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"christopher rocco john c" Discussed on The Worldshapers

"Welcome to another episode of the world. Shapers the podcast where i talk to other sides fiction fantasy authors about the creative process i m myself and author of science fiction fantasy. My name is edward. Well it and a couple of things. I want to mention right off the bat. I've been pushing for a wild out back that there is an anthology out that features a first year guests at his podcast which is a fairly amazing group of authors People like Tenure huffman john skull z. And sean maguire joe haldeman many others that anthologies called shapers of worlds. It's out to now in e book everywhere The trade paperback is also a boulder that you might have to order it from your favorite bookstore. But they should be able to order it in or you can get a directly from shadow. Pop press shot oppressed dot. Com is the website that's my own publishing company in. That's the company. I put Shape world's out through after. I successfully kick started it Earlier this year I mentioned some authors. I guess i should really mention everybody so it looks like this. There's new fiction from as i said sean. Maguire ten yohaf david weber junior. Dj butler christopher. Rocco john c right me and shelia dina. And they're also stories. Reprints by. John scarsi as i mentioned david grin. Joe haldeman judy issur nato fondly doctor charles e gannon gareth l powell derek couscous and faure dire again. That's called shapers of world. You can find it on amazon or wherever you like to buy. Books order it directly or download it directly e book format from shadow press said dot com couple of other things to mention China press has also put out three other recent books of mine. There's a why fantasy epic. Why fantasy called blue fire. That one's written a under my student m. e. c. blake at uc blake is best known for having guests toasted. His podcast interviewed that he interviewed me and he also wrote the masks of agreement trilogy for dob books. So that's out now. Blue fire if you want to look for that to either online at your favourite again. E bookstore or through shat upon press said dot com. I also just re released to space opera novels Which collectively are called peregrine rising. They were originally published by abundant press. Mentor and press gone now savvy and so the right. She voted to me. I could out new e book editions. right to know is the first one. The second one is called falcons zagged. The setup is generation ship arrives at a planet and discovers that It's already inhabited so it's kind of first contact with the difference. I don't want to give too much away and in the second book follows up from the first book. So that's a right. To know in falcons egg you can find him everywhere. Or as i said. Get them directly from la presse dot com and then my other book of course is the moon it world. That's book three of my world. Shaper series published by da books It's about a woman who discovers she shaped the world. She was living in. She thought it was the only girl there was it..

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