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"christina flowers" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

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"christina flowers" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"Emphasis on local and seasonal plant materials the end result is a unique and earthy and refined aesthetic hailing from Ohio. Julie I fell in love with nature plants and all things garden related when exploring her family's ten Acre property as a child this low of the outdoors stuck with her as she went on to pursue a bachelor of Science Ryan Landscape Horticulture from Ohio State University where she was able to study horticulture and garden design as well as explore some of the finest English del Guards abroad Admires Co- college in England Julie has an impressive career in horticulture and public gardens including since two thousand and eight serving his education program sure at blyth walled in Rhode Island where she is continually inspired by the history the people who live there and of course the abundant guards Julie has expanded blyth walds occasional offerings which is how I first met her five years ago as a speaker and workshop leader their Life Walt has played a huge role in her own family as she is now able to experience the circle of sharing her and her husband Dan's love of nature with their adorable clever curious and fun loving sons Jack and Owen. Let's jump right in and chilly Christina of Christina far well Jason Continue Our fifty states of sloth our theories and were visiting Rhode Island and I'm delighted to introduce my friend Julia Julia Christina Hi Julie Hello I'm Deborah I'm great and it's good to reconnect Julie. Christina is the owner of Christina Flowers based in Bristol Rhode Island that's really the Newport area right that's correct yes well we were reminiscing and and the exciting thing is that we met five years ago when Julie invited me to come teach at a beautiful state garden I don't know how do you describe life walled sure well part of my training was actually an horticulture and I studied in some of the gardens in England and when I found boy called it was the closest thing that it could compare to those fabulous gardens days that we all know and love in England so it really is as beautiful as thirty leaguers gardens grounds and I got a lot of my inspiration for garden design right from the garden itself so right and when you asked me to come out and teach we had a couple of funny events we had a like a luncheon lecture and then we also had a he just signed workshop that was it was about this time I think Julie because yes coming up in November we again we were forging and harvesting full foliage is from the landscapers and dried hydrangea as well as fresh cut flowers oh it was great it was amazing and I I just wanted to share funny how come full circle because I wanted to share what slow flower wasn't here I am you know sharing with you Oh you know your network and so it's a huge honour and I think I remember telling you at that time that I was just thinking about diving into the aspect of this and you know here we are today so right well I I remember you're joking when you said remember that drive we have like racing to the for you to drop a bus like get back to the airport in Boston or something but I do remember vividly talking about your your kind of rain coming of how you would be able to stay in your role at lights world and you're in adult education isn't that right that's so I organize all of our horticultural program thing in all the Oh wow that we have here at life little so everything you know it really connects because I do teach classes right here as well them arranging or it's other topics that we bring in speakers such as yourself and Um that's how a lot of people sort of hear about what I do and yeah but at the time didn't launch your actual floral design business right no I think like a lot of people you're waiting for that perfect time or I had this dream you know I'm from Ohio and I grew up content acres and then I thought if I get that plot of land that'll be the time but they really had to sit there and think how can I make my own you know lifestyle I work at this garden and my husband works at garden you know that's kind of special in itself how can we make that our thing it's really flowers from the garden and fired by the garden and it's not even really I like to garden to face rather than necessarily even farm to base because it's you know it really opens up to a lot of interesting flowers and unusual flowers and foliage is and just the in that garden feel that I love that really inspired my you know welfare floral nine in the first place I think that is a really unique distinction to about horticulture inspired designed garden spire design it is a little bit it's definitely what drew me in and I feel like it's the little bit of the weight of people different shape themselves because you're not just going with standard available commercially produce flowers although I'm sure use them well those two but it's the way you infuse it right absolutely and I think Rhode Island is really exceptional in this department I mean we have the people who are growing flowers in Rhode Island are growing incredible flowers that you would see in a garden and places like the floral reserve are just these beautifully curated environments where you find things that truly inspire in the same way that the garden doesn't mean you can find some really Optional you know flowers and textures and foliage is that you know it's just it's a different than what you are used to being a traditional flower market I mean really exciting yeah for such a tiny state there's so much agriculture it's really it's it's really impressed me being from the West Coast I think the first visit I had to Rhode Island to really plug into floral is when I visited polly and Mike Hutchinson Robin Paulo and they were like seriously one of the very few I guess on this podcast and that was yeah before he I met you and then he was part of your lower workshop I think so I think I think we actually source flowers from that Farm Nash And then of course we've had a a Mary Kay contain of the local bouquet and now we're gonNA add another voice of from Rhode Island and have you on so I'm I'm really glad a huge honor and I do realize that there are so many people you know who I've made a point to not so get to know and I've taken classes with a lot of the fellow designers in Rhode Island and you know I have respect for everyone in what they do and it's a big wedding industry and no I really have felt welcomed by most people and it's really beautiful thing too to have this little community yeah it really does feel like that so let's talk about Christina Flowers you actually kind of watched the business like once in about two or three ago and sort of formalizing what you are doing yeah it was two years ago Christina Flour Company because I have a good friend who it she did she coordinated wedding so she was a wedding coordinator and another great friend who had a she was target offer and so they said okay it's time you know you this child shoot and it turned out fabulous and all these people picked it up and we're promoting it and I was like I don't even have a business yet I only know what this is just like ready or not here we go and you know really I I still do have my job this is nice hustle for me but it's always been about the flowers about the gardens and fitting this passion of mine sort of intimate existing lifestyle and who knows where it will go down the road but you know so far at all hi together we do a lot of budding events here at the garden and you know a lot of people come to my classes here and so it's just been he's been sort of a whirlwind I got into the first lady's lunching and you know a lot of other women in slow flowers network and it's just been an amazing experience so far sometimes I wonder like why why am I doing this but it's just a passion project well I feel like you being affiliated with a a a well regarded beloved public garden I mean I I I hesitate to call it estate garden or a public garden but it's open to the public but it's privately owned is that correct or is it a nonpartisan nonprofit organization so it is a public garden and you know disclaimer I do not use any of the flowers here playful so tempting when you see I mean we're having a fine line you know I really truly respect her garden staff I look up to them they're incredible what they do and you know than there used to be a little bit more of that special occasion to classes are gail will cut what she feels is you know appropriate she's the hardest ultra and we will use them for class but uh-huh and I'm leipold is a wedding venue though it sounds like it is absolutely is it's a huge business for us had the pleasure of working with some of the breads and also we do smaller functions like baby showers and corporate parties and those have really been uh a steady stream of business just doing these smaller actually love because people are a little bit more open to go for it you mentioned that you've been doing weddings in Newport and even on the Cape so what is kind of your market like how how and where are the one wedding at a at a venue and you brightest scrolling through and see something she loves show get in touch with you oh strangers with the garden my husband works at Green animals and so between the two gardens they certainly you know and I think they can see that it's something I enjoy so it's really been a family endeavor uh-huh.

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