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"christopher husted" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"Seve Mason can't make any decisions. He couldn't decide when to come out as gay. He couldn't decide when to let his hair go gray just this week. He canceled his grub order twice in the same night. He can't even decide what to have for dinner. When the pressure is on do you really want? Steve mason. Making the important decisions. Whenever underestimate nice to. Paid for by the morning show superpac with John Ireland. Okay. So I, you know, the sad thing about those to attack ads everything in each one of them one hundred percent through all of it. All okay. So. Go ahead. Greg ESPN, Los Angeles. Just put out the first of two the actual ad Mason's. Added is now on ESPN, Los Angeles. Okay. Here's a full on pictures of John Ireland whole thing your forehead everything. Okay. So there's and their John's will be up shortly. Wait a minute. That's a disadvantage to me. If mine goes up later. How many people do you take work here? Okay. So let's get into the morning show with thirty people. Right. Yeah. I was going to say. By the way, Christopher Husted. Excellent. Sound like authentic so fast chat. We'll just jump into for a little behind. All right. Let me start with this. I was reading an article on the plane the other day about run Shelton. And did you? I didn't know this bull. Durham was the first sports movie. He's ever directed. The guy. The guy went onto me white men. Can't jump in and top ten right? And all these Cobb, all these great sports stories. Yeah. Bull Durham, which might be the best one. He's ever done was the very first one. He did. I was thinking let's say you can only watch one baseball movie for the rest of your life. It can.

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