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"cristiana el calvario" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"The Southern District of Ohio, announcing today that the pastor of a church in Sharon Gill has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually course seen a 17 year old girl. 42 year old Cesar Cesar Guerrero of Liberty Township, admitted last June to engaging in sexual acts with a minor at the mission. Cristiana El Calvario Church, Alan July 20th in August 5th of 2019. According to the court documents, Guerrero told the victim God was speaking to him, and the only way to get out of the dark place was for the victim to have sexual relations with Guerrero. The past you referred to it this as a quote cleansing process. Guerrero had communicated with the girl via text messages, audio and video calls on Facebook messenger coercing her to send him sexually explicit photos and engage in a sexually explicit video call. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said today that he received approval from the federal government to move covered 19 vaccine doses originally put aside for residents and staff in nursing homes that were never used, and to use for the general public. We're gonna have another 77,000 spread over two weeks. S so very happy about that 30,500 this week 30,500 next week, and those we will be able to devote and have already devoted will devote next week that extra 38,500 to our order. Ohioans, Ohio this week. Now back, Sadie knows 75 older and also those who suffer from congenital developmental or early onset medical disorders. You also have a intellectual or developmental disability. There were over 4200 new coronavirus cases today, still below the three week average in Ohio 295 new hospitalizations, 40 new ICU admissions and 88 New desk for also in the report. Kentucky governor Randy Bashir says two cases in the more contagious covered 19 varying from the United Kingdom have been found in the Commonwealth. There were over 2700 new cover 19 cases in the bluegrass state today and 35 new depths. Cooperstown will not have a 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame class. None of the players in the ballot received the 75% of votes needed to get in. Pitcher Curt Schilling came the closest at 71.1% right behind him. Very bonds and 61.8% 2013 was the last time members of the baseball right. Just just raided Writers Association of America did not vote of player into the hall. It has now happened nine times since 1945. Our next update is.

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