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"christopher miocene tracy" Discussed on They Walk Among Us

"Christopher Michael tell the court the wall in the smoking area of the skinny dog. He I saw Tracy Woodford during his testimony. He made no mention of how intoxicated she was towards with the initial county gave police in now claim that he asked her to come back to his flat and Tracy said, yes, the also claimed that they kissed while on the way back to his home. He stated they had six both smoked to cigarette and fell asleep. My testified that he was woken a few hours later. Bye, Tracy going through his wallet the too then started fighting my said, she came at me flailing with Rome's try to defend myself, boy stopping her got hold of her hands and push the white with my hands. She called me fucking prick unless controlled the don't remember, then next thing, I know she was on the floor dead. Couldn't believe she was actually dead. Just sat on the couch in had a cigarette. Is the sun rose and taking inspiration from a television show. He had seen Christopher may began to dismember Tracy would foot buddy he was physically sick during the attempt. Christopher was asked how he felt when the police arrived. We said, it was a mixed feeling relief or suppose. Speaking about how he felt he said, I'm disgusted with myself account apologize for it accounts for forgiveness canoy prosecuting Roger Thomas QC cross examined Christopher may announced him. The you have any regard over Morse. Did you feel sorry for the victim? The defendant noted saying he did. But Roger Thomas QC quickly replied didn't stop dismembering her. Night was asked by the prosecutor why he cut Tracy would for fingers off. And he said a thought it would stop DNA. There would be no fingerprints. Christopher may went on to say was plainly apparent that? Tracy came back with him over Roan volition Roja Thomas exclaimed that night was manipulating the facts before stating you would denigrate that dead woman in any way, you could to save your own skin. Closing statement. Roger Thomas QC prosecuting claim that the defense's argument of self defense was a pack of lies an addressing the defendant directly. He said you have sex with a woman, it's not to cut a Rupp. And then sometime during that period, you decide now is a good time to watch a little bit of porn facing. The jury. Roger Thomas continued. We submit the exactions were committed by defendants so determined so cold blooded, the T can strangler woman. He barely knows the death dismembered. Her left her remains in the bathroom cutoff fingers and carries on the Bolivia's. Malcolm, Bishop QC who had been defending Christopher may throughout the trial explained to the jury the Tracy Woodford was having a good time on the noise. She died and went back to maced flat willingly USA proclaimed. It was only in a moment of blind panic. The defendant lashed out to defend himself. Now can Bishop stated non wishes to be unkind disrespectful to the deceased. Can there be any doubt? She was extremely drunk, and she was refused alcohol by three public houses. There's no criticism of Tracy as a result of that. But her intoxication is important into ways we saw her full over a number of times this may well account for some of the bruises on her body, not all of them. The second reason we suggest is this when Tracy went from public house to public house that gives us an insight into her life and state of mind, we remember the evidence of Rebecca Williams the bombing. She agreed Tracy seem to nervous lonely and fragile spirits lifted when she joined the trio that was banter laughter counsel for the defence than detailed. What he believed happened when Tracy Woodford went to Christopher Mesa home. He said that listen to music at a drink at consensual sex went to bed and things went horribly wrong. Malcolm Bishop told the jury to Christopher miocene Tracy stealing from him an argument to -rupt it in which she made disparaging remark about one of my children. He said he touched a raw nerve when she might. That's how burst may lose control puts pressure on her neck and she dies. What happens afterwards can be explained by blind panic.

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