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"chua wei" Discussed on WXYT CBS Sports Radio 1270

"Radio host. They said, OK, you don't want to do this, and if you get out of here in person, there's one thing to hang up on someone on the phone, exactly touch and rich. I also remember they want, said Rick Pitino on And they were only told five minutes And whenever you told five minutes that's why even do the interview, But Rick Pitino big name. You know, Boston area with the failure with the Celtics. It means something, I guess. So instead of doing five minutes of plug whatever. I think it was a book at the time and then asking impossible question or do they just go? Hey, Rick Pitino. You stink. You ruin the Celtics and hung up on him. Some people like that Some people did not. That's what happens when you can't get away with in person. I've never imagine that scenario. But imagine if you had to Chua Wei, a guest on radio row, and like their PR team, it would be so offerings here on the desk. You get rid of them. It's an awkward interview, but you're still live on segment. Get them now get from the microphones we had. Ah! We're supposed to. It was a bigger name running back this year. And I was under for net. It wasn't his fault, but his PR person We're so late in coming, but we have the miracle. What? We can't do it. You're late. We booked up all day and the guy goes on. This is your fault hung up the phone. And how's it my fault? You're 30 minutes late. And then later on the day they brought someone else on and the guy was all I apologized level Block was given the wrong information above above above bold bleep. Let's get to an update. We'll talk about Gregg Popovich when re return. Is Gregg Popovich going to the Brooklyn Nets? Well, I'll give you my thoughts. First up the place to be a sports radio update here, Zack. Sports flash of the six years off season started yesterday with.

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