Bert Walker for the Sunday Sunday Detroit Sunday. Times. So inspired by the spirited fight, the Detroit Tigers are making for the American League Baseball Championship sponsors of the Detroit Professional football team decided to call their entry to the national. Football League the Detroit Lions. Call this team the Tigers perhaps, but that might create confusion. The lion is the monarch of the jungle said site Houston Vice President, general manager of the team, and we hope to be monarch of the league it our ambition to make the lion as famous as the as the Detroit Ball Club has made the tiger. So so there can be absolutely no doubt based on this quote that the name Detroit Lions was based on the idea of the Tigers in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four there can be no debate. and. So that's what I'm saying like the tie, the lions arrival of the city you know they're they're associating with this Detroit Tiger France. Why would you not? Co op too. Yeah and so but here's the but this is what? It's worth mentioning about this article So there was a new NFL team coming to a city in today's Day and age does pick a team that a city that doesn't have a team currently I don't even know anyways imagine. Land No. Trust me Cleveland all say the same thing back to these rights. Let's not even. That's not even go there but like I say they but anyways. So the magic city doesn't have a football team currently and they they in. An NFL team is coming into the city. How big a news would that be huge biggest thing on there is right all the wall covering this article comes out on page twelve. This article I, actually see it on the top of the page twelve they're announcing an NFL team comedy. Detroit. That's the level that the NFL was back in this time. Okay. It was like especially like something with the Tigers going insane you know. The first eleven pages were probably Detroit Tigers related. Just found a coverage, but this is going to be a recurring theme with this with his Lions Club where they came in the city hoping to latch onto the you know like you say, the lack of a better concept, the coat tails of the tiger and they found a much much rude awakening, which was that you know that you know they they're the team was going to be. Associated with the Tigers by name, they're hoping to associate by deed and then you know their best player. Dutch. Clark lured out of retirement for nineteen thirty four was billed as the Thai Kabul football. We actually have show up that that other picture with the sports stamps. Oh. Sports stamps. To pictures next there. So you see the sports stamps right there where it's got Dutch Clark and tycoon this. Was Nineteen thirty six but you can see how the you know the consistency there were there was a It was there was the idea was there's a new ty Cobb in Detroit, but he doesn't play baseball. You GotTa Come Watch lions game to see this new the next tied, the new Thai cobb Cobb football, and so that's the idea is trying to associate but the problem was again is that the Tigers were so wildly successful that they were that they the lions had arrived rise up to incredible heights just to get past page as well not. Just to even get on just even get in the same newspaper Tigers. A recurring problem for them is that the bar of expectations because the Tigers was raised. So high that the you know this was a very talented team they were fully capable of doing it but it puts you know what I'm saying like. A lot of times this team comes into city in like Gee whiz. I. Hope we do well this year. Let's put on a good show for the new fans guys but no, this was like they were they did not play. Well, if they did not compete for the number, you know for an NFL championship then nobody cares city this is becoming the city champions you're either a champion and your. Page three behind the Tigers or you're not and you're not even in the newspaper. Also, anyway. So that's that's the that's the stage is set. and. So anyway so the lines coming in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, and. The immediately they it's again we we talk about the lured Dutch Clark out of retirement. I was GONNA say Clark by God Dutch Clark back in the George Richardson this ownership syndicate, they spend fifteen thousand dollars. That's it for lines and the they pay all the back salaries of all the players. Nice. Well, it's good. But so at fifteen thousand Mickey, Cochran was purchased for one hundred thousand. They got the whole team for fifteen thousand mile. That's what's crazy is like it just shows you the difference like just one player in baseball. You know the granted the hall of Fame Player, versus? Fifteen thousand dollars for this. Awesome. ALTEA is. So anyway. So they bring them in the Dutch Clark retirement they make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL which lures. Goes a long way towards a little. You know obviously learn out of retirement and another thing Another thing that they do is is Allama second I got to Is. is this is what this was. This was just of make sure I get the right Second Another thing that they do which is. Sex. So Dutch areas are here. So so another thing they do is Is, this is what's this is what's even I think. As fascinating as anything that's sort of coming for is nine hundred is, is the also get a player named check. Bernard, from the University of Michigan Okay Okay Chuck Bernard I was I don't even have my notes written down prepared for him, but Chuck Bernard is one of the most dominating college football players of all time. Okay. Chuck Bernard is awesome in like he led the University of Michigan I? Think it was two undefeated my Nelson from to nail it down but it's like look up Chuck Bernard his his statistics are ridiculous at the University of Michigan he's I mean he's easily one of the most decorated college football players of all time. Okay and Chuck Bernard so he signs with the lion. So. Like this is like basically like a number way, they didn't have the draft back then but to get shot Bernard, he's a senator he plays senator and middle in basically when on the flipside. Nose tackle Middle Linebacker on the on defense and so because he basically just flip around on on from your offensive position to the to the. Defense but anyways Chuck Bernard Getting Chuck, Bernard was just like a coup like it was like so big this is like a number one overall draft pick type of thing. Okay. So to get him was just huge because he can sign with any team, but he stayed locally signed with he signed with the Lions. So you've got this guy from you van this one's couple national championships even Gerald Ford played with Chuck. Bernard and they ask them like who is the best guy who believes like Chuck Bernard was the greatest player ever seen still to this day. So anyways, alliance get him to anchor this because they. Have, to you know you'd have you know players would substitute. And so they they already had all world center in Clare Randolph, and now they've got Chuck Bernard who is rumored to be and they the at this time. The. College they have college, All Star. Verses. NFL. Championship game. In the NFL championship would play in a game. In Chicago against the College All Star Squad. So imagine how cool that would be today. Imagine a NFL champion like an NFL champion comes in like the chiefs for instance would play a squad of college. All Stars you know this upcoming season because achieves just won the super bowl. Then they would face off against the college all stars in the college all stars would always give a good account themselves. They were good and it's way but anyways Chuck Bernard Plate in this college also team and he was like played against Brooklyn Gerski because the bears had won the previous year and he was sticking Broccoli Gerski by himself. Nice. which we've already talked about this a month Steve US because. Yeah you could not attempt to tackle him one I one, but Chuck Bernardo's out there stick and Bronco Gerski that's like they're like we gotta get this guy bears have been such a handful for the lions for the Portsmouth Spartans in they do they sign him so anyways so Dutch back. You Got Chuck Bernard Coming Off University of Michigan. You know what? I mean. There's exciting for those that are actually following the NFL, which is you know you're you granted smaller than it is today and much more but they're the optimism for this team was like dude, this is we're going to be they're gonNA be good. They're gonNA be real good, and in fact, they were very good in fact, they were so good. They weren't they went on scored upon the over seven games of the season. They won their first ten and they got they were unschooled upon for the first seven games in. So there's numerous records that were that are associated with this with this Lions Defensive, team? So, this just throw a couple if you look up. Defensive Record Sri Nfl this the nine hundred eighty four lines are peppered through with all kinds of different records like least amount of third quarter points and all kinds of weird little stuff like that but some of the bigger ones. is so they had seven straight shutouts. Okay. So I'm GONNA list you. There's only there's only a handful of teams that have had shutouts seven seven straight shutouts ever you got one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty and nineteen twenty one akron pros. So the first one, thousand, nine, hundred, and twenty, one, the first year, the NFL. So Nineteen Twenty Akron pros had five straight shutouts the one thousand nine, hundred, twenty, one, Akron pros had eight shutouts. In an so and so then you have the nine, hundred, thirty, four, lie alliance. With seven shutouts in after that, there's not another team that has even anywhere near the the nineteen seventies Saint Louis Cardinals have three. Okay. Nowhere near seven. In. One, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, steelers have three. So to this day like there's no. So technically, the nineteen twenty Akron pros have the most right but. You. Know I mean not nobody's since the one thousand, nine hundred didn't know how to play. Well, I don't want to dismiss what they did in nineteen seventy-one because semi could save you the same apply the same logic to anything we talk about. Thirty four they didn't know what nobody knew what they were doing. There's still playing against competition that was at least in the pars them. You know what I mean it's. In their day they're playing against. Competitors of their of their caliber. So like I say to dismiss them of that era based on us. Our story is nobody cares I. saw. So many ways you've got you also day the the lions have the record for the most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown. So that's seven that's facts. Right so that even knew that even eliminates the twenty one akron. So most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown with seven, that's still the record Since, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, the most games without allowing a touchdown is five with the nineteen seventy-six steelers two thousand series tied at. So nobody's even come close to that seven games. and then also the fewest rushing touchdowns the fewest amount of rushing touchdowns. In a season with only two two rushing touchdown, they give two touchdowns on the. Entire season. That's tied with the nine hundred, sixty eight cowboys in the nineteen seventy-one. Viking. So that's. So. Yeah. So that's actually. Yes So it's a few as mine they're tied is like a three way tie so that's I mean those are just and there's if you look it up the defensive records NFL history, you'll just see the the thirty four lines are just peppered all the way through and you'll even see on offense you'll see a couple other ones. So still even being that. Good. They're they're still they're still like page five news though yeah, they're like. They're like well, yeah, actually I that's what I mean is like they're they're still there basically relegated and I actually have a great quote to here to just here's another great example of that of that concept is it. So this this article comes from I actually met I've actually met by the way I've actually met Chuck Bernard Junior, he'll get his son. Yeah, and I've also met the the son of the of the of aid Kushner who is the guy? Who's the quote that we're gonNA eight Kushner was the Kushner was the was the equipment equipment manager Dr For until he died in sixteen daddies did. Sandy, he only played thirty four. Thirty, four. Yeah he didn't play with them and thirty five. He wasn't with the champ but he came back. He came back. He lived here afterwards. Yeah. Must have loved the city for so anyways years this quote here page three, fifty through. So So Eddie Kushner was the like. Basically, like he was a trainer, he was a trainer and equipment guy for the lions in. So anyways. So this quote, this is a rare cold. You're not going to hear this anywhere else except right here in this book because this was unpublished. Published recollections by Kushner because his because again, I met his son and his son had this this saw lions trunk like a wooden. He was some his dad was very proud about being part of the lion. Bob In, the lions this time and he had a trunk full of all this stuff that he donated to the NFL to the NFL. Museum is like I've got a picture of the trunk I've got a picture because I've got so much stuff in here. He lets you go through it I know he had already donate but I did get a copy from the NFL. Copy from the he just don't like I just met him and he's like Oh man i. wish I met you a little bit earlier. I. Just donated. We'd have we'd have. We would have the power over giving us. But. But anyways yeah. So you know. His his son was you know his son is tremendous news and he was really cool and helped me because the NFL when I tried to open up when I tried to get that because he had all he, he'd all those unpublished recollections of cameras from the time. So I tried to get a copy from the NFL from their archives near Lake who are you? Where's your credentials we are which major media are you with I'm like do they just donated it like last week? Let me get a copy of the record you and him or the only people that know the nobody knows about this. Is GonNa. Yeah. So anyway. Through, his son through abby sign I was able to get a copy of those unpublished recollections in. That's where these from. That's why you're not gonNA semen any other bookie separate here. So. This is what Regino we're. We're talking about the attendance of these lion's games and so on. So here it is right here. So the smallest suicide because near the smallest crowd to see a lion home game was was the second game played in Detroit in Nineteen thirty four. It was a Saturday night affair which we won six nothing in front of a crowd of eighteen hundred paying customers. There were more fans in the stands, but they came in on paper passes everything was tried to make the. Club look like it was catching on most folks most folks know that the first seven games we played one by shutouts. Still the crowds kept away in droves end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket, which is like nothing I mean even fifty cents, fifty cents like it went the end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket. So they trying to if you look back at all the records for how many fans were these games, the numbers are like nine, thousand, twelve, thousand. But the numbers where he says even so you can even hear out of his own words he's saying you know everything was done to make it look like we were big but we were nothing I mean we were small know and so on. So anyways, yeah. So that's that's the situation they're doing phenomenally, but they're also doing it at the at the at the same old because. As we mentioned in a previous episode, we spend Interior episode of the newspaper. Their first game was comes right when the Lai, the Tigers are clinching the pennant. You even showed in. This is two days later, Lyons when they're the new NFL team wins the first game two days later there's. Not even a mention. I'll up now look at. What about yesterday? That's all you? Yeah. You got your you've got your little box score in the newspaper. So anyways yeah. So but but nonetheless, the lions are are the newly born one, thousand, nine, hundred, four lines are kicking. Rear end man is kicking. Purple Yeah. So I'll just go through a kind of a little list a couple of cool things. Here's another record this I had to write this down to make sure you mention this. Is that in the third game of the season right after the art this. Because she was talking about the second game, the third game of the season is is on October seven is on October seventh and it's a three nothing victory over the packers. Now that three points they scored in that game was a field goal kicked by Glenn Press now who've already been mentioned but really by you call them the second best player in the Lions. And so anyway. So Glenn Press, now kicks a fifty four yard field goal. Okay. Just to put into context how how big that field was that field goal stood as a record and NFL record until nineteen, fifty three, she's that was the longest field goal in one thousand nine. How long was it? It was a fifty, four yard fifty. Fifty more. Impressive. Great. Yeah. It's a great distance fifty four yard kick. So he kicks off to win a game three nothing against the packers. Okay and so so the packers they beat the packers that record stood until nineteen fifty-three. On his name Burt Reichen are car fifty, six yards and nineteen fifty-three but it stood a lions record until nineteen ninety, five with Jason Hanson kicked a fifty six yard what stood as an NFL record I actually remember that time I don't remember it because necessarily I, was into this story at that time but I remember when Jason Hanson broke that and I remember thinking to myself that's a long God long nineteen, thirty four. Sixty something years. And who has the record now? For the lion. Yeah It was it. Prater Crater has. The are really good field goals. They better. They better be. No, they've always seemed like they always have like the one thing. They always seem to have Eddie Murray or anybody who Jason Hansen as they always have like an elite field goal kicker or like an elite partner. They do some guy that can just drop a ball and like the one inch line you know like I wish they had signed kick delicious just so you. Know that is. A Youtube Star that was like kicking balls with his he'll villain like sixty five yard field goal making it look like he was just. He was really he was like from Sweden or something and he was amazing look when you go look up kick Alicia. Amtel you when you watch him, you're like, Oh my God this guy is the give me the greatest NFL kicker you get you get to. Your opponents forty, five, fifty. Yeah. Just give it to. Kick. This guy is kicking field goals from the highway. Like. Looking over this crazy. Oh, is amazing. Great Great Little INTERJECTS THAT KICK And they did sign him. They didn't I remember when they signed him I was like, yes this is the best signing. Yeah, but and then they didn't even they caught on and they meeting he was in the he was in the expiration this spring the. preseason game. But he never actually made it into a real game. It was very different when you have nobody running up. That's true. But you think that they could have done a little bit of development or some other team would have picked them up and really made some of right right right. But anyways yeah. But the lions literally always had great kickers I mean all the way back to nineteen thirty four when you got Glen Press Nell boot Noth- fifty, four yarder. The beat the packers three nothing. So anyways, that's that's definitely worthy mentioned from this season. And then I also have another quote from game five with. Game Five. So this is a great quote because it this is this is. This a quote that has Mickey Cochran and Jo Jo white sitting in the crowd and this is Jo jo white from the Tigers telling talking about this psalm about this team. So, Mickey Cochran jo-jo tiger. Day off had no the season was over by the. Shares was over. Yeah. Yet worlds here. I told her seventeenth is when this quote So this is so say this after they're on the world series, but they're take take a break to watch a game before they all went south to you know to their hometowns. But anyway there's but this is a great because it really dives and we're talking about Policy Clark and I love right because it it kind of it kind of it kind of gives a verbal. Paints a nice verbal picture of this of like the precision of this team. and. So anyway. So this is so this quote comes for the game five with a lions beat the beat the Boston redskins twenty four to nothing, and so the soul I'll just reiterate it right ahead so. Joel White Detroit Tigers Center fielder a little hollow hollow-cheeked impeach from having his. tonsils shirt I must mean must have had his tonsils tonsilectomy or something okay. So Gioja, White a little little hollow-cheeked and Pete from having his tonsils jerk. Sat in the stands of university betray stadium and watched open-mouthed as the Detroit Lions shut out the Redskins when it was all over Joe Joe, rolled his eyes and remarked admiringly ain't nobody GonNa get them lions ow. I've never seen such a football team I watched father Lumpkin told a ball. Down in Georgia but lump just looks like one of the boys in there I'm going down home to Georgia and give me some give me some shooting. I don't WanNa see anymore football games. This season I've done seen all there is there ain't no more, which is just Joe Joe's quaint way of paying tribute to excellence making Cochran manager of the Tigers was there too and he got as much of a bang out of the game as Joe Joe. So the headed for the. Pair of Lions Fifth Consecutive shutout victory. The lions were about as near perfection as it is possible for one team to appear in a competitive contest, it was a fifth consecutive game that they have played without having their goal line crossed that not only is it record for the National Football League. But in this day of wide open football, it can be cataloged as a miracle. Even Lille McDonnell who was an original line man? Didn't think Pasi Clark's Pat could keep the redskins from from scoring points. They not only kept kept the reds from from scoring but captain from having the ball long enough to count the laces and the redskins are not the kind of football team that is shoved around that way every night in the week now with the backs like Ernie pinker cliff battles and Doug wycoff operating behind one of the biggest and strongest lines in football. So. The next to the passage here Detroit Detroit the last word in grid efficiency. The lions have all have about all that any coach could ask for including superb kicking flawless, blocking fast and loose ball carrying speed and precision. Most of these lines of play together for three to four years. In the finished product on, you've deter last night was just about the last word in gridiron efficiency once the lines took the ball on their own twenty, seven yard line in crossed the goal line in exactly a half dozen plays on that March they use about every sound offensive measure in the book selected with judgment and execute with marvellous precision. And the final passenger snapping precision make lions perfect team. Clark is only one of a dozen similar stars with the Lions showed last night earning cadel Glenn press now Frank Christianson in Lumpkin. Baxter. Gladdened the heart of any coach when you have them on the same team and clicking like the Lions Click last night, you're very near the perfect football team, the line function in a manner. Worthy of these great backs, there was a snap and precision to the things they did that one never sees a college gridiron. intercollegiate football may supply more glamor and excitement than the professional game. But for artistry and sheer competence, it will never equal the performance of a team like the lions. As Joe Joe says it is difficult to see how anyone is going to get them out. So it really kind of. Precision excellence I mean. This great football team. And and it. It talks a little bit about college being a bit more popular time. Yeah. Than than the pros and he's actually talked about it in that where he's. The college game might be more popular in that, but it's got nothing on this pro game because when he's saying like when you have these these guys all season, you know they're all former college stars in the watch them operate the way that they do. You know I mean, he's just he's spell he's like painting. This picture in this cool thing is Do we have a picture? Do we have some of the older picture on the shelves but I had those old? Shoulder one with the with the with the with the. Show the one with the the numbers on it keep going up going up one. Down One picture from your there you go that one. So that right there is right out potsy Clark's book. A book off. A diagram play single wing offense, and you can see in that picture anyway, there's not watching unfortunately if you have to buy the book. On, this is actually just out of the I I watched it on Youtube. This is the first book and you can see. The ball carrier going through the whole and how every player is just like. The I mean it's a C-. It's like the Red Sea partying and there's a player coming out with a funnel to run through. So that was like the that's the way that like the textbook way that play runs now flip to the next one down one and over to the left that one. There you go. That's what it looks like in the. Game Okay Oh look. So you can see I mean this is like I mean this is an in game fold of this is an old you know this is taken off of a microfilm. So it's not great as image, but you can just see those players all the machine like precision of this team that's a single wing offense in action and saw. I mean you can see it is like the precision of that team and sold that, and that was posse. Clark football was the bears remorse a brutality type of a game in the packers were more of a the packers. Surprisingly we're more of a passing team can even though that the the they had. Arnie herber in some of the. Johnny blood and some of these great great packers players they also had. They also had some great running backs too but anyways they. Clark Kinkel like literally we can do an entire episode and Clark Kinkel for the packers. You're talking about one of the Great all-time NFL studs that never gets mentioned. He's one of my favorite players but anyways but he was a packers are running back and but anyways they. You can see like this parts of the packers, more of like a passing team like more of a combination passing in running the bears were just brutality just pure brutality and the in the the lions in. Portsmouth, spartans were precision precision was just discipline discipline discipline discipline. He alludes in there that the lions players were monsters that you know that that Father Lumpkin who is the number one star when they're fan favorites will Clark does Clark. was their best player but Father Lumpkin was there was there like fan favorite like he was the most popular player on the team and all this in so anyways is you know he's lumped just looks like one of the boys in their. Almost, say, 'cause Lumpkin was a big guy that's. Just kind of blends in with the rest. But like that's not entirely true because the lions like some of the guys like there's a guy named ox Emerson for the for the Lions who guard guys like I'm bigger than him. I'm five eleven to you take off. This guy. This guy is. He plays right next to Tarzan Christmas and is one of the biggest guys Mutton Jeff what type of thing? We're one guy small one guy huge. But anyway. So you know they had some smaller guys on this team so it was more about the precision. You, know about the everybody knowing exactly what they're gonNA do operating at the size that matters. That's how you use it. Exactly. Just making sure I got that you hit that right on the. Bud So anyways so we can kind zip through because we had to run yeah we've got about five five six minimum hang in there guys. Yeah. So anyways so anyways, I'll get game eight is when they're streak is finally broken okay and it's broken and the very first quarter on a forty yard touchdown pass from Jokela Dany to Heart Vaughn okay. So it's in the first quarter the they score the score the Pittsburgh pirates. Score score a forty yard touchdown pass and what's interesting is. So I got a great friend of mine named Tom Uric who had loved to actually bring the show at some point and he's just an absolute like he loves he he he he recorded a series of interviews at the Lions Golden. Huddle which was it was a fiftieth anniversary of the Lions I championships. This is one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Recordings, and so there's there's like nine or ten lions players there, and so he recorded got the recording. Yeah I've got three quarters play some some point I would love yet I. think it'd be cool I'll just get you listen and yeah. But it's a very least. We can give you a copy and then you listened to him there's somebody want to hear. But anyways. So on those recordings they were joking on there because they were talking about when Split Dany threw that touchdown pass to heart Vaughn broke their strain so they were all there they're all like all buoyed we show them then. We put our feet on their throats game. They won this game indeed, the score plays out forty seven. and. The rest of the game he goes with they're actually on the tape saying Oh man, we hammer the Pittsburgh. Mercy. We gave up one that's it like they were furious because they stop their streets so that so that street comes to an end and game eight but not without penalty to the fires. And so anyway. So they keep winning gay wind game nine, seventeen to thirteen over the Chicago cardinals. Game Ten they beat the Saint Louis Gunners forty, two seven and then but then here's where here's where all basically falls apart. So, there, at this point ten and all round one, every game go all the way. So all of a sudden this is what's interesting is out of sudden there's this idea that maybe detroiters who've lost this heart wrenching world series in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four, granted a month or so earlier. Sure. But that maybe there's like a constellation. The NFL. NFL. Championship. Nfl Championship US cool. Thing kind of getting interested in this a little bit. Yeah. So the in. So there you know the coverage actually can see it in the newspaper it starts to ramp up a little bit but all of sudden the rug is pulled off, money them the game eleven they lose three to nothing to the packers, the team that they'd beat three to nothing earlier in the season tit for tat. Three. Was Exactly. It was A. Barn burner. Yeah. So anyway. So November twenty, nine, th. So just three days later is the first Thanksgiving game. Against the bears. They lose sixteen to Nineteen. By three points to the bears. So they lose the first Thanksgiving game and then just the Thanksgiving game, and this is worth a nice little aside is that the Thanksgiving game was the genesis of the brainchild of George Richards Right Wjr radio who had connects all through the industry, and this is the first football nfl pro football game broadcast coast to coast, and so he sets up the syndicate across the ended. This first Thanksgiving game is broadcast across the country as we still the lions still playing the Thanksgiving today today and you know what I mean like you talk about origin story thirty four is the first. Thanksgiving game in the Lions Win I'm sorry they beat that's. The rug from the field. No duck and noser knocking back then. Ellison's the evidence on it. And then and then game thirteen. So they lose against the bears in in game twelve against Thanksgiving but that loss eliminates them from the champion for many championship create. Two losses eliminated from the championship consideration and then the final game against the bears they lose against the bears again, seven to ten they had not beaten balance going into after this these two loss to the bears that that made it so that the the lions had not beaten the bears since I'm sorry that franchise it was the Spartans, the spartans and the lions combined had not beaten the bears since nineteen thirty one, this is all. Happening in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four, thirty, four. Yeah. Now they're streak of losses to the bears extended. Now they haven't what since nineteen thirty one, they lost the nineteen thirty, two NFL championship game to the bears. The bears are like now like now they've just beat them not the first Thanksgiving game to eliminate them and they to rub salt into a wound they beat them in the final game of the season to you'll see. These. Are The insult anybody that's Alliance Fan. You know a newly burgeoning lions fans go on what the hell happened. You know we were doing. But now they're awake into this idea of the rivalry, the rivalry with the packers, the rivalry with the bears because they just pull the rug out from underneath them and they're on. They're going with the lions are good. They're real good but they still haven't got past these two packers and bears. It's what they have to overcome these two teams. So this sets the stage for them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five. So this is. This is the Do we have time for one picture? Sure. Yeah. Hey throw this up there real quick start with the next week but otherwise, we'll actually the picture with Dutch Clark the big headshots. So that, right. There is one of the most iconic photos in NFL history and you can see why I mean just look at the I'm sorry for any of the viewers at home that are that are listening. But if you if you if you Google the American football player, you'll be able to see what we're talking about Dutch part the the the title, the photo was so iconic that it was given A. Name and it was called the American football player and it captures Dutch Clark in sort of a Roman gladiator type of on Roman gladiator look I? mean. It is just the perfect and actually say it in this that photo that's on our screen is taken out of time life magazine from what's the date I got on here for that that that came out this I first appeared in the Detroit Detroit News. The Detroit News. In nineteen thirty four I forgot what day that was but where's the date for the? I'll put it on the bottom of the of the of the picture. Let me see what is it. You can the person can see it but than I can't. Or thirty four, but it's twelve twenty, eight, Thirty, twelve, twenty case that was the time life magazine. So right after Christmas one, thousand, nine, hundred, four that photo was seen across the country by in the time life magazine and saw it says in the photo the perfect football face and sold that photo right there as we were already talking about, you know bringing the Dodge Clark was there tie Kabul football, and so this is this. This photo is seen by a nation of readers who made again, they probably are looking at football's second or third class sport as well, and now they all here that there's a team called Detroit. Lions. And so the brand just that this image was massively responsible for beginning this brand is like any NFL team that continues here is going to forever be the lions. Establishing this national presence, just a simple photo and I've always loved that like it's a great. We can finish the season with this last little call because this is a quote by Dutch Clark where he talks about this photo of him getting his picture taken in this. Yeah. So So. The sexually page four, zero five here for those will be reading along at home. Page four or five. Well, you got a nice and blown up in the book to yeah. Oh. Yeah. This. Is Yeah in it. Photos done by a guy named William Consul Okay I've got an entire section in the book about William Council photos some of the most iconic photos in Detroit sports history are taking. There's a picture Tuykov. Third base that is willing console like any pretty much. Any early nineteen hundreds iconic photo of Detroit sports that you've seen like every book consultation that was council that did it. He was that good. There's I mean he was an incredible photographer. So. anyways. Swear. So here's the quote. This is by Dutch Clark it comes out of out of a book they throw him back up there. It comes out of a book called Old, leather and written by Chris Willis, and so this is Dutch Clarkson won words I was treated well by the Detroit fans and press wants during practice we had a photographer named bill console from the Detroit News Komo. He was taking photos story. Well, he took a photo of me from the side, a profile shot I was just I was just kneeling on the sideline. Watching our defense run a few drills bill just snapped. It turned out. Wonderful. It was in the photo section in the newspaper got a ton of requests for the photo. It then appeared in life magazine. I don't know whether he thought it was photogenic or what he came out again and must have snapped one hundred more but he never had a good one like that. I one it was just something that happened. It was just like he was more and there's so many I've actually now candid. So that's not really. It's just one of those photos. It's kind of like the flag like the GM photo where they took that picture of the flag. Captured the nation like I wouldn't say this was anywhere near that. But this photo. This like I mean you can just catches the time. It captures ups like that photo like I've done a lot of graphic stuff with that in fact, use it for the cover of the SCR st episode of the screenplay. You just can't help you I. Mean It's just an unbelievable photo captures an era. You know what I mean like the guy looks like a Roman gladiator. Does saw, yeah. I mean that's like I say that photo did a great deal to spread the brand of the Detroit lions so that story and a lot more that photo and a lot more all inside the trilogy of Books Detroit City of champions in the website is also Detroit champions Dot Com. So, Jamie Charles Mad Fox, we are please you spend some time with us for these stories. We'll be back with another one next time. So until then be well cheers. I GUESS

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Detroit City of Champions Episode 22: The Golden Huddle More voices from the past


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Detroit City of Champions Episode 22: The Golden Huddle More voices from the past

"When you're listening to the podcast detroit network visit. Www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information nineteen thirty five. The lions win the nfl championship. The detroit tigers take a world series the red wings bring home morgan stanley cup. Joe lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into detroit. City of champion detroit. City of champions the podcast. I'm jamie flanagan along with. And we gotta turn his mic there. We go usually test before the show but during the show is just as effective when you get here about five minutes dance alastair. He's talking three production. This guy. you're right onto house here on time. Just like i always emperor everything giving don't make sure don't all right detroit city of champions. This podcast others trilogy of books written by charles ableson and it's detroit city of champions in it's it's it's chronicling. The nineteen five year. In in sports history detroit sports history. Just astounding thirty-three championships. One in just amazing amazing stuff and in his travels. Charles came across many people to to help him. Tell the story and One of those people we've been we've been digging into His radio archive of just some amazing Pieces of print and then some astounding pieces of audio that Tom europe was able to gather tom. Thanks for being back with us. Well it's an honor to be here and you just can't get enough of the city of champions nominal and when i go out i told people and they just are amazed charles book peel tie. Yeah ties meant great. It's like Just i mean i've known him for how long i about ten years easy. Just tom's i mean just the biggest supporter for me. You know but But just the city champions in general lake i. I always talk about whenever. I talk about tom. I always say like you know. This man was bitten by the bug. Just like just like what you get bit by the city champion. There's just you're you're done. I mean it's it's just a fascinating story and grips ya. We talk about the the city of champions story being The most forgotten story the most important story in sports history and and your books are an argument for that that it is say the most important season in detroit sports history. Let's make sure we say. I say detroit impact that it had on the city state. I'd say it's it's important in sports history. One of the most important i mean. It's i think. The greatest season in in american sports history. But as you know with regards to its importance. I mean there's no there's no season in the history sports more of an impact on detroit's then this one then this one year yeah and and and they say it's forgotten because it it it it pretty much has been in in the the pieces a tape that we we were listening to tom. You were able to attend a banquet that was held on the fiftieth anniversary of the nineteen thirty five championship. The lines first championship was the only media there and yet you where are the main the main eight mainstream press. Where are they add. There was nobody there for that event. Nobody was there for that. Don shula is speaking at the event as a surprise surprise guest. True but at the same time you've got you've got a fiftieth anniversary of the lions first championship. And you know what i mean. Tom is the like. There's no other media they're like thomas with like these these tapes that were playing on this shell right now. This is the only actual firsthand information to come out of this incredible event matter of fact the newspapers did come an eighty five. I was checking the weekend that they were. There was no snow story amount november. No nothing some like no recollection of. That's that's. That's the most puzzling thing when we saved forgotten jamesy almost kind of sort of forgotten. This story was forgotten. Yeah my initial study again. Let's i want to take way back to the first when i first heard about this story. I was a senior at western in an apartment. Okay me and my two friends. Jeremy hunting kevin bush were hanging out in my apartment. And we and we're just going through this whole detroit tiger media guide and we came across this raynham fact on the ninth. I don't even know what your the tigers had won their first championship. And we were going through the thing and Going through the book and we've looked at one thousand nine hundred five sure enough and then the bottom of the page a little asterisk says. Did you know that the lines redwings also won the championships in this season. I was like i'd never heard that. That's kind of cool. I was taking a sports history class at that moment in needed topic to choose. Chose this just to find out just to like find out a little bit more about it. And that's why. I went to the original books. Read a two page paper pages acumen. I had just come back from the university of edinburgh scotland. One of the foremost history colleges in the world for studying history. And i have to write a two page pay for about a detroitsports tops and when i try to paper i cannot just go know just like anything you go to the books you go to the internet you. These different you know your basics you'll search functions and i could not find enough information to fill a two page payment. I'm either a horrendous. Historian renders research. Nothing along my ways about how to real facebook report or there's literally nothing there and if there's no information on something this information to remind modern day people who were no longer there say by definition this story that has been literally forgotten right and and you've resurrected with these books. This was the in my mind. This was the staff. The first step was to isolate exactly to nail down at factual evidence of what took place that was. The first step was to build a cornerstone around. Because there's all this like mythology around like oh they want how many championships. I don't know how your who did what i don't know. Are you sure there was thirty. Thirty three sounds a bit ridiculous. Are you sure there's that many yes. There were and i went through every single one presented the evidence systematically going through it now. This is the goal. This book was to focus on this season to identify fact from fiction and to say what happened in nineteen thirty five. That was my goal was established. A foundation of fat. In upon that fact now is the job of everybody. They here's the story. Reads the story like this to britt to help. Bring the story back. That's the now that now. We are in the effort of bringing the story back the modern day and again i point to the evidence was zinni's books to say. Yes the story happening. And now it's time to bring it back and it is great. I mean you can scour youtube and you'll find some clips of some vintage football and you'll you'll find some vintage portsmouth clips and you'll find some vintage Lions clear From the day and actually it was The just on. Tom and i were talking about this before the show Thanksgiving is a big detroit tradition and it began with the football game which was the very first season for the lions here. Four exactly the first broadcast verse coal assholes yep across the country so that was pretty interesting and then we were commenting that They finally acknowledged it the the thirty thirty four year but they didn't mention the championship thirty five so they they had a picture of the game is like the lions lost. And it's like yeah but they won the next year the same team and then they won the champion that they left and they left that and they let that go. They showed a picture of richard's that you watch the game. Wash chunk of it. I can't even handle it. I'm still a fan but coach was actually hanging on my parents. And i'm like you know what i see it in the corner alerts coming through my phone. I'm just happy to like. Sit this kinda. You played the bears this week with the new coach. Yeah you know. Yeah but but that was. That was interesting that they finally. It's like 'cause with The world in the shape that it's in with the you know the covert in lockdown. There's there's there's there's less fodder for for the features that they do yes. They had a scrape the barrel back to thirty four gone. We don't have a terrible they they do. It's a classic dodge. Were the you know the teams. They celebrate their history when they got nothing in the present to sell them. That's a that's a classic that's a classic dodge but that's a clear thing way to sell your product and of course of course. Yeah they reach back in the nineteen thirties. Thirty thirty four thanksgiving. But there's so. But but that's what i'm saying like you know all of a sudden it's relevant to mention the nineteen thirty four lions. Why not go a little further one more year talking about more year the entire situation but they don't know about but they mentioned portsmouth did broadcast they fill up by cheer. Everyone i mean. That's i'm glad to hear that. But i'm just saying like whenever all of a sudden it's it becomes relevant to talk about something like this like you would think that they would take an advantage say in by the way the very next year like you're saying jamie they went out they want it all greatest shit but the problem is once again. This story is not in no shape municipal. That are listening to this now. There's people that we've all talked to. There's people that we've have read the books until like this. A very small percentage of people that didn't know previously are now you know now know about it but as far as mainstream story you will not find anyone you will not find any mainstream like big name troy sports presenter anywhere it's going to say did you know that the thirty five th they want an all in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. They don't talk about. It's not a mainstream subject and that's what's so insane there was not there was an article saying Our our tired. Our teams led us down exactly when we needed them most It was kinda bagging on onto choice right now. All right now we have right now. Is they're talking about her current teams because people need something lifting people need something to do You can't go to the games but you can watch them and and and it's they people need that right now and they're you know they're letting us down when we need them the most and i'm like put there's great stories out there that you guys could just ignore the thing about these stories have said i mean this is a i mean. This is one of the main components of what i believe is. This is the idea of history on people. Say life doesn't come with an instruction manual over history history. It can be a blueprint like some say will history if you don't study history you're doomed to repeat it but there's also a more positive note for that which is a safe if you learn what people did in the past how they did it what they did then you can stand on their shoulders and achieve achieve something greater than they never could have dreamed so you can replicate their the success of the past. And that's what i'm saying like there's so much to be learned shirt with regards to natalie. How the teams want it. But the psychology of the fans and how the fans ended up playing a major role in this like the fans gave this energy like you know they needed something to at this time and it was the energy. The teams fat. Even we've talked about this article the book before where the guy a writer from the time actually tries to explore why they won he actually says it's because like these these when these players went out there these fans were just craving something to get excited when the teams went out there and these fans are just going insane for every single success then eight lifted these players up like the players could do no wrong and we've seen that before we've seen elements of that throughout the history troy sports on sixty eighty four like all these different. You know these different championships were. The fans are just so engaged. They know everything about every single player they know every idiosyncrasy that comes up and that's one of the things that That you know that these teams tapped into the fans of this time were absolutely just intense about every single player in it. Lifted him up in been remember. It was a depression in those days to Well yeah they're looking for something they that was that was their life soul the sports especially when the teams are playing even remotely. Well then the fans got excited to go get excited about in debt enthusiasm and the fans again they it like you know the twelfth man you know the when the fans impact games and they actually give credit to that in these fans like the the the players at this time could do no wrong they could do no wrong as some saying like these are the kind of components you know the the the you know how the psychology of the fans can actually help you know impact these games. It doesn't seem like these are these are elements that are not like where you like the fact that the that the overall story is unknown is one thing but the loss of the story negates all of the the potential learning experiences that could be drawn from it. That's what i'm saying like it's foolish to not remember the story. Maybe one of the missing components of the current detroit. Sports is to bring back this story. In incorporated into the modern day you know mindset to celebrate what once was into bringing. You know there's all kinds of the older. I get man like you know they talk about like On-scene forces behind the scenes. You know what i mean will potentially cross the baris of like magic. You know. there's something there's things there that we cannot explain. May i mean what would it mean to have it that this this incredible story to me to be brought back in a spirit of this. You know backing these modern day teams and such saw. So we've heard anyway tom. A you were the one person listening to this voice in capturing the story on the fiftieth anniversary otherwise it would just totally slipped past it. Would it would have just been a bunch of guys having dinner at the at the hilton and that would have been that. So i was very honored. I was brought by eight kushner. He gabby be down. He told me to come early to interview the different players. They said to different tables related that earlier in the program and that was it was an it was an honor You know when. I talked to those players. You know i wasn't even born in thirty five. Yeah and i was born forty-one so it was six years spot yeah and but my father Talked about them and he talked about the city of champions but he didn't know who they all were exactly. That's trying to say. Is that a lot of times. You know the story that it hasn't been passed on to us to this day years. Somebody like oh yeah. Usually when i met at our show and i've told the story conservatively estimated i actually said it in my second book by that segment came out in two thousand thirteen. I estimated that. I talked to eighty thousand people guarding the story. Eighty thousand. That was might and that was a conservative estimate. At that time. Yeah in over the course of all those times anytime the the the rare like it was so rare to ever talk to anybody that ever even heard of this story. I mean my sign says did you know i mean it was almost like treat was a trivia question that that's what brought people going. Oh i didn't know that. And i hear that all along i didn't know it was like i don't even know one out of one out of forty or fifty that they would ever even have heard of it in those. That did they'd only heard it from like their dad or grandpa. There was no books like just heard it like somebody told me that somewhere but it was awesome seeing like it was always like a Somebody that somebody knew that somebody new told each other and that's why that one percent non there's there had been there was no lake factual basis. Like a root of foundation of fact that that you know like some sand lake like your dad's told you him but where's the you didn't even know how many championships he kept talking about. It and i kept asking who were the who. Were all the champions. He did know during that time he do the three basics and he loved joe louis servant but after that and maybe water hated after the you know take the take. That thomson example. Right there is a you know as an example Is that after this happens. World war two happens right like shortly this. This story ends in nineteen thirty six shortly thereafter. You'll nineteen thirty nine. Hitler invades this war. Europe begins and then forty one of course when the us centers. It's so there was a world war two with as far bigger events going on that people were talking about this more and so when and then when the us comes back from war of course. There's the golden era the nineteen fifties with gordie. Howe bobby lane championships. All over the place. The tigers won a championship in nineteen. Forty five right. We come back more live weeks after the war is over. The tigers are world series. Champion in the auto industry comes back golden era detroit so these stories got put in a drawer draw filed away like we'll come back another time. It's moore's way more cool stuff glowering. Now they never came back. I think they wanted to forget the hit the depression then then they they have the war. They went from one to another when they all came home. They forgot what the best one other thing too is that people that would have attended games with their like brothers fathers. Whatever like this maybe. Some of these people didn't come back from war. Maybe these people that are are tinged with some of these great memories that they had are now like sacred like you know like. I don't even want to talk about this because my brother never came home. I never got a chance to you know. I went to the championship game with him. And i don't want to talk about all. These great depression stories were tinged in sadness is so. That's what i mean. There's so many different reasons. And and that's what i mean like you know but but it but it it may say now is the time to bring it in. When i talked to one person went to the one thousand nine hundred thirty five game. I told you oughta miami yep stockbrokers father he went to the game in nineteen thirty five which is tigers A d a wind alive and he and his favorite player was was early cadel and didn't have the money to buy a shirt so he added old sweatshirt and this until she put it number one on and took the school now in thirty five those days. They didn't have the sports radio and went on a tape. When i played earn cadel voice. He cried yeah. He wore that shirt all the time. Because i gave him what city of champions and he was so proud of that. What's so what's so. Cool is is that he's actually fashioning his own jersey with cadel's number one you know nowadays. It's just it's it's you know. Go the store they buy a you know whatever matt stafford jersey whatever it is and you know it's just something you just do but he's actually made his own forty four. That was even in fast. Nobody it wasn't exist so he his mother made him shirt. What's the school. Yeah with ernie cadel catala all those years that he played he never heard his voice because when he heard it he went walters. If you think a little bit deeper into that story. You're talking about then tom. You know what. I mean like is the idea that is that you know that there's at the idea of like what came first the chicken or the egg. What i mean what came first. Did team start issuing jerseys with the team numbers to sell or did fans just emerges start putting. They're making their own jerseys. Because they wanted to be their favorite player and people saw it. And that's a good idea. Yeah so i think that opens up a whole nother which is like babies. Potentially i mean like say what came first. We're fans making their own jerseys team song. Oh we're going to start selling those. I mean that's what i'm saying like. He just made his own mean. You can't imagine that at that time that they're selling jerseys like was should it was Just didn't have the sports memorabilia that they have today with all of those shirts. Yeah you know at one of the big gifts that the lions go after the championship was that that they got parkas like team parkas as a reward for their championship. Like like nowadays you get these multimillion dollar bonuses and these guys are back then. I read the article where i think it was pressing on. What like one of those guys were talking about that. It was like man we were so happy. We got these like y'all detroit lions parka. To after the game i was like. That's that's you know so. I can't imagine that they're issuing jerseys for kids at that ono hickey on the food on the table. That's awesome saying when a when a player when when they're ghetto park up for winning a championship series with those look like feeling it was pretty. It was pretty rugged basic blue with the lions but i mean my god dude if you had one thousand nine hundred thirty five championship. Lions parker chara. I will give you did hear about this whole. Do you know who did hear about the city of champions actually katherine mitchell popkin. She said i heard it from charles. Abe casserole you doing my sister. I love it. I would hope she had heard about it. From is from a lot of people are like eighty thousand eighty thousand people talk to but definitely my sister. I told my sister at some point to counter in the eighty thousand so so but talking about the the the parkers and your conversation with the players that were there that evening You were able to touch on on on several topics and one was About the equipment and but let's get back to the tape. Let's go let's go to the tape. Yeah i think elmer. What's the next piece he wanted to read. Well it's actually two weeks ago. And i wanted to listen to this clip so much. Yeah i remember it to two weeks after we played the last clubs because it was like the next clip in this in the game. And it's just. I just from elmer from albert because it refreshed remember. We're talking about on the actually previous couple of Discussions on their talked about the equipment. But i liked what Elmer fair warded. Said so. And i think we got a picture. We got it up for anybody watching the do we have. What are we going to send you a picture Bear word to put up there. Okay if you haven't available it's not. I don't think it's essential. But it was one of the last pictures that i gave you. Okay i'm happy to be back this way and go round again. I want to add some more question helmets. I think the difference between now and women's thirty five is to both went both ways both defense and offense as senate and we use a similar mint from the senate position. If you had to put the loop. Bathrooms are line book The passing center was a good deal different than it is today. Replaced me face masks leather helmet. And i think it would be quite a bit quite a bit different. I remember one thing that i said if no was ahead of us in beating from the force because condition condition condition reading meant and then the swim to alan moore. Good shape and i think primarily That is at twenty five minutes. Our team and many times had four or five injuries. But that meant that we had to play was seventeen or eighteen players. I think that's the big difference. Today is hard. I think and Tackled his hard and crews haven't changed a great deal. That was interesting because we we pointed out that In the one thousand nine hundred eighty four game Championship game There are some rules that came into play that the thirty two or the tuesday. And that's what led you a bunch of new rule change. Yeah there was a lot of rules that came in came into play indoor. Yeah yeah that was. That was interesting but so but from then from thirty two and thirty five to fifty years later a lot of the rules at stayed very similar. Well those were the game. I mean we're just going back to the thirty two games you know. Some of the biggest rules. I mean that. I mean that almost defined modern football to this day. The we're talking about the thirty two game on there is the there is the you know just a rate the rate at right off the bat you're talking about when the main challenge the main touch on got scored in the game was brooklyn gercy crash in the line and jumping up throwing a pass to read grains for for the for the touchdown. In back of that at that point you had throw all passes had to be thrown from five yards. Behind the line of scrimmage and bronco. That was totally. Blew that rule and it so it after that their bill well from now on as long as behind the line of scrimmage. That's all that matters. That's i mean that was a major thing. Anybody pleasure behind line the game. Yeah and then the other thing too which is also to be not. It's not to be is diminished. Is the hash marks on the hash marks a field nowadays when a game star wh play. This concludes the balls. Move to the nearest hashmark or the center of the field. Where no matter where if a guy he gets to the right hashmark field back in the before that nine thirty two championship game. If a guy got tackled out of bounce the ball started like one yard from out about this so they'd have to run a play just to get to. The middle of the play is so during that game because there was the walls of the ceo. Couldn't they couldn't start. The you know with the play that close to the sideline so they actually created the hash mark just for for that indoor game and it continued and so and that's why they liked it so much because the teams didn't have to burn a play that they're that small changes a major is a big deal with change a the post. You know in the fifties all saw crazy legs. I was running the post. Battered ho scotty. Oh she he ran every time you're watching us into that post on every pre he'd never knew what hit ringing your bell Out the post but there was no ball but the interesting like elmer sane though is Is that one of the things. I love what he says that we ran justice. Are we tackle just as hard. We played justice hard. And so a lotta times. People look at you know they. They look at the players from back in the day. And they say well you know. It's a different caliber of athletes. And all this nowadays. When you're like are you. Are you sure because I mean this is a guy that's seen them seen at both and he's and he just he was like yeah. We tackled just as hard as them. Yeah so that's the only way. I liked that that little clip from barrymore because he really goes through like the equipment's different like but you know he talks about the game. Is you know we. We hit just as hard as they. Did you know same field. Yeah i mean it's the same football field. There was a there. Was an article around thanksgiving that that came out that caught my eye about the the some of the greatest players in football and it was It was the greatest players. Try to find the Toughest nfl players. This is coming out at tiebreakers Tough guys the toughest players in in. Nfl history and I because i'm not a big sports guy. I've told you guys that before. I like him. I love your soaking it up like want some some of these names. I recognize most of these roasts most of these names. But there's for your first sports education. Be the city of champions story. Tom how much would you have to be your day. She'll for your sports education. Champion story is the foundational sports. You start with the seniors learn. Everything worked played cupboard. Say like your your first or you ever know the city of jaffna story and then you build from there. That's the greatest smart like i. I'm almost envious of so. I learn sports history out of these top thirty players number coming in at number five Bracco nagorski Oil thirty four. When i interviewed those lines. They said he was like a red. Rue st with a bulldozer behind it. They said he was just. They feared him. He had the ball. When you see we've actually shown a couple of videos bronco nagorski and you can see in these videos on check back. In old episodes we had our check. Know just look at these bronco. Gerski videos of the biggest one is look at the nineteen thirty four championship. Game with the new york giants It really shows gerski in action in this guy. Built like a redwood tree. I mean this guy was literally on on. I mean he was just. He was twice the size of any other guy i always. I always calm the shaquille. O'neal of the nineteen thirties football because you know shack in his heyday was just so big. You could not stop him shocking to dunk the ball he was gonna dunk in your face. If you if you if you try to block. Shacks shot. He would break your arm when ducted i mean he was. I mean he broke. The ram shack was unstoppable in his heyday in. That's how bronco was like. There's some of these players that just are so that you have that you just i mean you just have to tip your cap de. They had to stop the lines at a stockbroker to win a championship. I asked him who was the toughest player they played against. It was always bronco two gerski every time he got the ball. You know it'd be. My was the articles that i've read about it. They said that you never you. Never like if you're ever whenever you play the bears if you're ever gonna try to tackle bronco gerski. You always had have. You always had us to is at least you'd never wanted to try to try to try to tackle bronco by yourself. You're breaking his collarbone. You're breaking news breaking something some sand like you know it. S what anybody that's that follow like the nba. You know when bronco shack was so unstoppable in his heyday with you. Know with especially with the lakers. And all this recognized when the pistons ended up beating Shack in two thousand four championship. It was like the pistons like built their team around the eventuality that they would have to face shack in the two thousand four finals in figure out some way to just slow him down. I mean like that team like you know there was one moment in the during the two thousand four season where where where they actually you know. Spend loss blocks. Jack shot and that was like at that moment. Anybody that was really following the pistons like they can beat the lakers they can. They can slow him down. They have a chance. And that's and that's what. I like to equate that with the you. Know the lions at this time because th- because the thirty year after year after year it was always the bears find stopping them in their tracks. The bears the bears. The bears were always have. They beat him in the first thanksgiving game. They beat them all the way back to nineteen thirty two when there were horses spartans through and then all of a sudden and then thirty five they finally beat the bears. They beat him on thanks. They hide him. That the game before thanksgiving and then they beat them on thanksgiving so they are finally able to overcome brooklyn gerski. Sme like that story of the The sort of symmetry with that. I like to equate it with the two thousand four pistons where they were able to finally figure a way to at least neutralize shack long enough for them to use their own website to win. Because that's how it was is that they were able to finally figure out a way to slow. You know just just in one of the reasons they they got. Chuck bernard for the nineteen thirty four championship. Ninety three eighty four season. They they got chuck bernard and michigan. Was that in is Chuck bernard had shown that he was able to stop bronco by himself in because the thirty four to three guys after exactly thirty four thirty four in the because of the way it used to occur was in after team won a championship. Nfl championship the college. All stars okay. So the one thousand nine hundred. Four college is the one thousand thirty four championship. Bears played the one thousand nine hundred eighty four college all stars at chicago. Chicago team like chicago seem so anyways In chuck bernard was on it was in. That game was like the one of the greatest college players of all time. Chuck bernard looked chuck. Chuck bernard my god. Man anybody's listening to podcast. Like start listening to us right now. No no don't do that. show up. chuck bernard right. I got a whole section on. But look him up. And it's like. He's one of the most decorated collegiate athletes of all time. But one of the things they don't really talk about in the online stuff is that is that chuck bernard in this college. All star game against the bears like took down brooklyn a gerski by itself so the lions are looking at this. I mean he's already decorated player but the lions made every effort to bring in check. When i was like if they if he can bring down broccoli myself. This is a stud we need. There's no but also also recognize too. I wanna make sure played this other to. Is that clare randolph. On the nineteen thirty four lions and who had also gone back with the spartans clare. Randolph was also known for his ability to stop bronco. Gerski himself all right so so he wasn't like there was nobody that could there was a couple of guys and i'm pretty certain that their father lumpkin. I don't didn't see it written down anywhere. This father lumpkin was finally won't get as scatology. Were to tough as nails man to that. I have no doubt that they could take down but we also had a guy against them stopping. We also had a guy named little chris. And that's an expert in you. Were able to talk to. Why was he called. Lose little chris why was he called christmases christian. Sooner was little. I was gonna wave as a question with thomas got. That's called them through. Chris so this a big christmas big. Chris is george chris who they dictate tarzan okay. So he's other nicknames is also tarzan also ties you into why all the big chris. Let's see what christians. Let's little chris by the way is the team's best partner wanted credit. Here's a blocking back. Ponder wasn't just some little miniature player he was a blocking back he will by phone by litter. Yeah he was the best partner better than even better than Than than anybody. He was their best guy. So yeah all right. You're slow. Chris little chris matthews audio on this garage. It's there i was ready for. I can go to harass. I some shit when you got here. I'd love you a little bit. Fcc support if i were going to talk about the differences in the game today did in the days we played Money was not a very important thing. We We played because we wanted to play with play for the fun of the game. It was important man to get a paycheck but by no means in the magnitude that they are today. I well remember Jack johnson at teammate. From utah with me We had negotiated our original contract tonight. Neither know for what reason i was back and i had a hundred and thirty five dollars. A game and decorative one hundred twenty five. We went into renegotiate our next year contract with owner richard. We sat down and is asking is lucky office in the fisher bell and he said krypton cindy you think you're worth more than this team than ten. I said no sir he said by god neither. Do i get a ten dollar raise. These days the same go teams at that time. Were so motive together because we were less. We didn't have fifty players. you know we. We were twenty two or twenty. Three is all and we were very close together. I think this punch here at this meeting realizes so well. The relationship that existed career to go. I thank everybody for everything. That's gone on here. I really appreciate it thank you. Let's see mahomes gut Four hundred ninety million dollars in this same player he got a ten dollar res. But here's the thing. I do want it the same football. But there's but there's two things i wanna point out about. This is that a lot of times that the players now as they get all this money a lot of times people will castigate them and say all they care about the money. But i'm t but i have. I have this feeling that Like these players that play this game like college football and all this different stuff. There's a lot of players that don't play this game for the money. So i don't necessarily think that that is like distinguishable just from the nineteen ninety-three because they got paid less that they played for. They didn't play for the money whereas nowadays everybody does play for the money because they get because they get paid so much. I think that these guys like at some point like money doesn't even really. I mean it's ceases to. I mean once you have so much of it. Does it really matter anymore. And they still keep playing like a guy like tom brady or whatever like still keeps on playing guys i mean if he all he cares money like you get your money. I mean how many hundred million dollar contracts you need before. You're like i got enough money to last me forever. You don't be like no. I want one more. I want the money you know what i mean like the guy the guys like. I'm gonna play something like forty because you could see clearly understands our falls joyce playing the game has close. Like you can see that you know these guys like you know money. They give just because they get paid more money today. I don't necessarily think that. I mean it's just actually was a guy i talked to today. That said that That said that like people that you know like you know that people to develop successful businesses random conversation. I with a guy in store today. He was saying like you know people that developed successful business a lot of time in most cases. It's because they really enjoy what they do. you know. it's not just because they're in it for the money because you know the hard times of a business you're sticking it out because you believe in what you're doing you're passionate about your thing and so estimate the same thing with think a lot of ten sports. I think that modern day athletes times get on get kind of get too many throw stones thrown at them because they're like oh because they get paid so much like all they care about money it takes a hell of a lot to make to not only just to get to the profess to pro sports to the major leagues in baseball football. Whatever but it takes a lot to stay there too in a stay at the top of your profession. So i'm always been somebody that's like you know it's like i i don't i understand that they get more money but it takes you have to be you have to really love what you do to stick it out. You know to the point where these guys make money. So i never. I never begrudge these guys for how much money they paid. You know it's I don't think he is either the money exactly. It's it's they earned. There's money in the thirties and they earn their money. Now i think i really do i think that they i mean they're massive contracts but they're also put up on these huge pedestals where everybody is like. I mean like you can't even. They can't even do anything they can't. You can't even a little dogfight won't come on. Let's the problems are we gonna do. They can't do. They step the some of those are months. They do anything bad. Like everybody in the world hears about the very next second you know so like well. No no no no. That's a different example. No but i'm saying anything that they do anything even real like anything like there's no privacy lives. Everything is for the full public. So they're kind of birds in a camp punchy girlfriend in an elevator talking about somebody walking out back and stepping in everybody's like off the really horrific ones that got up on tv. But i'm saying like anything they're like. Oh did you hear what this guy's stupid thing like anything they do. They're under a microscope. It's like who's dating meeting you know. Oh his wife is dressing in exact. His supermodel wife has a lot of football players. Douglas joe schmidt. All of these guys from the thirties and every one of them will tell you the decide when they step on net football field. They don't if it would be a wrist. The ankle a neck sir. It's it's it's they claim and everyone said the same thing is like rolling the dice. Yeah but the second. This is kind of brings up the second. There's there's two things about what i said that i love and the second thing is i think is fascinating. It was just a really brief hot. Sorta blip about what he said and so he said. I have my notes here. Less players meant a closer team bond. Because you know he said even quarter ari says you know. There's twenty five players on a team in that any given time there before or five injuries. So we'd be like he says so we generally we'd have like seventeen guys like playing right just whereas a modern day. Nfl roster like. I don't have the exam. Fifty is a fifty five fifty five guys so imagine so. Just just picture the difference in your minds right so you got one team. The modern day team got fifty five players right. And then you've got you know there's always injuries and as more and more guys always coming in at least five or you know maybe five guys or new every single week. Then you've got. How many trainers. How many coaches you know defensive back. You'll left defensive back coach right side. Defensive beco- you like defensive coordinator defensive assistant coordinator like how many. How many expand like everyone of these. Nfl teams are like a hundred guys and these teams. And so you know one guy that comes into this team. Like how is he would. He may never even meet. He married and have a conversation with a guy on the on. The other side seemed like massive. Imagine it. I mean really. You couldn't say like fifty player fifty five players a team plus five or six for injuries. Cyclamen hus- i go say what i don't know. Fifteen twenty coaches so minimum. You've got sixty seventy people in an organization that travels around stuff. I mean sixties seems like a lot of people. Don't really get to know especially in word like it'd be trades and all these things that happen you know season. And that's what. I loved about what he said where which is less players less players. Many took a closer team bond. We got twenty five guys in seventeen or plane on a given time. You really get to know the person that you're playing with. You know you really get to know especially we jamie even before you join around. Here's tom we spent a great deal of time talking about the About the About how these players like really gelled with potsy clark. You know this is so it's so anyways that's from like when you have a lower number smarter number of guys in their playing a year after year after year with the goal of winning this championship in that they lose a couple of guys in replaced with a couple more guys than they think are gonna help them get there. You know you have like a core group of guys. And i think that is what is that's that to me is my favorite thing about sports. Is we have this core group of guys. And they're in this like they're trading out pieces to you know to figure out how this core group with their new supporting cast is gonna make this happen. That's like my favorite sports story. And that's what this team was learnt. Absolutely yeah and they clark like these guys yeah he. How many times did he played deepens. They were short that they were starters. Yeah the players down and he was going to go does clark and thirty four when they they said dutch clark at the end of nineteen thirty. Four on offense and defense in the last few games year like that he should. He should have been in a hospital bed like he was so mangled from all the time he played it like but he was still running out the posse had to run them author against the packers. He's getting he's there. That's why the thirty five he had this freshman versus varsity preseason game to try to identify new talent because he because his his starters. His core group were so mangled going at the end of nineteen thirty. Four that's why they faded they. They had seven. They went stay at seven games in a row where they were unschooled. Upon ten straight wins ten straight wins then. They folded at the they lost. Like i think they'll also ask exactly. They were torn up. That's why thirty five potsy head to head to find enough new blood to augment his supporting cast and they got to a slow start because he had to use these new guys to get him to the end of the year. Where the where the core group we can finally unleash them. And that's what he did and they took all the way to go and they're doing it all for a hundred and thirty five bucks really quick teaching job. Or so i got. I got a simple A calculator and it says like one hundred and thirty five bucks. Nineteen thirty five today is about you. Twenty five twenty six hundred bucks knock. You know if it's a thirteen game season that's like a thirty thousand dollar salary. yeah so most of them had like a teaching job or car sales. We talked about before l. Even talked about like when he signed a contract. One of the benefits of and with whatever particular team was that they would set up off season overseas kushner. What work for general motors dealers. Polio california yeah a lot of the redwings i same thing a lot of the redwings guys. Same thing was jim. Norris is set these guys up with all these off season. Great jobs like it was like normally smith was afraid was a limo driver. He was like a driver for. I forgot which i talked. I can't we get the ramming station. Because i met you. I know norma smith norma smith. The daughter of enormous smith is the goalie is daughter is norma smith. France with you got a ton of my information was normally smith at the greatest newspaper news. Normally smith that goalie of the red wings kept every single newspaper for his entire career every single newspaper clipping about the red wings his. She has like this encyclopedia. She led me matter and she's got this. She's like come on over. Say like she was telling me that her father was like you know in the offseason. His job was he was like for forgot. Which i've gotta look in the book to remind me but but he he had a driver as he was a driver for. You know some big executive. For one of the auto. Oh that's how he was able to you know. Detroit says these guys all these different athletes. They get jobs a lot of cases better jobs than they would if they were just part of the part of the random group of people looking for a random job get executive jobs car dealership jobs good spot with the oldest player in the national football league cy soldiers who played with the lions and i went to school with his daughter and he told me that he played two years with the lions and then in the summer and the offseason he would sell cars and he thought that selling cars was a lot better. The being slammed on that football and ended up selling cars probably. That's probably why he's one hundred years old today but at the same time it's like when you're playing a game like george richards who owns the lions rights one of a syndicate of twenty different altars. And these are the biggest movers and shakers in detroit. And you're planning the team and they're promising you if you come to detroit and play with the teen that you're going to be able to get we're going to get you a job in the off season like oh really what job i going to get in there. Like the ownership of this team is twenty of the biggest movers and shakers in this city. Right so these are going to be the people that are going to get a. We're going to find a job for one of their twenty companies right. So do you want to take your chances with common. A plan for the lions in detroit or do you want to just line up with the other. Fifty people at the unemployment office that are looking for a job. You know picking apples or something. You know the the attraction of something like that was huge for these people at that time. Which are they're looking for heels income and they're looking at. This is a different time. I the championship game and thirty five. Each player at the winner of the giants were the loser. The winner alliance got nine hundred twenty six dollars each and park and a trip to hawaii because they played a series of exhibition game. Oh yeah no. I got a picture of the book that shows on. just overpaid. yeah. Yeah people back in the thirties though that saw them getting all these bonuses and stuff like dole's rich athletes so they don't have any idea we re common folk after go through the every generation. They always look back and go. You know like they're like they're always looking back at all. They didn't get paid anything but at the same thing like you know we look at all. They're overpaid and all this. What do you think they said the same thing. Back in the thirties of other guys got there. Is the lions go to hawaii. Got new parkas better. Thirty four sober. Yeah there's probably saying the same thing the fans and then going those ridge at least no idea how common folk have to live like you get the money they got the trip to hawaii and they got the parkas. Totally rich does rich jersey. So kill wicky was talking about playing both sides of the ball because you were just talking about these guys. Just be an ironman and for that pay. They were versatile they had they had to play both sides because sometimes they were down down players Anything about cookie the to lead the was the last. This last week was the Two weeks ago or last for the last episode We talked to bow on. We talked ed kalicki. The guy from michigan state msu first michigan state spartan to play for the lions of course the first u. of m. player to play the lyles chuck bernard verse. Msu as kalicki and we talked about on the ui wants a year details that go back to their last episode sp. We're not trying to you. Know we got a direct them. Back to our old shows the click again all right. We love it to death. But here's He's talking about playing on a playable sites your your reflections back my reflections on the biggest difference. Naturally the money however I read a lot of remarks about The difference in the size well that was the difference in the game Going to waste. And i would just like to see some of these people that are playing today. run three passes and then plan and run down under a point and then get up and get ready for that sweep running directive how much condition they and how much they regard the size as the governing factor about how good you can do on the field. Also our stop and nobody. I don't think that teaches blocking or or tackling with michigan. With the fact that if you're underneath you and i have a lot better position in the auto bugs football field at least that he would watch the games the current games today and he was watched the defensive commentators and say oh the defense has been on there for five minutes. Oh austin and her going over to the silent. He said what a joe was on time. I heard that he said i just. I was what joe this this ray here. This is one of my favorite This is one of my favorite Things that in the entire interview that you had to wrap it up with this one today. One of my favorite components. I actually wish we had more time. Yes are next episode with it. Because i because this is one of my favorite comment my favorite quotes of the entire thing and the reason is is because modern day fans whatever we think. We look at the nineteen thirties. A lot of times players. Look at him and they the fans looking they look at how primitive they were. They wore the leather helmets. They were they. Were they look kind of smaller. You know like. I could probably wreck that guy if i was back then right there. There's such like there's such a modern day era against versus when you look at the players in the past like man. Those are back in the weaker smaller. Whatever days whatever like this in this this this the reason why. And that's why. I love this quote ray here because what he says is he saying. Everybody talks about what how we would do if we played against modern day athletes. But how would they do if they played our game. They played both ways. Every single down. You if you're a quarterback you had to be able to kick field goals you had to be able to pont. You had to be able to pass. Run the ball. You need to be able to everything. Play defense be safety. Be everything and you to play every single down for an entire game stretch sixty minutes every single game potsy clark that we were so you had the one call red going you know. They played me fifty seven minutes fifty eight minutes and my first two games and i wanted to win. Potsy say get a hat. If i played for sixty minutes so i played. I begged for the last two minutes of the third game. Yeah sixteen so. That's what i'm saying so so this right here. He's saying like everybody says like you know in the modern day like we might not be able to face off against the three hundred and thirty pound defensive tackle but if you took that sand. Three hundred thirty pound defensive tackle and brought them back to the nineteen thirties. How would he do. They're shooting conditioning and be able to play and he'd be second wind after five play. Exactly i like the very first couple of plays out the game. Sure the guy would recognize wrecking ball. But after that he's gotta go sixty minutes. You hit right after five years old mary. They've been on the field for a long sixty minutes. It was a totally different. Like it was a totally different game back then. And that's where that's ellery says. You know like when you have to do all these things for an entire sixty minutes games. He's like he's like then is when you're gonna find out is how. How much size is a governing factor of the ability and talent of a player. And that's why i love that qualif- anybody takes anything from this this interview. I think that is one of the two signature moments of this of this clip of this interview with one hundred down very fortunate. So it's You enjoyed sitting down with them. Guys background there were all at the reunion. It was roughly three o'clock in the morning and They were having some fun and people. The music was still going and they were just flat out having fun. Yeah it goes back to the previous more. They're saying like how the team was. You know closer together because there was less players and we've talked and this has been a common theme and every we talked about is is how these guys like. They knew each other. They cared about each other fifty years later. They're still want to have a championship celebration together. And at the champion of celebration. They're having they're having a party man. They're drinking laughing remember old times because they got the because the teams were smaller. They like. That's something like that is one of the modern day things. I think one of the things that's lost from some of the modern day gains is your the transients of the players in not in every once in a while you see a core group of guys as built. That's not completely lost. But i think that needs to be emphasized. More is the core group of guys who comes up together. And that's the team wins together. Well this basically they had another all their own place know because would twenty some players if you're done seventeen all of a sudden i'm an in. I play lift tax right out of play right. Guard makes a big difference so this core group guys is going to be back again next week to talk more about this because we have a couple more clips to listen to Tom we want more stories from you. And my favorite part of this is watching tom. Listen to these interviews and kind of relive actually lights up one of these. It's awesome so we thank everybody for joining us. like subscribe. leave a comment. We really appreciate that had mentioned had had an interesting comment. And we're gonna get to it just kind. Tease you with it We were talking about glen personnel. Mike personnel left a comment on youtube video. So thanks mike for for listening and we'll get to that comment next. I'm a first cousin was removed. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna dive so we'll we'll talk about mike personnel to is that like we're talking about like sports talk radio show. We're talking about like detroit. Sports history all these other sports like you know modern day. Lions like you know these other guys guys. These guys got fired wherever we're back in the day talk about you know like we're like man. Can you believe press now like you know like these guys. We're talking about stuff to happen is almost like this is the show. That should have been like when the thirties were happening. Yeah absolutely because you don't third is it just didn't have sports news i mean. Yeah if the thirties it existed. Detroit be the sports center of all time on. Everybody was deemed the sport tennis. Bully notable rave fencing. Yeah it's it just goes language summary speaking and more of its economy it's Detroit city of champions detroit. City of champions dot com. And we'll be back next time. Thanks for being with us.

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Detroit Detroit City of Champions Episode 21: The Golden Huddle  Guest Tom Eurich   Part 5  voices from the past


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Detroit Detroit City of Champions Episode 21: The Golden Huddle Guest Tom Eurich Part 5 voices from the past

"You're listening to the podcast detroit network visit. Www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen thirty five. The lions win the nfl championship. The detroit tigers take a world series the red wings bring home lord stanley cup. Joe lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motorcity into detroit. City of champion. Right city of champions. The podcast i'm jamie flanagan with my good friend. Charles avis charles he. He's an amazing do because he wrote this trilogy of books. It's just as amazing collection of detroit. History is called detroit city of champions all about the thousand nine thirty five year and the amazing championships. Thirty three and all the three majors at the time based third. Yeah hockey tigers lions red wings. I championships same season and then and just so many others. Yeah i mean th thirty others thirty others top of the top out three majors and so it's a year unlike anything else and the fact that we can do an entire show. What are we episode was twenty. One i believe episodes of we're not even through like delilah unlimited content. We have with this show. So yeah so it's just it's simply astounding and in your. Travels you collecting these stories. You've run into some amazing people. We've shared the last few weeks with one of those amazing people. Tom europe tom. Thanks for coming back again in the nineteen. Thirty five champions. It's quite an honor to be reading this year. And for the fiftieth anniversary. There was an event after the fiftieth anniversary of the lions championship. And there were a couple tigers there too. I do believe right. I don't know where they're they're now we'll go with people. Hanging out was probably eighty people and You know joe schmidt champion lions from the fifties. Okay are lying across the were there any baseball. Okay lions across the ages. Were there for the fiftieth anniversary. And you had the good journalist radio reporter that you were you had you tape recorder and you talk to the the guys that were there. They were like ten guys there. You got a good good chunk of talking to lately at least nine of them And we were listening to those well. What happened was that bob james. After the meeting was over he talked to someone the lions to see if they wanted to participate in the interview in about four of them Volunteered and we it in the lobby about two thirty in the morning all partying and stuff like that party was wild because when you listen to the tapes you can hear him a little bit. Sauced up a little bit. They're like they're they're laugh and they're like. Oh okay let me get team. They were in detroit from From friday to saturday and they were all excited that evening because the next day they were going to see the miami dolphins play in the silverdome. Super be honored. Didn't they did they. Did they get caught in the field and that way it wasn't that the game but Consequently they were really excited. Oh yeah they're talking money out in l. and here's another thing real quick before we move on from that thing you actually raise the point. I forget if we talked about it Last week or anything. But but don shula gave the one of the headline speeches at the party because the dolphins were in town to play the lion don shula had been with had been a defensive coordinator for the lions in the. Yeah and so like you know he had don shula had an attachment with the detroit. Lions in the fact that he was at that point. He's already alleged. I mean it's eighty for us already legend and nobody knew that he was there he was going to come. He was so surprised. Everybody was in shock. You can hear a pin rump. As i mean yeah like all of a sudden don shula walks out giving a speech on the fifth one thousand thirty five championship championship team in portsmouth and he mentioned the whole yeah now. He gave all his credit to the detroit. Lions and. that's what i'm saying. You know this whole story jim. We talked about it a lie along the lines about like there's so many different i mean. There's there's if you say like hey. There's a three teams. The tiger science redwings all win their first championships. And there's this team and then there's that team another team. That's what i'm loving about. This show is that we actually get probe the depths of this and some of the different sort of all these certain elements that spinoff of it in this whole thing like like you know this is not you. Don't see like when was the last like newspaper article that talked about the fact about like this party or about don shula speaking of very like this is like archival stuff like this stuff that once we put this out there. You know what i mean like you know. It opens up that idea for future studies by other people. That might be interested in this story to say you know to remember this component of the story that there was a fifty year anniversary party for all these guys thing about that Reunion there was no press. There was no testimony. Saying i was the only real course but and thank goodness for that because i had all the time in the world. Yeah interviewed now. If i would've had competition. I probably would have never gotten it so you got about twenty five minutes worth of tape Talking to these guys yes So now what did you do that. Did you play that in its entirety on your radio show in nineteen eighty five w car. Okay i played the whole gamut to recognize the city of champions charlie gary anger and the lions to represent the full complement of of the greatest champion of the city of champions of nineteen. Thirty five. okay. I don't want to take it back just a quick second because tom mentioned something that i have absolute affinity towards and i sort of said at the beginning that was in the first few episodes episodes of the show is the lack of media coverage on on yes because like you say you're the only guy there we did an event i did an event. it was the It was the sun. Say seventy fifth anniversary of champions. It was the seventy fifth in the historic museum. Rolled out this big you know. We haven't talked about championship. But it's a spoiler alert. It was a huge party at the end of the season which was at the masonic temple. You're with his eight hundred fans. All these different people are there to massive celebration. The was they say the largest gathering of champions under single roof and so so what was the seventy fifth anniversary in We actually the museum had gotten dave bang to recognize champions as signing it signing a document. It was the the vice mayor. Was there that you know system or whatever was there to read a little speech and we had the blackout. There's a big city champions plaque that was signed by every governor in the country franklin delano roosevelt side. I mean it was this huge thing and it. Here's the thing. Here's the party spoiler alert. Far as leading up to there was no media. there was no media there. I got a copy of it on my My digital phone phone. But there's no media seventy fifth anniversary that bring out the city champion which was lost. Which was that is. Another is a complete. It was like indiana jones. And the raiders of the law. Start where they filed that box in the bottom of that thing with eight million other boxes. That's how they had to pull that out. It's so it was a it doesn't seem like there has been just an absolute and even since i started this with the first book and all this like still this day. There's yet to be anything like from any of the major newspapers or anything like even like i mean you see like a mention every once in a while but there's like but there's never been any type of lake and there's re regulation the deaths of this incredible storm the depth of into it says all of their first championship. Was this or you know. City of champions it only skims the surface ever in usually misses the depth kind of gets me the teams themselves. All everybody involved in like the mainstream sorta destroy media. It's like they just barely enough to let people know that they kind of you know that they kind of know about it. But there's there's never any recognition me like above and beyond like like the only lion the only detroit lion from this year that's recognizes dutch clark. Because well i mean. He's one of the thai cobb of football. He was so great. That you just you just have to put put his name on your wall retire number. The for the for the in the case of the tigers maki cochran which we spent like three episodes talking about how critical he was one of the most important players in the history of detroit tigers in his. Name's on the tiger stadium wall. But it's like they call. It's not as numbers not retired and it's just a they call it like a record. I forgot what the exact terminology. It's like a recognized name or something. It's not like you know it's like kind of off to the side and a couple of other names. It's not like dead center with these other. Halt names retired and then the night and then the for the red wings the red wings. There's no retired names from the every other for for every other championship year for for for every sports team at least one player tigers lions redwings pistons every single championship team has at least one player's number retired on these walls for all their teams except for the nineteen thirty. We haven't gotten to accept. But i know but i'm saying like the interesting players video sculpture here about just how forgotten this isn't a platform at thomson is that there is no media event in every single event. That is not covered. That's not brought out just makes it more and more difficult. It means that the that the stories in the past fade further and farther away. And they just you know. And that's why this. That's what i was going to say about the reunion in nineteen For the reunion of nineteen thirty. Five jack bailey. From w car the manager. He had some tickets to go to the Memorial for the nineteen thirty five. Golden huddle if he was like looking at a dinosaur. Nobody took him. He just threw them in the basket. Some was it was unbelievable. I couldn't believe that. But boy. I already had the invitation from. Didn't need a ticket but nobody showed us. I'm trying to say at this. One of the things. I've really been trying to figure out is is is just. Why is there such a such an indifference to this to this to the story. I mean i've i've been fighting for. I've been fighting for twelve years to get any type of recognition for the story. That's what i'm so happy with you hanging. You met back in the studio here. Remain man back here that you guys are doing this show because i mean there's just been nothing out there where it's like the detroit. Detroit historical ziam enter that again the dvd. They were gonna call me to show the to bring it together. I never heard a word. Yeah there's a few people that the historical museum that we've been doing. I've been doing a speech there every year in the april eighteenth or thereabouts round the eighteenth for the champions day for memorial thing. And they've been the they've been doing great. They're the ones that brought that plaque. I want to give them a little bit of. Y'all i mean absolutely not throw some shine their way because they definitely i mean they were the one that hosted that original seventy fifth anniversary party. So they they've they've been. They last year for the party was great. They brought up nineteen thirty. Five banner redid the because they had the They had the lynnwood bar built in their basement. They had a bar set up and they had the flag. It was great they So anyways but i'm just saying like the means like it's almost like the i but i just don't understand that so that's one of the things that i'm i'm trying to understand is why people say will it happened so long ago. Well ty cobb happened even longer than this. But everybody ty cobb as an institution like every time cobs mentioned there's so he puts out a new book and it's like row pay you know front seat. Oh we gotta talk about this. New kabul thing happened long before this that still get front row attention but this particular story which is make a case in these books that it's the greatest the greatest season in the history of american sport. And it's like it's one of those things. Oh just happened and oppression in. The war came to dissipate dividing line. Speculate to thomas that this is something that you know that world war two completely interrupted all sports. They come back from war. The detroit is the golden age of the fifties. Gordie howe bobby lane championships. All over the place. The auto industry. I get i get this done. But here's the. But i've said this before and i've said it in a book i'll say it again faced with what we now know right. It's one thing for something to be forgotten. Okay right but it's but it's a whole nother thing that when you come face to face and you know with what you now know all right. What are you prepared to do about it right. Detroit has been called one of the great sports towns in the country. Right but how. This one of the things i i've i've said over and over but how great a fans are we really. If one faced with the fact that the greatest season american sports history are that happened. Basically she'll help to shape detroit sports as we know it has been forgotten we'd know about it now is like how great friends we have. We just go just dismiss it. Because you know there's something that we don't really know all that much about so it just like one of those your bar trivia questions that you're gonna stop your stump your local bartender with like this way more important than i m saying like this if we are gray sport like let's bring the story out and that's that's really the component. I'm trying to bring us why we here. Thank god you wrote. We're bringing it out absolutely so when you recorded this and then you took it back and you played it in. Its entirety this twenty five minutes. W w w c w. k. w. a. r. n. Ten ninety nine. He didn't cut ten nine hundred care and And then after that you you edited. Down a couple excerpts from it to to share on through the arsenal gates which is The dearborn historical museums program. And and y- you had clips from there so Thirty what is it thirty. Five years ago it got a playing and then about ten years ago. It got a clip of airing. Well that's it. Well what i did. Is i put it away and then i thought could i ever put that into a dvd or match. The voices up with pictures the from thirty five and like charles. I went to the library. And i listened and i went through all of the archives zero from thirty five and i matched it up. So this has been sitting. And we're gonna we're gonna share it in its entirety Somewhere on on youtube and facebook in in the videos we'll get the we'll get the whole thing up in its entirety today. I think charles. I think there were a couple of clips that you wanted to. There's dive into a little bit and the original You know we actually for the arsenal as we played that out of shows ago and there was a couple of clips plan that was actually you know as we said extracted from the original full full full on recording And so we listened to the other day broke out a couple of other clips. That really liked off of it. You know one of these. We're going to list the entire thing for everybody here but but we want we want to. We want to take you along long journey that you know when we get done taking him through favorite parts and we'll put the entire thing out in so anyways. Yeah so we picked out a couple of my favorite little early oaks eclipse from the early on early part of the interview. And you said you one of the first minute of it right yeah. I meant to hear tom. On the introducing where you know introducing himself at the at the event who i got audio on this laptop cool here. We go so. This is kind of introducing. When tom for sat down in Was kinda opening tops for his radio. Show we can from the health dare northville and misses the lion alumni women injury. Can we have some of the numbers from the great thirty five world champions team and i would like to help one night. Director abuses minimal around. And this is mr bob james tape. This is jim facing day. And we got got any goodell when we thank christensen being here burden representing they city. That many people shouldn't is that in nineteen eighty five. Losing any city ristori lighted states to have three championship teams of one year. That was out. And i m detroit red wings and also i detroit also journalists coming up. I would like to have these gentlemen Introduce themselves bit about it. And i would like to and thoughts and thirty five. So yeah so. That was kind of opening up the show. It's a it's a thirty five year old cassette that Bounced around your junk drawer for a while and Slightly different caliber of equipment. That you're grab it but it's It's good history to have your. Because i brought in the cassette is tom gaming. Company actually have a cassette player. I don't even know where you're going to hold it up to the mic. Hold your walkman up to listen to get ready for the show but you guys i was like keep me jamie can you. Can you take this cassette and turn it digitally like yeah i can do it. I'm like man that's all these guys. Turn a cassette into digital tweak. It all I'm not that i. We need to find an audio file. That bob guy you're talking about. He's good he's east. Greek connect with him and have him send it through the oscilloscope or whatever. I don't know. I'm just the guy that says particular stuff people go. Oh you're in radio. Radio i know i sit down and just say ridiculous stop. I don't really know what i'm doing when it comes to the rest of it. I'm just kind of guessing and fumbling along so you're picking up gene here. That was the best technology. Yeah twenty twenty. Needed your phone. Your phone is like a. It's like a hollywood style camera with the technology. Today isn't to me it's great. I'm afraid of buttons. So all right so you opened up the show and then you were able to talk to a few. the people and charles is. what was the first clip. That caught your attention. You know we we we. We had one for the Through the arsenal gates. We already played a couple of people can go back and listen to what they want. And they were great. But i wanted to So the next one. I want to bring you up it. Six six minutes and fifteen right around six minutes. Six minutes in this is a. This is a conversation with ed clicky. I think you're talking about something to hang on. Let me see if what you're calling up is what i had ready to go I now one with a by labeled correctly see. This is the part where i said. I don't know what i'm doing okay. We'll get through. Okay no okay clip to add colicky all right all right so this is all right so you just wanna introduce a clue icky right. 'cause this guy he's got a he's got a couple of things to say you're just gonna hear his voice which is cool. So ed click was the first michigan state your michigan state player to play for the detroit lions. That's correct. yes and so Yeah we got him. We got a picture on the screen of ed cliquey and so his nickname so so anyways employees from hamtramck he was one. The high school baseball team won a state championship and he was just one of these legendary. Like i mean hamtramck. Sports athletic legends in the nineteen thirties. And so he went to michigan at the at the time michigan state agricultural agricultural college and and just and he played defensive. End play offense. That was offensive in back in those plan. Both ways offensive and defensive end and Just a tremendous player in one of the questions that people always like to find out. Whatever you say of michigan state whenever they brought up is. How did michigan state do against michigan area and saw in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. Which is when the year. That quick played michigan state beat. The wolverines was a rarity excessive since the thirty two and thirty three michigan's u. of m. Were just a powerhouse. Absolute powerhouses they'd chuck bernard and nineteen thirty. Two thirty three chuck bernard say. I can't wait till we start talking about him. He was an absolute legend. The university of michigan and play for the lions play lines thirty four and then He played in thirty five and then so kalicki he just He comes in with the lions he is the his nickname was the one man. Gang was as nick one man. That's what they call because he's just a great you know he started off Anyways well i'll q- that's that's meek you and him operate there to the words from him all right in. Here's ed in his own voice it up to thirty five zero. My impression I i could tell to start with but We only thing. I could recognize it as i wanted to become a part of that group and wasn't very many. Many cracks at your lately made the team that is Four or five made it but I wanted to the worst way. But since i had an opportunity to do that and and Contribute and from the beginning. I wasn't so sure except Pirate never played the in any sport that i didn't play with a winning team and the the and i figured hell is is happening why i can contribute here. And that's the way. I feel when i'm gonna do and These guys are so great and Me and helped me accepted me and not by myself I was earlier. Become one of the group and the ruled out. I could do it Expires Coming back with that. We've been receiving her last few days. I think it's just wonderful and We've i've been to the unions to and then call been great guy and rather anticipated the Welcome and the things that have been said about this team the last three days. I can't hardly believe it is happening. And it's been very pleasant. And i want to thank everybody involved in the national football league lines organization. You said we never leader and correct. That's two o'clock in the morning. That interview those guys were playing the game of that world championship. Eighteen thirty five just like kids at heart No that's great. And i love the book. Such yeah he's he's an app following this recess. I just wanted to make the team just like an addendum to that. You know in in one thousand nine hundred five. When he joins comes to the lions he was not wrong because the team had You know the one thousand nine hundred four hundred we've already talked about was dominating performance by the lions and the first year and in thirty five you know. They had very few weaknesses. As he mentioned there was very early. Says there's no cracks in the team to make a jump and so on the first four First four games he. He barely played if if at all and but at the more he you know every chance he did get he got her you know he contributed and by the end of the season he was a he was one of their best players he was he was. You know he's he's you know he's being humble about his about his contributions but kalicki was a tremendous player in. I forgot the exact numbers. He put up in the in in the championship game but he was. You know he caught several passes one clips. We showed the other day with the lions where he was. There's a there's a previous episode. Was the guy diving. Sort of getting caught the ball. And it's like rate up in the camera angle and he's like getting hit out of bounce. That was clicky in that video and so he was. He became very valuable contributed offensively and he was a pass like a. Here's a little bit more Pass a blocker but he's also a pass oriented sort of tight end like you know receiver which was definitely a growing element of football at that time. So yeah some. It was cool to hear his voice you know. He's he's a great player. I it is that's in- that's these are the because these guys aren't with us anymore. I mean there were only ten left at the time and seventeen total. Yeah the whole of the whole thirty nine of the world champions so the bottom of the night and is good and we're so glad that we're getting to share these There was like a a really interesting character. Because he wasn't a player right ape kushner. So are we going to do like to. What do we know about abe. Oh we're going to talk about. I think in the next episode. We're going to his. He's got the next section of quotes. He's going to be like like he's you know he's on the early bits of the video on in fact if you play that video just another hair longer. You'll hear abe talking about you. Know he's going to be saying what a great group of you know. How with the lions meant right. I got that It's one minute long about that. Next clip pointed out. So who is abe kushner. Though you might say well he was. He was the trainer For the lions and he He had Dutch clark was his trainer and he was the equipment manager and also the trainer for the lions of thousand nine. Thirty four. do i have. We have a picture on there. You also helped bring up some of the stuff from portsmith. None of the equip. That's him right. There were another one may have sent. You wish there there. Is you see what he wrote. That the best a little. I was really proud of that. Yeah so yeah so yeah. There's there's like i say so. Yeah he's lions training one that br And i and i actually met his son in his son was one that was helped me. Connect with the unpublished memoirs memoirs that he never published that he That he donated the nfl right on the very last of this. The dvd is is a football That the players signed for me. When i was at the reunion. Yeah i wanted to take the ball. Ham aid Finish it off and put nineteen thirty five on it. I talked to him a couple times by phone. And then when i called to have him do the ball he was he deceased. He died really. I really feel bad. But you're the one that told me that he used. Somebody told me that he was the one that actually gonna game balls that he didn't do the script. When a player had outstanding game the lions he would address the balls and give it to the play. Exactly they would get the game would actually right on the ball right his rating and his at your son. Those balls and that stuff was fantastic. I'm looking at his Case here there's a picture of him with his trainer case and it it. I'm going to imagine he did that himself right. That's probably some of his sure amazing lettering on his case there and i talked to his son and i met is met his son just after his son had donated that case to the nfl fame So we had. I wish i'd never seen it a misbah that much. Sure sure yes. So we're you know. So that's that's in the hall of fame. I'm not sure if it's out in a display or not but cases still exists. That's already he never told me about dip. But boy i would love to see that was in there. Yeah i'll see if. I can find a picture because i think there's i actually think i have a color picture of it in a display. I think it now. I meant now i think about. I think it is on display in the hall of fame. There's less time. I was in canton. They gave me a full tour. Went downstairs and saw all the art they have so much stuff captured or not undisputedly. Now i don't think they gotta room. They're going up to rebuild his football gets bigger and bigger and his. There was eleven teams dollars. Thirty people donate stuff and there's so much stuff. It's hard to get stuck in a museum. Sure because they really don't know the intensity is it really providence of it but in this case it was his son that mean he. He was a legend. So it was there. He was a big part of the team. He wasn't a player but he was a big part as your advocate for this team as far as the like. He loved this team. That's an excellent point. in time. I actually talked about how much he loves his team in tom but also but he was you know he. He was the one that was really going to tell tom. Remember us man like he actually said that you didn't he. Yes well champion. A whole. I i told you we headed the westland mall. The celebration and that was the first celebration. Yes well yes. He was so honored and he was the only one that showed up epsilon. You know it was fifty years. He was so happy and proud that he just he. He was beside himself and together We were father and son is unbelievable what he invited me as a personal guests to be able to sit down with those players. Yeah that that's that's where you met him was the westland mall. When you guys you had. Yeah all right. So here's abe A little clip I clip of him At the golden huddle the fiftieth anniversary. That's gonna be good for the of that thirty five eighteen and thoughts. My name is a kushner nine. I had the particularly good fortune of being associated with the finest group of athletes in in the world. I was most lucky most fortunate the very important part of my life. I'm kinda stuck for words now. I'm overwhelmed by everything. I was asked to stay just three union and by far outlived all my expectations. All the fellas hear. I claim is members of my extended family and each one of the ball. Players on that thirty five team was an all time around american ballplayer. Gentlemen thank you. Better roads eight. He's such a is such a seems like such a humble guy And and if you look at this. I love this picture. If people are listening to the audio podcast. Again another one. That's worth a trip over to see his image of of of a on the video He's just so Resolute he's so meticulous in what he's doing it just seems so serious tears. I mean you could tell you can tell the emotion. Yeah you can tell you could just tell from his voice there that this som- this whole thing that a great deal to him and the fact that when he talks about the extended family extended family. That's not just lip service. I mean this is a guy that mean you can see him throwing this event because you know it was. I mean almost like a family reunion to you. Know to have the chance to bring all of his friends back from the. He made some of the talks that that he had personal correspondence with all of these players. All over the united states. And i think that he was very instrumental in bringing the twenty fifth anniversary. And also the fiftieth. Yeah he was a very important part of sure. Yeah that's what i'm saying but you can tell just from. Its own sound of his voice that this is something that meant in absolute great deal like i say he said to you at one point. Didn't he have correct me. If i'm wrong but like he talked to you about the entire city of champions as a whole not just alliance and said you don't let you know. Don't forget about us. Well he gave me the article article talking about the team. And that was the very first time that i ever knew. All of the twenty four world out there was more than than more than just the three right. Yeah old like. I say when i asked my dad about the city of champion. He didn't know who the all were because there was a lot of them though he told you that there was a bunch there but he didn't he didn't know the whole spectrum of yeah but they're in there you go you're in your dad lived approximately you know in that time asshole but that was crazy though is that it's like and i think that's another element of how forgotten how this thing got forgotten was was that you know it happens in like the murrow world sorta moved on without of. There's so many bigger pressing as we're about to enter a world war you know. I mean this is a major this time of you know like we they just done this thing in the world moved on without it. You know. I'll bring up about the thirty five. Lions one of the players was a four star general in world war two. Yeah i. I have a note on that. Because i when i listened to the tapes and a the arsenal gates you mentioned that and i was fascinated by that. I wanted to dive into that story. Well i don't know which one it it was a pretty high ranking. I t emerson. But i'm not sure that's yeah. Yeah i'm not sure which i know. Emerson was was He was he was in the navy. And he i forgot what rank heat but he got up to a pretty high rank to with the veterans day. Yesterday people listening to this anytime but who knows what people listen but any day of the year want to say thank you people that served absolute currently in past and future. So thank you all so. That was a yeah. That's what i'm saying. He goes as ing mazing castle. So house we on the next clipper we Yeah there's There was one more that i won more than i pulled down the other one more about red stacey stacey. Yeah it's He was talked mix. I think we're going to get a little mentioned above albert ward on here to iron man. This runs about three minutes long. So it's would any prep for this about read Here's talks about him on this video himself. He's sitting there across from him talking to him with a microphone in his face. Tell me about read. what What do you know about red. He was a very exciting player. he he didn't play very longley. Was happy to be a world champion and he. He went out smiling. Offense defense alignment. I think about two more years thirty five yup but it's an interesting segment. I think we're going to hear from three different read. Stacey ernie cadel and also elmer within this little three minute clip. I believe they're all on here. They're going to be sort of back to back to back. And that's why this Elmer awards did see this little clip. Right there think that's the brackets off at twenty four. I cut before our. Oh okay well we can. Maybe say okay. We'll bring him up on the red sea that i'd like to hear bruins sessions on letters kuhn. There's so many changes and nineteen thirty five and up to date that. I just couldn't name them all but the one thing that i remember most about and changes was the fact that i coach patsy clark in nineteen thirty five favorite man. He said read today. I expect you to play sixty minutes. And he meant that. And my first i three games played the first one fifty eight minutes. The other one was fifty seven minutes and the last one was. I asked jack gone from when he came in to take me to take my place. I said jack. Can i stand. Because i want to win. That happened partly for almost one. Sixty minutes in air and that is a big change domain. One thirty what do you think round the number one real quickly I thought they really run that nail all right because sixty minutes was not unknown in this whole deal all the way round and As as now way all all real. And then i can't really anything down that Outstanding and that I think that may be one of the things that went on. Is it when. I played that wing back out there and i came around your christensen. Two hundred fifty pounds and he was the largest guy on the whole squad. Now we we've got our Over my leftover here. We read another little. Chris calling and All the things i. I don't know if anything right this minute. That i can add to it all except that When when you went out on the field we went out there to win and no messing around about it. And don't coach know taskmaster but by the same time he was a friend and We expect you to win. He expects to handle ourselves so we'd be in a position to go and then he didn't back off at all when one day he said that he we had a little problem at one of the other teams. And i'm not gonna name him but he said you know when they come down to us where we're gonna do. So they came down and he says daresay eleven guy is going to play both ways. Sixty minutes eleven am and the psychology on the thing it worked beat mazing. Yep we talked about that. Ironman ironman guys. Those guys were laid. Cadel was one of them. Was that the various was at the packers. The packers so yeah. It's like people it's like. Why why do we you know. Is it such a such a thing when the lions play the packers you know because it goes back to these guys exactly exactly. I told you last week. That's the packers sponsored. The portsmouth spartans. Now and that's the tradition. Well yeah but you know but the thing. But the tradition of the of the rivalry goes the however that the whole thing started but at the same time that the rivalry that they establish in portsmouth between the packers in the spartans in the bears in the spartans the that rivalry they brought with them to detroit absolutely in so they brought to detroit and it was in one thousand nine hundred eighty four after this great season. We've talked about this before the you you know. The the lions win their first ten games. They go undefeated go unscarred upon for the first seven games and then at the end of the year it's the packers and bears. That knocked them off at the end of the like at that moment before they got. You know there's always lions fan tigers fans who had just come off of a law game seven loss in the nineteen thirty four world series. They're looking at the lions. There sort of turned their thinking. Oh man we got an nfl team here. Maybe we'll get a consolation prize. Nfl championship in the packers and bears knocked them off for the ideas. That welcome to this rivalry lions fans. Because that's what started to engage these people in this in this team and of course the following year thirty-five when they get that redemption. Finally you know the nineties said last week. that's so they got the deemed. The cheeseheads portsmouth because the packers wouldn't play him. They're just a bunch of cheese. Heads still goes on to this day. Yeah so yeah. that's what i'm saying like it. Dumb but the rivalry the development of these rivalries. You know a lot of times people just think oh it just because the team's close it's a it's a their rival because there are nearby team but you know they actually. You know they say this. These conflicts began these robberies. There's a source of it and then that's why it's good to look back and show these show these teams but i just love the sixty minute concept to. It's like i mean that's the definition of football folklore. Man it's cool. After the interview ellison christian sentinel he played for sixty minutes and he says time you know i watch him on television and he said that the commentators said all the defense has been on the field for eight minutes or tired and christmas and waterland. Those kids like to play sixty minutes. No i know. It's just great football folklore to sit there to say that you know sixty now these guys play sixty minutes on a game in psalm. Yeah so that's that's right. That's it's great to hear from them mom talking about that. So what's next. Yeah that's Those are the clips we have today. you gotta catch you looking at my shirt. Yeah that's an everybody's looking at my shirt and size pullover. Yeah we'll we'll see show. Yeah well. i'm showing this this. This is a gift. David is a huge fan of our show. And yeah and so. He's the head coach of the freshman football head coach upright brighton. Freshman football team for. I don't even know how long like thirty plus years. But you know the brains of you know great program to they so yes you guys looking at my shirt showing off in the legacy and also put out a message to people out there that we welcome gifts so there you go holy welcome gifts. We welcome listening. We welcome listeners. To guests we take shirts hats off. Bourbon show a little bit tells it actually. Jennifer's food jennifer raider chimed in and she said brandon and augie and she were listening. You guys doing it off. Offers a new the newest City of champions fan so Thank you guys for It so everybody who's Listening we appreciate if you're watching it on facebook or youtube. It is an audio podcast. You can Go over and subscribe on the audio side if you're listening to the audio and we mentioned a clip or there's a picture that we we were talking about. Sometimes it's worth a trip over to to check out the video on on those as well and it's just Youtube dot com city of champions city of champions expresses again. We talk about an opening shoulders. There's not much out there on the city of champions man what's the stuff that's out. There is stuff that we're putting out and you know the books the show he you know you do a google search on detroit's today champions or youtube on it you're gonna find us pretty quick or money into the holiday season. If somebody is a detroit fanatic history fanatic a sports fanatic Lies redwings tigers a fanatic of any one of those teams. This would be a great gift. Where can people find the books charles. Well detroit city champions dot com is the easiest way to line But also if you're in the detroit area stopping there's the stores that i'm in our. There's a twelve oaks mall in novi laurel park and lebron partridge creek clinton township. There's a michigan art store. There called inspire marketplace. I got a big display. Come out and check out the thought you you're in one of those old photo map booths by yourself tucked away so you remember those jobs. Those little one person could. Actually you can actually find me in those stores. I kinda rotate between mexico. I got a big big store display inside there and you catch me a lot of times at the laurel park mall Or you know. But i kind of rotate between the stores. All right so but city a champion detroit city of champions dot com is a great place and then you wanna come check it out and person and i'll tell you look into that books you'll never put him down there area them rate with you. I can't go to florida. I carry all the books that's They're they're the rich in and you tell it through the news clippings and the photos in the way you tie it together under snap blowing sunshine up your backside i i really. I really enjoy it all the way the way that it kind of came together like. I didn't really anticipate like this. But it just kind of just kind of organically evolved. Like the style of the writing that i did was basically just act as a narrator introduces situation introduced the player and and then let the writers of the nineteen thirties. Tell the story later crazy. It's wonderful paper. Writing back then was so colorful. They they they painted this. I mean it was like a litter. It's like a it's like a Literary masterpiece for like they paint this picture of what you're watching like it's not the red wings scored a goal on this play. It's the red wolves were on the prowl. And they came down flashing steel shining. Steel takes you back to the old eight undergoing twenty twenty news. Yeah the people were all at home in the thirties. Depression really all. They had was a newspaper They conveyed that imagery through it. And i couldn't afford the nickel paper or to go. Watch the games and this and that all so yeah they painted these pictures of it and it made you almost sad. You weren't there. You're like flashing steel glinting ice all these things but you start reading some other stuff and they're talking about these fights some hockey stuff where there's like bottles being thrown on the ice mean. They they don't they. Don't pull any parts when it comes to like describing fights and all that stuff you're like this is may it's the articles are thirty four world series when they took document with off. Yeah saved his life. Retiring hearing told me about that he was free to because they were peppering on even feel they were throwing bottles and everything. Well that incident where the we about shell but a lot of times. It's just a jump what you're saying a little bit. Is that that incident. you know. That's one of the incidents that people remember from the thirties. Tigers and oh they were throwing stuff on the field and they had to pull out of the game. You know a lot of times. They'll description of it doesn't go far enough to describe it. Excuse me because what ended up happening was it was a damn near riot. I mean it was almost a riot type of environment. Where they're like if we don't pull him out of this game These tiger fans are about to literally tear this building down. Well it was the only time world series history that a player was escorted off the field by police officer. But he was removed by the commissioner during a game. Commissioner was lands commissioner. Yes but i'm seeing like you know it doesn't just for like the fury that these fans had. Yeah they were throwing stuff but man they were about. They were of murder so many here in the city of detroit in our athletic history. It's unbelievable are so we're going to get some more of them on the next episodes of detroit. City of champions. Tom thank you for coming in again. It's your treasure. It's a treat We appreciate you being here with without a doubt and the materials you brought Just thank you for for all the stories. share before. And after the microphones are on They're all fantastic. You guys should be jealous. Because tom shares so much. Great stuff we were you guys were here we record another show on our and then we went out and it was another forty five minutes just talking to tom lobby and it was gay was glorious out there stocks. We're talking all kinds of stuff. Give me some stock tips. Thank you for more things to show you love. Oh great awesome. So there we go so Detroit city champions dot com. And we'll do it again next time. Detroit city champions the podcast.

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Detroit City of Champions  Episode 17 The Golden Huddle  Special Guest Tom Eurich  Part 1


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Detroit City of Champions Episode 17 The Golden Huddle Special Guest Tom Eurich Part 1

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT Network visit www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen thousand, five, the Lions win the NFL championship. The Detroit Tigers take a world series against the red wings bring home mode standards. Joe Lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit sitting of champion. It is game time game side Jamie, Detroit city champions. Just really excited about today we're doing the podcast really excited about today we were alluding to it all the whole show last time. I'm really excited. That is so Detroit city of champions. It's a trilogy of books written by Charles. Davison. Jamie Flanagan just just enjoying the ride in listening to stories and Charles has been sharing some stories with me about people he met along the way and you have like a special appendix called tales of traveling storyteller tales of a traveling storyteller, and in that he tells that he talks about some amazing fascinating and wonderful people that he met as. Gathered the story motivated. Inspired him to tell stories just bringing the story back with I. Mean it was such like just you know the the road that going to art shows and different things You know there's been so many like what I came to realize early on the project was this because it was so forgotten that. Part of the story of the city of champions you know this, there's a city of champions that happened back in one, thousand, thirty five. But then there's also like the modern day effort to bring the story back and so this, this is a story. This is a timeline of the city of champion story which extends from nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five, from thirty, four, thirty, five. All the way through today. Then everyone that is part of it. That's what senator for everybody that's listening for everybody tell somebody about this for everybody that does anything regarding the city of champion story you are part of the larger story of this effort of bringing back the greatest season to ever take place in the history of American Sport and today one of those people that is is. Really important in having captured. So just some. Important we have the honour haven't on the show with us today Tom Tom, Eric, time, European with my body. Well, thank you for having me listening to Charles Brings Back a lot of memories because when I was a young boy. Growing up my father always told me about the city of champions and I really didn't know just who they all encompassing just how big it was and dad said, well, that was the lions tigers and red wings, but there was moulder Hagen but the rest and Charles is put this all together to to to never forget just what happened on the city of. And I'll introduce Tom. Just a little bit more to is that Tom I Thomason Gamal today I forgot how it was that you and I met like I, I'm really like I'm trying to remember exactly. Where we met, but it's because it's been. So Long I've known you for ten years. I'll tell you exactly how I. Remind me my stockbroker was a man by the name was Mr Bill Williams. In. Years and it just so happened that he went to the nineteen thirty five championship. Game. witnessed. Okay and I told him that I interviewed a night tigers the line, the old really a. Football. So yeah so I gotTA. Say you've gotTA listen to he? He went to the game and he saw the game and his favorite player was Ernie Cadel. Yeah. Number One. Yup and he said that he he and his mother were were Kinda poor you gotta remember this was the Great Depression lines as long as you could see so his mother bought him an old shirt. And they put a one night and and he went to school as Ernie. CADEL. That's awesome and I gave him the tape that you have the video and when he heard Ernie, cadel's voice his son who's also working at the Stock Exchange said, his dad cried really does all of those years he was earning cadel he was in the Korean War and he always talked about the nineteen thirty. Yeah. So basically, he's like he's like you know like they nowadays, they sell jerseys for players. He's making his own back then because they couldn't even really by his mother made him and put a one on a so-called went to school and he was earning cadel and when he heard his voice on the tape are on the show. His son junior told me that he cried and I gave him a shirt of and he worked to the day. City champions. So how how? Did I meet him at a show in the no I was. I was in his office and believe it or not he had your. Book Okay. And I called. And I caught I your father because I didn't were wealthier. Father gave me your telephone number and that's how we yeah because I remember when we met it was that we met at a I think it was a little It was like a it was like a restaurant. It was like a coney island we and you were hanging out and I remember when I first met you it was Like the first year I was doing this. I mean, this is back in two, thousand eight and I remember it was like like I mean follow like the first person that I could that really could connect with because I was I was bit by the city of champions, bog solar you and it was evident from the very first day. You're like Tom was like you both crack crackheads for at. The Holiday Inn Board Michigan and. Gave you material Kushner Gotten? We exchange serve. As we've. been. Friends. Ever since and I I look every every once in a while you pop up into these know the different stores I'm these the the markets out at Laurel, Park and twelve oaks nobody wants to come come and see me I mean there we talk city champions all day, and you can also buy some stuff to. Tom POPs in there every once in a while and every time when you walk through the door Thomas, just whatever I'm doing. It's like I'm really excited to see in. There's really I mean you've been such a major supporter of like I mean it's been it's your friendship with you. It's been fantastic and I've just I've. Just. I'm really excited bring out here in. Because you've got some really great stuff to tell the world and I can't like this is not just to let the viewer listener viewer No. I'm hoping to do like two three potential even four episodes of Tom if we can get them in here for this because we've got a ton of stuff to talk about. Absolutely. Take your time. Tell us your stories guess We'll let me just. What let me prime the pump just a little bit. Okay. So one of the what what was the demand is sitting here time uric So this is I'm just gonNA. Tell us a little bit over because I want you to tell the entire story. Okay. So. So there was so in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, there was a fiftieth anniversary of the Detroit Lions, first NFL championship and it was called the gold and huddle and so tom it. Tom was there okay and not only was tom there but he made recordings will you told me? He kinda help facilitate and get that ball. Tom Tom Tom's going to get the story, but I just want like give me with Tom was there and not only was he there. But he like I mean he made a series of interviews which we actually have in our possession we're not gonNA. Get into that too deep on this episode that's what I want to bring back. We're GONNA do this episode I want to talk about how this entire Party came about because the story itself is fascinating and I'll. Talk about how? Like say like Tom was tom it wasn't just the interviews that he did, which are fascinating it, which actually use a lot of in this book in my third book But it was, but he actually like literally talk to these guys for three hours that are not on tape, and that's what I WANNA try to drag out of his brain because he's got some fantastic stories. Can I go back to my beginning in one thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, bring it. Tom Tom Tell me about your childhood. College. In nineteen fifty seven. Neighbor reminder a high school friend of mine called and he said George Halas that was his last year with the bears as a coach, and so I ran over and I just caught him and he was going out the door to the car and I held out. George Hill is Mr Halis. Who is the greatest quarterback? You ever saw play in your career he said Dutch Clark Portsmouth. That's all. That's all he said. I went back home and my dad said, did you see George said yeah and I asked him who was the greatest quarterback and he said, Dutch Clark. I Sit Portsmouth and I said Dad, you know anything about Dutch Clark. He says I think he played for the lions what nine, hundred, Fifty, seven we didn't have an Internet we had nothing. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, three. We had a furniture store in. Dearborn and one of our customers came in and who played with the Pittsburgh steelers and he took me down to see Bobby Wayne play an exhibition game and was called upstairs to the press box. I sat with Art Rooney who was with the steelers at the time and I asked him the same question who was the greatest quarterback you would ever saw and he said Portsmith Dutch Clark Detroit. Then in nineteen eighty-five what an honor to sit down with the actual players that played with. What what's the chances of that? That's incredible. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. So that's that's what I'm saying like the failure of George House, we've mentioned on the show a couple times already in especially his rivalry with with potsy Clark and. So the fact that the fact that George Halas with down the road say claim Dutch Clark to be. The best quarterback ever is because he because Halas had some great quarterbacks along the way too. So for him to. To actually go back and talk about his rival like that. You know bring out Dutch and say he's the man I mean that's an that's an honour. Well, not always credible I thought. Maybe, bobby lean be but he was playing the lions the next day and I think. I don't think he wanted to. But I would have thought but that but the bears had had tons of great quarterbacks I. Mean They had a they had a whole. Sydney. Halas was the was the coach that was a coach and a team for forty years. Arisen Greens played for that team was and there's so many guys. Yeah. There's so many guys that he could have listed and so for him to say Dutch Clark, I, mean, my God it's. Then I'll tell you how I got through the Golden Huddle. So that was the name of the fiftieth year anniversary. Yes. I can be the pig out of been here in by but anyway I but all interior to work for a little sports shop that took people and travels to like the Chicago to what is eighty four, the Tigers you know when they're. In this little sport shops started up. So I volunteered and my time was I would get to go on a ride he'll be. What a lady a lady walked in and that's she was selling from. W car. Advertising and she asked me if I'd like to do sports I said, yes, and that's how I got into radio. Then I was reading the paper that Detroit city a champions in Nineteen eighty-five was honoring the championship and I thought I little travel service would that would be an opportunity could have a little of booth there just promote our travel service and also represent the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five, world championship. We had tremendous players came bill them beer came Leeann speaks. Up for like it was that got Wesland Mall. West so It was like. A booth. At the Mall for us to sell travel tickets to get people to know. But in the meantime, we were sponsoring the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five. So that was the theme of the. Athletes Game in. Leon. Snakeskin had just beaten Ali. He came to honor it. Ferguson Jenkins came in and some of the great. Stars. K. Line came in. But the only one that came in to represent the nineteen thirty, five, seventy, a champions was eight. Kushner yeah and aid was the was the trainer and and start at the nineteen thirty, four lions. He ruled them from Portsmouth up to Detroit Taylor that that picture because areas. What? What an he gave the largest donation that canton had ever seen. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, he introduced me and he said he was so honored that it was my idea to represent the nineteen, thirty, five world champions that he personally invited me to the Golden Huddle. He said time come early about four o'clock. The dinner starts at six. I want you to interview the players that actually were import Smith. and. The DETROIT LIONS In hundred thirty four betrayed had two teams. The spartans and they had they were fifteen players short. The build team in the story that they told. Me was unbelievable. Yeah. So Tom Sane is what he's alluding to. This is to actually I like I wish I would have had this conversation before I even did the third book because there are some information that this. What you're about to hear it's not in my book, you need another anti, it's not of my. Appendix Yeah it some. But what Tom's talking about is is. And what the story that we're about to talk about now is what Tom talked with these guys about. Their first hand experiences about moving from Portsmouth to Detroit in their hurdles that they had overcome the obstacles to overcome it's and it's in we talked about the transition between thirty, four and thirty five. Ver that's the varsity versus all star I'm sorry Farsi versus freshman game in potsy turned over this roster with Guys or whatever for the for the for the nineteen thirty, five season. But in thirty foot going into thirty four, it was there was another Rosser transition I didn't like I didn't know this I dive new deeply. But this Tom is to talk about is how when they left Portsmouth at the end nineteen, thirty three. And they were joined become Detroit lions they came to Detroit and they only had half a team and that's what the story times. When. I was introduced when eight took me to the reunion I was there was two tables. The one. Number one was were the actual spartan sat the original Spartan resume spart Clayton what's into Internet field and the other table was the lions crew. There was nine rookies on it teams which I did I did my research and the players. Door last game was December the third, the Portsmouth spartans nineteen, thirty three. That was their last game they. They knew what? There was nobody in the stands at the it was over. So they knew what was over and then the players are saying, where are we going to go and then Dick Richards came in who won't Wjr out right right and and he purchased the team and I've got the exact figure, seven, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine dollars, and eight cents he paid to to liquidate all the indebtedness of a Portsmouth. But now the players thought. Why he's going to take the whole team, we're all going to Detroit. You're going. To do what you gotta remember. Also Dutch Clark was not on that team at thirty three. He was the he was a coach at the Colorado school mine sure and who lifted in nineteen, thirty, two retired because they. Couldn't afford to so the. So all of the team sports was players are telling me that they were so happy that they're all going to be as one as a team and all coming together. Yeah we like us. We're all a team we're going to. Detroit. Didn't work that way. The word, the word came out that they were only going to take fourteen, twelve twelve we're going and the other fourteen were were going to be left behind. And that that really stirred a lot of a lot of headaches. It was very emotional I mean some of these players have been together like a team in Portsmouth the players I've been there twice they the team that city love those players, all their. Yeah they still I've been Donald Portsmouth myself in that Portsmouth spartans team is like I mean it is revered to this day they take stadium, the stadium Jamie Yeah it's like they. It's like they never lacked the stadium they last year they did a they did a a fundraiser because they had to repair some part of the building man this stadium. In the same shape as when the Portsmouth spartans in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty at the end of nineteen thirty-three it's incredible. Stadium is beautiful. Yeah and I highly recommend the people that are listening. If you ever go to Portsmouth. Yeah just go to that stadium and I'm going to give a little plug. Yeah. If you go to the river restaurant, all pictures of the words are and all the the lions. Yeah and when I was there, I saw the waitress I you know I interviewed they they didn't believe when you're eighty years old. I guess they have a beautiful little baseball field. Right next to the. It branch in the stadiums call branch rickey? Field Brennan Ricky is is one of the greatest GM general managers in baseball history He's the guy that brought in Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, but the stadium's call branch you field because he played in that in that area and branch rickey was one of the driving forces with. It was built during the during the During the Great Depression like it was built in nineteen, thirty five, it was built right after the spartans left in that stadium was built by the CCC, which is like they use the you know like all these there's a ton of stadiums around the country that were built by these you know the civilian conservation. To like this. So anyways. So that's that baseball field is beautiful too and it's like still it's it's also a nice little shake. Louisville. Kentucky, it's a beautifully of the Ohio. Horsemen. It is absolutely worth your rigging back down to the twenty five players. Think that the team is thinking they're going to Detroit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, wishful thinking to recall then word and the players really didn't I think they were notified by letters written that who was going to go and who wasn't going to go there wasn't a red tag. And the left your friends. But breaking up from Portsmouth, you know those players had to go at coming to Detroit, they need it new medical. He didn't know where they were GONNA play they ask Richard where he he didn't have a team to play or a a stadium. Field turned him down, right? Well, of course, Not Tigers at tigers in the middle of the. Incredible. Crank Naven is. The run on your rate NFL team come up and tariff his beautiful name field grass that is not happening and The greatest season. They've ever had on almost a million fans and I did thirty four. They're like looking to come out there and they're going to have the infield all torn up my once again that ain't happening. Didn't didn't. He Richards went out to Ann Arbor and the big house was the big house in thirty four they turned down. Yeah and all of a sudden you a Titan Stadium Brodmann and I found out that the train the lion strained cranbrook. Right. Consequently what here's the players now? You gotta realize it's this team has been together only live in. Front and thirty three there are unrelated but they've been together until. Thirty one found I was doing a little research the Lions Vic Richard signed the contract to become an NFL team on June thirtieth nineteen thirty four. Okay and from what I call I called Canton, and in those days, you couldn't tamper with players contracts. Until you were absolutely a registered, you had the cert I'm a Detroit Lion Yeah. So then that meant that Richards. A Half Akeem. Short had to go out and get eleven or twelve brand new players that come in fresh. They had no draft the draft started in nineteen, thirty six. By Bert Bell. He. He was matter of fact I was at a game when they played the when the Bert Bell in Detroit and we stood for his appetite in Nineteen fifty-six. I've been alliance Fan since nineteen fifty. So, anyway. So here they are these players are all one team from. Portsmouth. Half of them are down here we're going to Detroit, who am I going to play with? Yeah. Who but at the same time in Potsy, they gotta trust because Potsy was one that brought them into well because he did that what he was going. To Charles here's my aunts or my question on potsy. Recruit the how did he know these players because you know these were all collies from Man Policy was that's what we talking about the genius potsy. Clark in Nineteen thirty-one in one, thousand, nine, hundred, foot one week because he took over the Portsmouth spartans in Nineteen thirty-one, it was his first year he flipped he brought in nineteen new guys, nineteen thirty, the spartans were dreadful and they brought him potsy and thirty one he brought in nineteen new guys when he came to Detroit. When he came in one, thousand, thirty, four, it was the thing we said was nine of the guys were still with them when Detroit and it was like five of them were still there when they won the thirty five championship, right? So that's what I'm saying is that is that they've now this is another overhaul that we haven't even talked about really until I been recently talking to. You I didn't even know this is a this is a third overhaul from thirty years that one, thirty, two, thirty, three, thirty, four, three, five, five years. This is the third major team overhaul that we're talking about property. The first one when he first took over the team nine hundred new guys the second one when he comes in Detroit now, we're talking about y'all thirteen new guys how. Many guys got left behind fourteen dollars reports. But yeah. So that's thirteen guys that he's got to bring for that for the thirty four team and then going into into a thirty five, nine new guys, I mean this twenty five man roster. That's what I'm saying potsy knows what he's doing. Everybody kept his core stars in place. So it's common for the time though we're the channel overly. But it's a hell of a thing. Competitive overturning your roster constantly deal. So wh- I was at the reunion like Kushner took to the table and there was the three spartans when I talked to were personnel, ox Emerson and Ernie Cadel. Those free players were the only ones left that played in Portsmouth Yeah and but you were saying they were sitting at two different tables. There was like a click like the original game, the rate he was like the modern. Here, oh these guys they were there the new. Thirty YOU Eighty fifty years on those are the new guy is. The way it was. Click say eight. Krisher. Took me in and he wanted me he took the table to interview the Lions or the talk to him. But. There's real purpose was to get me to Table One to talk to the poorest players. Yeah. And two of those players played in the very first game one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, two world championship along Chicago, under the and just touch base viewers join us a little bit late Aid Kushner was the was the trainer of the Lions and he's the one that brought Tom, which is our guest your time your to. The the goal invite into the Golden Huddle which was the fiftieth anniversary of the Lions I championship and I just wanted you know I'm not sure if I told you this or not. But I met his eight coach's son Steven, and that's the photos that we have that we put up on the screen the one with with the chest Jamie. So he's got that the chest right there was abby Kushner alliance trainer. That is now on the NFL Hall of fame. is on I'm not sure it's on display yet, but he but Stephen Kushner that is Steven Kushner was an absolute champ for this. He he he gave me he was able because he had he had I met him like a week after he donated that trunk and all of his all the stuff from inside the trunk to the NFL Hall of fame, and so he but aid Kushner also had the unpublished archives. Unpublished like a story of his own. Elsa. So it was an unpublished recollections of aid Kushner. Amsoil he is a Kushner. A bunch of notes regarding the story of the season and so anyways. It was in that trunk so. His son Steven at just donated the trunk to the NFL Hall of fame okay, and I was like you know what was in it I wanna go see it. You don't week after I got. Worse in. So many ways won't say. So anyways, he says. In. So he goes, Oh, my father had some recollections in their Mike. That's the one thing. I want I want to read about a recollections because especially after talking to you in how he was like you know he was Abe Kushner is such a driving force for you to go to this the Golden Huddle In. So he was able to get from me a copy back in the hall of fame because I tried to call myself and they were like. We're you know we're too busy to dig into the find like just don't eat it a week ago and they're like we don't know really were added whatever. But those recollections. Fantastic. That's the picture of aid Christian Kushner at the reunion in. One thousand, nine, hundred, five. And I'll get get it. That's that's that's. This is a picture time just gave us a show and that's the that's the gold huddle. No. That was the Westland Mall that was at the West that worry golden huddle. Where I was invited to go to the Golden Huddle Yeah, there is. And he was. He was the nicest everyone meet. He did he did all of the ball that are in for the for the all he did for all the after the game talk about the center also that. He. Was the personal trainer for one year of Dutch. Clark. All right. Okay. He could be stories Dutch Clark who can't believe over the US or yes we want he died in nineteen eighty seven. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm just saying like I met Steve His son and his son was at absolutely fantastic help me get some of the information. Sounds Real Nice. and. So yeah. So like I actually used. Some of the stuff from his saw that photo that you saw with the trunk in the photo that you saw the show, me bring up the other photo to where he's taping up footer that is also from see up here, Tom the screener Yup we have it on the screen for those that are could see it. That's that's that's a that's a fantastic photo Sean. Abe Right. there. Up a just handed to Jamie the that's the Golden Huddle. That was who was there okay and event on notice if you notice at the bottom is a picture of Dutch Clark that was not in the original program but I wouldn't Arou- Detroit and they've found a the sport shops and I was lucky enough to find a sports car drain shot this of Dutch Clark has the next one I want to I wanNA make sure are we're going to have a bunch of pictures from all the people at the gold model but I I had now we know we know exactly how can actually go through and We'll have photos all these players. So yeah when we hear their voice, we'll be able to see their pitching. We have a photo, but this I've got some really great shot to. Bring that up. We want to show them. Yeah. So. All right. So yeah. We'll get. Diving. Players for the. Going to bring it up. There you go. That's a copy of. The bootleg. Up bringing down so you can see bringing you can see the names Oh yeah, and then so this Jamie schone right now, the names of all the players that read the Golden Huddle he'll. This is kind of next time. You want to throw some out there. We can take a screen shot and do it. So the fans at home can. there. Maybe. Forgive a city champions man we rocket old school. We make. Ghoul Channel Ten, fifty six. Oh. Yeah. The end camera for Bringing up the. Well Anyway. I was talking to the players and I sat down I didn't get much of a word in, but the players were telling me about their days at Portsmouth and the Transition Detroit. It was very cheerful because they. Were worried about the players left behind and it was only eleven teams in the NFL at that time and they were trying to see if they could latch on with another team and they worried about them they. They were it was a massive depression is they play football or they have with a? Rich Denison always said in the depression where they called it the empty player and the team just didn't want those players and they work and they just suburb never played again I. Yeah and that's that's another facet of this this amazing stories that it was such a difficult time. I in in America. I mean I. We have no clue know we've we lived through the seventies. There's a little bit of a special. Let me let me finish with the players. When they came to Detroit, they weren't. At all know we've talked about this. This show is said. You. Tell you a little bit of interjection just real. Quick, the Tigers were the team in Detroit and thirty four. They're trying to seize on the excitement of this new this the the the Detroit is going insane for the Tigers and so the lions are coming in and they're being billed as like, oh, we're like they. They can draw some enthusiasm from the Tigers in this idea, but basically worked against him because the Tigers were so were so popular that the lions couldn't even get a mention on page three, right? Well, they had to win a championship just even get a mention in the newspaper that's the level that they were so you. Listen to him talk. Then when they got the Detroit, they weren't really accepted. Christiansen for me, he woke up one morning and there was a sign on his front yard said, please go back to Portsmouth shed. That's. Because there was no. which went frank. They call it. They Call Little Chris, the little crisp he's the best on the. Crank calls and listening to this and and you know at the reunion but then I discovered I like to interject something I went to Portsmouth on my first trip was a man by the name of Bob Morton and he brought in some really some dedicated collectors that had the actual programs from the very first alliance in Nineteen thirty, four, oh. Nice, and would you believe it or not in the back of the page of the program was every player's name? where he lived and his telephone number only in the game program. So it wasn't just like a brief mention in a newspaper maybe somebody go oh, maybe we should have mentioned the address today's paper. No, it was like out for the whole season I wanna go knock on the door. I couldn't believe that, but then I related back. I'm thinking those players You know here's the first game nineteen, thirty, four, they had twelve thousand fans, and all they gotta do is flipping the bank that player head of bad year I'm going to go I will let him in his driveway. Yeah. It was a floating telephones. I couldn't believe it Yeah Okay we get Patricia's address about getting them. I got a case of toilet paper. They won't release these addresses. That's. Like crazy been called the lion since nineteen the. crazier. Use your man heartbreak isn't new. To defend my life heartbreak is not new you. Got Them and then the the lions. Alumni director at eight turn it over to his name was Bob James. Bob. James went out and talked to some of the table to table. One. My biggest regret was that I didn't get a chance to get Glenn, prisoner. Because he's my that's my. Now you're my tendency like I love Dutch I, love. I Love Ernie Cadel CADEL tough to pick those. I Love Amerson I. Love Tarzan. Christian but Glenn Press now is my guy that's my I'd have to say I'd probably have to say my favorite line. Course but they call him ninety nine, you know why? Because, he made the ninety Ninth Year of his birth he couldn't act was an. NFL Player. Yeah. That the not now the oldest Phil player now is a man by the name of Seis Auvers. He was in Houston one hundred and I knew the whole really but prior to his death point Glenn Press now was the now. Sisa is the oldest or the oldest nfl he's. At one point press now. He was ninety nine. When he did that article, he did an interview in the free press or whatever, and it was awesome and it's great article. So after I left the table number two, what I see and I sat with Judge Gerard Jim. Martin who were nineteen fifty, three world champions but during the ceremony Glenn personnel was not feeling well and he left. He actually picked out the colors of the Honolulu blue. On. The Fisher building up as Glenn Press, now was there to pick out the colors. And Dutch according to what the player said that He's he had all these uniforms on the Fisher building with wjr in the minute that he came to the top floor of the Fisher building, he should. That's your golden town. Working in ninety here's a little is We're they're our sister station is Jr. so I get the privilege of working in the Fisher building, which is itself is is it just a monument in? Detroit is just a piece of amazing piece of art and I love it to walk in the hallway because my my grandfather. And then my dad and his four sisters all worked. In, the Fisher building back in the fifties there was a club called the recess club of the and they were they were all there my one aunt she's ninety. Six, now, ninety to ninety, six something like that. She was a nun. She's a Dominican nun. She taught at Saint Pauls for fifty years and that she's back at. The Convent, Adrian but she was at the elevator operator. My Dad and one of his sisters work the coat check and the other girl was a cigarette. The other one was a cigarette girl. The recess club and my grandfather worked maintenance. So I just I love walking into the Fisher building because place just it's it it is what it was back. Then glorious I just love be a part of and that's why I love these stories. It just takes me back to just a little cooler time. You don't call letters were before they were wjr now or w CX vcx. Right and they were in conjunction with ww Jay Right? Right and it was the news building and went fruits for the free press. Okay and wjr started we're at WCHS started nineteen, twenty two. So, we're we're we now. I just want. We were talking about me enough so. I get a little bit. But. I just WANNA throw on a little the thing about Glenn Press. Now, Bob I. Love the Guy. Right. The Guy. We were talking a little bit in the last show but. Again this is Tom didn't maybe didn't hear the last show is like Glenn personnel like there's this like Dutch Clark was the star you know does Clark was the guy but but but press now was also the star. Press. Dutch left and thirty three press now was still there and he was he was he who became when dots left who liked it okay. Dutch has gone. So now he's not the number one scoring quarterback number one score in the NFL. Now Glenn Press now is. He's the guy. So it's really pressed. Now's team for that one year. But that's saying like the entire time like Dutch Clark was like this reluctant superstar like he's retiring every single year and they're going please. Dutch please come back to. Our team and give you all the money from the guys that we didn't pay to bring you back. It was like. That's which is probably the reason why they didn't bring half the guys because they were using that money to pay the Dutch they meet Dutch the highest paid player in the NFL what do you think that money came from the guy behind. Me Like please touch. We'll give you all the money we got. You know like Duchess, the guy, right, but press now. Press now was was was an elite athlete he was in elite star in his own right but does was just that like Napoleonic like an elite superstar player that just no matter you know no matter what press did dots was just the guy because sometimes we have that reluctant superstar people like Oh please God if you could just come back one more year and then there's coming back to lead them to the next great year you know like this is so press now was there through the thick and thin from the very beginning and he was there even basically before dodge. Because he was in the iron tanks was the iron tin tax anybody wants to do some real real NFL research start digging into the iron tanks. Shirt. We gotta get. Jamie. Assured with the. Scientist. Okay. So awesome seeing you want some real football. Let's talk about the iron tanks. Okay. Taken on this. This is a semi pro team or some of these guys aren't even paid at all right, and this is a team that plays they're playing these games against the this this is the time. This is this is I think it was nineteen, twenty, nine and nineteen thirty. This is before he came to Port with, of course, but iron since a very close team portion very close city. So. Here's press now playing for honored sin he's from you played at the University of Nebraska right plays for the University of Nebraska, which is like the. Football. Corn husker football territory s were football players. You know the bread basket of America Com from. Do you played for Nebraska? Repressed comes from and then he's playing for the iron tanks a semi pro team. He's a quarterback for that team it. He beats as a semi pro team. They're not even in the NFL the NFL existed at NFL been around for ten years that point and they're pointing to give the audience and tax are playing against the Chicago bears and the giants, and he beats I forget which one of them. I think it was the I, it was the giants and then they tied the bears i. think that's what Abba but he beat one of them. But. anyways impress Nell was their quarterback right and he's the only the only tanks quarterback and I think in intended original stands from their field just like in Portsmouth the original stadium, which is an absolute architectural masterpiece but but it all Urinson they still I believe they still have the original bleachers which were also a concrete bleachers still there mile. Somebody's GONNA crush I'M A. Know. I'm a total say Glenn press now like I mean, that's my which I got the screenplay Tom I. Tell you write the screenplay done for the movie yeah. To Yeah. Oh Yeah. You always Glenn Press now is one of my main characters, of course these. Guys smick. Yeah. Well, where he died though Iron Ten oh, did he really went back tires? Really wasn't born, but that is a football player man. That is so awesome. Ninety nine years with diagnose what a great name for it so. When you go to Is Short for iron town. A portion of people enforcement all talk about the. Tank. At some legendary. You. WanNa study some real football history go look up the irons tanks and there's not a lot about him. You're not gonNA, find all over the Internet. Honored to read about the tanks you gotta you gotTa go to summer. There's there's a lot of books on the early history of football and it's all like football and Ohio football like really the football and Ohio. There's forgot the exact name but there's a couple of three books that talk about football in its earliest days. In this books you know you're not gonNA find on the IT'd be might. Find some scraps information but the real you know you gotta go to the books to read about tin you know what I mean and it's like It's just a legendary. It really is like a legendary team press now. So that's what I'm saying when when policies about to take over this team would positive about the team in nineteen one and he's like Oh we need some you know we need. To rebuild the bringing nineteen new guys and they're like this team, an iron tens got this guy press now she got to bring him here you know and. He hits the hits, the Jackpot Dutch Clark, but he's got Dutch and Glenn Press now and that's what I'm saying I just I. Love. I. Love Pressman Law his his nickname is he's he's very famous in. Ohio there. I want this movie to make. Do you remember who? was part of your interviews with did you get some tape on him? No I told you that. He lifts early he had problem and also the the very next day. At at at the reunion he he lived. But also, I'd like to tell you at the reunion. We had a surprise. This is a great story. Yeah. Yeah. This is the idea. Is No. No. I'll. Jazz either fight it. No. This yeah. laxer no okay that's. Reunion was on Saturday. And the Lions played the next day at home. Okay. I'll give you some hints that team stayed in the hotel which I did not know it was the Miami Dolphins now who was the coach of the might is the lions. I in eighteen eighty, five because the titty open a steakhouse in that exact hotel. What was his name Don Shula? That's correct. Yes Ailton. there. We talked about earlier. We talked about it earlier wasn't there down Shula in the same hotel later. The restaurant I think play Coz. She'll say us in that restaurant later in that hotel later, do you know how Don Shula got into his professional career? He was a Detroit Oh my God. Okay. George George. Wilson Hired Don. Oh Don Shula was. Coat and. I'm. Surprised he was the surprise guest, and if you notice the mid the menu there yeah. That his name was not under he was a surprise guest came down. The speaker was speaking at the podium and everybody was in shock Don Shula took over. And he praised the lions among unbelievable what he said and he mentioned Portsmouth he mentioned Dutch Clark mentioned them all. So she'll gives the really the the signature address of the Golden Hall and nobody knew nobody nobody's ever heard this story you know what I mean. Nobody's heard the story this golden huddle where there's all these players come here. What was the whole? Where was it was at the Marietta Northfield Hilton Northfield Northfield Hilton is where the is where the event took place and You Got Don Shula talking at this thing who in one thousand, nine, hundred, five, I was that was Dan rea I think they went to the Super Bowl and eighty with Dan Marino was a that was damn renal rookie. Now eight hundred was the bears I'm sorry. Now Eighty played the Patriots but ears Marino. Time that Marino took Marino to the super bowl too. But he was already hall of fame coach by that point but he talks about Portsmouth that he looked at the at the players and he just he just. Was Thank the whole team, the Lions Organization for hiring them. Ironically on George Wilson, he was the last player to play without a helmet he grew up he was stayed in Dearborn on garrison. Street we had a store across the street and George Wilson used to come into the shop all the time in the fifties and talk about football and the champions. Yeah. I. Thought I'd bring it where how about where where is the Buddy Parker for the nineteen fifty coach of the nineteen fifties lines where he got his start. Nineteen thirty five lions here's a rookie on the thirty five bucks. Saying. So that's one of the things I talk about. You know I talked about whenever I get to talk with lions, fans and stuff like this. is about you know like people like all the lines are terrible lines failures whatever. Right. But if you look at some of these teams, right, you look at some of these teams, like Pittsburgh, like Chicago like the bears. the packers and even like the Vikings and that all of these teams have a certain like it's a continuity of of like a a a winning culture, a winning a winning culture, and it's like in a lot of times. It's like it's this continuity that carries on from decade to decade the Vikings. They've had this continuity since like the purple people eaters of the seventies they've been competitive ever since the packers they've had this continuity all the way back since the nineteen thirties right and it's like and then you've got the bears same thing this continuity this in in the lions. Began that continuity in the thirties they had. You know when the Lions I came in they were incredibly awesome. They're winning their first ten games. They didn't give up a point for seven straight games and then at thirty five, they win the whole damn thing. They beat the bears they beat the packers they run everybody building, and then the fifties you got buddy. Parker who's a one is a star in the one, thousand, nine, hundred, five championship game, and he comes and he becomes the coach of the Lions in the fifties and he brings that continuity in that continuity, they're awesome in the fifties. Championships in the fifties. They're one of the most they're one of the most toughest teams in the fifties and then that continuity. There's a there's a separation. You see them saying like there was a disconnect between that point in the way that really what it is now and I'm not saying, I'm not trying to say that I know everything about how or why that disconnect happen. But what I'm saying is is there is more to a team. There is more to team is more to a franchise than just like buying a bunch of players all this guy's this guy's good whatever like this it's about establishing like like like like say this. is about establishing the sense of continuity that that stretches over the course tapping into your legacy tapping into your legacy let me just say this the right maybe this is one of the things I'm trying to talk about why the importance of the nineteen thirty five season. Okay. One of the reasons why the story is important because you know what? You talked to any lions fan out there and anybody that's watching the show. Go Ask your local lions fan right. Go Ask your local lions fan. What was the first year that the Detroit Lions won their first champion what was the year that the lines won their first championship ninety nine percent of them will have no idea that it was nineteen thirty five right. So how does S A question to finish? Off this thought, how can you have continuity as a as an organization as a franchise or anything like this? If you don't even know the first championship of your team or where that team came from how they got here? What made them great what made them great in the nineteen fifties body parts of modern definitely took a few lessons from party Clark. We'll definitely took lessons Clark that's that continuity a continuity. In culture, for the entire families and I'm not trying to say talk bad about fans or whatever like Oh, you don't know about the thirty five season. So you're you know that's your. That's your problem. What I'm trying to say is what if this is the time right to to bring back the sense like I say this continuity of culture that stretches back from the earliest days alliance carry on through the. Fifty S and maybe at one point it was severed. But what if embracing this story? What if embracing like the the what made the lions great in the first place? Is like the whole just the basic concept of history is known where you came from in order to understand who you are right and that is the missing ingredient of what will take the lions to the next. Nfl Championship Tom You gave me. A little bit of you got him in that's not a little rain. Back give me something. So ruger. Just went on a rant. What I just gave. Comic people can people can see. Nice rant and I went to as a kid, I went to both of those games. Oh you have. The original. And I have the original things. But this was the cover of the of the fifty, seven hundred magazine, and that was the very first one that was fifty three. I'd just look that up talking about program yeah. When the nineteen thirty, two world championship game was played in Chicago. They had a fire on the eve of the game and the programs got burned scorched and a one or two survived and somebody paid ten thousand dollars for a scorched program. Enters two or three and I looked it up on the Internet. The program is offered at fifty thousand dollars. A copy of covers that were showing us. No that was the copy of either way. These things what we need to leave these Jamie, right because we can take some pictures of these and we can put them up so we don't have. We don't have to bootleg these things up in front of the camera like this we show. Pictures. There's a little shadow we can. Actually, make it look sharp on. You know what I mean. So you don't have to like you know like last seconds. So if you leave these especially coming back next week Tom sure come back. To you, this is all a type. Let's introduce ranch. microclimate grandchildren ran. He's been here the whole time we didn't even introduce them. Thank you yeah. While you're situated Charles I gotTa tell you when you go on your rants and I love your rants, I actually have to bring your microphone down because you get. So animated envoy, Stars. And everybody that knows me washing show. How knows it too and now randy? No. Yeah. I'm paying attention back here. My Friend I. Got You. I saw a may have solved the problem with the Lions. Every you'll this is this shows talked about showing Detroit rate. Every hold on a second I? GotTa Tommy's another bottle of water. Like some brand you're like, oh, come on. Give you. The I wanNA. Know by Iraq they're not. Cool you're behind the eight ball. I'm behind your right now. Let's say he's raining real quick and randy brought. Tom Mintier Randy just came where where did you find from Colorado, it is coming from Colorado was a welcome welcome randy. Actually but I do live local towns, my neighbor and I gotTa tell you. I've never met anybody that knows more about the history of lawyers in the city of Detroit. He's a walking legend. Yeah. Thank you. But Yeah we're. We're glad to have you. Glad you guys came into the studio. 'cause we were talking about maybe doing zoom thing or whatever, and we're really how long are you here for? Live here. So all your best. Okay. Now. I got you. Okay. By the way, his son has your book till a piece of an Ohio Andrew Yes. MOVED OUT TO COLORADO TOM bought him your book the city. And I tell them it's the conversation piece. Condo, it right there on the coffee table I appreciate that calms you want to know the greatest compliment that I've not seen that complement wasn't great because it was presents a coffee table to talk about book. It's great but you WanNa know the best compliment that I ever got with my book. This is like my second years selling books. This is back in two, thousand, hundred, ten something like that I don't remember what the second was. Around there. anyways. This person comes up to me and they say. They're like I've seen that book before I was selling books right and the person comes up to this table and go I've seen that book before and I'm like Oh. No, you know what it was. I was at a bar I was at a bar and I was showing somebody on my phone I think like, yeah, that's my book or no I gave my minibus because back then I had instead of a business card miniature version of book it was like a little stapled like five bowl name, and if anybody has many book like down the road I'm have to make these millions because hardly like my original business card miniature books anyways. So I gave somebody a miniature book at a Bar said, this is what I do. Right, and that in the person says. Oh my God I've seen this book right and they're thinking about it. They're like, where do I seen this book before and then he says it's in my friends bathroom. Right? He goes. It's in my friends bathroom. It's I've seen it on his toilets on the back of his toilet and he goes, and then all of a sudden he like goes oh I'm sorry she's like you know he was in lost in thought trying to remember where he had seen the book and then he was just being honest with ourselves and his friends toilet I go no. No, that's the greatest compliment I've ever been given. Absolutely. My book is a bathroom reader I'm like every I I guess one thing to be a coffee table book. End Up in, the world. Abdul. Anyway that's that's that's I think that's A Pulitzer Prize him see what he's telling me. That I don't know what else there's nothing else. There's no other boxes I gotTa Cross Golkar's don't need any of that. Charles Draws you program On and Jack Timms he was in the ring and Joe Louis. Joe That's Joe Louis. He couldn't read or write in forty. It's all. The story autograph is is beyond your imagination. Yeah. So he's got the Where'd you get? Where'd you get? Did you get those? Palestine No. Well, I got that when I was eight years old in nineteen, forty nine and then I met Louis at Caesar's palace and we talked about how we can bring back for Joe. Lewis we do that. Jamie? Lot any. Time. This is all. I'll make you copies ask. What want to bring it back for some I'm very proud of what a Lotta people have never seen here to get something. That's. Good soaping under cooperstown yeah. I did that. He had the football hall of fame out there and you have. Ever, seen as well. Baseball Hall of fame and was the. Nations. Another thing we wanNA bring Tom Back and I wish we would have brought you in your for when we 'cause we did like fourteen episodes this nineteen charlie guarantees. He will. I seventy last year t seventy. Is Wrong. Giving you guys both. been. Down, somewhere, what would many many? Man was. Right. One Heck of a player founder Bill Michigan But Tom's got. Bill Flash Yeah one of the things we want to talk things we want to bring in is Tom's interview with Charlie Ganger Always Interview Charlie freaking game I wanna I, WanNa we play I'd be honored if you let us play a little bit. Oh Okay. But. I'm saying like for like maybe when we're done with the Golden Huddle because I wanNA focus visit, we can revisit alliance never get the. Cycle, I can't wait to. Yeah Yeah. You have any idea I'm gonNA show you something that many people I did not know that. Around by the way Ron episode do do like gladiator movies. So bring it back episode. There was. The was episode's Avenue. Think. Winston Jewelers recorded started a basketball team. They were called Detroit Gyms Detroit. All right. This forty-six. De this great backed up to towns. The one that told me about this. Get up closer Gimme. GimMe the story. Here we are. The headphones off? We're still cooking on the air all kinds of crazy stuff. Town. On the nineteen, forty six. This jeweler started a basketball team called Detroit Gyms Played Olympia. They had a bad year though, okay they won four and lost forty-six. Company came a franchise came from Minneapolis and they wanted to buy the franchise to get into the national basketball. Team. From the Detroit gyms, they took him to Minneapolis and what did they call them? The Minneapolis. Lakers. The Lakers I get it. Right? Tom That's right. This is. Marie Apple Lewis Lakers. Come the LA LAKERS. Yes it did and that's the. They started here. So in Detroit Labor out of the city. Dearborn Michigan Yeah? But here's the question. Is that the the season that the that the gems had was so bad that it qualified the Minneapolis Lakers for the first overall draft pick. The guy that they got was Tom do you know Michael Jordan Mike in? Number one overall who at the time was like. So greatest basketball player that ever lived we're getting a little bit off the. So That's how George Mike La Choice turn the ball over to Minneapolis so that's The the Lakers just winning division. Jedi stop they've tied the Celtics. Won Seventeen world chips in the Lakers and the seventeenth. So it's yeah but. Gain, but because of the thousand dollars because of the. season. that. got. George George Mike and the original superstar right I superstar the NBA is so George Mike and when he played for the Minneapolis Lakers, then he went to the Los Angeles Lakers and it became like the I like La Lakers superstar. So that's how the Lakers are like you literally came from Detroit He's got to binders full of stuff and he just keeps pulling them out. Oh Okay on who in Wayne? That's Wayne Gretzky. Yeah. That's the only sports picture in history where the little kid beat the champion and goals. Only picture ever taken all remain the kid coming back. He was he was twelve years old there was the. Head the record we gotta show that viewers today not yeah. Yeah. It's a it's a copy of copy but Yeah. That famous picture of Gordian. When when Gretzky was like a eleven or twelve years old Who is your favorite player from the Lions? Who's your favorite player? I just wanted to mind Bobby Lane I had the Mind was Barry Sanders but we're talking about thirty five lions. Probably cushion. I mean not eight players because L. Cardiac say how dots it could have been a couple of favorites. I gotTa tell you a story. If you look at nineteen, thirty, four, Chuck Bernard all he's Oh yeah. We talked about them already I went to school I met his son Chuck Junior I went to school with his daughter okay. That's what Ford High School in there and his dad his dad came into Laurel Park the other day I was talking about Laura Parka so it. So night train lane was your favorite Meant. Balmy Lane. Musk's. Cop I mean I'm not talking about Bobby Lane I played football thirty five they call nitrogen lane is that was that he was six But that's the you said, that was your favorite lion no, no my two favorite lions were Walker and Bobby Lee. Matter of fact I had. Put. Bobby lean on one shoulder bed. Favorite players. What. Let me tell you. Can I also who's your favorite lines players? Like right now. Well. Berry. Is Up there number one for me. I. Period, Calvin Calvin Johnson Bennie. Blades well knows about Bennie blades out there. Let me go back. Let me go back to the thirty five game they played. What Kushner told me that the when he went into, see a mirror playing the giants it was a very cool. A matter of fact that the crowd that showed up at Titan stadium was fifteen thousand lowest crowd ever watch. was. A bad day. But HDD walked in and he knew Dutch Clark personally and he knew eight pusher, he will mall the main concern was they want that broadcasts to get back to Portsmouth on the championship game there was only one radio station in Portsmouth was WPA Massey question question. Have you ever seen the nineteen thirty, five lions play I'm but I know I know I'm not saying person. I'M NOT GONNA say you're eight years old but the season was thirty-five. That was what ninety eighty five years ago. That was before your time. I know you weren't there to watch them play live. I know that I'm not have you seen the video I'm not a math. He's a time traveler. Where's the KB rolled up in a delorean man that math genius but I know at one did not. Who will remember you know? What I'm saying is. Is that since nineteen thirty five, right, there's been people have archived nine hundred, thirty five lions footage since that time. There's some great stuff. I have. Have you seen first of all I? Say this. The thousand nine hundred eighty three Portsmouth spartans the nine hundred thirty one Portsmouth Spartans potsy Clark wearing a leather jacket or some cool stuff nineteen thirty five NFL championship Game One, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six lions with the banner of the nineteen thirty five world champions forced. We've showed all this far on this show. Yeah. All right. So what I'm saying is your Tom is. Whether, it's on the next show or whether it's prior to the show Randy, maybe you can set up some of the stuff. But what I'm saying is this is that you may have not known, and this is a excellent wanting for like an honest reaction. I got look at Tom's face. That's what I'm looking for a now is that Tom? When you leave here tonight, maybe this is like a special guest a special prize. So to speak you go home tonight between now and the next show you I'm going to show you how you can see as much Detroit, lions, Portsmouth Spartans, footage of these players as you can want everyone to watch. The militants. There is so much footage out there and it has been collected on the Internet. I'm going to show you how to watch it, and then next week when you come back, I, want to know what your thoughts are because. What I saw it, it was almost like a tear being shed actually watching these players in person. Let me tell you something that the players that nobody ever knew nate Kushner. We're going to wrap it with this. What is it? Come on what is little. Championship game in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five, the course with players put little peas under their jerseys. Yeah. Remember Portsmouth. Yeah. To remember the players left behind. Yeah, I'll. Wow. Their hearts. Were in Portsmouth. Their mind was on the field. Sharon. Yeah. That's that's why I'm so glad you came in Tom Thank you so much. Because we're bringing into we're talking about the lions and city champions season but Thomas like bringing us back Oh. Heck. Reminded that these players came from Portsmouth and this was A. The transition from Portsmouth each. That's your clorox Spartan we're close getting there. But that transition, it was not easy and it certainly to this day is is something that's remembered by Portsmouth and remembered as something that was like it was kind of trauma attic for them to lose their NFL. You're bringing us back to that point. Also. Portsmith is still an NFL team because Art Rooney when I talked to him, he mentioned Portsmouth and so did George Yeah they got the stadium ready to go if I was running the lines. Let me just say this right. My Secondary Project I'm trying to do with the Tigers whatever. But gimme a chance down the road a maverick a chance to lions ever look for some advice for me. Right Ryan's. I'm GonNa tell them. Take to play a game in Portsmouth. Let's go back to your roots. Here's the thing the stadium might only hold like what do you think holds five thousand but they could hold will be gone. But how how freaking cool. How how often how cool would it be to have an NFL game in the original Original Thousand Nine Hundred Thirties stadium. That is imperfect condition how frigging would that be? Even though it was like an exhibition. Sure Right. It would be the coolest thing it'd be like it'd be like field of dreams. It we got we got ought to pull the plug on it though. So we'll be. com. There's just there's no ads serviceman. Thank top. Thanks so much for for being here. Sherri welcome just. Looking forward to more follow this thirty five, I was under an Thompson. On. Man All right. If you're listening if you haven't subscribed already, please subscribe put a like leave it common. All of it helps and we appreciate each and everybody it is Detroit city of champions the podcast we'll see you next time.

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