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Iconic Theaters in California to Close Over Pandemic Losses

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01:53 min | 2 years ago

Iconic Theaters in California to Close Over Pandemic Losses

"The pandemic has cost us a lot, but the hope that someday post vaccine we would return to our favorite places that hope has carried us through the hardest parts of these last 13 months. Well. News came this week that the iconic Arclight cinema and 58 year old Cinerama Dome in Hollywood would not be reopening post pandemic. In fact, the owners of ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theater said none of their locations would be reopening. Post Cove it. That's right. No more ArcLight caramel corn or movie pore size glasses of wine. Joining me to remember these theaters, particularly the iconic Hollywood location is Christy Lemire. She writes for Roger ebert dot com and Who hosts the podcast breakfast all day, and she's our regular one of our regular and most beloved film critics on Fridays. Hi, Christie. Hello, my friend. What a sad day it is. I know, And we have all spent so many glorious hours at the arc lights, especially the one in Hollywood. Talk about many, and yeah, from your perspective. So it's funny when you're a film critic, especially if you're a freelancer like so many of us are like you don't have an office, right? You watch movies at your house or you right at your house, and so going to the Arc light on a Monday night to see a big studio release, and all your fellow critics were there, and there's a buzz in the audience as people who love film You know, it's It's like going to your favorite office but also your favorite watering hole and there's such a great energy the minute you walked into that lobby with just the job. Soaring feelings and the huge marquee with all the times and the big clock, and you felt like you were walking into a cathedral of swords. And yet there's also a very intimate sense of community because you could go and have a bye deep beforehand or have a glass of wine afterward and talking about what you have just seen

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