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"christopher nolan drab" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"I'm upset that we missed that gossip. No, no. Get back in the days we were. We knew everything in 2000. For Julia. We had to work so much harder for you because we had to drive to Shen Ders to get our magazines. There was no no, I don't want it was barely. There were no sites. Yeah. I mean, seriously, because press Hilton was, like, 1000 invite vast subside or six me? Yeah, Yeah, Something like that. By the way yesterday you guys were talking about Variety, You know, pairs together actors who've worked together like today It was Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. Oh, yeah. And yesterday it was an Hathaway. And who? Jackman and Anne Hathaway name drop. Christopher Nolan says. Oh, he doesn't allowed chairs on the set of a very long conversation about his control on the set. Yeah. So and she worked with them on two films, but he just he said, I work. She doesn't allow chairs if their chairs people are sitting than the networking, he had no idea how starved we are in the gossip department that everyone picked this up. That headline made everything T M Z to the New York Post across the pond is Yeah. I mean, your gossip star A and the so there is so much discussion and got so bad that Christopher Nolan Drab went Tio Indy way or basically just say that Anne Hathaway is made of lies, he said. For the record Oh, I know she was in dark Knight rises an interstellar for the record. The rep says the only thing The only things banned from Christopher Nolan sets our cellphones and smoking. And this is his actual Pierre person. The chairs and was referring to are the director's chairs clustered around the video monitor allocated on the basis of hierarchy, not physical need. Chris chooses not to use his butt has never banned cheers from the set, cast and crew consent wherever and whenever they need and frequently, D'oh. Ah, I got a little sensitive about that. Or anybody sensitive, everybody. I can't believe this story blew up to them like a PR person had sounding the chairs on. Make him sound like you was just this really horrible. I mean, who makes people show up for work for 16 hours day without getting them somewhere to sit down? It does. It does sound bad, okay, but the way Nolan's wrapped rushed out, it's vicious. Hathaway, and she made those two movies have never even heard of fail. What would she say that though? All I can see two probably told her. Don't sit down these, you know, but didn't bother saying these chairs aren't for you, But just don't. You can't sit down. I don't know. I have no reason to think she's a pack of light is that she's back, I said. According to him, Chairs are for sitting, and when people sit down, they're not working. That's why he didn't want them. Well, listen, I just say it's very suspicious that the chair conspiracy could be a three hour Christopher Nolan movie. The chairs for seven time in the director's chair, collapsing in on itself in the story could be told backwards. This reminds me Of when we were sitting in director's chairs, watching the filming of the Sex and the City episode that are nipple enhancer supper, and we were invited to sit in those dress. Yes, we were, and I know the manager, the director when he said, and that And action. You compliment. What did I say? You go. You do action really? Well last week we got to go. It's time for the dirt alert. It will be in a moment. My talk 1071 Hurry and Julia here for Hazelden. Betty Ford, Okay? Every day seems to be more and more interesting right now..

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