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"christopher davis mont" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"Overwhelming figures released late Friday afternoon show, a record one point five million New Yorkers cast ballots in the primary election. I think I received more votes in the democratic primary than any governor in history. And it was all across the state was all age groups was all demographics too. I think it was very loud and clear and powerful statement KOMO will now face off in November against Republican Mark Molinaro. Who's the duchess county executive Molinaro says he hopes to shed light on the corruption. He says is taking place in Albany progress is being reported in the fight against blood cancer. Doctor Gwen Nichols. With the leukemia and lymphoma society says there's promise in something called cartesian therapy. This is genetic engineering a therapy where you use your own immune system. The patient's own immune system to help fight their tumor cells. Blood cancers include leukemia lymphoma in my Loma doctor Nichols, says some blood cancers are being cured now. And hopefully more will be soon. You can learn more at L L S dot org. The state police collision reconstruction unit. Nobody county sheriff's are investigating a fatal car crash Thursday night in the town of Knox Albany county. Sheriff Craig apple says a vehicle driven by twenty two year old Christopher Davis Mont was traveling at a high rate of speed. I'm BB road around eleven thirty pm the car left the roadway. It knocks Gallup Ville road and struck several trees bursting into flames. Neighbors were able to remove a passenger identified as Twenty-three-year-old Taylor VJ of Albany. He was transported to Albany med. They were able to rescue Davis due to the fire, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. Wanted to spruce trees to spruce up the capital in Albany for the Christmas holiday season state office of general services. Putting out the word the tree should be between thirty five and fifty five feet tall. The trees will be removed by the state in November at no cost to property owners. Want ruby displayed at east capitol park. The other tree will be placed on the south side of the capitol on the Empire State plaza. Jim gangway already NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one W G Y Kelly Clarkson is headlining an arena tour for the first time in three years. The original American idol winner announced today that she will be kicking off her meaning of life tore in January in Oakland, the Toro make twenty eight stops and lasts a little over two months country star Kelsey Ballerini in the voice winner Bryn cartel e will trade on and off opening for Clarkson on tour. WGN news time is nine. Oh five. Now. WGN sports was.

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