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"christina ko" Discussed on Digiday Podcast

"New business line? We have, and we've been excited about it. We've seen some really strong indicators as it becomes as it relates to revenue for home and texture. Obviously, listen, we're three weeks in, we're building, but the enthusiasm around this brand, I can not tell you from emails I receive, post I get on social, I know our CEO, Morgan de Bon has been inundated with kudos and excitement from customers as well as other brands excited about what we're doing in this space. And yeah, I think only greater things to come with this brand. Because again, we're the only ones that are in this space from a home in texture perspective. When I'm talking about that brand, we're the only ones in home design decor, dedicated to black and multicultural millennials. We're going to take a quick break to hear from our sponsor and we'll be right back. I'm Christina ko, senior editor at custom. Digiti medias in-house agency. In this podcast interstitial story, sponsored by mountain, we speak with Alexa Gujarat, the company's product marketing manager about how marketers are segmenting audiences and making the most of their retargeting strategies across CTV. A retail brand could really take advantage of something like a loyalty segment and kind of combining that audience with a specific creative. So maybe you're giving a royalty shop or some sort of special promotion or discount in your making sure that that's tailored to that specific audience segment by then hitting them with that kind of timely creative. Once marketers take advantage of specific audience segments, they need to ensure they can scale that audience and continue to drive strong performance across CTV. With this, the key Alexa says is to look for provider with high CRM match rates and the ability to scale first party audience segments. Another crucial consideration is keeping CRM data fresh to help drive better performance. Those who under invest in prospecting will find their performance diminishes over the long run. As Alexa said, today's prospecting feeds tomorrow's retargeting. I think what's really the most important for creative for retargeting is really that call to action that you're going to put at the end and making sure that that kind of like end tagline really aligns with that audience. So maybe you would switch out that call to action to really apply to someone who's already purchased before, some sort of like I said, some sort of maybe you put a promotion at the end of that call to action, come back in. Make another purchase with us, right? And you'll get X percent off things like that. I think it's really just more so that call to action at the end that really makes the biggest difference for creative on retargeting campaigns. And then additionally, do I just think it's what we do at mountain is, we'll serve that experience on CTV, but then we'll also follow up on other devices to really immerse that user across kind of every single channel that they would be kind of utilizing on a day to today basis and that's where you can then hit them maybe on those other channels with maybe some products that they would look at before and things like that to really kind of grab their attention and get them back to your site. You've been listening to Alexa gooch off. Product marketing manager at mountain. Our sponsor on this episode. And now back to the digital podcast. To your point about travel as well. That's been such a growth category. And I know from an advertising standpoint, it's been very big, but people are planning trips again, like people really want to be traveling and I think it's interesting how you're approaching both home interiors and also travel with the commerce lens because when I talk to other publishers, it's like those two categories are almost on opposite ends, right? It's like people are trying to make their home more comfortable and people still work from home to certain degree and people just bought their new houses in this last wave of real estate boom and so there's still that focus on home, but there's a large focus on getting out into the world again and traveling and it's an interesting approach kind of taking both of those brands and bringing commerce into the mix. Can you talk a little bit more about the travel side of it too and what opportunities you see there? Is it mostly through partners through booking dot com or some of those kind of networks for traveling that you see the opportunity there? Or is it more like the luggage space, curious how you're kind of approaching commerce for a travel brand? Yeah, so for travel noir, we are exploring things like luggage, things to pack, how to pack for your trip, but also when we're talking about this audience again, black and multicultural millennials, they want to go to destinations where they can be themselves. There are themselves and feel welcome. Also, from a travel perspective to your point, yes, people love being at home, but also they want to have these experiences where they feel like immersed in these destinations, right? Nobody wants what every other tourist is doing. And that's why we say with travel noir. Nobody wants to feel like a tourist when they're traveling. They want to feel embedded into the community in the culture. And that's some of the content that we're delivering to our audience with travel noir, as well as things like trips. Hey, these are the destinations that are hidden gems for travel, right? There may be destinations that you never thought about going, that you absolutely should explore. And then their destinations, maybe you're talking about where I live in Orlando, that yes, it's the theme park capital of the world, but there's so much other stuff to do. Trust me, I know, because everybody thinks I live at the theme parks, I do not. Orlando has a booming downtown. So we want to serve up those deals and offers those unique experiences, those stays, as well as some of those excursions that you experience in these destinations. And then again, the nitty Gritty, which you need to pack, which you need to take, those trending digital items to bring with you when you go on vacation. So we are covering it. But it's definitely interesting, yes. I would say when you're talking about home decor and travel, they're on opposite ends of the spectrum, but listen, people who own homes still want to get out and get away and travel. So we feel like it's a really great mix. Yeah, absolutely. And again, I feel like I hear both of those categories or just doing really well for publishers, holistically. So they are. So I'm also curious, I know, in covering commerce of the past couple of years, like newsletters have been really critical and driving conversions. Curious if which other, I guess, content types or platforms are coming into play when you're launching a commerce business, is a newsletter, something that you're leaning into is, I guess, along with social a brand kind of awareness play as well, would love to kind of hear more about the broader home and texture product mix. Yeah, that's a great question. Actually, with home in texture, we double down on newsletters and we leaned into our existing brands under blavity. So other brands like Afro tech, blavity news, we actually promote it kind of a coming soon of homeless texture to engage that audience because we know it's similar like minded people because blavity is all about black and multicultural millennials. And so that was a huge email acquisition effort for us where we did see a lot of acquisitions as a result. We actually have currently a survey up at home in Texas dot com, black splash, excuse me, backslash. I'm thinking about home. Home section dot com backslash quiz where you can sign up for our newsletters. And before you do that, you can take this really fun design quiz to find out what type of design type you have, whether again, your contemporary, your more bohemian, your more modern, and you'll be served up newsletters that include things like tiny home communities, things about the best way to kind of decorate an empty space in your home, things around even coming up over the next couple of months with spring cleaning and redoing your yard or curb appeal. So we're going to be definitely delivering up content because newsletter is king also, right? It may not wear The Crown, but maybe it's kind of like the belts or the bedazzled jewel on the content piece, but email has been one of a big drivers for us holistically with blavity for our O and os, but definitely as we've launched home in texture. We've leaned into our other brands to promote this new exciting brand from a commerce perspective.

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