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"christine agata" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Any starts turning into a where please report any in holes all in there come the teeth and the nails and I'm watching this I don't know when the movie came out that's probably spread I got a look at the eighties it was it was like I said eighty one so I me on land this movie who did the the thriller I'm gonna guess I was seven years old seven years old sounds about right and I remember watching that I'm not supposed to be watching it and it scared me for years I thought there was a werewolf under my bed I I literally thought there's where we'll under my bed every night for like five that movie scared me I was talking to Monica let's from earlier today our our legal expert and not about legal stuff we're talking about movies and she said that is your same one movie that terrifies her and it's interesting Christine Agata who is the the beautiful British woman the English woman who played the nurse I met her when I lived in England and really says people fresh famous you see is just as worldwide the people know her from that movie even though she was super famous for all of these things I loved that movie and the park where the **** where wolf comes through the thing when she opens up terrifying yeah but the scene with Rick that Rick Baker put together with David Naughton words hand grows gala you feel the visceral feeling of his pain you saw him you saw his arch his back arch in like the most awful way and I'm watching this in as a kid and I'm like no wonder they didn't want me to see this so on this list of movies that traumatized she was a kid and now you still can't watch it the shining silence of the lambs I never do anything for me that's just a creepy movie desolation was the thing in there that jaws is on this list which is of course the greatest of all movies poltergeist.

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