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"christiane wilkins" Discussed on The Phinsider

"So that a little bit of a reinforcement there. That's not something that decides these for me, but it helps aright Garrett bradberry Keller Murray sorry. Let's go. No, gary. I mean, the only reason that Garrett one those because those guys are number are good number two corners for us, which I mean, it would be a would be an embarrassment of riches considering what the guy they're lining up across from. But I mean, it's gotta be Cuyler Keiler is just a stupid funny aspect aperture. All right. So I'm sorry. Garrett run sitting on there. All right, man. Dalton in Christian Wilkins as much as I love Dahlan resident like I can't not take Christian Wilkins at that point. Like again, I think Christiane Wilkins is the better overall talent. And I think both of those guys are similar off the field kind of guys. But you gotta take a town guy at that point. I feel like this bracket is turning into like a photo rohrschack right now where. I'm figuring out. Like, what's really what what lies deep down in your soul with these players because I knew you were big fans of both guys. You don't want to venture stint down at Zach soul. You'll find a whole bunch of nothing. Oh, man. And now this episode Dr Ryan move it on. And now if you have right now things get ugly. Brian Brian burns Cuyler Murray. If it's because like again color Marie I probably. I probably shouldn't have put Tyler Murray on the board either. Because if the number one self is true, there's there's obviously no way he's getting there. And I think even if the number one stuff isn't true Miami has to make a move for him. But you gotta remember that who the two guys that the collective Miami staff. Love last year Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, skillset, Oklahoma training. Attitude is not something that comes with Cuyler Murray. They don't have the same demeanor. But then Lamar Jackson on. What is Kyle Murray? If not the marriage of those two guys. Right. Yeah. I mean, I I love him. And it would be so much fun to see that guy as a Miami dolphin. I'm not getting think of getting my hopes up here. Maybe that's just me trying to get out in front of this interesting. Like, I for me, it's Brian Berea. Yeah. We'll we'll go Brian burns here. Just because again, I just don't think Keller Murray is around. But if he is who boy. Yeah. Oh man kit. That's going to kill this fan base. Though. Can you imagine just in terms of the just everyone's collective blood pressure? Just going through the roof at that. All right. Here's the championship burns Wilkins. What do you think this? This is a really tough one. Because I I think they're both extremely talented guys. I heard a couple of interviews with Brian burns as well. I don't I think he's a good leader. I don't know if he'll be vocal locker room presence kinda guy. But he knows his stuff. He he's on some of the interviews. He's really convinced. He knows the Xs and os of what he needs to get done. And what the guys around him do as well. And I think he's more versatile than people think 'cause he moves well off the ball. So I think there's scenarios where you can play him with his hand in the dirt. I think there's scenarios that if you wanted to play him off the ball if you. To stand him up, and rush I think those are there's opportunities for that. I don't know if I would ask him to do all that. But I like I said early on I'm sticking with Christian Wilkins as we move closer to the draft. He is quickly. Cemented into my pick thirteen..

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