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"christian shelley" Discussed on Burn the Haystack

Burn the Haystack

07:27 min | 2 months ago

"christian shelley" Discussed on Burn the Haystack

"Definitely. I guess we're seemed to have lost Josh. But hopefully he'll be back soon. I understand his Internet. Isn't the greatest. So hopefully we'll see him back in a bit but I wanted to also ask. What are you hoping that the church is going to change? Those was in ministry and for those of us who are participating in ministry. What are you hoping after we get out of this whole thing? What are you hoping is going to change permanently as a result of what we've been experiencing in the last few weeks months I I'm hoping we say I. A pemanent change in in creativity. Well we have to Josh's now I'm leaving just continue. Just sorry okay back to us in Amendment Party. Yeah I I've been really really loved load of creativity that we've seen during this time like one thing I actually forgot to mention and how we're doing church is that we started doing maze fun little creative closing. Sabbath videos the end. It's it's not like a service or anything we still do it as premier but it's like a testimony and story and it's got like beer all that kind of thing to sharing different stories from around church. Yeah I've really. I've really loved saying that it's been like we've been talking about doing video for a while like not just filling seven but doing video content and this is actually being Again as Shelly said like the necessity being the mother of this it's it was exactly what pushed us into being like? Oh well let's try videos now and see how they go. And then you know. They're not performing amazingly or whatever and breaking all kinds of online records for us or anything. But I think it's great to say that kind of creative discipleship It'll be speaking to people in a way that couldn't before so I'm hoping that sort of creativity really sticks around for US particularly but also for the global community. That sounds awesome. I love the creativity message. I think paypal have had to lean in a lot more to tighter sodium servings whether that is like this. Small Group Whoever maybe wasn't you Josh said in how Ben Haystack meeting a few weeks ago that you're Richard like allocated who was checking on who in the community such a good idea. I don't know if you do that. Normally if that's like a pasta thing but that's something that every church says that they want to do. Most of the time doesn't happen so simple where we struggle. Yeah Yeah it's such a good idea though kind of you're looking out for your whole congregation and something else that I also lacked was just how many online choices the raw and like for me for example if I was interested in I don't know another religion or denomination or whatever I probably wouldn't take like carve the time out of my way tend to like drop everything get dressed ready go and put myself meant new situation to see what it's about risk being bombarded with would you like to convert to the faith but I would totally just casually watch. The video will livestream in were about so. I think we're opening ourselves up to new people and hopefully strengthening those in in the congregation connections through the small groups and accountability buddies and stuff so apologies guys dropped My computer my Internet is not great so my fine but I think it kind of does he a little bit on. pass a little bit lower sci-fi as the online community. The opportunity at a monument allows you to potentially encourage your community to come and visit your shirt leaving. The company are on it and they have the ability to do sorry anonymously making this John onto a live stream like wash. They can understand why you're about anything if they feel as though it is a connection or then they can opt next step by sending you a damn or whatever that looks like but I think that the current situation is actually providing so much more opportunity to make it a single poll. Yeah Yeah No. That's true that's true. Oh Gosh that's that's really cool. One of the things that I've been thinking through as well is thinking about people. Online Humana necessarily be in your community bubble or whatever. The case may be as as important as the people that are turning up to your church service on a weekend. I know in times past. We have often thought about online engagement and likes and shares and comments this kind of being a little bit less important than bombs and seats of a weekend in church but it's really interesting that online platforms have actually a ways to measure and and really figure out who's engaging way they're engaging from and being able to connect them personally so I think this is. This is all kind of tying around this idea that we've been kind of dancing around like way for us but also like a semi pastas and church leaders of doing like online only ministry of other people online real. They MAKING REAL DECISIONS. Are they being disciple? D- In a real way and my head is really changing around before I would think of the comments in the likes and the share as being just kind of passive and not that engaging and not that important as if I can get a person to come to my church during my eleven am service. That's that's a big win. That's a big that's important. Yeah but actually my. My thinking is having to shift to think that. Maybe it's even more important that person online because if they're engaging no matter where no matter where they're from I actually have an opportunity at Church and ministries actually have opportunities to do ministry that otherwise would be impossible. Jesse I think the challenge. There is that weighing measuring Christians. What online allows us to do? Is ENGAGE WITH NON-CHRISTIANS. Shelley in the conferences. Talking about data future changes online And I think there's so much truth. Facebook instagram Youtube. They already have algorithms that help. Us measure better. The Malta Church has developed. Oh yeah and so. Why are we afraid of using those sorts of things that the works don? It's available for free. Why can't we just use.

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"christian shelley" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

Rock N Roll Archaeology

07:45 min | 3 months ago

"christian shelley" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Those those external our responses coming to him You know And of course you know. Y- you know I think the Book Pa Proves the point in that Jerry Hopkins tried to get this sold? Nobody would sell it until they turned it into something more salacious palatable to You know a buying public And sure enough. It did the trick. Didn't it had sounded like reading the National Enquirer? I mean especially to the point of Danny sugarman memories. He was a teenager. Went along top. And right you know so like if I told you like dialogue that happened from when I was a teenager. How like how accurate would that be? So this is yeah. This is more like a like a magazine. Article Danny working with the doors when he was twelve right. That's crazy and so many scenes happened in the offices of the doors. And it's clearly. That's where he's interactive with Jim Novel up so I imagine you're twelve and Morrison is your body. What what the fuck would that be like? No even that's even weirder than reading this biography when you're twelve isn't being part of the biography twelve much much winner. Yes yeah yeah so so. There's some questions there but I mean I think to me. Ultimately it's a net positive for Jim in the doors because it it's a minute direction star. It did didn't it? Yeah there's that obviously gained the attention of Of Oliver Stone. Who went onto to make a film about? them which is also You know a debated On on there it's a good thing or bad thing But just like jam and and again I I I keep going back to to the fact that that Morrison himself was a complicated person He think of his upbringing with a rising star in the United States Navy At the time and You know The conservative family and those values and then the rejection of that To the point where where you are tried to eliminate the the history of your association with that family so I mean that tells you. I think all you need to know where to begin with WHO. This cat was and You know and he comes about right as this new you know Popular Art form is Beginning to really takeover the entertainment Airwaves and presents himself as the the dark Elvis Presley so I mean at all it all make sense to me. Yeah and as timing was so brilliant. I think it's very telling that that thing that triggered his cutting off communication with his parents was a letter. They wrote criticizing his concept of becoming a singer based on the fact that he never evinced any musical talent whatsoever which is totally reasonable thing for here to say but he was so confident what he was doing. It was just not going to Brooke and criticism as as a failed musician myself. I see. That's the difference between a successful musician. Failure is somebody who's like you know damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. I'm not going to hear any negativity. I'm going to associate with people that support my vision and I'm going to go for it and you know fuck you and the scene when his mom and younger brother do go to one of their concerts and he makes a point of screaming the lyrics of the end which other? I WanNa fuck you right in her face. I mean that had been completely shattering for her. I mean what would it awful thing to do and that she at that and that she even wanted to see him after that I mean she like tried to see him with his little brother and toe and he evaded her and he got everyone in the hotel and the concert. Venue to say. No gyms over there. No gyms over there and protect him from this horrible woman that had come to see him. You know in performance and withstood that that that situation happening to her and she still wanted to see her son and he never saw her again after that. Yeah it's very sad and to me it just reinforces you know this kind of success but commercially and critically comes at a high price and let me let me add that. A look I I. I don't think that a a singular letter Stating that Maybe you shouldn't go down this career path of would clause a quite a reaction. There had to have been a whole lot of shit behind that To get to this. Maybe maybe that was the straw that broke the camel's back but I think The The divorce to His immediate family was probably deeper than than than just A question his His ability as as a musician. The other thing that I might add is nate like like you I I i. I interviewed a lot of of rockstars and To your point Yeah I've heard over and over again that you know when you get right down to it. There was no plan B. I mean that's what you have to do to to be able to make their. There is only plan. A and plan. B. Is being homeless unless you make the Lenin school economics if you start off Not Yeah no plan. B. and also the Decides not brooking criticism and going with people that support. You is being able to withstand great discomfort and you know and not knowing what the future holds and not having any security that that stands out for me and all the biographies I've read is not carrying out security. Which is why I was never musician. You know let let's say let's say that that this this this is Anthony Mathu Anathema excuse me anathema to to the previous generation Who had had had to go through things like the Great Depression and World War Two You know and now here comes this generation of of of Americans who just given the middle finger to that whole world. That that those people you know quote unquote created. You know you know the the Corporate Society in the Organization Man and what have you You know they just said No. We don't have to live this way and I reject that And to the point of no I reject you as a person and knowing one. Cu anymore so there's a lot going on with with the the the interactions with his family that tells us a lot about who morrison was professor. I feel like we've covered the story of Jim. Morrison and the doors Christian Shelley. Thanks so much for coming on. You can listen to these guys on the Rock and Roll Librarian and rock and roll Archeology sorry for my pronunciation. They're both on the Pantheon podcast network which let it roll is proud to be a member of so thanks for coming on the show guys. Glad to have you. Yeah and thanks for having us on your show.

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"christian shelley" Discussed on Progressive Talk 1350 AM

Progressive Talk 1350 AM

02:17 min | 3 years ago

"christian shelley" Discussed on Progressive Talk 1350 AM

"Bill and it was already pulled it was already polled mitch mcconnell earlier today already announced that he was not going to hold the vote on the senate's death to obamacare bill that was because he already didn't have the votes and then three more came out jerry moran of kansas shelley moore our capito it's spelled c a p i t o and it's pronounced capito as the capitol just dropped the l as so it's shelley moore capito she is a republican united states' senator from west virginia the other senator from west virginia i heard i trust you've heard the name more joe manchin joe manchin a were big democratic he i almost slip he sort of a republican but west virginia being west virginia that's kind of the reason why shelley moore capito on a us senator republican of west virginia came out against the bill because west virginia did the obama macaire expansion they the the medicaid expansion and shelley moore capito is saying i'm going to be killing my own constituents if i helped get enact this thing if the law and so hashtag who is christian shelley moore capito showing the she's got some christian inner the i'm not going to be cruel to the people who put me in office now and so shelley moore capito said i am voting for this bill either even after whose poll that shows you the kind of pressure that were putting ought and we can't let up now hashtag no short attention span please pretty pleased no shortage tension spent we've got to keep the energy going if we if we're feeling lag early is that even a word laggard we are lagging behind kinda thing if we're flagging that's the word i was looking for that's the word cimoli if we find our energy flagging as opposed to laggardly which isn't even english we've got a somehow figure ourselves out an and well up some energy inside bassano find it in a bit of our stomach just some energy or take a break take a breather and just you know refresh our batteries but we've got we can't give up we can't give up and there's no clock on the thing the elections go on forever the republicans have been working this forever we just.

Bill mitch mcconnell senate jerry moran kansas united states senator west virginia joe manchin shelley moore capito obamacare obama medicaid