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"christina chang" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"You such Mashad of phone screener such a Mashad, in fact when you go to Don. No, a shod. I don't know what I'm a shot is now, I don't know. I don't know ninety nine percent of actually the words you use. When you go to Don Pepys restaurant where they plotted to kill me on luggage boulevard. And they meet and greet u s them what a Mashad is and say, you know, Kurdish shed your ole miss shots site Christian. I don't know that I should say that to them. Trust me. Shatters it by saying, I don't agree with this. But Curtis says, you're all Musaed's massage and not massad. They might be you never know. This is what he was running around the office today is Ben Shapiro. Here's peel which here, you know, the hipster the millennial talk show hosts on after restroom tweeted, shake, she did his show from here today was great. And Christina Chang. Yeah. Look at this Guten, coconut oil sugar diet just think of that grooten coconut oil sugar diet, right? Probably all three together could kill you. But one of them alone. Especially aren't these hipsters millennials constancy? Gluten gluten free. You I won't even move into the neighborhood. Even the Bodega will put up signs gluten free when they know the hipsters millennials are invading their neighborhood Clinton free. So hot right now. Right. But forget that that's trendy. That's like the flavor of the moment. That's like Cardi B here today gone tomorrow. You gotta get into a regiment you serious about losing weight, especially if you're obese at twenty to fifty pounds, and you got that fat on your rack, you better get a doctor supervised program that's run by j dichotomy could save got we chose more importantly, they're available to all of you there throughout New Jersey and New York, and they just opened up two locations writing, Connecticut Shelton in rocky hill, and what they're gonna do is in forty days if they don't skip that fat from Iraq. You get all your coin back. And then if you wanna follow Christian the Mashad there with your quote and coconut sugar diet. Aged from Israel right now, you shitting at your top, computer. You've got your laptop just go, online and diet dot com or your smartphone or your foam cut to the chase. Sign yourself up to nj diet dot com. A coffee is shutdown at eight five five five nj diet. That's eight five five five nj diet..

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