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"christine pelosi mike" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM


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"christine pelosi mike" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Goodness Christine Pelosi was blocked me on Twitter by the way yeah we we've actually spoken a couple times but I don't remember when she blocked me but I for the record I sleep fine I sleep just fine she is gross here's what happened senator rand Paul has grown a virus and people are upset was sent around Paul because he was in a around members of the Senate when he took the test he was a symptomatic I believe he still is and and then learned he had a coronavirus sentiment Romney is quarantined and saying since center Ronnie sat next to senator Paul for extended periods in recent days consistently CDC guidelines the attending physicians ordered him to immediately sell quarantine and not to vote on the Senate floor he has no symptoms but will be tested here does members pass relief package as quickly as possible that provides assistance for families workers and small businesses and according to a palm in Paul Kane who is a Washington post congressional reporter Romney told us the other day is biggest personal concern was not getting that this because his wife has MS now we can't see her for almost two weeks I can see my wife I'd also be very very upset enter Christine Pelosi who says of rand Paul quotes rand Paul's neighbor was right my god now rand Paul's neighbor is the guy who attacked rand Paul gold rand Paul broke his rib cost rand Paul part of his long and here is Christine Pelosi Mike thought he deserve that it's trash it won't be mad at rand Paul and I don't even know if you can be this is pure trash to the trash one what you want you are defender but she's just picking up his trash she is trash.

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