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Sabrina Elba Wants Her Listeners to Have Successful Relationships-Just The Sip 07/21/21

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Sabrina Elba Wants Her Listeners to Have Successful Relationships-Just The Sip 07/21/21

"Coming to you live all the way from south africa. The one and only the woman i hope to be one day my d'appel ganger and yellow. Sabrina elba everybody. Nice to meet you. Okay i was nice to meet you too. We briefly met where we'll tell you where. But before i tell you everybody out there i just wanna give you guys some context. There are three things in pop culture. That i can remember where i was when i found these things out. Or when i was experiencing them one was k- do you remember what i do too. I remember i remember. I was when whitney die accidentally and the third thing i remember was where i was when i got the news that interest alba was off the market. I remember my friend calling me a thing. You know what. I mean because you know i remember. That's where i was on black twitter. Trying to figure out who you are. And i first google search. I was like oh okay baby girl got it. Thank goodness all right. I'll take it. But i remember where it was for that too so i see we come up in common bristle. What was it like because you were look. I'm not. I'm not trying to discredit anybody. This limit is well accomplished. She was a tv host. She had a name on social media. Before any of all of this but to get the rust did into this you know stratosphere so quickly and be polarizing almost because half the beloved you an happy people hate it you because you were taking their man's what was that experience like crazy. I mean not at birth i. We were building this beautiful relationship and then when it got out there. I was like okay. People are way more interested in me. Now that we're married we've obviously reached a place where it feels like. It's just a part of his life and now it's mine and it's something against you because you got a lot of positives negatives people always ask me a whole must be so negative attended. I know there's so many great things that happened in opportunities and to be able to win platform tables to talk about things that i really wanna talk about now. I mean you know those posits. No for sure and we're going to get a couple of them because you know have on again off again relationship would audible. I love it. I really do. I love it. But i've been using my social life because i listen to books day and we're going to get to the mike you look and i'm deep audio book person and i'm so much of audio book person that have the by the hard books to like put in my house so i can show people that i read but i never open because i always listened to that i think like i wanna have the books like i just want to touch them feel recovered. But i'm just getting onto audiobooks. 'cause i don't actually get to the book faster when i'm listening to it otherwise lately nine. Pm i'm looking at a page and two pages on honestly same thing and i like which is so crazy because when you're doing things like watching tv. You're usually on your phone. But for some reason when. I'm listening to a book on my phone. I'm completely into it and i'm not looking at anything else good for you. That's great. I think that says a lot about your attention span. Which for a lot of people's difficult these days apps like instagram. And you know it's meant for us to get like add and just keep scrolling scrolling scrolling. So and it's really good that you're that you're able to do that. Not everyone can do that. I also keep my phone at home during dinner. Mike for the last two years. I've never brought my phone to dinner. I i'm i'm you it. It stays in my car. If i mistake bringing in i turn it off. I just i feel like if i'm ed dinner. I need to be present with the people that i'm with and it was hard at first but it was the best resolution ever me. I wish i could do that. I work off phone also. I have two brothers and two sisters that i feel like our may children always worried about scientists. Are they okay. I wanted to do that. I really want to do that. You're just all around impressive. No i think you're impressive. I think you are the knees. Me and i've just hang out more if you want to. Are you in london london. I'm basing limited yet. The first time i ever met you briefly it was the hobson shaw premier your bad ass silver dress. I remember you airing this. I that asks overdress and it was interesting to me. Because when you're at these premieres jason state them came up and some other actors came up and add these premieres. not this specific premier. The wife is always in the back and she's always like this again like we have to wait here while you do all and for the first time in a long time you were standing there at you were like your energy was like this is great. I'm on here for him. Like oh yeah that alberta for ready gown to you okay. that's how i felt. I was like look at me but you know it's funny that you said that because it was. It's a growing process. It's like i don't know if that's what you're saying you particularly but it definitely is a process. I remember at first. I used to be like i don't really care. I just want wanna go to support you babe and actually watch the and into too much thought. Maybe it's my outfit or whatever. But i realized you know actually kinda bun bit. It's like just let me just walk carpet. Alright so like absolutely any better at it and i actually find that really fun now whereas before i think it so intimidating that i was kind of just friends mechanism being like i don't really care you know but now for your own you gotta do it right. Oh because we don't want to come off as i bought like we're so bothered by this to meet. You're just idi like nano no defense mechanism for equal. Know for sure for sure. Is it true that you guys made the jazz bar. We didn't meet at a jazz are. It's called slow jams sundays. It's a once a month party. That happened in vancouver. At the time that i was living there and the only place dams like. I'm talking like classics right groove in five hundred singing everybody singing and we see this guy and i'm like girlfriend's birthday party you know so we're all hanging out and actually funny enough. One of my girlfriends was like go up to him. And i was like okay. Sometimes we men might get your life girl. So we're going in we're talking to him eilly Talking about you. And i'm like not excuse me that's wrong. I'm trying to be a good friend. Shut the hell up. Go over there and talk to him. We were talking about you. And i was like okay and obviously at first. You're like you know this guy's not gonna really be. He is or whatever but he. We had the best conversation. We talked all night all day and in inseparable. After that. as you will meet right you meet a lot of people meet out at a jazz bar. Not a lotta people meet interest. Elba jazz bar okay. And by the way that birthday girl could have turned forty. Gave burton alien. Had that thing. Dr are limousine out of her coochie. Nobody would have cared that night because everybody was trying to figure out if you going home with idris elba molly claire. I often wonder because when we had this conversation about having you on. I knew about couple already and not already had a sense of who. You are as a person in that you guys. You had already had a life and a career before all of this. Do you feel like being somebody like interest. You have to remind people that you are an individual and you have going on or do you just like lettuce you know. I think that's just you know again. It's just like a national kind of human feeling. Like i'm human like everybody else and i think you know you start over thinking what other people might be thinking or trying to justify your relationship Early on interest told me do not read what people say do like the internet. The toxic plays in it. Very much is an item. That i started living for myself. Not feeling like i adjust relationship. I know that i have at home is amazing and beautiful. It's something that i cherish should take care of. It's not necessarily for other people to speak on talk about. It's something that we both value but at the same time you know we're trying to get used to the idea of exploring that relationship openly and that's one of the reasons we started the podcast because we thought it's such a beautiful journey for people to go on when they're getting ship or starting a business partnership were or a new friend to talk about with other people what that's like so we were like okay. You know what we're newlyweds. We wanna learn grow just like everybody else that we want to do it in a space where we feel like we can own it. Let's take me but with us. Let's talk to other people who have done and let's see what they say and hopefully people can come and listen and learn and feel like there is somewhat more informed maybe but also inspired and what i love about couple them first of all i hate. There's there's only six episodes because you run out really quickly. So i let you start six and the other thing that i really love about it on the flip side is that you don't stick to traditional relationships. I i thought it was gonna be about you know people who got married and unconventional ways. But really it's this. This talk of partnership in so many different dynamics and one of favorites is been in jerry. Because you know. I always thought ben and jerry were company and they add a thousand employees from the beginning and they just shoved it down your face but the story about jerry is so interesting. Actually my favorite episode that we did for sure because their values and their to businesses that they founded ground up. And even when it's sold kept it that way as us as new business you know entrepreneurs we wanna make sure the weeds do business to all the things that we care about. We wanna make sure that people can see that at the forefront. I didn't expect them to be so funny. I was like a bluebird meal of that episode. I'm telling you. I was just like laughing the whole time. I was actually trying to interview. Do your do it. And i studying. I'm laughing like they were great. I love it. That's a great opportunity for us to learn grow ourselves. Like i mean the the learnings. I took away from that episode. If you like damn why. Don't we do this sooner a few episodes that i'm i'm wondering about the first is what's the one thing that you took from ben and jerry that you are like i'm going to apply that to my life absolutely if you believe in something that's matters you need to push what you believe in you need to fight for what's right whether it be about protecting you know that bottom line business is changing. People are going growing savvy to the fact that businesses can speak to something and not worried about losing their consumers. And i think i really stuck with maybe world is changing so much people really wanna speak up in fight for what's right. We saw that so much so those were no suggests. That just really appeals me from them. And i thought they were really amazing. In that sense. I loved it. What about christian lubaton emeka. Because you know interesting. Oh my you gonna love today. Gonna love today came out i own. He's he's so insightful. Isn't he like he. We were captivated whoever just listening to him question is a really good friend of ours. We met me on that on that conversation. I was so impressed with the eloquence of his of his knowledge in the way he spoke about things that he believed that he was so great but the way they spun for me in that episode. They made me realize a typical maybe pop culture definition of abuse is something that actually can be a little bit degrading to a woman. You know this kind of like some muslim you know maybe a woman has to be a subject of art for another figure. Something i actually had thought about it like that so to hear christian that i was like. Oh wow so. He was like look. I don't believe in muses. Pal meek of seville set for me. 'cause mika give it away but listen certain. Oh i'll get more way. How they're connected a partnership alma guy. You guys listen to the episode. I just. I just love that christian. Must've torture women. I feel like women. Hey two hundred dollars to walk in like torture chambers. But they look when he goes. Yeah comfortable shoes. So i talked to christian right. Very probably say that he doesn't want anyone ever say his shoes look comfortable. I don't know that certainly the compliment. He's looking for his shoes. Look i never tried the male shoes. You have to speak. So i can't. I can't say anything on that. Oh i lost my tenth to- about three years ago when the loafers at an academy awards. True story true story. One of the parties ever into was a golden globes after party at delilah. It was like pre kovic keen. I had to be a work at five thirty in the morning. The good days. I was having so much fun. I left my shoes under a booth there at three thirty in the morning and there were christian lubaton and i got to work and i don't have the christians take him out of my paycheck because that's how much fun ahead. Ooh i haven't embarrassing christian libertad story. Actually this is really all. I would never do this amazing. Why don't you 'cause. I was on a date ones and i was wearing the sexiest lubes. I felt so furious and this is back in the day when you say like my whole paycheck to go get a personal case. I loved them so much. I saw on this date that they were scratching and something in my head. This guy a scratching. These lubes over. And i took them off and i walked back to the cab with shoes i want to waste. It was like damn like what. Was i thinking shoes but no no no no. It's not but it's so true. It's you have to have that in your mind like was it when you get to be at thirty something. I know you're young. You cute thirty three actually back threes. When we would again in june. Ooh we get along. I'm a scorpio november thirty three. There's something that changes in you and you're like. Is this going to be worth the effort for me to go out on a date and do my hair and put on and take a shower shave these legs like is this dude going to worth it like. It's one of those things like when you go out to go out and be fly but in your thirties you really starting at about eight that true. That's so true. I think for me. It even happened to be earlier. Like i wanna say twenty five. I kind of started i. I think it's a cultural thing is your marriage is a thing like you'd happens right away give you know. We don't linger off the subject. Just get it done and so for me. I think having that cultural background. I just wanted to kind of make sure that i time on. I was really looking at making smart decisions and informed decisions about you know my life and that's what people should be doing. I think you know make mistakes. When you're y'all but at some point you really need to start looking out for yourself. Account for what's best for you and your your mental health. You know how you feel about yourself because of a bad day. We'll just make you feel not good. God it will throw you off and what background by the way. I'm somali canadian. I was born in canada. My parents this molly so we have a muslim. So you know there's a lot of religious and cultural aspects there that push marriage on you a lot faster one hundred percent and i wonder this being 'cause you met address you met your husband at around twenty eight inch am i. My wrong about that is funny sounded. You're twenty seven and usually in your culture. That's four years after prime time. Like most people married at twenty three. Oh my mom was. I had four kids by your age. I was like oh my god you ever. Did you ever feel like twenty seven years old. Were you like. I think i'm just going to give in in my in and do this marriage thing. Because that's what i'm supposed to do. You know what i mean. They ever those moments where you were just going to do what your family want. It definitely wasn't a back my mind like i mean. I don't want to make their mom happy. I wanna make my mom happy. But the acsh- actually the opposite happened because it uses interests. My family was like you take your time. But don't get up things actually. My mom is really get along and she loves him. Bits unless his mom. We're really lucky that our families like merged so easy. That's not always the case for. Everybody might not forget. Samis west african. It's a party get together apart. Ooh that wedding must have getting off the chain for. Everybody must have been way. we cladding almost. It'd be pull my hair out because it's quite a big winning and we really you kind of realize that the point that you're at the altar you like this was for everybody else. I'm so happy that everybody else had an energy. You wanna just make everyone around you happy and you know so beautiful. We got our moment and it felt so good but yeah. I'm so happy that everybody that they had such a great time. Finding the perfect gift for your family members can be a struggle. Our family hasn't been able to get together for quite a while now so i felt like the pressure was really on. 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I want a man who has lived to i. I want a man who has a credit score. a fico. your four one k. And he knows what he wants. My but a lot of times. I find that when you data odor man. Bad habits are hard to break. 'cause they're stuck in their ways. Yes that's true that's true. I think if you're going to seriously consider being with someone you know. These are decisions you need to make up front because of that very think you're never gonna change someone. Don't ever think that because people are who they are. And you shouldn't wanna change someone either. I think you should want to watch them. Change and grow as they do not really. I don't think you should ever force that on someone. But i think you know managed scott along so well our values connected you know we have the same interest with the same comedy sense the it just so many things alliance that. I didn't really feel like that. Obviously every relationship has things were like. Oh you kind of wish you can make your less. Yeah you gotta love for the reasons. You don't like them as you know you gotta let the whole picture out. That relationship grew de girl. You you tame the beast like you like you are griswald honey. You fantastic beasts. I thought soon to my whole life. I was like i'm going to be like interest bitch. I'm gonna be like daddy. Something chilling my george. Clooney like not dating marrying and then roof. You came in and was like nope not only. Am i going to date him for a year. I'm going to get engaged loubier in a year later like you were in the fast. It just goes to show. I think you know when it's meant to happen. It's meant to happen and that goes for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are so if you find your one there you're one. I also find that you are an independent person who is not willing to like. Yes we will compromise in a relationship. And if i need to take a step back because you are gone for six months and you need me to be around. Because you're doing something important we can do that. But yeah you're independent thinker and you're also so sufficient like i think people lose that interrelationship because some men want them to give that up secretly. They don't have that on you and when the minute you give up on it and the minute you let that go and you just be like okay. I'm here for you all the time. That's when they're like ooh this is. I don't want that actually. How hard was it for you to keep and be like. Oh that person. I'm self sufficient. I don't need you knew that is so me like i love my independence. I love you know. I would never want to lose that but actually i'm quite thankful that in our interest pushes for that. He's looking for ways to support. Whatever career path. I wanna take or whatever dream i have. I don't find that. I'm trying to struggle with the balance of being pleasing someone for there to follow them on their clear. In fact we found ways to spend more time together and build generational wealth. Because that's something that we want to do in the we're forward thinking about our family in the future. Except by i feel you're speaking from a personal space. We do. We need to talk about something happened. I'm going to be honest with you. I feel like okay. We both showed up yellow. We're both thirty three. I feel like. I look like a young interest. I just feel like there's so many connections here. Let me fight him. where is he released like that. And i feel like that's a very dangerous place to actually being Independence is the most important thing that you can have. Its beckon grow together. So that would be my vice. My younger self. Don't ever lose that. Yeah i mean look my last relationship. I thought i wanted to be the person that that person wanted or needed. And i dimmed my own light. And i changed my personnel. I tweet myself a little bit not too much. I think the full body overall. But i got some tweets personality and at the end of the day i was more upset with myself. I wasn't upset with him for breaking my heart. I was more upset that i didn't give him our myself. A chance to be me in a relationship. I wasn't i look back and i think to myself like why are you so willing to give up yourself and give up your independence and give up. You know things in work your life around this person who was not working half that hard for you absolutely you had to kind of get out of it to look back and see that sometimes you have to think about. That is a learning experience. That was something you need to go through so that you could be allies aso that it doesn't happen in the future and that's how i look you know the previous time for. I felt like that because everybody felt like that. Some way You do too much you give too much and you feel like it's not reciprocated in the right way about that anymore. I mean like to present we move on. We have grown relationships needs to be fifty sixty. You need to come together. Both people need to give as much as they take. But which is so interesting to hear you say because there's a stereotype in the muslim religion and in the communities that practice that religion the man is all and the woman is subservient. And you kinda sorta see that in movies and you see it in. Tv read about it in a is that true and b. Was it hard to if it is true. Was it hard to break that mold and not fall into the same categories as the people that came before you on who. You're talking to to be honest. I think and i don't want to ever talk on it. That's somebody's decision. Like my mom was a was a housewife and very proudly so wanted to raise her children and gave so much so much for us right to be able to have our education. And i wanna actually didn't put in the hours that she did an at home. Helping us tutoring us class. And all that stuff and we actually talked about that on one of the episodes for her it was a big sacrifice. So howard to women. Who want to do that but i think we should never be looking to to stereotypes dictate who we need to be. You know sometimes family pressure can be overwhelming. But you should never be looking to that either. You should do what feels right and you know what feels right for your future so yeah a lot of women who might have some regrets. And i'm sure there's a lot of women who are like you know what i did this the right way and i did the way i wanted to do. So it's such a personal thing you've got to figure out what's right for yourself one hundred percent. I honestly i'm trying to get this life in my thirties and forties like. I am dying to do everything. I want to host everything which i want to be in a movie. I wanna pose naked for g. q. I want all of it okay. I'm trying to get all the way now. I want some ashi co. Yes and i want to do it all so when the day comes and they're like yo you're about to have kids it's happening. I want to be able to live to say. I lived that life so i can give that up for some time and do what your mother did and do. A lot of mothers did and said that. They devoted their time by choice to this in raise. Kids now granted my man going to be some generational wealth as you say you can build together. And how amazing would that be right to put your children. I mean look. I'm i'm first generation canadian. You know kind of immigrants were always thinking like that. Our parents struggled so much to get us to where we are. We want to build generational wealth. So that our children don't feel safe that that's always at the forefront of my mind you i'm always forward thinking it's probably residue of my mom's you know upbringing in something that she says that your children are important. And it's it's beautiful way to to carry on your legacy carry on your your beliefs your family and your yeah. I mean i don't talk about. How many children doing doing it you. You have committed to sue children three children. Are you going to do one. I mean you have to give me some podcasts advice because you have gotten solitaire that i know you're your baby fever. I think there was a lot of pressure. Also culturally again to have kids very quickly and i just wanted to make sure that i took my time and you know i come from a point where no i just deferred from moscow on. I was like okay. It's not the career path that i want do something else and i was like. I need to figure out what. I wanna do. Where i wanna go before. His settled down on that side of things so not but almost at always there. I'm looking to other people's babies. Like i got like literally my. Oh no no no no. I'm the worst like it just is. It's so terrible because of my. Hey while you're cooking out one you wanna just jump of for me like you're doing it already. That's conversation with all my siblings. You just before. I do it. So that i can hold their paris the mic. I feel. I feel one hundred percent. I realized talking with a bit of a list in business and a guy juice out. I literally june. This is weird to you. it's streaming and we both love interest album sign. It's fine we're just the same person we have things in common that we're not to steel magnolias. Okay we're not no. I signed by nerd. I was hoping you'd be like of the star wars. Or what's the saddest moment in all seven films of harry potter hold on hold on hold on the miranda miranda down so you can guess it hold on hold on again. What is saddest is moment in the whole harry potter franchise. And if you did this if you get okay. I'm flying to canada canada before the end. This and we are going to hang out. I will literally take our dinner. What is the saddest moment in harry potter. Please read my mind when dumbledore died. Close second-guessed second guess. What are you reading three. Think about think. Long and hard black-eyed you're so close any more sad than that. Okay come on come on now. You're in the right on the right side of the ranch is yes. Yes who dies. And you're like damn that heard more than it should have at the cup. No penetration dhabi died. Oh you underdog mother like really oh my goodness. I'm sorry i didn't get that dumbledore. Is death is a little bit more dramatic than now clean. You win dombi died. I will walk out the movie every time and go collect myself. But they're not. His character was so beautiful so she was the whole thing. Like i was just hold on. I'm not that you go anywhere until you tell me how stinky that chapel was for megan's wedding because it looked like it was musty. It wasn't it was cold because it was so much aired space. I didn't realize like the walk to be on camera and like i thought just inside. The chapel can undo ec. Bad like you know. I was like i would have done more of drag some good. You're good. I remember you walk in a gucci gucci. On it was he was fly to. She's when gucci calls and says yeah. Come in and out whenever you want to take the whole thing shoes on my life by the way that i grew up in the south in like a black wedding in the sal is in production and it's so much fun and you know i've been to african wedding and it's all these traditions and the dancing and it's crazy and you finally see like your friends parents drunk for the first time and it's like all these things that contrast it was so it must have been so crazy watching this such proper well-mannered scenario because i know a year earlier. Y'all had a blow. Oh the same time the same night. We had the after after party. That was for them and it was great. It was like the best party was so funded down. Interest actually dj. I saw him at coachella. Lives best before. I let you go. There's one other thing. I need to talk to you about and corona virus happen. We didn't know any at it and we knew was deadly. We knew didn't wanna get it. We knew the world was shutting down. And you're a newlywed. Your man gets it. And i'm watching. Contagion be flipping on cnn. I'm back to contagion. I'm back and you're sitting next year man a you're holding him down girl. I would have been a man that would have been in a yurt outside getting fresh air. What was going through your mind when all that was happening he has it. I have it like you know we were together right before he flew out. I was just two days after him. So i was like listen. I'm there and i had just flown in that day that he had tested so we didn't actually get the results so the next morning. It's not only. Was i with him when he thought maybe he was going through it but by the time he got the results were already in the same house. And then i think at that point i would have had to queen technically. It's so funny that you will made it this whole thing like. Oh my god i. If she stood by her she should have detonated it out. I'm like first of all. Listen i might have given it to him knows from the way that we had been go in business week just before so i was like oh my god. It totally could have could have been meeting gave it to him. So that's funny. I mean i wanna say guardless handed me ways you being on the situation but yet i was there and and i was actually genuinely worried at the time. We didn't know what it really was. It kind of sounded like it could be a death sentence. He's asthmatic. he's absurd age. I was generally really scared. Don't know if you could tell them that video. Look i watched the o. Back like the who. I'm really close with message. Me right away. he said. Call me right now. You look so scared. That video I was genuinely like what's going to happen. And the only reason that video out is because at the time for so many like crazy rumors like black people can't get co-editor calling it all these crazy things. He really just wanted to spread that awareness of like. Let's it's gonna affect us all. Let's let's be careful. This is a real thing. Like it is such a conspiracy theory He just wanted to help. Maybe help out of its money because it turned into like people looking at all the wrong reasons may be or it was just the funny thing but i i was scared. My let's just get through this together but you know what that thirty two days a week did not in the middle. Nowhere santa fe new mexico. We got our live. We made by pitcock. Leo's bluebirds eat cheerios. Every day i was so much. I bet you got your live thirty. Today's locked in a house with that man with no electricity girl. I would have cut the power. And pretend that i was amish. You can't do anything but hang out with this all debt. Now i'm not gonna say that quickfire. I'm so stupid them. What are you called black people in canada. 'cause you know here it's like oh my god you can't say black. You have to say african american mike but maybe a lot of people are an african american. But what are you guys. Call black people in canada and in london people. No no no. I get it i get it because actually canadians. We call each other canadian so we have almost sometimes forget the fact that you know there is there is such a sort of a like a a fire going on in the states about about these kinds of things rightfully so because there are struggles. There may be canadians. Can't speak to as much. A little candidate has a massive problems. But yeah like you know. That's not something that i actually thought too much about growing up. I thought my other myself with the canadian. Molly canadian the people it was like you're canadian. You're italian canadian. Like you know we just all kinds of beautiful mosaic as opposed to like pop. Maybe that is america canadians. A little bit of a different mentality and i hope i can speak for other say that. Y'all must have been looking at us in this pandemic like lou that meth lab of an apartment called america is a mess girl they knew when all the brazilians started going back to eighty in brunswick call and be like how is everything and i definitely. There are a lot of fun. i think. America's a beautiful country like. I'm not trying to hit on a on a country that has so many beautiful things about it. But there's definitely all mental problems. People recognizing connect feel globally. Be prevalent candida. But that you know we still experienced racism in my life as a black woman as a muslim so you know that we can feel internationally. One of the reasons that manageress did the lubaton collection christian the walker marlon my shoes would be wanted to highlight. These injustices are felt everywhere. Hundred percent of the proceeds of those shoes go to these five organizations that we have picked that fight systematic injustices underprivileged huge it. we realize it's a global. Those charities were global. Mandate you know so. America has its own set of issues that i want to see justice. We just all want to see justice so tired of it you know. I'm trying to see justice and a canadian. Passport lockdown ever happens again girl. I'm going climb. These maple trees in toronto. You got an invite cooper comes. Thank god lean. It's so nice to meet you. Johannesburg girl find me amana johannesburg. I'm looking older. Why gent let me know. They're white gender. All right all right. I hear it tax switching from war of sabrina. Don't forget to check a couple of them with idris and sabrina a. On audible podcast. It is amazing. It's one of their best originals. Check it out today. And don't forget rate review and subscribe to this podcast to all your friends about it. Hit me up on instagram. Act justin a silvester and as usual. We will see you next wednesday for another episode of justice.

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193: Food Activism with Jenny Dorsey

Model Majority Podcast

52:45 min | 8 months ago

193: Food Activism with Jenny Dorsey

"It's important for us to learn with the distinctions are between normandy and provence burgundy and all of those places right however that's kind of care is never applied to places that are seen as less than whether it's like second world countries or literally we didn't even go to the continent of africa. We didn't make a single african recipe. We did make a single indigenous recipe. None of those things which are huge. Increments like instrumental part of cuisine and cuisine. How developed around the world. We're not even touched that from the very clear message whether you're consciously or subconsciously understanding it have heard today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom symbolizing and and well. They beginning renewal k. Hello everyone welcome to episode one ninety three of the model majority podcast where we talk about politics and culture to the eyes of three asian-american former field organizers. I am your co host. Kevin shoe on today's pod. I am excited to share an interview. I did jenny. Dorsey who is a chef ended activist. She founded and runs nonprofit cost studio taus about. At oh which is a nonprofit that creates immersive experiences at the center of food art and social impact. Jenny is a first generation chinese american. Who has worked in michigan star restaurants and is now using her superpower cooking delicious food to combine that with technology and art to make social impact so very excited to share this conversation with you but before we get into that i want to tell you about our sponsor are sponsored. This episode and this month is the all of us. Research program managed by the national institutes of health or in h all of us is the largest and most adverse health resource ever working specifically to better represent groups who have been left out of medical research in the past like people of color seniors rural residents and the lgbtq community as the kobe. Nineteen pandemic has exposed racial disparities that real severe and sadly not new in our country while almost forty percent of the us made up of people color. Medical research is eighty to ninety percent white and this medical research gap is affecting many asian-americans in fact nineteen point four percent of asian adults compared to twelve point nine percent of white adults report being with out a usual source of healthcare like personal doctor so increasing diversity is very important for building healthier more equitable country so to support the great work that all of us the research program is doing. We encourage you to join the research program by setting up the link. Join all of us dot org slash m. p. again. Join all of us. All in one word dot org slash m. m. he the are a trusted organization managed by nih and works with reputable institutions like scripts research mayoclinic. So signing up. You may also get a twenty five dollar gift card or one of ten thousand fitbit's to be distributed later this year to help with the research you can also get your genetic ancestry results and ultimately help with the under represented be better represented again. Go sign up at to join all of us dot org slash m m p with that. That's get into our wonderful conversation with jimmy. Dorsey jimmy dorsey welcome to the model majority. Podcast today thank you for being one of our very first episodes to record in the year. Twenty twenty one which is a very exciting for so many people that we are here at this point but before we get into all that one actually start from the very beginning to get to know your personal story a little bit. i love to hear about. Where did you grow up. how did you grow up. And if anything during that time leads you become who. You are today as a chef but also has an activists usc for sure so i was born in shanghai china and my parents moved to the us when i was around to pursue their both of them are scientists and so they moved to new york. They went to a school in the bronx. And so i followed them when i was up three and a half with grandparents so i was really raised by my grandparents growing up And lived in new york until about eight. Yeah that's i think that's right. I moved to seattle so i. I set my larger chunk of my childhood in seattle washington and ended up going to school College in seattle as well so like good decade plus in seattle cut the no it and during that time also like learned. I think that seattle is not the place for me. I really really wanted to go back to new york so right after college and making that switch back to new york i i. started in management consulting after college. I was a finance major in school. Originally marketing major switched over to finance was not doing so great. Marketing and very quickly knew that finance. It's fine but it was something that is not naturally good at it. You know. I think everyone kind of has their own talents and you can tell you a talented something when it's really yes you're still gonna have to work hard and there's times where you're not doing great job or what. Not but for the most part. Like in makes just intuitively makes sense to you and tell. The numbers intuitively. Don't make sense to me the way that they did to other people And i hate like the serota asian being good at math and talk about that maybe later on but at least it was like a way to get my foot in the door ever since i was young. Who was always a big part of my life. But i didn't even think about it in college or honestly dion for a while because it was never really encouraged by my family. My family going up with more traditional than they are now I'm chinese american and like and we kind of because they were scientists. They were very wary of Career or they felt that. I cannot get ahead because they were you know they were in our lab. They were always the ones that were doing all the work. If you've just look at lab dynamic it's always usually by hawk. Individuals a lot of them. Asian east asian or south asian. Doing all the research all the were all the writing but who is the main like name on the paper that you see who's getting nobel peace prize for their work in science. It's usually white men and that dynamic played out throughout my childhood. I never really consciously understood it but now looking back it was. You know my parents had these bosses. And i'd be like but you do everything and they get all the credit. I'll get it. You know so anyway. I think my parents really wanted me to find a career where i could succeed and not have to be under someone's thumb so to speak and they really wanted you know they've really encouraged less ultra prenatal careers for more careers where you can make money and you can be independent so business. Definitely they definitely encouraged. I was an undergrad business school and they were like yeah. You can now go out as a console. You do make a lot more money like you know so. They just wanted that stability they wanted to non you know. Be a lab technician salary for me Even if they really loved the sciences sciences so anyway with that kind of mind food never really felt like a real clear path. Never really thought about. I never really even explored at. I had no idea what to do right. I think a lot of people who are interested in food don't really know how many years pm and starting my career absolutely hated it. I was in the fashion and luxury division. So i usually work with clients in your fashion and luxury so i spent a lot of time By clothes being obsessed with clothes and shoes and being skinny and it was like a really tough period of time because everyone around me really encourage that behavior as well. It was always about how you lose more way out of your book. Nice you know there was a lot of judgement and it. I think it really came to a head. there was one time at At work where our partner came in and she was very fashionable. Amazing like wealthy Woman and she had brought in a bunch of clothes she had purchased at a sample sale. We We work in chelsea in new york city and chelsea market. Has this like if you've been. There was kind of large area in the center of the market. That always has sampled feels. And i guess she had gone to hurry and she just said that she would just buy everything that basically that was in her size and just figure it out later and it was. I mean there was a lot of things but let's about. But i just remember thinking of this woman coming ahead at all. You know she was. She was such a bath right and the fact that she would come in with a garbage bag full of new clothes designer clothes. It's like it's never ending hole in your heart that you're just trying to fill with dot and you can't ever fill it like spoil alert for anyone who's over there you can't feel it it's impossible it doesn't matter how much money you out you can't feel it because that's not something that can be so thing and i remember that we you know we work down the street from the christian lubaton store and i was obsessed with buying myself apparently like if i lose more weight i would go by it. You know and it's just it's the sadness of consumerism. but also this idea that you're not intrinsically valuable. So i think it really for asian americans specifically there is a lot of worth and value tied to what you produced and a lot of times. What you produce is best. He marketed by how much money you have right. And so i can understand why that comes about and it took so long. Try to untangle that raveled out for myself so during that period of time i was having really toxic relationship with food and everything Point binge eating to a hypnotherapist binge eating a whole whole thing. And i just remember thinking like i'm so unhappy like this can't be life. I'm only like twenty you. i can't. I can't sit around and see this forever So ended up applying to business school as a way to just get out of the situation. I didn't know how to get out of this situation. And i just want it out and felt that at least that would be a essentially a break And so i was up too early decisions columbia business school and essentially have a year not quite a year nine months before i actually started at school during that part and i decided i would go applied to culinary school on a whim. Just i had taken some recreational links. But i literally walked in there. The school like no way on my money on my credit card. Let me make sure. I lock in thirteen point five percent. Ap for the next seven years you know oh and when started culinary school got my ma three days before i started at business school and very quickly realized that after a semester business both like this is not the place for me to figure out what i wanna do. ensued so left in have been still figuring out but Have been taking on different types of roles and then and we can talk more about that but yeah it's been interesting journey figuring out what what makes sense and also what is available to suit because there's so many beautiful cool things you can do that. People are not wherever and they don't really educate you about going. Well okay so you are a classic. Be school drop-out as as we in silicon valley love to a door and support all kinds of dropouts. And i'm curious to hear more about now that well i guess first of all. How did the whole culinary experience sirri shape your identity. I know it was kind of on a whim. It was almost like this weird gap period right between starting something quote unquote serious that you are intending to start yet. Obviously you didn't do that you'd be you're you fell more in love with a thing that you were not intending to start that you're trying to fill your time with what happened during that time. That led judah number one drop out of business school and pursue food quote unquote as a pursuit. and also. How did that also ear into your identity and also your activism right because you could just a pursue food as legit career which is incredibly difficult. Raise from what i know from. The outset is incredibly competitive industry. It almost kind of has that academic research overlords to you have these large personality shows. You have all these little underlings. Do all the work or other cooking like. I don't really know how did that all come about. Coding is really transformative for me. In two major ways one was just being around and really different group of people than what i usually surrounded myself with I wonder college early. So i started calling you when i was fifteen and i was around very competitive group of people to start with and we were all there at fifteen you know and there was actually a program that was like a sister program of ours where people started college when they're twelve different story hold different from story anyway So it was very competitive environment. And i was used to this idea of like. You're always kind of a not so explicitly looking at people's resumes to see if you want to be friends with them but essentially like sizing people up right and that was buying higher college here and you know when became graduation time. Like where did you get your job or you. Moving all that stuff. And when i was in culinary school. I was surrounded by a lot of people who were career. Changers were much older than me. Who had lived very different. Lives somewhere in the military etc as some people had kids rights just totally different experiences and they didn't care about any of that stuff like what they genuinely care about is like is. This is a good person who is gonna take care of me. Obviously cooking is a very collaborative effort. Nobody is making meals like a beautiful meals by themselves. But that is not possible I guess i and most of our time is possible. But you get what i'm saying. It's a it's a team effort and so it just helped me approach the world in a very different way of what they're really looking for in people not just people that are working with but people that i have in my life because right now and i don't believe friends are here because they think they care about me you don't care about you know the jenny on the resume. Then that is not actually the people you want in your life. And i really like and if i need it anymore. Reminder of that reality left business school and the mass exodus a friends. Because they're like oh you're no longer. You know the the columbia person that i i knew people will be like. Oh like what are you doing now. You know. I mean whatever. I had so many this i have married a guy from business wolf. I've no hard feeling love business. School was. There's there's some people who are like i don't want to be. I don't wanna be around you and so culinary school just really reshaped. How i look for i think traits in people and what is actually valuable in a perfect. Because it's definitely not you know where they went to school or what. They're good at what their sat was I was so trained to recognize. Look out for right anyway. The other side of culinary school fantasy. Which i didn't even realize i think for years was how unequal how equitable and also how problematic most of our not only culinary education for the food of this. You could say every time. We have an inequitable. And that's the whole larger question specifically in culinary school. There were so many incidences where i just realized that you know my culture. My background was not seen a seriously taken seriously. Appear to many other things studying and like microaggressions that many asian-americans by talk in general have experienced growing up. There was so many of that that a you're socialized to be used to and you some notice right Like oh you speak. English really roll like where are you from like. We've all heard those things. You kind of start tuning it out but also you're because of this constant sort of nagging. You are socialized to accept it. Like when i remember going to school and people would be like. Oh chinese it. So you know i would never pay a lot of money for that or when we spend one month learning about french food and all the and like look at french cuisine in normandy mocha french cuisine and prevent. And i'm not knocking any those they said those are it's important for us to learn. The distinctions are between the where many and prevents burgundian. All of those places right. however that's in kind of care is never applied to places that are seen as less than whether it's like second world countries or we didn't even go to the continent of africa. and i. i did offer me right. We we didn't make a single african recipe. We did make a single indigenous recipe of those things which are huge increment like instrumental part of cuisine cuisine. How developed around the world. We're not even touch that from the very clear message whether you're consciously recognizing it or subconsciously understanding it and internalizing it as a student and these are the next. We say students are the future. These are the people who go on the prep cooks for. Then susha then. Cdc's and then executive chef and they're internalizing mythology of like french and western european greatness. And so i think that comes willing my head and there was a lot of indignation that i felt in culinary school. But i didn't have the words to describe it. I didn't have the vocabulary. And that's now become one of the very important things i talk about. Is you know one. Classic way to press people who robbed them of the vocabulary described their oppression. And if we just give people the words and the tools to describe what they're feeling what they're experiencing then they actually able to voice the kind of violence that they're handling on a daily basis. And i say it doesn't have to be physical. Violence can be. The violence of being erased from an entire curriculum. Is the violence as well. So that kind of what triggered you to not just cook and make really good food but also to start your nonprofit organization. I forgive me of ambushing name but studio or a studio a towel. How do you pronounce it properly. Powered by honestly eight dollars fine. I heard a lot of that. And i felt like it but i had talent Yeah so. I think that for someone who was not only a person of color also women just going into the food industry. You start realizing that things yet. They're not fair. It's not fair but also things just are stacked against you like things are simply just made more difficult and it doesn't have to be. I think the easy thing to that. Like i guess the way out of all of these is like people who say well like life is a fair so suck it up but i like to think of it as pretty that whole if you look at sports and i used to send competitive going up and I i think this is a term used in a lot of places in tennis. They'll say like xyz person made an unforced error and stuff right because the message on their own bullish and not because the other person was like terrible for them. And i just think of all the things that are happening in the kitchen that are making like a really impressive of hostile environment and yet when we see buy puck individuals not succeeding women not succeeding at the rate. That white men do. We say that those are unforced errors. We say that like oh well you know. They're just not as good but really it's because the environment is like forcing them to backed up. And i when i mess up i mean. For example. women have to go on maternity leave. It's not their fault that they have to have their and their career gets disrupted instead of having the support network around that we're like well. Isn't it so strange. There's not as many email executive shots. Of course there's no childcare. There's no you know like the disillusionment of what people are experiencing versus like. What as we as society believe they're a facility. And if the output to be was like starkly in Like imposition with one. Another even something as simple as if i'm short bike foot and when i go to a regular kitchen i'm just gonna well suited for the kitchen A lot of people don't know this. But most i don't know about commercial but these home kitchen like literally. The countertops are built for a person. That is five eight because at the point when they were all standardized the average height of a may add five eight. According to at least what i've done is i've never read this version. I'm assuming school. Teachers are not like So if your five speech than perfect the kitchen is built for you but what. You're your shorter tall. And so if you look at thomas keller the chef the plan french laundry and per se. Something that he did quite causing he's sixteen or something. He actually raised the height of all his working surfaces to because most of the people that he hired no surprise are also tall white bed and so now everyone in his kitchen's like wow. This is great. I'm more efficient and getting more done. I'm doing really well for what is like. Then they hire me. I'm gonna be struggling in the kitchen. I can't chop at that. I literally can't even see what's going on the in front of the right because still top is like way. Add those small. Things like rob healed ability to do their best and week. Don't recognize that we don't think about that and yes or gonna make design is a whole thing that everyone's dealing with things that about time staff by a hundred in the kitchen and you have an environment where you're not allowing by pocket individuals and women to survive and to thrive you know so Besides like many times you see from especially like the old guard women is that they lean into that impression the oppression and the hayes and they heard other younger people that come up. I mean we saw this with april broomfield and all of those like. I didn't know it was happening at the spotted pig. Like absolutely you did. You just didn't know what was happening right because you had made it to the top and you now are afraid of you know other people making with you. So it was like a really negative environment I didn't work in restaurants particularly long. 'til ended up leaving and working in food research and development at a large corporates who company and time at least with to find. I love the rnd. I love developing new things. I love you know having something having a challenge of whether it we need to be able to get this out on the line in three minutes or we need to be able to produce this volume or we need to do whatever it is How do i make that. I just didn't really liked the company but it ended up with so like left and started doing my own thing and during that time with able to i think finally have that piece of the entrepreneurial sit like on making good money. I could support myself like gaining the confidence of. Oh i can start my own venture and it'll be okay. I'm not gonna make next mcdonald's and like you know. I'm not going to be a millionaire for like i consider by of being an independent and not only just the freelancer me on my own business. So with that. I think i had often enough to start. Of what is now studios tau. We started in a very different round where we when we first started doing it. It was just creative outlet for me. I wanted to cook for people. I want to express myself so we just started doing dinner out of our apartment in new york. Which as you can probably imagine it's pretty crammed and that was back in two thousand fourteen and so that was like six years ago so i've noticed at this and that's over. The years like grew are following was able to get a lot more people who want to come to these dinners and i started realizing. Hey you know. I've gotten so i just want to put the food out there. That call have lost the meaning behind the food. What are all these concepts of oppression would have all these concepts of inequality equity that. I want to actually develop and able to talk to people about because our idea. The beginning was actually really talk to each other. Everybody says that food brings us together. But are we really having difficult conversations at the table. Or are we just things kind of these platitudes of like were or you know. Whatever bullshit how do we really get people to engage. And i felt like we were falling into our own trap of one of my friends said willie while we were the victim to our own success. A lot of people who wanted to come to our events of not a lot of people actually wanted to engage with original mission and so we have in two thousand eighteen. Where after that essentially shut down. I was like i'm not going to do about it until i can figure out what direction i would take this and that is when we totally pivoted officially became studio a towel and said like single thing that we do need to be a lot more pointed be about. How do we educate people. How do we talk to them. Through food yes but also talk about larger issues and actually made sense to me to start with being asian american. What are the issues. Asian americans are facing or the issue. I can personally speak to. And what are the issues that i wanna prompt others. Asian american are not at the table to really dive into the model minority mitts. Whether that's the white savior complex. We see a lot of violence against asian american women. You know wasn't that internalized sexism racism in our communities and stereotypes the opposed upon one. Another how do i really bring that to the table And so slowly. That's where he built up and now we do more than that. But it's been a it's been a fun little journey point so i want to dig into some of the specifics exhibits like you. Don't call them dinners anymore. You call them exhibits. These are almost like museum exhibits. Except you get to eat something and better food than better food and most of the art openings. Or whatever that people go to and one of you exhibits is called asia in america and you use food and very creative ways to express the complexity and some the confusion. That is the asian american identity. Could you share even bring one of the dishes as an example to talk about the process in which you are indeed the dish to convey some of those messages or complexity so as people eat your food in as you talk to them as as they're eating that they're thinking about these larger issues and not just about what this tastes good or not. Yeah for sure her. We have a lot of middle field along the way. If there's anything that we learned in the four years of doing lots of dinners with people it's just small rules social psychology so for example. Really good we've noticed that less than six people other people is good more than that you just more than that. You faction into like different conversations. People catch each other. So we've found that sixty magical number For example We also send people a lot of priming questions before they start. Were pretty clear like this is what we've you you're not going to come here and just get served by you know this nice Server it's going to be. You are in charge of having the conversation at the table as people take this really seriously like one person will look volunteer to moderate. And then read it to do that. Like that is one hundred percent on them now. We do send out priming emails. Which like these are the three to four questions every single course so take on. That's like you know what you're getting yourself into. And the reason that we usually exhibitions in museums but also as dinner at the museum. Sometimes both Is that when people come into a museum as well. It's another priming teacher of like. What do you expect. Do when you're at the museum usually expect to learn you You kind of go in with kind of an open. Mind you go into museum. Self absorbed interesting are or knowledge or whatever so people kind of come in with a certain feeling as well so that out and then we see everyone and as the courses come out before you get the course you either get a piece of poetry that accompanies the course that talked about what the topic is or new. Watch virtual reality mini video about the course and how it's created so we have been experimenting with vr for about a year before we made asian in america of with not great result. We have some like the videos. Whatever but one of the interesting things about our is that even though the image quality is not as good as we have amazing calling on tv but even though the image quality is not as good even though the sound sometimes can be like a little wonky. Whatever is hard for people to get on. There's all these technical issues. The cool thing that i thought about the are is that it really balances out the introvert. Extrovert energies at the table. Because usually communal dining situation no matter how far sixty table doesn't matter or you have twenty. Is that the next avert start. Dominating conversation by the end of two three hours through there for about targeted are six hundred days And no matter how enthused or introverts are at the beginning of dinner by the under looking exhausted. They want to call. I mean i- introvert acl. I'm like you know this guy is talking over me. I'm so tired. I just want him to like stop right. I don't want to engage in more. I don't have ceased because someone is always talking and it's like the clash rate. Because then the i get more energy from the more so anyway we've all been there And what the are does is that. Even though you are literally one foot away from someone maybe even less we try to give you once again the during the whole different universe. You're in a whole different world you know and you can see the you literally cannot do the person next few but you're totally absorbed in whatever you're watching and even if it's not the most perfect graphics like it's still immersed in and that's really your beautiful because you can essentially create a digital virtual like reprieve for your introvert Susan cain who wrote this amazing book called quiet that everyone should read talks Says this is the new restorative nature. She called the restored mitch. And i think it's like this amazing little it's only two minutes long each of the vr segment. But you interject that three times throughout a two and a half hour dinner and people come out of there and they are like refreshed and the like to like. They're just having a good time watching their own thing for. The interpretive really has made a big difference because we can see the engagement level across the the two to three hour and usually with events. I think we're all uses you like like kind of a role as people come in. There's a spike as they get their alcohol and that it kinda like slowly declined over the entire rest of the dinner and for this scene. It's like they're still the low. When people get an unnaturally increases. And then it just stays really consistent because people just get a breather for one another and it's been a really amazing and obviously because of your focus. It gives them like. Here's the thing that we want you to talk about. There's no awkward pauses. there's no like So you know what do you do. It's like straight in. This is the topic you're going discuss. It gives them a direction Prayer parker who's another like amazing Writer and she speaks a lot about how to creek gathering that are really important also about the role of the host like people come to your event because they want you to tell them what to do and it doesn't have to be so strict. You're not like waiting your finger at them. But they are so basically ceding some of their power to you as host so that they can enjoy themselves. So if you don't take that seriously you're one of those laws a fair hosted. Oh go do whatever. You're not doing your job. Their job is to give people directions out of the and give them the thing that you want them to do clearly at the timeframe you want them to do it and it doesn't have to be still for me. It's just like you just have to give structure So anyway so the whole heart of just held of course early that all that it's about giving people structure so that they can they structure in place. They feel comfortable discussing whatever they're supposed to do. So one of the courses for example is called model minority and a top model minority myth and the way that i tried to shape. All the courses is that this is a bigger of problem. Issue thing as part of the asian american psyche and this is my personal experience with it. I don't speak for all asian americans. Not everyone has mad mike sparing. Hopefully i can vulnerable. Share what i have experienced. Then it will prompt. You also talk about how you have interacted with this topic. I mean that's the director of parasites said what is the most creative is the most personal which i thought was really beautiful. I think he said that was from even spielberg. I don't know he credited that someone. But i thought that was like a really beautiful quote because it's true instead of trying to talk about every single facet of the model minority that i just talking about my own. Like helps people get to a place where they can talk about how they interact with it And then try to make sure that the food makes sense with that. So for example The few for that course. The main protein are real sweetbreads. If you're not familiar with zeal sweetbreads through the famous gland of bbva also be cowed And they are blessed one organ meat that unlike any other organ meats you actually find on gourmet you'll never find like intestines or any of those other things gourmet menu. Because usually oregon ether feet has lesser than they're seen as growth. The there you eat them. In a time of poverty basically but for some reason sweetbreads kind of transcended that and they're they're serving their these fine dining news but the always almost the same way. They're always deep fried their served with a heavy sauces and other this parallel to that and asian american experience. Because we know in america where extremely seminar phobic were very white century. But what is like the asian americans have found this place of like white adjacency where you know you gotta hate him. Immigrants you guys are okay with haight immigrants until the taco trucks. Don't show up for us but it's like oh like we saw with bid even americans never actually we're never seen as equal but they were always seen as like hindi and yet enough to have around but as long as you always show yourself in the same way. You're always present yourself in the way that matter. If you basically shut up stay in your lane do your homework do all our research and our writing so we can keep going and getting nobel peace prizes right all that sort of thing and i think that's like this internalized Part of the asian american experience. We just we keep doing it and we will be able to overcome this racial problem that we have the us and it doesn't work but that's that's the idea that we've all bought into so anyway drug that parallels like the main course or the main protein on the court next to that is an example of the model minority. Might i think in action. The one of the ingredients on the courses sell twos which most easy asians are kind of familiar with cell to. It's like a watery. Crater vegetables is claim to fame. Is that when you surf. Riot doesn't have thought you can have the hot and then it's so country. Whatever so so to has been used forever in asia primarily east asia and then a few years ago. Dan barber from soon barnes. He's like quoted in this article saying he discovered it. And you know maybe count. As i don't know but literally it was like discover and usually you know when things like that happen when you think about like thug. Eight from bonn where why chef telling people how to eat far what people got really bad. You would think that somebody would have said something or got angry about this for literally not said anything. There was no outrage. There was nothing i never seen heard. There's all these articles from the white publications being like look at this cool. New vegetables fell to you know and nobody said wow. This is not a vegetable. Everybody's been eating it for hundreds of years right and i think that is part of the bottle. Eat that play because you see something that you know is wrong. You see something that is oppressive but your range give up your own social standing your own white adjacency the pointed al and i'm not saying that's bad. I'm not sure trying to shame anymore. I think that is part and parcel of what the model minority is there to do. Is the you in two n line so that we can the dominant group can you and you internalize it as way but this is the only way they can also acquire power. It's a little bit of this. Like khan Calculated pushing poll right so another component as part of the dish. And if you look at the dish. Visually it's this maze that's made out of chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum has a very similar stories stuff too so well who say it again but a few years. It was the hawks you vegetables. Every literally i would go to restaurants. And i'd be like oh a chrysanthemum. Solid cool and the actual chrysanthemum. Before did it anyway. Chrysanthemum as i had like you know. They're they're trying to figure out who you are. What your identity is. You're trying to figure out where you spawn in place in american society and you. It is a solvable maze. We make sure that solvable we it on the plate and then when you get to the center you get the right kind of you when you kind of understand your own identity. You're confronted with the way that people see you through the model minority lens. It doesn't matter if you believe in the model minority met. They're not as asian american. That is how people are going to see you there socialized to see you a new way at least in the us and then on top of this of this right gel sheet that kind of houses similar texture to you when you get like you know the steamed rice roll at dimsum. It's kind of a slippery slimy texture. Which often in western canada. Goose ronnie is not particularly appreciated. And this idea that like even when you get to the senate even when you've done everything you've been asked to do as the model minority you still have to cover yourself. You still have to try to hide yourself but the thing is even when you hide under the price. Sheet is metaphorical rice. She when people interact with you. It's like still like that is disgusting. That's what a lot of people would say when they have that right. She this sunday like us to discuss fixture and like you can't hide you are because you can't pastoral. Why cannot somebody can you cannot. You cannot change who you are and you cannot change how people see you even though you've done all the comporting whether the colour emotional and mental contorted to fit what people have accu to fit You can never really. I mean there's so many threads would explore with that answer that we don't have the time for well first of all. I encourage people to go to the studio a towel. Website studio h. e. a. o. Dot org. I think pretty prominently on your website. There's a really nicely done meteo about this particularly exhibits. You can actually visualize all this dish. That jenny just talked about. 'cause it's kinda hard to picture all of that. This is the poor. This is the the the sad part about a podcast for him. But i guess to follow ups you know one thing that we obviously are trying to do with this podcast calling ourself. The model majority podcast to take some ownership of this deck of cards. I guess that you just been dealt right. This is kind of the hand that you were doubts. And let's play it. The best to our ability is kind of how i see this whole struggle if you will and even a lot of asia americans when a hear. Our here about our podcast. They almost instantly call it a model minority podcasts and have to like push back every time sometimes gently sometimes now so much. I'd be like yo. This is actually the majority. That's how he was trying to think about this. I on his head. And i'm curious to hear first of all when you have these exhibits. Just you know used. A model minority miss lineup. They exhibit that you talked to buy things apple. Are these mostly asian-american for coming to this exhibit to try to explore that in a different way. Are there non. Asian american people that come a point of curiosity perhaps maybe some other mindset. How does that mix from the observation as you see. These people engage in this win. So i would say on our audience. Asian american events are probably like forty fifty percent. Asian american would still be like half of them are not asian american Which i think is good. Because asian americans have a lot of work to do in terms of unraveling all the things that we've been dealing with but also should americans are aware of oppression. It's kinda like when white americans americans racism like well. Black americans aren't the ones oppressing themselves right. So it's kind of the same mentality of we. I wanted to be validating and important extension. Asian americans that is always going to be number one priority. How do they. Asian americans who are at the event feed welcome feel heard you'll scene but then on a on like a secondary a priority is for those who are not easing american. How can we expand their understanding. Of what the asian american experience and also give them a real tangible like place and safe for them to interact with asian americans on these difficult topics and really understand not only why the model minority is harmful. But how has personally harmed. You know the person across the table for you. I think there is power in really being able to have that personal connection of not you know what they say like one person one. One death is a tragedy. A million isn't thing once you if you don't have that personal section you don't have that personal conversation. It's hard to care. It's hard to really understand why this kind of impeccable thing like the model minority that is so omnipresent in other people's lives right. So how do we break down those barriers. So people can have that kind of conversation. And i've seen apetit where where literally there's been coupled to come in and they're like what's the model minority meant because the reality is if you look you're not suffering from it. I mean my husband before we started talking about this. He would like oh. I thought i thought you made up that chirp. You're not suffering from it. According to what it is you're familiar with it. That's what privileges it's about about being not exposed to be and so that even just like the sign of getting that information out there hasn't been important well How do people receive that. I obviously have more instinctual understanding for the asian american side of things too like how they reacted things. And i'm always curious to learn more about the knowledge. Americans reaction and like are they after they discover what the model minority myth is and the substance or the definition of it and like and then what right like instead of just oh good to know like something like ore is something that's deeper like. I don't really have a good sense of it to be honest. Mckee here if you have a good sense of how people react to this new information if food right yeah i mean i think at the end of the day it. There's always a little bit of that. You can't force anyone view anything so you can only give them a tool to do it and so we can get people there. We can give them education. We can prompt the conversation what they are going to take away from that experience unfortunately like as a little. I'm not sure. And that's one of the things that we've talked about internally. It's like when it comes activism. Right how do you really get people to take action after to educate them after. Do so them that there's a problem. How do you really get them to care. And that's a it's an ongoing journey. But i do think one of the ways of getting them prepared is really getting them to see a personal connection between thumb and the person that is being harmed by whatever big topic. This is so for example when we talk about the model minority that we've had you know groups where there were other people. There was like a white man. He was gay and he talked about how. There's a lot of jerry. Oh types around the fun game right like you're forced into this. If you want to be accepted by your co workers you have to be fun gay. And you can't be like. I guess fun game and like having that interesting conversation at the table. There's these parallels between those toothy of what stereotype. How your are and how they're used to keep you in line or to basically force you to express a very small marge and of who you are in order to acquiesce dominant personality. So being able to kind of extrapolate from the bottom line where he missed like hey this is how other marginalized identities are also grappling with not the model minority but their own versions of marginalization has been really helpful and i think then creates not buying of. Wow this is an important thing that i want to do. Something about or this is something that now on notice and really at work and my personal life or whatnot. perhaps some bridges you can build with allah ships as well among a lot of these groups to because the framework i think isn't actually bad difference but lived experience with a specific anecdotes can be different enough that you don't act eight to each other until you see a more abstract light in the sense I want to kind of wrap up with looking ahead. You know you've done this for six going on seven year now and is this very intimates can impersonate experience that you have now navigates through covid and we're still in covid. I love to hear kind of your thought in terms of how do you plan to obviously continue but even expand that replicate some of the experience. You've recruited so far in this covert world that we are gonna until live. Are they going to be more. Vr says passed around the car. We thinking about this. Yeah we haven't ousted any event In covert and he imparts events. Obviously in overtime. And so we've turned asian america into like a cooking series where people can come along and they can cook every single course from this series and then have that small group coversation over zoom. Unfortunately it's the best we can do. Which as we all know zoom in great but also has a lot of limitations. So even though we're still able to have these conversations it's hard to have that physical dynamics up right The or had that People can rent them from us. So i think like me are had an opportunity and covid times and somehow still managed to not visit which they really blew it Thousand i think like i don't know what's going on with your. I had so much faith in it. And i think magically also destroyed a lot of people stay in reality okay different. I could go on for awhile about this anyway. so there is just like a craving and general especially over time to have these sort of personal connections there are. We have been doing that. Like modified version of asian america. But also a lot of small discussions in general. We want something over. The summer was very incidentally over the summer. Chery faulk lives matter. But i guess. In retrospect Good timing is post but it was specifically for the asian american community to talk about how the scarcity mentality impact us And then how to build solidarity and a lot of it was just about. How do we really address house. Scarcely runs in our our communities. Because it's not just that kinda blake white pop psychology scarcity right like. Oh i want the job that she has. I want more money or whatever you can't just replace it with the abundance mindset. What you see the a lot of like all. Today is up here see impacts. I individuals is through this ongoing internalize sort of socialization. Where you're told you're never gonna have enough as the white american. you know. that's why you have to compete with other asians that we have to keep oppressing black and brown people like the only ways the talks to step on other people. And that's the tell oppression. She's happening and peaks like cycling through and so anyway just being able to be angled out For the asian american puny and with other people in the community has been really awarding and also has a four format has been really amazing to be able to see people across the us at events. Obviously it's only people who can literally at the event so that really helped expand our reach a little bit and from that we've been developing different types like resources toolkits about this and we're gonna start those events in january. I guess this is shockingly january twenty twenty one so we're going to start doing that so i think or just slowly trying to build connections where we can whether it's virtual or percent that's great. Well look forward to Seeing all of that unfold in the coming years if you can use food somehow to fix the mental gap that is the affirmative action debate in our community. That would be wonderful. Though the whole we have a whole section about that in our toolkit about That's great so one last quick question hopefully fun but no less easy. No less difficult right. What is your ultimate comfort. Food being a chef being a food store is there. One dish were after a hard day or day use. This is the thing. I want to keep me going or put me to bed. Many depends on like was the day hard as an tiring or was a happy heart. As i'm angry at someone but all the variations but i would say Like a in terms of junk guys shinnecock assertion cup lack the best gotta do the series to the other one All write a piece about this one of the things. I really love. It's just like white life with callum on seat. Which is a season may maggie corporation. You know like maggie. the that like a random seasoning. They it's kind of like we thought but it's also i saw peacefully different. Oh and they have a version of the. That's just maggie's with color monte carlo monti the small citrus fruit that grows in call regions or sub topic is i guess Using philippians and hawaii he actually anyway and it is so good just like white rice really good light rice and caliban the and that's it and you have to get like really good like i get these like what i splurge. These japanese light riot. Anyway that love it right well Everybody goes out. You can access japanese rice and or japanese rest cooker. The other side of the equation put in the pot and make it work. Yeah that's exactly so we're people follow your work. L. social media or to track worse. Cd what's house doing. Yeah they they can find me on mostly active on instagram. My handle ask chef johnny dorsey and then you can find studio tower at studio a towel. That's still a a. And studio deal. How wonderful well thank you again for being on the model majority podcast today to talk about eating model minority league and good luck with twenty twenty one and i love to have you back on the pod to see if you can fix affirmative action for. I'll i'll say thank you so much.

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The Luxury Curse Scam

American Greed Podcast

40:38 min | 8 months ago

The Luxury Curse Scam

"Worldwide exchange is now a podcast. Join me brian sullivan. Is we get your day started with the big money stories. You care about all the smart takes on the news from the us and around the world. Subscribe to the worldwide exchange podcast. Today this is the american greet podcast presented by cnbc. I'm stacey keach episode of american greed radio host. Don bennett is a famous financial advisor. This is a time period to control your own financial destiny toes listeners and clients her sporting online startup is the next big thing. Think like lululemon on steroids through investors. She claims outrageous providence. Three million birr pick million dollars. He played with the fed. Says she's running a twenty million dollars. You don't still twenty million dollars without having a certain amount of charm accuse spending millions upon millions of dollars on expenses that exclusively benefited herself when investigators closed in she conjures supernatural forces to sabre so it can only imagine that miss bennet cast this bell. Dozens of times usually situations. Aren't that dire usually people. Don't let them get that bad. Oh my god in the tony. Dc suburb of chase maryland. Fbi agents executing a search warrant raid to luxury penthouses on august. Second two thousand seventeen. They're looking for evidence of financial fraud. It's caused dozens of investors twenty million dollars in keeping with their suspicions. They uncover incredible spending. It looked like i was walking into the latest department neiman. Marcus there was an entire large closet. Full of high-end ladies shoes no blahnik jimmy choo christian lubaton but what they find in. Two freezers is beyond anything they could have imagined. We found some strange thanks. That was the only time in my accurate the fbi. That i've come across anything even remotely close to that they're sinister discovered suggest the private desperation and epic downfall a woman who was once a darling wall street. We run a portfolio that's balanced and we do thirty percent less than the s and p hundred and we're up over twenty five percent in the late two thousands dawn bennet. Ceo of bennett group. Financial services appears to be the poster child for success. She was very high profile. She knew how to use the media to get on programs and get quoted publications. She was seen as a as somebody that had really had figured it out an accomplished woman in a male dominated world bennett commands attention with tv appearances and very own. Weekly radio show. hi everybody. This is don bennett. Welcome to financial myth busting don bennett's radio show Financial myth busting was was is one of these programs we by the airtime. They tended to be a little bit political sometimes. She's she was. I think leaned a little bit to the right. Bennett began her career in nineteen eighty seven working a different firms including legg mason before launching her own. Advisory business bennett group financial services in two thousand six. This former client will call carl who asked to be filmed in shadow. Hires her in nineteen ninety five after a recommendation from his art. Don's very outgoing very intelligent. We talk for a long time about just anything with consistently positive results. He stays with her when she goes out on her own. The whole time. I was with her. We were buying stocks by mutual funds by platinum buying gold selling stuff as needed bennett's washington. Dc firm grows with lightning speed and in two thousand nine with the purported one point one billion dollars under management financial magazine. Baron's named her number five on. Its list of the top one hundred female advisors and later that year number twenty six overall part of the barron's list criteria was assets under management. It's not their only criteria. But it's one of the criteria to get on their on their list. Bennett revels in the rankings. In a press release bennett says it's an honor to be chosen among the thousands of financial advisers in the country by such a prestigious financial magazine as barons that honored is one that been it will repeatedly us to make both existing and potential clients believed that they're in the hands of one of the industry's best. She would always call me with how wonderful she was. And what she. I'm number thirteen in the country. Top financial advisers top female top top. That and. that's part of the thing that led you know me to trust her is that i wasn't her only investor former model and television personality. Steve santa gadi is the author of the new york times. Bestseller the manual. True bad boy explains how men think date mate and what women can do to come out on top. The guy always pays for the first day. That is true as you next one. You can get a phd in psychology. And you'll never know what i know about women by actually living by doing it so to speak after the publication of his book god he becomes well known as a relationship expert who makes frequent appearances sharing his decidedly male perspective. You that's a really scary thing especially for men because we have to be lulled into commitment we have committed not at all. I would never say that on tv. But before his book is published he has a chance encounter in the lobby of publicists. Office with don bennett. Who's just starting out on her own. Don benneton there. She's very buttoned. And of course we start talking. And i asked her what she does and she said she needs. She's a financial advisor. So i started asking questions was starting my own thing. Is that the god. He says he expresses interest in having been it manages funds but knows he probably doesn't have enough capital. She's no i'll take you on. She's absolutely because you're just you know i'm just starting normally you're right. A million dollars is the least will take my whole relationship with dawn. Bennet started off with me believing she was doing me a favor by taking in such a small fry that all investors were big smart mill multi multi millionaires and that. I was a little guy that she was doing a favor for. Santa godley gives bennett all the funds from his book. Tv appearances and the sale of a home he built in vermont. I didn't need much money to survive. So i would just take everything and give it to dawn. I literally believe that putting my money. With don bennett was his safe is putting it in the bank and dawn. Made you feel that way. He says he appreciates what he believes to be bennett. Conservative approach has been at tells barons in two thousand nine. I'm competitive but i'm not going to chase greed while bennett. Says she won't chase greed. She doesn't shy from. S as evidenced by the spoils of her wealth. She had office space in chevy chase in an expensive retail location. She had to penthouse condos right on the road also in chevy chase and that overlooked washington. Dc she had three different automobiles expensive automobile. She was very well. Put together Very well dressed. Perhaps most extravagant lame bennett rent a luxury suite at the dallas cowboys stadium for five hundred thousand dollars a year. The length of the lease was twenty years so ultimately that was ten million dollar purchase that she made for clients and listeners who tune into her weekly radio show called financial myth it represents herself as a guru in her field. This is a time period to control your own financial destiny. Water exchange is now a podcast. Brian sullivan join me. As we hit the biggest money stories from around the world breaking down the risks and rewards of global. Trade the news. You need to know. What real world actionable advice and even a little fun and unique content. You won't get anywhere else like the most random but interesting thing you'll hear all day subscribe to the world exchange podcast today with a portfolio nearing purported two billion dollars in assets under management dawn bennet is once again named to barron's list of top financial advisors in two thousand eleven. She's ranked number two in all of washington dc on our weekly radio show. She regularly told her firms. Accolades and successes. That's what we're practicing with. A one point. Five billion That we have right now with money under management and growing client. Steve set got. He doesn't think he's taking any risks. An entire life. Savings in the hands of a pro-life dawn bennet. He says he never thinks twice about the security of his next day. Santa gotti gives benedict total of one. Point one million dollars and at first she gets it up to one point five but in two thousand eleven things begin to change and i started watching everything. Go down i. It was dropping ten thousand or twenty thousand dollar increments. And i didn't really get turnovers about that. Then star robin hundreds of thousands. And i'm watching goes down to like. Oh my god. I'm down to like seven hundred. I'm donna six hundred thousand. Five hundred forty thousand as his account dips below two hundred thousand dollars and eighty five percent plummet. Santa gardy calls on her friend in finance to look at what's happened. And he looked at it he was like. Oh my god. According to santa got him you will learn that bennett concentrated him in volatile investments without explaining the stakes even though he insisted on being conservative and that she borrowed heavily on margin against his account he says to generate more commissions and decided to gotti is losing money. He believes bennett. Is it hand over fist. Breaking in three hundred fifty thousand dollars in fees on his account alone eventually pulled his last bit of money from the firm. After at one point five at my highest i ended up with one hundred eighty thousand dollars left. That's it my whole life's work everything from paper route to the book. All that money. Everything you've done for your entire life was gone. Dawn bennet claims. He wanted a highly aggressive portfolio. Which santa coty says simply isn't true without steady income from his career. Santa got he sells everything he owns and uses. What's left to buy a three hundred square foot shack in maine with no heat and an outdoor shower plans to live there in the summer then he converts a ford transit. Vanity can live in the rest of the year. Santa gotti is dumbfounded at his reversal of fortune. Work at some of the biggest names in television and now living in a van. It wasn't drugs it wasn't alcohol. It wasn't gambling. It wasn't bad relationships. It was a crook. I was robbed. He's not alone other bennett. Clients say they are suffering staggering losses as well several including santa garden filed complaints with the financial industry regulatory authority i shown in this federal broker. Check report bennett fights the allegations when the complaints from customers starting to mount they started to show some really really agreed to stuff simultaneous. Lame the securities and exchange commission is examining claims that is made about her assets under management and client performance. But by then bennett. A former competitive swimmer is diving headfirst into another pool. Two thousand ten bennett launches a side business and online luxury sports gear and clothing retailer. Dj bennett dot com. She casts dj bennett as a company that would give under armor a run for its money. think like lululemon on steroids. We're talking you know ski pants. That are hundreds of dollars and tennis shoes and boots that were in the thousands of dollars so she was looking for a very upscale clientele this video on the site's homepage cells. Customers on the dj bennett lifestyle. While de promotional material plainly lays out who she was looking for her target clientele people who had a lot of money and a lot of free time on their hands to complimentary on nine luxury retail business. She opened an appointment only showroom adjacent to investment firm in the chevy chase pavilion. There bennett serves champagne and craft beer. Bowed clients peruse. The problems bennett repeatedly says that her retail business will rival underarm and soon will offer some of her brokerage clients and extraordinary opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Dawn bennet is still running her financial advisory business and her weekly radio program which he wants more. she's also launched an upscale online retailer. Bh d j bennett dot com. The websites professional. Promotional video appears designed to attract a wealthy clientele but by december. Two thousand fourteen bennett learned. He's under investigation by regulators. When she gives testimony to finra she was already in getting into some deep water. Some hot water with with regulators. They were already looking into her claims of having more assets under management than she had claims of having better investment performance since she had furthermore clients at hurt advisory firm begun to abandon her according to the sec. By two thousand fifteen bennett herself as only earning around. One hundred thousand dollars in annual commissions. Her financial advisory business was tank. The amount of money that she was managing was Evaporating very quickly And she was losing money. She sunk a lot of money to her sporting goods business and so she reached a point where according to investigators that she was in dire financial straits but still living a very posh lifestyle a lifestyle that includes that personal five hundred thousand dollar annual lease for sky. Box at the dallas cowboys stadium ben in falls behind on the rent making matters worse benefits online high in retail. Business is a flop. Dj banning dot com was losing millions of dollars year after year in twenty twelve. The business lost over one point. Four million dollars in two thousand thirteen. It did even worse and then by twenty fifteen it had lost. It was losing over six and a half million dollars. Annually strapped for cash under mounting pressure. Bennett begins actively learning investors in her. Dj bennett luxury sporting goods business using a business plan that promises high profits many our client. Who hired her as their financial advisor had no issues with don no reason to distrust her. Been with us since nineteen ninety-five after her relationship of twenty years is intrigued when bennett offers him. An investment opportunity in her retail venture. Dj benon dot com. According to the information she shows him the company is thriving told me how she was doing more business in two dot com and she was on the financial services and was a majority of the business was from china. it's the same picks that she makes to her other investors. She tells them listen. This is a great investment. Just like i would invest your retirement funds life savings into something else through the relationship that we already have but instead of putting into outside stocks or some other investment you can you can put it into my company and i. I will guarantee you return. Bennett asked investors to buy convertible and promising notes loans for which guarantees an unbelievable rate of interest so miss bennet would promise them fifteen percent annual returns and also the opportunity to either withdraw the money at any time or to convert the debt into equity and actual in this company. Miss bennet claimed was exceeding all expectations for some the offered at. I sounds a bit too good to be true. There was one period of time whereas specifically astor dawn made offing. Me right now. I said how can you tell a fifteen percent said. How is this legal. And she's told me that this is my money. This is the company's money. I can give you whatever return. I want to on the money bennett supplies. Investors with financial statements that show a flourishing company according to the financial statements. That don bennett was providing her investors. Dj bannon dot com was making money hand over fist year after year on top of that the projected revenues that were in these financial statements. Just through the roof. Carl transfers everything. He has with bennett group financial services and invested all in dj bennett. I was the largest investor. I made five six different investments. Many of her investors find bennett. Incredibly convincing in emails later used against benetton court. One client declines her offer because he needs the funds to care for his bedridden. Wife but bennett will not take no for an answer and eventually wears him down. He let her know about his wife's condition and about their financial circumstances and his wife's predicament. I'm in that he couldn't tolerate any risk. And even knowing that what that it still talk the entirety of his life savings. I think almost eight hundred fifty thousand dollars to invest in her failing business and dj dot com. There were examples of dog bennett being remarkably aggressive especially when she was directing that effort at less sophisticated investors on one occasion. She physically drove the victim to the bank in order to have that victim wire out money. There's surveillance footage from the bank. Where miss bennet is right there at the taylor. Stand with the victim as bennett concentrates. Our efforts on her retail business or advisory firm remains under scrutiny in september. Two thousand fifteen. The sec announces charges. That from at least two thousand nine. Two thousand and eleven bennett and bennett group. Financial services woefully misled. The public benedict had claimed to have between one point one and two billion dollars under management at her firm but when investigators start to dig. They can't find she ever had more than four hundred seven million. According to sec filings those fabrications were submitted to baron and ultimately use to secure but anti rankings on the publications top financial advisers lists. She inflated her assets to get on the list and then once she was on the list she would use that status and harassed her inflated assets on her radio program in other marketing programs so it was basically she was she had her own little little system there just feeding on itself which was all really based on the initial live at the time barons tells investment news that they compare the numbers advisors submit against the sec database. They were kind of stuck in this situation of using the assets under management. That don bennett was reporting to regulators. The sec also contends bennett lied about clients performance to bolster her stature. Clients and dj bennett. Investors bennett brushes the charges off. She said the reason for it possessed. She was very outspoken. About president obama's way of looking at finance she described it. As a witch hunt in this serene san juan islands of washington state ben collins operates the website pooja dot net a spiritual man who discovered hinduism in his youth collins founded the site to set it on pooja and yoga rituals ceremonies involving offerings to deities generically speaking the goal of any of these rituals to remove obstacles to success in life for a small fee collinge arranges for these rituals to be done by priests at temples in india in mid two thousand fifteen collins notices. His site has a new customer financial advisor and entrepreneur. Dawn bennet don found us on the internet. Although i don't know exactly how or why the beginning but she started participating and after a few months was spending more money than most people do so i gave her a call in and said you know ben collins. How can i help you. Bennett tells collins. She's being investigated by the sec. But she paints herself as the victim. She emails him. I am in a very tough fight going against my enemies. And i need all the help i can get. She wants to see what she could do to increase prosperity and solve these problems with the sec. She never shares whether she identifies as hindu but soon then is spending one thousand dollars a day for one hundred priests to pray on her behalf. I would say to her don. You know you don't have to do this much. Wanna dial it back a little take a range view and she said no band. The money's not the point. I was at my peak was making a million dollars a month. Don't worry about the money. Quite honestly don done could be a bit of a bully. She could be extremely insistent on getting whatever it was you wanted in. Only two years bennett pays collins more than eight. Hundred thousand dollars for the rituals. We were supporting probably two hundred priests and their families for two years. We've provided them with very steady and reasonable income so some good came out of it from our side despite the prayers regulators. Don't back off in late. Two thousand fifteen. An employee at a bank in maryland becomes suspicious when an eighty year-old customer comes in requesting withdrawal to invest in bennett's online startup. dj bennett dot com. The elderly woman provided some financials that don bennett had given her about. Dj dot com which caused the bank branch representative to do some quick research and the bank branch representative found the twenty fifteen sec press. Release into the investigation into bennett group. Financial services at that point. This bank representative actually called the sec. The sec then also begins to investigate dj bennett dot com and ultimately calls in the fbi came back from lunch one day and and had a voicemail. This is agent custer from the fbi. We need to speak with you and no. This is not a joke until then ben collins has no idea. Is that the money. Paid him is coming from investors who believe they are funding benefits luxury retail sporting goods venture. Dj bennett immediately cuts off. Contact with her and cooperate with investigators has the fbi discovers. India is not the only place investor funds are going back records revealed that funds from investor deposits come in and goes straight out to pay law firms representing bennett. The mortgage is on her penthouses and her personal credit cards and there were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on places and things such as cosmetic procedures neiman. Marcus over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars were spent on these gems That were supposed to have missed a goaler spiritual properties one stone in particular with a twenty one carat yellow sapphire that cost over eight thousand dollars of investor. Money investor funds also go directly to the dallas cowboys. To whom bennett owes hundreds of thousands of dollars on her luxury suite. Lease the timing of the money coming in and the money going out almost instantaneous. Almost if she was waiting for the to come in and she knew exactly what she had to do with it other funds go to pay earlier investors. One day i came into work and the fbi was in my office and they put out a binder. Said that been is running a ponzi scheme. I didn't believe them. Meanwhile would investors and creditors try to reach better to redeem their funds. She dodges them as an fbi. Wiretap reveals morning. Venacuro help you. I would like to speak whereas Don bennett. I'm a client. She's out on travel at the moment. Can i take a message in to tour where she traveling out of the country or is he. He's out of the country at the moment. She was very nation. I'm sorry very sick Last week and all of a sudden out of the country a fairly routine example was if an investor called and said. I need my money back that employees would tell the investor well don bennett's in china but according to the fbi during those time periods bennett never leaves the us. We found Credit card expenditures. At times where she represented She was out of the country You know it starbucks down the street. There was one particular time period where she told me she was one place and i talked them. They said no. She's not what a surprise you didn't know that she never went to china and then i said okay. That's that was where the the lie was revealed gone. Bennett was one to respected power player in the financial industry but in july. Two thousand. Sixteen the sec bars benefit from the securities industry for inflating her assets under management and client performance at her financial advisory firm at the same time. The empty is conducting a criminal investigation into a possible palm g scheme involving benefits retail sportswear business. Dj bennett on august. Second two thousand seventeen. Fbi agents raid bennett office. Enter to thousand condos and kevi chase. Their findings include evidence of both excess and guilt in the office. They uncover what appears to be. A list of excuses and employee was to provide the callers. Who were attempting to reach bennett. One of the penthouses residents is filled with valuable asian influenced furniture and art and the other the other one she used almost exclusively as a clausen And the closet had all sorts of designer senate the rover seven hundred pairs of these High end shoes some which still had two thousand dollar price tags still on them. At first glance you could say well perhaps though as the inventory for her company but as it turned out all those shoes were the same size and they were her shoe size. But perhaps this crane just evidence comes from the kitchen and back room there. Investigators find two freezers jammed with mason jars the lids each labeled with mysterious letters so when we opened the mason jars there. Is this kind of sandy sludge in. It didn't smell very good nearby. They find biographical information on. Sec attorneys investigating bennett case attorneys. Whose initials maxed letters on the mason jars and they find instructions for beef tongue. Shut up who do spell. It was a printout from a website in which a person could cast a spell using certain ingredients which included a beef tongue. Lemon juice red pepper Say the magic words. I'm paraphrasing here. But it said something. Like i crossed in cover you I commend you to speak. I commend you to hold. Your tongue can only imagine that miss bennett cast spell dozens of times to thwart the government investigation against her to to get the sec to to hold their tongue anyone who would be utilizing the beef tongue shut up spell would be someone who is a very dire situation. Sarah best is a hoodoo practitioner an owner of conjured cardia which sells potions an object. Used in the creation of spouse best says who do should not be confused with voodoo actual religion. Pu is an earth magical practice. It's a folk. Magic tradition that utilizes objects curios herbs to bring about a desired effect. He's not connected to bennett case but knows the beef tongue. Shut up spell but it seemed to perform typically. It would be used to stop somebody from slandering you or gossiping about you. It could also be used to. We would use the term shut someone up or maybe they were going to speak against you in a court case. According to best those performing the spell which i acquired a tongue from a butcher he would cut us a slit down the center of the beef tongue and In this let you would put a photo or a name paper. We would call it of the person that you would want to stop from speaking against you and then you would so it up best says the spell is nothing to mess with. She's only done it once and she says it's very unusual. Benefited did it multiple times. It's a very serious working in. It's not something that's taken lightly. Usually you situations are that dire usually people. Don't let them get that bad. When the fbi's findings are later released former bennett clients are stunned. I was kind of way out there that was in the range. To be honest the government has amassed a preponderance of evidence that dawn bennet is running a fraud. But there's one more nail to be hammered into the coffin investor. Carl agreed to record his conversations with bennett for the fbi. Every conversation was doing really well. But when karl asks for some of his money back there were times when don bet it was saying it was impossible because for sort of obscure financial reasons. We won't be able to return the money right away. An afghan at my friend hit committed until october. Thirty first plea arcade the company. Is there any way that you can. Anyway i'm just begging you. Because i really do not have the time if it there and reorganized financial right. Now i don't and for all the right reasons. And then there are other times when dawn bennet was communicated this investor that this terrible idea for you because we're making so much money at this company that you don't want to withdraw your money. I'm only asking for my mind. I oh by the way. I know it. Here's part two. I have made you this company built because of your equity step up. Three million hovers pick million dollars crazy. The august twenty fifth two thousand seventeen investigators arrest bennett at a rented vacation home in santa fe. New mexico bennett is charged with seventeen counts including wire fraud bank fraud and making false statements on a loan application according to the government from december two thousand fourteen through april two thousand seventeen bennett ran upon scheme. Investor funds meant as loans to her retail sportswear company. Name we're actually going to fund her lavish lifestyle as well as pay back earlier. Investors prosecutors alleged that at least forty six people invested twenty million dollars in this scheme at her trial. The jury never hears about bennett alleged who practice instead a parade of victims testify that they trusted been it with their life savings and ended up losing it all. This was money that these folks had set aside for ailing family members for their own long-term care for their grandchildren's education so that they could retire and so that they wouldn't have to return to the workplace so the loss of these funds was just absolutely devastating. Does not testify but her attorneys argue. That like amazon want was dj bennett dot. Com was a startup that someday would have been a huge success and that she herself had sunk millions of own dollars into the venture. Don bennett's defense was that i wasn't lying. I told these investors that this company was successful and i believe it was successful. I believe it was going to be successful. Sure i wasn't making massive profits but i viewed my company as a startup. she would say but the jury dozen. The evidence showed that while she was promising to us. Investors money solely to further the business interests investors and of dj bennett dot com that she was spending millions upon millions of dollars on expenses. That exclusively benefited herself in october. Two thousand and eighteen bennett found guilty on all seventeen cows. She's later sentenced to twenty years. In prison and ordered to pay fourteen point five million dollars in restitution. Dawn bennet does not respond to american greaves requests for an interview but at her sentencing bennett. In states i am so profoundly humiliated that it will be difficult to ever shake off. She's appealing her case. Car only gets back a quarter of what he invested. Made me feel like a fool. Obviously all my plans. Everything that i had tried to accomplish. I had done and then okay. It's gone i need to start over again former. Clients steve center gotti never invests and bennett sporting goods scheme but he still considers himself one of her victims and in march two thousand seventeen prior to benet's arrest a finra arbitration panel agrees awarding tend to gaudy one million dollars to cover his losses and legal fees. The award is paid out by insurance now in coastal maine center gaudy lives a simple life in a small house. He built by himself but he'll never forget the told that hiring dawn bennet took on him. I would love to see don bennett face to face again in jail. Not so i go there and go. I told you so ha look at you you scumbag. Look her in. The is a victim of her theft. And just be able to say. I know we all know who you are now. Thanks for listening to the american read. Podcast presented by cnbc. I'm stacey q. What exchange is now a podcast. I'm brian sullivan. Join me as we hit the biggest money stories from around the world breaking down the risks and rewards of global. Trade the news. You need to know what real world actionable advice and even a little fun and unique content. You won't get anywhere else like the most random but interesting thing you'll hear all day subscribe to the worldwide exchange podcast today.

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Who Wore High-Heeled Shoes First?


06:21 min | 2 years ago

Who Wore High-Heeled Shoes First?

"At IBM problems inspire us to push the world forward. That's why so many people work with us on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic smart loves problems. IBM A. B. M. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more come to brainstorm a production of iheartradio. Hey rain stuff lauren bogle Bam here although these days wearing shoes with high heels mostly coated feminine the original Wears High High heels were men so what's the history here when where and why did people I begin wearing shoes with elevated heels we spoke by email email with Elizabeth Mohawk senior curator Toronto's Batta Shoe Museum who says she has yet to unravel this mystery. The exact origin of high heels remains needs to be discovered. What's clear however is it. High heels. Were not a European invention heeled footwear only emerged in western Europe around the turn of the seventeenth century but had been warn for hundreds of years prior throughout Western Asia Similar Hawk said evidence for early Western Asian heels as far back as Tenth Century Persia suggests a strong relationship to horseback riding and may have been connected to the innovation of the stirrup the store profoundly changed horseback riding and in particular made military campaigns on horseback more effective as as an enabled riders to steady themselves in dramatically improved the effectiveness of weapons such as the Lance and Bowen Aero. He'll seems to have been a further development of this technology as it allowed the wearer to hook his feet in the stirrups better angering him to his steed eventually heeled footwear for men spread to Europe likely three political networks works and trade but the exact evolution is complicated so why did heels only become of interest to Europeans around the beginning of the sixteen hundreds civil heck said the answer lies and things it's complex European world exploration and the destablizing the textile trade to the rise of Persia under the reign shot a bus the first from fifteen eighty the eight to sixteen twenty nine and both Persian and European concerns about the increasingly powerful Ottoman Empire in particular it was the power of Shah boasts the First Mountain Military Terry who wore heeled footwear that may have made heels appealing I to European men and ultimately to women as the he'll entered into upper class men's fashion and there was a concurrent trend in women's fashion to adopt certain aspects of men's attire some hawks said that the women who played with this trend were often quote the butt of ridicule the end there numerous offenses included their adoption of men's military inspired fashion including broadbrimmed hats ornamented with plumes doublets carrying weapons and wearing heels in the heels that both men and women wore in the early years of the seventeenth century were very low but they would rise for both sexes as the century progressed the the majority of powerful and privileged men wore heels through the seventeenth century and into the early eighteenth century in France during the reign of Louis the fourteenth from sixteen forty three to seventeen in fifteen wearing red high heels was a principal signifier of political privilege limited to the king and his courtiers beyond France red heels for men were at first associated associated with French sophistication but by the end of the seventeenth century they were increasingly seen as effeminate especially in England similar. Hawk said fueled. Oh by nascent enlightenment thinking and increasing nationalisms men's dress began to undergo a radical transformation at the end of the seventeenth century. It was in the early eighteenth century that men abandoned abandoned the he'll to women's fashions and the he'll became a signifier femininity. Those shifts included a heightened division between men's and women's tire as as well as March differences between French English men's dress some will hawk said since the Seventeenth Century Western culture has shown extreme sensitivity to men in heels especially if it's deemed that the heels are being used to increase height she notes that this negative view only increased Darwinian ideas of survival of the fittest became came translated into racist and sexist notions of natural male physical and mental superiority but heels for man made a brief comeback in the middle of the twentieth any of century SIMILAC explained the he'll began rising in men's fashion in the nineteen sixties and in the early nineteen seventies reached unprecedented heights in direct response. I feel wheel to the burgeoning women's movement the heels and men's fashion however we're not borrowed from the female wardrobe they were block and high like Louie the fourteenth and were touted as a way increasing one stature masculinity and confidence in no way did they reference the Longstanding Feminine High and Thin Heal these days however however heels on men can be construed to emphasize a lack of height rather than compensating for it which means quote that heels on men function like a bad to pay they reveal insecurity and that in our current culture is deemed unappealing iconic footwear designer Christian Lubaton concurred to a news publication a man and heals. That's a prosthesis but I sympathize. The men need help but a man and heals is ridiculous clearly. Mr Lubaton doesn't watch the cowboy channel those BRONC and bull riders look pretty good or as someone hack puts it cowboys continue to own their heels and wear them with confidence today's episode certain Kerry Tatra and produced by tyler playing brain stuff is a production of iheartradio's. How stuff works ruinous and lots of other topics our home planet has networks dot com in or podcast. My heart radio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows Hello I'm Dr Q. and I've spent the last thirty years tracking down there and Banjo the two most important musicians of the twentieth twentieth century podcast narrated by Dennis Quaid featuring new music produced by t-bone Burnett written by Jerry Goose did and in Grammy Winning Songwriter Poobah bowling but the new song featuring original lyrics by Bob Dylan listened to bear in a banner on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get podcast.

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The Truth About Designer Fruit

A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

44:50 min | 1 year ago

The Truth About Designer Fruit

"Talk ramble. COSMIC CRISP APPLES Cotton Candy Grapes Sugar Kiss Melons Heck cuties are these brand name fruits really worth the extra money or is it just clever marketing designed to sell more? The same thing? This is a hot dog as a sandwich. Up is a smoothie. Yeah. But icing serial. So what makes no? Doubt of the Fan Club Dot Org. podcasts a hotdog is a sandwich, the show where we break down the world's biggest food debates. I'm your host Josh share and I'm your host Nicole. Zodda and today we are getting to the bottom of the issue around designer fruit. Now, for those unfamiliar can range from simple selective breeding them. Different plants something farmers have been doing since the beginning of farming to full fledged genetic modifications in labs to create downright alien albeit delicious fruit like objects, variety of shapes. This trend and produce has been the source of price gouging as well as some species selling for hundreds of dollars I. Know I have a lot of feelings around them but i Nicole what you think. Okay. So as a girl who enjoys designer sings okay, listen. Break it down for you. I could buy a pair of black heels for like twenty bucks and be happy about it or I can buy a pair of Christian La Bhutan Heels for eight hundred dollars and no. One can know that I'm wearing them other than me and feel good about it. Same concept with eating regular green gape. Candy Grape is. The Red Bottoms Cardi B. refers to. Yes. I understand that reference. I'm someone who my entire wardrobe is exclusively from target and nickel. This shirt that you see me wearing and you can't see my shorts. They were both under twenty dollars at target. So I am not someone who understands the designer appeal of literally anything except for designer fruits. Yeah. Christian Lubaton, not a sponsor yet we're getting there Nicole. We're going to get you free pairs a red button. Oh my gosh. Don't just keep saying that into the universe I will be happy woman. So I'm not I'm Buji in my own specific ways, I. Don't understand designer labels. Designer fruit don't you I do understand designer fruit I love them, and the reason we're even talking about this right now is because for whatever reason during quarantine, you know how this is going to take a weird turn sometimes pregnant women eat dirt. Yeah. It's called PICA raise your body recognizes that is missing a certain nutrient and you start eating weird things probably wouldn't eat because there's like iron found in soil and stuff like that. Yes. That has been me but with designer fruits in quarantine time. Whatever. I don't know if it's the fact that like since restaurants closed I have more money that I'm not spending on restaurants. So I go to whole foods I see not only cotton candy grapes that you mentioned are absolutely delicious. So they are like Green Grapes I actually did some research on this. They were a simple crossbreed of two different grape species. And the botanist who developed it is actually trying to recreate original great flavors that were lost due to like monolithic cultivation. So it's really fascinating, but you eat them and it gives you this kind of like Aroma of cotton candy and they're sold in this neat little package says cotton candy emblazoned on it, and they're like times as expensive as normal grapes. Cotton Candy Grapes, Whole Foods, and it was just like a normal sized bag of grapes and it was like nine fifty. I was just like well, these are my Lubaton heels of great. I mean it's just it's just really good marketing also remember learning about Punnet squares in school about how like we like like they cross bred like one Stock of peace within other star they peace talks Y- totally have the same textbook I I. Remember that exact page USA scientists named Linda's and it's a it's it's a square cut into four quadrants and it's the Green Green Green and in the bottom left corner was a yellow. Piece stock and then from that like the world changed forever. Just the times of million, billion, trillion I. Just think it's so interesting how people are willing to spend three the amount of a regular bag of grapes to buy something that's designer aside from the side that is designer it tastes really good and it tastes really unique and I think as humans we always try to find something that's unique and new and interesting that others haven't tried before because we just want to be better than everybody else. It's true I agree with that and that's been the history of farming in general everyone talks about the bananas that we eat today. Sure one specific cultivar because that was what was growing best in Guatemala at the time. So if you take a banana one, hundred years ago, it's going to taste nothing like the bananas that we did with tomatoes right? We talked about this and the pizza episode where sure Europe tomatoes were poisonous because remember the nightshade family and I'm sure they looked vastly vastly different than they do today even including the heirloom varieties like they're nothing like the tomatoes that. Were grown before watermelons used to be like a quarter of size full of sites like full of like their own little like holes and stuff weird looking looking fruits. Yes. The history of human farming innovation has been from this crossbreeding stuff but like the real innovation for all this is like you said, the marketing which is crazy because my big question if you taste the cotton candy grapes without the branding of cotton candy, if you like normal as green grapes, would you have tasted them going? That's cotton candy. I'm like a kid at the Carnival again where I threw up on the Tilton. Kissed. My Best Gal on the whatever Wurley bird rise. No. Of course not I probably wouldn't taste the difference in a blind taste edgy these grapes sweeter. Weird grave these are some weird are these old grapes that's probably what exactly are these over ripened grapes I have a question for you actually. Do. They genetically enhanced the sweetness of fruits recently is that something? That's that's part of the crossbreeding. Literally you take the sweetest you don't variety of fruit, and then you crossbreed that with another sweet variety fruit and then he's kind of perfect that technique and you see that a lot with with apple's actually totally cosmic your favorite hunting, Chris Honey Crisp ziprecruiter. Honey Crisp are the best apple on the market and it turns out hunting Chris were invented in Nineteen ninety-one. They were across breed of to like somewhat obscure apple varieties and then they found out that when you cross bred them, they created a sweeter fruit but not only that created a juicier fruit because of the size of the cells were actually bigger. So you're getting bigger sell POPs. Them. But the problem with honey crisp apples is that they don't ship well. It's because of the large cell structure into thin skin which makes him so delicious. But that's why the most the most fascinating story in this designer for thing, and we're getting to an actual point about society. At sometime, this beret now I like this to me is like an album hyped up what happened with the cosmic crisp apples laugh. This is an apple that has been in development for the last twenty years. At The Washington state. There's literally like an apple husbandry labs they've invested almost half a billion dollars into planting these cosmic crisp apples as a crossbreed of the honey. Crisp apple in the Enterprise Apple, they took the sweetest apple in the world. Then they took like the the sturdiest apple in the world and they're like, what if we can crossbreed them to create a sweet apple that sturdy enough to ship and hold not Brown and all that, and they put ten million dollars into a national marketing campaign they call it the cosmic crisp. was just like sounds absolute fire and I remember going to whole foods and seeing it and I was just. Like it was like a win easiest dropped. Yeah. I don't ever was waiting in line at supreme that was me at whole foods except for there was no line because I'm the only Weirdo who stoked on this New Apple Eight it you were camping out outside of whole foods is what you're saying. With Bro, you heard the new cosmic Chris Draws. The Apple Sturdy. Eight it and I was just like, yeah, that's the apple. It was. kind of disappointment that like we've built up nature using, you know a marketing hype in all this packaging and it's like we're trying to like build just natural things that grow in the world up to this incredibly vaunted item and then try it and that's just a apple. Exactly. It's just a fruit but is it worth it is what we're saying you should talk you're always talk about we should talk about the culture, the culture in Japan Yo yeah. Because they sell like like million dollars melons million that's a millionaire is like nine dollars I don't know how money works. So the. Most expensive fruits ever. We have a list in front of us. That didn't Sukey watermelons at the. Flagship store. In Tokyo for one hundred, twenty, one dollars can you imagine buying a watermelon for one hundred and twenty one dollars? My mom would beat my. Seat Sokai Ichi Apple Twenty one dollars for a single apple can you believe it? I would absolutely do that. I would. I would be that person who is buying a twenty one dollars apple I would feel I would feel no qualms. The only way I've seen these strawberries that they make in Japan no, that's the only fru I would spend over fifty dollars to eat twelve. That's why what is it like actually try and psychoanalyze yourself what is it about those strawberries that would make you spend fifty dollars. On this I'm not the biggest fruit person I don't love fruit I much rather prefer to eat vegetables and fruits, but there's something about pristine beautiful strawberries that are huge and the leaves are green and their package level like in a lovely way and they're just sitting in this foam that you know it's good quality foam and just picking it up and like just nomin on a strawberry that was worth more than like. A steak dinner is like something else but I'm not going to spend one hundred dollars watermelon never would know what? Is My thing. So why in red wine people have no problems spending hundreds of dollars on a bottle of wine it's become like this huge culture but the value of wine it's like the value of fine art or jewelry or something where it's literally just it's nothing it's like if you set a price I, mean certainly there's a different labor costs that go into wines and different marketing bottling and all that but the value is largely completely subjective. As I feel like, why not? Why isn't fruit treated with the same value as something like wine you know I think. I. Know what I think it has to do with like a food scarcity maybe or like actual like Labor that goes into the fruit picking. Ben Could Be I. think that's that's why we might have a little bit of like A. What's called the stalemate? What it's called like it just doesn't. It doesn't. The value of the FRU and the actual Labor that goes into cultivating and foraging the fruit does not match and I think that's why I'm a little bit resistant to designer fruit but I do love cuties. And I'll eat a cutie. So you said you're not a big fruit person I when I was a kid I thought I legitimately hated. That was the thing it was like one of the things I grew up on like I thought I hated salmon steak just because my parents didn't know at cooks had only eaten like well done London Broil until I was fifteen years old and did o Salmon. But. Same with fruit. We're like we only we didn't have any fresh produce in the house growing up 'cause like my parents were total boomers or they really excited about the idea of canned foods and prepackaged mayonnaise and stuff, and so I only ate canned mandarin oranges for fruit I would eat six cans at a time. Switzer and I would take the syrup as a shot afterwards because I was like it's healthy it's fruit I'm sure we know it's all just packed in sugar and all that but. The only fresh fruit I would eat would be from the school lunch line and they just have the crappiest red delicious apples possible and the pithiest rainiest or injuries that like you'd have to I remember in school just like digging. into the Orange Peel it until my thumbnails bled, you'd have to bite the outside of the orange to get to it. Yeah it's terrible and I think my biggest concern. I want to know if there's actual like practical application to make the world a better place I guess on designer fruits in cuties I think are the best example of this in my own life I literally thought I hated eating fresh oranges because of the crappy oranges they got from school, and if you know you're kid who you're getting all your information about nutrition and Diet and all that from school, and well, they're telling me to eat fruit but the fruits are. Giving me like completely suck yeah I don't want to do it sure. But then I remember going to like going to Ralph's with and seeing you know these little cuties clementines, which are just a breed of mandarin oranges that were originally grown in Algeria and they've been around for a long long time. I didn't know about them until they slapped like this happy smiling orange. Mascot that you know might as well have been a kid cereal mascot and now just like I'm acuity. Me I'm good for you. Small impressionable young boy. and. Then I got him and others like holy crap. These are easy to peel and they're delicious and I feel good about buying them because there's an orange frigging smiling at me on the package and so like I don't know, can we use manipulating children to get them to eat healthier I? Suppose we we've manipulate children to make bad decisions like Toucan Sam on the fruit loops bugs and they know the captain, it's not even captain crunch it cap in crunch right Cap'n cat. APOSTROPHE and did did Cap'n crunch. I did he actually attain that military rank? All I know is he's the face that launched a thousand ships. I know I. Think it's from a movie about sirens I might be wrong though I, think it gets Joan of ARC, is no some woman had faced that Helen of troy. Thank you. Joan. Of Arc. Hello. From Potato Patel Iliad from the Iliad by homer, you're confusing classical Greek poetry with breakfast series. That's so me. So you're the so. Although Cap'n crunch is allegedly a captain he wears the admiral set that's stolen valor. He could go to jail crunch any. He can go to jail for that. Yeah. There needs to be like some sort of dachshund campaign on Cap'n crunch to get him to stop wearing that stuff out there. Yeah. Because that's let's start an petition judge. We need to strip cap'n crunch his military rank we need a time up in the break and get him to answer for his war. Put Him in the brick click captain Morgan and Admiral Nelson will be there on the tribunal to judge him. A big. Thank you to our friends over at Sun Basket for sponsoring this episode. If you're like me, then you want to limit the trips you take to the grocery store as much as possible. That's why I love Sun Basket. They've amazing clean ingredients and organic fresh produce. Sun Basket delivers fresh healthy delicious meal straight to your door. 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Uncomfortable waiting room better help is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches. There's a broad range of experts available and it's more affordable than traditional counseling. They offer licensed professional counselors who specialized in depression stress relationships, grief self-esteem, lgbt manners, and more. So many people have been using better health recruiting additional counselors. In all fifty states, I want you to start living a happier life today. As a listener you'll get ten percent off your first month visiting better help dot com slash hotdog join over one million people taking charge of their mental health again, that's better help H.. E. L. P. dot com slash aw doug our thanks again to better help now back to the show But like you said, we're we manipulate kids through packaging all the time I remember when I was a kid. The biggest thing Toby Maguire's Spiderman weaken all universally recognized. That was a fantastic series and well cast in well-made. It was fantastic. They came out with pop tarts that were like wild spidey berry flavored or whatever toby Maguire's face which for me apparently, it was very important to buy. Toby Maguire's face on it and they were just these like artificially died blue and purple had vague web pattern on the frosting you know. Yeah. But what if they would've taken toby Maguire's face and I don't know slapped it on a head of cabbage. I would've I would've bought tobey Maguire cabbage when I was ten years old. Yeah I think I think this is a chance where like we need to shift over from advertising for things sugary children foods like pop tart toast to shoot holes and move to cabbage and Broccoli 'cause kids really don't isn't there like a study that says that kids don't eat as much vegetables as they used to. Just like concessional dropping and that's There are so many reasons for that like as more people enter the workforce issues like less time to feed kids totally you know the school system doesn't actually educate people about you know I remember getting somebody lessons about nutrition and here's what you should eat, and here's what you shouldn't eat. But there was never any less practical plan shards like here's how to cook fresh vegetables. Here's how to buy them. Here's literally any usable information they're like, hey, you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Go to lunch and suck down this melted chocolate milkshake piece of pizza. Like all instruction that we got pizza a vegetable. Pizza is okay. So there is a pizza lobby in America, which my backup plan is just to become a pizza lobbyists like I. Don't know them hold on hold on. Don't you dare judge me you overhear rock and your lubaton heels I don't mind charity I don't have any. This is the plan. As the pizza lobby in America, their primary focus re period of time I always thought it was to get pizza classified as a vegetable and then I actually started researching this. It was already classified as a vegetable. The pizza lobbies job was to get it to be classified as to vegetable. They wanted they were so greedy that they wanted pizza to be. Classified as two servings of vegetables. So kids didn't have to take another serving of vegetables at lunch because that was part of Michelle Obama's healthy hunger free kids act. That was like kids have to get at least two servings of vegetables launch of the pizza lobby was like, yeah. That's size of pizza. That's two vegetables and they're like, how do you figure? Well to those vegetable, which we'll talk about that in a different podcast. Tomatoes is a vegetable and we used pure tomato paste on our pizza. So we're concentrating the tomatoes into vegetable. All my gosh that's really wrong. That's actually is so incredibly wrong and makes me physically ill diabolical. It's really Screwed up on like another level. Why don't you put the mushrooms on the pizza and then it's a serving of mushrooms that's how woods to serving of vegetables yummies. Kids won't eat it. I mean that's A. Chicken or egg situation it's like the kids actually hate vegetables or have. We made kids hate vegetables by giving them crabby vegetables. See I don't know maybe it's just well. I always think about Brussels sprouts whenever I think about gross vegetables because he's like a green. farts. Do Still Brussels from no, I like them a lot now because they learned how to cook them and they learned how to eat them to be honest and you know I think it's it's we just don't teach kids how to enjoy vegetables and I think that's the issue which is why we just take the easy way out and say pizza match treats. To vegetables not one wax the apple enjoy. I have this theory I say that if we were to especially in the school system, but also a lot of home. Cooked vegetables the way that we cook meat and then cook meat that the way that we cooked vegetables we could flip the entire perception that kids out of that. So you ran loyal chicken and row edges you crazy men not even roast neuro I wanna get even deeper on this I want to because if you think about the meats that they serve in school, right, they're all process formed all this stuff coming from Tyson and Cisco. The only chicken that we had at school was preformed breaded chicken patties that are you know super salted mixed with fillers and all that What if we did that with vegetables and you just took like Cauliflower Salta the hell out of it turned into a Patty Deep Fried at servant Nwabunne kids that have no idea that it was even vegetables but you could say this is a call Patty and then you serve them aside of just boiled plane beef. And then you're going to rewire kids brain Nicole I am pro brainwashing children let the record state. I think it is. Our is our moral imperative as adults to brainwash children because they are constantly being brainwashed by alternative factors. So like you said like with Toby Maguire's face. Every kid wants to be respected and loved by Toby Maguire fact of life that I know. So when you put his face on pop tarts that is brainwashing kids to want Toby Maguire's love the love of their own father to buying sugary processed foods. So you WANNA make cauliflower patties with some sad process beef on the side and acuity that's what you wrecked. That's. Tough. That is. An imperfect but practical future of American school lunch looks. So you're trying to deter kids from liking me so they can. More so their diet can include more vegetables you know. This better. Is Not a very. Rate. At all I think you're you're brainwashed technique will actually be very, very useful. The only issue of that is is that we don't have as much money going through the lobbyists are cauliflower as we do beef chicken pork that's the issue. No that totally is easier and that's why we find ourselves in. This whole dietary crisis that we have in America and understand you know food is a personal choice and all that and I fully believe like as an adult you're free to do what you want. But like when it comes to. You know kids making decisions. There's a moral imperative like so many other countries have passed anti junk food restriction, anti junk food advertising restrictions to kids like during you know Saturday morning cartoons. Advertise any foods that have over a certain percentage of calories from sugar. That's a great idea. Why don't we do that here freak. Because we like we value profits over lives. Is the general consensus on that gross but there's some people that like star wars or I guess Disney now owned Star Wars Disney and the DOLE corporation twenty seventeen Disney launches the Unite for a healthy galaxy campaign with Dole. So they launched in. Congress with the premiere of the last. Jedi and they took like. BB stickers and slapped it on cuties. Took they took. Like, Darth vader whatever and like put it on some iceberg lettuce, and so they're actively trying to fight fire with fire and trying to brainwash kids in the right direction. Is it great for us to you know want to have parenting duties put on the Dole and Disney corporations? No. I think it might be you know not the worst idea at this point. Yeah. I. Also think it just starts at home. You know like just make your like do what my mom does. My mom cuts me to this day a big bowl of fruit and puts it in front of me goes eat Disney court is good for you. and honestly, I used to hate it. Is Gross I actually used to throw away all the fruits I'm such a bad. I used to my mom used to cut me apples and. Carrots and cucumbers, and I'll just throw it in the garbage. But now so thankful that she did that because I now know how important fruits are even if I know I don't like them also eat them because I know that she made it for me. So it starts at home I'm all for it. Candy Grapes make you happy if more kids if you can trick a child into eating more fruit by telling them that it has cotton candy groups, there's also another one that just came out super-hype grape dropped called gummy berry. Great. Literally trying to make it sound like the word gummy bear but adding the name of another fruit to trick kids into buying grapes I'm all for that I am pro designer fruit. I will spend five dollars a pound, which albeit is not great forgetting low income people the eat and all that. But I only spent five dollars a pound on designer fruits designed to brainwash children into eating more than that is my official party stance on this I will not waver more brainwashing kids more delicious designer fruit that vaguely tastes like candy in so far as your influence to believe it does I'm going to go set up a tent outside a whole foods so we can get those recommend coming grapes do. All Bring Some Beers? We've heard what you and I have to say now it's time to find out what other wacky ideas or rattling around there in the twitter's it's time for a segment we call. The in. Everyone's got one and this Malek dance near very proud of. Shoe we make me Giggle I. Hope we make you giggle too. I. Sympathize warm spaghetti with meatballs eaten by the chip false specifically Kroger Brand Spaghetti O's in Japodlay tortilla chips is greater than the sum of its parts. Okay. One AAA tortilla chips they used to be better I swear I. Verify this but I swear they used to be better and they would fry them fresh in the stores and they would put the lime like fresh lime and salt and the bags and shake it, and so poorly tortilla chips used to be the best Chia chips in the game they've taken a hit recently in my opinion. Probably after the outbreak there still pretty good. I. Love. The idea of a warm dip for chips like a warm tomato base dip. So I can really see this working I've never done it. Also, I may go toes-to-toes scoops instead of that. Particular like Spaghetti O's yeah. I like this. Say I think this is a great idea I for one hate can't spaghetti I think it's an abomination beyond the mental sphere of my brain but like do you man? Kroger has really really good like dupes for chips and stuff like that. So I'm all for. I. I've been thinking a lot about my relationship to pasta. Yeah. What about I don't think. I don't think I like Al Dente Pasta Oh. That's okay. Every every time I've eaten perfectly Al Dente Pasta. You know with that like slate kind of chew I'm just like you know, I, wish this was more overcooked and I don't think it's just because I have soft teeth I think it's just a preference it's that's okay. You're allowed to like Mushir foods that's your pride. Mushy Spaghetti yesterday with some leftover canned crab and it was delicious. That sounds fancy. I'm a fancy boy Kay Ringo Starr thirty seven says Weber's horseradish mustard on fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or the best thing my dad ever discovered was. I don't I don't. I do not consent to this kind of weird. horseradish on chocolate chip cookies. You can so actually horseradish and was Sabi, general works really really well with dark chocolate they really really accent one another and it's similar to spearmint and peppermint in that like it kind of opens up your nasal passages that allows for more air to pass Ooh so he can get the essence of the chocolate but. Cookies man this is stupid I don't know. I've never tried this particular combination, but I do agree like you said. It kind of opens up the factory centers and gets you to experience in a different way. The Best I have ever had was at providence I was not paying their with my own money as fancy restaurant in l. a. and the pastry chef comes out and she's like this desert simply called honey mustard. And I was like okay. Cool. So inspired McDonald's honey mustard. was like, no, I was on this past oral hill in the Rhone River valley and I noticed that there were wild mustard flowers growing in bees, pollinate them and I thought you know to replicate nature. But anyway, just like this kind of spicy mustard ice cream whatever with honey and the combination of horseradish mustard sweet as actually really really good I've never had in chocolate chip cookies. This is another part of the spectrum to that pastoral Rhone River valley thing but I really WanNa try this it sounds good. All right doctor to one one dipping doritos in Mott's apple sauce like salsa is a great snack flavor combination. It's sounds like a Cheeto Apple Pie, which you can watch on mythical. That is true. Yeah. This essentially the same thing literally this. Seems like a scene from something like what was that Will Smith movie where he's fighting the zombies it's not I robot because that was about will smith fighting. Robots. Is Zombie. Harley no Zombie like, no no. World War. Z. Ryan Surly. Typing slack right now. I am legend I am I am I was gonNA. Say Bad boys. For Life You thought will Smith by ZOMBIES and bad Martin Lawrence Zombie movie is elegant deep analysis of it but I didn't I Thought, they were just to bad police officers doing anything they needed to do to take down beggars. You were saying. Dipping Doritos in Moss applesauce seen from like I am legend where they apocalypse has happened and they're like remember chips and Salsa I'll we doritos and mocks? But not bad not bad I'll take it. Yeah. It just sense to me in the way that she to Apple Pie, make sense to me in that it doesn't make sense, but you can enjoy it. razzle Dazzle Ya. Says my guilty pleasure food is grape jelly and puffy cheetos sandwich on wonder bread the sweet the Jelly soft crunchy does it's delightful I know it sounds gross but just try a josh. Nicole. Try. I love. It's talk like that in these comments because it's like the really trying to get us to try it but. The. Adverse will happen if you mention our names so where you feel that way i. feel the opposite I feel. So personally connected to razzle-dazzle Ya that they mentioned us by name that I feel. Inclined to actually know it's because they're trying too hard to get us to try it and I don't need that in my life. Don't try so hard just say with confidence say it with. Saint with your chest and you don't need to mention by name and we'll do it Nicole. You're saying that the harder people try and connect with you the more you push them away. Right, do you think that's because you're afraid of your own emotionally intimate relationships? Jelly and Chitose sandwiches right now though need to psychoanalyze year co host. but all jokes aside, this sounds good because I like doing trash things like this and wonder bread is like a clean slate. You know you do whatever you want to wonder read. So I approve bread I don't know if there is a better cake on this planet then a slice of wonder bread I fully, if you notice this but onset the other day I was a hankering for something. Sweet and we had a loaf of wonder red and I grabbed a loaf of one I grabbed a slice of wonder bread and a mere Dunkin high know pillsbury white frosting on it and just ate it and to me that is a cake. It is delicious I love wonder bread. It's like scientifically developed to just make your brain happy with its texture and flavor is delicious cheetos in grape jelly. Salty, sweet I don't always agree with that combination or that logic, but I can see this really working. I'd enjoy I. Love throwing chips in the sandwich to. Of Culinary Innovation. Boy, meets world. Boy Meets World? Course I. Did there's an episode where Corey's Dad Lake there was supposed to go to baseball game but then things came up at work and they had to cancel and it was like Whoa very special episode where it was like sometimes you gotta make concessions in life you stupid. Idiot. Corey then his dad like polls matter school the next to stay up late to watch a baseball game and he makes a sandwich chips in it and I was like him showing his fatherly love Oh that's really cute I just go to base cities and put my chips in my Sandwich God that sounds so good right now. Senator. Before we go to work, you're closer it can you pick it up? I'm serious. If you let me come a little bit later to work I'll get you a sandwich. This isn't part of the PODCAST. This is just being a cool coordinating. Being factually just order for delivery right now we're not doing anything. Oh No, I'll get it. We'll finish the pod casts. Okay. Okay. We gotTA. Get me a godmother. Spicy Spicy Godmother. Okay. Okay at BC Kroth. I Love Them. But Sloppy Joes are just bean less chili sandwiches. To call the Chili equivocation paradox something we've talked about many. something. We've talked about many times on the podcast that the word chilly no longer means anything because it has been so far bastardized from the idea of Chili Con Carne. Original. Like Mexican Mahane Recipe for it and so like if you take something like Cincinnati Chili, which is a little bit sweeter a little bit more vinegar I can see how you would think sloppy joes are being less chilly sandwiches but I don't believe that that's like. I think sloppy joes are, American. Large sandwiches. You can spin this large I lara bar long long bill much you're night market makes a hat that says `I lar- blurb what okay. Well I guess you gotta get that hat so I can add it to my really really cool restaurant. Merch. Alexa that I'm trying to accumulate have you noticed that Julia just got me again just. Own. My Gosh David just coming in and out teacher. Think this is our and Nicole's love. Language is just novelty restaurant merchandise. I love savages but not any ground meat and flavor sauce can just be considered being Louis Jillian no. But this does make sense to me because that's all you sandwiches. Remember that one time I opened up cavemen which had expected to find meat start up. Oh Yeah. You never eaten every in the sloppy Joe before the. Man which before. But when you think about it, that's what that's what Chile is. It's men which plus meet I mean like men is it's super vinegary and sweet as like a ton of sugar in it but I guess there is like tomato and onion and bell pepper and spices. So I can see how you would think it's been literally surely sandwiches I don't necessarily agree that said just putting chilly in a bond with nothing else on it is really delicious. Totally spit stuff. Let's see what next. Logan Underscore Carlson Twenty six, all sauces or condiments but not all condiments or sauces remember when we said all what it all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. This is that same conversation and you know I agree with that statement because condiments, you're right a sauce condiment but a condiment is on a sauce condiment can be like dry. Have you ever duca spice a Egyptian That is I consider that a condiment, but that's not a sauce because it's dry I. Agree with. Like Salsa. It's like anything that can add. To Food Yeah, Su- Maxime expert example. But I don't know if all sauces condiments because would you consider like Marinara sauce condiment Alfred us but I don't know if that's necessarily true. If it's used primarily as an ingredient in cooking, I don't think you could like reasonably call it a condiment. The Supreme Court definition of reasonable is varied invest. But you go. I feel like I know you can use it as a condiment you could use you could use Marinara sauce as a condiment for a eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich you could use Alfredo sauce as a as a bread covering. This is how I think of it if I can put it in a sandwich. I consider a condiment. Okay. Hold on. But think about the clamp Parmesan Sandwich example, right? EGGPLANT Parmigiana Sandwich does not have sauce in it already is an eggplant parm sandwich. No but I'm just saying the edition of the Cold Marinara sauce or hot bear nurse sauce. ADDS to the SANDWICH ASPECT OF. Is a dog if there's no catch up on it, it is. Yes. So what I'm saying is the sauce is an integral part of an eggplant parm sandwich. It's not something you would add on top cat on a hot dog condiment does not define the sandwich it amplifies it but I'm saying an Eggplant parm sandwiches defined by its sauce making it not a content well. We can deconstruct this a little bit. What is an eggplant part? It's fried eggplant cheese and sauce. And if I want to add more saas to it to make it more of a condiment, what's what if I swap out the Marinara Sauce Alfred Sauce on it. So you're saying that there can be endemic sauces and condiments sauces for sure whatever endemic me. Okay I don't exactly know what that means. I got I got in how suspension from school once where like they just made you sit in a quiet room for ten hours the thing about what you did I. Forgot to bring a note from I would I would fake six so many times from school that I started writing my own notes. And, all that I don't recommend doing it. But anyways. So I studied like an sat vocab book for like ten hours one day, and that's where all of my vocabulary comes from I don't know what endemic means that I'd probably read it when I was seventy six. So funny. At Shula core, I'm also from so cal. So I have no cultural reason for this but I have an unusual addiction to adding roughly a quarter teaspoon each yellow curry powder, Gar Masala, and Cayenne to my chicken top Rahman my wife laughs at it. Please justify me I think this is really interesting because. So. Like curry powder doesn't exist in India. Masala is just the term for spice and and so all all curry powders I believe this is correct. Desi followers please jump in and correct me all curry powders technically massalas that are different. You know. Mixes and all that. Shot Bunch like X. Y., and Z.. There's an IRA when I left for college my best friend deep gave me and I believe his mom gave this to me as a gift bag of something called Sandwich. Masala y'all got is really it's really popular in India just to like add as a condiment which I guess is a good thing like literally. Just, sprinkle it on Sandwich, and so I would like sprinkle it on egg salad sandwiches and it's delicious. I is taken like multiple different, very heavy Indian spice blends and some Cayenne for extra to your taking top ramen. I bet it's really delicious Garm Masala tastes like at least a lot of the prepackaged stuff you get almost tastes more kindle pumpkin. Spice. Say That yeah, it's totally a very warming a very, very intense spice blend. I would toast it before I put in my rom actually I would just put a little bit of oil and at and just toasted up just to really awaken the spices and then I would add it to my top ramen but this is a good take that's called the todd concerted really great article by Nick Sharma about making todd 'cause, which is where you infuse the spices into an oil before you cook and it's like the reason so many Indian dishes tastes so great Seattle toddler. And then add your top. Roman to that's dope and also don't let your wife make fun of before it stand up for yourself. Don't make fun of people for. Food preferences unless it's funny and unless we're making you and then it's okay that's our job our job Kaley cat underscore. Says I love Salsa Dasher sour cream to make them more creamy mixed in my Mac and cheese. Hey. Mac and cheese is like wonder bread it is a blank slate do whatever you want to it and it'll probably be just don't be weird about it like this is acceptable. A little bit of sour cream a little bit of salsa go wild. That's awesome. But whenever it starts to get like really weird like I don't putting like. What's a weird thing to put can cheese raisins raisins. If you put raisins in your Mac and cheese, it's questionable. If you put a precaution jam I'm going to look at you. Funny. This has got jam in Mac and cheese hold on hold on. That sounds pretty good to me. Nor doesn't Africa jam would belong on a cheese plate doesn't belong in Mac and cheese because I said so fair. Cream and Mamadou sounds really great sounds lovely at Charles. The third I feel that the L. a. restaurants featured in youtube videos are mostly overrated my girlfriend and I take little road trips and all the experiences are good. The food rarely blows US away. We found some phase. Can you recommend any good eats so I remember going to My first ever restaurant that I saw like featured on television and I was like Oh my God this restaurant was on television. It must serve the best food ever because that's what television immediate selects the best things possible and I went there it was a place featured on diners, drive INS and dives, and it was just a normal coffee shop and Fountain Valley and I got an Omelet and I was like Yep that's a regular kind of crappy Omelette for Kinda crappy diner most food just kind of tastes the same in a way also the idea of hype like you said, it's overrated not because it's bad the food could. Still be good but you saw a youtube video about it. So it rated it very highly in your mind people say that hunger is the best sauce I find low expectations are the best sauce go into every meal like it's GonNa suck and you're going to be blown away I agree with that sentiment I've always gone to places and I've had such high expectations I ended up being let down I. think that's a fantastic way to think about it go into it without any expectations just because it was on TV doesn't necessarily mean it's good. It just means that they got a pretty good break you know what I mean. I had a good publicist if you what's the one restaurant used to your people towards when they come to La I don't know all restaurants are closed right now. I can't I mean in the in the pre covid times one restaurants where thriving someone said, I, have one place to eat in la where do you tell them to go? This is GONNA be. So Buji of me shot just say. You're talking about Luke. It's the nomad hotel. Really. Yeah. I think it's fantastic food anything the services phenomenal and it's beautiful and it's I just really enjoy I enjoy the whole atmosphere I went I. Got One. I. Got Cocktails a I laughed I cried. Nicole I hate that answer so much. Hurts my heart I told. Me Nicole. It's a New York restaurant, but they do such a good job here. Okay. What how to say? Capital Burgers You're entitled to your opinion. I'm sure they're fantastic. I never been though they did have a food truck where they served like at twelve dollar truffle hot I was really freaking good did yeah. Good stuff. I probably tell people to go go to delegates a yeah that's a good one. Yeah. We'll hawkin food. They have really good like skull program to and it's something very unique to l. a. and it's like a really historical restaurant. But no, you go. Go get a ninety dollars roast chicken. You bully you're bully, and on that note, thank you for listening to a hot dogs. The sandwich we got new episodes for ya every Wednesday. If you to be featured on opinions are like casseroles, you can hit us up on twitter at mythical chef or. With. The HASHTAG opinion casserole and for more mythical kitchen, check us out on Youtube. We launch new videos every week, and of course, if you want to share picks of your dishes, hit us up on instagram that mythical kitchen we'll see next time Nicole is going to be rocking the Lubaton heels my pronouncing that right? Lou. Lou. Oh Yeah

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Fat Mascara On All The Insider Beauty Tips, Tricks, & Specific Products You Need On Your Vanity

The Skinny Confidential Him And Her Podcast

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Fat Mascara On All The Insider Beauty Tips, Tricks, & Specific Products You Need On Your Vanity

"The phone rang. Podcast is a deer media production. She's a lifestyle blogger. Extraordinaire nick and. He's a serial entrepreneur. Very smart cookie. And now lauren efforts in michael bostick bringing you along for the ride illness. Welcome to the skinny confidential in and her fashion is very elitist. Mary alesia elitist. It's harder to buy into literally. it's more expensive. It was not as inclusive in terms of size. Beauty is far more accessible. If you've thirty dollars you can buy the nicest lipstick nordstrom and you can feel like you belong in that world. Hello we are back with the skinny confidential him and her show. You only have me today. No michael he's out of office. I kicked him out of office. Because i wanted to interview the fat mascara. Girls adjust the commandment jennifer goldstein by myself. I did not want him infringing on this episode. They are the two women behind. The incredible award-winning judy podcast. Okay it's one of the biggest beauty podcasts. At their as they've interviewed everyone guys like seriously. Kim kardashian every single like top person in the beauty industry and they really really give you the juice. Okay what's really fun is. We did a swap. You can go to their podcast and you can listen to me on their podcast. We talk all about inflammation blowed and facial puffiness. Of course be really really good into it. And like i said definitely check out their rolodex because there is some major people. We also talk about my book which comes out june fifteenth. It is called. Get the fuck out of the sun. It's routines products tips and insider secrets from one hundred. Plus of the world's best skin care. Who's and you get to have happy hours me. I mean i share every single fucking secret. You can think of in this book eights pink. It's thick it's matt. You'll want it on your coffee table. You also can read it front to back but additionally you can open it to any page and find a secret like from an insider guru we have everyone from kristin cavallari patrick star this summer. Friday co-founders shimmery. Chris christine limb jillian michaels dom roberts doc- schroeder omni song. The lady gang. A million gray bobby brown doctored on his gross dr jason diamonds. Sonia to car. Georgia louise's dr barbara storm to name a few okay and i went to them to get unsponsored realness. It is basically this go to resource for preventive care and it comes with the signature pink cheeky skinny confidential spin. Michael also did a chapter. The chapter is about how to manipulate your man into skin care so it really has you covered and this isn't just a book for your face. Okay it's also head to toe so we talk about taking care of your tongue taking care of your heels taking care of your knees your elbows your hands everything case. It was a full skin-care resource. I am so excited for you. Guys to get you can get it on amazon. Target barnes and noble. It's also available at all. Small bookstores support small bookstores. Whatever you want. It's such a fun gift to give someone to and you can pre-order it now so it would really make me happy if you guys could go check it out. It's a number one bestseller right now. And i think you're going to love it on that note. Let's meet the fat mascara. Girls house and friends jessica jennifer bring you the big juicy world of beauty on their award. Winning weekly podcast. They when they had day jobs as beauty editors and they have interviewed everyone from a livia. Wild miranda kerr jacqueline hill. Emily weiss kat von d. christian lubaton patrick star bobby brown the list goes on and they are very very obsessed with getting the details when it comes to beauty and jessica is currently beauty director at harper's bazaar and jen has worked as the editor at cosmo girl health and marie claire as you can see they know their shit when it comes to beauty we get into it. I get details on all the products that you want to know about with that. Let's welcome jessica jen to the skinny confidential in her show. This is the skinny confidential him in her. Let's give the audience some context on both of your stories. I would love to go back to your childhood before all of this like way way back. Have you both always been interested in beauty. And if so how did that happen in childhood. Who goes i usually just go ahead. 'cause i know you came out of the womb. Yeah if you came. Let's hear about it. What i loved about beauty with it was a way. I don't think i'd like telling anyone some kind of like that revelatory. But i think beauty is a way to access a world that is like a more luxurious interesting world than like the one that you're in now. My problem with the beauty industry is. It's very annaspiratou Tamer problem but what i think is less exciting to me is. It's less aspiration under one. I grew up in when i was younger. It was all about like dreaming. And i feel like now. Beauty is a little bit more down to earth which is wonderful in many ways but when i was younger i think it was much more about fantasy on the look at the ads. It was about being larger than life and outsized and big dreams. And if you look at the perfume ads like might laugh about it all the time but there were like crazy an it was for me somebody who lived in the suburbs of new jersey and was like piji and not always feeling super cool which is like. I think a lot of people that's like. Well that's where i wanna be. Fashion is very it. Elitist airing league elitist. It's harder to buy into literally. it's more expensive. It was not as inclusive in terms of size. Beauty is far more accessible. If you've thirty dollars you can buy the nicest lipstick a nordstrom and you can feel like you belong in that world so i hope that kind of answers your question in a way. That's not as specific as willing to go perfect. I think you're right to be very very glamorous. I think with social media. It's definitely changed. Yeah i don't know why. And i can't relate to it in a lot of ways but i i wanted to dream as hard as biggest crazy. It was sort of like a club kid. Time and a super glamorous ninety s time and i. I don't know why people don't wanna go there anymore but i i i do so anyway. I've been talking. Let's talk to my colas jed. My mother always says about me talking. I think when. I was like nine or ten months like i was still in a crib. Ninety walk my mom said the minute i started talking. I never shut up. Like i just narrating everything she would go in the closet and just close the door to get a break for me for a while and i think starting this beauty podcast with jess you know. We're both beauty editors of magazines when we started this. The reason was because we wanted to go deeper than like a little tidbit on the page that you could put out like two hundred words and all the fun stuff happens behind. The scenes were interviewed each other on the taxi. Cab on the way home from the beauty event. And that's what we wanted to talk about. And i think doing this podcast actually made me shut up a little bit true. We talk but like really. Learn to listen. it's amazing. How when we listen back to some of the early interviews. We did five years ago. I'm just like shut up. Jen stopped saying yes. Stop like like interrupting the guests. So i was always talker but i think yeah now that we're doing signed learned to listen a little bit more. That's interesting that's evolution to be able to look back and see where you started. I don't ever listen to my first episode. I don't even scary harbor. It's very scary. Harbor how did you guys meet each other. Well jesse actually tells the story. But i'm going to tell at this time. Yeah yeah yeah so. I don't know if your listeners know this but like a big part of being a beauty journalists when you're at a glossy magazine at the time just was a cosmopolitan in was at mary. Claire i think it was twenty fifteen ish we were doing these press trucks and it was his wedding thirteen. You always feel like couple. I give us twenty thirteen back in two thousand thirteen and we get by on these press strips in return for you will be writing an article about whatever you say like. They don't tell you what right but they're like we'll take you and let's see if you know we get good press out of it so jergens took three people to ghana to learn about shea butter and they stay doomed the jessen. I were good friends. They were like oh you to know each other because it was a big trip to go on all the way to ghana just with big people. You barely knew we had no idea who the other one was. But the publicists that we were working with was like us. You're gonna love each other and we're like share whatever. Let's go to ghana and see what happens. It was such a formative trip because yes of course we fell in love but we also like got to go get up early and go out with these. Women are part of the shake collective in the northern area of ghana to collect shea nuts that had fallen learn how shea butter was processed. It was like own amazing trip. But we both votes separate articles about it and we'll came out of a budding friendship that eventually turned into the podcast. What were the over. The articles similar or different. Oh i didn't regions you did kids yours yours. Hammock very cosmos yield. Twos like a love letter to shave butter if i remember near. That was my love letter to the roads when i went to pair. I'm sorry you guys have pull those out of the vintage scrapbook. Put them on instagram. So everyone can see nowhere to get my god. No the shea was like something about like the show like the sexiest ingredient lake planet. Or tc cosmo boy. Oh boy. do. I have the perfect gifts to give the men in your life. I mean you could even gift your dad this boyfriend this your friend taylor producer. Manscaping it covered. It's father's day. it's coming up. I have the opportunity to give you the best gift of all the brand new lawn mower. Four point -o body trimmer and ultra-smooth package okay. This is what everyone needs even if you have to hide it underneath their sink just so they can get the hint that we need to get things done quickly safely and hygienically down there so a lot of men don't know what's best for them. I've found this with michael and i found. I have to manipulate him into what is right for him. 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I would love to know how you guys had the foresight to be so on the pulse when it came to podcasting. Obviously everyone is jumping into this industry. Right now. you see podcasts popping up all the time but you guys knew that this was going to be something or maybe you didn't know and as you grew you started to see holy shit we're onto something. Yeah right on that. Yeah yeah so. I wanted to start a podcast. A along time ago. I was really into podcasts. I was obsessed with marc maron. Podcasts and i was obsessed with bret easton elephants first podcasts. And i was like okay you have mark talking to comedian. You have bret topping two artists and authors. Why isn't there someone talking to beauty people than there is like you know a couple of floating around. But they had like two episodes three episodes and then kaput. So you know. I gotta do something. This is crazy. And i talked to producer who i knew through a friend and i was just like the office again. And we'll talk to you. Know artists in mid by terry jerry. Goldberg on this was just so like spitting over myself. And she's like podcast work absolutely best as a douro. You know you need that reporting that bound to that conversation. And i had a conversation with jen and you know one thing led to another and really think within a matter of weeks jen and recorded our first episode in really the history. How long have you guys been recording for. So the audience can really understand that. Was we recorded. Test episodes in twenty fifteen the summer of two thousand fifteen. Because i remember jed member we went recorded one and we went out for a drink after with our first test. Guests miss pau and it. Yeah and it was like i remember. It was like the first nice day of summer. What are you guys have. Twenty inc is the is the secret sauce. Is is it disciplined consistency. I mean all the things is the branding. What do you think has made you guys stand out in the beauty space especially podcasting and more than that you guys stand out in the podcast space when i think of a beauty podcast i think of you guys is podcast. What what's the secret sauce for that. I think it's chemistry as one. Because i've listened to some other ones and i'm not saying i am too too close to it to be like it's us because it's not so i said awkward so i wanna listen to me talk for whether the second but like it's i've heard that people like you know you have to like the duo just like how i like. Some people were than others. They have to like the duo so it's objective. But i think like and i get along. We have stuff to talk about. We can talk about gum on my show. Burn an hour. But i think it's the consistency but i also think that jen and i like we do. We research our show. We research everything. It's not just imagining. Bs we bring like magazine. Journalism level research in fact checking stuff the experts reaching out to her. The same ones that you'll see like big fancy books and magazines and also at the chemistry thing. Can i say that. We're very different people. Even though we have the beauty sphere in common. I think that a lot of our listeners. Stay like i'm a. I'm a gen. You're getting to getting double the dose of one person. So if you don't like me you're media like jess. That's a big part of the chemistry and vice versa. I think what's great to is that you guys do come from a place where everything was so researched as editor. So you know how important that is to bring to the table with podcasting and i think it seems like From every episode. I've listened to that you you leave the audience with a lot of valuable takeaways. We call that will save you service. That service sense. You guys are so researched. I have a like a rapid fire. But i have like a bunch of little questions. About certain products are our audiences very specific to very micro very detailed so the reason i kicked michael off this episode is because i want to know about serums moisturizers the best browse i. I've relief now. Look okay can we start talking about. Yeah i know mike very one day. You have to do a podcast. That's like my childhood and nothing about beauty we listen. I know everyone wants the juice. Okay so what is on the market right now. Summer's around the corner. The best tanner. And why i knew she was going to say self yeah. I need a tan south ten. You you don't always looks good so she was the beauty director of lucky forever and she's a goop gene gottfried. June is always using like long comb. Soft tanner and she looks good. and have. is this a tanner. You've tried and tested and you like that. You would recommend no. I don't i don't sell ever no. It's not for me. I liked him to tell you. I like drops. When it's brazil. I could give to look for one with has and urethra loss like none of us. Dha alone you're going to be orange okay and the lori al drops and I should've exactly. They're probably on their like bronze drops new on that came out this year. You add them into your own moisturizer so for a facial south san if you like deepen your skin tone. It's customized which i think is the key because that's the thing some people don't like a lot of glows like a whole lot of glow so i would say that and santro pay like i've never looked crazy when i've done sandra but to justice for breonna haven't done it a lot recently. I'm enjoying this all like brace yourself and what you look like all right. I'm like you know kinda agreed. That's my tone. I am paying with blue blouses so rainbow over here. If after you're done using your tan drops what moisturizer are using on top. What is the body moisturizer. That is your go-to something that you've had forever that you just keep going back to mine is the central body oil. I am a body weight over. I don't mind being new job lag. A little slippery. See all and it's called riddle oil are you is on i. I love it so much. The reason i love it is. It has a very hard to explain skin. Musk note it and they claim your skin but better but like it really is so you could put that on before any perfume or anything and you just smell delicious. Plus the oil itself is super moisturizing. And then i will say the flamingo did a bottom line that came out this year and they have a spray on wuss riser. So if you don't like to be all greasy it is fabulous and it's like ten bucks you it feels like it's like a fifty dollar product smells delicious. The can last forever. So i think that's really good. We strive you know what. I like. What i'm gonna give you too. I love it. I like keel kremlin corey around around the holidays. They do a whipped version which is actually general. We're talking about the souffle. Kind of formula alike souffle kind of formula of. I think he can only get that around the holidays. And i really like i haven't picked up in a while but i'm going to with my skin like acting up really really dry issue scary right now that basil. Lean just like that. It comes again a bottle that look like it's like a kurt goes curved in words as they read the radiance ryan. It's not sexy. It's not as sexy product is it by baffling yet spivak. It's not wrestling like petroleum. Jelly at cigna radiance intensive care radiance. Yeah yeah but leaves your body feelings. Snake i just sat down to record in michael's office and he is hoarding beekeepers naturals. I'm not even kidding. He has the be smart brain fuel. Shots like tucked under his computer under sprinter. He went downstairs and took them and had them for me. We have like a whole fight going on. You guys have probably seen them on my instagram story. They are these incredible shots. You do them in the morning. I like to do them in the morning. I guess you could do them throughout the day. But i feel like they give me so much energy and clarity that i do them in the morning. I even say and i don't know if i'm allowed to say this but it's like liquid. Literal beekeepers naturals also has tons of other products. They're on a mission basically to reinvent your medicine and they have clean effective products actually work. I'm not even kidding. You they have this whole high of products that are packed with immune loving essentials. So you can feel your best all day long. They have the propolis spray which is like the throat spray. I love to use it to support my immunity. You can spray it if you're feeling under the weather even if you just have like a little sore throat especially in this day and age like i feel like everyone should have this in their medicine cabinet and they also have this raw honey so delicious and hot tea. All her products are absolutely insane. Pain royal jelly which is a neurotransmitter which is an altar unique fatty acid. That promotes mental clarity and brain. Focused are so confident that you'll love their products that they're offering one hundred percent money-back guarantee so if for any reason you're unhappy with their products the refund your money questions asked and obviously we've worked an exclusive deal for skinny confidential him in her listeners. Receive fifteen percent off your first order. You're going to go to beekeepers naturals dot com slash skinny use code skinny at checkout to claim this deal. That's b. e. k. e. p. r. s. n. a. t. u. r. a. l. s. dot com slash skinny. I recommend trying the propolis spray. And like i said the shots through the be smart brain fuel shots and be sure to check out their other clean remedies that you and your family will love. Meet your new medicine cabinet with beekeepers. Naturals you can also find beekeepers naturals nationwide and over a thousand stores like whole foods and sprouts enjoy. You both are so good. At highs and lows. what is drugstore product. You cannot live without. Everyone needs to run to ride aid to buy it and why does will late account as drugstore. No no no allergy sue. Big little bucci. Boone lip smackers. I think all. I have to say like if i were limited to like somebody said jessica matlin and you can only buy drugstore like make up for the rest of your life. I think like just across the board. Loria paris makeup is beauty four. It's beautiful thing voluminousness. Garra is amazing. I think like makeup artists love it for we have had so many people on our podcast recommend laurie. Al voluminousness era. I think it's come up. Maybe a hundred times. What about great lash. Are you great. Lash fans no no. Why hating green tube smudges on me. I'm sorry love. Yeah i love me between but it's it it might lashes need something more powerful. Okay but i'll i'll i will be nice to me because i'm i'm going to shout out. I actually have read here. They're super stay matt inc. I am not a fan of a liquid lipstick. I i forget what of our guests like. Cat matt liquid lipstick on your lips. Look like a cat. But and the older you get more cat buddy. It looks so book. I've sort of stayed away from that category until this me between Superstate matt inc. I think it has the flex of a cream lipstick but the staying power one of those liquid long lasting lipsticks sex. And i think it's like eight dollars chew. I d still. Don't like the nude color is still get a cat but vibe from those like right lou route. It's called exhilaration levitt. You thought you were gonna look like andrea julie. What you just ended up looking like freeness but what is the trend that you guys keep seeing on social media that you wish would go away and what's a trend that you love your here for that you want to stay can make trend. Be the way products are presented. Like where they like. Apply them completely incorrectly. Let's not even get into gwyneth. Paltrow and her sunscreen but in general like putting the drop her of sierra far head drips down like nobody applies skincare. Like that. like if you're doing it for the camera you're probably not doing it correctly. Sorry by the way from. I wanna get away from that. I am never going to do that on my youtube channel ever because you just said that what about a trend long their cheek and it's like dripping down if it's the ordinary that red one and it just like blood dripping on your fail to talk so i would like people to buy. Their products correctly came a question. A trend that you wanna keep an a trend that you would love to turn you wanna keep an a trend that he wants to go away. I feel like you know. Wake of water inspects as what is the trends like while you're thinking i could give my trendy yes please leave with. I am really feel the brow. Row like fullness when everybody dots over plucking i still see a little bit of the to contoured tight brow and i really like fluffy brow and when it's brushed. Your hair's join hairs. And you. Mike her blade it in. So don't worry if you actually don't have the browns like i feel that fuller upward and outward facing row is so flattering on so many people and so i would love that to stay around and like not go back to the nineties. Like skinny skinny. I agree so much. My makeup artists the other day had the best tip she used like a rough paste for hair but put it on her eyebrow brush and brush my eyebrows up and they were so direct. I cannot even tell you my whole face up like a facelift yet. Does brow axes. That have been coming out. They're hard to use. But once you find the right one such a good luck agreed with you. I want that trying to stay till i. i think i have had one. So it's a kind of a general not specific so the trend that can stay is like a phase out is like one. That's gone away. I like the fact that we're not seeing a lot of like the crazy like an instagram. The remember the all that instagram bass. Heavy powder like you know. I think that's gone away over. Overly makeup overly contour. Yeah yeah. I like make more fret fresh base okay. So it's kind of like a little bit of a circuitous. I do feel and tell me if you guys noticed this that in new york it is all about the fresh face whereas la. Yuck such a heavy look. I noticed that it's it's a different. It's a different look. And i also noticed even going farther. Plastic surgery looks different in new york. It's all about not looking like you got anything done whereas correct. La is more overfilled. Everything is is like you know. Huge pulled and tighten tugged. I think that ally. I'm predicting this will start shoe. Follow new york a little bit more. I would like that. Because i don't love. That overly done aesthetic would be nice. But i'm i don't know why do you think that they're gonna follow in. You're with what's what's what's your reason. I just think that the overdone look is is going out. I think it's not youthful. I don't think it's a youthful look. And i think people are going to start to realize it's not about filling your lips every six months and they're going to change. I feel a shift happening. Do you think rubbery though that's gonna do. Is there a celebrity though. That's gonna drive that though. Like i feel like there's gotta be somebody who is going to somebody's going to have to kind of lead that that look you know who i think so great and you guys have probably already had him on. Your podcast is dr. Jan jan cro. Jake owen john owner but he wrote that book the park avenue face and i think yes. I think the plastic surgeons and outlay are going to start seeing that it's more about soft. I could be wrong. I don't know. I also see the housewife's the difference between beverly hills and new york. It's there's a difference. I can't explain it. It's it's something. Oh yeah you see. You don't have to use word. Yeah see. I think i don't. I think we're gonna see a shift for sure. I mean nerves to from miami and they say that the miami thing is the lips are still v. thing in miami like you want to look like you got them done otherwise you get dot and that just isn't flying it. Can you imagine that in like paris. It's so funny how each it's so different in different parts. Think i have to ask you like actually had this conversation last night. I did a house. Chat with rinella. Hirsch dr bonilla hirsch and we were talking about classic surgery and you know a different aesthetics and injectables and different aesthetics and she seniors. Some people don't want she works you practice in boston. She's like nobody knew people think ban boston. Nobody gets injectable. Should absolutely not. That's not the truth. They just would never wanna even breathe a word that they get things done but she said your point like in a there is for some people again. I'm putting huge huge. Like this is big generalization. Some people when they get worked on they had want people to know. Because it's like well. I got him went through the trouble to get all this done. They want folks to do like. Hey look at my new lips or buy new breasts or you know whatever whatever so do you think that in la people want to like. Hey if i got these new types. Like i want to show them off or do you think that like that's a whole attitude change like discretion. Yeah maybe maybe you're right. Maybe it is about showing colonel. Yeah i'm yeah. I think you're right i think l. a. It is more about showing off what you got the new boobs the new lips but i will look how much i can spend on spending fifteen thousand. You know every six months on my face. I wanted to be able to show you look what i can do while in new york or boston. It's like just. I look fucking good. That makes me all that shit. Interface try to national but then tells everybody not her face. You are very niche group. Jen where we are now. Not most people don't. I do think though with plastic surgery. You have to be careful. Because i've had my boobs done so like i'll just put that out there but i do think like if you get a certain look with your boobs. What it ends up doing. Is it ages you because if you look at pamela anderson. She had those bolt on boobs and by the time she's forty five. You knew she was forty five because of the boop she had. It's almost like remember. The french tip that everyone did The nineties and then like if if someone has that now they have the square. French tip the the nail. You guys know exactly what i'm talking. I'm of course you can almost feel like they're like fifty five. The trend almost makes it backfires. And makes you end up looking your age. Does that make sense olive saving. Everyone's life they have this at home manny system and i am telling you it is the best so basically each at home many comes out to just two dollars and you can do it yourself. So our biggest issue. I know is that we can't possibly do our nails at home. You've i mean you've tried. i've tried they. They look like you are painting your nails with white out by a five year. Old and swan manicures expensive. Sometimes it's hard to get out of the house right now. They always chip. But the olive in june manny's system is the way to get a diy man who looks like a salon perfect manicure okay and it lasts seven days. I got my box in the mail. I was so in to all the tools at comes all in one box. It's only five steps and here's the thing that comes with poppy and this is the thing that saved my life. I'm now able to do my own meals at home. It's a patented brush handle. That makes it easy to paint with both your hands. I don't know how they did this. But it feels like you're doing it with your your strongest hand. So i'm right handed when i do it with my left hand. It feels like i'm doing it with my right. It comes with six polishes. Okay so two dollars a manny like i said and the polish amazing so a lot of people were asking me if it's a gel it's so shiny and clear like job but it didn't ship it lasted a week so that was so wild. I can't believe. I can do my meals at home. If i need to him in a pinch. Or if i'm on vacation. And i wanted to switch up the color. Whatever it is sometimes. I just don't want to go sit in lawn for that long drive and all this stuff so no messy nails knows lawn price tag and you're going to get twenty percents off your first manny system with our code skinny. Your new nail life. Is you got twenty percent off your first manny system when you use promo code skinny at olive in june dot com or done with expensive. Manny's this is the new us k trivial and did on our podcast will treaty woodall. I for justice training. What are the same thing she said she would. She looks at someone's who's helping with fashion and beauty. She could pretty much tell you their age by the translator. Still stock to because they're sticking to the stuff that looked good when they were at their like peak youthfulness and you have to like high beautiful round breasts at like twenty eight are it but if you see a six year old woman with that it's disconnect so As she was explaining that she likes to move people into the modern era trends and also ones that are reaching her genius. Out of all the gas. You put on your podcast. What are a couple of tips that you've picked up from gusts that you think. Just make all the difference. You know it's like when somebody asks you something and you go clank book. You feel give my answer then but you you know you know it right away. We'll yeah because i actually. I made her state on. The show is lar- geller about iraq. Near later okay. Yeah there is no reason you need to see into your poor or the mustache hair on the side of your face or whatever it is. No one can see that well. You're not walking around with like the terminator is on. You like close up like whatever you can see. Regular mirror is what other people are seeing so no need to buy a magnifying mir. There's also one tip from sir. John the makeup artist. That like i want to use. 'cause i love this chip and it's very much speaks to my magazine editor like the person inside. Who wants to give you the tip. No one else has heard but truthfully at never done it which i'll share with you now. He likes to say. Put your spf fifteen or thirty on his base. An like your spf. Thirty or sixty as a highlight down the bridge of your nose along the tops of your cheekbones. And then when you go out and son you sort of get this somewhat. Contoured look from wearing sunscreen. But you're protected. I gotta try that again folks time. Just yeah no. I was listening to what you were saying thinking you were supposed to be a. I didn't know on. I was thinking like you brought this up the other day so i feel like kind of cheating but i did like the thing that bobby said about like you. Have you kind of think about brown. L. the yeah. We had her on twice. 'cause she was that good We had her when she was with her brand bobby brown and that we had her after. She left her brands. Bobby brown says she is like no longer with her ram so she said like you have like your like three elements right like your hair your clothes. What was the other one. Your your hair your hair your clothes and your makeup and like two of them have to be in check. What does she know. You got nothing in check right now. This is wanted. You're reading right now. So your face i check. It's like you don't have to have everything together but let's say like okay. Your hair bobby bobby here. That's not what i said. Let your hair and your makeup and your clothes like you're you're let's say you're wearing schlumpy dumpty close but your hair looks awesome. Your makeup looks awesome. you're fine. hey let's say you're wearing. Your hair is not so hot. Your makeup as just a live on skara. You're wearing a sick laser or like a beautiful blouse. You're fine it's like this rally to. We didn't get into this. That i think and i think other editorial making partisan senate if three are too perfect. That's exactly do yeah I completely agree with that. That is such a tip and you don't even know you agree with that until you said that i total if you're all pristine and perfect. It almost like tried to hard you at a hairstyle which is saying she'll do someone's hair for the red carpet but then that flyway she's like don't think i i did that on purpose. She's like a five on my red carpet here. I wanted it. They're like just to give those little something you know. Yeah and then. There's something else that i mentioned this a lot. So if anyone is like you said the slightly before like a fine whatever but like orlando pita said this thing that i just really. It was like a kind of knocked the wind out of me. I was listening to it was interesting him. The very beginning of the show is that it goes like a single digit episode. And i was kinda feeling a little. Like i don't like instagram. I think it's stupid. I don't want to have to do this. Do i have to do this for work. It's annoying everyone. Thought it is annoying. And he i asked about instagram and he said but my was like twenty sixteen and is like what do you think i'm saying. What do you think my instagram. And like his like. Well i noticed that for different jobs and stuff and it winter's no orlando pita is a big hairstylist. He was like one of the biggest hair spouse in the nineties and early two thousands work with madonna. Like many for like evolution's. He still worked with bizarre all the time. Like he's still huge is like an some you know when people get hired for gigs. They look at their instagram following. Like right away like it's not just like oh you know your book. Your portfolio is like in matter as he goes if you ignore instagram. It's like ignoring the railroad or like the radio like throughout history is like it's just like modern like i'm just going to stay with this force on okay. Yeah he was very unemotional about it. Like i was kind of like not like leading question but i was like. Yeah what what do you think about like. I was just like thought he was going to be like a little dish. Easy and is like no. It's like it's like it's just ignore it at your at your own peril. I mean he moved on. And i was like oh shit like i should really like continued to do instagram. And i don't like love it. I'm not a huge social media person but it kind of like changed the way. I thought about some of the technologies that i don't love but i'm like all right like i can't be like super kissy it. I mean it's hard when tiktok comes out it's hard to constantly be evolving. But i just feel like you have to keep disrupting the industry that you're in I'm not a big. I will say. I am not like on tiktok late doing anything like i take either. Am i know. I draw a line. I don't want you to think that. I'm like i-it's though i that's why i get involved every platform like that's not by point but it was just like a little bit of a mind shift for me. At that moment. that was probably important. I needed speaking of instagram. What is a trend on instagram. Or something we always see on instagram. That's worth the hype word height. Instead i could be makeup. It could be scan for instance we see glossy all the time. Is there something there. We see a lot of these tanning companies which you guys already mentioned but is there something that we see all the time on instagram. That you're like that is something that i use. All the time probably depends on what you're what you're seeing that we all see different things. Yeah that's very true. And you said glossy i was like i don't get served the reds. I don't get served while follower like maybe a social media heavy brand. That's that's that's sort of famous on instagram. That you guys see okay. I don't know if this is famous. That i just kept getting the ads and i finally bought it and i was like this shit is good. It's not quite beauty but it's it's a type of towel now i just. I know you're very into towel. Like love how big hotel. A bath sheets a towel. He wanna back sheet while they get wet like. I don't wanna wash towel. Every time you could shower and i hang on the back of the door and just hang there west of his own sin as in like the japanese hospital his name they are waffle. Weave cotton super thin. But i am telling you may dry. Like the jesus and then you hang it up and like two hours later house completely dry. But yet they're still warm. And soft like a little bit rougher than a terry cloth. But i kind of like that. 'cause it's sort of like a little dry body brush exiting the shower so i don't know but i keep and i have not regretted the purchase at sold the unson. Yeah okay. But i so personalized so i think if anything contrary so anything to get to heights. I immediately let me find out why. That's not. actually. Yeah i get. Serve something along immediately light. Yeah there's the am. I don't know you know what brand i feel like. I'm like a little bit of a bobby like being by bobby. I'm really not jones. Got a lot of hype. And i actually really liking her jones or products. I need to try that. Bobby's new brand into try. She sounds like she has all the tips. You didn't interview. I interviewed for my buck. But not in person for the podcast and she seems like she has the tips. She's got good like life tips. I would honestly be just like your on that. You just like from her there. Get her margarita. You'll have a great night her. Yeah i really like would love more life advice from her. Not just makeup advice you guys. What's your sir. What's your moisturizer. What's your eye cream. Tell us a little bit about your skin curious. I'm sure you have a couple but what are your go to the. You're always reaching to well. I i actually. I'm not a big fan of Agreed i think overrated. I think yeah i just put my serum in my moisturizer close to my i end for the sag filler and my temples to give me like a little bit of a lifts and really get the boat. Hawks crows feet. Because i kind of like that outer smiley. It's but i get lots of talks in in my my eleven's between my browse. So that's my agree is actually injectables. But then serum i am this huge sand just like second battalion at skin medica. Tnn gotta go to the bathroom. Yeah i'll come back in two minutes. It is there's no retinol retinal in it. I am very sensitive skin. So i- retinoids can aren't great for me. It has epidermal growth factors and honestly if it was talking about they would turn the they would make these drug because they are so effective but the market claims on this particular serum. They shy away from becoming drug like claims. But i will tell you. I'm not the fda is like a frigging drug. What do you mean you said you said are like a drug are they. Like little use is like mcdermot. Gross sack is it like a little pill or what does it look like. Oh i'm so sorry it's an ingredient it's still are actually like cited kinds and things like that the the basically in a petri dish they grow skin cells and the extra good stuff. That isn't the actual cellular like body. Matter is what is epidermal growth. God i like. I have an expert on. Explain it to you better but what they do for. Your skin is basically like retinoid. Plus a bunch of other stuff. There's brightening redness reducing line reducing and this germ. They're expensive though they're really expensive to make them well. And this year my big does it. But my thing is i'd rather save and invest the money on something like that than buying all different kinds of products and you guys. Probably only i leave that and we say it's. That's so smart to me. Because you as someone who tries products all the time. And and i feel like you both can relate to this. There starts to become a time where your skin's like no more of this random stuff all the time enough and it just wants like one thing for a while. I've noticed that about my skin. It's a it's too. Many products is not the move. I don't think not at all and then you don't the variables you're like well which one was. The one did a good thing. If i'm trying different things all the time. So i've narrowed in on that as my pretty much my go-to serum and then i'll play off moisturizers right now. I'm using the strike Skin barrier moisturizer. But i was a goody you. That's a good he'd been. I'm not a married you. I'm willing to try just yovany favorites though unpopular around a lot right. now. I've the for like the i like the last month i've been like prepare. Geno like hang herself when she hears this move more time. I was preparing for the moves. And now i've moved and all messed up pack for the past like week and a half. I've just. I've just been using lemaire whole thing. The cool gel cream way skins actually been really irritated for the past month. We can talk about that offline for like i've been really irritated like all itchy. Oliver my body. It's pretty nice. But i've not been using sarah. I'm not been using anything. But like i cream and that the school gel cream some using estee lauder the the the fa with the fans when the gold the gold series. What is it called You know what i'm tying to. What your fancy the fanciest. Fanciest willed cap not renewed. The renew trip renewed ice cream. Very nice and labar gel cream cool cream and i'm not joe i do not like john moisturizers but this one i would not kick it out of bed really good and i'm just. It ignored that to step. That's my to step routine for the past like week. And a half. But i'm normally. I like a vitamin c and Retinol sometimes spoke twice a week. I can't tolerate anymore. And that's it. But i bounce around. I do bounce around. This is like the hazard that the job. Because i have to try a lot of things right drop so i think that you two are the best people i've ever had on the podcast asked this question so i hope tell me like. Give me the real detail on what i'm about to ask you okay. What is the best high end beauty product that is worth it. If someone is listening right now. And they're like i only have the money to splurge on one thing how much money we have. Let's say the sky's the limit like we're going to work in a ten thousand dollars but let's say we have money to invest in one product could be a tool whatever it is that you think is life changing for skin. And it's not adjustable. 's it's not injectable. Stan damn i knew. That's what you're gonna say. I was gonna say narrow modulator okay. You're not like this answer but sunscreen. I do that. I love that answer. Actually look at the name of love and again which brand i really like the to. Md uv clear. I think skin dry skin realize i've skin. It's almost invisible men like it. It's great like facial hair a lot of people facial hair like. They did ask why they don't like to wear sunscreen and gets all caught a little facial hairs the. Ltm does not do that. And i have been preaching this for used warkentin magazine for twenty years. There is no point in you buying anything for your skin into asia. Whatever not wearing sunscreen and if you only have money for one product make it sunscreen anti-aging not just because of the protection. There are so many studies showing like people skin gets less read their pores look smaller their lines like less even when they just wear sunscreen and do nothing else like it is anti ager so preach preach preach. I've only tried to tried the elta sunscreen. That's tinted so now. I need to try. The clear tried to clear. And i love. You just said that because my husband has like crust on his beard everyday from sunscreen. And it's like just. I'm unwell from it. It's it's like crusting often it's white and it's too much for me to see so we're going get him that unwed unwell I'm gonna throw one. That's not like practical like one. That is a little bit more fun. You really just john experience right now. Go ahead john yeah. That's just a little bit more like son showroom. The sisli black rose collection is to die for. I have two hundred percent agree with you. And it's the most beautiful bottle and the product is so good product the so good it feels like heaven. It smells delicious though the mask. Is that mask. Where like if my skin doesn't feel nice. It would feel tight if it feels like a little lake g. Or it's and i will say it's not like a sensitive skin product so it's not like oh this is itchy skin product but if it just feels like it could better if i put it on for ten minutes or thirty minutes. I feel better after i love you. Gave sicily black runs the most glorious light sensual an p. d. Those were too great railing. Feel sexy without rely so indicative of two of us. It's funny what are you guys working on. What's next tell us what's happening. We have a summer of like big bang in major guests. I just. I don't know if you've looked like july is like celebrity central. I don't know if you look. We them. And i don't know she saw the scheduled for july yet. I i'm just been worn are die hard. Fans loves to throw in a random guests like the guy that makes so or like the weird academic. That'll teach you about whatever and i know. That is like our bread and butter. But we've lined up some really good celebrities for july song very excited about. I can't wait but yes some big names. Yeah what else. We just got a new logo. That's cool new logos. Shot out to jessica who yeah. Which episode would you recommend to someone. That's new to your podcast. If you could pick any episode which one would you tell them to go to the first christopher buckle up he like oh okay i remember. We said tips. Okay bob bobby great tip. I can't believe. I forgot this ship because we just talked about the other day i started like you can't see it. So much right now but kicking up the blush he said i love christopher so much was like after an right harry's nico viruses clean yes okay and also one of the funniest men on earth is like after a certain point is like if you don't wear blush you look like a thumb. Oh my god. I will never here that. I am always wearing flash. Hold on hold on no. Is it the apple of the cheek that we apply it or is it a little bit up the cheek. Where's the spot somewhere. Pointed out it on your fucking lips. Put it on your tits wanted on. Okay okay would you. Did you ever that. I was like just now. It's like i picture patrick star like just like a big beigey paint. Granted like akam. So we've had him on twice the first that's a good one second spot. We never have people on so it was like where are you free. It was so funny and but then that that first episode was great. And i think a lot of people don't want to be an ir sanderson's like not very now to be like you have to wear makeup or like once you hit a certain age you must put on more makeup. That's not the point of what he was saying. But like for those people who feel like they. Something's happening like they're not happy with the way they look after a certain. I'm about to like a big number. And i like i feel like i need more more makeup and like i am the audience for that episode because i'm christopher help me out and he gave amazing. Tips is a yes. Your faces look. Is losing collar the naturally your lip flying is disappearing. That is actually happening like he could. Your lashes are like he gave. He wasn't condescending. He was just like you're not imagining things and here is what you do. He had me cracking up a peeing. My pants the hallway throughout sounds like a great play bass. Guitar is it called the thumb. What's the episode goal. Is it called now but google crater horrific k. Now come up and then offer one more called ask a pharmacist. That is still one of our most popular episodes. It's ian ginsburg who he has. A family owned pharmacy called co bigelow. That's been in his family for hundreds of years. He went to his customer service center for his pharmacy. Got the ted most asked questions they get again and again and brought them on our show and answered them and it was an awesome. Ooh that sounds really good super. Where can everyone find both of you a pimp yourself out. Tell us all the details your website. Podcast you're instagram. Scare dot com. That's our handle for instagram. I'm jen sullivan. Which is like gen. Ed follow me follow fat mascara and our podcast is everywhere. Spotify all things stitcher. I do really think the audience will love your podcast. They're probably already listeners. But if they aren't it's very beauty focused. I'm a fan. I love what you guys are doing. I am going on your podcast now. You guys have to go. Listen to that episode. yes come on. Thank you both for taking the time. I picked up so many tips and tricks. I almost wanted to pull out my phone and take notes. But i'll just read. Listen thank you is. Thank you for having us. Do you want to win a copy of the skinny confidential. Get the fuck out of the sun. All you have to do is tell us your fever part of this episode on my latest post and tag a friend. Tell a friend about our podcast. It helps the community growing and someone will slide into your inbox and one of you will win. Thank you so much for the support as always definitely check out my book on amazon target barnes and noble and all small books are sold. I appreciate you guys support. And i will see you next time and michael will be here of course as well.

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House Nears Vote to Pass $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Aid Bill

WSJ What's News

10:58 min | 6 months ago

House Nears Vote to Pass $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Aid Bill

"Of vote on the pandemic relief. Bill could happen as soon as today. What could this mean for. Investors and inflation plus. Some restaurants are reopening but there are complications to they want to eat outside. They wanna eat inside. What kind of. Level of occupancy are they comfortable with inside so it is very hard to predict. Tell you what it might be like the next time you go out to eat and details about a business deal involving millions of dollars and red soled shoes. It's tuesday march ninth on mark stewart with the wall street journal. And this is what's news. We begin in washington where the house is expected to pass the one point nine trillion dollar co-pay nineteen relief bill as soon as today. If passed the bill would then go to the white house. President biden signature. The package includes three hundred dollars in weekly unemployment benefits through september six as well as sending fourteen hundred dollar direct payments to many americans. Progress on the stimulus. Package may be one of the reasons. We've been noticing. Bond yields inching upward on monday. The ten year yield briefly rose as high as one point six one percent in the morning. Let's get some further insight with wsj markets columnist. Mike byrd in hong kong. Glad you're here mike. Good morning. Mock how does this all relate to fiscal policy and a stimulus that were expecting to be passed this week. Fiscal policy and the stimulus program is pretty central to this. So it's a big point of debate. Among economists and analysts and investors about what precisely the impact of these measures will be. It's a very large stimulus relative to what was passed immediately after the financial crisis in two thousand. Eight two thousand nine. Some people think it will overheat the economy for example that you'll see significant inflation after that some people very much disagree with that move. They think there's enough slack in the us economy right now to accommodate the stimulus an obviously depending on whose correct that. He's close to correct. That will have a big impact on asset prices as well and mike how are the rising yields viewed by the fat. And how can it impact future decision making. Well i think this is. The other component is adding a lot to the uncertainty here so the fed has framed changed. Its framework slightly. It's tweaked its framework towards called average inflation targeting which suggests that it's going to have a little bit more leeway in terms of not hiking interest rates. Alsacien flation approaching. They're allowed to be a little bit more balanced little bit more patient with that but markets on quite used to this framework yet. They don't really know how patient the fed will be some people. Don't trust that if the floods seed feds. He's inflation coming though really polls and not hike. Interest rates so the uncertainty on the fiscal side and the uncertainty on the monetary side is. What's contributing lot of this. Sort of volatility to the uncertainty that investors have mike byrd appreciate the insight. Thanks very much in. Dc task force reviewing security after the capital riot has made recommendations this includes adding hundreds more officers to the capitol police and using retractable fencing at the complex in review. The task force found that inadequate staffing equipment and training hobbled the capitol police's response to the january attack. Some recommendations would need to be approved by congressional committees and funded through legislation in a statement capital. Police said that security upgrades are needed. And it looks forward. To reviewing the taskforce's recommendations president biden has signed an executive order directing his administration to review policies related to how schools handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault. In addition the president renewed his pledge to tackle incidents of sexual assault and harassment in the military while speaking at the white house. This is going to be an all hands on deck effort under my administration and the scourge of sexual assault in the military. And we're going to be focused on that from the very top. I know that we can do it. An american airlines said it would raise more than seven billion dollars backed by its frequent flyer program to repay a loan that it took out from the federal government after the pandemic decimated air travel in the past delta and united have used their loyalty programs to lend financing carriers have found the relatively stable cashflows at their frequent flyer programs. Bring in to be a rich source. Collateral for financing just ahead restaurants are reopening across the country but will diners return. We'll look at the struggles facing the industry. After the break in many places local business restrictions are being lifted as the corona virus case counts subside. From their recent highs for restaurants some level of indoor dining is now allowed in every state in the us. but this doesn't mean the industry is in the clear restaurant. Owners are struggling to predict how many other customers will come back and how fast for a look at what they're facing joined by our restaurant reporter had their had. Good morning heather. Thanks for being here. Thanks much have their we know from conversations with family and friends that plenty of people are still a bit leery about how our restaurant owners able to gauge the level of demand. That's out there. Yeah it's so variable and it really depends on many factors demographics. You know your age. Have you been vaccinated yet where you live the restrictions in your area where there you're in an area that's more cautious or you know eager to get back out so it is really hard for these restaurants because there are so many factors that play into this in terms of comfort of their diners. The way they want to eat out they just still wanna do to go to. They want to eat outside. They wanna eat inside. What kind of level of occupancy are they comfortable with inside so it is very hard to predict. We are starting to have some polling data on this and it does seem that things are moving in the direction where people are getting more comfortable. But it's still not universal by any means and this uncertainty show up in the business decisions that restaurants have to make like staffing. And how much food to buy. He had those things are really unpredictable. Right now talking to owners. It's just one week will be great and then the next week will just be the pits. You know little bad weather and people who might be hesitant to go to a restaurant or a bar already are just gonna stay home. So it's it's a real work in progress with no template to figure out yet. How much food to by. How much staff and again whether it's leave those outdoor dining options available whether to really invest in to go still. There's just so many variables here. And i think a lot of restaurant owners feel like they're kind of making it up as they go. Which is expensive. Heather is this conundrum unique to smaller independent eateries or are the big chain struggling with these issues too. I guess yes. No you know. In some ways they are also having to deal with changing regulations calculations about staffing. And how much food to buy which is changing a lot but the bigger chains. I mean they have many more to spread the risk around whether we're independent operator often does not. Maybe has one unit a couple. Units often doesn't have the ability to raise capital in the same time so it is a till two cities in some degree and finally there from the perspective of customers what changes are diners likely to see if and when they do go out to eat again. It really depends on where you are so in texas week. They are removing all restrictions. So you can conceivably go to a restaurant or bar and not wear a mask and it could be full occupancy Talking to some owners. They're they are not some some aren't gonna do that. They're going to continue to have some restrictions and mandates but again it really depends where you are whereas san francisco just reopened indoor dining for the first time in november Skin is still have very low occupancy levels so depending on where you are you could find a pretty empty restaurant were maybe just only a couple tables. That are being service to everyone's wearing mass. There's a lot of hand sanitizer around still they're still. Qr codes for your menus or you can be in a situation where a lot of things are starting to feel back to normal. Heather had an always good to hear from you. Thanks so much thanks so much and finally at a time when most of us are wearing just slipper socks or nothing on our feet at all. There's been a shift. In the luxury footwear market christian lubaton the high price to leto brand known for its red soul is selling a twenty four percent stake to exor an investment firm control by italy's and yellow family. The deal would value the french company at over two point. Seven billion dollars in will help give the brand and infusion of capital to expand its operations particularly in china for xsara spokesman said the investment as part of a push to grow and luxury goods and the firm does have some experience in luxury. It's also the controlling shareholder of ferrari. That's what's news for tuesday. We're back tonight with a new show. And if you like us a rating or review is appreciated from wherever you get your podcasts. I'm mark seward with the wall street journal. Thanks for listening.

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The South Florida Morning Show  HR 2  6-23-21

The South Florida Morning Show

39:27 min | 3 months ago

The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 6-23-21

"The south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk. Eight fifty w. mtl. I'm ashamed to say is further evidence that voter suppression has become part of the official platform of the republican party liar. I don't know what else to say. Guys that flat out liar. Push through which fail by the way as hr one thing could be the most unconstitutional thing. I think i've ever seen god but you know what. Give the democrats credit. We always do because they know how to word things so it makes it look like if you go against whatever they want. You're a bad person. Brilliant brilliant marketers. Give them all the credit in the world. because there's this thing to federalize elections and and you know Outlaw voter id and and take power away from the states. They called that voting rights. I knew oppose it his voter suppression. Yes isn't that brilliant is shooting that brilliant it take away all the rights. what's wrong the republicans. they're just evil cruel mean people anyway. It's not going to happen shots to know. But you're right you're just looked at this again. every democrat voted for it including joe manchin. Who is supposed to be. I'm not gonna vote for this. I'm not going to buy you okay. Right geno turncoat. Their chuck schumer got to them and Him the world when it comes to some kind of filibuster ruling and joe was like okay. Thank sailor by so. I'll vote for your thank you. Needless to say we can't trust joe manchin and again of course not. yeah he. well it's got i. I like him because he usually. You know looks at things logically. At least you know he. And maybe he's just a plan by the democrats put up that little smokescreen that makes everybody think Republican side you're going to go with them could be and maybe it's just all a political ploy which could really be the case. Could all politics. It's all swampy. who knows. Here's the exact opposite of politics to get out of that world for a bit. Yes apparently it's a big day for pop star. Britney spears he played. They're making a big deal about this. You're to hear about his everywhere either from your kids or at work today. Freebritney conservative ship with their father. And she's been doing this for a while. But i guess the big deal today is she's actually showing up in person in court to defend herself which i guess she's never done before she's always had her attorneys speak for her. So what better way to win though is in to prove that you're one hundred percent in your faculties and you get your act together. Then to show up in person will be prerecorded lip sync like sparkley. Microphone that's quite story. Though is that lot of is on it in the legal community even though it's just britney spears because they want this whole conservative ship. A deal can be abused. Well yeah this is the case or not. But i mean she may be. The one changes this whole law. I don't know if she's she's trying to get her. Dad has their dad taking more money than he's supposed to get well. He's got complete control of life. Apparently because let's face it and she admits this to she went a little nuts. They are a little while ago. But ten years ago but skipper credit. She straightened out her. Life became a good mom. Wasn't it longer than ten years ago. It seemed like i was a long time ago. Maybe i'm wrong but still you're right. You know she's turned herself around. And it used to be your dad in an attorney. But i think it's just a dad there dead and her sister now. Her family has control of all of her money right now. You know what. I've seen families fall apart oil money. So it's it's it's it's her money she makes it. She supports everybody. Give it to work. But she's not. i mean. Who cares that. It's britney spears their millions of people across the country that out and say millions is probably tens of thousands that are in the same situation so true somebody else. Somebody else controls your money. So if this sets big legal precedent freebritney somebody else control my money. I'd probably be in pretty good shape but you also didn't shave your head and refused to wear underwear for the first solid. Two years saying guy. She went through that era. Yes it was. How could we forget. Wow yeah the world remembers that but again she turned her life around so at some point the these things and it was two thousand eight when her family control of her fortune. At some point you got to be able to prove that you're saying now and yeah you know she had she was on In vegas for how long should they like every day to shows on sunday or whatever it was. I mean it takes a lot of takes all you got to have your act together to do that. No pun intended. I'm just thinking things were happening behind the scenes that none of us ever heard about family knows and that's what they keep on through my face. I'm sure i'm sure because let's face it every her dad's grandkids are involved here and i'm sure he has. The money cares about their welfare. But it's the. It's the money i've seen him. Isn't that terrible. Isn't that a terrible thing to say. All right maybe you're right. It's i think it's the money but that's besides the point. I hope i hope she gets it. And i hope things go well because the minute they go south you know. They're taking everything away from her right poor kid who knows kitsch kids. She's like fifty almost now. I will do she. I don't know brittany freebritney We're going to travel a lot. It's going to be packed again for fourth of july. We're going everywhere. We are everywhere. Summer vacation so says triple a. And they were right about memorial day. How many people are traveling this time around. Did they say you're ready. Yeah forty seven. Million americans are expected to drive or fly for a holiday destination. july first. it's going to be busy okay. So the six this one. I'll start my road trip to asia booking you wouldn't but if you're booking airline travel around that time they jack up the prices like you wouldn't believe it's terrible. I know but they do. That's terrible terrible terrible now. You've got the covid recovery fee from which airline frontier dollar a dollar forty nine. It's gonna go unnoticed because it's just going to be added to all the fees you ever look at your plane ticket and you look at the fees. They actually charge. It's ridiculous creates me. Just give you the boarding pass so you don't see all the fees pass or scanner in your phones. You don't look at it because if you see the fees it's absurd so now that frontier is done it that means others will eventually follow suit and then like jay ratliff. Our aviation expert has told us it just continues and it goes up in a guy like the the baggage fee. Sure that never went away. Did it just goes up. And god forbid you go over one hundred pounds. Jeez covey. it's only about fifty. Okay all right until they doublet triplet and then they'll nova and then they'll tack that onto something else. Okay remember. we bailed them out. I just i can't yeah. We bailed them out how many times and now they say they don't have enough people to run them please. I'm telling you drive somewhere and see the united states i More things come back to normal more events is this gives us another chance me another chance. Anyway to talk about the foo fighters they brought the first big live sold out show to madison square garden. Yeah they're gonna do it too l. A. now really going. Well listen to this. You can the same thing in l. a. Next month yesterday announced it gonna be playing. The first full capacity showed a former inglewood. What can happen in july seventeenth. Cheese concerts are back. Did you notice all these tours. Now that are being announced. I know i can't wait. They're back did you get your tickets by the way for the big show that you wanna. I don't wanna mention it because in the safe. Okay all right so you got your petition clapton tickets. I saw clapton years and years and years ago and it was purely by accident. I told you showed up at that yellow concert adding no idea why in the l. o. Guy was saying he was the best guitarist in the world and all of a sudden he challenged anybody in the audience. Obviously well played in. The spotlight went in the back and here comes. Clapton won't get in the back of the arena and the place went crazy at lauren was stuck on the phone for about two hours on thursday. To god you you know what. You have an extremely tolerant wife. She gets to go to excuse me the carrot honey. You're sitting on hold for two hours. Hey we almost lost clapton. Deity said about the vaccine. You ousted his hands went numb. We'll speak vaccine. it's gonna. It could be a big problem for kids boy. Did this something. You're not seeing the headlines and that should tell you a lot. The world health organization now says for now kids should not be getting the vaccine. Yeah enormous news is an emergency meeting. With the cdc that they. They're going to discuss this today. Convenient we have that more to talk about coming up next the self-loading morning. Show this jenna dear oil. That rapid fire news is coming up at seven thirty minutes away. It's cairns news where we get to play to what's happening. You're not really hearing much about these. The investigation remember when they cleared out the park by the white house in front of the church. When trump held up the bible offers park mafia park trump's fault all those people got beaten apparently not they clear them cleared it out to put a fence up was cleared of all wrongdoing. And that so all of that. That was all a lie. Another fake news story that they said president trump sent the troops in do attack peaceful citizens that just so happen to burn a church. Okay right and sprayed you know all kinds of horrible things on the bathroom there but Also trump says he never asked the department of justice to investigate saturday. Night live for making fun of him. Can you believe this. Oh my god. This was an amazing statement from you. Hear the he's but he said although alec baldwin did not do a good impersonation says darrell. Hammond was the one who could better. Well he should know well you know. Trump has a favourite impersonator. Think you do a good job. No we do a ferret we do a terrible trump. that's why we do it He also said but in two thousand nine hundred and he did tweet a call for federal agencies to investigate. Nsl so he tweeted about it but he didn't ask the doj to do. There's a big difference and now you won't let them tweet so there aren't that more coming up so that whole that whole lafayette park story to just another. We have a propaganda news industry. Now they they're propagandists. They're not journalists. Now they made that whole thing up. As a matter of fact. I think it was the justice department that came out and said they didn't even know trump was going to walk across the park until he walked out of the white house. So there is no way in heck they could have gotten the capitol police or the park police ready to move anybody out of the way because he just walked out of the house good lord. That was so infuriating. The fake news stories. That were coming people. It doesn't see now the clear him. They clear that up right. Now there's retractions in the washington post and cnn. But no one sees that see. You got most of the country still believing that story. That's how powerful the fake news is. It's amazing drives me crazy by the way. Thank you karen. We'll see for rabbit. Fire at seven thirty but ten minutes away. He south florida morning. Show this janice diener. I'm bill here's a. Here's a story that they're suppressing. Because now they depressed stories right because they don't want you to know the truth right and this is about the world health organization. Sure anti that came out yesterday or their their little. The little pearls of information that they dropping then no one talks about and this is from there. We're reading directly from their website. By the way here it is from the world health organization. Children should not be vaccinated for the moment for the moment for the moment who They go on to say not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against covid nineteen children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against covid nineteen and then almost instantly. The cdc called an emergency meeting for today to look at the higher than expected rates of heart inflammation among teenagers. Mostly boys who have received the pfizer vaccine. They are in a panic about this. Because it's hurting their vaccination numbers but also look what's coming in just a couple of months. September is going to be here where most of the country start school. The plan was to get most kids vaccinated right right. Where are you going to do that now. So now what is the. What are the teachers unions. Come back and say see gotta go back to online learning again. You may be right. Or i'm gonna think it's going to be parents. I'm not getting my kid vaccinated. And they come back and they say it's totally safe for kids. There's everybody's still gonna point to. This had say it was only june in the world health organization. Even put a pause to this did it. It's it's not good. And they were the ones pushing the strongest kids vaccinated c. And so now. This is how the biden administration will get away with saying okay. We're not going to get to our seventy percent goal by the fourth of july. But we're having a party at the white house today to congratulate all the people who have been successful in getting vaccinated. Does that make sense. You know what's going to happen to. And i just thought of this. Now that they they admitted came out yesterday during our show. You said you found the story. They're not gonna meet the seventy percent vaccination goal. Now watch the wording for this watch. It be called president. Trump's goal of seventy percent vaccination will not be met. They're to blame him for this. Do this is our fake news. God is going to spend this story watch now them. It's to be trump's failure. You know they'll do. Oh this is my prediction. You're going to see that happen. This is what they do. They're saying not until. August fifty seven and a half percent of american adults will have received one shot Really really short of the seventy percent. They wanted by the fourth of july. You had a president who had both shots in started to double mask around going. Oh so people saw that and said well what the hell am. I getting vaccinated for so true so today when they have this celebration of all the they get thousands of people showing up by the way. Oh sure at south lawn is foul chief front and center. Because of course you know he is our guru when it comes to the covid pandemic. I think they're making him go away. But i'm not sure. And he was tried to defend them. No one's by an speaking of covid. I just thought i'd throw this in They're talking about that. Royal caribbean ship member went out on. Its soya came back new guidelines unvaccinated guests now. I thought they weren't asked they. They couldn't ask you whether or not you had a test or not right. So what. I thought they're saying these are possibilities. Unvaccinated guests will have to undergo multiple covid nineteen tests at their own expense aboard the ship and those tests will be a lot more than anybody who is vaccinated in that. like discrimination. I it seems to be a tough call. I don't know they're gonna have restricted areas. Oh you're gonna grab a separate dining room and it's all it's all it's crazy. Wow maybe it's not time to cruise quite yet now. Maybe we can settle down a little bit. I agree with you. I agree with you. It's like okay thank you very much. They were just talking about Schools in the fall. Well it was a tough school year. Obviously for everybody. Well we got this principle in new york. I don't see what's wrong with it. He tried to start summer week early. And now he's in trouble Yeah i think it was a woman actually or if it was was it a guy i thought it was. I'm sorry you're right stacy goldstein. I is it a private school or was it a public. It's a public school. Holy cow in new york city called school of the future. So it's probably like a magnet school. Okay catching heat. She tried to end their school. You're a week early and send the kids to summer. Vacation does isn't that her call can't do that no you. Get to meet. State requirements of the kids can't graduate you have to you have to kid has to be in school so many days whether online or in person and then to meet and i think what happened with her and how she got caught was the kids still had to come to the school in check in and the parents are going so i gotta send my kid to school on a bus and then pick them up because there's no school but they gotta check in. How does that work okay. So the parents because of inconvenience their kids wouldn't have been qualified is getting through the seventh or eighth grade or whatever it was whatever class Senior year or junior year because they weren't fulfilling the requirement by the state unless they went and checked in. What were they going to miss the last two days we remember cleaning desk. I used to do that for a few hours. I always got the blackboard eraser. Research the heat during the erasers. You came back. You were all yellow. Smack them outside against the school wall instead out. Rapid-fire news guarantee got a lot to talk about it. It's all coming up next at seven thirty and we keep it here. It's a lot of fun. It's seven thirty. Time for rapid fire with curtis on news talk eight fifty w. at t l well. It's that time. Karen comes in chock full news. We step all over it. He come in with chuck full of bs. What are you starting with. That's right well President biden is gonna announced today. What executive actions. He's going to take to stop. Surge gun violence funding plunging. Please barely christman soaring. Since he took off his three hundred people killed in chicago just this year alone. So the answer that that is gun restrictions for law abiding citizens. This is where the what they're actually turned this into nothing about the horrific accidents. I mean crime incidents in chicago and new york and la nothern about that. The video of some of these shootings were in detroit where they shot the wrong car and killed a little kid and his carseat michigan chicago. Thing of that that couple there were hauled out of their car and attack i. I've never seen anything so horrific ever and there was not a word about it from the administration nothing hence why the city of chicago is putting out everywhere that video of the cops buying a basketball hoop thing for the kids and then the cops playing basketball with these kids. That's all you're seeing. Pr so it is which was a nice thing was great thing. That's all you hear it about you. Not hearing about how people are getting dragged out of carson shot homage county sheriff's office investigating guy got shot in jupiter farms last night. The shooter apparently seat on the scene. That guy's in custody and they found the gun remember the two year old. That shot himself with the. They found the gun he'd give somebody else to hold onto for him undetermined amount of time some York city may become tougher on crime with new mayor so they had this weird election. It's kind of lake days this kind of like a high school prom king election where okay the topic gets king and then all the rest are in the court. All right i guess you can top this mark levin Borough president eric adams. He's really interesting. He's on the democrat side And he apparently one this thing but andrew yang said. Oh yeah concede here. He is not not movement. Is here new york. Who said that the more we know eric more we to win. There's your next mayor. They said he's going to be the nickel beat the blasios. He was an officer on the new york city transit police and was a captain on the new york city police department. He served the new york. State senate what does he now. The president of the brooklyn borough right. I didn't know they had borough president. Yeah big deal so biden administration is not gonna make the goal of seventy percents Vaccinations at least one dose by july. First couple more weeks but this florida pastor. He's knocking on doors saying hey you need to get the jam to loose ale. Two dozen funerals of people who had covert but often say. I've not been to anything else who died from the vaccine. That is very very persuasive argument. It's the best i've ever heard anybody. Coin that except for the ones who flood clausen Myocarditis but i guess they're not still pointing their meeting about the the kids not getting the vaccine today. The cdc emergency meaning because the world health organization said children should not get the vaccine for now. Okay which means order. They know about the studies advisor turner or doing on little kids as we speak. Those healthcare workers in saint louis at saint. Louis refused to get the houston. Houston they all get their pink slips yesterday later by also this delta variant just letting you know what the symptoms are it spreads differently and it has a headache sore throat runny nose. You got a cold. Sounds a little familiar but anyway new report reveals kurna self diagnosing. Stay off a web. Md we don't have this you get the delta very click one more thing you're gonna convince yourself you have leprosy paraguan paraguay najah laris. I'm gonna get in that study. Google charity arm funded. The wuhan bat virus researcher peter. Dan's expires according to new report for over a decade. So maybe that's why the corona virus origin cover up and conspiracy theories censorship is going on. He's the same guy that funneled all the money from his lab in new york to the wuhan lab and with the specific notes to do bats corona virus research. He is one of the many of the people that signed that lancet article that said jesus was from a bat was telling the press built on the press reaching his all kinds of emails out now and text reaching a journalist. Saint good stopping that conspiracy theory that it came from wuhan makes okay conspiracy theory Onto them let's hire some real journalists around here and do some digging. Shall we let god miss journalism. Yes a real news media. yes Missing persons case a homicide and broward they found to preteen girls In a canal. Yesterday i know in. So here's the Louder hill slaughterhouse. Help police lieutenant michael santiago cross-referenced a lot of the missing children's reports and so far we haven't come up with anything doesn't mean that the child is not missing just hasn't been reported yet. Weird case strange. I smell a full rigor podcast. They're coming up and rapid fire. There's a firework shortage. And its deaners fault. Yeah yup time period fifty wwl traffic and weather together. New crash northbound ninety five exiting from tenth avenue north and lake worth. There's a seven thirty traffic in there for you rather way and also a crash in west palm beach lakes boulevard east of douglas avenue. Wbz tv first alert weather for today. More heat storms with a seventy percent. Chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Hey it's the wet season it's the rainy. Season are heisel. Be eighty eight slightly lower rain chance for your weekend. You're still going to get something in the afternoon. A currently a little something. Something currently seventy degrees partly cloudy in the palm. Beach is back to rapid fire. Bell always brought to us by ozo- twohey co drycleaners. No matter the weather karen. You're gonna look good because amb free pickup and delivery. They'll take care of all your clothes no matter what you got going on. Check it out. Sign up learn about them. Ozo- to usa dot com. All right back your rabbit fire. So i remember when my dad piled us. All in the old chevrolet station wagon woodside's from detroit metro down to disneyworld and seventy four. Sit on the hump. Your home was in the well in the volkswagen hours to disneyworld. It was awesome. But now i feel old. They're celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. Fifty fifty man or is it october. The official date Yeah so it's gonna kick off on october first with disney and chapman and nighttime celebration music. Light shows fireworks. Maybe that's why there's a shortage of fireworks all at disney and immersive projection. That stretches from cinderella's castle to what is an immersive projection. You're part of the story karen. Yeah disney magic van gogh thing. Yeah probably okay. Yeah actually and is scheduled to last for eighteen months longer than elephants pregnancy. Hey hey and disney is gonna new contest going on there looking for disney. Magic makers are going to pick fifty people who have influenced the world around them. They'd be there shown support or health for community or another person. They get trip to disney one year subscription to disney plus. They're gonna take fifty nominees. Watch out she's gonna win. Nominating him guys. Say for new mickey mouse. It's okay yeah you could send me. That's all right just a little guy. Teachers say would fit the costume tony. I was going to tell the story about how i was there for. The twenty fifth anniversary doesn't matter it doesn't matter no you're all too that's right by the way. Get your sparklers now. There's a nationwide shortage of fireworks. Yeah they're all deaners. Untamed retribution untamed retribution. In savage something though the pyro pulverize can't wait for that. Fanta fireworks flyer in the millions today. Yeah going through the name of it. It's so good. News the outcome from china and Delays in global shipments amid the. There's container after there's thousands of containers sitting at the port in la with crap in them like i of furniture and self people aboard on amazon. It is just. I ordered stuff from europe. And it's like six in the border customs in chicago o'hare for three weeks. Sure everything's backed up. There's people on there were what's happening. Let's get sixty minutes on this. I mean it's razi. It takes a long time anyway. This is happening. Cy role as conroy new trailer for the suicide squad. Movie coming out was leaked. You said what was her name. Margot robbie margot robbie that's the director said argo. Robbie let it out on purpose and is innocent. We're not gonna see it. No but did you see the live action. Snow white that rachel ziglar spielberg found her on youtube. The way that we put her in the upcoming version of west side story. She's maria Nicer good for that kid. Wow she talented. And when does the james bond movie no movie for old men come out. What is the name of that movie. There is no thank you hi said was christmas. Isn't it time to release. Shoot it because all the technology had gone obsolete. I'm convinced that movie doesn't exist. You may be one of. They have pay phones. Or something i guess. Time sung or nokia one of the sponsors and they said all the gadgets. They use already obsolete they had to reshoot scenes. Like wait a minute. I gotta call rotary dial tone. Britney's going to be in court today. She's he's been addressed the court directly and when she's coming with that elbino snake and like her belly button ring. No but we hear she's gonna be Her statements lip sync. Hey listen it's actually who cares. It's britney these. The conservative ships are on trial here. There's a lot of people who have no control over the finances because they used to be nuts. But what can't you get better under this Situation shave your head. You lose control of your finances. Come on well well. We also had that run of good solid two years where she wouldn't wear underwear number. That is that crazy algebra. She had meltdowns on onstage offstage. She went nuts she'd met. She says she went nuts. So she's better now. She straightened her life She takes care of her kids good for her. She's gonna show up in court today. We'll see what happens for you. Can you not have a system in place where you can prove that you are better and you're stable. Now i mean she just lost all control of her. I think getting court and shave her hair off again. Comes with a razor chummy. I'm asking you about she. Has mickey mouse was good costume. Please i was just thinking. He's a little guy who would be better but whatever okay. A penguin in saint louis zoo getting new shoes. Why and it's blowing up. Vira leak apparently is arthritis. And they have to rub cream on his calluses. Every time they have to reapply every time he goes in for a swim wants to do that. Some guys like job. It's on his business card. Then the callous rubber cream the cream calories so The the this thing has to black strap on shoes with red grip. So it's like a allure christian lubaton shoe with shoals jeff. It's on facebook apparently is blowing up the most expensive shoes are stuart weitzman. Three million bucks. I louis and and the christian lubaton those are the ones that the red least. You can wear those those little bit on. I don't know how anybody wears them with those four inch heels. God lovey if you can shoes bad expensive stepping something you don't want to step in my god just spray paint the bottom of your shoes with red lacquer paint. I don't wear heels now and get you this easies. Those shoes are like six hundred bucks. A plows are ugly. Ugly hughes main anyway. Never likes those Sketchers lead my sketchers owner. I have scheduled to the workout. One get. I put it this way. I've bought so. I was just telling dina this. I just bought a new pair and every time you buy a pair of they give you money back. Yeah i just bought a new pair for like one hundred ten bucks a sixty dollars for him because they had so much money but they're coming in tomorrow. So you'll see you get to like the how we long orthopedic three inches. I the prescriptions. Max cushion ones. Yeah even bluer those ugly ass shoes at oj said he never warned. There was a picture of him wearing them. Oh yeah not mino- leblanc's but what were they your leather right. Yeah shoes oh oh. I know you're driving out there going. Oh my god that wraps up rapid fire grade is coming up now. Rhonda santa's versus the commies that's coming up next and the verdict is in. If you want to save money on your vacation do not let us guys planet that is just so true are go grocery shopping. i'll throw that into. I can verify this is true finance. It's coming up next the morning. Show this i'm bill. Keep it here. The bill also expands our previous efforts in civics to add a requirement for the high school government class that Students receive instruction on the evils of communism and tally -tarian ideologies. Even i was like wow when i heard that yesterday. So governor onto santa's goes from absolutely abolishing critical race theory in florida schools. To take an a step beyond not only that we're gonna teach kids how exactly bad communism is and how many people killed and how evil it is You know what he's he's makes a very valid point. Why not you know. I'll i you know when. I i always refer to that guy that spoke at the republican national convention. That cuban man. He was so so impactful right. He talked about you know how he watched his parents you know. He left cuba as a child and they fled the communist regime in what he saw as life went on. He said you know when we. I was a kid. Things were fine and then as i got older things got worse than my parents realize what was going on and they got out but why not listen to people like that are people from venezuela i years ago i taught briefly a journalism class at a local high school and there are a number of kids in there from venezuela it was a private school and every single one of them talked of horace about how their parents ranches. I'm we're talking. Hundreds of thousands of acres just taken from them in the middle of the night rated by an army taken over by the government and the people that were inside thrown out and said get out. That's how it started. And that's how i look at it. Nightmare going to venezuela they're escaping countries. Like that to come here and the governor also pointed out exactly in mentioned south florida specifically why they would come here. We want all students to understand the difference. Why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters. Say leaving from cuba to come to southern florida. A why would somebody leave a place like vietnam. Why would people leave these countries In risk their life to be able to come here it's important. The students understand that. No you mentioned the guy. I think it was the goya president wasn't it. I think goes on a on a commission him everybody else. They've had speak out against this all and they all tell the same story they all do. They see signs happening right now. Indoctrination of kids to hate their country getting dependent on the government. Incentivizing them not to work all of it. It's exactly how their countries fell apart. Yeah there was just a. We just looked up in. And i don't know who she is. She wrote a book Was some and i'm sure. She's a doctor of psychology. Or maybe of education said in a statistic. They had up on fox's five percent of kids in schools. Today hate this country. Oh my god. And i'm like it can't be that high. Please don't tell me it's that that the kids have been taught to hate america. I could see it sure absolutely. Everything's bad this dad. It's everything's along racial lines all of in state you know we know what's you know. What would hate this. The most dr king. You're probably right instead of judging people by their character. It's judge them into racial lines. Stop it i. it's just awful. So i'm actually. I'm glad to see him and not only that he tripled down on this. So now there's going to be plenty of education to show kids now as part of this bill. Florida will create a portrait and patriotism library. So students can learn about real patriots who came to this country after seeing the horrors of these communist regimes. Who had we always joke is texas follow. Yeah without a doubt. Greg governor greg abbott communism school bill right another thing that the governor signed yesterday is any facility that involves children any of their vehicles has to be a clipped and then alarm system so the drivers make sure they check to make sure. There's no kids left on the bus. Me go or the van or the car or whatever it is that you're using it is. It's i'm surprised it took this long really but do that. Swampy kind of news if you're wondering about that. Hr one that is not gonna happen. Even though republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue here in the united states senate an issue no less fundamental than the right to vote. Jen's all time favorite chucky schumer. I dunno nancy's right up there too. I can't stand that man but again give them credit credit. They pulled together they once again. Vote along party lines. All of them mansion him in shuki got him to switch and he said it right there. It's like they call this thing which is unconstitutional and wants to take voting rights away from you in the states but they call this voting rights into oppose it as voter suppression of course the best marketers in the world here. They're genius they. I don't know how they come up with their ideas but they are they're brilliant. Wow the republicans need to start copying them. They don't learn what the problem is right. And don't fight like the democrats to if you want to avoid a fight the sdr. Thanks for the segue jin near welcome. The researchers in survey says if you want to save money on vacation absolutely positively. Do not let us guys planet. I will totally agree with this. And and it if you don't believe that. Send your husband shopping. When i was married. I sent you know my husband go. I'm going to the grocery store he'd come back and it'd be spent like four hundred and something bucks and it'd be like they did you buy and it'd be like junk everything in the world a case of beer that wasn't there fritos and potato chips and all this other dips and platters like me rolling around home depot like. I don't know what that is. But i wanted but i needed so it's really cool looking but this what surprised me about. This was the disparity in how much a woman would spend planning a vacation compared to a guy i did a survey you know. Fake little vacation buyers men are about fifty percent more likely to go way. Big overspent overspending by lot. They're saying if a woman plans it you'll spend less than a thousand dollars on your vacation and that is so true. The guy guys does all the planning. How much does he spend seventy five hundred dollars. That's ridiculous this is why lauren is our. Cfo we call her in the house. And i go. Financial decisions have been taken out of my hands. Thank god it was after the last vacation was a cruise or something down there and i'm like signing up for excursion. Yeah we want to go on the python excursion. Of course we wanna take a jeep to cause. A mel wishes thousand dollars. Ten thousand she goes. Are you insane. So i agree with this. Keep us away from you. Know what it is. 'cause we figure when we're finally on vacation forget it. We're going to have a good time. Man what it costs. It's you're right. You know what an people are gonna spend big this time. They say men are fifty percent more likely to go really big though. So don't let and unless you can afford it. Don't let the guy plan the vacation. That's absolutely going to happen though because people who like who knows what's gonna happen next year. We're going to have our dream vacation this year. And it's disney's fiftieth anniversary. Come on that just just you saying that just cost me a hundred dollars. It just it. Just walk out. The out of my wallet grew legs and it left. I'm sorry even the msci business costume money. You're so true we got more headlines coming up next The new york city race to close to remember there. Okay and think about this one musical act or event you could have seen the live that you didn't see but you wish you had. This is a good one this. This is a really good one all right. We got that and more coming up next south florida morning. Show this jenna bill. Keep it here. Low summer savings event is going on. Now save seventy bucks in the bosch freak. Eighteen volt impact driver kit half wrench half driver. All impact quickly changed from sockets to bits with no adapter. Kit includes the freak eighteen volt batteries carrying bag and impact tough socket and drill driver since with savings. This good it's the perfect time to treat yourself shop in store or online and pick up curbside lows the new home for pros while supplies last. Us me rather thirty day. Free trial of live by plus and you'll get unlimited skips commercial free music. And all of the podcasts live streaming events you can handle visit live x live dot com slash. Podcast one to learn more and start your free trial.

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#74 MINDFULNESS Practicing our Communication Skills with Anne Muhlethaler

"Let's do this. Let's talk about topic. Well hello and welcome to talk about talk on your communication coach dr andrea. Please call me andrea whether you're an ambitious exec looking to catapult your career by improving your communication skills or maybe you simply have a strong growth mindset. You're always looking to learn and improve your communication skills or perhaps both well. You're in the right place at talk about talk. We focus on communication skills. Topics like personal branding confidence and networking if you check out the talk about talk dot com website. You'll find online. Corporate training one on one coaching with me online courses. The free weekly communication skills newsletter. And of course the archive of this. Bi weekly podcast. You can choose whatever works for you. Welcome to talk about talk. Episode number seventy four. This is the third of three episodes where we're focusing on practicing our communication skills. And i have to tell you that this miniseries is exceeding my expectations. I can't wait for you to hear this episode but let me back up quickly for a second in number seventy two. I interviewed my friend dr nadine kelley host of the yogi. Md podcast. She's the ideal person to talk to about practicing. She's retired medical doctor. A yoga instructor a podcast and a drummer amongst other things. So nadine thinks a lot about practicing and she shares her wise insights with us about what it means to practice in the most recent episode number seventy three i interviewed robson boundary. The amazing tech entrepreneur. Who shared some of his incredible ideas. About how technology can be used to practice our communication skills and after that conversation i must admit i felt much more optimistic about our future in this final episode. On practicing you'll meet a new friend of mine named and mule taller. You'll learn the definition of mindfulness the benefits of mindfulness and importantly how to be mindful. Whether you're in a heated discussion or perhaps you're in a boring online meeting. And you know you need to re-engage you'll also hear ends unique. Take on how fashion mogul christian. Luebbe leverages mindfulness and intention to fuel his success. All right let's get into this. Let me introduce anti now. And then we'll get right into the interview and then i'll summarize at the end so you don't need to take notes because i did that for you. Just keep doing whatever you're doing driving or walking or housework or whatever all simplify and summarize everything for you at the end and you can always access the episode show notes on the talk about talk dot com website and mule. Taller is the epitome of a modern swiss renaissance woman. By the way these are my words not hers. She's a luxury brand consultant a meditation and mindfulness instructor. A podcast her and she's on a mission to make you better at living. Her practical approach to meditation and breath. Work is grounded in science and strengthened by her extensive knowledge of the pressures of corporate life and worked for christian. Lubaton i in the uk as general manager then in the us in france where she spearheaded global communications for over a decade overseeing all channels including public relations social media content creation real marketing and events as well as wholesale collaboration programs and partnerships nowadays and leads avium consulting a branding and communication consultancy that provides bespoke communication and business development strategies for fashion and luxury brands worldwide. But wait there's more and is also a qualified two hundred hours half of a yoga teacher and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. Her accessible and practical tools are designed to improve participants capacity to work move. Think and thrive and and is also the founder of out of the clouds a podcast where she teaches explores and discusses the crossroads between business and mindfulness. And i have to say and also has a beautiful voice. As you're gonna hear a moment. Her voice is perfect for podcasting and for singing. Yes of course. She also does and is truly a renaissance woman. Thank you very much for joining us here today to talk about mindful communication so excited to be here. Let's get into this. What is mindfulness mind. Falesa is a term. That's very used. And i feel like a lot of people are confused about. So let's break it down. Mindfulness essentially means maintaining a form of awareness. Moment by moment of our thoughts our feelings are physical sensations and the surrounding environment but the difference that has with awareness for example is that mindfulness has quality of kindness or nurturing. Lens if you wish. One of the best finishes of mindfulness. Meditation was coined by john cabot. He is the founder of 'em bazaar which is called mindfulness based stress reduction program and he comes from a big family of scientists. He was mit before he got introduced to mindfulness and meditation so his definition always stands well against people. Who needs clarity on this like myself. Yeah but this is particularly to the meditation part. So he says and everywhere. It is important in this mindfulness. Meditation is the awareness that arises from paying attention on purpose in the present moment and non judgmental. And i think that what most people do not understand is the unpurposeful part. You can be self aware and not be self aware on purpose true. of course. we're you're being self aware in the moment in the piece. I think took me a lot longer to learn. Is the non judgmental and these four key parts really altogether sum up. What mindfulness meditation is now just to make it clear for everybody who is listening to us. They are to sort of basic pillars of mindfulness. If you wish in terms of practices are the non-formal practices and they are the formal practices so formal practice is seated standing walking or lying down. Meditation occurred all four types are equally as valid as the other so for example i teach groups and i can see. Someone's very fidgety. I encourage them not to be doing the meditation seated but stand and then the informal. Mindfulness practices is to cultivate the state of moment by moment awareness but doing everyday tasks my favorite teacher for. This is tichenor hon. Who's a really famous. But it's virtual thinker and activist and he teaches you to pay attention to eating so mindful eating mindful walking and he has really delightful examples of practicing mindfulness. When you washing the dishes. Listen to the sound of the water. Smell the smells and the kitchen really tap into all of your senses feel the water on your hands and really this is one of the ways that you can feel yourself pro sent rather than just necessarily being in in your mind in your thoughts two thoughts about that. So what is it. It sounds idyllic right. It's almost like pay you feel. Yeah i guess. Yeah feeling the water. It just sounds like essential. And i don't mean sexual. I mean like through the senses. You really really aware of your sense of touch and the temperature and the flow of the water for example as it comes out of the tap in over your hands. The other thing is you were listening some of those contexts for me. Was i hear people talking about being aware of those contexts. When they're diagnosed with a mortal illness right like when they realize they've got a month to live and then suddenly they want to and then they do feel the rain on their face when they go inside. Yes yes absolutely. We are. Oh i would say in our natural state reactive as human beings as animals right with our old limit brain and so. Mindfulness invites us not to live in the limbic brain not to solely be in our minds in our thoughts and yes. You're right one of the keys for me. The one thing that i keep on pulling at is that connection through the body in the senses misunderstood in most types of meditations that are not transcendental per se. So i know that for me for my personal experience in the forty or so years. I've spent on this planet a large part of my life. I wasn't particularly connected to my body and our bodies. While first and foremost they are the gateway to experience seeing this life. I love that. That's a great quote but but they are is through our senses and is largely through our bodies that we experience the world around us not solely but it is the major source of this experience. My teacher tire brought colds. Is the body suit. The space suit that we used to get around cool very cool so the body piece for me is very important and you're right. That is an element of we can really anchor ourselves. In our census to feel present it is one of the easiest ways into the present moment. Okay so before we get into being mindful with our communication. Can you share with us. What the benefits are of mindfulness. There's the obvious stuff. So i also come from a family with a lot of scientists and doctors and i love the studies that have been published in the past twenty or thirty years. There's a lot of them around Less stress so stressed decrease better sleep lowering zaidi levels and more serious diseases obviously chronic back pain. Chronic pain in general is something that can be really very much decreased through the mb. Our program amongst others. I heard that psoriasis. Ibs so in terms of the overall health benefits they are numerous. They are incredibly well researched. And i think it still feels to me like it's early days in terms of the research because each type of practice offers i guess a different types of benefits so i mentioned the broader definitions of mindfulness. What i should say that the pillars in terms of the formal practices of meditation. So the four pillars are mindfulness of breath. Mindfulness of body mind flood of thoughts and emotions. And then what's called. Mindfulness of the constructs of the mind and so these the types of meditations dot. I teach in various classes. Formats that all feed into each other so that we become more intimate and more aware with the sensations in and around our body with the breath. The breath is key and it took me years to figure that out and then the content of our thoughts and emotions and the stories that are constructed in our minds around those okay so the fourth pillar that you mentioned there the contracts of the mind. that's really stories. Yes okay now. Speaking my language but back to the first pillar i keep hearing over and over and over again in all sorts of context of course in terms of our health and medical benefits but just in terms of communication breathing. Really is king. If you're not leveraging breathing for example you're getting up on stage just thinking first about your breath you know. It has such a huge impact on how you feel and then also in how you're perceived well i'd reverse that actually it's almost like if you check what your breath is like will tell you about your state so i would like to encourage everyone in reminding myself of that too that the breath is the language of the nervous system. If you can't inhale if you have trouble exhaling if you feel that your breath pattern is not normal. It's a sign of disruption and one of the great reasons to adopt. Mindfulness practices is essentially. While this. i'm going to tell you the story from from my teacher andy carpenter. Who's an amazing yoga teacher. She's an avid bird watcher. Like she's obsessed with buds kerr and there's some. There's a very similar practice in birdwatching in watching our breath. She was saying that she was taught by this very Let's say seasoned birdman own. We call them who said What you wanna do is you wanna find a spot and you wanna come at the same time every day. It doesn't matter whether you watch five minutes or twenty minutes or an hour. The idea is you want to establish an understanding of the baseline. What is the normal state and in coming back over and over again. You'll then pickup. If something has happened you know if a bird of prey has arrived or any of disruption in the natural environment. And i think that one of the reasons why it is so helpful ensue fascinating even if you only manage for five minutes a day his when you get a sense of the baseline you're going to get a better sense of when you're not feeling okay. And then the next step is the inquiry about what's not okay about the situation. That's the beauty and the real juicy part about mindfulness is we. Don't i love this quote. We don't meditate to become good at breathing or good at meditating. we meditate to get better at life. Oh that's beautiful i love. Isn't it good. I mean we're the first like oh yeah. Of course we knew that but that is just eloquent is perfect. I don't know who said that may have butchered the quote but yeah you get you get the benefit of it. I definitely get the benefit of it. Okay so in your out of the clouds podcast. You say that your topic is at the crossroads between mindfulness and business. So my question is how can listeners. Adopt this mindfulness in their business or at work. So i was reflecting the other day because i was graduating from this two year course. Our teacher invited us at the end to say if you had only one last opportunity to teach if were to teach only one more time what would you talk about why. I know it was not ready for that. And i think that's what i would say. It's the same about business or about life i. I would cultivate loving kindness or self kindness. Which is one of the compassion practices that you get taught alongside mindfulness of the body. Because i we need to be kind to ourselves. It's not just enough to be aware of the content of our thoughts. It's also important for us to be kind to ourselves. A lot of us. Most of us have difficult. Inner dialogue particularly around work around performance and so and this is amplified in an environment. Where hard work and business is celebrated right one hundred percent so the first piece i would say is incredibly important for everyone is to first to look after your inner dialogue self kindness and self compassion. It's almost like this principle of our oxygen mask on first right you cannot look after others. Well if you're not looking after yourself first and so for me. I think it's the most essential now more specifically when we are at work. The biggest thing is to learn to pause so when we establish a baseline and noticed some things going wrong. We need to pause. We need to stop. One of the difficulties is that the more stressed we are the more reactive we become and so essentially the biggest gift we can give ourselves is when we find ourselves to be reactive when we find ourselves not being our best selves or showing up in our best light is to take a break. Good to the lou. Sorry good to the anything that you can do to just remove yourself and just take a breath right right. I think that one of the biggest things that we can learn to do is to step away when you find yourself in reactive mode when you see that there's a big trigger that's happened. Give yourself from five minutes to twenty four hours until you choose to respond so you need to be able to brush it off before you can engage. Yeah absolutely these stress triggers. That's what you want to call. Them are not just affecting her mind. They're affecting our whole body. Yes at men that impacts what we up communicating and sending back out in the world and don't want to be on autopilot when that happens absolutely so i would say the third piece of advice. I would have to say for business or work. It's remembering our intention Sometimes we can be petty or we do something we don't even know why maybe it's actually because we're hungry or thirsty or tired and it has nothing to do with the person in front of us. Yeah so i would encourage everyone to actually write this like right intention on a poster and stick that in the center of your computer screen or put it on the mirror in your bathroom and a few times a day. Remember your actual intention before you send an email before you have a conversation. Because i think most of the time again because we are used to being in a place of reactivity we forget what is the underlying intention of what it is that we're doing to be honest with you. I have to practice this every day several times. A day to make it feel like it's taking a dent in my reactivity and i'm pretty chilled compared to most people. Wow so the brains. Exploding right now. You're wealth of tak- polls. I haven't used the term intention. But i have been talking about this and dare i say preaching this in a variety of communication contexts. So for example. Small talk maybe you're at a networking conference in your meeting. People for the first time in your feeling awkward. One of the tactics that i encourage people to do is to take a step back. Think strategically about what your purposes in other words as you would say. What's your intention here andrea. You're encouraging them to be mindful exact taking a step back as a metaphor for posing right right and more recently. I've been coaching people on how to prepare to be more productive in meetings where you're leading or participating in meeting whether it's in real life around a boardroom table or whether it's online and one of the things that i encourage people to do is at the top of your meeting agenda write down what your personal objective is for the meeting in other words. Put your intention for participating in this meeting. Right absolutely That's exactly what it is. So we've got kindness. We've got pausing and we've got focusing attention Do you have any other free. Works or other ways that we can just remind ourselves to be more mindful. Yeah of course so. These are again considered more informal size of mindfulness. So intention would be first but the second one. There's a great acronym that really spells it out when you find yourself to be not placed. Something's wrong the acronym stop so s is for stop and put things down for a minute whether you take a break. Leave the room. Go to your balkany. If that's where. I can do my home or you go around the block. Just put things down and step away occur in t. Stands for take a few deep breaths as i was saying before the breath is the language the nervous system so taking what is often called square breath four counts in a four counts out. There was a great way to calm yourself if you can take a few deep cycles of breath for people who aren't particularly anxious like really you're triggered by something. Bigger even recommend the goal is to make out breath slower. Let's say that you breathe in for two or three or four. You breathe out for six. Seven eight occur appeared of time the show for observe. This is the inquiry moment observe. What are the thoughts the ordering three mind. What are the emotions. And what is going on through your body. So it's internal observation exactly okay and then hoping that by then you have found some levels of steadiness piece dams precede so you get back to the person in front of you. This is not a tactic to deal with trauma. This is more of a day to day framework. There's another one which is even more simple and you can try to put this in your calendars you can practice it every day. It's called two feet one breath and essentially. It does the same job of anchoring us into the present moment so if you wanna close your eyes and try it with me. Sure so. I'm going to ask you first to feed into your left foot and stop pressing into the floor present to the floor and maybe wiggle your toes and fill your foot around whatever covering it and now i'm going to ask you to feel into the right. Maybe we'll around and then you push down and get a sense of the steadiness under the surface and release it then take a deep breath in and a deep breath out grounding practice to just make us feel more in the present moment. How did that feel. I feel so chill now. I really great right. I'm wearing really comfy socks. So that was a nice experience for me to go put on some more comfy sox after this. Wow yeah so wow so. Let's talk about mindfulness in other communication contexts. So for example. If you're in a meeting something that may be relevant to a lot of listeners. Say you're in a really boring zoom meeting and you know you gotta pay attention. Do you have any ideas or recommendations for how people can successfully become more mindful or to reap the benefits of becoming more mindful in this boring online meeting. Context schorr essentially. I would recommend to try and give your whole attention to the person who's speaking and what i mean by that is try to cultivate this state of presence without judging without commentary and without engaging in what possible response you're going to bring really try to simply take in what the other person is saying. So as you were describing. That i was thinking of the word absorbing. So you're really absorbing the verbal communication in the non verbal communication and really. That's listening right. Oh absolutely harder than we give it credit for. I mean listening. Is i call it a superpower. It is probably the super power of communication before we to something else. I just wanted to go back to this word non-judgmental you send for you. It's one of the hardest things in as you're describing now for me. I'm realizing that's got to be one of the most challenging parts of being mindful. Do you have any advice on how we can be less judgmental. Yeah ben starting to have a practice of mindfulness of thought and emotions you. I need to become a little bit more intimate with the content of urine thoughts while others. Don't wanna do it because it's a bit scary him there sometimes and i think it's important to be aware because you'll end up being able to group sorts together you'll be like. Oh yeah that's planning mind or ooh that's judgment mind and you'll see that there are some areas in off thoughts. Come back right. I think it's important to be aware of your internal critic your inner critic in order to be able to not nece- silence it but i think the best advice i've heard the important thing about the inner critic is to recognize that generally it's there to point out something so maybe it's a that you're gonna fail or it's the voice of different things that could be in your life on your past and i think that one of the ways to stop being judgmental as to stay saito self. Thank you i hear you. I don't feel this is an issue helpful right now but thank you for pointing this out to me so one way to think about it is that you don't want to judge the judger exactly more to the point. You don't want to resist because we've all heard it. What resist persists. And so the more you yell at the less likely it is to go away. It could also just be assault. I don't know if you've ever heard this but not all of our thoughts are worthwhile and some of them are fake news. Some of them are just thoughts. So you wanna be aware of the content and decide for yourself whether it's just a passing thought or whether it's got energy to it and then going towards that negative energy instead of resisting it looking at it in acknowledging it almost as if it was a part of your brain like scared or anxious. An- is rearing her head because she wants to protect me from failure so in order to do that she's going to try and keep me from doing certain things because they're scary or they're exposing or they're vulnerable and so in a lot of the things that we do. That are not the norm where we extend ourselves when we want to change things are in a critic is going to be very vocal because essentially back a few millennia or before that change meant potential death. So i think it's a. It's an ancient mechanism to keep us safe and keeping us safe often keeps us small. So that's one of the reasons. Why examining the content of our thoughts and becoming friendly with our inner critic is such an important and worthwhile experiment. I am so glad that i asked you. Not question helps immensely. So i'd love to shift gears just for a minute before. We get to the five rapid fire questions. And i just wanted to point out to the listeners. In case it's not obvious to them just from listening to you that you are a modern renaissance woman and i. I mentioned this to you when we were offline. But you've got your meditation in your mindfulness practice your yoga singing your digital marketing and you also have a career in luxury branding. Which to me is just so fascinating and i'm wondering. Is there a link between luxury brands in mindfulness. I think there is the brand. I worked out for. Seventeen years is christian. Lubaton the red sold King king of shoes. Yeah i think that his was always for me an example of intentional at least towards what he wanted for his company his teams. He's interactions with people. He's interactions with his fans the consistency with which he talked about everything that touched his work. There was always an incredibly clear intention around everything. He always wanted women's legs to look amazing. So if you ever come to him and complained that you're not comfortable in his shoes. I think he'll sleep well at night saying yes but i may. I made excellent great so there was a great sense of integrity about his purpose. I would say there's a more recognizable sense of purpose and integrity with a number of the luxury brands that i worked closely with. I discovered not the luxury brands that unicef we know or see in a big mole but i worked with a lot of beautiful amazing small businesses. That really work at the top of luxury but darnest not mislead very well known and these also have a very strong sense of what they stand for. And i think that i see this as a form of mindfulness. If you can remember to treat your clients and your vendors and you staff the same way. I didn't think that this is where this this question was going to go. But i have to say. I'm thrilled because lately. I've been obsessing on the topic of personal branding when you're describing lieutenant his vision for his firm as he said not the brand but his firm and the consistency and clarity through which heat communicated the integrity of his intentions right with all stakeholders so that. It was recognizable. This is branding right. This is personal branding. And then these tokens i. E the shoes that he's creating in manufacturing become part of other people's personal brand and they signal the integrity and the quality absent he was obsessing on. Wow that is so cool. What an incredible experience. It sounds like you had working for him. But i have to say i bet you not. Everybody who was in your shoes would have been self aware enough to understand into perceive that his personal brand was per meeting your values. I mean that's that's a pretty heavy layer of self awareness. I think well that's very very good point. You're making so. Here's the thing. I was exposed to him a lot but also i was his pr from years. That means i was with him in interviews and sometimes it was a week of interviews in dubai or in tokyo and hong kong than shanghai so But i want to just add one more story that i think is a huge linked to mindfulness for me years ago. I had this theory. That christian had a stronger in a voice than other people. I said this out loud to people and as it turns out. I realize it's not that he had a stronger. Inner voice. he just listened to it. More and i think this is something that we can all benefit from being mindful of your own bodies reactions. When you're not sure about a choice you want to make reading the signals when our minds are clouded. Oftentimes our bodies can give us a clue as to whether to make left or right or say. Yes or no yeah. They say the body doesn't lie. Yes absolutely true okay. Let's move on to the five rapid fire questions. Are you ready. Yes first question. What are your pet peeves. i like miss. I like a really clean harmonious balanced environment. And it's really funny. Because if when i was younger i figured that if i would ever get attached to it would be the word harmeet at the time. It's because i was a singer and i love harmonies vocal harmonies turns out actually just like harmony as a as a whole and i hate a messy environment. That may answer the second question. Which is what type of learner. Are you visual auditory. Kinesthetic or some other kind of murder. I a mix. Because i want to say that i mean really big auditory learner. I feel like i retain information so well through sound. But i need my environment to be clean as much as clean as possible to be neat or it's not a frequent obsessive thing at all. It's more that it's like a disturbance at the back of my nervous system and i won't retain as much if i don't feel like the environment is relatively balanced that make sense with you on that for three introvert or extrovert a hap- enthusiastic introvert confuses a lot of people. Okay question number. Four communication preference for personal conversations. I text which when you're in europe means what's up mostly what's up and instagram messaging. One of the things i discovered. I really like about texting particularly around the trickier relationships with people that you don't know what to say to or they offer this opportunity to pause naturally true. It's a mechanism that really works for me. Last question is there a podcast blogger email newsletter thing you find yourself recommending most lately lately. I've been talking quiet. Not about deep work. The podcast by counterpart had a book for deep work. Another one i really really like is the being well. Podcast by rick and forest hansen. So rick hansen is actually a phd in neuro physiology from correct and. He was one of the teachers who guest teachers in my course than he came to talk to us about neural plasticity. And i'm a geek. I loved it last one is it's always good but she's also just like the best of you're ever it's debbie millman design mata's by debbie millman. She's schussed that. I think she's amazing. Okay well i will put links to all of those in shouts. Thank you so much for your time in all of your insights and i can tell you. I'm really inspired to be more mindful and approach so many aspects of my life including communication. But beyond that with intention thank you so much thank you. It was such a pleasure to talk to you as always. Wow what a great conversation. Thanks so much to an mule taller. I loved how at the end after sharing such keen insight about mindfulness and also shared her experiences from what she worked at. Christie's lieutenant she highlighted. How christian has uncommon intention and a stronger inner voice than most people and that his success may be attributed to not only that but also the fact that he listens to his strong inner voice. Incredible i to say that with those last comments and truly revealed her status as a modern renaissance woman. Right there now as promised. I'm going to briefly summarize episode. We covered a lot. Didn't we. But i think i can categories most of the learnings as the definition of mindfulness the benefits of mindfulness. And then how we can be mindful. Okay i the definition of mindfulness and started by saying that. Mindfulness means maintaining a form of awareness. Moment by moment of our thoughts our feelings are physical sensations and the surrounding environment and the difference between mindfulness and say awareness is. Mindfulness has equality of kindness or as an says a nurturing lens. Mindfulness meditation is the awareness that arrives from paying attention on purpose in the present moment and non-judgmental and all of these elements are required here paying attention on purpose in the present and non-judgmental so mindfulness practices can be non-formal like when we're in a boring meeting and we suddenly need to make an effort to re engage but mindfulness practices can also be formal which can be seated standing walking or lying down. The four main pillars of. Mindfulness are mindfulness of breath. Mindfulness of body. Mindfulness thoughts and emotions and mindfulness of the constructs of the mind. Do you got that breath. Body thoughts emotions and constructs of the mind when it comes to that first element. Mindfulness of breath. You can think of breath as the language of the nervous system. I love that. And for mindfulness of body i also loved what an said she said. Our body is first and foremost our gateway to experiencing this life and if it helps we can think of our body as a suit a body suit like a spacesuit that we use to get around okay moving on to the benefits of mindfulness. The most important point to keep in mind here is that we don't meditate to become good at breathing or good at meditating. we meditate to get better at life. Got that so. What are the benefits of mindfulness then. Well let's start with stress management. That's a big one. There's also improved sleep lower anxiety levels and decreased onset of disease beyond the mental and biological benefits of mindfulness. there's also improved communication. Oh yeah that's why we're here right well. So for example. Mindfulness can help us become less reactive. Mindfulness teaches us to pause. And when we pause we are better communicators. That reminds me of ann's point about the benefit of using texting for communication. We can pause when we text right. That's true i hadn't thought of that. Okay moving on to the last category how to be mindful and was very prescriptive here about the significance of our inner dialogue paying attention to our self talk. So show up with kindness and compassion. Be aware of your inner critic to silence it necessarily but recognize it. What's it pointing out to you. It might be completely unnecessary or it might even be categorically false like fake news but it also might be your subconscious trying to identify something so. Try not to be judgmental. Just say to yourself. Thank you i hear you and i'm moving on. So we can be mindful by being kind to ourselves by acknowledging our inner critic and moving on. But there's also pausing as i just mentioned being less reactive and then there's also focusing on intention and i've spoken about this in many other episodes in terms of asking ourselves. What is my purpose here. What is goal. These are important questions to be asking ourselves if we want to communicate with purpose. Alright and shared three frameworks for we can be more mindful in various contexts. And i just want to briefly. Summarize those for you now. The first is if you're in a meeting and your mind's wandering you know what i'm talking about when you catch yourself daydreaming and suggest giving your whole attention to the person who's speaking cultivate a sense of presence physically and mentally without judging and without commentary the second tactic the two feet one breath framework can help you with this a lot. I tried it as you heard and it really works. So you've lost focus. Think i two feet one breath so sit or stand straight on cross your arms and feet and your feet are planted firmly on the ground then focus on one singular foot and then shift your focus to your other foot and then to your breath particularly elongating. You're out breath and when you get through that you'll feel grounded last and suggests that when we feel out of control think the acronym stop s is for stop and put things down for a minute just pause t stands for take a deep breasts and goal again is to make the out breath slower the oh stands for observe. This is the inquiry moment observe. What are your thoughts. And what's going through your mind and then p. stands for proceed. So you've stopped. You've taken some deep breaths and you've observed you're ready to proceed so you can get back to the person in front of you now. I'm gonna leave you with this one last thought from an she said quote in a lot of things that we do. That are not the norm where we extend ourselves when we want to change things are inner critic is going to be very vocal. Because essentially back a few millennia. Change meant potential death sore. Inner critic kept us safe and keeping us safe often keeps us small. So that's one of the reasons. Why examining the content of our thoughts and becoming friendly with our inner critic is such an important and worthwhile experiment. Here's the thing we don't wanna live small. Thanks again to an for such an amazing conversation. You can learn more from an if you check out her out of the clouds. Podcast all right. That's it. I hope you enjoyed these. Three back to back episodes focused on practicing our communication skills. You can find links to these episodes as well as the show notes with the summaries and transcripts all on the talk about talk dot com website. While you're there. I really hope you'll sign up for the talk about talk newsletter. If you're not already this is your chance to get free communication skills. Coaching from me. Every week in a simple to digest. Email i promise. No spam and no more than one per week. Just go to talk about talk dot com to sign up or email me directly. It'll add you to the list. You can email me anytime that andrea at talk about talk dot com. Thanks for listening and talk soon.

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Joining Gia Gunn In The War Against Rupaul's Drag Race

"What do I think of this? I don't think of her. Yeah. How you? One. Jared. K? All right. You know what I was thinking about today? I feel like we should put a missing persons report out on marina Di mandis because the girls haven't heard from her in a minute. I and I was just wondering like what did she go? What is she up to? I mean, I feel like you really like actually Kuzmic lined with me some out because just yesterday I was at a favorite cheap Japanese restaurant in San Francisco near Golden Gate park. And marina diamonds was playing in the distance in the background. And I asked the exact same question my boyfriend. I was like what where how it's just I just I mean, I get it. Like, I don't think the ven diagram of lady Gaga Lana. Del Rey, and Alanis Morissette, align quite the way, they did I can do those when she first launched her career. And I think that the aesthetic just is miss. Matched. But food for thought I mean in today's pop culture climate, it's a drought. And I'm looking backwards in ways, I shouldn't have to be I was left wondering the same thing of Tanatshai after rent like will she ever find Justice like the girls of old just don't hit the way they used to? And I saw headline after headline literally of just rent starting to Natia is a fluff. And I was shocked at our culture to just not letting that lady have a single thing. Listen humane talk about that for a second. Did you watch it? I did not watch. Right. But I heard rum. I'm happy. I did it. So I believe like three quarters of not all of it was rehearsal footage yet. Because the gay broke his foot the gay. I think he was okay. I mean, if you're doing rent live on FOX, I mean. I mean. You're either gayer Zac fron. That's. Joke for the day. No. I did hear Valentinas struggle. No. I did hear something. But was not singing. It wasn't singing. It wasn't talking. It was a vocalise ation that was almost primitive like it felt like it was from an arcane it's because she so like up in space all the time and then on this. It was you know, little we know the voices really three octaves deeper. Yes. She does on the send couldn't be maintained my thing. I guess and I saw a lot about this. I know out dot com wrote about this. And I'm pretty sure Jesolo wrote about two, but just like the history of that character like growing up, I guess just as the trans in the room. I always like angel is trans and then was always shocked that angel was not trans or was like supposed to just be like across stressor, which is historically. Inaccurate. For one. But also shocking that like out of all the amazingly talented trans women we have in the world. It's like Valentina is, you know, really who we chose like that's a man Maury lake. We're not here to promote this lifestyle anymore. Like, it's trans or die and had comment on this. I just felt like it was such a choice and after such a talentless exit on repulsed drivers season four know. What? Wait, are we transition ways? Welcome to eating for free. I am local artists and Matthew Lawson international menace gyms, and I think that's a great wit transition in two I think the best way to start the show which is just talking about terrible repulsed drag races. I mean, if you look up drag drags means dressing up as girls, not Rian hand thing. What you already are. Which is a fucking big, man. Okay. I was tweeting about this as I wanted to do d- zest Stor. And I. Okay. You and I are screaming watching the last episode, my venting anger. My hypothesis. My thesis, my doctorate degree is in entertainment like, that's my blood. It's what I care about. I think entertainment is a vital function of any healthy society. And watching Rupo's drivers all-stars, which is according to the way, it is billed at me supposed to be the pinnacle of our communities, like, entertainment achievements. Is it was is once shocking the lack of entertainment in general, like I'm actually more excited for a season that I'm sure is going to suck us season eleven this current the rest of the girls be bad. Yeah. Old girl. Yes. It's absolutely directionless in every facet. Every single moment of the show except for the music in the effects that we're going to use to fuels completely in one of your out dealer. What was the timeframe between all-stars one in Ulster's too? I. Cannot it was four years. Okay. The problem with it now is like three of them into your girls that were on like seasons. One through four were girls that by all means had been performing drag for a really long time three through four of the main. Yes. And they hadn't been given the platform the way Rupe house draggers was. So you had all of this talent rush to the front, and it was like performers bitch like before drag was a cultural empire the way that it is now it was something that was purely a function of our community to entertain ourselves elevate, our concepts of gender, you know, deconstruct these traditional ideals of femininity womanhood. Elevate it in a way that has had historical roots like since like, the twenties and thirties at least in America in like what we can recognize it today. Yeah. And it was a way for people who did not get to function this way in the greater cultural context. Things specifically for us. And now what it is is not made for us and entertainment vehicle the way that most other cultural vehicles are and so to me, I'm watching it. I'm like this was such sacred tradition. And now these girls don't have any entertainment value to me like no those girls season one through four they had been incubating for quite a bit. Like they were out there night after night making no money having no name in the greater culture performing their asses off. Sure, the drag looks cheap to us. Now, the Whigs were Bosniak the makeup was not so great. But this was an age where the dry, it was very genuine. Well, yeah. The drag Queen to consumer relationship was in a club at night. It wasn't over Instagram. It wasn't over Twitter. It wasn't over yet. Also, wasn't commodified to the sensitive now withdraw no and this whole industry. And so now when you have to be like a social media star to be a drag Queen. I get that the nature. Of drag has changed but back in the day when it was like a club relationship. These girls were performers like gays rude all gays are mean if you're in a couple hours in Birmingham. If you're in a club, and you're boring. We're going to tell you that you're boring like nowadays. Like, you can just post your pick and go, but if you got up into a club, and you gave like a lackluster performance, it was a chop you boring the joke Ston hit like, and you wouldn't be brought back just what we're seeing. Now, this that it's literally just a bunch of post your pick and go build a bitch body, drag queens that do not give me anything. Like, I was watching this most recent performance, which was club night hosting and it was fake, and it was scripted obviously in the production, obviously, assisted have none of these girls ever watched like ninety s fashion TV like, no are these girls that they don't know how to fucking put on a show like this is what this was it was I am giving you free license to put on any kind of show you want. And this is what we got. We got like a Laura sex party alien dungeon. We got a fucking fern leaf. In a disco ball. We got a fucking Bumblebee room late. I don't even this is what we're giving. I almost forgot all about it already. And they're just watched it two days ago. And then you really say talentless Valentina community interior delusions. Like, listen should've kept the mask on. So we didn't have to see what she was truly. It was so shocking to me the season. The fact that Valentina unzipped her Slyke insect costume to reveal herself as an alien like it was already a little too much. But then she just fully was like out of my skin suit, full lizard, drag like, you can see the producers even of weighed it every episode every time they all walk into room all organization immediately away. Pulling like vogue like move posed like ham retirement, it's not entertaining. See status for attention. You know, what listen there are fantasies fantasies in the world. You give fantasy you live fan. Fantasy like you know, you put on a really good wig and you're like fantasy. Yes. Feeling him. But like a vanilla fantasy. What is that supposed to give me like valley girl? Like, you're giving me. That's what she did in the ninety six ers lower John Jato. We're young dome. It's not funny anymore. Like fun watched one episode of the simple life. But that doesn't make you a personality. Like, it doesn't make you interesting. It doesn't make you talent. It doesn't make you entertaining. It's like I watched this. And I was just mad. I was like fuck you rupaul for putting these people on TV enforcing me to sit through this shit every week. And they're also honestly what I feel so gross is that I know these people are desperate for getting the money because the strawberries Mark is obviously saturated and the girls from the first few seasons were capped at a certain capacity suburban girls wanted to become real estate agents in like two thousand eleven hike. Like when everyone goes to school to be dental assistant, it becomes harder to find dental assistant hub, everyone going into never. Dental assistance. I have a bunch of good judy's life who are dental assistance, and we stand, but listen to me now likely now we have like one hundred eighty girls trag race. And all these like, honestly, the thing is too is. I feel this 'cause play like makeup beauty guru like YouTube blogger all intersecting at once right now. And it's come to apartments to postmodern. Like, we watched the show, and I'm like, I don't know the jokes are so isolated. It's like trying to be me all the time. We're trying to be like, let's say a catchphrase m be ruined. It's just sitting in isolation. I'ma be rook. I'm going to be rude. But GE gun is entertaining as the person actually enjoyed while. She gets on my TV. And unlike this is the bit she had direction though, I can see what to do that girl. And where I know rupaul is truly a transphobic asshole. Is that by and large the competition seems to be who is the most entertaining to. Me. And so far the only cuts of laughter that we get this entire season. Is that Manila dry pussy lasagna? Like, it is the most. Transphobic nonsense. I've ever seen the fact that you had Jia gun miss fresh to Loppy coming in on her first day in the work room with a purse that was six times bigger than she was slapping it down on the table. Making herself known like miss absolutely miss fresh off the plane fantasy like. I feel so free way name is on. I'm twenty two years old. Just got off the bow. You know little trick from Asia just landed like fresh tell app. Yeah. He has a fishy girl. I don't top guns. I am the boom, boom. Don, don't like messy clean. I don't like cheap Queen. I'm feeling my oh, let me feel my oh. And I don't like Manley Queen if it's just not giving it. Maybe it's just not for you. While you girls. Look, absolutely shit. You Chia my pet sachet away. You guys are all still do. Upset that there's other cross dressers still in there that fucking came to a drag show dresses, boys. I mean, if you look up dragged drags means dressing up as girls, not Rian hand thing. What you already are which is a fucking big, man. Is so gracious to me like, do you know that this bitch has been on TV in like three countries now, and it's star wherever she goes. And you fucking voter off because what she's trying to bring a little bit of heat to your show. Like, this is the same show where fucking Willem chased fi fi around for an entire hour. Okay. It was the best Shangila through a drink on Mimi. I'm I a Lissa Edwards stabbed Jade on national television. He's like, and you're telling me that GS too much like it's really shocking that they don't actually want to keep something entertaining at this point. Because that was actually good TV. It was a mixed better. Meet it makes better memes. It makes better jokes. It makes us story. Gio walks up to mow Neak with her unbe lended is shadow and says who is the weakest link on your team is at Feira. Yeah. You know, Farah is the weakest link walks over to faira so fair. Your team just told me. That you're the weakest link. What do you think about that? Like that is good television. I miss it saying that she was stirring, the pot. But she was saying exactly what everyone else was saying. They just didn't want to say to fares face because they didn't want to be seen as rude. Also, can I just say this when did drag race become about only skits and comedy shows and the runway completely like last minute throwing together? They don't even say the degree is of the runway and practically stick fantastic, and it was like disappointing. If it's just not giving it maybe it's just not for you. I was actually like sometimes we'll watch and I'm like a whole production. It's crack cocaine that they're smoking. You know that right? Like, it's actually practically used to give it to us do themselves. That's the prob. Well. Nice. How unfortunate really spoof voted from by somebody super important that we need to discuss. So I gave you a bleach job update last week this week. I'm about to give you something worse. I saw in one out magazine, which by the way, we stand with the writers about magazine who have stood up in paid shouted to all the contributors who are begging for this company to acknowledge their freelance work. We stand with you regardless anyways because we're using dot com. Just had to throw that anyways. So I saw headline this week that made me turn my head around three hundred sixty degrees in vomit the harness has become the hottest new red carpet accessory. Absolutely just so not a her Virgil uploaded this for Lubaton men's where. It has been popping up in sequin. Galaxy prints and leather genders, Michael Jordan and Timothy shallow may are most notable for wearing harnesses on the red carpet. And for Saatchi has also been putting men's harnesses down and on top of Christina Messina ANZAC Ephron going bleach blonde. I just wanna say that gays find something else to make a personality because the straight men are onto you like as times change should be tough. Like out. It's hoppers having bleached blond hair and wearing a harness used to be all the gay community had going for it. And now straight men have stolen the Jewish. And I need you all to do better. She said a girls, she said it anyways, anything you want to start with transitioning into another former Florida true. She's got the way queer eye is headed to Japan couldn't for in upcoming mini season. I want to ask who is this show made for not the gays. I kind of want to know that. And I also I know they're going to talk about. What being homosexual is like in Japan, but the same time I predict it will be not so satisfying. I of investigation I really don't need to see Jonathan Venice across international lines. That's pretty much what I have to say about that. I don't know anti is going about food. I mean, he'll love Japan. They don't cook. They just eat it raw with that grilled lettuce. Yeah. No. I some strange gay news. Did you hear that Kate? Hudson is not raising her child genderless. Was she supposed to? He played. So she gave a statement to magazine saying like, I don't know why everyone cares. Like what how I raise my girl versus how I raise a boy. Like there shouldn't be a difference. It doesn't matter. Then Christian news today or whatever and a bunch of like, mommy, bloggers picked it up and said cured. Hudson is raising retired genderless in this was her response proving that Kate Hudson doesn't believe transpeople exist. Dear all my friends fans and others who read this recently. Someone asked me something along the lines of having and raising a girl is different from boys. My response was simple. Not really this. Whole click big tactic of saying I'm raising my daughter to be genderless is silly. And doesn't make sense. So just say you hate transpeople and go Kay. Silliness. Also, I mean, I guess we're gonna keep talking about gay people. Zach Ephron oh made a serial killer movie that is painted like a rockstar movie. It looks shocking. I was very unplaced with thumbnails. I was presented with one of my favorite critics Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair who wrote about it and just read you like the paragraph. He wrote because he saw Sundance and reviewed it. And these were though, I was seeing his tweets. Yes. This was the last paragraph. So at its worst, the movie feels almost sympathetic to Bundy, it's title is taken from a statement read by judge court John Malkovich as he sentenced Bundy to death, a weary speech that included a sort of rueful wish that Bundy could have employed his smarts. And resourcefulness tweeted something good and productive as if that's the real loss. The real shame here at the end of the film Berlinger uses the names of all of bundy's known victims in perhaps an attempt to reframe our focus on. The people who really matter in this story, but these women are such faceless non entities in the rest of the film that this brief somber acknowledgement seems almost cruel. If all were really taking from a movie about a man who murdered thirty. Plus women is Zack Ephron. Sure is surprising that I don't think that movie has earned its existence. Yes, it is all shockingly wicked and evil in vile. Should it? We maybe just leave it at that question. Mark. I did see that Netflix. How to put on a statement saying that like, yes, he may be attractive? But this man is a murderer lay that he's and it's the same thing. As like Netflix, saying, you're not supposed to stand the guy from you. Yeah. And also Netflix same please don't do the box challenge. Like, I'm telling you media literacy, this management illiteracy is at an all time low full just take what they're given an accept it as fast like old mister television as you make a serial killer hot. And now we talk about a serial killer being hot you make a show about a lake psychopaths Stocker and now everyone's lusting after a psychopath stalker. Like you make a movie about a girl driving with a blindfold on. And now everyone's driving with blindfolds on like. It's almost like our generation skipped the message on if your friend told you to jump off a bridge. Would you like the answer from our generation is a resounding. Yes. It's really shocking to because we literally like a fidget spinner or like a hover board. We forget it like within three months, and it's like, so what was it? There was nothing there the bird box challenge. Fidget spinner correlation is fully fully intersectional topic at this point how many people promoting their own tweets doing the bird box challenge. Do you think Instagram made money on? Our we love it. We love a lake hundred fourteen follower, Twitter user, sponsoring Amazon. Okay. By the way, up fully little side note. Have you seen the straight people like posting promoted selfish on Twitter like have you been getting those? Oh, okay. So I get the gay one's. I only game. Following the right people is something. I'm are you really? Yes. No. I actually could make an entire Instagram fee. Just dragging these people because it's honestly like kind of shocking. It's literally people about to get in the shower and they're saying, and it's just eat based in. Yeah. And then it's just like a, you know, water spot Shimoji friend of the podcast, Alex has actually coined it. Like, what is it a bicycle seat face? Catfish is your it's like the the like, it's the grim gay John Lennon today like well. I mean, that's what the girls are like now. I mean, if we're going to just keep going here. Did you hear about the sacra wards because the nominations have proven that lady Gaga is dead in a ditch? She like, she pegged Bradley Cooper for nothing. Like, it was all for not gave was that the video of her. Well, that wasn't the cycle. So the video of lady Gaga trying to pass the soul of Lena. More Ghana on. Bradley Cooper was from her Vegas residency where invited him on stage to sing do it was honestly to blinding to look at. But some things happened at the sag awards. So Glenn Close beat her out for best actress and Herschel Ali might be like Christopher waltz and win two Oscars in three years. I got this offer vulture they also said that Regina king was snubbed at the sags and at the BAFTA 's, but might be like, Marcia gay harden and still win the Oscar regardless because that same thing happened to Marcia Rami Malik also took home best actor, and I said that this just proves the guild cares. Could literally care less about pedophilia considering they have all worked with pedophile for years. Now, they did clarify that voting took place between December eighteenth in January twenty third. And so maybe they just like didn't see the Expos within the land. They are barely involved. Yeah. They did not see that time. The allegations have been out there for quite a minute. Looking each piece in the Atlantic that made you turn on Bryan singer. And also a star is born is definitely not going to win best picture. No. We know the predictions. We know what's going to happen also. Yep. Bradley Cooper is not going to ever win biz actor or best director. Did you see the thing about Rummy Maliki saying he didn't know about the Brian singer allegations? Sure, John was like. You know, can you imagine embarrassing yourself in that stupid Wigan wore in the movie the colts are so bad. Like it actually feels like I'm watching Rami Melikhova stroke. It's actually. Also, by the way, real quick LA times interview where he talked about Brian with asthma. Bryan singer stop saying that you are, Freddie. Mercury that you're channeling the spirit of Freddie, Mercury. And that's why you couldn't understand what was going on with Bryan singer in the will rule because. And he sends Bryan singer possessed. His body any checked out of reality for a few minutes. I have I think I have a quote here. I do. So he said, quote, perhaps that was Freddie, himself doing it. Because we want to make a product that was worthy of him who knows failed in that. I'm just proud that this cast and crew collectively raised their game. And we'd dependent on one another. It was a testament to everyone spirit and courage and skill y'all worked with Bryan singer until the last week of production. And also, the December all of his scenes are still in the movie, and and one thing this is the league directly in response them asking about how when it was like this was the Lena question about what it was like working at Bryan singer. And like would he do you have any regrets working them? And he ends it with and one thing I will say about about everyone almost everyone is that we never gave up. How about that? Few never gave what in the face of what the allegations that the director who was paying you to be in the movie you were in a serial pedophile who has. Yes. I'm going to put myself. I'm sorry. If I put myself into these completely fabricated shoes that Rummy Milic is wearing I could see maybe he didn't know anything because you really nothing climbing over the yes, he'll s very bad shoes. And. Upon now the Olympic articles. You have not read it. I'm not going to quit anything from it. Because it is a very long very graphic. And. They don't wanna do that. Article justice. I'm not gonna. It's not they don't wanna do Justice. I'd have no need to do. It Justice been talking about this Annette's all in one source. Also, just go to the Atlanta Atlantic Bryan singer, it will up on the article if you have already read it, and you are in these hypothetical shoes, would you not then actually need to say something or do something at this point? Because my God maybe donate mama gallery from the movie to the victims of pedophilia. I don't know. Maybe just at least it to very public knowledge mistakes public statement, actually, speaking of bohemian rhapsody. I mean, that's a perfect way. I promise I only have two more topics about pedophilia, and then we could take a break. So if you didn't hear bohemian rhapsody actually lost its glad award nomination. I've forgotten God so Brighty and this was a direct quote. So after the Atlantic article, I believe it was a day or two after it got. Basically pulled from the Glatt awards. And this was the glad awards statement. I'll just read all of it. In light of the latest allegations against Bryan singer. Glad has made the difficult decision to remove bohemian rhapsody from contention for gladden media ward in the outstanding film wide release category. It was a difficult decision. I'm sorry sidebar. Anyways, this week story in the Atlantic documenting unspeakable harms endured by young men and teenage boys brought to light a reality. That cannot be ignored technically rewarded singers response to the Atlantic story wrongfully used homophobia to deflect from sexual assault allegations. And glad urges the media and the industry at large not gloss over the fact that survivors of sexual assault should be put. I the team that worked so hard on bohemian rhapsody as well. As the legacy of Freddie, Mercury deserves so much more than two it in this way bohemian rhapsody brought the story of LGBTQ icon, Freddie, Mercury to audiences around the world, many of whom never. Ever saw an out and proud lead character in a film or saw the impact of HIV and aids in fair and accurate ways didn't any gloss over his reality of living with HIV. Didn't it all? Also, kind of lie about his legacy and kind I know from a lot of people that reviewed it that we're talking about especially gay people people who know the history as well say that the film much meat is giving the proposition that having the lifestyle being game being out is the reason why he got aids together enough. Interesting. So it continues the impact of the film is undeniable, and we believe that we must send a clear and unequivocal message to LGBTQ youth and survivors of sexual assault that gladden our community will stand with survivors. And we will not be silent. When it comes to protecting them from those who would do them harm that was her decision. I'm supporting it. I think is awesome. Like literally, it should also have it's Oscar nominations polls. I really genuinely gonna win. It's gonna win. Hollywood is so delusional that they're like, but what about Rummy Melnik? It doesn't make any sense. You didn't do anything wrong. Look. She's crying you hear a crime. It's like dude, you chose to work with Bryan singer. You knew what was going on the allegations have been out there since two thousand and five at least you clearly knew what you were signing up for your agent had to have known everyone that hires. You employs? You also won some Burr all new two months, and you could have signed onto the check you worked with him until he got fired. And he's still hasn't said any. It's like it's after the fact you can't say things I could Romney Malik loses wanted to win the Oscar. So he's not going to say God. It's literally lady Gaga nor Kelly like it's the same thing. Same energy, this award shows are actually brought a prince last thing, and then we will take a break. Okay. To threat hold my hand. Are you going to be brave with me? I because we will get tweeted that go. Michael Jackson and the documentary about him screened at Sundance this week. And it was. Not great. I wasn't sure. For going to talk about it. I'm being brave, but I have I want to say it's interesting that the lens of which the situations being viewed is it does has to change in the time of which we are in right now as I haven't seen that as much I'll say this week clearly proved that okay, so one let's break down some of the arguments against this documentary Ohka one they say that the people in the documentary who were children at one point previously testified that this had no affect on them. They were fine. Everything was great. Well, listen to me now if you are a survivor of child sexual assault, childhood sexual assault, which I am you will know that not only is it easy to be pressured or intimidated out of speaking your truth. It. It is also extremely easy to be influenced by people around you into not speaking your truth at all also if you asked me to recount word for word what happened to me with complete accuracy. When I was a child. I could not do it. Didn't mean it didn't happen. No might've happened slightly different than it did happen. Absolutely. I was a fucking child symbol. But do that. There is this thing. Among a lot of people who decry the sexual assault allegations against people like Michael Jackson and more notably R Kelly and recently Bill Cosby that will they don't remember it properly. They're lying. This also came up during Christine blazey Ford's testimony against her Cavanaugh that she was lying because you might have misremembered a few details or there might have been inconsistencies in her story, if you're ever surviving trauma. Most of the time your brain does not turn into a video camera recording. Every single detail happening around you an exact detail when you're a high school student, your brain doesn't say I'm about to get raped. I better remember everything exactly as it happens when you're an adult that also doesn't happen. And when you're a fucking child that definitely does not happen. So that is just a bullshit theory. That's a bullshit claim second the man that you're protecting has actually admitted on camera that yes, he did have children's sleeping in bed with him. Yes. He frequently asked parents to drop their children off at Neverland and leave them unsupervised with a complete stranger are consistent stories involving evidence. You know, what they well? He about children. He just had a soft heart. He loaned over how to childhood that one. You know, what also you know, what? And I will say again, I don't trust it, even if even if that is all that happened. I still think that is lecherous so fine. If that is all you a below. That is still lecherous get that grown man away from children that are not his in that respect third. How many times has this? Well, we need to protect his legacy. People are just trying to tarnish like loan or no just the legacy thing. How many times has that been proven wrong? I mean, we just saw the R Kelly documentary we just heard about fine. But I believe the victims of Bill Cosby getting Justice, and those were the arguments people used against both of those men and then Thirdly, it was well, it's only people like Michael Jackson Bill Cosby that they go after there is a documentary about Harvey Weinstein currently premiering at Sundance. There was a documentary and other docu series about Bryan singer like an open secret that have mall ready been out there. There are countless documentaries about white predators. There are countless documentaries about white sexual predators. There are countless evidence reporting tabloid. Rumors gossip reports exposes. Write ups about other people that are not Michael Jackson. You are just so blinded by the Stanley that you don't see it. Like, let's just call it for what it is likely shocking. And really shocking like again, these people were not paid if they were paid. They would be legally contractually obligated to say that they were paid. It would almost be a discredit to everything this documentaries as it stands for. If they lied about getting paid. They both said we do not accept payment for this. Also, what does anyone get out of it? Liz, really, what is anyone we? One Michael Jackson reference in a previous episode, and we got flooded with those did you get flooded because I got flooded. Oh, are so I got like ten people who came after me people online were tweeting is so fucking heinous. No sources. No, like really credible information incredibly like listen, what we've been calling out in my critics, Michael Jackson YouTube video exposes are literally like, Hugh and on levels of delusion that like it is unit. It is, you know, those Inco wars videos where it's like false correlations in. But in like how data? Yeah, it's literally shit like that where it's like, you just said whatever you want at like, there's also a lot of stuff where you look at it. And I'm like, so you're looking at this through the lens of people are making up to. It doesn't happen. A so anyways, Michael Jackson's family released a statement. And I just want to say, I'm not going to read the statement. It was basically just saying they're attacking his legacy, and blah, blah. I do want to say though, that shoutout to Wade Robson and James save Chuck who were featured in the documentary. Also, it's four hours long. And so if y'all think they just talked for four hours with no evidence whatsoever. At one point I did say this was really where I got a chill down my spine. And then we have to take a break because I need to like stand up and just breathe for sec. So there's a point where the reviewer that. I was reading this from in. I think it was the Hollywood reporter, maybe or no no this was from Joe's Abell. So it said in one of the most chilling scenes James recalls, the mock wedding. He and Michael Jackson had complete with a reading ring. He's still own. Owns in shows to the camera. He's claims Jackson would reward him with jewelry for engaging in sexual acts. It's still hard for me to not blame myself. He says with his hands shaking as he holds the many trinkets that Jackson gave him. Also in another. In another James says, Michael Jackson won whispered once whispered to him you and I were brought together by God. While he was re enacting the play act marriage. He had with Michael Jackson as a child. I think it's time for break. I that was all I needed to know right now. I will I I actually I will be watching. Oh, yes, Kim. Yeah. We're we're gonna be able to find it. I have no idea. But I'm sure we're gonna run away. It's too important for hours. You're so brave. I thank you for being brave with me. It was hand. Okay. We'll be right back. Weren't. Did you hear no that Elon Musk loves rigging? Morty proven that Rick and Morty is actually dangerous to our society lake. Rick and Morty is not only a cop. It is a plant by the federal government to disrupt social order like when they say the floor is in the water. It's became more is on TV actually that. The country. Like, we know that the US has a proven track record of undemocratic secret coups in foreign countries, and Rick and Morty is just a further testament to that. Okay. Like, it is meant to destabilize us as a nation. It is I will not stand for it is the manifestation of everything wrong with. So if you didn't know Elon Musk and one of his wild, allegedly not intoxicated Twitter rant. He said at Ulan musk tesla century mode, which is Tesla's new safety mode to protect itself that he's installing Tesla's new century mode will play box tocado in few during a robbery and keep summer safe, which I guess is a Rick and Morty reference. Have you had any of your tweets censored since the settlement though, none to someone have to read them before they go out? So you're tweeting or not supervised. This asseri. I just felt like that was really important. I have one I have to scraps. So if you have anything else that you really need to get to it should be your time to shine. She we talk about genera because being dragged I feel like it's not our place. But I just wanna say she didn't terrible actress, and she has the same crying pattern in real life as she has on. Jane, the virgin, and neither are very convincing. I have a fifty frontline. In a sense. You don't really act you don't sing. You don't dance. You don't have any to give me any talent. Oh, no is an involve a hat. No, oh, then continue. So this is not necessarily the fifty lines. But it actually is one hundred percent. An update on the status of what it means to be in the fifty front line. So I was reading did you see this deep dive from the guardian about Snapchat, Dismore view. And the recent studies about surgeries based on Snapchat filters and watch like a like a episode of a television show about this. I think like people that get surgery to look like Snapchat filters. So yeah, I just wanted to run by some interesting. We'll statistics I found that. I think we're just very fitting to what we've been talking about in general when it comes to, you know, it may be a Hadeed job own or a, you know, influenced, sir. Yes. Or instagram? Face tuned, you build a bitch body moment experience. Yeah. So L of the guardian winters like deep dive about various young women who were so popular on Instagram or on snap. Chat with these you know, using fifty filters day doing and photos that they actually started get procedures with them. And she talked about this term that people shouldn't use called co Snapchat. Just morphine as a term coined by cosmic Dr a t on a show front of SO clinks inland into Newcastle. He had noticed where patients had once brought in pictures of themselves will they used to bring in celebrity photos pretty much for like deal nose and jaw. And now they bring in photos of themselves, but the differences that usually is through the filter snap Chow or the airbrushing up face tune that we all know about and there's actually a lot of reports of people saying that they actually are being requested to emulate as close as they can these photos in there before and after pictures on this article of people using filters to make themselves, look like big, I wide face aliens, and then actually before and after surgical photos to maybe that picture, I saw a picture of James Charles and James Charles who's the tall white Neo Nazi with a pink wig. Oh, Jeffey star. Yeah. Yeah. And the white Walker and a pink wig. I saw a picture of them. And I was like so this is what humans look like now. Like it was that smooth face pointy cheekbone. No like discernible jaw line puffy wide. I like a turn knows disaster. And I was like one what is the Juvetr just removes all like facial characteristics that make people look unique or interesting, and Secondly, a literally turns you into a puffy cocaine baby like. The cooking baby. Oh, oh, it's so, unfortunately, I watch especially Vanderbilt rules, which I'm super excited for tonight and. By look at these girls. And unlike you all look like nobody invented everybody else. Same time preventative Bo talks, you know, that what actually does stretches your skin out your skin, loses elasticity. And as you get older, you're going to need to keep getting more and more Juvetr and botox injections to keep your face the same shape that it is why do you think all of those women who have had heavy tocks treatments? Their whole lives have to get crazy face-lifts at fifty because it sags your face is being pumped full of heavy fillers that drag it down, they don't stay in place. I was reading in this article, by the way, like just get a Hilo Masset in a row and drink water, you'll be fine and does the same thing. But apparently there was like Hyler onic acids in college and all this stuff. You're just talking about apparently breaks down within months into a permanent. Police official Mitha Sirait beads. That is what allows you to see which pretty much is why you have to keep going. But over time we're seeing people now have it built up in their body, especially as people get more risky procedures had deeds, Lyme disease. We all saw this line on Beverly Hills. And we learned nothing. I also wanted to mention by the way that apparently Conan her line was about it. Don't of the American Academy of facial plastic reconstructive surgery surveyed in two thousand seventeen that fifty five percent surgeons said that their patients were motivated to look better in their self ease up from just thirteen percent in twenty sixteen. And now it's twenty nineteen as well says numbers early predicted to go up. Well, I have more fifty frontlines. Khloe Kardashian will not stop wearing a Connie for president Instagram hat a hat on Instagram while being followed by producers in cameras for keeping up with the Kardashians. So not only is khloe Kardashian chaos. Merchant sent to de stabilize our world order. But she's a stupid dumb bitch. So I mean, a goes both ways neighborly does I just wanna say like listen to me now really quickly. This man, Connie, west reaffirmed, his support for Trump as of January first and has said he will be running for election in twenty twenty four. So regardless of this is just like a prank fund joke for keeping up with the Kardashians. You need to understand miss khloe chaos merchant Kardashian that you and your family. Are. And I quote, you very specifically dummy bitches because this becomes news now like Kardashian fans will one hundred percent be the reason we abolish the electoral college, actually, be real wound. Never forget this one time I met somebody. She was young like this is what I was like I was like twenty and she was like nineteen working at like, you know, a place that will not describe talks, myself kiddush. I have another story and this person from the same. I remember just hearing people talk about when she and her friend some of the conditions that they said any they lily fully understand that it is an obsession that is unhealthy and that they will follow them to their grave, and that anything they do through their absence of services are what they on. And I remember hearing that like five years ago, and I was like there's just so crazy like there's only just like, you know, those those always those girls are into that. And then we've come into the point where like when I'm reading the article about the surgical procedures like the Kylie package is becoming actual thing people offer. And it's like here, we are you, thanks. I have a story from that same place. And I also am a gossip columnist now for jazz Abell. I talk about it all the time because I'm a narcissist. And I write about the Kardashians. Frequently and one I will tell you that crashing fans are rabid. They're the one people that always leave rude comments in the comments of my call him to. I was at that job once and. I was talking to a girl. And I asked her what she was doing for birthday. And she fully said, we'll one time. I saw on keeping up with her ashes that they went to this place called a fuck. I'm ruining my own store as those bar, but what is the sushi bar Nobu? I was talking about somebody else been of it, you she goes. I saw the episode once they went to Nobu. And now, I know I'm gonna make my boyfriend dragged me Aleve. Would right near us since efforts at one. She's like, I'm de Leon. To shane. It's a chain. It's like panda express. It's everywhere. It's just expensive. I just remember looking at her. Isn't it Robert deniro that owns it in? That's why everybody gives a shit like while was like these people could do anything, and you would follow her off a bridge. Like, it's actually like the same people who will spend their unpaid day off work using the lots of their rent money to pay for supreme about pack. I mean, it's like the same people. I mean, she also fats. The Vendee grim is closing in. I guess what? I'm really trying to say is like really you guys. Like, I know we're all over talking about the Kardashians. But like these people influence our world now like it's a war. We straight match really. I'm not saying like, we we need a Kardashian watchdog like I feel like that's my duty. Now like to be the Kardashian watchdog leg every day. I go to sit down and write my column. I'm like what mean things can I say about Kris Jenner today. Because it feels like it's the one thing that I can do to feel like I have control over the world day. She commits at least ten cents ten rung act. So you can at least find did you see that picture over weaves one Kim's hairstyle on. No, no. You haven't seen post facelift Jenner? She can you please look up. I'm going to have to look up look up new photo of Kris Jenner, just I'm gonna wait. I want you to save her what you're about to see she. She's in like a high ponytail with like bangs going down. Actually, if you go into my most reason column, it's in that photo, a wait. Oh, wait a minute. Wait, I'm gonna cut this. Don't worry. Okay. I think I found it. Oh, wait. No, no. I know it's the before. And after is really I was flipping trigger worn I was flipping through us weekly. And I went like, I gasped like it was actually one of the very few times in my life. I've actually gasped outlet. I think in ten years from now, we will see something that actually will break. My brand half. Actually will shatter my reality. Actually, the technology. Speaking of that column, I just wanna say the New York Times rip me off again. Here we go. Okay. Behind. You saw the very first lead in that story about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant and wrote a very very long essay about the lies in scams of Jennifer Aniston being pregnant, and I flip into the New York Times this week in some man, some old man is talking about the Jennifer Aniston pregnant doubled. Rumors in the New York Times the same magazine. I mean, don't you get it influence, sir? Well, I remember that they're watching. I'm just saying we were stealing head of the game. Really? You are cops New York Times writers, all of your cops. And I'm unto the Jewish. I see it not Jewish. I feel it. I am privy to it. My third is open. And I will not be fooled. K? Do you have any scraps? No, I do not have to get Lauzon. I know you high to a lot this week. I was on a bender last night fueled by a joint that my boyfriend will that was I'm I'm actually not joking. You I have a picture of it. It was half an inch wide. I was like it was the most shocking thing I've ever sold where to God. And I was just on a kick. And I was like thirty seven topics like mine die. Okay. Open rapid-fire go. Did you hear that? They've already made a detective p. Pichu sequel. Noxious? Who's wrong? He's to get gestures writing it Dame guy. They did twenty two jump street who no, I don't know. Some man named. Oh, orange juice zeal. And guess what other movies? He has under his belt. Besides twenty two jump street. Did you ever see twenty times? I did actually good. It wasn't that bad actually. So it's okay. So the subtle. Is already in the works. Three months before they even released the first movie and right, Orrin zeal. Previously worked on get this twenty two jump street, the Cloverfield paradox and not the men in black international is also recently finished work on sonic that had chalked. Oh, man Titian. Adaptation, burnt electricity out writing supergirl or the DC universe electric bench strap them down and pull the lever. And burn it. All. Hey, us rains. Okay. Like it case, you just want to know that nothing matters anymore. Are we still also waiting for like avatar four and five and six a have made him but not been released like how do people do this? It's so shocking. Sorry. I saw I saw the next. Hey, my last thing I thought two things this week that it feel like our pop culture related because they exist in pop culture. So Nancy Pelosi is currently getting the notorious R B G treatment, you know, and women, but like impositions remained should be. It's feminism so one true. There was a political cartoon I was privy to this week of a Christian Lubaton he'll which is so two thousand nine. Like Jessica Simpson. Did it back in two thousand seven even worse. A picture of a Christian Lubaton? He'll stabbing Donald Trump with the caption. These bloody shoes referencing hardy bees. Now, much dated single bodak yellow also the caption was you know, it was Nancy Pelosi like shunning Trump down. Okay. That was just one. Listen, listen, there really is no hope for humanity. Just at that point. But then I read this article in Vanity Fair big Vanity Fair. Nancy Pelosi is America's most powerful soup, boss. What do you want to read the fiction that they wrote in the big old Vanity Fair with their Conde nast coin can keep just go just go Donald Trump blinked? He wanted to keep the government close the workers for load and hell raised until he got what he wanted down at the southern border, but he blinked or maybe he did the kind of half. Blink one eye shut and all others agog that just makes everyone wonder everything. Okay. With this guy that is he agreed to open the government again just for three weeks. The credit will go to speaker Nancy Pelosi and her you can't out politics, the, politics or grit when women are flexing their power. That one mustn't notice what the powerful women are wearing. But there is something reassuring about Pelosi's style on the hill DC is usually a wasteland of sensible flats and quite suiting that whispers deals baby deals in politics as in style. She has never been afraid to stand out. So here is a tribute to the other power suit Queen. I one piece of advice don't read anything if you don't read it. It can't harm you. You're some shin is that they're heroes in our government. That are here to save us from. You are. Wrong. Cops Conde nast confirmed a cop been been a cop. Who FBI? And now that we've fully destroyed any career we've ever hope to having do you have anything you want to sign off with. I'm sorry. I was looking into the Joe. Nothing summer's dead in a ditch just surf. About you Lawson waking up in the trunk of a car. I'm still sick Thelma and Louise together. You say the goodbyes. Yes. You can follow us at incre-. You can follow underscore on Twitter and underscored Joni sucks everywhere in your hands. Your hands. Sweaty, Matthew Lawson everywhere powering through this see chart to take me off. Things in getting free dot com is a great website go to for any reason at all whatsoever has Oliver resources you can join the crossing gates group share cans where the girls are and will be and to stay. Yes. And sent emails to at Inc for free podcasts at Melba on an Email. We did should we beat it? Actually. Let's save it for the. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We'll do its in depth. So it's pretty good Email shout out to you keep going, please. You know, give us a rating share the show love shout out of your reviews. There's a guy that keeps emailing us asking us to make threatless store to some merchandise to all of you. And I just wanna say if you want merchandise from us, let us know, but I'm inclined to just be lazy. So unless there's like a demand all billion of you out of the word works and the caverns in the crevices you currently existent to let me know you want, hats and t shirts, they will not happen. So make your demand known. So he can also stop emailing me because it's getting really annoying point. All right. I think we're ready to go. I think we've made to dip. There's seeing wet. I know ring up. Type of water in this room. Slutsky me, cool and collected. In like hydrated is steamed out of its own. Like steamed away it's too much. Like my ass. Crack is moist. I need to get out of this room, the frozen dry. Is it? All right. Three to self lubricating. Assholes good. What do I think? I don't think of her. You. Yeah. Jerry. Jerry.

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We Found Love In a Sparsely Decorated Kardashian Place | Tea Time (Ep. 574)

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33:41 min | 2 years ago

We Found Love In a Sparsely Decorated Kardashian Place | Tea Time (Ep. 574)

"What's up guys? It's lists Kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network. Each day starting on Monday, February eighteenth, the big picture will be hosting six Oscar preview videos leading up to Sunday's ceremony. Sean fantasy hosts with a variety of other ringer staffers covering everything you need to know about. This season's Oscar race. You can watch these videos at YouTube dot com slash the ringer or catch the highlights on the ringers Instagram and Twitter. What's up guys and welcome to teatime on the ring a podcast network. I'm kelly. I'm and I'm Amelia, what am I r-? And today, we're gonna talk about the Grammys weird celeb- Valentine's Day gifts and Miranda Lambert, soured broke down. Every time he hears about we have to change topics. No matter what. And now, let's spill the t. Okay. As usual. Our first category is time checks in with their couple of birthday parties and last week Melia tell us about okay first up. We have stormy Kylie Jenner and Travis. Scott's adorable little baby who turned one, and they threw her a stormy Astro world themed birthday party. They called it. Stormy were all edited and it was just decadent lab. Yeah. Whole leash it they had like what was the the face with like a cutout an inflatable face arrived stories face, and then you walked into the mouth, and it was just like decked out. There was a carousel. There were a lot of beautiful snacks. There was a stormy gift shop where you could literally by stormy merchant. It's like a bow her baby shark was very sharp. It was the best gave her like a Chanel quilted mini purse yet. It was I don't know if you guys have ever seen the Twitter account humans of late capitalism. But always like so that. Just over the top. But I enjoyed it. Yeah. Other stormy gifts. We saw so stormy was like crawling in an Instagram's right over just like a mountain of Ratliff residence at feels right? Pretty they had. I don't know. I guess rich people can have anything Christian Lubaton, wrapping paper like branded routes paper. Yes. Why not? And then she got her. I get you back. She got her first bag, and I back at a first birthday. And then they had like the Louis Vitton Nagara mogul. But it was like stormy and I loved it in front fries rapper thing. It was just it was. Incredible. How you top. That also KENDALL later that we went on Ellen and Eleanor said why do that when she's the one years old and KENDALL was explaining she had the same thought and literally kylie's answers like I don't like I don't care. You are successful in. She is. Yeah. Exactly. Right. Other birthday that happened. This week was the Queen of vino herself fifty years old and Jennifer Aniston isn't atrociously extremely private. There's only a little bit of knowledge about like what this birthday party was is that the sunset tower hotel. The most notable thing is at Brad Pitt showed up and that sent like, you know, celebrity gossip tailspin. Yes. The thing I want to focus on more than Brad Pitt is the photo booth situation because they had a no social media policy shore at this party on you're not allowed to take pictures even of the photo booths that people took but Kate Hudson to God's work and Jennifer Aniston posted it Instagram of the photo booth that happened good. Anyway, what I want to highlight is that you guys should go. This is Kate Hudson Instagram, it's Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson. And then Jennifer Aniston, and they're all making this like shocked face like a surprise. So there IRAs, but all of those women's. For heads are literally frozen. Expression. You wouldn't be able to tell that they were making that face of their eyebrows. Weren't so close to their hairline because their base isn't doing anything moving. No. I'm looking at it. Also last year. It's weird. There are no wrinkles. Nothing. Just wow. Did you see her Reese Witherspoon fell downstairs leaving did? No. But I thought you were going to say when you're talking about one thing. Yeah. They're like paparazzi photos of her drunk again. She's fine. Yeah. And he's like laughing and holding onto the railing for dear life and. Yeah, it's tough. Yes. She had a Great Britain. Also Justin throw Worcester. Happy birthday. And social media, very unflattering photo. But like the kind where like your husband your ex husband can post. Sure. Yeah. That was interesting dynamic. Are we checking with anyone else Cates? We are checking in just real quote God to Chris watch. I know I'm really sorry. First of all we talked last week about Chris Pratt versus Ellen page where Ellen page kind of went after him for supporting hill song, which is notoriously anti LGBT earliest, the pastor has come out and said that LGBT gay people should marry. So Chris Pratt posted this thing on his Instagram story, and I call it a thing because it's it's a mixture of different types of writing. And so it's a picture of sheep on Iraq, some religious imagery there. But then he posted a lot of words over the top of it and didn't quite know how to make them readable. Yeah. So we just had a long thing about you know, how he doesn't agree with that in the church. She basically this. She was wrong. And oh my God. Necessarily the case convoluted, and you're going to use it as an story. Yes execution was because he can tailor because he can perfect him because ten other people can look at it on the spot somewhere. Right. Right. And I did. Yeah. I get like posting on Instagram. But like putting on I do stories and not doing post putting it in this way. We're like there's read text. There's white text. You can't read any of it. Yeah. Quotes. He put literally a quote from Jesus where like in quotes, right? Just terrible executions picture was grainy. Bad execution for his message. Dumb dumb things to back it up. Yeah floors. Oh, yeah. They didn't make fun of me for that. That's the message was top end the excuse. And in comparison, even tougher because Chris Evans, had a great social media leaks. He started off tweeted ET Canada because Canada posted this picture of him along with a story about his new movie, and it was the picture with the mustache. Yeah. We all know, which one it was horrible. And he quote, tweeted them and said, this is clearly an active aggression. There are literally hundreds of photos to choose from. What did I ever do to you Canada, which listening knows how to play the guys? Yup. Him or his social media per exactly. Yeah. You know, what I love is when Amelia so loss for words. She just. He had a great young. And he also posted on Valentine's Day a picture with his dog. So come on Chris can second. It's a home run. Okay. Next topic. Love is in the air. It's just one day after Valentine's Day, this is t- times Valentine's Day recap. The most important story. There's one obvious choice. Amelia, take it away. Okay. So. On Kim's Twitter. She posted a video of Kenny G playing the sax in a room full of single roses in basis, and I guess the the video panned over to like a very smiley Konya. So obviously this was the his gift to her. It was so Kenny, gee, just you know, playing away on his saxophone. It lasted the video lasted like for a minute and a half people were like is. He okay is Kenny trout like in their going on. How's it going to get out? Yeah. And also, my friend Abigail brought this up where is their furniture. Right. No. But this isn't there notoriously their houses like a cavernous? Then what we were sell talking about last time. And this is evidence that Kylie knows how to decorate a home and as fun, whereas her siblings, they do not yet. There's a lot of floorspace for these roses. Although when she panda decided to see kind. Yeah, there's like a workout machine by the wall. Let you couldn't move that also created TMZ this call that. Kinda made Kenny G came at like midnight on the Wednesday. So the night before. Just like I'd also like what was because, you know, kinda west, and, you know, there was probably three other like very lavish gifts lineup through. And I wanna know what plan a and plan was because obviously jeez plan seat, right because. One eight Kenny G is famous, but he's so passe I feel like and I just like you get John Williams to do an orchestral. Yeah. I don't I don't. Okay. So who do you think? Yes. Fell through. Yes. That's a great question. I I really don't know. But I also think there's like some self-awareness, but they were like Kennedy's like, very good at social media. He's living me. And so I feel like they kind of knew they were like creating pretty. And also just for the record. They replied with him playing somewhere over the rainbow like a second video, and he does have a clear path of escape sake. Thank sake. Out. Yes. Okay. Otherwise, I feel like social media on Valentine's Day was kind of boring. Run in the mail. The only thing I mean Miley and Liam are the cutest couple on the planet. Always lobi. She's really gushing over in recently, especially with all this, isn't it romantic press work, right? Also, the weekend spent like eight thousand dollars worth of red roses to decorate Beleza part of my other than that the real MVP was Halle Berry who's just posted a photo of resolve and said be mount Heinz which yes while you go. And then also as wondering where was the Ryan Reynolds is of the celebrity world who posts like not Blake Liley like some idiotic friend of theirs being like, happy Valentine's to my babe. Whatever right. Exactly. Yeah. And like he could have done it with any of his superhero, buddy. Very surprised that didn't happen. Jake Dylan hall post or something, you know. Yeah. That is surprising that he didn't take advantage of that. Yeah. Agreed. There was also some like a little bit disappointing. But definitely some very agree. Gis Valentine's Day spun Kahn, which I was personally looking forward to. Aerial vanenburg. You probably don't know that is she's like runs with like the Nina debris like Julian huff out. Yeah. She did some spun con for wingstop. Apple for Valentine's Day. Wingstop is spicing things up their eleven flavors of love challenge. Gosh, she like pose with her boyfriend, and they're like feeding other wings. Why does love this shit? I love this is a bigger problem. That's wingstop problems. That's their campaign. Winds up sponsored teatime. Also, another troubling nice. Sponsored Ballantyne say plan was Sophia Ritchie and Scott Disick spent their Valentine's Day in San Diego, which find that's size place. But at the sugar factory. Like meant for Times Square. Right. Take your aunt who's reminisce soda who wants like go insane on sugar. Why are they do? Why did they choose the sugar factory? Are they that strapped for cash that they want to like even juice like Valentine's Day, which is really private and intimate night. It was a lot to like they post a lot about it sugar factory. Had like taunt picture. Campaign figures to get the both of them at this real. They're having the Kardashians. They have like a history of doing stuff with the sugar factory. I mean. Yes. Back in the two thousands. Yes. Right. So it's likely why what is going on this show like leftover needs. Scott Disick, Scott doesn't need the sugar factory. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. That's true. Okay. Moving on to the next category. This is tee times. Biggest relationship news ever. Just in the Nick of time for record big news. Orlando bloom and Katy Perry are engaged aren't gauge last night. They posted on social media. It's all confirmed. Congrats first of all that should be our first coming. Congratulations chore. Yes. This ring is Bridget insane. It's hideous. Yes, you're right. It's estimated to be five million dollars. I don't believe people reported it. It's that's I also didn't believe it. And then I looked up like various sites, and they're all citing this one expert, but like he's like he knows his shit. Yeah. Also didn't realize apparently it's a four carat pink diamond ring at the center, and then aid white diamonds around our be. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I guess that I thought it was a ruby to oh KYW's putting in because this. Oh this. She had to share because she likes it. I like it I'm into like non traditional wedding rings. I like the idea of going with like a colored gem like a ruby or an Emmanuel I saw comparisons to Kate Middleton's ring, see like. I thought about that too. I also like nonjudicial wedding rings. But like not the ones that look like lists said that you bought them from Clair's for eleven dollars. Right. Okay. But it's like it's like diamonds around that high. Do you think that that ring is worth five million dollars? Well, I looked at when article that said that the ruby. Okay. Well, they brought in an expert and ruby is about carrots and that the diamond halo is about four point five carrots. And I don't know what that means. Yeah. But he also estimates is about five billion this number so different about the carrots like it's kind of easy to figure out how this is so confusing because is it a pink diamond. Or is it a ruby either way? I'm one way. So. And it's just like, it's really Godley. You know, I'm just like no it looks. I like it a little vintage now it does they're leaning into the Orlando blue. I hate it. Really? Why? Lower. And. Yeah, maranda Kerr got a similar ring. He got her a flowering type deal. But you're taking my best names. I will listen. I will listen ring as much much, but it's diamonds instead of like a ruby and the center, and it's yeah. If this ring it looks like someone went down to the bottom of the ocean found the Titanic found the remaining ring on the Titanic and came back, and it was like here you go. Maybe that's why it's five. Old looking old lady. But that's her style. You wanted out of a vending machine. Right disagree. I'm studying this conversation down because they want to jump to the next relationship news, which I forced Kate to take in this list of bullet points, take it away so soldier boy and black. Yes. Are dating. Liz told me I had to do because you want to hear me say that allowed. That's listen, I'm a professional, and I put a lot of research this because it's my job and on Valentine's Day soldier boy. So tell them. Yeah. And black black-tie who I first of all, I know China's she's brought crashing sex. They went on this child guests. They went on a shopping named Beverly Hills. They hit up sex with avenue, and apparently they bought a lot of shit, and then they got in the car and he put his hand on her. But and then they post Lau it's a official, and then they posted some pictures together of them holding Christian Dior, candles and Chanel handbags. Thank you, Kate. That's all I need it. Thrilling dairy too good for her. Oh shit soldier boy. Yeah. I like. We'll I can't I can't mustard opinion on this. I'm sorry. He did a good job. Thank you. Thank you any other relationship news Amelia. Yes. So is being reported that lady Gaga and her fiance. Christian Carino have allegedly split. She attended last week's Grammy's alone. She wasn't wearing an engagement ring. And she didn't thank him in her speech. So this means that Bradley and Gaga can finally be together. I will Jif forgot that she was engaged like that happened. And I was like oh good for her. And then this whole star is born thing happened. And I look like literally when you said they broke up. I was like, wait. Yeah. The only reason I remember is because she went on a hike with him in like seven inch sky high heels one time like year ago, and that is so burned into my memory that that's the only reason I remembered, but you're right. I mean, this couple was bound to break up, isn't it like a thing if you like blow up especially in this industry? Yeah. Yeah. And I ask running things on rabble and your personal life. Yeah. She was already so big though. But like this kind of revived her not that her Claire stagnant. But it was a little JoAnne what different level. But. Yeah. But I think it just yet. People weren't you know? All right next topic this week and social media Hallo. Okay. There was a video online of Regina king at a basketball game. Getting nearly murdered by Joel Embiid nearly decapitated like legit almost ended her life. She's sitting courtside dwell and beat goes hurtling into the crowd. I truly can't describe it. You have to look it up and watches seven thousand times because he won't be able to watch it any less than that. His foot comes within like a millimeter of her face. She like flinches to the left the perfect amount to barely miss. His giant feet full. Kevin full could take your out in now. Permanent damage to her. Yeah. Oscar winning soobee Oscar-winning face. He like clips her bun. Yeah. And then he like lands on the guy behind her. And she looks like she does look like her life. Lash afor is which is. Yeah. It was tweeted with. But it's so true. Okay. Why that I guess courtside your closest to the players, but that is such a dangerous area to me? I did I reported on one basketball game in college as a quote unquote, sports reporter and sat like legit thought. I was going to die. No. It's never do it. I was terrified the entire time. Also quickly before we move on. Kate had to clarify that. Joel Embiid was pronounced like Joel Embiid teatime is trying. Hardy content. Okay. Amelia. I know you wanna talk about this. Yes. So Jessica Simpson, and we're pregnancy there added again and this time she leaned back on her toilet. I think it was her toilet. And she broke it and try to Los to tears, she posts posted to Instagram, and it was just like, you know, another casualty of her pregnancy. Here's my question is Jessica Simpson having the worst pregnancy ever or is she just over sharing way more than best pregnancy ever. And she is using it to her advantage on social media. I was going to say this is not a run of the mill cranked never heard of another human being on planet earth. Having a pregnancy. I wanted to comment. Don't worry my sweet girl. It'll all be over. When I did. And I I'm not too late. I know must much less fun social media happenings on Instagram, Selena Gomez has made like has popped up out of the blue once again, happy healthy, she's in Kabo celluloid best friend's wedding. It looks great. She does. And I want her to keep doing this. And keep just saying like f buddy I'm gonna stick with like, my close group of friends because there's a lot of noise that I'm sure she's trying to out. Yeah. Yeah. Especially on social media. So the fact that she's even like doing this at all is great. It's good. Good for her. Yeah. Finally, Zoe Kravitz has been thirst trapping extremely hard on Instagram. She's in posting all these pictures of her half-naked with fruit and like Zoe Kravitz stupidly beautiful like we know that you're super hot. I feel like it's route to the point where she's gone too far. Like, we get it. Yeah. Half-naked was also generous I feel like she's leading. A lot of them. And also, she's not just posing with fruit. She's in low light combat your name situation. Yeah. Yeah. I asked Sean you about it big Zoe Kravitz fan. Very outspoken. And he even he was like, we get it. You're hot. Yeah. I was in a grocery store the other day, and I saw watermelon. I felt uncomfortable. Is this one photo shoot that? She's just like that's another thing. Yeah. I would be better. If it was like multiple photo shoots. And it was like she was just posting one picture from all the different photos you to learn the same photo shoot. And she's just like every now. And then like, oh, I have to remind everyone that I'm super hot. Yeah. And just watermelon watermelon. Yeah. It's it's too much. We're moving on T times Grammy's reaction slash takeaways for the record. I said I wasn't gonna watch us at. You're definitely going to watch all of us watched. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It was better than expected was. Yeah. Yeah. I was pleasantly spreads. Okay. First thing that I want to talk about is. This is important. John mayer. We're trying to like bring him back into like the Zygi like you'd never really left everyone talks about him. But this is important. John Mayer went and was onscreen at the Grammys. Like, he presented an award looked at himself. Would like went off stage looked at himself watch the clip decided that he didn't look good. And then here's a series of events. Then he went home and did his Sunday night show current mood on Instagram cut his hair, and then went to the Grammy's after party credible. He has someone on call on a Sunday at like ten ish off to just fucking haul ass to his house him and cut his hair. And then you like a couple of inches off the top. And he looks great. Yeah. So he showed up on the red carpet at the Grammys with a certain hair lane. And then he showed up on the after party red carpet looked completed. Yeah. He said I use the Grammy awards telecast as a mirror, and it was quote, the followers thing I've ever done which I don't love that quote. I love the flex. I did too. That's hilarious. Objectively funny. You know, he was great and Alicia Keys brought him up. And then we're talking about how he beat her for best song if you or not few years like ten years ago, and it was a cute little bit. So what other takeaways do we have lady Gaga again? She performed shallow with Mark Ronson. And I just want to say I mean, I like the performance I thought it was fine. I always forget how hot Mark Ronson is he's hot. And and I just I I always forget, I don't know. I'm just your take takeaway talented. I agree. And like I kind of forget he's like kind of a bad ass in the music industry. Made like never think about it until like he'll come up and do a song that he wrote and produced with someone. That's like the biggest hit of the year. He does that every time. I'm like, oh, yeah. You're like like a big deal. Yeah. And you're active and talented good for you. So I thought that Shalit performance was horrible. But that's neither here nor there. Yeah. Any other take Kate? Yes. It was a big night for me because I talked awhile back after the Golden Globes about my experience with fandom on Twitter, and how the Harry styles fans just destroyed me online, and I kind of had a phantom shape told my heart Schorr ever since then. But during the Grammys, I tweeted a few times about BT s because I love and adore them and want to adopt them, and I had like a similar situation where their fan base like found my tweets like three days after the show, and I just like this dimension started role, and I was like oh shit. Here we go again. Like, I quit. I have to come in Twitter because they had the memes, and they had the gifts, and they were like yelling at me in a different language again. I was like I don't understand what's happening. But this time it was good. They were aggressively validating me and Korean. Instead of like good telling me to kill myself in Portuguese. That's. It's. It's good anyway. So yeah, the the whole in my heart has been filled by BT s I'm no longer accepting applications for new phantoms damn getting under said, I next topic. This is not worth the tea, and I just want to say we put a bunch of things in a bullet point list are stories that we need to talk about. No one took this. I. No one wanted to talk about it. So I am Liz is taking up. Okay. This is lit de low hint trying to start some beef Leonardo Di Capri losing she Leonardo DiCaprio a huge environmentalist. Does a lot raises a lot of money. Anyway, he posted on Instagram like a bunch of shark fins that had been cut off from obviously sorry buddy, graphic image. Yeah. Instagram marked it has great. Yeah. Conscious trying China bring awareness to shark finning. She commented for no freaking reasons. He goes, I hope you there and taking this photo maybe with like four ocean, which is an organization that helps like clean, the coastlines and the oceans anyway, she's basically implying that like he's not doing anything to to stop this which Lindsey what are you doing trying to kidnap children on the streets of Paris. Shit. What is she doing? She's not helping anybody. Also so out of left field the weirdest like beef to pick. Why who would be like, oh Leonardo DiCaprio is not doing enough. First of all. I Don I doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio Gwen three mentions or cares about Lindsay located. Right. But if you did quite chain make an enemy out of him. All people exactly get back into the Hollywood world, right? That was a mistake huge mystery. Anyway, other other news that's not worth the t we're going to talk about the low hidden summertime. This is a follow up last episode. We talked about Dina lo Han has a catfish of a boyfriend turns out his identity has been revealed as Amos Jesse Nadler. He's fifty three years old, and he works in commercial real estate after all these stories came out about him not being real he decided to take it upon himself. Like, hey, stop talking about that. Like, I am a rhymer. He goes just the thought of people thinking that I could be catfish when everyone knows me and knows how hard I work and higher respect women and mothers. It just kills me. Those guys not used to publicly on the record. Because like a women and mothers are like has. He met her now then. Nope. He probably watch dirty, John. And like was like, oh, I know how to craft craft to state media. Yeah. He says the reason they haven't met up is because of his God, there's feeling health which maybe that is true. But Dino Hannah's all the money in the world like golden fly for us. So sketchy a lot of questions that any other any other news not worth the tea? Yes, we have one more Will Smith as the genie. It was revealed during the Grammy's. He's the genie Aladdin the upcoming movie. And it really looks like a Disney just spend a bunch of money trying to do Thanos the best they could do him. And then they had like this leftover budget, and they're like. We can really only afford photo shopping will Smith's face onto like a stock image of a blue Jean so bad. It's not good. It's like legit nightmare fuel. It is bad. And it's not just like they turned Smith blue. It's like may turn someone else blue. And then they took Wilson's face off his body and put that face, but like slightly too small like WWF wrestler chatting, and it's like very uncanny valley. Like, he doesn't really have a knack. And it's like grow your, and it's really creepy and I'm against it. Okay. Final category as usual. We are ending with times. Most unanswerable question of the week. There's a puzzling set of questions to see they've been keeping me up at night. I wrote down to and they're big ones. The first one. Has to do with Miranda Lambert, first of all she was at Stony river state cows earlier this week choose at dinner with their mom, and a friend, and she got an argument with in like with the table next year. I have questions about that. So we're gonna move on. Anyway, they get in this heated argument restaurant staffer calls nine one one is their escalates. There's like yelling and Cussing on these nine one one records the woman the Reich restaurants to effort was like she's trying to hit people vote while you have to come over here. And then the climax of this fight was at Brandon Lambert dumped, a salad onto the woman that she was fighting with. So my unanswerable question is why is a salad. The thing that Miranda Lambert chose to dump on this woman went water wine a pasta dish. Yeah. Mom's meal, whatever that wasn't. There was a salmon Phuc any kind of super saw the lowest stakes food item one person in a food fight. What did he just rubbed? The romaine often. You're fine. Exactly. Like brush it off your shoulder. Nearly that does nothing for real. I don't I don't understand. It's there isn't a food. That's worse. Other than maybe a role. But you can even throw him you Chuck a rolling them. Yeah. Yeah. That's horrible. Question. I don't know. Once again, if you have answers to any of these questions tweet us always let us. Okay, kate. Take the next. Okay. Also food related question Vincent's. No overdose Twitter. I don't know if you guys have ever been on there. But you need to yourself. Well, I have now he really he tweets some threads where it's kind of like like a poem. But also just like random stream of consciousness thing. He did a threat about girl scout cookies, I'm just going to start read it doing a dramatic reading. And then I'll stop and we can talk about it. I blame the girl scouts and their frigging cookies. I covet them the cookies not the girl scouts after all. They are scouts and are needed out. There scouting. I guess scouting. They've names of cookies I've never heard of never dreamed of. So then he goes on for six more tweets that was just the first tweet about how the girl scout cookies, basically are like he can't stop eating them. He told us what they need to get rid of them. He covets the girl scout cookies, and there are two wonderful too, many strange names. So my unanswerable question is because Cleveland's first of all is no free. Okay. Yeah. The main question here. And also what's the best girl scout cookie? This is answerable. Yeah. Yeah. This is the men's across the board one hundred percent of people weighed in and it's the night. Tag along. It's kind. See I think it's Samoa's which tells you that this is not well, I was tag along Anthon minutes. I like those too. I've never even at what is that that you said Tagolo are those damn peanut butter chocolate peanut butter one, delicious scrape them off with your teeth. You get the most bang for your buck. But some owes you can't eat a whole like a whole box of suppose. I don't or you could. I could bury easily whole tour right at least one of the skinny little little sound. Yeah. Anyway, thank you to Vincent Nokia. And maybe please, wait. I just want. Okay, please. Let's shirtless. We also talked about how he was a frog. Did you add those a different than a monkey with an organ grinder? You really maybe maybe something like go two thousand to check on him. Yeah. Liz, you have one more question. I do. Okay. Jennifer Lopez is turning fifty this summer. She's wearing a big tour. She went on Ellen to promote those things and chance at a lot of questions the one I want to focus on is a story that she told to Ellen that like Ellen wasn't really phased by but it's been keeping me up at night. Okay. So apparently, Jalen era Onate modest lake house, which like, okay, sure, sure, we'll see that's really a need of renovations. And I guess jaylo has fascination with the fixer upper slash Joanna Gaines designer like obsess, right? Yeah. Okay. Should then. I guess Joanna doesn't work outside of Waco, Texas where like brand is as anyway a rod orchestrated meaning and surprise jaylo with a one on one council. Take. While Joanna jails said, quote, it really blew me away. So my question is a is Joanna Gaines the biggest desert like there's there's many questions how do I phrase this? Why is jaylo obsessive Joanna Gaines when she has all of the money in the world all the resources in the world and she wants to put up like a wooden frame like love. Yeah. Sure. In her kitchen or short Mason jars with lights, and yes, yes, J lo what the what? What? Very off brand for you. About glen. And she'd like Ryan Joanna Gaines of all people like a style that she looks up. Just you just watched like are they fixer upper is that what they do. Yeah. Does. She literally just like watch that show is a fan, but even still like to have a consultation like wanna meet with her and fix like have this woman of all people fixing lake like, you can just go to target. They have like a target. So our Jlo's standards so low that it eventually this really blew you away. Lou. Apparently, I guess I mean, it's weird. It's very weird. I mean I've seen fixer rapper, and it is kind of an addictive show. But like you said it's like wooden. There's a lot of would there are a lot of Mason jars is a lot of cutesy homie kind most life. Yeah. I don't I'm not here for it. Just feel really weird for jaylo. I have to say, yeah. People. That's my question if you can come up with answers to any of this lettuce now. Okay. That's all the time for we have really quick. I want to say we did not talk about Arianna 'Grande a single time. Well, thank God. Thank god. Thank you for listening, this teatime Kelly, and I'm Amelia, what am I r-? And I'm Amelia, what am I r-?

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Episode 1: The Spy

The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow

35:58 min | 1 year ago

Episode 1: The Spy

"Hey It's Ronan I talk a lot about how tough journalism doesn't happen without the people who defended support it and the podcast. You're listening to is supported by audible. I I love audible. I'm a big book nerd. Also I poured my heart and soul into the audiobook of catch and kill if you want to hear more about my investigations in the sources featured on this podcast and also attempting a Ukrainian accent. Listen to this and then head over to audible and got the book for limited time you can get more than half off the regular price of a subscription option. That's six ninety five a month. You can choose one audiobook which should definitely be catch and kill and to audible originals for free good audible dot com slash flash catch or text catch to five hundred five hundred that's audible dot com slash catch or text catch to five hundred five hundred thanks audible. Hey we're GONNA be talking a lot about sexual violence in this series. There's also some language if if either of those things are upsetting for you please take care while you're listening. It was August twenty eighteen and I was slipping into our hot stuffy subway car but I got this call on my cell phone the caller. ID given name Axiom. It was weird but then a lot of weird things have been happening around me since I started reporting on a whole lot of women's allegations against the movie. V mocal Weinstein. I'd gotten strange texts and emails. I'd seen suspicious. Cars parked outside of my apartment sources had told me to get a gun mm-hmm and I moved out of my home. The point is it was getting to me. I ignored the call but a little later. I got this text from the same number. It said I'm trying to reach you directly and privately it's regarding a frying pan that scratch resistant sometimes. UH-HUH I cook and the black coating scares me. I knew exactly what it meant in October. Two Thousand Seventeen The New Yorker started publishing my reporting on Harvey Weinstein containing the first rape and sexual assault allegations against him. A New Yorker Story published yesterday included a recording from a New York police sting operation in two thousand fifteen Weinstein is heard trying to lure publish. This story called army of spies about how Weinstein had hired a private intelligence agency called black cube. It's a firm based in Tel Aviv. And it's run by former Mossad agents. It specializes in deception secret agents false identities front companies. I'd uncovered all these contracts and documents that proved beyond doubt that Weinstein had hired black cube to gather intelligence on sources and on reporters including me. But I still didn't know how far the surveillance went black cube but always denied following any journalists after the article. I came across this photo of a frying pan coincidentally marketed under the brand name in black cube. I thought it was funny. So I posted it on instagram with the caption scratch. Resistant may use false identities and shell companies to extract information so whoever was messaging me they seem to know something about black cube the intelligence firm not the frying pan and they seemed worried I messaged back. Can you say more about who you are. And this person awesome responded I can say I do surveillance we will need to meet discreetly and make sure we are not followed. What happened next? Felt like I was in a John Le Carre novel or something. We agreed to meet at a Brazilian restaurant in Manhattan. But when I got there this person didn't show show instead my phone rang the caller. Id said Axiom again. It was a man with what sounded like it might be a Russian accent and he told me what I was wearing and said he needed to make sure that we weren't being followed. He instructed me to leave. The restaurant walked against traffic for several blocks. And then sit down in the back of a different restaurant. That was when I first met eager. Ostrovsky a private investigator. Her who've been following me watching me for weeks this guy. I didn't think I was going to be followed but I thought you might be suggesting case. We had to take some steps to avoid being seen together. We ended up in the basement of a restaurant which I know conveniently has like no cell service from Pineapple Street Studios. This is the catch and kill. podcast AM Ronan Farrow soon. After The New York Times in the New Yorker reported on the allegations about Weinstein Newark prosecutors indicted him on charges of rape and sexual assault. He's now awaiting trial. He's denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. My new book catch and Kill Bill. Chronicles my investigations into the systems. That shield influential men in Hollywood Washington and beyond writing the book I kept thinking about the people blind met during my reporting the sources who brought the story to light and the operatives who tried to suppress it the whistle blowers survivors spies and journalists lists. Each is complicated in their own way. Many of them face difficult even life altering decisions. This podcast is about those people. Nope and giving you a chance to hear their stories. In their own words people like Eager Ostrovsky the private investigator who tailed me scratches. Gotcha good single Malt Scotch. Good we've been overdue for drink. We got a lot to talk about a little overdue. I might say too much so obviously Gore's from Australia. We don't need to wear the headphones kidding. He's from Ukraine born there in the eighty sawyer. The Soviet Union was disintegrating around him lots of global turmoil all but he was just a kid. Our common thing to do when I was eight years old was to burn things blow things up Soviet entertainment for kids. Oh Yeah we used to break into things. We had the distinct basic like a small bomb. But we're not talking about like smoke bombs you buy the grocer's store here and not even the ones you buy in Pennsylvania. We're we're talking about like Phil. This whole building with swap. He goofed off a lot. But it was mostly harmless and that was important to Ebore. He's a guy who always always had this really strong sense of what's Okay and what's not so cater do stupid things to have fun. But I guess at a point where could hurt somebody besides you and permanently it becomes an issue. Eager was ten years old when his family came to the US As part of a program that resettled Jewish refugees in America. He had trouble making friends. Sometimes compounded by that sense of right and wrong like time during high school in New Jersey. When he learned that several classmates were involved in a little light credit card fraud? There was this one guy. Johnny Johnny worked in the in the in the store stored salt tools. He would steal the credit card numbers of the customers and seldom to my friends right so they send this guy who just graduated high school to the threaten me. He said listen enough. Anything happens to this guy if he gets caught. Your faulk decided that you know. I'm going to be threatened. Might as well be worth it So you know. I just kind of helped them to stop doing what they're doing. I I called the FBI. Because I thought the takes care of everything your sophomore year so fourteen fourteen if fifteen right and they thought the FBI you call them. And it's it's like you know like Superman. They just come down from the sky and fix everything. I gave all of their names their addresses and the credit card numbers that they were using so there were like monitor in this from the start of the purchase to like the UPS delivery dark very slow ethical situations. Well I just. I didn't like that somebody was messing with me. You know I knew that either. You gotta get the big stick or or you win by being smart and they want to threaten me. I'm not going to be able to stand up to them in the fight so I'm going to just be smart As smart as eager was when he graduated he didn't have much of a plant. You I know sometime fast. For years to be exact what he calls his limbo. He held down on jobs. Went to deliver pizza eventually. He learned that a friend had an uncle who was a private investigator and he basically talked his way into a job. It was pretty mundane work. Like he'd go undercover your cover and warehouses to find out who is stealing stuff so they would plant me into a warehouse and I would just become one of the employees eager. Says that's mostly what he was up to. For the first several years of his career then in twenty eleven he came into contact with the guy who would eventually give him the wildest job of his life. Roman hiking. So talk to me about meeting Roman Hyphen for the first time. I don't know why but I had this feeling feel like I should find someone who's part of my culture like it'll be easier to get along with someone in my culture so Google Russian private investigators certain one of three guys that I found in Brooklyn was this guy. Roman hey can unlock your typical invested. I'm the guy out in the field. The action thing wine name is Roman hugging. And I'm the founder Info Tactic Group Roman hike in rented outfit called Info Tactic Info Tactic. Group handles spousal Investigations Intellectual Property Cases Insurance Investigations Child Custody cases background checks and skip tracing. It was a pretty small time operation. Most of the workers were part parttime. It is true I can had occasionally worked for high profile client lake. The designer Christian Lubaton hired him once to go undercover and see. It's knocking off. Those Red soled shoes when I was young and I learned to read I would fascinate my parents my bill at into memorize the tax of my favorite pulled old Charlotte poems in general. He's a good guy. He likes Salem so he he goes sailing couple times a year. I figured nobody will should call Roman and see what he's up to eager and hike in got along an had a lot. He could teach eager Roman taught me how to do surveillance. How the drive for surveillance? How the blend he taught me little tricks? You know how to make this job fun. Lotta people can't figure out where to find the bathroom in New York and we're talking about clean. Bathrooms not like the bathroom at the Union Square in the subway bathroom. I wouldn't even walk near. Where do you find the clean bathroom in the cigarette in every high priced restaurant? There's a clean bathroom and every- High Hotel. There's a clean bathroom. You Walk in you walk up to the bar and you ask the bartender. Where can I wash my hands and the what are your drink specials? He goes to get you the drink specials specials he puts the menu down in front of you and they're actually worth the. Wash your hands and use the bathroom. Just leave Roman taught me that it was always fun on every day. Working with the Roman was fun because if something was happening it was just action action action action and the fluffing was happening. We watching comedy videos on Youtube Eager and hike in worked together for years on and off doing this kind of basic. Pi Work which brings us to late twenty sixteen gene. Just as I started to follow the clues that would lead to my story on Harvey Weinstein e Gore called hike and to see if he had any new jobs lined up hike in said they should talk so so we met up in Brooklyn and Coney Island and He told me into some new stuff. has a new client. That like you wouldn't tell me who it was which which I thought was normal because we wouldn't tell each other who our clients are because in this industry ruin steals clients. Sure or or. That's the mood soy understood that he might not want to just openly. Tell me what he's working on. And then in the course of the conversation was it you that raise the idea of maybe being a part of this work worked for this mysterious new client. Wally told him told him straight up. Said look if you need. Help Coleman turns out hiking did need help many of these new jobs involved. What's called counter surveillance? Ebor was supposed to secretly follow operatives to equally secret meetings operatives sent by that mystery client. The goal was to make sure nobody else was following them. I know lots of secrets. Lots of following from the very beginning. Nothing about these jobs seemed normal to Egos Gore. He was told almost nothing about them beforehand but he was picking up on clues as he went. So they're always infancy hotels or fancy restaurants and There's a couple of players that already learned. Beezer the agents like the the heavyset blonde lady with glasses S.'s. Or this guy. That's called a Spaniard. I don't know why I guess he's from Spain. I was very curious. I mean the more more you told me that. I can't no more curious I get. I realized that something is going on. That's a little iffy. Just had an inkling that I should be document come into everything and then in July twenty seventeen. He worked on assignment that just felt often. I get a call like hey we got A. You've got the job tomorrow in Brooklyn gotTA goal and Groman says it's a New York Times reporter and I'm like all right that's weird After the break eager journalists Hi I'm Berry I'm one of the producers. There's and I always wonder who in the world still goes to the post office and why I mean stamps. Dot Com brings all the services of the US Postal Service right to your computer. So there's no need to interrupt your workday to fight traffic just to get to the post office plus with the holidays right around the corner. It's especially busy with everyone sending holiday cards and presents and that's why you need stamps. Dot Com whether a small office sending invoices an online seller shipping out products addicts or even a warehouse sending thousands of packages a day. STAMPS DOT COM can handle it all with ease. Don't spend a minute of your holiday season at the post office. Is this year sign up for STAMPS DOT COM instead. There's no risk and with the Promo Code. Catch you get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial Plus Free Postage and a digital scale no long term commitments or contracts. Just go to stamps. Dot Com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type. I try and catch that stamps. DOT COM ENTER CATCH STAMPS DOT COM. Never go to the post office again. Welcome back one thing. I've realised through my reporting over the last few years that frankly kind of freaked me out is just how big private intelligences there's kind of this global industry. It's like checkbook surveillance. John Scott Rail. -Ten is a senior researcher for a group called the citizen lab lab at the University of Toronto. They investigate the tactics used to silence journalists and dissidents tactics including various forms of private espionage and surveillance all of which has become something of a booming business. You can go to a global marketplace and find a company that will sell you a kit to kind of do whatever you want it's like NSA in a box. The problem is that many of the players that can pay for it can't possibly hold themselves accountable and can't possibly Sibley resist the temptation to abuse it. And if you look at the people who are targeted for example have yet about this. A Mexican journalist investigating cartels was assassinated was pulled from his car and filled with bullets. Is it fair to say. Journalists are being hunted journalists are like like one of the largest slices of the pie of victims and we think that this is the kind of tool that you use to find fix and finish journalists In two thousand seventeen eager Rostov ski was suddenly thrust into that increasingly sophisticated world of journalists taunting. His boss Roman Hyphen started sending assignments to follow reporters digging into the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. They briefly followed Jodi Kantor of the New York Times. I knew at this point. The goal was to isolate and identify Jodi Kantor sources. If she meets with any you know I. I used to read the New York Times. When that was little known highschool? They used to go to the library before school. And a look at the New York Times and they thought it was good and that I I think the motto is awesome. You know all the news that's fit to print so when we were following George Kanter. I thought probably a little bit iffy and the moral side and and we're following in the were supposed to follow you. It felt too eager lake increasingly the mystery client was turning. Its focus away from the times and and toured me and my reporting so we ended up hanging out in front of your building couple times And the senior super a lot. He's outside a lot. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's outside and the and the ended up getting a Bagel around the corner actually just buzzed by their neighborhood. They'll take a picture on the this. The BAGEL shop the aim appeared to be to figure out what was happening to my reporting from the beginning. The intensity was their Roman was more stressed. We were laconic going over things. Like how are we going to control the situation. If he goes this way. What are we doing? Okay if he goes that way he gets a cab while if he gets in the cab. Jump on the fucking doc in Hood said five to get around the block and then you're burn but you know make the cap stay. Maybe if we do that then you're going to think some crazy going on. So you're gonNA jump Bali impose. We're going over old responsibilities. It's more important to get this one right at times. The operation could be a little hapless. They even didn't spend some time following a neighbor. who kind of looked like me? But I'll be honest. It was also scary growing increasingly convinced. I was being followed hearing from those sources who said I needed needed to be armed eventually putting my reporting materials in a safe deposit box at the bank and the operation was getting more intrusive and sophisticated so on the last day. When we have to follow you I get a call early early on Roman tells me that he's going to try to find out where you are and they asked how how? And she said that he's GonNa do the Jew location thing with the phone. I control ego or that. He was using a new technology and expensive one. That would allow you to track someone by essentially picking their cell phone Roman told me that it's cold weather alerts and asked why is it weather other lurks and he said well it works great. You send someone a text message do want weather alerts if you want press. Yes if you don't want reply no and once they reply yes or no we had the location. That's brilliant whether they want it or not they still get well as it turns out out at this very same time. My phone gets a barrage of hundreds and hundreds of texts that are not asking for alerts on the weather which I had also gotten but asking if I wanted to participate in a survey on politics the politics for you whether alerts for Joe Sports sports alerts for somebody else. It's interesting because I did get both that day. I'm actually headed to my very first meeting at the New Yorker and it sounds like as that's happening you start getting maps that show you exactly that I look at it. There's a pin drop. I know it's on the westside set highway by World Trade but where the golden sags building is and Roman comes to meet me and we get some more information that you're like in that area but we can't figure out exactly where you are so what's going through your mind as these tactics escalate the point. I was already like we've got to figure out what's going on because this might have to might have to take some actions because it looks like something I believe and is being Bossa Blah attacked so in November two thousand seventeen. I finally published my reporting on Black Cube. And what it had done to track sources and reporters on Harvey Weinstein turn the Harvey Weinstein Story and new revelations about the great lengths he allegedly went to in order to quash stories. Legends Weinstein hired elite private security agencies. At least one of which deployed undercover agent ultimate. This was to kill stories by Pharaoh. Also The New York Times and other news outscore read that article article. It was the first time he had heard a black cube but the operation sounded familiar. I saw your article in the New Yorker and like Laura. I'm like listen. This is clear who were working for and this is clear that this is what they were trying to do because this is like the story about us without mentioned in our tactics our names directly because because the the targets that I described black cube having in that article. Were also your targets right. Something like that the lever the eagles suspicions were right. The mysterious client that hired Roman Hakin as a subcontractor was black cube. This it turned out is how black cube operates in cities across the globe hiring. Pi's with local licenses to provide legal cover and a better lay of the land. The realization didn't sit well with Ecuador. Remember as he put it. It's okay to do something stupid until it hurts. Someone else when they rather they said this is horrible. You know and and this guy is doing the systematically. There's no way I'm going to continue to be part of this like there's no way I'm going to walk away from this situation situation knowing that I'm helping someone suppress the truth. Suppressed the press and to get away from taking responsibility responsibility for these actions. Eager decided he had to expose the operation. He tried law enforcement. I I called around and I couldn't get anywhere cold. Somebody who put me in touch with With an agent of Homeland Security Investigations. They said that I need lawyer called a lawyer to lawyer wanted money and I was like listen. I'm an American. I live paycheck to paycheck. Well We. I'm trying to be patriotic American here. Just what does this uh-huh money patriotic but only could afford this. I thought you know again like from my childhood pulled off. VI solve everything and then eventually get the person who's not even an FBI agents just like an idiot look just like a college like a summer intern or something the windfall so forty five minutes later guy picks up who's clearly like a wash tub guy who has the slight shift job of having to talk to people who think that they're you. There's your photos or whatever and I'm on I'm telling you I'm like look. There's a foreign private intelligence agency acting in New York possibly in other states. It's possibly doing things against the United States. I don't know but it's like I'm involved in this. He goes so what are you doing. So they do ceramics you go. So what's what's illegal. Well I said I don't know I'm not an agent. I'm not a lawyer. Shouldn't you know what illegally they said. I'm telling you this thing is going on. He goes nothing illegal. Click in hung up on you. He hung up on me So when when this guy hung up on me I said all right bull if I can get the government involved at least they can help guide and at least I should let him know that this is what's happened and I just felt like okay. I can go to you and that's when I got that call from axiom. Which of course turned out to be eager and how we wound up sitting opposite each other in the basement of a mid town restaurant? Tell me about that the first meeting and how you felt about that just wanted to be cautious Felt nervous die fo manage. They're going to have a conversation and and that's it and then you know. I never thought that I'm GonNa tell you my name. I never thought that I'm GonNa Tell You my name that you can print it. I just thought I was GONNA say. Hey Ron so your suspicions are confirmed nice to meet you. Good luck but showed me photos taken following me my street my front door. My my superintendent. It was a huge risk for him. I could see it in his face. You seemed freaked out. You seemed frightened that you were going to get apprehended that someone was maybe GonNa come after you and yet. You really wanted to do this so I didn't know if you know they're gonNA come after Thermes. My name comes out if I have to worry about getting ran over the road into a ditch or You know some kind of freak accident. I just a little bit word so I didn't want my name out. There aren't but we thought that if I allow this to happen and I walk away and they don't do anything then I'm complicit in allowing the media the way of life I believe in to be attacked and to be changed and that could be irreversible In January twenty nineteen eager heads out on what winds up being the last of his jobs for black cube he and I were in regular touch by then eager and his boss. Hiking were told to run counter surveillance during a meeting at the peninsula. Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Hatton a black cube agent was trying to gather information on a watchdog group. Eager was supposed to take photos of the employee of that watchdog group and drive a getaway car car. The operation got busted in the agent needed to get out so they get to the hotel and you Gore sits at the bar yours played a cheese. He looks over to where the black cube agent is sitting. I see a guy with a book. A news camera and another guy with bushy hair. And I'm like I'll just keep having more Richie's here and sitting across from this agent. Is John Scott. Raritan that researcher I spoke with earlier from the Citizen Lab lab at the University of Toronto. Not Too far into the conversation. There's a guy who sits down at a table in my sight line and is sort of holding his this cell phone up at me well kind of consulting the menu with with one hand that I'm like man. This guy's just recording on his cell phone. So while Egos Gore was watching this black cube agent was pumping Raritan for incriminating statements. Trying to get him for instance to say all sorts of anti Semitic things. He's got this pen in his hand and at Various Times placed on the desk. And it's just a very strange way to hold. A pen is sort of holding it. Like a uh-huh a gearshift stick or something like that had various times kind of holding it at me. Rail tune believes the pen was a recording device and that the agent was trying to capture him making in statements that could be used against citizen lab but rail tune was also secretly recording and had brought along a reporter and a camera person from the Associated Press Press. All of this was news to eager clearly. The Guy who had the meeting with the Black Cube operative broad them here and so this was set up. This is not something that we missed. This is something that was preplanned and the clearly planned better than we were prepared to counter. This is when the meeting becomes to quote Ebor a total shit show the AP journalist a very reporter named Rafael. Sadder starts hammering the agent with questions. The agent tries to hide and then run away hike in his calling and shouting that they've been burned and they need to get this guy out of there eventually. Echo winds up reuniting with the agent and driving around to lose potential tales and the agent makes his way to the airport so Tom that group black cube seemed to be spying on citizen lab. Remember they had been following the way surveillance tactics get deployed against ends journalists. I WANNA pause for a moment here and and make point. This is bigger than what was happening to me. This is bigger than Harvey Weinstein Weinstein. This is something that has huge global implications citizen labs. Most recent investigation was into an Israeli cyber firm called. Nso Group and Esso's flagship product is something called Pegasus which is a suite of technology that enables it's it's user to reach out and hack a telephone without any interaction from the phone's owner and turn that phone into basically a spy in your pocket. It can listen to what's happening in the room around you. Obviously it can snoop on your calls siphon off your messages and your personal photographs. Many of the Black Cube agents questions wants to rail tin had been about citizen labs investigation into NSO group and particularly the revelation that it software may have been used to target Jamal. Shoghi the journalist who was murdered by Saudi agents so we had found vent one of democracy. Oh Jeez close contacts. Who is living in? Canada was targeted with Pegasus. We think infected as well which is pretty explosive. Because this guy had been in close contact with Jamal during the period right before he was is assassinated and this obviously was a black eye for Ns oh group and for the Saudi government turns out after its work with Harvey Weinstein Weinstein. Black Cube was sending agents to meet with tech experts critical of NSO group and it software people who argued that that software was being used to hunt and sometimes kill journalists and as for the record denies hiring black cube and it says it software is sold to governments and other entities that want to catch criminals not journalists. Yeah but what's clear here is that there is an entire system of international espionage and hacking targeting journalists and researchers. That is still going strong. Strong to this day After the failed operation with citizen Lab Black Cube order everyone involved take lie detector tests Roman tells me listen no drugs no alcohol tonight. You get polygraph tomorrow. And they go. Do you know me. I don't drink. I've never done drugs in my life. So it's not a problem and meanwhile my hands are like trembling. If he took that test eager felt sure that they were going to discover that he'd been talking to me so he said he wouldn't do it. And shortly thereafter hiking stopped offering him jobs and they drifted apart. We reached out to Roman hiking's attorney and a representative representative for Harvey Weinstein for this podcast but did not get a response. Hagan's attorney initially confirmed details presented to him in fact checking call for the book but then suggested did the information was false or fabricated without offering specifics. Eager Nude prosecutors in New York. Were in the wake of my reporting investigating black cube sources close to the agency's operations for Weinstein. said they ran all their activities by lawyers and that any cell phone tracking was undertaken without their knowledge in any case Igwe gotta whistleblower attorney began the process of volunteering to help prosecutors if they needed it and decided to go on the record in my book. He says he's glad glad to have come forward to have a part in defending something he believes in to stand up to the increasingly elaborate machine that ensnares journalists around the world. If I had the daughter would've never came to me. I believe in what you're doing a believe in you and that's why we're here. Maybe we will have to say here anymore. I'll maybe I'll try to say I'm like the hero of sit back in the catch and kill. PODCAST is a production of Pineapple Street studios. It was produced by me. Ronan Farrow Sophie Bridges Sharia on Chanel Pifer when Gin Lee and Laura or a dod our senior producer. Is Eric Mental Editing. By Joel level executive producers at Pineapple Street are Geno Weiss. Berman and Max. Linski production can help from emily. Becker Mattie Sprung Kaiser nor Ibrahim and Alex petrous Kovic backtracking. By Sean lavery mixing by Hannah's Brown the music in the episode from Blue Dot Sessions Marmoset and I com- on the next episode. We go inside Thirty Rockefeller Plaza. We're my producer and I were recording our conversations in real time as NBC killed our initial reporting on Harvey Weinstein track find ways to the savage have adjusted. And now she's GonNa probably do anyway Shit is all of course is based on on reporting. I did for my book catch and kill which is available wherever you buy books. Thanks for listening. We'll be back next week. Thanks again to audible. If you want to hear more head over to audible and get catch and kill for a limited time you can get more than half off the regular price of subscription. That's six ninety five a month you you can choose one audiobook and to audible originals for free visit audible dot com slash catch or text catch to five hundred five hundred.

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Two Snakes

Pop Fashion

44:53 min | 6 months ago

Two Snakes

"This is lisa. And this is doreen and this is pop fashion. Hello lisa welcome to europe. Fashion news comedy. Podcast how you doing today. That is where we are. Hello thank you for having me. It's just a pleasure to be here. Lisa and i have already talked for one hour prior to recording this because we had a lot to catch up on you know it was only forty five minutes. Oh okay to be technical. And i spent most of it looking at myself. Because that's what i do on zoom. Why why am i looking at myself. So large let me change my view. I don't need to see myself that you're so awful. Ours is looking at this big balloon. I bought myself. Can you tell our people about your balloon please. You'll have seen it by the time this airs. I decided that for our seventh anniversary. Slash birthday i was gonna get big obnoxious foil balloon and take pictures with it so you've probably already seen them on instagram. I'm sure i made john do it at a time that he didn't want to outside with me and Yeah yeah why. The heck not and you know what when i went to public and i got this balloon. Nobody asked me what it was four. Nobody cared all the man says was was. What color string would you like. And i said that green one in the middle and he said you have a good day. Ma'am and on the way home. I thought i have knocked my rear view mirror out of place so i tried to adjust it to see out my back window and it was just the balloon in the way i totally one reason. I like the balloon because it's a seven if she turns it upside down it's big l. So she can have it and background of her zooms for lisa. it's universal. it's. I have no idea how much cost like i paid for it but i wasn't. I bought other stuff. When i was at the store. So i don't know like the skew on it or whatever but yeah it's dual-purpose so it's it's a multitasker. I love i love it. Yes so happy. Fucking birthday to us kind of where my head's at right now like yes and could collusion inclusion yes. Let's some fashion news. would you got liza. Oh my god. Where are we gonna start. I know exactly where i'm gonna start. Well i don't even know why this was a question in my mind. I say a girl. Federal election commission violation subject. It's kind of a fashion crime. Y'all do you remember when kanye west ran for president. Of course you do well. It's not over wests. Short-lived presidential campaign is being investigated by the federal election commission. That is the government agency. That makes sure that if you're running for public office that you don't do dirty with your money okay. So uncommon ran for president. He invested twelve million of his own money but then individual contributors donated more than two million to his campaign except the bulk of those donations were made by small dollar donors which means they gave just yet and the contributions were mostly in exchange for limited edition merchandise like connie twenty twenty vision and the konya shirts and hats and hoodies. They weren't cute but like they were very conway. Like if you've seen easy on the runway you know with a stop look like daily beast found that many of the people who bought kanye for pres- merchandise in the summer and fall were under eighteen. But you are not allowed to solicit campaign donations from minors. Oh so there's one problem but the other problem is that a lot of people never got their merchandise hats. Cost sixty dollars hoodies. Cost one hundred sixty dollars for a sense of the pricing and by november ninth after the actual election day customers were getting boilerplate emails that people were quote unquote working around the clock to fill their orders. The fec's report says that connie's campaign did spend more than nine hundred thousand dollars to make campaign products sixteen thousand dollars when we merchandise consulting firm and to a fit model the remainder went to wait for it dove charney. No no lisa lisa. The story is blowing my mind. Are you kidding me. I did not expect that man's name in this story what happened. It's here the company that was contracted to make this merchandise was los angeles apparel dubbed. Kearney's latest iteration of you know like would be fashion empire so chinese factories got shut down for a while in the summer after four. Covert related deaths of employees. The were also more than three hundred cases of covid an la apparel factories. Because of like what the cdc called lake flagrant violations of covert precautions. Connie as campaign sense payment to la apparel on november third but it is unclear whether the merchandise got made or shipped in conclusion. If you tried to order some kind for president merchandise. I want to talk to you just because i really wanna know if you ever got your shit. There is so much to say. There is a lot to unpack here. You do not think that comedy and doug charney. We're going to be in the same story to snakes. Toast next leave the two of them snakes squared but i thought when i heard about mr west problems because of this bozo idea for running for president. I was like look at what's happened. The government has gotten involved and then dov charney common right in the middle of this story. Wait card there's one more thing. I forgot to add to the story. Not there cannot be one more thing. I cannot handle it. I have to add the gap into this. So this is the trifecta of things we love to hate on this show so like this all came out so the daily beast was reporting on the documents that they examined as part of this f. e. c. investigation. The fcc documents became available in the same week. That sony a single on the gap earnings call was like we're so happy to be partnering with kanye west. Who is a part of the fashion zeitgeist right now. Our like some shit like that. But in the meantime he's being investigated by legit federal government. This might be the fashion crime to end all fashioned crimes. I can't believe it also to never underestimate how hard it is do merch. It is a hard game. Yeah making sure like even if you contract it out making sure that those supply chains. Everything's going correctly. It's hard because i think a lot of people was like we're going to do shirts. No it's a process. Also he only got two million dollars and he knows all those famous people two million yes. His website is still up. You just can't buy anything or donate now the fcc him to take that website down. But yeah i think most of his famous friends just did not take him seriously for this campaign. It was a very odd bizarre moment in the middle of a very odd bizarre year. Like how you going to be like trying to be friends with donald trump and also running against him like first of all conflict like i don't think he thought this thing out. Somebody needs to love him enough to say. Have you thought this through and honestly this is. This is a plot. Line that i do not think is going to be included in the final season of keeping up with the kardashians. But i really wish it would. I think is going to be pretty absent from the last season and for good reason there are serious mental health issues here and like connie is not well but i'm fascinated by this this aspect of it. I'm here lisa. Thank you for bringing this to the podcast. I did not know this was happening. I know it was like legit fashion crime inception. I put so many key words into it that it just like. Did you manifest this. Yeah i did a spell like my white wine. And i took a snakes snakeskin swirled around the line and then i lit on fire and he looked in the mirror and said dov charney name three times. Yeah i looked into this reflective balloon behind me. I said doug charney charney dundar turned around and then he appeared right next to plenty married scary. Okay let's on. Let's keep the fashion crime going. Actually yes i mean this update bashing crabbiest back pay. Check this update soul bad. We're going to do an update on the nike story. We did last week because there have been developments. So this is the one where joe habur was. Making a killing off of reselling shoes with his business west streetwear. He was known as or still known as west coast. Joe small recap. It turns out that his mom and hubbert worked at nike and it also turns out that he was using his mama's corporate credit card to buy shoes and then flip them. Look if you skip the last episode you need to go back and listen to it. Because they're important details allan. i must say julie because we don't exactly know allegedly. It's what is reported. Sabrina is here. Just f- why she might. She might turn up on the audio. You might hear her a little bit but the gone. Tell me that those defeats the big question is how is he getting all those shoes. He was going after stuff that was limited edition. Hard to get your hands on. But he used in part computer programs to game a system that was meant to limit online purchases to one per customer. We know that last week it was reported that happen but as it turns out. He was also using the nike employees store. Discount complex broke this story. It was written by reporter name. Brendan done so west coast. Joe was involved in buying up. Discounted nike products from the brand company. Store formerly known as the employee store to which only nike employees their friends and family plus people who had guest past had access to employees could get most products at fifty percent off family could get forty percent off. The store is right outside. Portland oregon. He would have people go into the store. Buy a bunch of stuff and then drive that product to his secret warehouse and drop it off. The reporter said. He talked with former nike employees and found out that reselling items bought on discount at the store is a fireable offense. No shit really. Shoppers have to check in upon entering and show. Id as checkout sources told the reporter. That joe was careful not to buy sneakers for his business at the company store and away that could be traced back to his mom instead of using her name to get into the store. He recruit connections to nike to make those runs for him. Joe didn't respond to multiple requests for comments on the story. That complex broke. But i have to redo what reporter brendan done wrote in this one paragraph. Because it's so great. He writes quote. I spoken to him before for story out. Stock ex. that complex ran last summer and which he insisted that. His last name was west and full disclosure. Joe also expressed interest in buying a portion of my sneaker collection to resell on a separate occasion but we never did any business. What the it just cracks me up. This guy is hustling the entire time and that is how he got his shoes in his warehouse. Hold on a minute so much to say here. I'm going to try to keep it brief. sabrina still like shouting at my knees. So just be. It's my hat by the way for a new supreme is my cat so okay some thoughts. So if. I'm recalling correctly initially last week he told us about this fashion crime. It was something that the reporter at another publication had basically stumbled upon right. Yeah at bloomberg at bloomberg and so now we have a second week a second reporter who has had a run in with this guy previously. And like the spidey sense went off but he couldn't put it together and now he's putting all the pieces together and it sounds like west coast. Joe does does not a shot mouth. it's also he likes press. That's what my guess is that he was trying to do something on the sly but at the same time he liked the clough. That's by gas personal opinion. This is all amazing. i'm really looking forward to whoever's gonna make the Cinematic version of this. Like i'm thinking like a a modern day spin on the big short where it's about the sneaker resell scheme that west coast joe has the title is going to be. Www cj d- what would west coast. Joe do so. I'm going to need a volunteer to make that if you wanna let us know if it's you we can't let contribute to the script that's with us gonna be executive producers that usually means contributing money but in this case. Now we're just gonna contribute our opinions. Oh sabrina up here during the show this is not. This is not good. She's very vocal at times. She she gets up into your face and tussey some banks burt. She's just mad. Because i'm out of her. Favorite food is bringing tomorrow. Relax mas- amazing. Thank you so much for that. Update you are welcome. If anything else happens. I will be sure to tell you because this story is amazing and we have like podcast bulletin board. That is like it's been zero days since we didn't mention nike as more like it's been zero days and somebody in the fashion world. Do something sneaky. Look what stop fucking and getting caught. We wouldn't have this problem. No we wouldn't have anything to talk about to just keep doing it. I'm fine with it all right. I'm going to switch over. We're going to talk about style for like a minute. And then we'll go back to like salacious stuff so i recently generation z. Told us that skinny jeans were dead alongside parts but you know what i have a long face. I'm gonna keep partying my hair. The way i need to. But that's a different topic. Let's go back to the jeans. They said skinny jeans are dead and now fashion brands are agreeing with the youngsters. And they're saying that they're pretty much going all in on looser denim for women. Wall skinny jeans do accounts still for thirty five percent of women's denim sales in the us which is larger a larger share than any other style. They are no longer. The default says bloomberg's sarah halzack and that could be really good for retailers because it means consumers has something in new to buy whether it's mom jeans or just a straight leg pant. It creates that desire for instant gratification. That i think a lot of people have been lacking the pandemic. Because they're like where am i really going. Let me buy something for my house instead of something for my but the motto. Let me buy something for my house instead of mobley. Yeah is something for my by the name of this episode. I think karn won't let that happen. She gets about body parts in episode name. But that's another story. So i just love this quote from halzack so get ready quote. A major change in pants silhouette can be the centerpiece of a much broader turnover and fashion. That gives people incentive to refresh their whole wardrobes the proportions of tops. The toshiba shape of boots. The lanes of coats. All these things are pulled in new directions by an updated pam shape. That can leave a shopper. Feeling as if everything in her closet and that turn is an opportunity for retailers unquote. It helps that slightly wider. Denim is not a stretch pun. Intended from a lot of the clothes that we've been gravitating to during the pandemic like joggers and lounge wear so the adoption of wider jeans is bigger than norm core or cottage core. Halzack says it could potentially have the staying power to become a closet staple just like skinny jeans. Did for the last ten or fifteen years. Yeah you're are you ready. Are you ready to burn your skinny jeans from the ankles up like skinny. J's fuck off into the sea at least temporarily. Sarah halzack is a genius. She could do no wrong. That is how i stand on this article. Their size at this was this was going to happen anyway. Skinny jeans lasted as a trend. Much longer than i thought it will receive an ib. Ken put them away and every season at siham down that runway. And i'd be like please lord. Let me have something other than skinny. Jean and i looked at my ankles. Breedlove i look back. And i wanted to get some clarity. Because i felt like it had stretched back to like the mid two thousand and it kinda did it really started appearing and getting adopted around two thousand eight it has had more than a moment and these things are cyclical. so right. now we're gonna go bag year. We're gonna go looser eventually. It's going to go tighter. This is just how the tides of fashion come and go out but i. The price of skinny jeans lasted as long as they did really also months ago. We did a story where we mentioned that levi's was getting ready to relax their genes because they knew coming out of the pants. Democ people were not gonna wanna wear something really tight. They'd want something bagger looser It's in the name of the pandemic because people tend to want to wear pants pansa in the name. I just part of me knows that as this comes into fashion. When i look back on the last time this was really big and really a trent looks so dated now easily gets dated so quickly. But i guess that's going to happen with skinny jeans to look back and be like kenya. Believe it. I mean. I look back all the time on pictures of me and low rise skinny jeans from like when i was right out of college and like oh eight oh nine i'm just like oh my goodness daring of me. Oh i'm not like that at all. I'm like i had a great asked. Oh no see now. That was before my ass developed. My ass did not come into its own until we put the rise a little higher. Uh skinny jean. And that's what. I came into my true self and realized fuck love handle. I have to but it is true that like you. You look and you're like wow that's so dated and like these new silhouettes are a little bit different. And i think there's some variety that's that's fine and that is it's to take awhile for that variety to settle into like what is our new normal pant shapes but i will always like i've been thinking for two days about bringing the story to the show and all i can think about is the time that i went home to visit my mom for the weekend in maybe twenty fifteen and i was wearing an old pair of jeans because i was just like bumming around and they were boot cut jeans and she goes. Oh i flare jeans and again was like i'm in your house like it matter like i'm not like i come home to pennsylvania and i don't leave your house for three days. Does it matter when i'm wearing. Wow when my mom knows about fashion trends it's real well. You could see a lot about the era by jeans. Yup it's kind of a uniform so you can tell also mishaal zach touched on that. I think there's truth to it which is helping style people. A lot of what happens when you're creating outfits is big in one area you want to bring in another so if you have a big baggy pant you're gonna wanna go a little bit more tucked in on top just looked and you do it without realizing it. Because the i naturally goes to watch create balance you do not have to act within that realm you can make a statement in different ways going playing with silhouette playing with shape. But she's not wrong. That if you start down this road. Of hey i want a bag your gene. It's going to change your top. That's going to change the cut that you want which is great for retailers right now. Yeah the peplum. Top has no place in a wide leg gene era. I have one more question about denim before we move away from this story. Did you ever date anyone. Were jacko's i. I date is a strong word. I think if you asked him we weren't dating But i was very much in the era of when those things were big. Just curious i have some crushes on people with some floppy hairs and big janko jeans. Did you yeah. I married someone who wore them when he was in high school once he left highschool. The army didn't really have juncos in their uniform. So those got left at home. But yeah i was just thinking about. Jank os just like randomly today. When i was making dinner. And just like i just had a memory of how dirty the hams got because there are so big. Those jeez are hugh. I loved them. I never had a pair. But i loved the style. I thought it was weird. Fine yet those genes were legit assign of the economy was fine like everybody has a little bit of money. Yeah you can have that much fabric and one bare fans. Okay sir okay. Mister rich skater. Boy actually i have something that is kind of related genes. Just hang with me. you'll figure it out. You don't need permission let's go. Let's do it because it's gonna start off on. It's sad note so just want to prepare you. Fred segal died i. It's not see this coming. I hadn't heard about him in a long time. And then all of a sudden. I saw his opet and it just kind of shocked me. He was eighty-seven. He died from complications. Due to a stroke he was married. Had fed's ten grandkids two great grandkids. This is somebody who led a very full life. If you don't know who he is. He had a very famous store in los angeles. If you're outside of california you probably know him through products that had his name on it. He sold his intellectual property and twenty twelve and his products. Kind of you could find him a lot of different places. This is where the connection to jeans comes in. When he opened his store he sold genes for nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five cents in nineteen sixty one. That was a huge deal so he was the first person to market premium denim. Wait wait so. This was a good price for jeans at the time. no it was very expensive. Okay i was thinking like that seems very pricey. These better. Be some good genes. It was. i looked up the inflation converter. God yes i love you so much. And as the equivalent of one hundred and seventy six dollars today. Oh yeah that sounds about right. it's pricey. His store grew and he asked managers to run specific sections of the store. He pioneered the shop and shop model. What's he was a person who did it. Yes so all of these shopping shop launches that are happening today. It can be traced back to him. A lot of the people who worked for his store went on to become fashion designers. He made a really big mark on the industry and ways. We don't kind of recognize until you realize that all kinds of traces back to this one person so rust in peace. Those must've been some really good genes. They were jeans. He had just a passion and a love for that particular product and knew a lot about it so he elevated the entire product because remember like and the nineteen fifties. It was considered a-team thing rate. Lick the close of the working class right. And then it became like james dean and coal miners and then he kind of came along and said no. There's this special type of gene. There's a designer g. and and kind of reframe the conversation around him. That's so cool. what a life. What a career. I have no transition from jeans to anything. But i will tell you this is not about dunham. This is about shoes. My favourite show curson lubaton shoe christian. Louis vuitton is selling twenty. Four percent of his company to a company called exor exor is owned by the controlling shareholder of the ferrari sports car. What extras paying about five hundred. Forty one million euro to own about a quarter of the brand and the deal values lubaton at about two point. Three billion euro that's about Two point seven five billion in. Us dollars for exor vega to pick up a luxury brand and what could be a very quickly growing portfolio. But what does lubaton get out of it monte. His company well money yes. Chris luebbe john's company founded in nineteen ninety-one has been independent until this deal. He has one hundred fifty stores worldwide. But only fifteen in china Exor last december partnered with our mess to jointly invest in chinese luxury goods company called shang zsa europe and the us make up eighty two percent of christian lubaton two thousand twenty sales. So this is a big ass door that is opening for him to get into some asian markets. Where he's not dominating and also get an injection of capital to be able to just broaden his reach so it's control along with capital for lubaton right but for this brand exor. Remember this brand because this is a power play for them they could very easily become an lvmh are occurring if they keep picking up luxury brands. That are still independent. So i would say this is one to watch. I was a little worried. The twenty four percent is so funny to me. I was like they just couldn't say twenty five. They couldn't give them a full quarter. Absolutely not this man is in control. And i'm a little worried when an companies that nothing about apparel accessories start getting into apparel and accessories because who knows what could happen to the company put. This seems like a very smart marriage. Yeah smart to get that money because you have a very specific goal about how you want expand the sounds like a good deal. Yeah this is really smart and keep in mind that this will include a shoes and handbags pretty much exclusively because cosmetics and fragrance has are through a licensing agreement with another brand so that's completely separate and that's all fine but this is about cursing lubaton building his brand and expanding it and honestly is good for me because i decided that i am going to be a power player in the buying lubaton for myself. Category i'm not there yet but i'm going to get there really soon. Like goals goals lisa. I'm manifesting it. I'm making my vision board and it's just the color red goes with a ferrari too. I can see it for you right. I could like what pairs well with a pair of batons a lovely sports car. That i probably would crash right in the garage and our last story cat on dis former makeup company re branded as the second time in two years. It has gone through a rebrand. Oh that's not a good sign. Here's a list of names. That has been through kat von deep beauty then cave d. vegan beauty k v d beauty. Which is what it is now. The company just relaunched its website and social media accounts with that latest name caved beauty in its current form. It stands for cara veritas decarava or value truth and beauty. Wait what yes. That's what the initials stand for. That's what they're saying. But what about her name. Oh kat von d. The person who is a celebrity tattoo artist sold her share of the company and twenty twenty as it realize that this happened. I was paying attention to politics and miss this story. She ran brand for eleven years when the company came out with the latest announcement about what their name is now. She said that she wished it would stop using her initials altogether well so that divorce was not amicable. Well i mean it's been through. This is the second iteration since then. Y- takes the company said it's new core. Values include an emphasis on sustainability and diversity and its marketing the company says it gives a fuck about the world and cares for the planet and those who live on it. Okay that sounds like just co-opted katmandu's attitude and put it off in this new like sh- shallow brand the brand said it will continue to offer high pigment high performance makeup inspired by tattoo. Artistry the brand also will remain one hundred percent vegan and cruelty free. What do you think about this. Second rebrand can accompany goes through. That may rebrand that fast. Shut that shutdown really. I would say you know you need to sunset this brand and relaunch as something that sounds completely different with the same formulas i wondered about that. I wondered calf on d. makeup especially. Their lipsticks was so good. So good and vegan and vegan. And that's a great combination to have an excellent product and have a vegan option on the market. I found her as a person problematic. And so i paused on buying those those items so this does want me to go back. I wonder if they thought rebranding the entire thing under an entirely different name would be just too much of a risk though. I don't know. But i like the whatever the these latin words or whatever they put in the name lying. That's just a mouthful. this is just a cluster. It's a little bit bizarre. I think if you have a solid product though that could overcome any branding like if the product is good. I don't really care what you call it. This is true but like i wonder how many people were buying the quote unquote like kat. Von d. cosmetics. Because they thought that she was still behind it. I'm sure a lot of people. I really didn't realize that. She had sold her shares. Okay this is the part where you're right into the show and you tell us whether you knew about this and whether you care because i haven't worn i had in a long time. Is that what. I honestly only like was into her lipstick so i didn't really know her other products very well other than that. Yeah yeah. I feel like that was the other thing that was really memorable. Were like these very strongly. Pigmented eye-shadow shadows that were really like Really beautiful and she had a really great liner like a really great thick lighter. That stayed on. Yeah i think the formulas are there right. Maybe it's time to like. Just go away from those particular. Initials is a rose by any other name. Lisa is does it smell us we. I don't know. Tell us. Come to shakespeare in the park by us to idiot. Bassey and about fashion news live listeners. Letter and i do have some letters catching up on the inbox. Go backed up because it's tax time. None of you of you made me about your taxes. But let's just say that. That's why i'm busy. This letter is from non to me so who says hello lisa and carin. I was just listening to your episode fashion crime alias. She doesn't have hers yet but she's working on it right but was the episode. Where we talked about buy now pay later programs she says while watching korean dramas a few years ago. I would see the buy now. Pay later thing happening whenever a character would go shopping and hearts bill and they would ask the cashier. Can you break this up into x. Installments on my card. Oh my gosh. That has brilliant marketing. The number would be anywhere from four to twelve month. Installments always amazed me. And i kind of wished we would have that and the state's not long after that you guys talked on your show. I have tried a few times with after. Pay klarna and firm and i liked it. I have also accidentally forgotten to put money into one account and got failed payment notification as well She got a grace period for that one. Though she got like a two extra week period paid off properly so it's fine but just be aware all my transactions have been online and they have been very convenient for me late last year however i went into a jo malone brick and mortar and they let me know that if i wanted to buy something i could use afterpay. I didn't wanna buy anything. But i really liked the option. I think this could be really great for a lot of people but like you said people have to be very careful with the different services. Thank you guys always for the show. You are sunshine an unexpected snow. Oh my gosh cap that by resume for and that's amazing. Also in this letter at non mizuho said. I'm probably going to get the order of this wrong. But at the end of her letter she said that she has a friend named lisa and a cousin named car in like same spelling right amaze egg right so she feels like she's kind of family with us and like yes. Of course your family. What does yeah. But i thought that was really fun. So thank you for that letter. I'm gonna keep this letter anonymous because it is so juicy. I don't want this person to get in trouble here. we go. hey ladies. I'm listening to your latest episode. Where you discussing. The irma's bags that employees were allowed to make for themselves. And i have some insight. Oh my god yes. This is what i was waiting for. At least i used to work for a leather manufacturing company. We made small products mostly leather wallets for a couple of well known brands once a quarter we makers where everyone was allowed to make anything. They want it using scrap leather and the patterns from any clients product with the caveat that it had to be for personal use or given as a gift to friends or family also. We were not allowed to stamp. The name of any brand onto the product to prevent us from reselling are handmade goods. Maybe this is similar to what was happening at any way. Love the show this has given me the vapors she just fan herself with her like note. I love this so much. I so appreciate you sharing this insight with us. This is so juicy. And i love you for sending us now. This kind of explains everything because like you have scrap leather. use it. yeah of course. It's it's the right thing to do. Lisa mother earth says. Thank you the earth that'll do pig is the second time in a row. We have reference charlotte's web on this show. That's not charlotte's web. It's babe it's movie. oh fuck well. I'm going to go back to school now. And i'm going to sit in the battering scholastic book book rare lisa. What's your one thing this week. I bought a new desk. Oh that's wonderful tells us about it. It's not here yet but it's gonna arrive tomorrow. Am i ready for it to arrive absolutely not. But that's my own personal problem I really love mid-century furniture. I don't like paying for it but there is a vintage like furniture home decor clothing store. That is here. In saint pete that i fall in love with. I have a dresser from them. I have like a plant rock from them. They know me. And i had this desk and has the jurors on the right side which is really important to me. Because i'm right handed. And why would. I want to the left side. All the desks have draws on the left side. Have you noticed that something to think about. But the price was too high when they listed it and then they discounted it. And then i went and i bought it. Oh and i beat out some man on them in for it. So i feel really proud of myself and it's arriving tomorrow and decided that at this point in my work from home journey and this house. It's time for a refresh in this area. So next time you hear from me in it will be turned. I'm going to go against the other wall this wall and it's time i'm really excited. It's time to dislike clean up. Have a new work surface to clutter up with all of my detritus from my life. I'm super site. i love it. It's an office glow up for you. Oh my god. Yes because the desk. That i am on now. I'm very grateful for it. I got it from wayfair. i put it together myself. There's not a piece of solid wood on this thing right. It is some pressed fiberboard with some rata particle board levin and it was great for like figuring out what i needed in this space. But it's time. I have a friend who i know i can give it to and she will use it and it's gonna get passed on and then i'm going to go out and you know like it just happens to be arriving at the same time as my stimulus bill from uncle. Joe so thanks my stimulus bill. It's not a bill to check. I've been writing about the bill. I'm getting a check. That's how stimulus packages work karn. What is your one. Good thing my first. Good thanks. I got to as my back is feeling better because last week was should shoe so i am not one hundred percent but so much better. So thoughts really good. That's a blessing. The second one good thing is have finally read. Can't even i finally read. At least you talked about it on the show months and months ago as by am helen peterson. This book will murder you but in the bath way. Yes it like it destroyed may. So it's about millennials and work and burn out and the thing that this book dead was gave me a framework and vocabulary to start talking about the things that i knew going on but didn't know how to verbalize lease preach. I'm and i'm so glad i read it. I'm so glad. I read it now. I couldn't believe how much identified with it without knowing that it was happening to a bunch of other people. A lot of it is about how we were taught that if we work hard enough we were going to have a stable future. And that's just not the truth. It's just not so it. Takes a lot of what we were told was going to be our future and then talks about the reality of what happened and it could be a really hard re because it's a reality check but it also can empower you to make decisions that you can start thinking about how you encounter your work and i very much appreciated that again. It's called can't even it. Was lisa's one good thing months and months ago and i finally got it. So least thank you for that recommendation. You are an influence. Or who influenced me and i really enjoyed it. Oh map buckle. That book will recommend near true. Sal yes i just recently passed along my copy of can't even to my friend gina. Who's a listener. And i told her. I was like buckle the fuck up because it's a it's a really hard read. I very much appreciated how her writing was so straightforward and conversational with subjects. That are hard to discuss. Because they're so big fluid easy. Writing is really hard work very hard. So i very much appreciated her writing style. That's my one thing i mean. It's two things because your back is a big win. Also spoiler alert for people who aren't really familiar with that authors. Work an helen peterson. She is finishing a book now with co written with her partner about work and how work got busted in our generation. And i'm really excited for that one to also. She has some really good dogs so follow her on instagram. Follow us on instagram. Because you like us even though we don't have dogs that the universe show. Oh yeah i'm lisa. i'm carin this is pop passion you can catch up on previous episodes. Send us a letter or shop through our amazon link by. Go into pop fashion. Podcast dot com. You can also follow us on instagram at pop fashion podcast. And hey remember. There is plenty of time to apply for one of our micro grants that were giving out as part of our seventh anniversary. Slash birthday you can go to pop fashion podcast dot com slash money for more details about how you might be a recipient of one of our grants keep in mind because of the legal lease. It is only people in the united states. That's never show carney told you that. Thanks for listening and remember. Buy stuff for your. But i get i folks.

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Eleanor Lambert:  Empress of 7th Avenue, an interview with Carol McLennan

Dressed: The History of Fashion

37:57 min | 1 year ago

Eleanor Lambert: Empress of 7th Avenue, an interview with Carol McLennan

"Disgrace land in music and true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly hosted by me Jake. Brennan is backed with season. Five and you're not gonNA WANNA miss new episodes on guns and Roses Jay Z. Friends Ozzy Osbourne Nipsy Russell. Run DMC Selena. The Rolling Stones in more. You can listen to disgrace. Land on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast rock'n'roll a dress. The history of fashion is a production of iheartradio With over seven billion people in the world we all have one thing in common every day. We all get dressed. Welcome to trust the history of fashion podcast. That explores the WHO what went of why we wear. We are fashion historians and your hosts Cassidy Zachary and April Callaghan. So to begin are much touted episode today cast. I mean. We've only been saying that we're GONNA do this episode for the last two years. I thought we could start with some wonderful quotes on or by our subject hand. Who was not only a pillar of American fashion during the latter half of the twentieth century? She was also an architect. It's forman it's Day labor. It's real estate agent. You know I think I think you get where I'm going with this. Because she kind of did all of the jobs that she did and not one to sit on her laurels. She wants remarked. You must always be alert and see the things right in front of you that are not being done and should be done and love that quote. I is something that I very much took tart the very first time. I read it and I think you and I kind of both identify with that sentiment and on the subject of her work ethic hurled CODA who was a curator at the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of art for many many years at the time said quote. She was more ambitious and inspired her dreams and the very industry. She was trying to advance in other words. She was a true visionary. After more than fifty years in the business she was still referred to as quote the most influential woman in fashion and designer. Ralph Lauren once commented. If Eleanor didn't exist they would have to invent her. We are of course speaking about the end of American fashion. Eleanor Lambert yes and Lambert is actually the subject of an exhibition which opened recently at the museum. Fit and each march. The graduate students of the fashion and textile studies program are given the chance to mount their very own professional museum exhibition and cast. You and I both got the chance to participate this when we were in Grad school right. What was the theme of Your Exhibition? Right so I actually co curated. The exhibition with the Fabulous Tracy Jenkins and it was youth quake the nineteen sixties fashion revolution which explored the dramatic impact of youth culture on fashion during the nineteen sixties. So that was a very fun experience. Yes I love. That show is like one of my favorites six you I must say in what was your show. Well we did a show on mural king who was one of the very first. American fashion designers become a household name during the Nineteen Thirties. And a really fun thing about miracle is that she did not know how to. Kutch drape or so at all so she really relied on her like custom couture staff to create the clothes which she sketched so she was really an artist first and foremost so all of her sketches get translated into the clothing by her wonderful wonderful staff and at fit. We have both her sketch archive and a lot of her clothes in the museum collection so it was like a a pairing of both of those really pioneering. American fashion designers at a time when French fashion still reigns supreme. And I have to say her. Sketches are incredible. Yeah they're they're really beautiful and super detailed. Because that's how she was communicating with her staff. So they weren't like fast and loose. They were hyper detailed like her ladies sometimes have red fingernails and they might be smoking a cigarette so these are a few of the tantalizing topics that have been tackled over the years by the MBA students in this particular program you to mention but a few of the other topics that I have been covered prior classes have done. The history of designer perfumes the millenary designs of Lily Dash the style icon. Lauren bacall as well as the shoes of Christian Lubaton. And that's just a few of them there many many more and now. Eleanor Lambert. Now joins their cadre Carol. Welcome to the show. Thank you for joining US Carol. Welcome to the PODCAST. And congratulations on your exhibition. Thank you so much. It's been an honor to be given this opportunity We could not have done it without our wonderful classmates and professors thrown a martial museum at fit Unfortunately today I don't have my co curator with me faith Cooper who worked so hard on this exhibition. But she's not feeling well so feel better faith yes feel better and I think you can hear I myself. I'm getting over a cold. So there's something going around Faith you are missed so shoutout. We are very pleased that you guys selected this topic because we have nothing if not a wealth of information on Eleanor Lambert. Anybody who listens to the show has hurt. Say FOR YEARS. Now that we're going to do an episode so here it is where we are here and you know. Eleanor has come up on the show Time and time again because she really was this power player in the history of American fashion. I mean the sheer breadth of her endeavors. Almost seems superhuman. When you lay them all out on page so I guess what I'm saying is we should start at the very beginning. What can you tell us about Lambert's very early years? Well Eleanor. Lambert was born in Nineteen. Oh three and Crawford's Ville Indiana and was the youngest child of five Her father was an advance man for ringling brothers circus and her mother was a homemaker So she moves mainly raised by her mother She wanted to become a sculptor so as she went to art school in Indiana at the John Herron School of art to study and while she was there she began writing doing a little fascinating Mainly for a paper in Indiana and then later for publication and Wayne so she would commute between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis Writing her columns and then she went to the Art Institute of Chicago where she continued to study sculpture and it was there and she met her. First husband Willis Connor And they moved to New York in nineteen twenty five one of the things she oh it said about New York one of the things that attracted her to going there was that she said quote. This is a city where every idea gets a hearing any ideal you want to do. You can find someone to listen to you and if no one agrees with you you better get a better idea. Well she was certainly chock full of ideas see because she really was this initiator. You know a fountainhead. From the even the very earliest years of her career New York and she was involved with some very prestigious organizations. What can you tell us about the beginning of her career in New York well? She started writing articles fashion articles as well Still for a publicity company and she started to go down fifty seventh street and acquire artists To be their publicist. She retired some ten dollars. She went all the way down fifty seventh street and she wanted picking up such people as George. Bellows Jackson pollock Some even Gucci who also did a bust of her port overhead payment So she started out doing that She also hung out with a lot of the you know artists and writers of New York City Specifically Dorothy Parker at the Algonquin hotel. Which was Interesting story she She indoorsy Parker one night. After a fun night out they wind up going downtown to the bowery and getting tattooed. And and when did they get? I don't know what Dorothy Parker got. But Eleanor Lambert got a small Blue Star Tattoo on her ankle and we use it as a little Easter egg in our exhibition sweet. It's sort of at the bottom of every text label. Thanks so noncha- Eleanor and her wild side. So what can you tell us about? Her working relationship was some of these really well known contemporary artists. At that time that that she started working with in terms of publicity yeah well she would contact galleries to organize shows for them. she represented George Bellows. She got him to follow the ringling brothers circus around to do paintings So she was really had her hands in the art world. Initially she was also the press director for the Whitney when it first came out remaining exactly and she also helped fund the Found the Museum of Modern Art. Yeah and you know what if you if your career stopped there? That would still be thoroughly incredible. Yeah but it just keeps going. It keeps going well now. The depression hit and Net Simpson Who's a little known designer? Worked for her. She approached her to do her publicity briefly Ashen designer. We should point out fashion designers exactly and so that was her first client that we know of It was short lived though But then she went on to work with Valentina she worked with Molly Parnasse as well also convinced her to remain in the fashion publicity world at molly part is a designer who wound a dressing up to later on to six different first ladies so eleanor. Lambert had a large handed. That yeah and of course. We've already done an episode on the lustrous Valentina. So if you want to go back and learn a little bit more about her you can She was an Torius pathological liar. So you and I were talking off line a little bit before we started recording. And you're saying that. Eleanor was always trying to get Valentina to give her a biography. Yes right she could not get her to give her a straight biography because Valentine was sort of creating her own legend. Yeah time and she told She told Lambert that. Y worried about Valentina. Just let them dream about Valentina. Which is the Classic Valentine? Yeah that pretty much sums it up back to that prior episode to learn more about her. She's pretty amazing but we do have one of her garments in our show. And I believe I was. I reviewed your podcast. Valentina and you mentioned that she had short-lived ready to wear collection. I believe one of the garments we have in. Our exhibition is one of those garments excellent. Yeah as well as some of the ads that she was representing the company's Avon cosmetics Celanese etc so Lambert starts out at working as a publicist with contemporary artists at the time. Kinda switches over and or veers into the realm of fashion at the behest of specific designers. Were like Hey. We need PR and she saw this this moment and this opportunity what she does next. She kind of turns her attention to the totality of the American fashion scene and she had so many running on the behalf of American fashion during the late. Nineteen thirties and the nineteen forties. She was incredibly busy lady. What can you tell us about this very specific period of time? Well she started out as one of the founding members of the fashion group who was initially a ladies group Were they were editors? They were designers. They were involved in fashion She stayed with them for a little bit but didn't like the concept of them just being a ladies group she thought you know there's too many ladies huddled in one room together. We need to have the men involved if we want to this to become an international thing. So she wound up being Hired by the New York Institute which was founded in Nineteen Forty Lambert was hired a year later to represent them in the media so she took over their previous advertising company. That had this same company that came up with the term hell toasts so their angle was all about shaming women. There I can do better by our product. Exactly that'll line so they wound up having this initially. This ad campaign called like don't be a one dress. Beulah and there is this image of this woman walking into a room with her little black dress on and everybody looking at her gasping like she only has one dress for all occasions. This is ridiculous and they also put out an ad with Martha Washington at the Battle of Fort. Lee Need to double check that but it was Martha Washington basically dressed to the nines. Inspiring the troops to to get through the war And so manufacturers of the stresses didn't like the fact that their customers are being shamed. They didn't think that that was you know the way to go. So they hired Eleanor Lambert and she changed the entire of advertising campaign. Yeah and just to be a little more explicit Newark Dress Institute was Professional Organization. It was so if you were a ready to wear manufacturer or even designer you could belong to this organization and the organization as a whole was kind of promoting American fashion. It was and it was. It was kind of a unique time because you know the threat of the second world. War was on France in Europe And New York. The dresser industry was kind of in a tizzy about this because that's where they were getting their designs and anticipation of Paris. Shutting down the It was actually Mayor Laguardia in the Fashion Group and a lot of other folks from Washington to New York City the whole garment industry got together including the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and it was one of those rare occurrences where the union labor and manufacturers worked together right and the Union decided that they were going to strike anymore. They weren't going to charge any more than They needed to and they were going to make these labels called your creations for the New York Press Institute so is also really trying to put New York City on the map as a design center by highlighted New York City absolutely and to that same end A little bit later. Maybe a couple of years later does something else. She partners with a cosmetics company. Cody what can you tell us about that relationship will? This was interesting. This was right when the United States entered the Second World War The limitation order eighty five Was in effect where they had restrictions on fabric so these New York designers had to work with what they had so there is a normal amount of creativity and resourcefulness involved in this so she and grover whalen pleased with the president of cody cosmetics. At the time decided to create an award show highlighting American designers so They held it at the Metropolitan Museum of art in Nineteen Forty two and they had a I would call the Winnie The star with like the Oscar. Exactly it was like the Oscar and Norman Norell. That won that year Valentina citation for design for an innovative skirt she had made that made it look like it had more volume than it did and Claire mccardell also won a ESA tation for her creation of the pop overdress which was a denim number with a little oven. Mitt that was attached to it and in our exhibition we'd have version of her pop overdress from later years But we also referenced. The original Denim One. That was was part of that. Cody Award. Some that went on until I think the mid eighties. Yeah Yeah and so. All of these initiatives kind of spin out of this very specific time period when America was cut off from Paris because of the war and they were really kind of grounding themselves as an industry and defining themselves as uniquely American versus all the systematic Copying of French designs. I've been happening prior. We talk about this again and again and again on the show. But in case you haven't heard any of those episodes. It's important to say here. Think so we're GONNA take a very brief break for a word from our sponsor but when we come back I wanNA talk a little bit about press. Hey guys it's bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show with our allies. We tell our stories we to find as much good in the world that we possibly can and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country artists. They're always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point. Seven W. emcee Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. So we've Lambert press coverage was really the name of the game for her. She was at her core. Publicist And it could really be argued that her founding of press week in nineteen forty three was one of her longest lasting legacies. Hoping you can tell us a little bit more about press week. And also. It's modern day incarnation. Because almost all of our listeners are going to be familiar with this exactly While she started like you said nineteen forty three and she would contact editors From across the country summit weren't necessarily fashion editors at the time because it wasn't necessarily thing but she paid for their expenses to come to New York City and come to these spaces. 'em Preview The designer's collections. Two Times a year in the fall and in the spring so then these editors within go home and they would spread the word about these designers That she was cultivating in New York City. So fast forward to today. Yes we still have an incarnation of press week. Who Do which is Fashion Week Week? Yes so this. This early press week in nineteen forty-three It's not the exact same organization. But she really planted that seed created fashion week. What we call fashion week now and in the nineteen forties she did. It was a firm Alice. I believe in one thousand nine hundred went to a went to a fashion show that was held into old loft and part of the ceiling fell down on her and some of the audience so she decided that they might want to move the fashion shows into tents and that was where the idea of having the Bryant Park came from so all of these things are going on but at the same time. Lambert is also In addition to working as a publicist writing a nationally syndicated newspaper column right. Yes you tell us a little bit about this. Yeah she started writing She which was syndicated. It was syndicated in about sixty different countries. And she wrote it up until her death. It was one of those things he'd never gave up on she wrote an article specifically About an fit graduate called. John Hagans who cover in our show and It's very cute But she would write about designers. You're right about fashion forecasts and at a certain point later on in the eighties I think it switched to just eleanor. Lambert as opposed to she. But your special collections. I believe has every article that she's written already much have a lot of her columns which we actually have Her papers there which in total is about sixty linear feet materials. And it is this. It's the entire history of American fashion right there in that one collection it is. It's pretty amazing. It's actually one of our most used collections these days as well One of the other significant portions of that archive or all the records pertaining to the founding of the CFDA which was yet another organization that she helped found what can you tell us about the CFDA because it kind of like picked up. Where the cody awards left off. It did well initially when she created this. Efta nineteen sixty two after she finished with the New York. City The New York tour group which had been a Partisan York dress institute And The New York Tour Group did promote department stores and designers but the FDA was purely designers And so it became a not for profit by doing that. It was able to apply to become a member of the National Council of the arts so the National Endowment for the Arts administartions late thirties and senator claiborne. Pell of New York Convinced Eleanor come down to Washington to testify. That fashion was American. Art Form Right so We have a transcript in our show of testimony and it's wonderful she quotes Harriet. Beecher stowe from an eighteen forty six column called Chimney Corner that she had written and she wrote about American fashion and how American women should adopt alien fashions that she's as she put it so this idea of Americans having their own identity through fashion with not a new one. Yeah and that's when it sort of took off yesterday. The the main thrust of her career had been fashioned but she never entirely stepped outside of the art world. What was her relationship to the art world both personally and professionally so the art world didn't just consist of artists. She was also friends with actors. Singers Writers She friends with Judy. Garland Truman Capote so beaten Even Robert Mapplethorpe and this also spurred the best dressed lists. This was another way that she was able to draw attention to the artists and performers that she was friends with this whole Creative Society of New York City and America. Really so one of the things we cover in our show is the black and White Ball. Which really in Capote exactly which really highlights you know everybody. She knew Truman capote wanted this to be the party of year and he wanted it to be about himself. And Eleanor Lambert was like. You can't make us all about so. She wanted convincing him to have the guest of honor. Be Katharine Graham. From The Washington Post. And she invited all the Creme de la Creme of New York City to Including Marietta tree whose head piece we have On display from that black and white ball and that was gifted by her daughter Penelope tree also a famous model exactly We also highlight Salvador Dali in the exhibition She was working with the International Silk Congress in the late forties and has silk been had been out of production during the Second World War. There was a massive campaign to put it back into dressing again and to introduce a whole generation that hadn't worn it So she got the International Silk Congress to Commission Salvador Dali to build mega poster About the promotion of Silk. And he did this beautiful painting of butterflies and cocoons and it wound up on the cover of American fabrics and he also then that that Motif Translated into a series of ties that he was designing and the museum has templates of these designs That he had created so we also have one of those on display as well. Oh that's so nice. Well you said this phrase earlier which pulls me into the next thing. I want to talk about just perfectly. You said that Truman capote wanted his very famous black and white ball to be the party of the year. Well actuality one museum in particular that Lambert worked with was the Metropolitan Museum of Art In its of special note to all of us as fashion historians because Eleanor was yet again at the founding of the Costume Institute. At the met and one of the initiatives that she did there was its annual gala or fund raiser which at the time was called. Party of the year the now of course we know it as the met gala. Yes yeah yeah. The idea. Fashioning started with a collection for a very wealthy woman called Irene Louison. She collected antique costumes. National Costumes In Conde NAST also interested in the idea so lambert had lunch with the mets director and told him about this collection and pitched the idea for a fashion wing She believed that could be a place of research and inspiration for designers however the director believed the fashion industry needed to coordinate a fundraiser. To quote prove their interest this presented a token fund so they discussed raising two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as a permanent endowment. Start this department. And they wound up in raising up to three hundred fifty thousand dollars However after the first year the met came back to Lambert and ask for additional thirty thousand dollars because the money they raised went to the main fund of the museum so this decided to organize another fundraiser. Which is now called the Party of the year Or THE COSTUME INSTITUTE. Gala and that started in the nineteen forties and they raised about one hundred thousand dollars a year And now with an winter I believe they raise about two hundred million alone for the costume institute itself. Yeah I think last year the price of a ticket was thirty. Thousand Dollars Yes. One ticket is not a table friends. That's one ticket. Yes some of the price has gone up tag. Yes an end. This was actually something that she worked tirelessly on throughout her career charitable causes. There were several others. Would you care to detail a few more of these philanthropic endeavors that she undertook? Yes she wanted coordinating. The fashion shows for the march of dimes with a woman called Elaine White Law and they held it at the waldorf-astoria from nineteen forty five until nineteen sixty so they would have celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Liza Minnelli Judy Garland Common they would do these fashion shows and they would raise a ton of money for this one of the other initiatives for the CFDA as it was a not for profit was to do fundraising so while they started out as one organization Environment mid seventies spread split into two and created the CFDA foundation where they do a lot of fundraising for AIDS HIV research professional developments So she had her hands at a lot of pots at that time. Yeah absolutely it could be argued that the grand deportees small office. I may have been one of her greatest coups that she pulled off. This was also a philanthropic invent. We've already done an episode on it. But would you give us a very brief overview of this legendary charity event organized by? Lambert yes well nineteen seventy-three. She helped organize it with a curator called Gerald Vendor camp And it was done in order to help restore the PELS FOR CY. Which by the seventies was starting to fall apart So Lambert success to doing a fashion show with a French designers American designers and it would be a sort of international battle of sorts So she included Oscar de la Renta Bill Blass Stephen Burrows Halston and Anne Klein and then the French had Mark Bowen She von She Saint Laurent's Ungaro. Npr Cardin at the end of the day. The French side had spent about an hour and a half and this elaborate production but then the Americans came on and they just came out. It was over in thirty minutes. Liza MINNELLI performed Song it was hit. Apparently the guests were standing on their seats tossing their programs up in the air and it was apparently hands down. They said the Americans won the battle. Yes and You can tune into our battle oversight episode to learn more we spoke to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Robin Govan about it. And she's actually written in a terrific book on the subject as well so if you'd rather read about it and listen about it you can do that. Hi I'm Oscar. Romero a host the daily dive a Daily News. Podcast about the biggest stories of the day. If you need something quick to listen to and help get your morning started with the news. That people are buzzing about this. Is The podcast for you. I've been a radio producer for many years. And I know how to navigate the fast-moving news cycle and bring you the stories. That matter on the daily Diet podcast you'll hear everything from stories about new tech and how it's changing our lives to the latest in politics and how new policies affect you and those around you every morning. I'll connect you with the writers and journalists. Who Know The story so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions news without the noise right now. New Cases of cove in one thousand nine hundred corona virus are spreading in the US and on the podcast. We have you covered with the latest. We'll tell you how the virus can and cannot spread and why washing your hands and not touching your face might be the best thing you can do. A new episode of the podcast posted every Monday through Friday from Los Angeles. And we'll be ready for you. Wake up listen to the daily dive. Podcast on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast at this point. We've really kind of only covered the first forty years or so of Lambert's career. I mean there are already so many accomplishments at this point but her career was far from over. She actually works into her nineties right until she was ninety. Nine I think or ninety eight. What are some of the aspects of these later decades of her career that you might like to make note of well? She continued working with the CFDA UNJUST. We should clarify here when we say. Cfd? 'cause I don't think we. We said the Council of Fashion Designers of America Council of fashion designers of America exactly so she continued working with them and she also continued working with her individual clients and she ran her syndicated column up until. I think the age of ninety nine. Yeah which is incredible. Yeah and that was around two thousand or two thousand and two. I guess so yeah. She remained busy but she after the size. You sort of slightly took a backseat as most of her organizations were up and running But she continued working non-stop everyday. Is there anything that in the exhibition? That you haven't yet highlighted that you would like to chat about a little. Do you have a favorite object? One of my favorite segments. Is this dialogue between her. And Jackie Kennedy. When Kennedy was still a senator's wife in nineteen sixty and her husband was campaigning. He was supported by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and that actually helped him win the New York state as he was running for president. So David Dubinsky who is the head of the International Garment Workers Union contacted? Jack Kennedy telling him that his wife needed to trust American. In every way for this inauguration. So Julius Hoffman who is a label maker for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union? Told Jack Listen you need to get in contact with Eleanor Lambert She is fashion and she will point you in the right direction. So that's when they chose Cassini and so we have a letter from Jackie. Kennedy's office a refuting. The article that was published in women's wear daily where she says you know. I don't know these designers and I and I don't know Madam Gray is and I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with what I'm wearing so because fashion is political. You can't be more explicit about that in this particular instance and this was perfect. Example of it so Oleg Cassini knew he was a costume designer originally so he also knew how to copy. What Jackie Kennedy? Light whose Jeevan she. But he also knew that he wanted to give her a very muted Palette. So you'd really just highlight Jackie. Kennedy's beautiful face And so she went with him and we have a letter from eleanor to Jackie congratulating her on choosing Cassini and Halston was also who is still working for Brooke. Burke at the time was also hired to Design her hat the famous ox half so soon after life magazine published this article about how every woman in America wanted to Jackie Kennedy and eleanor. Lambert said. Now there's this millions of small medium and large Jackie. Kennedy's all across America Speaking of some intriguing correspondent sets in the collection. We also have The back and forth between Charles James and Eleanor Lambert which are pretty Wonderful Charles James. Of course we've already done an episode on him as well it notoriously difficult to work with and got to be in his bonnet and returned his cody awards one year because he was mad at Elinor and we have some really biting stinging telegrams and letters back and forth between the two over this whole incident as well so I know face Eicher to`real partner round up going through a lot of these and it was a real debate whether or not to include them in the exhibition. At the end of the day we decided to not do that but we did. We do have one promotional photograph that she still had in her collection of Charles. James Charles James Coat but that was it aside from the letters Carol. Thank you so much Before we wrap up for the day. Is there anything else that you would like to add Well we also have some events that coincide with the exhibition One is a conversation with Amy Collins and Simon Dunem. That is happening tonight. And that's based on her book that just came out the international best dressed list another panel discussion. We have is on fashioned in diversity. And that's at the end of the month and on March Twenty Six. We'll be showing the documentary. Eleanor godmother of American fashion which was directed by her grandson Moses Bergson after the film there'll be a panel discussion with Moses Bergson And her former Assistant John. The forest and John Tiffany We also WANNA thank Bettina Sika. Who was the author of ultimate style? The best of the best dressed list. She was very helpful in our research These events are free. They're open to the public And you can find more information out on. Fit's website and the museum has its whole own page on that site so you can find out more information there carol. Thank you so much for joining us today. In congratulations again thank you carol. Thank you so much for joining us today to talk about the legendary. Eleanor Lambert. I mean April. She lived to be one hundred years old and it seems like she did not waste one second of it no this. She didn't know she didn't end the sheer volume I've accomplished is rather astounding and should be quite inspiring to many of us right now and perhaps Can Be attributed to her rather perturbing penchant for not taking no as an answer in her in the New York Times a really close friend of hers who loved her dearly John Loring he said He said her motto was. Don't look back. There were no rehashes or post-mortems. She didn't care hoot about what was over triumphs as well as defeats and she wouldn't take no for an answer. She didn't hear it throw her out through the front door and she'd fly back through the. Trans. I mean I love her. She sounds like a WHO and I'm a little salad. I never got to meet this woman while someone who did meet her as John Tiffany. Who worked as her assistant for a period and two thousand eleven? He published a book on his former boss. Eleanor Lambert still here. I believe it's technically out of print. But you can still definitely find the used copies on Amazon or other book dealers and dress listeners. We just want to mention that. Of course the museum. Fit like so many museums across New York City and the world actually is currently closed so you cannot see this exhibition in person as of now however. The museum at fit does have an incredible online website. And you can check out pieces of that exhibition online there so definitely had on over to Fit NYC DOT EDU Slash Museum To check out this and the other exhibitions currently view. I think that does it for us. This week draws listeners. May you consider the legacy of American fashion in your closet? Next time you get dress please join us on Thursday for our Minnesota where we keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the world of fashion history. And or answer your listener questions. If you'd like to submit a question for future fashioned history history you can email us at dressed. I heart media DOT COM or on instagram at dressed under four podcasts. As always thank you to our producers Casey p grim and holly fry and everyone else that iheartmedia. That makes this show possible each week. We will talk to you Thursday. Just the history of fashion is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio. App Apple podcasts. Or wherever else you listen to your favorite shows I'm Hugh Jackson. I'm a chef for restaurant tour a traveler and now I'm the host of the passenger people. Ask me all the time you know. What's that list of places to go in this city in that city and this show is dedicated to that idea? Immersing yourself in that culture and finding out what's intriguing in what resound and what we think about the of that place as a visitor as a passenger subscribe now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever your podcasts? I'm honey German and I'm Caroliina Bermudez and this is life and Spangler and you know we're cooking it up in here. We got. That arose Combo. You're waiting for you. Why are you looking at me so confused? Because I'm like what we cook. And you got the Baja. I'll get you know you got the Mungu. We got it. All for you at life spangler any type of food. Listen and follow on the iheartradio APP or subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts.

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KUWTK Final Season Trailer: Did the Family Make the Right Decision?, Megan FoxSparks Engagement Rumors - Daily Pop 01/29/21

Daily Pop

41:46 min | 8 months ago

KUWTK Final Season Trailer: Did the Family Make the Right Decision?, Megan FoxSparks Engagement Rumors - Daily Pop 01/29/21

"It is came to the right place because this is where the party is hitting started. We've got her drink with us if you want. You know it may be early where you are but it's always it's always an okay time on a friday right all right you guys in daily probably got babies tears. One really big question. There's a whole lot of drama about to go down during the final season of ease keeping up with the kardashians. Have you seen this yet. We just wanted to tell you in person that we won't be going forward with filming the show anymore. I just feel like it's now time to have another kid next off. Fourteen scott asleep together on the couch. They're definitely made version. They're supposed to be together. I'm just really blessed by we. Have this opportunity to even do this. We have a lot of memories. You've really each. Did we make the right decision. By walking away we cried never gets old so good i never get off the music. Like the jarama everything about that. Caesar sounds so good. This is going to be like the best last season. Oh you know they are do something off the chain. I know they're going to do something. I absolutely. i love the kardashians. I'm going to miss them. But if you know they're going to be in the news we know they're gonna be everywhere. Well you guys did hear that little tidbit from khloe. They're saying trying for a second baby might be a good idea while an incentive. Does selene news. That her interest she interested are both on the same page about that and they both want another baby It's something they've actually apparently been working on for a while. So i don't know what do you think this is. We're going to get an announcement on the next season. Look i understand why she probably is pushing for a second baby like obviously she knows who this man is. He's probably a good co parent and he's very supportive. But i also think part of it is and i don't mean this towards khloe. I just mean this society. We have a stigma against women who have two different baby daddies to like are multiple. He's just he's i should say i feel like we feel the pressure not to look elsewhere because we don't want to be one of those women and why is that well. I think it's a headache for for women as well. Yes i think. There's a stigma about it but also it's like you know. Then you gotta take this kid. He was scheduled with this dad. And then you have a schedule with that dad and then you have to take this kid here. But then you've gotta take this kid there and then you've got to deal with this one's new wife and then this one's new i. I think it's the big scheme of things you're thinking you know. Maybe being this guy may not work out but it sure as hell will make life a lot easier. If i can draw both kids off at the same place for the next fifteen years within having to like work around all these multiple schedules. It's all i do. Think there are women that are marriages that are in relationships. And they say like we're just gonna have the kids because he's a good dad and we have a good partnership here and then we'll decide we wanted to later on. I feel like that's why we see marriages ending whenever the kids are older. It's like babies or babies and then have and then get divorced. Well because you like the devil you actually like the devil you know that this is a family that thinks everything through. They don't just do anything. Like oh let's just to. I think they really think things through and she is really thinking this through because you can also get a father who is not a good dad now. Think about that. You have two children. One day it picks up one kid and the other one doesn't show up a kid grows up. You don't want your daddy. My daddy never shows up. So i also think and i don't again. I don't wanna make an assumption about anything. But i think courtney probably knew that the relationship was over with scott before she even had rain. She just wanted that third child and two knew that she could trust him with being there for her kids as much as he could at the time through all of his issues that she was like. You know what. I'm just gonna pop out this third and we're gonna go ahead and break. It's where because. I think before having kids i'd never fully understood that like idea and that thought process. I always thought we'll just move on and have a baby with the menu really love and like at the same time online now. Having a kid and i'm like no i get that that would be very challenging for all the reasons we just said go ahead. Break it down and if your mama had two different baby daddies thank end like it was like you. Tease has to and now. I look at celebrities. Look at how like. No one should care that much anymore. You know has multiple baby daddy. She seems happy and love. And you're really love them in that. She had her kids with. We have celebrity men who have children all over the place and we'd never think twice about it. They call it a blended family. Now been putting that seat all over the uk honey plants grown over there than farmers but we never think twice about it. We're like dad for the seventeenth time with six and we celebrate it but we don't celebrate women literature but have having a bunch of baby. Daddy we need one will be good during the lawn. You come get this baby and you can cook. They have different things they can do. Five baby daddy. You say the be. You're right but what if that no show and the other ones are break All right well. The final season of keeping up with the kardashians premieres march. Eighteenth at eight pm right here on. E. cannot wait. Oh my gosh. Okay is megan fox engaged already to machine gun. Kelly's you heard me correctly now. Megan was caught wearing a giant ring on that finger. Yes she was in new york with machine gun kelly. When fans noticed the new bullying. Do we really think they are engaged. Already shady is still technically married. But i think they're working on things that to get rid of that marriage. She was on her way to live for some but who wears a proper on their way to work. That's not a proper having gets a property. I don't want a proper onset and forgot to take it off. I have gone to lunch. Maybe she was going to lunch. And you know but you don't go home. You put the property in your purse and say oh i forgot. I took this with me yesterday. You don't keep it on because you wash your hands. It's gonna turn green operate kelly. Snl not megan fox. Would she have a property on for a sketch that she is not in kind think celebrities. Sometimes colette people. I think they get engaged whenever they want to get engaged because buying a five carat ring is not that big of a dove machine gun. Kelly and megan fox said that machine on kelly was her twin flame. If you know that you love somebody in there you're so me. I don't see the reason to wait to move onto the next step but i also don't think and i think in society i'm going to go back to society. We often think if we get engaged we have to be married with a nine months of getting engaged and i just think chill sit way to the divorce is final led the ink dry and probably age thing. You think. maybe when you're younger you wanna get married faster because you're just like so excited and you're ready to start your life. I think when you get older that changes and there's like less expectations. I just think it's tendency like when you are younger like baby. Let's get married. I'm gonna high you get older like now traveling. I don't need to rise. Because the age thing i really think is a pandemic thing you know what i don't know if tomorrow promised i'm getting married percents. I'm looking for a new right now. How do you remember more again. Sat on this thing. I'm not gonna rush anything. We're gonna wait that. I got an an two months later. She's like i'm getting married tomorrow. Like okay it's not an age thing. I just think that we sometimes forget to sit back and slow it down and say okay. Let's enjoy this period of our lives as fiance's because we're never going to be able to review on again and let's not rush into something she however can't rush into something because she's still legally married with somebody. How do you do that. I don't know mormon polygamous must be an understanding because that is hurtful also to the other person you just going to go out there and get engaged and we still married. I don't at this point. It's about my happiness It's about me. If i was with somebody for ten years i would try to respect their boundaries but if it coincided with my happiness i'm gonna choose me over them any day of the week. Uk that's better but she could put the ring on another thing. No come on. Could you put it on the right hand. Everybody dishes hiding it. all right. Janette courtney cox kissed the same guy and apparently it was a total disaster for the both of them. It was during the famous superbowl episode of friends. The one we all love and now twenty five years later she. The writers are actually spilling the t about this kissing scene with jean claude. Van damme by for me too. Okay well by by again. okay. I told the hollywood reporter that jim courtney both complained because he was using when he kissed them and apparently it just didn't go over so well with them and kind of now that i'm like looking back in desert kind of awkward. It looks like he is really into it and let the man uses methods. He's a character board was gone and he should know better. He's been an actor for a while. He knows that you don't put tom. This is a rule. You don't tuncay tongue kissed without kiss. It's television tears. You just kiss and pretend but when someone sticks their tongue in your mouth throws your each. I would let him take another. Take this out of joe claw all right out with that time. Joe claw joined it. Do with throw you off. If you're not ready for it yet. Tung does throw you off. I've even sometimes and you don't see the tone coming up. We're talking at the french fringe. Consider magic of making a french. Kiss look like a french kiss without using the tongue lips and movement lips and movement and all of that does that john wide with the problem is ready. You wait a minute. Brench kits ready. It's not very pretty whenever you look at it. You're like you feels good in the moment but when you're watching your up close eventually contestants practice on this before going on the show. That's why we always see these awkward kids him stay ready. You never have to get ready so always be ready for john. Claude van damme. But it's talking down. That's right at rex. Pam anderson just got married and there's already drama well explain. Plus what bachelor. Matt james is saying about kissing is open t think weird serial killer up trust issues. Who's can keep up with these women are. we're gonna kick off. Today's potholes. Love with pamela anderson getting married again so she just revealed. She married her bodyguard. Dan hayhurst on christmas eve. But there's some drama and she hasn't even gone on our honeymoon. Her new husband's ex claimed he had an affair with pam and split up his family for her. She told the sun that they were together for almost five years. She's been helping raise his two children. We reached out to pam. But now i have not heard back yet. So why does it seem like all of her relationship. They're always packed with drama. There are some people in life. And i don't understand them. That like chaos around relationships they feel like if it comes to easy. Something must be wrong. They don't do survey it's not their thing. I will say. I'm of the school i get. An affair is not the best thing to go through. It's terrible but if somebody was stepping out on you. I don't think somebody took them from you. That person was trying to escape that relationship. And you almost can't blame the other woman. I never blamed the other woman. No no the the peaks and never blame the side piece unless aside piece new i was in knew what the situation was in my marriage because a lot of times men often misrepresent their relationships. Say absolutely absolutely blamed the girlfriend first of all you know. He's going to get a job with pamela anderson. There may be a body body guard. Pamela anderson jennifer aniston. Who said no. No you can go be a bodyguard for td jakes. It's it's bad. It's bad you need to know i would. I wouldn't tempting. yeah you know i just. I think it's fine but this kind of drama stuff happens. i mean. thankfully they weren't married. I hate that like they're saying that his family is completely split up. And i know this is just the xs opinion Because it doesn't really sound like family to me to be like. Oh your kids. Forget about like she. I feel like pam loves children. You know and she's like going to be all supportive about that stuff so for sure. It sounds messy. But nothing that. I think's gonna like break-up having this guy because ex-girlfriends here's a look good. He did marry her exactly in these two got married so fast. I'm not saying that this is not speaking her truth. She is speaking her truth. But that doesn't mean it's the most accurate presentation of what really went down your true. I know a celebrity right now. Who is dating a sports player and the sports players ex wife three months before this came out said to me. We're on a break. We're moving out where separating. This is so crazy. I think my life is over. Yada yada yada yada. Three months later. I opened the new york times and i'm reading about how this basketball player is now dating this girl. And then i hear the response from the x. Irene at the bottom and the is now saying oh my god. This came as shot. We were all might who did. Yeah cool wait. Is this old paper. I'm looking to the bay bridge. It was all so. I think sometimes people misrepresented in the moment and i often feel bad right. Screw you look look bad. And look i'm not disqualifying her story. She may be right. Maybe he did leave her. You know had an affair with pam and that really does suck but at the same time like i said like you said like you just and people are mad. And they're hurt sometimes even like warp it in our own heads. Have you ever noticed that. I look back when i'm like mad and i think about a situation like a guy must like our relationship back in the day and i would be if you ask me then. I would say that they were like the worst person ever and all these things but then you know. Hindsight's always twenty twenty whenever you look back a year later. You're like well. Maybe i had a little fault here like it wasn't maybe i can see why he did what he did. But in the heat of the moment you can't see it sometimes. You just see red because you're hurt. You heard but he needs to see it too has been married. What this he. She is definitely time. Beat elizabeth taylor so people because she wants a twelve pack with a full case of beer in nature right now so she is happy off social social media. That's what concerns this was coming. Yeah probably all right all right now for a bit of an awkward moment have you guys noticed that bachelorette james has a tendency to kiss. His eyes opened. You accept this rose pink well. He's been catching a lot of heat. For all of this and matt told the abe as networks in play that he did not realize that he did it until he saw it on the show. Sometimes it's never okay. Maybe if i have my eyes open and we're looking into each other's is i think he is some kind of security issues with them. He's one of these happens to steal his wallet. Something is not right. He don't know what's not right. Is the fact that you kiss with your eyes open. No i said sometimes it's okay. That's not okay 'cause you kissing and then one and then you look at like what are you too much too much but you know i i. Let's go back to that because if you are the moment sometimes like you grow putting your eyes. I because you're ready to move onto kissing. Maybe only it could be in the heat of the moment. You're not always like having your eyes closed the whole time right. You want to see stuff but these little romantic situations where it's like an awkward first kiss. Yeah you gotta have your women's he has to show he's kissing kissing regina like the bachelor and the bachelorette they need to go to a little bit of acting. Coaching like how to do the cute kissing being close. Your eyes are a woman opens their eyes while they're kissing you. They are not into you not into this kid. That format awkwardness right. Because he's not used to having the cameras around we give them a bath because he's not there certain women he's not done this with into them or it could have been just like. I'm getting more comfortable in this situation. Like so should be ready to be comfortable after five weeks. Let let's talk ex-girlfriends tweet us let us know. Has he always kiss you. All right guys tragedy and gets brutally honest about her. Private struggles are emotional. Interview is just ahead. Plus get ready for mercury in retrograde. Should you be worried. An astrologer is here to explain that and so much more. Stay with us. This is mortgage. We are back with new york times bestselling author and astrologer who read my on live. Tv last year priest. Welcome shanina nicholas. Everybody can come back first of all. The first card i pulled was to fool. We'll get to that in a minute but a mercury in retrograde is coming up and a lot of times. We blame everything on it. Can we really feel when this is happening. Yes yes well. Mercury retrograde happens three to four times a year so more often than not. We are dealing with the onset be actual events or the after effects with mercury retrograde. We can't blame everything on mercury retrograde. What it is is a really good time to help us edit and review and clarify a certain area of our life. It's just like when you're going super fast in life and you like forget to email the person back and you forget to text back your best friend you have to stop and and return. And they like wait. I left and factor. Let me go back and knocks what mcclatchy. Great in. Just a moment to pause. Well we have our first one coming up This weekend like what should we expect like our electron is going to go crazy. That's a good question. Yeah well you know. There are some very interesting things happening in so one of the things that mercury roles is trading and commerce the buying and selling in trading of copying stock situation. It is and mercury the trickster so mercury loves surprise and loves to slip things on us and mercury's retrograde part of the sky where there's a lot of big big planetary movements that are really shaping twenty twenty one so it is actually like getting tangled into some bigger things that are all about upsetting status quo owner all about disrupting how generally do think though. I think this'll be very interesting. Mercury retrograde in his term. I'm excited for now. You know we just had him on the show. We walk them to our as our new guests. But i would like to know a little bit more about him. So what can kim's birth chart tell us rather than that. she is a fool one of the things. We don't have kim things that of birth. So i just wanna put that out there but even without kuenz exact time of birth. We can see that a her son is in cancer which makes her very relatable and very much about like feeling and she's very sensitive new home and family and those things will be predominantly important or creating places that feel like common families. The wherever you go you can kind of be that caretaker. The one that's worried about. How are you feeling. But not only that. You're you're muniz and tic- which is another watered line so that gives you that gives you an extra sensitivity. It's right by this planet. Jupiter which is one of the best planet in your chart and it is a it. It's got a special like left to it. So your ability to adapt and be sensitive to a tune yourself to other people is actually one of the ways in which you get lucky or you help to facilitate really prosperous on your camera. Ready who i am. I'm stubborn. I'm feisty by la la tell me what big things are happening in my life this year this year. Okay so in the next couple of months justin your the planet that steers the direction of your life. Which is the plan of love and beauty and connection is going to be rocks. What because it's the steers the direction of your life. It's having a once in a lifetime connection with a planet that is all about change. So i think that this year no shop is going to be one of the. It's being opposed by so though the planet that steers the direction of your life is being opposed by this planet that is all about disruption and and freedom so i feel like you want a new kind of freedom like you're ready to break with them and and trying you think about these last year but this year it times in the next couple of months. It's really good at roll through your life and you're gonna have this tension around what is security and what is freedom. And how do i feel for your and still get my lee mack. Okay what i feel like you have lots to. I'm a call off in. The commercial is their daily viewers to look up their own birth charts. I just built an app. it's called channy the h. a. n. z. And it is a complete walk through a guide through your chart and not only that but it also tells you these things that i'm telling you right now like it tells you hey heads up you're going you're about to go through a major teams you. I give you weekly readings on it. There's the workshop section where i give people weekly readings and talk about the new implements and i help people don't alters and there's guided meditations and so it's a real kind of like one two three sixty experience you guys check out this app. You do not want to miss it get that. Qr code the bottom scan it so you can get downloaded that app because it is so good channy. Thank you so much for being here out chinese. Check out her book you were born for this up. Next more fallout from the armie hammer situation. Plus what his ex wife is saying then toronto. Gp hinson gets super with us. You do not want to miss this. It may help you out. It's time for the hollywood minute. Sixty seconds hollywood headlines the drill. Ns starts now. The fallout continues. Armie hammer following that whole social media controversy. He not only stepped down from the paramount plus series the offer but his estranged wife. Elizabeth chambers is kind of breaking her silence. The director of call me by your name is working on a new cannibal. Love story With former co star timothy may and elizabeth commented on the news with no words. I'm gonna have to agree with her on that one. No words We've got to put all those bouma baby rumors to rest. Fans were thinking he was going to be a dad after he posted this pic to instagram. But it turns out. His baby is a new album. Called seven days in jamaica and the weekend just dropped major cash for his super bowl halftime show in fact seven million dollars to be exact and a new interview with billboard. He explained that the super bowl you normally covers all the production costs but he wanted to make his performance as cinematic experience and extra special so that costs. The money's it's all going down seven. I'm a little bit over. That's all right. You can always count entourage. Up hinson to keep it one hundred and now. She is bringing some peace of mind with her. Since seventh grade. Tracy j justin got to catch up with both of them. Yeah this was an emotional interview to raji guy. Roux with me about her mental health and war. You got real about a dark moment in your life during this pandemic you contemplated suicide could go in the right now. I'm just ended all the second day. I kept feeling i went to sleep. Kept imagining that gun. A new that i had to get it out of my head. I knew that. I had to say because if i did it say keep it to myself. Then you think about it so much. It then becomes a plane on the surface. Terachi seems to have it all. We love her on the big and small screen and she even wanna golden globe for her role on empire. You think i came here dress like this for friendly get together. Despite his success the fifty year old has struggled with anxiety and depression as a friend. Tracy how do we be there for them. Did you call your pair to serve in other words. Because i have rage and so it's a nice. She's so anyway as a whole 'nother show anyway so she'll change vocabulary for me because my word is annoyed and i say annoy bay if ready to pop off s. She's like change that to something else and she forces me to do it. No find another word healthy accountable for the health of tracy. Terachi is now focused on shining a light on mental health with her new show. Peace of mind on facebook. Watch alone. I don't ever want you to feel lights shoot are now worthy of the breath that is in your in your body it allowed. Dm's about people saying. Oh my god. Thank you so much for this show. My daughter was going through something. And i had no idea. We're learning as well. I'm not a perfect. I don't know on suffering. She's suffering you. it's not like we're on. They're like okay. We go say today. I'm trying to save myself. I'm taking it here. I'm that's all guys the any other help. The show is amazing. Foundation is phenomenal to help people find resources when it comes to mental health counseling at anything. You need in that space. So i would look at it but if i were you guys all right you guys. After the break katherine heigl gets candidate about her difficult reputation. has she been treated unfairly. That's next yep. Jim said that many hollywood stars are showing love for cecily tyson. Sicily passed away yesterday at the age of ninety six how she was an icon paved the way for so many people tyler perry posted a nice tribute sort of regina king who said her legacy had left an incredible mark. Sisley won emmys a tony even had an honorary oscar. She famously fought for roles but sh- that showed strong black characters and she refused to portray anything else. Can i tell you put her sit at tribute as well as i got the medal of freedom from Barack so you know not only she award. She won hearts Because of the roles that she picked if you ever get a chance you watch that autobiography of jane pittman and what she goes to that water. And the i'll never get that. That's what i said. I want to be an actress. Took that one to buy five minutes. That scene just for her to sip the water but just a fantastic actress and she wouldn't play prostitutes or drug addicts which are always play. Wonderful and beautiful woman. But yeah you know. I think for actresses like how we think of oprah and how we think you know the mantell jordan's at pave the way for us. I think cecily tyson was and is that for every black actress on this planet. And i hear a lot of times when i go to these hollywood. Walk of fame's and people start to save their speeches. Her name always comes up because she she ran so we get walk out and then she did it she did. She went through the fires. She will always be remembered for her elegance and grace and she is the one and only and who could play her. Who can do the story of sicily tyson right and they met actress. Kimberly kimberly elise. She has that. Okay okay i have a weird feeling as aretha anointed jennifer hudson play her role before she left this planet. I have a feeling every hollywood actress was talking to sicily. Tizen about carrying on that legacy. So i'm sure. She knighted the one that she wanted to have a license. Day was just kind of looks like her acts like an yay one legend absolutely legendary life having up you guys how to get the glamorous fashion on blink empire but for way less good because they're really really rich. Don't go anywhere heddon under your like furs. And i'm glad anna showed up to my chinese near party. She went to the bank and pulled out her best diamonds. Where that's a sign of respect right. Rama fashion and of course. The diamonds are making bowling empires so popular right now. We have fashion expert. Melissa shod tang here to bring down. The netflix shows hottest guitars styles. And she's gonna show us how to get. The luxury looks for way less because these people are very very rich. Melissa and we cannot compete with that. All right. we're netto. I gotta ask you a true honest opinion. They wear a lot of blink for me. Now i've never had a five thousand dollar necklace. But if i did maybe i would feel differently. But they were a lot. I agree for that. blink empire. Excess is best stress the no the show is like qatar runway. And it's a bit over the top. But i broke it down to make it affordable for you guys today. Okay we're good. Let's dive right into with christine and anna. I tell us about christine style. I love her. Oh you love her little outfit in her mind. Moore's more her outfits. Were less of an outfit of more of a costume bill. This is more your style and it's over the top. You can make her luck. She wore a floral satin. Chick davante blazer that runs about thirty five hundred dollars. I've found look for lasts from a saas for only forty three dollars. The tip here is to break it apart. Her look very monochromatic in a little me but pair this laser with leather leggings. And it's a bit more style. I love that place. She is over the top. Let me tell you something. So i do love now. What about anna. I love her to. I love lucy. Show okay. i loved anna. Anna was one hundred percent luxury but a little bit more key. She wore a lot of black lot of designer pieces but she gave us a tease with this beautiful pink blazer about man that retails. It's twenty two hundred dollars. It's a great pop of color. And i found the look for lasts from veronica beard. Only two hundred dollars. That's exactly best. Good right the tip here is to make it your hero item so the way that you style. It make it the conversation fees. It's the one piece that you'll wear up your outfit. Okay i like that. Yes all right so now we have to talk about that next place that caused so much drama on this. Show the drama here. If you have a louis vuitton that fire necklace over a hundred thousand dollars to the same party as your friend around. Be seated at the end of the table. I leave a burden for only twenty two dollars. Amazon dot com. They have such great costume jewelry for your next wedding or big events. I mean hello. That's a lot of client. That's the house that you want to. The kids took someone more relatable about kelly style. I loved halle style. Kelly's your california girl. Very classic keyboard. Monochromatic looks often but with a designer handbag. This is something that we can all wear. I love her outfit now. She didn't just with a beautiful christian. Lubaton heels that ran a thousand dollars and we found the gorgeous of last for only eight hundred dollars from nine. Wes this look exactly the same guy. Garate money let's kim. I like herself. she's like fun. I do kim's theory. Boho glam but very sexy. Mean she loves showing off curves and her declaration hodge. Sexy gold lemay. Retrofit wayne metallic dress that we found her six hundred and twenty dollars off guests and the look relaxed from ace house for only one hundred three dollars now. This is a great dress for everyone because wrap dresses are universally flattering on every body type. So definitely scoop love it. Thank you so interesting to see she. She blended us this at a garage sale. Oh bowl estate. Sales estate sales are there. You go i. We think alike all right. I'm on instagram. For more celtics at shot taint style. Thanks guys up next katherine heigl on her difficult reputation. Has she been treated unfairly. We'll talk about that next. Kevin hogle is coming clean about her reputation. She says being labeled difficult left her shunned by hollywood and i gave her major anxiety at times. She felt like she'd rather be dead. She got this reputation years ago when she spoke openly about her negative experiences on projects like grey's anatomy and knocked up katherine says she does not want to people to think she was grateful because all she did was speak her mind. Her husband singer josh kelley says if this happened today she'd be a hero. Think that's a very interesting thought. What do you guys think. Because i feel as though back in the day women were labeled as bitch difficult complaining very easily I'd like to think that that's changed a little bit And it depends on how you approach the situation. If we grey's anatomy there was a female running the show. So i don't think another female will lay another female being well. I'm saying when we say women are being difficult. You have to approach the situation You know politically correct. You should be rude. If you're voicing your opinion it's a lot at the packed in that. Now yes we can speak up but you still have to be careful what you can go to my boss and say you know what i don't like the strip. I must say that she did that. But you still have to be kind and say you know what i really can. We change this. yes. I think. That's with anything i think. Hers was kinda sort of surrounding things that were happening behind the scenes other actors. And i think when you're the first person to speak up you normally get damned like the first woman who ever spoke about harvey weinstein. Yes they were like. Oh my god get out of here. She's difficult she's terrible. Don't work with her. Show say that she was sexually that were on harvey side. We're going against. Yeah now all of a sudden you speak up against harvey weinstein and we're celebrating you so i think it's really hard when you are the first person to speak up. Martin luther king people hated hated. Him thought he was a tyrant. Now we celebrate him. I didn't to martin. Luther king and i think it would be kind of a hero. Now say oh depending on what the situation is. We don't know we look at people like isaiah washington. Why hasn't he really gotten a second chance. I think people should be forgiven and moved on. They need to say their apologies. Picks the we need a fixer. Need to fix their careers so they could talk more about this next week. I think and we also are actually talking with katherine heigl next week as well so we'll have a great weekend and we'll see you monday.

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EP28: The Brand That Became Cool Again

The Marketing Rescue Podcast

36:15 min | 1 year ago

EP28: The Brand That Became Cool Again

"You're listening to the marketing rescue. Podcast the weekly show where we take a look at some epic marketing failures along with some pretty amazing and rescues and comebacks. And now your hosts go and chat. Hey chad yeah. So you think of the term sportswear. What do you think of. what would you say. The history of that is that it just evolved from. -letes what do you think of. Ooh that's a good question. Like i'm sure it was kind of born from necessity. I would is getting more and more organized sports and athletics whether it's like team sports or individual stuff or olympic kinds of stuff like just gotta born out of necessity but i think probably people started thinking about specific things for improving athletic performance. Probably maybe one hundred and fifty years ago something like that. Well i think you mixing in sports where Which is interesting point. Active whereas what athletes were sports is a byproduct of that which is actually invented by spectators standing on the side of cold. Feels dating back all the way to nineteen thirties. Eighty s and it was just something to keep you warm while you watch your team play a sport in their active wear and it's actually become like a very homegrown american look and it's influenced paris amsterdam and a lot of either fashion hubs in the world but dates back all the way to nineteen thirties and today sportswear has become such a big mega billion dollar. Industry right massive. Yeah but it's really interesting. The difference between sports where an active. Where and i think we use that interchangeably. But then we're gonna be talking a lot more about that in today's episode. But before we do how you guys doing. Always the children's household coping with online schooling. You guys went back to school. Yes yes we did nice so very exciting for the kids so far. It's been pretty good. It's a little hectic schedule is kind of crazy because we have different age groups and so we have four times. We have to go to the school in a single day. Yeah it's a little bit hectic in coordinating schedules between my wife. And i and it is nuts but there must be a loving it right. The kids are so ecstatic to be back in school and they're just so much more excited about things like yesterday. They came home from school and we didn't have to ask them. They just came home pulled their homework out. Got working on it. Like they're just in a better mood because they get to have a little bit of normal life even though there are masked up the whole time. And there's all these protocols and it's like half the amount of kids in their class it's still just a better experience for them Ridicule friend of mine fabio. He's little boys and kim kindergarten as well. He's five and i saw a picture of him yesterday. Have little drawing that he made in the hat to compete the sentence. And it's like my hope and dream for kindergarten is to and then dot or dots and then the little kids have to write something and he wrote my hope and dream kindergarteners to go to school streetcar. I said so tallying with our times right now but yeah it's crazy times right. It is and it's sad because you have to take it seriously. There's nothing else you can do. And it's just hard. Yeah let's get so. Today's episode is a lighthearted story. Which i think that most people don't know the history of it's a really interesting one and it will make you feel happier through the pandemic and being locked. Yes so let's get cracking so we're gonna be talking about a active and sportswear company in one thousand nine hundred eighty in rochester new york. Three brothers sewin- opportunity more than sport. Teams were becoming more and more popular but the uniforms. We know it today. We're lagging behind so very often. Uniforms were improvised or made up from what the players needs to wear. But these brothers were cold. The fine bloom brothers so up changing create a very high quantity sports where active where that both looked good and serve the needs with athletes. And they call this company. The knickerbocker knitting company. That's a mouthful. They landed on that especially today. Because this is like nineteen twenties. But when you're like knickerbocker you think something different right either old timey underwear or the new york knicks basketball exactly exactly so. In the record winter of the one thousand nine hundred twenty s they first marketed their high quality sweatshirts and sweatpants allowing athletes to compete with freedom of motion. That they need is while still staying. Warm enough to play outside and team started to take notice and in one thousand twenty six. The fledging company formed their first partnership. They provide a school uniform. The went with military academy the first of what would be many spo teams supported by the brand and so in the early nineteen thirty s. They start to undergo a change. The knickerbocker knitting company became champion. Knitting mills inc the company. We know today as champion. Nice and that same year. They formed a partnership that would launch the company into sports. History in one thousand nine hundred. Thirty four champion became the official apparel provider for the university of michigan. Sports teams particularly the football team and the age of collegiate athletic apparel had begun as michigan's coaches stalked and word spread of their brands durability and comfort the partnership created one of the most iconic items of clothing in modern history when the designers looking for added protection against the michigan cold attached a hood to they're already popular sweatshirts and created the garment. We know today as the hoodie that it's really interesting Surprising to me that that started with football i never would have associated hoodies with football. You're wearing a helmet and it seems like it would kind of like get in the way but i guess back then things were just different. They didn't have the big metal helmets that we have today. Exactly the helmets for different right. They will not softer and not as bulky. Leather didn't have any microphones and speakers and each other. Only very rarely will do something for the media like a microsoft taking. Yeah they didn't have the modern technology. I thought that the coach telling a guy throwing the ball throw it no. They usually send the signals in from the sidelines. All right. let's get back to champion. I'm sorry i shouldn't have my bad. I just couldn't resist so champion. Pioneers the idea of clothing that can stand up to repeated use in competition and repeated washing which was a big deal because the quality of the materials at that time was a problem. They'd fall apart when they would wash them. And so champing creates athletic. Wear that provides the qualities that these athletes need to really perform and it was really the invention of purpose made apparel so some of champions other early innovations include the reverse we've sweatshirt with its icon excited panels and cups and that was a big deal right from the research that i read. That was one of the major stepping stones. That's thought solidifying their lead within the category because up until this point the team managers head to be very careful crazy. That had to be careful of how often and how they wash the team's uniforms because they would literally fall apart. Yeah that's a problem anyway. So with the reversed we switched shirts patent. They came up with. The managers could wash the uniform as much as they want. And basically guaranteed that the team would have to uniform. That was a really big deal back. Then nice crazy. I would imagine it would save a lot of money to like if you have to buy new uniform so that you have a clean uniform for every game. Yeah that's a big savings is something. We take for granted the fact that we can wash clothes daily right so in the nineteen forties champion products were adopted by the us military academy to be used during training exercises and pe classes in the nineteen fifties champion introduced modern pe uniforms to help address. Low fitness levels in american children and the uniforms would essentially become the standard for decades to come. The product line was such high quality. That is what's the first to be certified by the one and only american institute of laundry i had. That's the thing. But that is cool in the fifties that was a big thing and that was a stamp of approval in stamp of quality. Yes sir champions doing very well because of this quality innovation that they came up with but the best is yet to come. Yeah so let's like inter the quote. The golden age from thousand nine hundred sixty s through the nineteen ninety s in nineteen fifty-six champion officially adopted their new st logo. The logo became iconic but so at the positioning of the logo. It's always on the left sleeve. And the nineteen sixties. The local caught the attention of the aa and in the nineteen sixties champion signed the long term license agreement with them. Nine hundred sixty eight champion transformed the women's market they introduced mix and match pe. Uniforms champion continued to pioneer styles but also fabrics such as the breath material reversible shirts in nineteen sixty seven they introduced the nylon mesh jersey designed specifically to meet the needs of football players suffering from heat exhaustion so they were like super innovative and this is interesting because we just yesterday talked about how marketing rights itself. When you've got a really good products exactly one year. What's happening every year. In the nineteen seventy s. They solidified the places the most important sports apparel brand and in the early nineteen seventy s. They became the official outfitter of the national football league. Nfl their partnership with professional sports leagues made them famous for the rest of the century. Beloved athletes could see wearing champion signature logo on tv and many households and champion continue to pioneer peril for women including the sports bra. So they've been invented the hootie and they invented the sportsburry frontex. Wow yeah they've just done a ton of innovation and this is just the seventies and eighties basis yet to come. Wow yeah so in the eighties. Growth and acquisition continues so from nineteen eighty five to nineteen eighty eight champion experiences. Its biggest growth yet. Doubling prophets in just a few years and in nineteen eighty nine champion was acquired by sara lee corporation in the nineties. Champion became the official outfitter for all twenty seven nba teams. That's huge. i can totally remember. Growing up. grew up a utah. Jazz fan watched the dream team. Play a second dream team. And i remember very vividly seeing those logos on the uniforms when i played football in high school. We had russell athletic and we always wished that we had champion because russell was kind of like considered this like lower tier uniform provider. And we'd play other teams that might have champion and we'd just be so jealous because our department couldn't afford it where envy exactly but this deal with the nba. More than anything else. Really just catapulted. Champion to the top. The champion name and logo were used for all nba merchandise. Some of the most profitable sports merchandise in the world. Especially at that time. Nba was just leading because primarily michael jordan and his influenced on just the world in general and in nineteen ninety-two champion designed the uniforms for the us. Men's olympic basketball team known as the dream team including some of the most memorable names in the history of the nba. Names like charles. barkley. Larry bird clyde drexler. Patrick ewing i mean the list goes on and on and on magic. Johnson karl malone michael jordan. We all remember everybody but champion then begins to branch out even beyond traditional team sports kind of dove tailing off of that success and in the nineties. Champion was also seen in film skate parks and the hip hop scene. Of course when you see your favorite athletes wearing merchandise from a particular brand everybody wants to wear merchandise from that brand and so you see it. Start to bleed out into everyday wear that people have and champion. That really just wanted to make quality. Sportswear is now an iconic pop culture brand so throughout the mid eighties to nineties. It was actually very common to see girls. And guys of all ages wearing champion sweat shirts over a neck or over jeans always like two or three sizes too big teenage google. We're in clothes like that. Yeah yeah everything was really like oversized and floppy and they'd really shifted with ease early from being solely athletic. Wear too casual and even leisurewear and this is really how you build. A mega brand is the template to follow. If you want to build a mega brand but as we know. Fashion is super. Fico and sports apparel was becoming increasingly competitive. So this is the way into the phase that we can call the full of champion in late nineties to early. Two thousands the divisions between sports stars and pop culture icon. Start to break down and so Division in fashion between the two the nba late by stars like alan iverson was moving to an edgier hip hop type feel and champion the performance apparel brand of the eighties and nineties. Thought is look dated in comparison. This is very similar to what we discussed in the congress episode and similar timeframe. It's the same pressures that are happening. They were still official brand of the nba but at the late ninety s and early two thousands the nba itself was going through an identity crisis. The more straits less league was going through an image shakeup players. Were starting to show up with tattoos and uniforms and how they were warned. Started to shift champion iconic brands of the twenty-seven nba teams now. Started to look like your dad's brand. Hey that's nothing wrong with that anyway. Your dad's brand more in the past than looking into the future. And when i say that i just think of old spice right was what happened to them. Yep so the market for athletic wear was starting to fragment c start to see these different niches and kind of sub markets. Were starting to form and champions. Ubiquitous popularity started become a negative instead of positive. The brand once known for serious performance was now on the discount rack at stores like walmart and target it kind of became known as bland and just not exciting or innovative or with times anymore and so because new competitors were emerging catering to these more niche clientele that decline just accelerated very quickly and it wasn't just companies like nike and adidas. That had this really aggressive kind of swagger about them and very good marketing advertising combined with excellent products but then later you have companies like under armor and lululemon and all these kind of athleisure companies starting to pop up and the entire landscape of sports apparel just completely shifts and fractures and these companies start providing both high-performance and leisure athletic wear domestic married active. Wear in the sportswear category. Yes tree to the knickerbocker. Knitting companies roots champion continued to provide simple sweatshirts and their patented breathable mesh. That we talked about and in two thousand and one notre dame signed a five year exclusive agreement with adidas which ended the partnership with champion with university that spanned over fifty years. That's a tough pill to swallow. Yeah champion didn't just lose favor with sports. Fans more importantly they were losing the battle for cool and that's really what it comes down to is because they weren't competing in this new style game. That was coming out very similar. To what congress did they stuck with the same style and as there are so many more options for fashionable clothing. The just couldn't keep up so piper mcdougall reds for fashion magazines said in two thousand nineteen quote. I found myself walking around the halifax shopping centre with my partner when he pointed towards a hoodie from the sportswear brand champion hanging on iraq at footlocker. The price just south of one hundred dollars laughing. He told me a story about how he used to fold over the top of his white champion logo socks to make the signature see logo invisible at his elementary school. In the early two thousands kids could be bullied on the playground for wearing the outdated eth- brand and he feared if people found out he was sporting the brand. It would make him look cheap or on cool so this thing. That was so cool and everybody loved was now not only not cool and not stylish but it was like embarrassing to be seen in champion just the look and feel looked old. It was out of style and people just kind of generally became embarrassed to wear it. So champion became russell. Yeah exactly. They went down a few pegs fashion. It so fickle right. It can turn on a dime as fast as ear in your out. Yeah yeah so. This is a really great point for us to start talking about the comeback right. So inter-parte tune as quotes the resurgence so from early. Two thousands on about two thousand seventeen was completely out of fashion champion. Self space was being replaced by brands. Like under armour and nike and other ones we've covered today and then unexpectedly in two thousand seventeen just as quickly as champion had fallen off the map it has remerged out of the blue from nowhere. Champion was cooling and champion so thick percents growth from twenty seventeen to two thousand eighteen. They expect another thirty percent growth in twenty nine thousand nine hundred and they wait ward an estimate of two billion dollars in sales in two thousand twenty. Two crazy right. Now you might say hang on a minute you guys to skip the comeback. What happened and you right. I mean usually we would tell a story about brands comeback and how played out and usually that there were sold or they slowly revolt but from a consumer perspective champion reemerged seemingly completely out of the blue one day they were in the scrap heap and the next day. They were on the productions. And it's really seemed really fast. So what happened. What are the reasons for champion to surge in popularity again. Well there were a number of factors that came together all at the same time. You have this perfect storm so to speak of nostalgia making this huge comeback and you see them really starting to pay attention to style and getting on top of the influence or marketing game through collaborations with a variety of companies and artists etc. At all of those collaborations coalesced into the success that they had and were able to drive that success very quickly so it seems like it's all about popular opinion these trends that they just kind of shifted overnight but to the people that were really watching this closely. No brand was better position. Jury emerge then champion because in the early two thousands nostalgia. Marketing was really starting to pick up steam. But haven't really gotten yet to what we see now where the nostalgia brands are. Everything and so millennials. In particular of really driven this custodial a comeback because of these really strong emotional ties and resonance to older products the products of their youth and with the realities of climate change social media and politics and all of the different things going on younger consumers have developed this really strong attachment to like. We've talked about many times on the podcast and champion was a brand with unlimited amounts of nostalgia to go around an amazing history of innovation and relevance and a good product. Do you know what i mean. The perception about change their product and change. It's not like dominoes. Remember when we unpacked the whole domino's comeback. They're fail was pathetic cutting back on their ingredients across the board. They made their tomato sauce. Five percent more water and then saved x amount of you know it's actually like the way the own products but you're nothing happened to champion the actual physical product it was the perception at the brand that switched and i think only vein nostalgia marketing or nostalgia. Comeback could be successful if the product is still intact and it's still a good product that initially picked up steam. Technology is that they invented both for sweaters and hoodies as well as athletic. Jerseys are still the top. Technology is used today. The core was there they were missing the stylistic relevance but not necessarily the product relevance the products were really good. they just didn't match the current style appetites of the time so according to time dotcom quote champion is a benefactor of three swirling style trends that converged to create a teen in millennial fashion craze logo apparel is invoke throwback gear has returned and streetwear. The casual style derived from skateboard in sports. Culture is having a moment but you know it's very easy to say that you know. This was a happy accident. Happen to paps. Clear reverend comeback with a tap into the vein of the whole hipster thing and you can look back and you can say they did really well but it was the right time at the right place where year. I think it's couldn't be further from the truth that this wasn't a happy accident. The champion marketing team not only calming. They made it happen and when did they were really ready for it. Susan hanukkah champions north american president told time magazine quote. We're able to capture millennials that remember wearing it in gyms where able to capture the parents and generations ahead of them because they have a long history of brand. And that's not by chance right. yeah and customers aren't really the only ones demonstrating loyalty to champion out of nostalgia many martinez who working at champion. Two thousand five as an intern and now works as one of their global ambassador. Says quote my whole thing was to take it from an urban phenomenon to pop culture. Because that's what. I always believed the brand was. That's what it meant to me as a kid and that was my mission. So you're right. This was a very calculated. Move to return the brand to cultural relevance in addition to product quality those two things kind of go hand in hand you have to have a quality product that also resonates culturally with your target audience so the factors that the champion team used to rebirth. Their brand included really diversifying within the market allowing it to become a kind of newly recognized brand months this newer target audience if younger people champion required its license in europe. As it saw strong growth in both europe and asia they had actually sold their license and there was another company that was manufacturing products with the champion logo. The quality was much lower consistency. Wasn't there and they said we need to bring this all back. like marvel. licensed their products us. We see that a lot right when companies struggle as seems to be like a thing that they do they licensed their stuff out to different regions. That they don't have a big presence and then when they start picking up steam again. They've got to go back and buy their own license back. We've seen it so many times. Basically like taking out a second mortgage on their yes. Oh champion is available to all types of consumers and this is what i find extremely interesting. Some people pay upwards of ninety dollars for a champion hoodie at a store like theaters or even target for that matter where others would buy a limited edition champion item on a luxury consignment shop website. Like the real real. When elected to this morning they can raise up to four hundred dollars for the exact same thing that you buy at oxford unfitness. But it's a limited edition. Think of that range right. But those who cons or don't want to spend that much for champion. Judy can go to walmart and buy the same thing for twenty five bucks. It's crazy. i mean. How many luxury brands do you know of. That can have that kind of cross talk across all of the different target audiences. I mean it's like if louis vuitton chanel was all of a sudden in walmart. But why would you put your daughter and walmart chad. Little goals name chanel. I can't think of any other brands for those who don't mind sifting along goats who some grimy thrift stores you could pick up a champion hoodie for a couple of bucks you know not everybody can spend three dollars no hootie. But regardless of whether one person spends three hundred or another spence twenty-five they are both still wearing the same product champion point. No brands that i can think of the comes to mind when you think of companies that sell quality products that cater to every age gender size to the high end into the low end of the shops. The super smart. Because you're in our term target audience this quadrupled because you've got so many will customers can actually buy products right and that's a very very difficult feat to pull off because you run the risk of being all things to everyone in really muddling a brand identity right because what drove. The comeback in great length was that the brand was now being associated with style. Again it was being associated with pop icon right and there's a certain kind of luxurious aspirational component to that. We're typically brands in that category tap into the mass affluent type of persona versus the walmart crowd. But that came through a very targeted and purposeful strategy. So susan heineke credits. The surge champions popularity to increase investment in social media in two thousand sixteen champion had two hundred thousand instagram fall. Today they have five point eight million followers on instagram and she says that she even takes the kind of masochistic step of personally reading through all the comments to gauge her follower stotts. She's very in touch with her followers. And the pulse of the landscape of who the champion audiences are and who each of those sub audiences are and so many when you see a celebrity or influence sir wearing champion on social media. They're not actually being paid to do it. Champion was able to do this. Grass roots of campaign where they would gift products people and they would work with celebrities or artists to do collaborations and through that there were these unpaid opportunities that encouraged these pop icons and celebrities to wear the clothes which then eventually find their way of course onto social media. And so now you start to see people like the kardashians justin bieber. Chance the rapper. Who really start to make the brand name and super popular again and they really embrace collaboration. Some of the champions collaborators include keith. Supreme susan alexandra. Collaborations says exposed champion to an entirely new segment of shoppers including youth markets and luxury retailers. That whole continuum. We just talked about champions. Collaborations appeared on the real real alongside. Sixty thousand dollar handbags forty five thousand dollar tiffany and co. diamond bracelets three thousand dollar rate soul christian louis vuitton pumps according to jif value director of st fashion side heist in abidi collaborations with streetwear label. Supreme off white and keith help champion gain access to some of the coolest brands in the planet and he went on to say. The high and low of fashion can work together very innovative. I'm in fashion. So i understand that i don't understand but that's not common sense to me that the high and the low of fashion can work together in the way that it does year. It's really interesting. You typically think of runway fashion. As being high fashion and something that's highly impractical unattainable. Yes completely out of the price range and unattainable even from perspective of win. Do you wear it. Where would you ever wear runway fashions. Because they're so outlandish oftentimes right the high fashion stuff. Your rates soils christian lubaton pumps when you drop off your child at kindergarten and right okay. So let's let's summarize what we've learned from this. But i think i as we've talked about many times and style is very powerful but it can't just be a happenstance that you get lucky you have to understand how to harness it. You have to capitalize on nostalgia at the right time in the right ways with the right. People and a lot of brands could have told the story about themselves but they didn't because they weren't ready or didn't see the opportunity or didn't understand how to leverage nostalgia in a new way that's now newly relevant to the up and coming generations as well as the older generations that have a lot of familiarity and love for the brand but still needed to be relevant in current lives in the current day and age so the old adage chance favors. The prepared mind is true. Here like the champion team was ready and when the opportunity came they struck while the was hot. Yeah and then. I think the second thing is being everywhere is a double edged sword. Champions prisons at discount stores hurt them in the nineties but when combined with high fashion and hip hop calibration into two thousands. It is seen as a positive thing. And there's another adage double-edged sword to mean something that can either be good or bad depending on whether you know how to use us champion new how to use us like to your point. They were ready. I turned potential negatives into positives by using the authenticity of their legacy to shape the narrative which is just well played. That's a great point which leads me to think the third thing which is as we speak about legacy. It's not enough to be a heritage brand. You have to know how that heritage applies to today and tomorrow and shift that from something about the past for example the cmo of converse saying that. If you remind people that you're one hundred years old they're just going to think that you're old and out of date you have to focus on what that means for the future of the brand and not the past. So the importance of understanding the role of style and cultural ebbs and flows in design is extremely important and being able to adapt your products and then communicate those adaptations in a customer friendly and culturally relevant. Way is how you then translate that to your target audience to that they could feel the power of the right type of endorsements to drive the perceptions that you wanna drive with your brand and champion dildos. Those things all three of those things and the result was that from the outside. If you just look at it they come back was instant or inevitable. When in reality it was a result of really good planning years of excellence a really strong good product and hard work want to strategize a comeback as you blueprint kitschy. What do you need to do all right. Look at those three things combined together and then very few things could actually go wrong but as we know it is not that simple and it is really really hard to shift in legacy brand to something. That's relevant today absolutely all right. Hey guys reminder of his any specific stories you want us to dive into leave them in the comments we have picked up a few interesting stories through there in the past so please feel free to steer us into a story that he wants to cope. Speaking is next week. You've been listening to the marketing rescue. Podcast this show is hosted by nego zia and chad shoulders. The co founders of kpi agency a marketing rescue agency be sort of visit marketing rescue. Podcasts dot com to join the conversation access. The show notes contact the hosts and discover fantastic his confidence.

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New AirPods, iMacs, an iPad Mini, all leading up to the TV event

AppleInsider Podcast

37:33 min | 2 years ago

New AirPods, iMacs, an iPad Mini, all leading up to the TV event

"You're listening to the apple insider podcast. Welcomes this episode of the apple insider podcast, I'm Victor. And joining me is the inestimable William Gallagher estimable constructive is spending. But you must be rights. Clearly. Yes, it's I MAC week demo other things going on. But it's neck week. Is it? Well, it's I Mak week for you. And then I may tons of stuff going on this week. Actually, it's kinda surprising. Yes. And actually one of our listeners. Join a Petrie said that we should start a go be for you. So that you can get that new. I MAC so that was so nice. Weren't you embarrassed? Not really, no. You're looking. I have. What a nice gesture though. That's cool. Joni thoughtful, okay, stalking. Well, now that you say that your daring people exactly if anybody was to say challenge, accept it who am I to disrupt who? Russia's right. Martin murphy. Who's an awesome dude out there on Twitter? An awesome guy asked us about express VPN. He said that. Thinking about this, right? The ISP is always connected and therefore can using express VPN to protect yourself that expressive union connect to twenty four seven could it still be seven dollars a month? He asks what do you think I feel like I'm looking into a trap? Some have is that that's the price. You said it's that's what they do. Why am I hesitate there because because in this day and age you're right to suspect that everything's a trap? It's a trap. This one's not a trap. No. I just suspect. You express if you end fine. Yeah. So a happy you I. He says the answer is the answer is that it is. It is not a trap that expressly peon. If you have it on twenty four seven, it is still seven dollars per month, the pricing is the pricing. That's it. And they even promote you putting it into your router settings in having a router handle setting up the express VPN connection. So that it's your whole house all of your devices on that wifi are connected. Didn't you say that's what you've done that stay with you VPN? I did. But I'm what I'm what I'm saying. Now is that they promote this, and that they actually lay out the different configurations, you'll need to do at different routers to be able to do it. So so totally supported and. Yeah, they expect you to do that. So there you go Martin. Thank you. Now, you're saying this is I MAC Lee tell me about the. Well, I know. Okay. It's it's I'm weak by stealth. Really? Well, it isn't. It's I MAC week for you. It's I. It's I. In in that you really wanted. The I MAC, but there's other stuff out there to right apparently. So yes bus now, I'm slightly to own here. Because in the end, the reason I wanted to my mic is a public. I love I'm Alex is my old one I was working on the twenty twenty one until it. It was dying man. I was really struggling with it for months. So just around Christmas time I caved on. I bought one of the new MAC minis absolute bottom spec. He compulsively get for it, partly because that was my budget. But also because I thought when you I Mex come out answer could use this MAC mini could move to. And it would be a sensible progression path sage we're actually this MAC many. I would love that have been more storage capacity. But doesn't not is to everything I wanted. So well that the mex- would need to been much better to make me feel justified in going for them. I look at these new ones. I look at the stage. I missed the screen on the old Maxine hot, I really want one. But I can't justify going when really? It's a speed bump business from enough work. But it kind of phrasing. Kind of covers it depresses faster the type of ram is faster with graphics faster. It all makes a big difference. But it does make a giant difference. So I am looking at buying lump. But I'll probably wait to the end of the year. When I got nice amount of use out of this MAC mini. That's you William in a word responsible. Okay. I was thinking was accountants, but that's a separate fries altogether. You'll saying there are other things at then I may have bought one of them. But, you know, go on would you by the new episodes consist, I love airports, and I've resisted thus far. Have I have resisted thus far? Because honestly, I don't listen to music throughout the day, and I can use. Hey Siri with the phone without having your air pods, and I've been been reasonably happy so far, and they're also kind of a big expense. Oh. One of the things that didn't tempt me about the new airports at first until I actually think about it was the fact that you can now you will not be able to say, hey, sue, the magic words and young. I'm thinking know you can figure at positive different things. I have my so double tap on the left airport calls up Siri and fine. And I'll use it quite a bit. But it did occur to me that actually it is. You know, double tap, wait, say it. Whereas now just check out the magic word running around. And it will do the things I do. So I wouldn't that on its own probably wouldn't have been enough to make me do it. But now that it's coming on on Heidi tempted by it, I think actually you're saying you listen to music, and I suppose that means I must isn't it more than you. But when I'm out in the city centre here we'll can on with air. Putting you don't feel like you're wearing headphones. It's like there's music old rancher, and I know Birmingham in the Midland is a fantastic place. But it isn't, you know, replete with my exact favorite type of music everywhere. I step and yet it feels like it is. And the addition of hey, Siri is another point where I won't have to think about headphones out. To speak on it will happen. They on magical, and they just did happen. Yes. They got you too. What is it sociable? Right. Is that my phone way? Right. I have this problem that I have apple watch the home pods and the know will have airports and at the same time. But we have at the sage recently where I was somewhere, and I needed to remember something just cooled at the magic words. And for whatever it was the bathroom that says it's vote. There was nothing there to receive my voice. I felt so HOGAN. You are you are about to steps shy of becoming a cyberman. You know? Okay. Might have been a hair. So it was I didn't say that allowed. You didn't hear it? We don't gonna come and removing shiny metallic sheen as it were. Yeah. You know, it's it's one of these things where we have talked at length in the past. I won't bore you all with it again about the concept of voice, I and the idea that voice becomes the main interface, and when you combine having air pods in your ear that can respond to with the assistant like that. That are always on always listening, always at the ready. And as you say wearing them becomes invisible. Combine that with screen reader, which is in one of the apple settings for -bility knife own. And then you suddenly have the ability to operate your phone completely hands free yet, you have the option when we've talked about this before I've vehemently disagree because I love screens and capable it's and things, and I know I'm just saying how much use to actually since Andre got an echo and hasn't used it much Trump in by conscious that I'm using Siri quite a lot. But also, the trouble is I read six hundred words in minutes. So a screen reader researching things to me is achingly slow as far as well. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. But what I'm saying is that you know. This is the future of computing, not necessarily for all tasks not necessarily for all users. But in terms of having the data available to you when you need it when you want it now, obviously reading a whole screen is is awful. But getting to the point where it can present the information that you would be scanning for right when you're reading you're you're not reading every word on the page. Six hundred words per minute. When you're searching for that one Colonel information, right? You're skimming numb. No scan the page now seriously. I know their speed reading courses that teach you to read the middle. But I actually that Spade. I marry tensions pool. No, no. No, no. I believe that you read at that speed. But if you're searching for a piece of information among that are usually is apple every part of the text or. Not use apple app on your phone. I did a piece yesterday. I was working for a it. What was rushing like a case study for then completely unrelated to technology, and I deeply needed a born Sam soundbite quote. So I found myself scan reading for sure sentences in an interview from somebody I, but that's really rare for me usually read the whole thing get it in my head. And then think about it. But I have a fun of details of how I happened to. I love this phrase, ambient computing, and the fact that I can just ask Mahone to cool people or particularly when I got spam. Phone call. I can tell Siri to hang up. I really like that knowing that the spam pretending to be from Microsoft is hearing me say the magic words, hang Siri. Entertains me, what can I say? So you're easily entertained for one thing. Yeah. I just. So. There's a lot happening this week. We've had the air pods. We've had I max, right? There is there's room. There's there's word in the beta for IOS that appears that airpower support is there. Yeah. I wouldn't. I would be Heine surprise now. If by the between, our recording it on this going at that step pilots went around. But I mean, you never know still. It's not something that we we went from there. Not appearing to their cancelled to to now, you'd be surprised if they didn't. Yes. Yes. Very strange roller coaster, Tunsil ising us. That's what doing something. I think I don't know yet. But I think this is the greatest number of products apple has just put out with a press release rather than event navy ever. And among those was the ipad mini five. Yes. Which is good. Just isn't it? I mean, I'm seeing this new one but the specs and I just happened to us an ipad mini couple of weeks ago. Wonderful things brilliant. What's back an ipad mini with pencil support? If you can imagine. Yes, I think the pencil is actually tool of the ipad. But yes, making now is that the pencil to or the original pencil this thing with the lightning port signing. Original pencils on both the new ipad. And the new ipad mini. Yes. Turning that thing by putting it into the lightning port was the dumbest thing ever. Well, you say that I do. Yes. I do I even heard you just moments ago. Just okay whenever I would do it. That was a little bit of made at thought if this down somewhere, and I forget, I'm gonna walk into it. But raunch I only ever did it when I needed a few moments on the apple pencil and a few. Seconds, even in that pool would top it up and how much schmo convenient NATs than pop enough to find a plug some wet. So I never had a problem with that. And the criticism of the there's a similar criticism. Isn't that for the magic maps that you have to turn it over to plug it in? Well, yes, you know, the magic mouse, you can kind of explain away a little bit by saying that if you if you made it plug in a way that was more convenient than people would just lead plugged on all the time. And now you've got a tethered mouse as opposed to a wireless mouse, not people's choice, but the the plugging the pencil into the lightning port. Now means you've got a thing that is twice as long or more than twice as long as the device itself in the case of the many, and it's a weak point where if you set it down carelessly you break off the port to the pencil and philosophically. It's the wrong thing because the lightning port has always been a female port on devices that are going. To be charged. If you're charging the pencil the pencil should not have the male port sticking out, what they needed to have done was something more akin to what you can do if you have the USB adapter to lightning and then a regular lightening cable where you can plug in a phone to an ipad kind of they should have just made a double ended lightening cable specifically for the pencil. Correct me because I cannot remember for sure. Not too long ago lost. But I'm pretty sure when I got my pencil it came with. A famous female adapter. So that I could plug it into things. I've no idea where I would have put that Natura chick. But because I only ever charged the pencil from the ipad pro at Mr Lee, my use I use it very little nap. But I don't need it fully charged all the time tool. So I'm concerned by this. Although I accept the the weak link argument. Absolutely. I mean, it just just feels fragile and feels like philosophically the wrong thing to have done. And I don't know bothers me still today met that choice. Compromise. But but agree with you in large that that this has been really weird week because every day it's been a new harbour announcement and especially leading up to the twenty fifth March event, right? There's nothing to any hardware to announce at that event. It's going to be we're gonna come out. We're going to talk to you about television for an hour. And then goodbye like they might give a ten minute recap. By the way this past week. We gave you pads. We do an imac we gave you air pods and potentially airpower. And then, hey, look at this TV I like how used the wood gave their Italy's things. I would be apple is benevolent amble is gracious. And and we but live in the state of hopefulness that they will provide these products in the future that we can then provide them with money for. I I don't expect any hardware on the twenty fifth. Now, I was always intrigued by this people were saying it would be on the video in the news service, and that that will make the first ever much apple events that didn't have new hardware, but apple will have more attention on this event than ever because it's going to have stun aims from its TV shows. This is going to get a lot of attention than there is no possibility that he's not gonna make really certain, you know, which devices should be blessed by this. So I wouldn't be surprised if the touch was shown that I know this will be demo d- on Maxon, ipads. No this stuff. I just don't think there'll be anything new necessarily, so hardware plenty but not much yet. Yeah. Now thinking about TV in the TV space controlling televisions has typically been pretty pretty terrible. Right. And that stands to get a lot better with things like the home kit controls for some new televisions, but that doesn't really take care of all of your other devices. So I wanna take a moment to tell you about capo, you can clean up your remote control clutter with control center by Kabo control centers. Simplifies your home theaters who can control everything connected TV with one easy to use remote with voice control plug in your streaming device Soundsystem cable or satellite, even your games console and control Senator takes care of it. All don't waste time fiddling with different remotes or weeding through messy search results to get the content. You want one years remote controls everything? You just say what you want to watch control centers sort sorted out. They'll handle the rest. In fact, you can join every second of couch time and easily switch between content without moving a muscle. Let control Senator take your at home detained experience from stressful to simple and enjoy what you want when you want with these. Shop now and get forty percents off control centre with promo code apple insider, that's fifty nine dollars ninety five cents. Forty percent off regular price of ninety nine ninety five. There is a service plan required. First forty five days or free control centers. Available at C A V, O dot com and best buy control center by Kabo. One remote doesn't all do you count smock office new color watchman's, new iphone cases, as hardware releases in terms of the fact that they are physical items that have to be produced. Yes, right. I think that they're do. I think that they're exciting or or worthy of being announced in a keynote address and therefore unusual that they were not, no. It is hard to imagine don't cook. Saying one more thing we've? I mean, if we had a new her maze partnership or or a new a new another luxury point, you know, if there were a if there were a liberal time watch strap to go with your reg, he read sold the baton shoes. For example. I've never heard that what before in my life and when tempt to try to pronounce it. But I'm guessing it's really fancy what strip mica. Well, I mean, no, it's a fancy shoemaker Christian liberal, and well, you know, them better than I did. Okay. So Chris could go from shoes to watch Benton that wouldn't Lawrenson announcement. I see so his his his footwear has a signature red soul. And it's it's basically a stiletto shoe that has read soul on at in uses, you know, skins or for other embellishments to make the footwear, standout. And and also statement making handbags things like that. Now. There were a partnership that said, you know, a watch strap made by Christian Lubaton that would be that would be keynote worthy especially around like a fashion week event. Right. Oh, it wouldn't be more thing keynote whether boy certainly hoped that would be kinda strange. Yeah. Nothing wrong with it being as should be tight. But it wouldn't fit the usual form. But. But then who knows what the usefulness Rapple as now in such different businesses than they were before. Well, so I think the mistake people make is that apple is not a computer company. They've they said that for years now, and they got rid of Apple computer and just became apple right? Apple is not a watch company or phone company. Apple is not an entertainment company apple is not a health company. Apple is is a company that touches all of these things. But not one of those things is the defining thing about the company. I would argue that software actually comes closest to that as this is so many athletes. She does. Well, these part of everything. Well software is is the vehicle for what Apple's trying to accomplish. Right. But but software is again, just another part of the implementation. Not the reason why does that make sense yet? But never say the would just with software mean. I mean. I go I hand wave right? Right. Just. Yeah. It's just not that objective c okay. Swift who needs it? Yes. Okay. Well, no, no. I mean, absolutely that they have a vision for swift becoming a big thing. And they have a vision for swift becoming a big thing for for new learners as well. Right. This is they haven't dismissed objective c yet. But obviously swift is where the energy is. So but Apple's not a swift company per se apple is is bigger than that swift as a vehicle for them apples bigger than both of us. Yes, we certainly hope so. It's. Yeah. I mean, for example, let's let's talk about this for second. We've had these rumors about apple and Goldman Sachs partnering for a special payment products that could go into apple wallet. That would deliver special features. Right. So there's there's some word that says the David Solomon who is the chief executive Goldman Sachs is thought to be attending Apple's event on Monday. Now, his appearance there suggests that the co branded credit card that's underdevelopment could be debuted. Do we know it's going to come out? No. But it would be not paternity for apple to talk about it. That's interesting. That's I think applause and unusual problem with this event in that. It doesn't matter what they do. The video is going to blow everything else away. I mean, she scale of it. But it also the talent involved the headlines are gonna come from video side. So how much else can get in that chose not to do hardware? Am accents for a long time. Persistent Ramos video would be but actually the headline would be the new service. And I think that copyright. That's gotta have been at some point. Apple would show about the deal. News is still said to be their news, still interesting. But it never thing else will read just wash that by the video stuff. So will they save their powder just to mix as many medals as I can. I think the news service is actually well pretty boring pretty dull. And I think that the news service would definitely not be the focus of this event. And I'll tell you why I think the news through apple has been crippled ever since they decided that along with like, I was five that newsstand was thing. Remember stunned? His new stand was one of Apple's failures Jack Kennedy where I was working renew stunned came out. But it was some discussion I wasn't involved. But there was switching going on about new stunt. So. Very where the people were wary. Ovitz the time as it turns out, quite quite rightly so. Well, I mean it wasn't. It wasn't amazing. Right. You'd subscribe to magazines that were then updated in its, and they were essentially just wrapped PDF's that would appear on a shelf in their funding chew to us. But I know how much was the service, and how much was the magazines I happened to pick. But yeah, a little bit of both. And apple has yet to really figure out what makes something interesting or captivating or or necessary in the news space. And so they've made these news applications that now give notifications to you to try and tell you what stories were going on. And that's it doesn't feel like a complete solution at all and the idea of paying a subscription to get news from Apple's news app. Also doesn't feel like a big win have at times pet. Subscriptions to newspapers for. To do it at the moment. But I saw the value. I I saw the benefit of it. So I'm not against that sort of thing. Just biggest value that getting news through subscription through. Apple would provide for me is the ability to cancel subscription easily. If you sign up for the New York Times. Excites. Sign up to the Wall Street Journal, write if you sign up for those things first of all they refuse to separate the digital from the paper. So if you just want the digital subscription good news, you're getting the newspaper. So you've got all this extra paper around you didn't want and second of all if you try and unsubscribe you can subscribe online. But if you try and unsubscribe you have to phone in and go through Byzantine phone menu of talking to different people who all want to convince you to stay. Yes, there's a small difference as an international us. I don't get the paper option nuts. She won't start and have that problem. But in the end, I didn't need subscription. I went to cancel it on every step that made it harder to unsubscribe. Maybe more determined to get out of it. So I went all the way I could have been persuaded. But it was she difficulty the stubbornness in may turn into a non subscriber within the times resistant because in the for the most part, I think Tom's is really good paper. Without discussing that here in her there. I mean, it's it's just that the beauty of an apples for us. Would mean that just like the app store doesn't give them custom formation that. I would be able to be relatively non assed to them and the able to turn John Roth as needed, and that's another thing that descript me about the journal I had the journal subscription for while. And the there were times when they'd sent out restriction notices where they put two hundred subscribers into the to field of an Email. So now, I had everyone else's Email. That was Freiburg the journal onto didn't look he will very good, right? Yoho. I'm evil. I'm that. I pressed reply all and told the journal exactly what I thought of them exposing that I had the amount from a producer that did the same thing, and you could not leave the people's producer new as well. As may a gulc the Jebound dresses, I can't ever use. But Emma, Thompson's Email address is slightly. Anyway, that's another story. You know, I know you, and I know that you have composed draft with that that Email address in the to field, and you've left it perennially sitting in drafts. Because you don't dare send it. No, no. Owing to the time I needed for particular job. I was doing ready at times in the UK. I've got a briefing him out into your out of four it. But I think that she prompted I didn't use her Email I still pursued her agent the way supposed to, but I think she was in my head because of that list. But we I really hadn't thought about this search all subscriptions and apple news. And I really good that might actually get me trying if you things more than I would've done. So what's the biggest value to an apple news product is the ability to have your identity protected from the news sellers and be able to turn it back off when you want? That's kind of terrible that sort of an indictment of the news organizations. Isn't it? Yes, there's a bit of me that thinks about the publishers and then aids, and and that sort of stuff I there's a line somewhere between privacy and just really during the publishers out of any businesses tool, but nowhere that is just worry about it. It is a problem. And you know, Facebook is there was a commentary on Facebook this week where Facebook's history is one of crushing. The local news words, and then being told that they need to do a better job and saying, well, there's no local news, even more to to publish. Yeah. Yeah. Because you quashed it. Anyway. Yeah. The the word is that David Solomon. Goldman Sachs CO we mentioned before now is going to attend the event he may not actually speak that. But he's just his attendance signals something about this product. Yes. Maybe he was lucky in the pot whatever it is the random selection of people get to go maybe his name just happened to come up. I'm we're all reading thought much. Let's forget, yes. I well. Yes. Yes. I doubt it. British quickly cover the biggest disappointment to the week foamy. What what broke your heart this week Manca sites? Me. I read this headline show apple sided dot com. That muck suspending defender to the MAC and for one brief pixel of a second. I remember playing the arcade game. We'll lease a guy on a quite on. The now is some sort of antivirus thing, that's it. I had a brief mem-. I nearly become a game or again. But it's the chances go. I'm positive that that you can play defender on MAC if she'd like. But the the, you know, if you go to the the internet archive our cub dot org. I'm pretty sure that they probably have an archived copy with me later that you could run. Ambulance is sorry, we're getting very specific to answer an inch should mind, but I will go there afterwards and look archive dot org. Besides archiving webpages archives software, and they have a number of vintage games that can be played either through the web interface or through emulators, and it is entirely possible that that's there. And the reason they do that is because just as it would be a loss to accumulate knowledge in history of the internet to lose web pages. It would be a loss to lose early games. I can see that that is an organization isn't that just filmed as game club something like that which is hoping to resurrect old IRS games and getting them. I'm not sure about the rights and things, but that's the sort of thing. So. So. Now, it is not known whether or not the standard version of Microsoft defender. The antivirus product will come to max that that's been integrated deeply into windows ten so we don't really know. But, but there is there's a version called windows defender advanced threat protection, which has just been named Microsoft defender events threat protection. And that's being offered to businesses that offer that run a MAC or win. And that's being offered to businesses that operate a mix of MacIntosh PC's. So it's really a business focused product, and it's being sold probably to IT managers who who have this heterogenous install base. They wouldn't prefer the three hundred nineteen different versions of the defend the game. That's on Akai dot org. Okay. Surely one of them works on MAC, I'm paying attention. What are you talking about? Okay. Hello. Yes. So we should all by myself defendant than GAM probably not going to rush to do that. Well, I mean, if you're a business owner, and you've got a number of windows machines. You're already getting advantage some of that. Right. And if you've got max machines, you want to be able to manage them similarly and feel that they're similar protected, and it's not necessarily that that the Maccabi as vulnerable or or is vulnerable. It's that the although there certainly has been room for phone numbers in the past. It's the concept that if you've got a Trojan running around your network running around your machines you'd like to make sure that all of them were immune as opposed to only some of them inoculated on. We'd like to give yourself some money just where we like giving apple some money, then they'll seems quite fair reasonable. Yes. I think I think the days of casting Microsoft as the villain are pretty much over. I don't think it makes sense to cast Microsoft as a villain anymore. Microsoft's max of wear continues to be pretty much. What it was? I I love XL. Unlike excellent fell more than you, do but word billions spent on that instill creaky. So I don't see them as a villain. Just don't rush to buy the apps, and I particularly rush to buy their antivirus sub narrowed it down to twenty nine games, by the way. Good getting the getting brilliant, bright. So what else should we discuss this week? We've cut the posters of the max of the sports fans and the cases. Is there? Anything left apple for the rest of the year? Well, unclearly at the end of the year. We're going to have new phones to talk about right? Oh, and the new MAC pro probably on December the something like this. Yes. This feels like eventually, maybe like an I MAC pro update we'd have one of those in a while. Right. That's a good point. Yes. Yeah. It's interesting. I read pace for apple has choose which just MAC to most of his is really quite clear that if someone's with getting the some that are really good at Sutton. There is one area where it's blurry a little bit. And that some absolute top and MAC stat regular imac versus of no end. I'm pro there's some fuzziness that. So I wouldn't be surprised if the low end, I'm at pro disappears, and there's an even Hira and soon, but I'm just guessing. Yeah, it's it's a little bit difficult. And this is the question that comes up all the time is is now the right time to buy a MAC will I regret it. If I buy one now and the answer, the classic cancer is always. Do you need a computer right now? If you do go ahead and get one if you don't maybe you can afford to wait a little longer. In exactly that position with exactly that concern. I remember last October when it seems certain u b max coming at us hanging on hanging on then when they didn't it was like, okay gotta look around. And that's why I ended up moving away from the I met for the first time in seven years getting a MAC mini, which I am in every way delighted with so. Almost now. The you mentioned before the said asked me if I knew the reason that the apple pencil that works with the ipad mini is the old versions opposed to the new version. Yes. And I didn't even answer. You. I didn't even answer. The question did notice took a night brought it up now. I'm offended. But okay, you gotta make up with that on tell me why on your right? So we discussed all the ways that the original one was ridiculous charging. But the new one uses that inductive charging technology where you simply magnet attach it to the side of the ipad charges. Well, apparently putting in that inductive charging coil inside the mini broke pricing for the mini. It was it was basically too expensive technology to put in there and maintain the the price points that make sense meiomi discriminator is I still think it's ridiculous. It used to be. I think is just fine. But I agree. The new way is so that makes sense which suggests to me, I think. The next iteration that at next year. Maybe that's when it will will come up. Yeah. No, you you can't tell me that Johnny. I've who places such an importance on saying no to to awkward design thought that having the pencil. Stick out the lightning port twice as long as the ipad was a good idea. I can't just Johnny high probably thought that the ability to recharge the pencil is known only handy, but also amazing get away with a short battery life in it. Yeah. It's definitely handy that you don't need to carry anything else to do it. But it's it's absurd. It just is really absurd plugging it in like that. You know, what had they put a right angle connector on it. So that it was at least flush with the bottom surface of the ipad for a good length of it. That might have made more sense. I'm usually a case of foam follows function. But in that case, I think it would spoil I'm looking at my pencil now in his lovely gorgeous. Johnny all aged long. Johnny is verbiage. It should be that would slightly ruined. Actually, the weights the federal everything a capped put it under the cap, but anyway. The whole thing is weird. What else we have to tell you about? We've got a big event coming up. We're all heavy within patient for this big event coming up on the twenty fifth. We will tell you all about it. When it happens William where can people find you on the internet? I live on Twitter at deeply gala guy. And I'm always at the end of William apple insider dot com. I'm v marks on Twitter. I'm Victor, apple insider dot com. We will be back next week. And want to remind you again, clean up your mode control clutter with control center by Kabo plugging, your streamer Soundsystem cable satellite or game console and control everything connected to your TV with one is it use voice controlled remote. Shop now and get forty percents off control centre with promo code apple insider, that's fifty nine ninety five forty percent off regular pricing of ninety nine ninety five service plans required for forty five days or free control centers. Available at C A V, O dot com and best buy control center Bykov. Oh, one remote that does at all. William everybody will be back next week. Thank you all for joining us. We'll see you then.

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The Atlantic's Taylor Lorenz: People like TikTok because it's free of toxicity

Digiday Podcast

34:10 min | 2 years ago

The Atlantic's Taylor Lorenz: People like TikTok because it's free of toxicity

"Welcome to the digital podcasts. I'm brian marcy before we get to this week's episode. I want to remind you about becoming a digital plus member. This allows you at unlimited access to all of our content content on there are also other perks like exclusive research invites to member events and much more to find out more visit digital dot com slash subscribe use news intro at checkout for a special introductory offer of just forty nine dollars for three months of digital plus that is a seventy percents savings again use intro pro at checkout <music> <music> <music> this week. We are talking tick tock. I wanted to try again and explain her format. He started with hearst's mike smith in which he explain the ins and outs of programmatic advertising for those who are not steeped in it day in and day out the idea this week is to do the same but in a completely different direction and with a subject that is just as baffling to many of us and i can think of new better guide than taylor lawrence taylor covers internet culture for the atlantic and is an an expert at it taylor walk us through what exactly is tick tock why it is popular and what it says about how young people are using media hope you enjoy it taylor. Welcome back to the podcasts. Thanks for having a so you have. I think the record for i think you're the most popular digital podcast oh my god all the c._e._o.'s and everything we've had on here and you were the most popular and i think that's because people are one obsessed with your coverage. <hes> which is why had you on to begin with but to <hes> obsessed with you know what the heck is going on with internet culture particularly when when it when it comes to the young people used to talk about millennials now we're talking. We're not gonna use. We are not gonna use those. Is those labels so what i wanna do today as we did an episode like this about programmatic advertising so we're going to do it all about programmatic advertising. No no we're gonna. We're gonna do it about six talk because talk is there's not a lot of new stuff out there and i think a lot of people well our <hes> snapchat came out with good earnings and i know when when i was in canada and it was interesting because <hes> a lot of people rooting for tick tock on the ads side and i think it's a lot of it is because it's you know there's a bit of a fatigue with you know the giant players and their big data machines and they're all about scale ability and and not really creativity is feeling <hes> and then there's talk <hes> so for those who've just in passing heard about this this this app tick tock. What is it <hes> so tick. Tock is short form video app <hes> which is like every app but it's basically this feed <hes> <hes> of like fifteen to one minute <hes> or fifteen second to one minute videos <hes> that you're sort of auto served <hes> when you open the app and they're funny. They're like everything i mean. They're set to music or sound. <hes> i mean talk used to be musically which a lot of people thought of as a lip synching up in a lot of people used at that way i too <hes> but tick tock. It's more about like putting creative sound to a video and sharing it so it's not just lip synching but a lot out of it is linking. Most of it is not what musically was lip synching. I mean people thought of it that way too but so what is a typical give me an example of a tick tock video. <hes> i mean it can just be like my favorite. One is just like these really fat little dogs like trying to run along a really then in path and they're just like falling and somebody put music to it and they just fall on the beats of the music so like doon doon doon doon and they're all falling down. Okay <hes> things like that. I mean what's this kind of stuff. That goes up also like challenge. Culture is really big on tick tock so like there's challenges and it's very participatory so they'll like they have this. You know they'll have different memes. I it's but it's like a participatory me so it's one of the challenges we we wrote a little bit of it yeah. It's like kind of like think i mean. There's this one of this. I think it's because it gives the elliott song right now. That's like welcome a- in these times i don't know if you know that song of course yeah but so people like recreate like like they joke about that by like taping funny things to their feet and then like videoing themselves walking as i tell myself describing this. It sounds very not funny but actually on the execution yeah so it's like people like tape a chairs to their feet and like put that song in the background. It's like walk them on these events and they're like wearing these like weird things on their feet okay. This sounds like fine. It's fine. It's very vine adjacent. Okay so vine was was it. It burned fast that burn bright. Yeah it burned out. This algebra around vine kind of drives me crazy because it's like you guys. Let it die on the ground in front of you like all these people that are like oh my god r._i._p. Vine it's like vine didn't just die out of nowhere like it was in decline for a long time and users stopped navigating to it but the basic thing is i mean vine was it was six seconds six seconds. It's it's way more robust than by vine. It's compared to vines like i don't know it's like comparing facebook to friendster <hes>. It's just like it's talk is such a more robust product. The video editing tools and editing and creative tools on talk are really really rich and an intense vine was like almost like a minimally viable product billick for people and then it was never developed the product and never part of the reason that it kind of floundered <hes> tick tock house and there was it was musically there was musically and then there's yeah so in the u._s. We had musically which was a similar app but a little bit different <hes> but but like sort of similar around the rest of the world they had tick tock <hes> <hes> in a lot of other countries and talk was taking off around the world and musically also had kind of stagnated and so by dance the big bassett chinese conglomerate that owns these companies was like let's launch tick tock in the u._s. So that was last august so it's been about a year okay. So why is this popular like. What is this tapping into. What's the larger thing that this that what's the job. This does in the lives of i assume a lot of the user young people that the existing social platforms don't do <hes> well one. It's a participatory app. So people like part of the fun of tick tock is like making tick tock. <hes> i mean i have no idea what percentage of the users there's create. I probably a small percentage. It's always that way right like most people can see him on these apps but it's it's like for instance that it gives eliot you like it. Unlocks creativity <hes> pity and kind of like a group dynamic in a way that like instagram doesn't <hes> kind of weird like you you kind of like it gives you ideas like you'll see somebody do something and you're like i i can do that and so you want to put your own spin on it and potentially go viral. I mean another reason people like it is just because it's free from a lot of toxicity. I mean people are mean on their. Are people bully each other in the comments for sure but like that's has comments yeah. It has comments on no. It's not and it's it's just different. I can't oh explain. It's it's better moderated. I mean they're still trolls. Everywhere obviously <hes> but like i it's just it's it's funner. It's like i don't know how to describe it. It's just more like it's it's not so intense. You don't have people on there trying to tell you about donald trump or like other stressful things like it's just kind of funny and entertaining and amusing to watch. I guess also i mean sorry one other thing <hes> like it's really good at serving you the content that you you want to see like your primary experience of the app. Is this for you feed which is basically like an instagram. If if instagram explorer was your main feed okay so so so it's not about following friends no like you don't follow you can follow people but it doesn't really matter i mean you're y- you could follow people and you can watch. That's on a separate tab as you can. Watch people you follow but it because the primary experiences this for you feed <hes> each piece of content is serve to differently like it kind of breaks that model of the follow graph which like all of these american social networks rely on which is like relying on the user to determine like subscribe to my content and then you expect expect like constricting because it's like okay well then all my content has to kind of like ladder up to this brand that i've built because that's what my followers expect like tick tock. It's like one video could get like millions. It's kind of like twitter where it's like. One tweet could go huge but like the rest of tweets could not and like it kind of just. Let's each like piece of content and find its audience. I think that makes people like it. Though because it's like always something fresh and new you know what i mean and the the the bar on joining is really low because it just because you open it and it starts feeding you don't even need an account really like to have a good experience whereas on instagram or twitter you can't just open instagram program on twitter and suddenly like get lots of great content so is this like an add on in the lives of i mean i who's using this. I mean it's not people my age yeah yeah. I mean it's funny you so in america it i mean here's the thing they've spent a billion dollars in marketing last year so there are definite and they've been trying to <hes> aggressively grow their u._s. Audience and most of the people they've been advertising to are these young users <hes> because they're valuable so <hes> it. The audience skew's really young now in in other countries. It's different in other countries is a little bit more of like an instagram or it's kind of like everybody's on it and using different purposes. You know what i mean right now in in the u._s. It's very yeah for sure okay sure <hes> and so within the lives of young people because you've written a lot about like how they the the the lives of young people on the internet <hes>. Where does this fit like. Is this like the addictive at that. They have to open all the time time or is this just a complimentary third or fourth i don't i would i wouldn't call it addictive <hes> it's not not it's not really like i mean it's addictive in the sense that like once you open it you want to just be on it <hes> but i don't know how like good their retention is. I think it's more of like an amusing using thing like when you wanna kill time and you wanna watch something funnier. You wanna like you know. Maybe you'd watch like a short youtube video but now you're like oh. What are these you know. I'm gonna watch them. Tick tock going to do this with friends like i'm gonna make taco my friends or over. It's kind of just like a killing time type thing where you're going to keep up with people you actually know okay so it's certainly not not a replacement for snapchat snapchat communication and they don't mix communication with consumption on top you can you can d._m. People aw it's just you don't follow people that you're friends with ira really it's because i mean there's a homey montek talk of like when people at school discover my talk and it's like the whole thing is like i mean some people obviously like if you're making talks with your friends. They know you're on it. It's just like it's where you go to like. Watch funny videos. It's not where you go to like connect with friends. Necessarily that doesn't mean you won't watch some of your friends videos. If you follow them right so right now not like a rival on the mass scale of like a facebook or an inst- i would say the biggest rival is instagram. <hes> i mean instagram. It's directly taking time away from instagram. I would say instagram krim obviously has to copy a lot of the stuff and they have they've started to already and facebook already launched their like loop. Which is there knock off app. Okay so that's yeah. That's a sign of validation so you wrote about talking to you wrote about the cringe aspect yeah and i. I found that interesting explain that a little bit last fall. I mean when people got on to talk. A lot of adults are like so cringe-worthy because there's a lot of adults on it. I mean there's a lot a lot of adults on it and that's not creepy as an adult. I can ask this not creepy like i always feel like this. I mean there's a quote in there from you had from someone ask happy now. That's just i think that was jack wagner's being <hes> jackson i mean here's the thing that by the way even even assumptions around the app now today verse last october tober when i wrote that story or completely different like i mean it's still cringe and i totally get it like you're gonna feel out of place. It just depends on your experience. I do think that like all these popular apps go through this right like facebook. It's like oh. That's a place for college. Students and that's that's the way for kids like why would i be on it and then adults on like instagram same thing that was kind of like a a place for all that was more like a chunky thing but still skiers. Yeah snapchat never got out of that and that's probably snapchat was sexy nap for a long time yeah but right and people thought of it that way the local news coming up right. Oh's your child. Oh you're probably sexting. It's like that's such as such. I think i wrote a whole defensive at one point because of that because it's just like i think that like when you when you come up with these stereotypes about the op <hes> and you write it off based off the stereotype then you miss a lot of the like interesting user behavior that's emerging on it and so i mean with tik tok yet skews young yeah. It's a lot of it's like cringe-worthy <hes> but that's kind of the appeal i mean with the with the cringe content the cringe content mostly like i mean it's a a lot of like adults just being really mortifying but that's why i don't wanna get on and only be tempted but you're not going to do like weird stuff like that like the content is like the is like imo like forty three year olds like tim talking about their break-up or something. It's just like what are you doing do. Do you have a job. I don't get it. That's why i love it. I love it. I like a car. A car crash can't look away. We'll be right back. What if you could reach the right professionals the right way imagine the best place for marketers a place where you stand out a place that has exactly exactly the people you're looking for and even better. They're looking for you. That would be a place like lyndon better. Targeting equals a message your customers care about which in turn and leads to more trust built with your customers. In fact there are sixty two million business decision-makers on linked in so you're building relationships ships that really matter and according to a recent survey seventy one percent of people use information from linked in to make informed business decisions. That's a lot to redeem a a free one hundred dollar linked in ad credit and launch your first campaign go to linked in dot com slash digital that is linked in dot dot com slash digital for your free one hundred dollar ad credit terms and conditions apply now back to the episode <hes> so okay okay so i just a circle back to like what the where this place is sort of like you know how we live now. I mean because there's this shift going on. It seems seemingly seemingly to more private messaging right as far as the communication sphere goes <hes> but then this is a new aspect of participatory yeah. I think it's talks weird thing because it is private in the sense that it's kind of like youtube where it's like you have your own experience of the app and you're not necessarily going on to see friends. You're not trying to create. I guess it's kinda like create a group chatterton. We'll know like social platforms went through this period where you're trying find manufacturer this this vision of yourself that generally it's not true it's all it's all sunsets and yeah wonderful things and and you know witty quotes from winston churchill here a business executive and it was all about sort of making this brand <unk> of yourself. This is just purely about entertainment and trump free zone not all talks about like being weird and funny and putting your own spin on memes and like it's just also about like finding funny videos i mean there are a a lot of the content is like very irreverent very it's. It's it's it's very much away from the like curated -ness of social media but that that would seem to be to speak to and who knows 'cause <hes> every social platform kinda grows up that it will be pigeonholed in as as somewhat. I'm one of each platform. I don't i don't think it would be i mean here's the thing i give me the case for this becoming like the way that everyone uses it in like india in southeast asia and all these other countries they just use it as a place to put like video. It's like for instance. Here's here's a good example. I saw a <hes>. There's this meme on top called rich boy or like whatever check you can be like connecticut shack digital jack and you just kind of like show the things that like speak to that so like it'll be like rich boy and you like show you're like maserati karate or whatever and like your fancy house <hes> and it's the song plays and i saw this like <hes> jeep parked in times square that had like christian lubaton like why are are we talking about branding all over it and it's like that was so funny i took a video of it and i was like this looks so stupid <hes> and normally i would share that on instagram right like thank you like this is funny. I want to share this with people but i was like oh. It's so perfect for this like me. Montek talk like i'm an uploaded there and like you know whatever people like sought there and it was funny yeah but like i think like for tick tock to scale. It needs people to have that kind of everyone needs to like. Adjust that kind of thinking where it's like. Oh i have this funny video. I'm seeing being something funny like. Where's the best place to put it. You could put it on instagram for your friends to find but it's very hard to get your stuff and there's no place to surface. You're funny stories content which is majority video content. You're not gonna put something like that to your feed right because your feet is more curated usually so tick. Tock is a place to put that that like funny entertaining video radio content and allow it to spread really easily. You know what i mean an and the sort of challenges and stuff give people ideas. I mean i think a lot of these these social platforms in various ways get around the blank paper syndrome. You put blank paper in front of someone say right down in there like ooh but you put a question and they can in lake answer a question yeah and take take talk sets challenges but they're usually kinda stupid and boring. I think most of the ones that are big are like user generated like somebody finds a funny clip to a song they like the rich boy checkers and the and then and then everyone else it's on it <hes> and and that gives like you said other people ideas has and <hes> yeah if you think about like how i mean how to talk could scale. It's like becoming a place for that type of everyday video content so you want to share with people but you don't really you know you're not gonna live forever. Instagram stories is a very closed system and i think people forget that and there is no place to like for people. We'll just be sharing their lives in like a video i way so to a mass audience old town road came out of tick tock right yeah like yeah that whole thing is like little is x. or whatever is like it. Yeah it was a popular talk. It was popular and tick tock. He's like very a of this moment because he's very like social media savvy. I mean he also juiced it with these twitter accounts that he liked the nicki menaj twitter account that he ran or whatever like he he like is very marker to yeah like he. He's very the br. I think it was brian. Feldman who wrote like a really good piece on breaking that all down and <hes> and also like house record label like was not acknowledging his like nicki menaj stan account track distance themselves from it but yeah i mean there's been a lot of <hes> like music. That's gone viral and songs that have gone viral and like clips and sounds and things and like definitely tick tock also if you spotify. There's a million tuck playlists like songs that i heard on talk. Some are musicians because i think one of the things is is is how do you break through to the mainstream end and youtube covered youtube in its very early days taylor <hes> music play gigantic role because <hes> musicians got on they they found youtube is a way to build audiences and that just i really helped youtube. Get out of this. You know thing of like just the place to like upload video become like a cultural yeah broad cultural phenomenon yeah yeah i mean i think that's also saba true of tik. Tok in the sense that i mean musicians aren't necessarily setting up presences there but the fact that like audio plays a key role all and that's where you go to discover audio so they're not setting up presences on takebe. I've never seen one really maybe like maybe someone like young a little nuts x. right like would set up a presence on to talk but i'm saying like weezer whoever like research joy i saw really funny. Somebody research their first instagram posts which is insane. Amy coast anyway reminded me of them and i was like i doubt these people are on talk okay. They make sense though but like but like a young like a young <hes>. Let me rephrase that like there's this girl group called pink lemonade p._y. An k. lemonade and i met the maastricht at this event but they are essentially tick tock stars and these girls come came up from tick tock they they're like very viral dance type things and they have this girl group and so i think like you'll see a new generation of stars for sure like come out of the app but i think that the the role that audio plays and tick tock help songs go viral like baby shark right like that was like a big hit but like also spurred by talk. You know like it's a tick tock meam mm-hmm so it becomes popular in the public consciousness and people are like oh. I like that song okay so <hes>. Let's talk about creators. I'm not gonna call them influencers. I know that's a very sensitive topic. I sure they own of the creators. Is there an entirely different class of creators. <hes> come on tick tock or do already popular creators on like youtube or elsewhere to sort of add in there's talk yeah. I mean like there's a couple like david. Dobric launched a tick tock account like i don't know if you months ago <hes> there's a few like big for those listeners. Do not know what david hilbert uh-huh brick is a don't worry if you don't know him but he is like one of the most popular biggest most relevant youtubers right now so he's a big he's like a like floppy looking like early twenties guy whatever and he's just on every social platform you too so <hes> yeah so anyway he actually partnered with aaa way to launch his tick tock account <hes> <hes> which police done a lot of tick tock marketing interesting <hes> but <hes> <hes> but yeah so <hes> you know there are people like that <hes> that that will set up to count but but actually tick tock sort of surfacing this whole new class of people that are defined stars coming out of retirement now they're well. They're all like the big. Ones are all youtubers. Youtube is where you can monetize so even like even a tick talkers that the people are using to talk to scale and get an audience and then they try to port it over to youtube because youtube offers direct monetization okay so i mean obviously tick tock and bite dance wants than needs to develop the ecosystem in order to support the creators then they are very creative like unlike vine which was always kind of a you know very treated their creators. It's pretty badly in a in a lotta ways. <hes> tick tock is it thinks very critically about creators and like hired you know vanessa papa's sues their g._m. Of north america america like she worked on a lot of creative stuff at youtube <hes> there's a lot of other people at that company that have roots in the creator industry okay so i think like they definitely recognize the power of these individuals <hes> and and work with them so you're out at vid con and he wrote about tek topping gene the breakout yeah yeah explain the well so there's a few reasons. Why tick tock was this break in one. It was the first year that it was really there. They're on the launch last august so it missed bitcon which i think was in june last year <hes> and two they had this like party which was the biggest hottest party to get into bitcoin on which is like where every young person wanted to be <hes> the tick tock stars right now person like the fan like the sand all the fans and all the young creators like the young creators <hes> because it here's another thing i mean this is sort of a con thing but bitcon has sequestered. It's top talent so much. They can't even go out and greet fans anymore. It's not it's not like the old days. I heard i've never been to combat. I heard that they're just like just like walk and the anaheim whatever call zimmer every ass and like all of a sudden just like this mass of screaming teenagers around someone who are reported no ideas yup. <hes> is definitely how it was now. There's like metal detectors and checkpoints and no one can go anywhere without certain badges and like because of all these safety concerns <hes> the people that could draw audience were all these tick tock stars because most of them weren't technically featured creators because they're barely a year old. I mean some of them just got big in the past few months but they were the ones that were out oh and about like meeting with with hordes of girls around them or like he like teens taking selfies and stuff like that so <hes> he. I think there's just a lot of excitement excitement. Also these are these. Are these skew. The creators on that app skew very young very young so that the very young thing is this is the thing yeah definitely f._t._c. find a yeah well. It was musically but they changed it to talk. I mean they talk by the way is very conscious of image doesn't like it well. I didn't like the sexting stuff <hes> but they gotta like address yeah yeah and they do and by the way when i say ticks are very young. I mean like fifteen and sixteen seventeen fifteen and sixteen year old. You're attracting like twelve year old absolutely absolutely absolutely <hes> you know i think one i forget who the like a top marketer <hes> at a big brand who is like i found tick tock on my children's phones and deleted it right off god so there's definitely going to be some to to if you find tick tock guess what like if you find the internet on kids phones are going to be doing weird things like i don't. I mean yes. You have to create a safe space for these kids for sure but like kids don't want to spend time in a safe space so you're not you're absolutely not here for the sort of tick. Tock is the devil. Oh also like if you're going to say that about tick talks about youtube like youtube is full of way more than tick tock tick tock p._r. Up here but like i just think it's really hard and i think that these are big like the whole issue of like sort of predatory older people on apps is like a bigger sort of systemic issue and i think all these apps need to address it tick tock doc needs to address it and handle it and moderate it but <hes> but like also kids are savvy and <hes> i most kids i mean in eight year old isn't savvy but like fourteen fifteen year old usually kind of like they're not going to engage with some rando generally. I don't even want to say that because so many are crazy i'm like like i don't think they'd do that but then it's like yeah definitely like some crazy fourteen year olds would do the final thing is this is interesting because it's a consumer app that came out of china china yeah and we haven't really seen a lot. I can't really think of anything that <hes> of consumer internet apps that have come out of china and and there's a different sort of to internet that are growing. There's there's the china internet and then there's the internet <hes> and this has features features believe from the china internet. I just wonder if we're going to see more of obviously bite dense agana company. If we're going to see more of the china internet coming coming to the non china internet. I think we will <hes> if for no other reason that that they want to come here. I mean <hes> just the fact that you know. Tick tock is so aggressively like promoting itself to users dollars. They spent a billion dollars in marketing last year and they i mean wall street journal wrote a great piece on all their efforts and and <hes> growth and they they want to be here and by the way like that's why the app has its place that it has in culture right now. It's because they're juicing this like like they're down there. You know running all these downloads. They're they're taking out of. You know <hes> spaces on college campuses getting people to download it so <hes> if they stopped doing that will it retain in you know it's influenced who knows but yeah i mean even bitcon there. Was this whole forum. <hes> it was called the east forum that was held at this marriott just down the road from bitcon where it was like <hes> around twenty to thirty tencent exacts and all these other they brought over all it was basically all these chinese executives and <hes> big time people like big-time chinese. Social networks are all meeting to learn stuff from the western world <hes>. We're gonna see vice versa but anyway yeah i i like the the thing is is like seems like zuckerberg's focused on what's going on in the china's totally hate you know obviously there's a lot of like everyone using chad and and for all transactions and stuff yeah. I think there's a lot of kind of looking at what the other person is doing right now. <hes> and i mean certainly china's has definitely turned to look at what we're doing and figure out holes in the market like that's what they seem to be primarily interested in especially at that forum like the executives were all like what are the holes in this market that we can tap into right right and and soccer breaks probably thinking like what features can we adopt you know here. I think we're gonna see a spillover for sure. I mean all of this whole our whole like this. Whole generation of of social media like i would say over the past five and ten years which is mostly dominated by facebook is definitely broken and a lot of like big ways and and i think users want different experiences and <hes> you know chinese off ask offer that like just breaking the the notion of following people and having an app that you can experience without that is is good and revolutionary asked who just wonder from if you think about like the last seventy five years the most powerful people in the world have been american teenagers because the cultural hegemony of of the united states has been such that obviously teenagers are always the most influential and the newest things that made american teens. I think the most powerful people in the world <hes>. I just wonder whether you know chinese teams will soon become the most powerful people in the world because you know that they'll be able to export cultural yeah totally yeah. That's going to be so interesting. I mean right now. It is all closed like chinese china has talk but it's called doreen and <hes> <hes>. It's a closed system like that content. I mean that content bleeds over to the may not for sure people download videos and replace them but <hes> yeah it'll be. It'll not really interesting to watch. I think that more i mean china is so much more advanced in a lot of like social -tective technology stuff sometimes really dark ways <hes> and so yeah i mean i think it's only a matter of time i think the experience of our current ops are it's so broken like people are so miserable on them and those core needs needs to be fixed. How do you mean that like just from the facebook is completely broken and an old and becoming a relevant and and <hes> you know instagram is great but it's this big behemoth i mean they're trying to pivot towards shopping which is great but it's also kind of built on these old assumptions like having like the all have these like this following feed right and like it's it's it i i would say like anonymity aspect of it is kind of weird like i don't know how to describe it. All these apps the same like. It's all like you go on you. Follow some people you consume everything in a feed and that makes people kind of miserable right like as we've seen like people are like we don't want this. That's why they're migrating towards group shots or things like dischord lately <hes> and so you know when something like tick tock comes along that's providing a different experience and break some of those assumptions of other apps. It's enticing especially young people that are like oh. This is much cooler like i don't feel so drained after spending an hour on this you now how does take money. Oh my god i know they need to. That's the question right <hes> they yeah they need to you. Figure out how to sell like about average has made right now. They have interstitial ads like you'll see even when you open up the first thing you see is an ad <hes> they also work with brands <hes> <hes> and help they'd be like for instance aaa and that kind of like runs campaigns on app <hes> and they've had they've had some success with that okay but it's still very early totally early early and trying to tell her thank you thank you all for listening. Please do us a favor and leave us review on apple podcast cast. Wherever you get your podcast also sent his feedback. I am at marcy on twitter where you can email me brian today dot com. This podcast is produced by <hes> jonah.

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116 - Wine + Yoga / Trish

Recovery Happy Hour

41:58 min | 9 months ago

116 - Wine + Yoga / Trish

"You're listening to season. Six of the recovering. Happy hour podcast. Are you ready. Hold on your headphone. Let's do this. hi everyone. Welcome to recovery happy hour where we talk about life beyond the bottle and what happens after we stopped drinking i'm your host tricia and after four years of not drinking alcohol. I've saved over twenty two thousand dollars. And that is the equivalent of twenty three of christian lubaton red bottom heels or three thousand one hundred and ninety three sour dough. Jack combos from jack in the box. Thank you for joining me on today's episode. We've got an interview with the yoga teacher and her name happens to be tricia to this is the second or third time. I've had a yoga instructor on the show and one of the questions that i love to ask is what they think about those yoga classes that are paired with alcohol yoga and beer yoga and wine drunk yoga yoga with a goat in a martini. Whatever not to mention mimosas and pilates beer spin class alcohol available in the cafe the gym alcohol magically finding its way and activities that not only have nothing to do with drinking but activities you usually go to to either become healthier or get in touch with and become aware and present with yourself. It should be noted real quick that a glass of red wine a day is not actually healthy. Turns out that study is bogus and alcohol. Interferes with the brain to numb your senses. Disrupt your mood and behavior and make it harder to think clearly have control of your coordination. But let's do yoga anyway. I know i know. I sound like a total asshole right now. I'm not on a soapbox yet. I have a point to make sa- stick with me for a few. I posted an old article on my facebook page late last week. So you can go there and check it out to read. Follow at recovery. Happy hour on facebook. And you'll see the link to the article there it's called tricia is committed to a life without alcohol and it was featured in a local magazine that i happen to really enjoy came out about a year ago right before the beyond the bottle retreat in january. And it's all about how joyful life can be when you learn how to stop drinking it touches on how a drinking problem doesn't have to be really bad in order for you to decide that you wanna stop. It's about the part that high functioning alcoholism played in my life of looking. Like i had my shit together and even features local restaurants have my favorite non alcoholic drinks. Like all the things about it say. Hey maybe you could survive without booze at actually like it. I remember when this article came out on the very same day the magazine posted on their instagram plugging a local yoga class that incorporated wine before during and after the yoga. So i see this all mishmash together right to messages from the same magazine on the same day and i interpret the message as hey look how cool not drinking is also go. Do drunk yoga. Don't get me wrong. I am no killjoy. If you've been listening to the show for longer than episode you know. I like fun. I am a fun person. I laugh a lot. And even though i don't drink i know that the whole world didn't stop with me. You know. I get that not everybody who drinks a drinking problem. Some people will go to that drunk. Yoga classes a total novelty. You know they'll think it's funny and silly and probably not make a habit out of it. I also know that the messaging of hey do this healthy activity to better your mind body and spirit and put an addictive substance in your body while you do it. let's party. It's really confusing for so many of us. Who spent years questioning. If our drinking problem is bad enough to stop this kind of mixed messaging makes it extra hard to figure out our own relationship with alcohol. Did you see that. Recent article that i posted on instagram about alcohol. Being carcinogen yeah. Alcohol is a carcinogen just like cigarettes. Alcohol kills living tissue and it increases your chance of getting various types of cancer. Just three drinks a week and increase your chances of getting breast cancer by fifteen percent. Actually but we don't see cigarette yoga classes because everyone knows that cigarettes are unhealthy addictive and don't belong anywhere near a fitness class and we never quite make the separation with alcohol because it's so enmeshed in our culture is something that's socially acceptable to have whenever you want. I'm still not trying to be honest soapbox about this topic more just observing. The fact that alcohol and fitness going together is kind of weird. And that if you're confused about the mixed messaging that tells you alcohol belongs everywhere but that you're not supposed to have a drinking problem and welcome to the club. I'm confused too. It doesn't make any sense and you're not the problem. I don't know where. I wanna leave this introduction except to say this you're going to a yoga class or a fitness class or the gym and they serve alcohol and it makes you feel uncomfortable. You have the right to feel that way. You don't have to tell them right there and then in person i understand how that could feel really scary and you don't have to be the person to bring up to management but it's also a if you do you know it's okay to send an email later and say i'm trying to quit drinking and it makes it harder when you serve alcohol at a place where i'm trying to get healthy. If i were a gym owner. I got that email. I'd really appreciate the feedback. This is topic there. Were going to continue to revisit in the future so feel free to share your thoughts or experiences on alcohol in the fitness on my social media. You can always follow me at recovery. Happy hour would really love to know your feedback on this topic. Hey if you want to support the podcast. My favorite way for you to do that is for free. And that is by going to apple podcasts. And leaving a five star rating and writing a nice review not gives a little preview to other potential listeners. So they can decide if they want to check out the show too. So thank you for doing that. All right before we get to today's awesome interview with tricia. This episode is sponsored by recovery centers of america. Recovery centers of america has one mission and that is to help you achieve a life of recovery by providing evidence based alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Rca's practices a great clinical expertise scientific evidence and understanding of you the patient which allows them to provide high quality individualized inpatient and outpatient treatments. That align with your interests needs and choices. Rca admits patients twenty four seven. Three sixty five even right now. During the holidays they're advocates are committed to answering your call within ten seconds verifying insurance within five minutes and having transportation at your door within two hours. Rca has inpatient treatment center serving greater new york city north and south jersey philadelphia baltimore dc. Boston and the chicago area's. When it comes to addiction treatment you deserve the best. Start your journey. To an addiction free life fulfillment and happiness right now by dialing eight four four seven five nine eleven eighty eight to speak with an rca treatment advisor. That's eight four seven five nine eleven eight all right. Let's get to our interview today. Get to tristesse you get me and tricia the yoga instructor. She was drinking while she was teaching. Proving that yes really healthy. People can experience addiction to she abstained from alcohol while staying sober living house but didn't actually start using recovery tools until about eight months into sobriety. We talk a lot about that. She's also mentioned her covid puppy which is the noise that you'll hear sporadically in the background throughout the interview. So no that's not my belly. That's dog and i'm excited for this one. Let's get to it. I'm trish how are you. I n well trish thank you for having me. I'm doing well so welcome. It's it's tricia times to today. It's exciting double the pleasure double the fun. Well if you would tell us your sober day. Whoa how long you've been sober for and would you have described yourself while you were drinking a high or low functioning drinker so my cyber date is january fourth two thousand eighteen I would consider myself a high functioning drinker There was one planes in my drinking career. I would say. I was holding three jobs. And just hustling. I like to stay busy Somehow inbetween the sleeping partying. My definitely my with jobs. I hear you on that one loud and clear before we get into your story. Tell us a little bit about about you where you live. How old you are what you do for a career hobbies. You know family anything like that. I live in fairfax. Virginia and i am forty five years old. I a yoga and fitness instructor for. I don't want to say. I love running but not not as much as i did before but really keeping any type of cardio movement whether it stands saying. Last week i rediscovered my love for boxing loving the fact that taking it easy and taking it slow so i wouldn't call myself full-fledged just quite yet because i have i am gps. I'm challenged so. I do like the the whole idea of just in just taking taking it. Easy and taking on my covid pop for walks. Well let's get into your story real quick in five or ten minutes or less. Tell us how long you drank. Tell us how long it was a problem and why you decided to stop I would say good. I started drinking when i was thirteen in. It was really your typical being tween discovering that how much fun it was to sneak. The beers sneak the wine coolers. I wanted to be a part of of the cool kids and to me. That was it. As i got older of again i would save it. All of my drinking was very typical in high school. It was your parties and it was the beer. I started tame i would say it started out with wine. Coolers than than beer guess I blackout or dealings with liquor in my senior year in high school Which that would be my first bruce as well in college. I don't wanna sugar coated. But i felt like i was doing sort of everything that everybody else is doing so i never felt that it was again i was going to school. I was working on two three jobs as in stories. I was functioning while i was i was never. I don't recall it for being depressed. I don't recall ever hunkering down. I want to save it. I did get my first. Dui i believe that it was in nineteen ninety. Six as i looked down and but still didn't it still didn't stop me. How old were you. I believe it was twenty. Three okay and i was working in the restaurant business and this was awesome. I i Foray with other substances. I'm on in not just alcohol. So in that i e y It was almost a slap on the wrist in average discharge reckless driving and a twenty five. I moved to tops in north carolina. Where that was when the whole drinking by myself. Pretty much started Not knowing anybody there. I thinking back now will loneliness and just that being able sue. I can't sleep. That's when the wind started. And that's when i again never thought it was a problem that i would be drinking and i miss small person. I'm for eleven ninety pounds. Not even thinking that bottle of wine a night and then it was. I don't. I don't even know when the whole thing barham became a rage. But you know the small bottles martinez. I just i in my mind romanticized. I was living by myself and i thought that i was being independent. Basically i was at this time also hoping to start a writing career in unfortunately bought into the idea that all riders the writing creative process came out of wine it did not and fortunately towards the end a that north carolina living. I did get my second. Dui so now i have to do is in two different states Again didn't stop me. I moved back to. Virginia moved back my parents as far as the Drug use was concern that was escalating while in the eating disorder. So literally i was. I was really running ragged. But i was riding on the fact that i was young. I was still in my twenty s At twenty nine thirty. I did get into a relationship that lasted ten years. In in that ten years again there is never there was never wanes. That alcohol became a problem. We were that great couple. It wasn't until the very last two years was when i realized that it was a problem in mainly i i recall i could hide this bottle inside my boots in the closet and nobody would ever know and i just had a lot of really distorted ideas about being creative creativity for me has always been my outlet. I wouldn't i wasn't the person that could right or that could be live unless i had some sort of other substance. I wasn't really authentic. It was everything was was coming out because of this but again in my head i'm thinking oh i'm so mildly or i could be this and that's when i started thinking about my freer in diving into being a yoga instructor in two thousand ten Was when i attended my first training and matt sadly i didn't really take anything in. I was at this point. I just couldn't wait to be done and then have that six o'clock drink show a two day training going back now and then the trainings that i've attended. Now it's me. I guess just released the on fast forward ten years to finish my two hundred. Our in part of that was financial reasons. Part of it was the destructive path. That i was going down and really. There is no point in me finishing it so quickly because i wasn't taking anything in. I was knots. That yoga teacher. That now i am. I am tell me what that was like like. Walk me through a day in the life like when towards the end. 'cause you were you were teaching yoga when you when you quit right. Tell me walk me. Through what a day in the life was like when you were drinking like when it was at its worst. I was drinking before class to help me become comfortable. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I'm speaking in front of a class wasn't comfortable to me and i was always nervous. They're never there was never a time. Where even after had. And i guess a couple of like a handful of classes seeing the same people. I just always felt very insecure What is the word i wasn't. I didn't believe in myself so in order for me to believe in myself as a teacher. I needed that liquid courage and I felt that once that. I m liquid the first Hit of some of the Code like got any than it was a rockstar yoga teacher. You i could. I could do this. I could You know guide these people into doing all these poses. When halfway through in an hour class i would forget a sequence. I would forget what i was doing. And i would fumble the ruid and then being diety would set in one incident where i was coming back from a children's yoga class and i had a an accident and i didn't. I couldn't recall how it happened. I backed into something and i. I just finished teaching these children. And then here i am. I couldn't wait to go to a liquor store. I'm in my yoga bag I had little mini bottles. So it was. Yeah it was very it was a really shitty time being a yoga instructor. I just being stared the entire time. And not knowing not knowing if if a child or if i accidentally if i was gonna grab something out of my yoga bag and then this bottle would come out and yeah i imagine it's like do you think you start to feel better because you're drinking and using and then as soon as it's very short-lived after a while like then that anxiety then you're just mad that you're not drunk anymore. You're just yes anxious. Yeah i relate to that. Yeah so deeply. What was the final straw. What brought you to the day that you quit. I'm at this was after. I did attend a thirty day rehab I had lived. I was living with my cousin at the time and she had to Pretty much to sort of rules you know can't drink and if you drink you need to go to rehab so i i. She called me and the first stint was was going to rehab. It didn't stop me. I relapsed thereafter Even after using i was prescribed While welby trend on track soon i. it wasn't working because i was still drinking. I wasn't ready. Two thousand seven keen on thanksgiving My cousin bound me in the bathroom eating at all. And and i blacked out I guess we had fought. There was some sort of altercations said the next day Basically was you're done. There's you can't live here anymore and you need to find somewhere else to go so it was. It was at that point where. I didn't know what else to do and i'd never heard sober living for Faintly i heard it. But i really kind of. I wasn't sure what it was or what it meant. So i was frantically dialing And and looking and didn't really know what it was all about. And i did. I found the oxford house And i think there is a day and a half where. I was waiting to see if i could get in and that was when i just i was just broken and i didn't know what else to do and it was to the point where i did kneel down and i i just imagined a not a very very religious person but i do have faith in god and i just i remember growing up. We have this picture in our house. I grew up in the philippines. We have this picture of jesus where just looking down and just side. Just imagine that that. Ace and i just said i can't do this anymore. I don't know what to do. I just need that. This is something. I don't even know what it is just to let me be sober for the next day in a white knuckle the that day and a half before moving in out i didn't sleep. I kind of you know packed. I yeah i don't even know i think it was it was a sobriety blur going into that into that place of our way. I knew i couldn't drink once you were there and you knew that you had that extra accountability where you couldn't drink and you couldn't use. Was there anything else that you did. Did you make any changes or start learning any recovery tools. At that point i attended by tricia Again i was just the bare minimum. I surrendered to not drinking but inside spiritually emotionally. I just wasn't fair in. I remember Talking about you know that. I share of sleeping. I slept so it was literally. It was almost like just a physical. I went to work. I came home. I slept. I learned tools. Like kind of i would say on the fly or during the meetings but i still. I was really soaking anything in you. Were what you were going to meetings though it sound. Yeah i was going to meetings. I didn't join in in a lot of things with a and again. It wasn't because i didn't like a certain aspects of it that i that wasn't warned. Me what do you think changed. Mind because i know that something kinda switched about a year into actual sobriety. Even though you weren't necessarily like well. I don't want to put words in your mouth. I don't want to say that you weren't recovering. But you know what changed when things started to kind of. Click like what what caused that. I think it was after eight months into living bear. Rice started seeing behaviors. That i didn't. I didn't like with other people in the house and then it started kind of coming back to me in a sense of. I need to start focusing on my behaviors. And how i'm reacting Just the whole abstaining from from the liquid or from all It's not enough like iced. I still felt aunty entity and i didn't. I knew that by me just working on the inside. I was going to become a better teacher. I was going to become a better person. That's so critical when we figure out. Oh wait it's not about just putting down this liquid yet. That's not enough like and then you don't change anything else like that doesn't work and if and if you do keep up with that then that's going to be a really like boring difficult life to delete if you don't make changes. Yeah so it was about eight so is about eight months then you think when you started kind of reaching out and finding those new tools yes i would say about eight months in shoe that first year and it was. It was a very slow process in ones. I always felt like once. I got out of That living situation with the so many of us the addicts in one. It was almost like a joke. And i stayed out now how many addicts take. But it was just. I did go into another living situation just with one. Other person was also recovery. That made it a lot easier for me once again to focus. There isn't a lot of voices. And so i was able to really focused in work and i started listening to podcasts. Taking things in just really listening to everybody's words. I'm the more i put that into my daily living. The more i started believing in the rice started noticing. Just my behaviors in my way of thinking in my way of going about sobriety and recovery. I i started loving the fact that i wasn't just focusing on not drinking and not using i started recovering internally heave yars and how how i dealt with things how i reacted how i taught how how i love how i just just with everything i just plugged it all my in all the facets of my life because i think once once you do that and not an stop focusing on the just the drinking you'll be much better. I and you're just going to have a much more joyful perspective because you're not just focusing on voiding this one thing if that's your only the only thing you're looking at. It's just like ways to run away from something like that is just miserable like we have to focus on other things that pour into us. It's not all about just like the subtraction like we have to add things once you got to that point of where recovery starting to click and you're figuring out your behaviors if drinking is but a symptom. Did you start to kind of get to the root of your drinking and figure out why yes it was really just to to nama myself And you you brought up the whole the running away and it was just another way me to run. It wasn't a physical kind of running but it was. You know running the bottle running to support liquid. Yes it's the wins in soon. I finally figuratively just sitting on the mat in. Its there's something something magical. That happens when i get on that matt. It's it's just all of the feelings that i've been waiting That i was coming from war. It just it comes flooding in. And i accept it and i'm okay with it the whole perfectionism. It's still creeps in and that's okay. I think it's just letting go and i. It sounds so cliche but it. I don't know it's like even just talking about it now like my stomach is just bubbling with excitement. Because it is. It's just it's just like it's breathing out and just saying you know it's okay if you if you don't do this today it's okay if you have self care just as long as you don't go back to that dark place in. It reminds me of a that dark black hole. Saying yeah you know. I always say this. And i've said it so many times and i'll continue to when we avoid. It's because we're usually trying to avoid pain darkness. Fear you know it is that we're running away from and when we wanted numb it so we try to know all the bad but in doing that we numb everything and that means we numb. The good and not feelings are bad feelings. All the feelings because it's just such a joy thief. So i can imagine the difference of sitting on your matt and and getting to feel all the feelings and why that would feel so good. Because everything suddenly like life becomes so much more multidimensional what i mean. Yes the focusing inward and becoming a more authentic teacher on authentic instructor. In when i say i guide these students and i saved focus inward. I have to believe in what i'm saying. Otherwise it's in. i know it. I know what i'm tired in. I know when my teaching is is poor. It's not because i'm hung over. I'd say it's because lack of sleep. In maybe i just i really did just wear myself out and i'm okay with that and i am the first to acknowledge that i don't necessarily say it out loud but acknowledged it myself and i know that you know tricia you need to give yourself a break And not be so hard not go so hard today today for can not out so loud not do this or that or go to bed early acceptance. Yes it's not like avoiding what your body is screaming out for and then trying to control that situation and control the way that you feel with alcohol which was definitely my issue with because i wanted to control everything except things for the way they were including the way i felt like yeah like not getting enough sleep or whatever like i couldn't just accept that i had to just control it somehow. Even worse exactly. Craziest thing with the control is that we felt like we were in control when we had all those. You know these liquid courage in the other substance we really don't i started listening to you and i a science person but i started listening to the naked mind and i am in love with integrated she. I mean. it's just everything she puts in perspective. I'm kind of like that. I never thought about it that way. you know. In that scientific way. I kind of so good. It has down without making it feel scientific. Yes yeah so. I like that. I can link the yoga practice that i have with that. I guess. Now it's it's a side of the practice. Just again the listening to the podcast and i believe in the power of words so thankfully there's pinterest and so a lot of quotes in I would say with every every time. I step on the mat. Whether it's it's teaching or it's practicing for myself there's always something there's always a takeaway. I put back into being thankful that. I i don't ever want to go back to that lace. Walk me through what. It's like teaching a class. Now in its. There's yeah there's just that at s- confidence in my voice that regardless of how i had this class goes if it doesn't go you know and as you know nothing ever goes in there's not everyday is perfect so it doesn't if a sequence is the sequence that i planned my head totally okay with that and they're going to be fine with it as long as they get. Their yoga does as long as i. you know. i'm i'm happy with that. Is just the pure pure enjoyment that i get the process that i see in their faces and thank yous and the gratitude it more for me and i tell them all the time. It is really more for me than it is for them you know. I normally don't ask this question but because you're in the because of the industry that you're in how do you feel about it when yoga classes pelosi's classes know fitness. You know cross it whatever. How do you feel when they bring alcohol into into those environments like when it when it's like an openly marketed thing like. What are your thoughts on that as a great question. I actually am one of the yoga studios that i i teach were. There isn't a band that was held at a brewing company and show part of the ticket. Was you get a free beer. And i guess because i was new i didn't necessarily say. Oh that's against. My you know my own policy. I went in. I just said no i. Just don't drink interested. I i don't have. I don't have anything against it I guess because. I know i know me and i hate to say like i don't care what other people do i. Yeah i don't. I don't that's a great question. I don't really honestly i don't know how to answer it i Yeah that's okay. I don't think there's a right or wrong. Answer i mean i know that my experience has been like oh like really here to like. Yeah i feel like we spend so much of our day being bombarded with alcohol At least early sobriety. Or when i was really struggling i saw everywhere anymore. And then you know you go into a yoga class and they are doing wine afterwards or whatever and it's just like really here to like i can have like my our away from that. I don't know. I disappointed at that stuff. I'm like can we just have like this one place without it. Yeah it's i mean. I think it's it's crazy because it's it's almost a i don't want to say like oh if it's organic wine i'm i'm okay with it but it's you know there's been students of mind they're like why don't you do this. Why don't you do yoga with beer. Yoga with cocktails. And i'm just like you know it's it's not for me however if it was vineyard if it was. I don't know that i would probably if somebody else's events There's been a couple of a women that i did yo- yoga and one of the ladies with somebody that you know i i like that. She was this was her. You know entrepreneur gig. So i. I supported her in that aspect. I kind of took away the fact that it was wine. And i just put in bit. Hey she's boss. Paid to i get gotta hustle. I get that's very. that's very kind of you. I can't say i'm the same way. What was your biggest misconception before you quit. Drinking about what a life without alcohol would be like pink cloud. I don't know where this pink cloud comes from joel. I don't know where. I don't think i've ever know that first year was i will say boys the shittiest in the hardis year and then the sophomore year i think is when my debut and the world a happier recovery and so there is yeah the misconception of it's just it's to be joyful it's going to be no. There's none of that shit. I don't know who came up with that. But that's a that's a load of. I just women and again. I don't want to talk bad about a because it's not bad at all but i wish that they would. There would be a disclaimer. When somebody says oh i want what she has. Why don't you say that's gonna take some work. 'cause you're not gonna look like that and you're not gonna be in her shoes for a while and you have to put in the work. It's not it's not just going to happen it's the surrendering but it's not until you to do it you can. You can do as many things as as you'd think you can but until you internally inside just say i don. I can't do this anymore. Really commit to it. Yes yes side. Yeah and that's that's the only way it's like nobody can tell you know literature. No no husband. No boyfriend named nothing. It has to be you like it has to start somewhere in has to be you well if someone wants to stop drinking and they don't know where to start what would you tell them would say start wave yourself. Hold yourself accountable or pm at including your head. This is becoming to be a destructive path. Listen to that voice and start taking action if it's a snagging constant to it pay attention to it. It's a sickness so it's just. It's just that it's just paying attention to it in. There's no you can't really go to a doctor and say. Hey doc am i'll call you have knocked called sorter you you have to be your own doctor and you have to. I don't wanna see it diagnose yourself but you do though you diagnose yourself yeah. It's hard to quantify on the outside. Yes for some folks. It's it's been journaling filming. Just just chronicling the things that has happened to you and maybe looking at it and thinking. Something's gotta go. That's good stuff. That's a great way to start. I love that well tricia. Where can we find you on social media if somebody wanted to reach out to you or learn more about no you or your yoga for instance. Where can we find. You is an instagram. I have tricia. Tricia alga sorry. It's just s h yoga as far as facebook tricia dot yoga in hopefully in my twenty twenty one. I just joined several writing groups to hold me accountable. Because i definitely have this the sting inside of my body to write about my life and my journey into this whole healing process is. It's don't go in. And i'm i'm very very excited to see what's going to happen in two thousand twenty one. The great goal. Something awesome at were june. Twenty twenty one. Well thank you for your time and for sharing your story and for having recovery. Happy hour with me tonight eight kiel and tricia whenever you have your dancing On instagram i would love to join because that is yoga. Running another form of the parties for sure. Yeah zoom zoom. Dance parties tend to be kind of spontaneous. I should probably get better about planning them in advance. But i'll definitely yeah. Keep your eye out. Because they're not stopping. So i think i can't wait joy awesome. I look forward to dancing with you. Sound kill that's all for today's episode. Thank you so much for having recovery. Happy hour with me. If you'd like to check out any of the links mentioned in this episode scroll down to the show notes under this episode on your podcast app or visit recovery. Happy hour dot com. That's also where you can find out more about upcoming events. Listen to the archive or donate to the podcast. And if you're listening on apple podcast please take a moment to rate and leave a review as really helps get the word out about the show. I'll see you next week when we dive further into life beyond the bottle. Because hey it's a life worth living. Cnx time recovery. Happy hour is not affiliated with any twelve step programs treatment centers or organizations. But you've heard our interviewees talk about specifics to help them get sober. Try whatever is right for you and your success in recovery as a disclaimer. I do not endorse any general or specific treatments or diagnoses. Y'all i'm not a guru so please talk to your doctor. Your trusted medical professional for advice centre treatment decisions.

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#184 - The Friendship Test

The Basement Yard

1:09:07 hr | 2 years ago

#184 - The Friendship Test

"Welcome back to the basement yard. How're you doing Danny doing great? Good awesome. All right fantastic. What why do you have my laptop? Oh, funny. You ask. So a lot of people ask us all the time. You know? How'd you guys meet? How'd you guys come friends? Best friends who a lot of things about friends. A lot of things are about friends because talking these I know. No. So decided today we're going to do a friend test. Yeah. And just, you know, just for everyone knows data told me about this earlier. He's like, yeah. We're gonna do a friendship test. Don't really know what's involved. But I know that there's a friendship test about to happen here. Right. So so the name of the test is what kind of friend, are you? Okay. Okay. So it's going to see what kind of friend you are. So what does that mean like a best friend or my just kind of like a little we're going to be able to analyze associates or here how it is tips for taking the test. This is for you. So listen, I'm listening. I'm all ears. When you take the test, you might be tempted to answer the questions the way you want to be perceived. So you might be a fake front, right? Ooh. Okay. So how ever it's important that you answer each question. Truthfully. Okay. Truth. Yes. Out of your mouth. Yeah. You might not like the answer. But the truth needs to prevail. So you'll find out what type of friend. You really are take your time. As you move through the questions, we will give each question some thought don't just blurt it out unless you are so confident, okay? Okay. I got this. All right. Analyzing the results. The results will tell you, what type of friend. You are give you some tips. So it's also going to tell you what kind of friend. You are. Maybe you come better for. Okay. What if I want to be a better friend than that just says a lot of value? Yeah. We'll see you might find out that you need to do some work on yourself. No. To become a better friend. If you do don't despair. Most people have some work to do. I've never read this month the Russians in my life. I just helping you analyze the results take the test and share the results of everyone knows what type of friend. You are. Are. You quick reminded me real quick. Did you ever redirections growing up with like tests? Absolutely. Not exactly right. So in fifth grade at the school up the block over here. My fifth grade teacher on the first day of school gave us all tests bitch, and she's like here's a test. Like, oh, no like all these questions like read, the directions, and then take tests like whatever in the directions. It was like four sentences and the last sentence was don't take the test just sit at your desk and do nothing. So I did that and everyone took the test and that I didn't. And then I got one hundred. We read it things haven't resident to things. Good for you for reading. That's great. What a connecting bitch. Right. Conniving little fucking bit. Yeah. She was a little mean. But she no she she did, you know, the main nece kind of helped me in my life kind of a sick fuck. Yeah. Fifth grade kind of psychotic. She was also the sex Ed teacher, we took that in fifth grade that lasted about a week got kicked out of that class because she said the penis was a miracle. I could not hold that together. The yes. I took one look at Frankie's face. And he was smart. And I was like I gotta get out here. She's like get the fuck out the. Yeah. A fifth grade a little young for sex, Ed. How was learning about Dixon va Jade's in in fifth grade? I think that's the right time really think like fifth sixth grade. I don't even know what my dick does and fifth grade. Did you jerk off fifth grade? Fuck. Yeah. Jude. I was jacking this thing. How old you in fifth grade? I wonder if I was beating weird flex beat the devil out of it pizza devil out of Bob Ross beat the devil out of it. How did you get that smackdown? Again. I don't know put it really hurt my fingers. All right. You ready to be the kind of friend shit. Right. You just splurge on a sleek new Louis Vitton clutch and the color perfectly matches the dress your BFF plans the where on Saturday night. Hot start. Did you click on the right test? Yeah. Yeah. There's there's male and female questions here. We're not. We're not gonna we're just gonna kind of friend. I heard Louis. Vitton clutch. Yeah. It's fun. I just didn't read the rest of making star from the top leave. You just splurge on a sleek new Louis Vitton, clutch or bag whatever and the color perfectly matches the dress your BFF plans to wear on Saturday night for a hot date. She asked the ball the clutch you and hear the answers yet, the chose one tell her you don't really wanna borrow this the color clashes with your your coloring. And while I think now while I think of it you should toss address you plan on wearing to no good next. One is a long answer wonder, if she lost her mind and say over my dead body, like there's no Emlyn you bar this. Okay. And ho for several minutes. People humming. How what does that mean? I don't know. I guess like what is that? Oh, humming. Ho that sounds like the fucking. Hi, ho seven. Yeah. Seven ward off to work we go. I hope I hope so says in home for several minutes being Jordi. No, you're gonna say nobody like. Considering right. Okay. Fake consider. And then the other one is let her borrow it. Litter borrow it home be over my dead bodies. And then the other one is finding excuse for her not to where. All right. So I'm definitely not the first one. It's like, oh, no, it doesn't work with your dress. Also throw it out you'll like fucking Hooker. You're not going to beat around the Bush, and I'm not gonna say that that's kind of crazy. What was the second one over my dead body? Yeah. That's a little aggressive as well. Okay. I probably wouldn't say that. I think you're a Hummer to be honest. Yeah. But I also would let someone borrow something. I guess so between home and let borrow for the night, which one do you? Honestly think you do. I don't know. I'm trying to put myself in the in the body of girl. Like, they I think they you know, they care about that clutch put yourself in the body of a friend. Okay. Just just made sense while I did the him you home. The actually am thinking. You didn't hold me. I did not hold you. I am humming. Oh. I don't know. I think it would depend how much like this clutch. Yeah. But it's you love it. It's a beautiful splurged. I love the clutch. Do you let them borrow it? Or not. How hot Dade is dude really hot. He's he could be the one. When you said that it kinda convinced me the letter borrow all right, but you're leaning more towards how. Yeah. But I'm not going to get in the way of true love. All right. So I'm going to select ho- home. I just said all right. All right. Let her borrow it for the night. Extremely trustworthy and respectable of your belongings. Okay. Okay. Yeah. All right. So that's it. Would you let me borrow one year? LV? Some of course, you go. All right next question. Okay. Your friend calls you on the phone? She's very excited because her husband just surprise there. New BMW for their anniversary, you tell them blank all these questions. This four this is not for us. It's fine. It's fine. Okay. I kind of think what girl Joe is a friend would be the same as guy Joey. Okay. All right. Yeah. Go ahead. All right. So here the answers. That's great. But are you sure he can afford it? Ooh. Where's mine? Like kind of joke. Gress? All right. That's fantastic. You deserve. It. Can you break these up because I think they're connect the first one is that's great. Gimme ABC day. That's great. But are sure he can afford it. So fucked up be pasta. Where's mind? See that's fantastic, you deserve it. D cool. Hey, before I forget, what time are we meeting for lunch tomorrow? That's you. Yeah. Yeah. Fucking dick is like downplaying it like awesome. Oh, by the way. What are we doing tomorrow? That's you. I'm not my God. That's fantastic. You deserve it. You know what I'm saying? Unless she did deserve it. I don't know. She's done. I need some context does. She just get a nursing school. Did she just like save a? No, no, no. I'm saying it's just you being you don't add all these extra things in there. Just be yourself. I'm trying to be myself. But I like if you did something extraordinary. And then, you know, your your husband bought you a car I, but hey, man, you deserve that call. Yeah. But sometimes there's plenty of times. I buy like some some cool stuff, and I'll send it to you. And you'll be like cool. Hey, so eleven thirty tomorrow. Yeah. So that's more you that's more your speed. Okay. Don't protect yourself. But how weird what are yourself? Now. We're would it be if I like, oh, do you just bought that chain you deserve it? That would be little strange of you'll who stole your phone. Yeah. That'd be lower me down for the kind of fucked up one. I did fucked up. Not the first one was completely you think your poor husband can afford it. I just don't think you think that way like, oh, that's really cool if it's somebody else's. I don't think you think other people's things are cool. Getting your own cool stuff. You're ready. Okay. Union girlfriend or dining with one of your best guy friends. Okay. All right. So ways this a lesbian relationship. There's guy and girl questions in here. Oh, wait. Whoa. Whoa. Wait was going on now. Madurai? Now, you you're just getting used to be an chick. We'll keep it as a girl you and your boyfriend are dining with one of your best girlfriends, you your boyfriend or dining your best girlfriends. Okay. Okay. He mentioned that he likes your friends in new haircut. You gotta read it regular because now you're fucking it up. I think I'm not. Okay. Okay. All right. Haunt start over. Sorry. You'll your boyfriend dining with one of your best girlfriends he mentions he likes your friends new haircut. My girlfriend's here. Yes. Your girlfriends boyfriends haircut? No your boyfriend says that he likes your girlfriend's haircut. Okay. All right, Joe. Yes. Okay. Hey, say that your friend has the perfect face shape. And there's never hairstyle that doesn't look good on her be agree with him and mentioned the next time though. She didn't have so much linked taken off. It's not a good look for her. See turn to him and say, why don't you date her? Then since you, like her hair so much. And d say nothing because you're busy wondering where your waitresses you ordered another diet coke like an hour ago. See would go the diet coke route. But I hate diet coke. Okay. Don't drink soda if it was a beer. I'd probably choose that long. Yeah. It all actuality. I just wouldn't. I wouldn't care. I think you would say that. Would you go out of their way to be like all they look great? Or would you go out of their way to not make them feel bad? That's b. You would agree agree with him. And then mentioned the next time, though, she shouldn't have taken so much hair off. No because that's that's that's sort of passive aggressive. All right. So I think a I think you'd say oh, yes. She's got great symmetry of the face. Sure. Okay. Let's go with that. Are we'll go because. Yeah. I hear you. If my boyfriend was like, hey, Danny. You got a good face. Yeah. He's got to lose face. I wouldn't be like fucking. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying could face. Yeah. I think it was between air D between the coke. And the had that been a beer it would've sold me. Absolutely. All right. It's a bitterly cold February night and your friends heater went out. She asked to stay with you for the night until she gets repair in the morning, you this is the middle of the night well freezing. And my girl hits me up. My my friend, my girl, my friend, who's a girl. Yeah. Your your best. Okay. All right. Let her come over. But warned her she needs to be out by seven AM. You have a lot to do in the morning and don't bother company. That's a b without hesitation say. Of course, see tell her you just don't have the room. Even though you have a spare bedroom. D begrudgingly agree. She could stay with you. But wonder why she can't just pile on extra blankets and deal with it. That's you know. No, I am a you are drudge in drudge inner nam, not your so begrudging fart. No, okay. That's how you got him. No. I'm a. Hundred percent. You're a yeah. I've done that. It'd be like you you can come over. But you gotta get the fuck out. Not not like that way. That's what you're saying. Yes. Sensually telling someone that the fuck out of your house kind of inviting them in only to kick. Yeah. You could come over. I just have to be out because I'm going to be out of the house. I'd like whatever, I know. It'd be kind of weird if you just sat here. Okay. Right. So fuck out of my house, basic, okay? All right, fine. But like you can't light a match. Yeah. You know, I think party would like just like put a blanket on it like cover up. All right with your best friend just want two thousand dollars scratch off ticket. You say congrats don't spell. It. Don't spend it all at once. That's a B. That's great. Now, you can buy me those Tom Ford shades. I've been listening after. Fuck. I'm never be see lucky you this kind of thing. Never happens to me sell flow there. Possum? D now, you can try that Sheikh new Italian restaurant. Everyone keeps raving about. So basically, a is like, that's awesome. Spend on yourself. Be is. That's great. Now. You can get me something see is lucky you that thing never happens to me. So I be like oh bitch about it. And then d is. Yeah. Now, we can go out and do something together. Probably go see the self loath youself loaf. Yeah. Shit. True. I think your life's okay, though. No. Yeah. It's. I've never wanna scratch off though. Oh, yeah. Of course, telling you being honest, John to be honest. I don't wanna pick all the nice once a fringes broke up with her long term boyfriend now. Yeah, you've always found the guy to be attractive. Oh boy. Yeah. You tell your friend. She's way too good for that loser. And secretly ponder. Whether you should ask him out. Like an eighth grade tests. Don't be don't give the guy second thought. You're not you're not one to ever go after friends X C can't even remember his name. John Jack de ask him out without telling your friend. What she doesn't know won't hurt her gas. You're not that kind of guy. You're not gonna fuck man. I'm not gonna fuck your man. Don't worry about your man is safe. Thanks enough. Your man, I'd be all right with it. If you came to me and ask me to fuck. My man though, like if you like a man of younger fuck your man now, I fucked my man, I wouldn't say I'm gonna fuck your, man. I would just say yo dude is it cool. If mean, your man possibly like make some love. No, see, I don't wanna hear possibly I want you to come be real of me. I don't know if I'm gonna fuck your man we haven't met yet. All right. Having like gone out. We gotta Dipper toll in the water to see if you like the temperature. I hear you. I will let you do it. If you really wanted to if he made you happy, I will let you do it. I'm sure if if you're fucking near man for so long may you happy it would make me happy as well. Fuck you. Who's this man? Our Novi sounds hot show. So high of fuck this guy. I let him go in the first place the hell, no fuck that. You probably cheated on me. I don't know. I don't know you and your best friend have plans to go out that night at the last minute. A guy you have a crush on SU to go out with him. Do you A keep your plans with her and ask the guy view to can do something another night be cancel your plans with your friend and lie about why you can't make it see tell her the truth and apologize. You're sorry. But you have to choose the hot guy. You're moving around a lot. I don't have to choose the hot guy de pull a double header have a quick bite with your friend and meet the guy afterwards for drinks. So I think it honestly depends doesn't well. Wait a minute. I answer US. I'm just saying it's cut and dry hot guy. Call says, hey, I want some of that snnu. And you're like, hey, I have plans with my friend. Or are you going to be going? Like what depends what game on a play that day. Well, play a little like play hard to get. Maybe like, hey, man. Another time keep them on the hook. Maybe fuck I thought I was gonna work. I'm trying to like, duh. You know what I'm saying? Or the other option you're lying to yourself. I'm not lying to myself, bro. Do you want to stick or not? Of course. I wanted to take. All right. So how'd you get this, dick? This is what I'm trying to explain to you. Tell me how you got this. Listen, the Dick's going to be there for show. You know, what I'm saying show? So what I'm saying is do we play hard to get the dick wanted even them much more or do you just do the double header you say t's, dick? Teas that Jake. Okay, now mine. No. Yeah. Teas are you teasing? I don't know. This is what I'm trying to. I'm trying to get at is. Is you either teas that penis or you do the double header festival worlds can do bullets pick one. Three twenty on just give me the name of the guy giving the name of the guy Murray seal. That can move. He Dan L fucking sweep you write off feet. I would tell him that I have plans that night. But let's me up another time. On. I respect your decision. You're in a bind. All right. Eight hundred dollars short this month and rent is due the next day. Oh, boy, you ask a friend. If you could borrow a little cash and pay them back at the end of the week after you, get your paycheck. They're also tied on funds. And they say they can't help you out. You a sign wonder she's telling the truth. Maybe she's being stingy be understand where she's coming from and decide to ask your parents, see tell her remember that time we asked to borrow money, and I gave it to you. I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander that is one of the whitest expressions that I've never heard of. Yes. D- have a hissy and call her cheapskate. Out ask my parents, ask your parents for the moment. Okay. If I ask for money, and they tell me they didn't have it. I'd be like. All right. We're both not going out. All right. A close friend is getting married. You were sure. So sure that they would she would choose you to be her maid of honor. Okay. Now, this is getting serious. She chose someone else. And made you a bridesmaid you thinking you're going to be made of honor. Do you don't care one way or another weddings are kind of annoying anyway, be tell her if you can't be made of honor you refuse to be in her wedding at all see give her guilt trip and tell her she doesn't value friendship as much as you thought d your little surprised supplies. Your little surprise and slightly disappointed. But you keep your trap shut did keep my trip show. It's not it's not. It's not about me. It's not my time. I think I'd be like fuck. But all right. Does that good friend? If you're not a good friend by the end of this. That's bullshit. All right. You're at the mat counter the what I may see oh bitch. Oh, I felt like I was thinking apple Macs. No, no. No, no, no, no. We're talking. We're talking with a girlfriend sampling lipstick. She tries on cherry red color that looks absolutely dynamite on her sexy friend. Yeah. It's definitely her shade. You say blank A. Oh that is pretty but it makes your teeth. Look more yo than they already are. So it's like being brutally honest though. It's true. Maybe I'm being a salty slower could be salty slower for shore. I love these are all as if you were girl. Yeah. All right. Beat worry. She'll receive more attention than you and decide you can't chance it you say only sluts where red. Those are only my choices. I don't know. You got more. Okay. See tell her the truth that she looks fabulous. D don't say anything just lipstick nothing. More nothing less. Why is run by a bunch of like salty bitch salty ho test for show show show? I would tell looks great. It's actually fabulous. That's on. Well, yeah. Fabulous. A friend s you babysit her daughter. For a few hours on a Sunday. You agree to watch her daughter. She's cute little girl, and you don't have any Sunday afternoon plans. Roll your eyes and tell her only if it's for two hours max. See tell her. Yes on account. She throws you if you bucks or d tell her to put down the crack pipe as if you would ever spend a portion of your weekend with a little rug rat. I wish that wasn't the fucking answer. Well, the real thing I would do is probably like lie and make plans. Yeah. Because I don't wanna watch your fucking kid. Yeah. So you're I'm not gonna say like, I'm not going to be all honky Dory about it. No. You're not gonna be like. Yeah. Watch that fucking kid. Fuck your kids kid to know, roll your eyes and teller it's only for two hours max, so yet to decide between that or the. No or the extra money for money. But you're not gonna want money. I know you so I'll probably do the the be like two hours. I'll do it. Okay. All right. That's more realistic for me. I guess you and your friend or going to the movies. You can't seem to agree on a title. First of all who goes to the movie and just pick some movie. What I'm going to go. See that's a very old school. Jeez. Let's go to the movies and see what's playing. How are we have a plan before we get to him it? All right. She's in the mood for comedy. But you wanna drama. Yeah. Do love drama. Hell. Yeah. Dramas bitch. All right. A tell her she has awful taste and films. And she most definitely should let you choose the movie. Yeah. There's people that are like that though. This would you be friends with those people because they there's a they have a way of controlling you. What they have a way of controlling you. Like, if you don't have a lot of friends, and your only friend is like someone that's controlling an asshole. Like, you're gonna stick around. I have no friends. No, some people aren't as strong as you female, Joe. All right. So be flip a coin. See demand ac- drama. No ifs, ands, or buts. Otherwise, you won't go at all. D. I was made the request. Yeah. You were d- decide. It doesn't really matter. What you watch because all the movies lately have been awful anyway. Coin. I think flip a coin is if I was taking this test. I would say that. Yeah. We'll coin not gonna be like, you're tasting movie. Suck ass. No. That's a horrible person. Right. A guy you've had your eye on for the past few weeks as your girlfriend out on a date. Oh, my God that fucking asshole best friend, your best friend. So they asked me out on a date. You're disappointed and can't believe he chose her over. You you tell her she's a piece of trash and refuse to speak to her again. The all the answers coming so teller her sheer glad her dad's dead. Yeah. Teller you rather fucker dead uncle, your gross Jesus. Yeah. That's Dr be tell her. She respects you and cares about your friendships. She'll turn the guy down. See are you happy for her that someone so cute and cools interested in her or D? Shrug and say, whatever. I'm really I'm really being de right now. That's what I was guessing. Which one I think you're more of a B and B like yellow do that. Yeah. Actually. No, actually. No. You think shrug your shrug? You wanna know why? Because you're a little your little pasta. Sometimes. Yeah. Like, you cut somebody's thrown out. But you'll you'll let you'll slowly let them bleed. No. I don't know what you're saying. So here's the thing. If I fuck some guy that you really into head over heels for this guy, and I thought him right on a date with you be tight. And I don't think our friendship would be the same after. The dynamic would be all thrown. Yes. So would you shrug and say, whatever teller, she respects, you and the friendship turned down. I think. I wanna say whatever, I know that if I say, whatever I'm doing it. I'm sucking, dick. It's tough. He's fucking hot too. I know man. That's why I like them so much. I think I think I wanna say whatever, but I'm gonna say the other one. All right. I respect you for that. Because I like to think that here's the thing in real life. I would say whatever. But if I really really really liked this person, it would bother me right upset. Yeah. Like your head over heels for this person. And they know that to like come on fuck you like chill, man. That's my fucking dream this. That's my dream, dick. Yeah. My dream pain. That's my dream, man. Those fire like hell dream. Dream being put him on the fucking USA dream team jerseys. Grow. That'd be so tight. Obviously gonna kick it. And we do you bring off Beeson. Yeah. How you I got you bro for fees kick at that football cream? All right. Chrysler car. Football cream arts? What are we got when your best? These name is mentioned the first thought that pops into your head is a my partner in crime. Hey, my partner in crime two peas in a pod B. I wish I were that pretty oh. Well, see such a sweet girl too bad. Her forehead is big as the Grand Canyon. The that tramp owes me twenty dollars. Good one. Hey, this guy. Why would I keep my best friend someone? I don't like that's my bitch. All right work has been driving nuts. Of course. Your boss has been breathing down your neck. It's very strange that saying. Report estimates from over there have been riding my ass. Can't just message me on slack. Has been breathing down your neck all week? And no matter how hard you try. You can't seem to get caught up on paperwork. You call your best friend NASCAR to meet you for happy hour. She has prior obligations and can't make it you scream. Nice friend. You are. Thanks a lot phone be disappointed. But what can you do about it? Really? She already has plans. See tell her. Oh, I guess I'm just not that important enough. Whatever be that way or d no biggie. But next time you want to go out, and I may not be able to make it either. C C was I guess I'm just not important enough. Whatever be that way. So these these planes that she have. Yes. Yeah. Is it like work obligation? It says it says obligations motherfucker, that's like that's different than plants obligations are different than plants. So it's like, I have work. Yeah. Or something. Yeah. If you have work, I don't care. But if you have plans or wherever it's like, you just meet me for a drink real quick. I'm just asking right, but she has obligations. I'm like, all right. It's whatever. All right. So understanding you're disappointed. But you what can I do about it? She has. Yeah. All right. You're at a swanky nightclub spot your best friend's boyfriend. He has his arms around Rando, which is the most definite. Which is the most deaf. Which is most definitely not your friend. No other word Randall's last you a Tex your friends stat. She has a right to know. What's going on be chuckle to yourself? You always knew he was a slime ball. Sure enough. You're right. See March off to him and demand to know what on earth he thinks he's doing giving that he's supposed to be in a monogamous monogamous relationship and all with your friend de ignore the situation if he wants to cheat his business on yours. I think guide Joe it's only share girl Joe pick. Joe would texter immediately. Yes, I think Guijo do that as well. What if I saw? Yeah. Well, if I saw your girlfriend cheating on you would hope so fucking just let that happen. I can't Well, I I don't know if I'd probably text and then walk. Then go off and be like, hey, I would I would approach I would want them to know that they're caught. So they can't be your that wasn't me. That's why do the text, and I would do the text and walk Bill y'all just like, you know, I let so. And so no that is happening are actually that's not true. You wouldn't do it out text verse waiver response because like yes, she's with this? You know, I don't wanna walk over there. And be like, hey, aren't here. It's like along came Polly and the guys like do them. All right. That's true. Yeah. You don't wanna be that dude either? Yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's right. All right. So it's your birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you. And group of your friends are all getting together for girls night out. You can my birthday on your birthday. No, no. Yeah. But they're they're all together for girls night out. Not your birthday. Did you? So a casually mentioned it's not a big that big of a deal if they want cancel it's fine. It's only your birthday after all not national holiday. Be demand. Everyone bring a present. Otherwise, it shouldn't bother coming. See hint. It wouldn't hurt if they decide to chip in and buy you a little something. Nice for March Jacobs. D have just one requirement that you all have a blast. It's hard getting everyone together at once. And you really looking forward to seeing all the girls. I think you're d-. Yeah. I would say some shit. Like, it's my birthday like you guys news my birthday plans. But I also would feel weird making them cancel 'cause I've been on the other end of that. But like come on like like get out here. Yeah. Like even for other people's birthdays. Yeah. Like, I stopped working the into venos- birthday. 'cause I know he wanted me to be there. So have you know about it? Keep fucking bastard bastard. So you just have just one requirement that you'll have a blast. Yeah. I'd be like everyone have fun though, when everyone before move on how many more courses we have we have eight eight more. Hey, man, you want you wanted to fucking judge. Good friend by ten questions a lot of questions. All right. Let me get to the spot. I get some water to all right cool. So let's get to the sponsors real quick before move on with this test starting with one of my favorite sponsors. We have quip quip electric toothbrushes the best toothbrush on the market. I got it. 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You'll be perfect for it. Be your boss is an idiot. Let's go grab some ice cream. Dad? See it could be worse. You could've gotten fired d that's life. The person who got the promotions. Probably a lot better at her job cheese. I'm all about that ice cream, baby. You're about that ice cream your pick me up guy, but you're also realistic guide. But I'm gonna go to court the one that you said, I am I think while at ice cream, do whatever blah, and then we'd go get some ice cream ice cream coloured for beers. And then during that conversation when we're trying to make sense of it. I'd probably just be like, hey, man. Like, probably a combination of all I'd be like this person's probably equally as good as their job, the Shimon avait motivate you after it a little more. Yeah. And that's the way the world is all right. And maybe it wasn't meant for you to get it. Now, you sound like a. I'm saying that's why I sound like B DNA. All right. So do you want be or do you want? A I won't be. I want to go get some ice cream to scream hell, you fabulous. That was one of the weirdest over come on, man. We're we're all friends here. All right. You're you're out shopping for clothes with a friend. And stumble on a dress in a beautiful emerald shade you both look. You both look at the dress and realize that you're both the same size. But the only problem is there's only one you a tell her this look much better on me. Don't you think? And anyway, green makes you look like you have John dis thought jaundice, your skin turns like yellow yellowing of the is. I think I don't know be say, I really don't care who gets it. Just a dress. See snatch up that dress and say, I spotted her first mind mind de hen the dress her and insists she tried on. It's got her name written all over it. See? You are fucking snatcher. Of course. It's like shocker you're like that in fortnight. Me your snatcher. You're a snatch nano your thief. I share though, your thief, though, every time I go get a goddamn treasure map. I bring you shit back. I always give you golden how many times while I whisper you even in the game. Turn around us some nice twice more than one. But there are times where I keep come flying out of nowhere. I don't give a little rat. See I don't get. You read your brand. Just real quick for anyone who doesn't know have you ever watched mob wives and watch these women talk about their all they talk about their fathers and Retz and the also like they just got done smoking for the past like, four months, and like you fuck it fun. Fucking read your rent all die, rents you sisters grim. Great uncles dog. Will was read you read this. You got a cat. He's read you got a cat rat a rate, you hope fucking families my father. If he was a right if he was alive, he would contact your father, and then all the fathers have fathers day have a meeting, and then they kick out all the rents and you'd be one of them. You'd be the first read you'd be threaded, it'd be Retz net. Tripped, you'd be trapped as a rat deserve red driven talk about my uncle. He's read my uncle, my uncle's father was not a read. That's what you're wrong read. I did like big interest in peace because she was. So it's trying to go down. She was the best. Yes. She was the best calm down you girls. Like crazy love big no one or two 'cause she'll beat the shit at big was big and bigger reason was big, you know, big Andrews, like definitely the girl like do root shoot someone passer the gun. Hell ya stash it that's a midterm me on. To admit it turns me on goodfellas. Let's go. Oh, man. Again, we hit hit that do the gun. No good. Most of us would Iran had to admit it turns me on. You can't the rack of read. Everybody knows read guys put down the Marlborough lights fleas. All right. Oh, wait, just fourteen. I share with you a lot. I don't share Keith because he yells at me all time. Always yelling it. He is a yeller. Yeah. Heels you too. Yeah. Wasn't yelling at me. I don't know. There's Keith has good qualities qualities that's one of the bad ones. Yeah. But I don't think he knows he's yelling he's talks very low. I think he just talks that would snaps. He doesn't realize because he'll be really mean. Really made me sometimes I don't like them. Try my best, man. The good of the game. We'll be back here. Danny builds man, all my God. Get like that. Like makes me feel so bad about myself. So funny, don't engage at least he's not a fucking read. This is not read that trip like the rat. You great uncles fathers dogs. He's a little filthy Grandpa's dirty filthy, red filthy stake in dirty fucking gray rat, fat rat. Great dog walkers Gardner's a fucking rat. He was spying on my grandfather's grave reading. Why is funeral the rat? Stack. Family lineup stack. Aretz Birkbeck arrack was the rat. The biggest random. Are back. Arrack Burr, backer was a red played the piano, but we use red will tell on everybody. I got him. I gotta go. Oh god. Cheeks hurt. He was. What? Sweden. It's the only thing that there's just too. That's great. So. All right. You get a call in the middle of the night. It's one. You're good friends. Yeah. And she's. Call fuck for back. So. You got a call tonight. It's a good friend of yours and she's upset over her recent break-up. She can't sleep need someone to talk to you, a wouldn't bother picking up the phone. It's just way too late. Listen her for two minutes before dozing off. See talk to her talk to her about her problems. Talking about her problems for half hour, d say to her we've been over this so many times just take an Ambien already. That shannon. He's shown, but I did just take an Advil taking Ambien. Yeah. Call me in the morning. I would probably. I'd probably talk to him. I talked him. If it's serious you talk. If it's not you don't if if I wake up. But probably you don't probably talking. We'll pep talk. Yeah. Forget him. You don't need him. He's a fucking branch. But he's a good, man. He's of dirty think Phil fuck it. Reg Burr Becca rent? I can't anytime we say anywhere. God runs with Rhett. Now, the whole time. I was I just wanted to say read so bad. All right. So you listen to them talk to her about problems for half hour. Sure. All right. Four questions left threat. Right. Your friends baby shower is coming up, and you're not looking forward to it. You never been a big fan of the silly little frou frou parties. F R O U frou frou. I don't know what the fuck that is silly little fruit for parties. Parts like frozen yogurt, or I have no idea AAC cancel on her with l bother giving an explanation be bite. The bullet and go to the party you want to support your friend. Even if a baby shower is your favorite thing in the world. See lying say you got called in the work last minute de Chopin. Our late leaves soon as the open up those gifts. Probably bite the bullet and go and hate it. The whole time I always feel bad not going things. I think you're right about that. Yeah. Don't feel bad because it's one of those things that like w dick you have to go like, you know, about how much you do in your life. You don't wanna deal? Yeah. Like every christening baptism conto. I'm like, I don't wanna see this fucking baby. Drowned second I gotta get dressed baby. Take a bath gross fucking splash around the water. They read. Watching that red little red baby bath over there. Fuck fuck it read. The gaveled that preseason fucking read. Win a wire. Father fucking red. Glad that we didn't do this at the beginning of the episode. Would have been so mad right there. Right. Your your definition of friendship can be Sunday summed up some up like this. Hey, it's a bit of give and take. But I'm usually the one in the right? That's. It's all about support love and trust see friendships like other things in life. Don't usually last. I feel odd for that. D it's all about me. And what I get out of it. Hey, it's a bit of give and take. But I'm usually the one in the right? Yeah. Probably. Yeah. I don't think you've ever been wrong in your life. You're having friends over for wine and cheese party. Jeez. Right. You haven't cheat. Yeah. No. Can you? Fuck it. You get some extra cheese on there. You fucking red. Oh god. They're all rats already on each other on the show that white background to. Oh my God. I love I love when they have that they cut to them like a confessional. And they're all just like, I was Drita. I was going to be always I'm like first of all Judy fuck me up one hundred could beat the shit. But it's just funny. How like they're all just like you followed by father, my father was it would be he would do something to your father your father, and they cut back to her and she's her hands. Always like this. Oh, I thought he'd beat the shit out of her. She likes. She always fight though on the show fight. Fight trains and shit. Oh my God. You saw that flying your head? Head. Look like a rat. A pigeon is flying. You're having friends over for wine and cheese party. What are your friends brings a girl you've never seen before? And you weren't planning on having a new member near group. You don't give a hoot who this girl is after all, she's not your friend, be figured the more. The merrier welcomed the new edition. See pull your friend aside and say, why don't you tell me this? Why don't you? Tell me you bring someone. It's the prizes. Andy, look, the new girl up and down and wonder where on earth she purchased such hideous close. I would put my friends decide you would right. Like if I came here one day like for like work, and I just brought a dude like a friend of mine you'd be like what the fuck you doing? I think you would. Yeah. I'd be like, Danny. I don't know who this guy is. But he has to leave. Ten minutes ago. Whatever. You're at a friend's house. She shows you a pair of new Christian Lubaton. It's she SE. What do you think of her new heels? And you say are those sways be careful swig. It's beat up really quickly be your feet. Don't look nearly as big in those as they normally do S C, they'd be fabulous. If they were on my feet. And d are you kidding? They're gorgeous. I think I'd go with. I probably say there were gorgeous. See, I think you're hey person of those swayed. Yeah, I kind of feel like you'll be like, but if someone's see the like like your very rarely like those are like you'd be like Yogi like those are going to be like hard keep clean. When we talk about sneakers. Yeah. Okay. What do you think? All right. So we'll put I know. It's you what do you want? Be true to yourself, which one do you think you're more likely? Do I like them? The Christian Lubaton, but some of them could be ugly. Yeah. So if they're ugly. I've really liked them. I'm going to say that I liked. All right. Are you kidding? They're gorgeous. Yeah. Last question, we go the big one one of your friends is crime because her boyfriend of two weeks broke up with her. You a say that sucks, but it's not like he was a long relationship be tell her get over it already. It was only two weeks. See frown and say what stirred what read would read men who needs them d- hug her and tell her house are you are that she's upset. He is a red. He is a red. It would probably be like. Probably be like a, and then immediately be okay that sucks, and then get over it which one which one are you that sucks. But I think you're a more than your be. Well, I would eventually get to be after a while of them being like, yeah. But I'd like you don't even fuck in. No this guy. Yeah. So which one are you a or b I'd be a, okay. It sucks. But at least it wasn't like a long thing. It should be easy to get over. And then if you continue to act like, you know, the world is ending. I'd like the fuck you don't fucking also two weeks is in boyfriend. I'm sorry. Yeah. Sorry. You got porked this guy reeled you out. Yeah. Like a red like. Like home. My god. Joe's result as a friend is can I read it? They feel my result as a frail. My result as a friend is a Debbie Downer. Wow. Hello, Debbie Downer. Why so negative? There's no need to rain on anyone's parade. It doesn't do you. Or then any good? Your indifference towards your friends, and their needs is very off putting step up to the plate and try being more, caring. You get what you give and as dance now, you're not giving much. Wow. Shit my soul. I didn't think that was going to be the answer. At all. I'm Debbie Downer. I'm Debbie Downer. I'm Debbie Downer. I don't agree. I don't agree. Oh, no. You do good that it doing good? Do you believe any of that? I'm Debbie Downer. You insane. None on no any of that. Like. Definition. There of what a Debbie Downer is know their definition of how you treat your friends, dude. It couldn't be any more. This is the end to this is Debbie Downer. And like someone who's not carrying this girl. Joe agree with me. What are we talking about? I'm frayed now. No. Yeah. But how did I what did I answer? I don't know. But I'll maybe that last question really did it in could've could've put you over the edge could've because that was kind of like down. I would want a friend. That's like oh after two weeks, and I'm going to sit there and sulk with you fucked. You're not a big Solkar though. I hate that shit. But you, but if you're sulking you like to soak. I be but I'm very short sulfur. Your shorts shoulder. I am a short soaker try to set three times fast short sulk soaker. So so short soaker. What am I saying again short soaker short sulk ler? Three times fest. Short sole source. Shaw short sulky short soaker show. Also. Canadian US shorts. Okay. I can't do it short soccer. Short sulk short socor shorts. A deep breath and close your eyes only way short soaker showed soccer's. It's funny because oddly sexual out of your mouth. I say it three times fast. Short Solkar short Solkar short Solkar, short Solkar. Scottish, okay, ready? Last. Shit. So. Fucking rag. Short Solkar short socor shorts. It's impossible. God Jesus, man. Yeah. But I would not say you're Debbie Downer. No, no, not at all. I don't think I'm Debbie. Debbie, if anything you're the life of the party of. Yeah. I like to be life power. Anything now short Solkar shorts. Awkward, but I do sulk but not for a long time. And that all the time like when other people sulk around. You can't stand it. No because. Yeah, I don't I don't like it. That you think? Because I don't like to do it. So it's like even when I'm doing it. Like, I hate that. I'm doing it. So I don't. Like if I'm soaking about something, right? Haven't recently. We're like a whole day. I was just like not doing shit. I was just hall thrown off. But when I have days like that. I'm not like looking for Yoko, come comfort me. And like, you know, I know I know what I'm doing, you know, aware you like to be alone when you sold you like to be alone like the initial salt because I feel like no one can fix this. I'm gonna fix it like Utah came in. It's going to be okay. Like does nothing for me. It's nice to hear. But at the end of the day. That's not going to give me any results. Right. You're not gonna convince me that like, here's what you gotta do, man. You gotta get back on the horse. I know what? I do. Right. But it is nice to hear it. I'm not saying I don't wanna hear it. Right. But a lot of people kind of expect to hear it are they need it. And like, I don't like that. Okay. Because I feel like I know what I have to do whatever. And like you're also kind of truth her like like, you'll be like. Like, you said you answer one of the questions like it would start with the ice cream. And then like kind of end with you kind of like, speak some truth. Oh, yeah. We're just like let's go because that's what I would do like if you told me like just got laid off at work. I just got laid off at work like Loker coming. Go get a drink or something like what? Yeah. Cool. And then we get there. And we talk about it. But eventually we get to the point where it's like, dude. Like, and like, I wouldn't. But I wouldn't sit there and let you soak and be like all man, this sucks. I know man. It really does suck. Like, you know, you know, you just gotta like, you know, what I have like your. Here's a plan of what we're going to do. Well, how do you how do you usually get yourself out of places? Like that of what like like like you said you had a whole day where you kinda like salt kind of. How'd you get do you think you have to do that? Sometimes like are you in deep thought when you're sulking maybe subconsciously, I am a little bit right? Yeah. Everything kind of goes still bit. Yeah. I mean, dude your mood, and like, I'm a big energy guy your energy when thrown off. It's like, I'm not even fun the beer round energies off, and you can read me like a book. Yeah. So it's that's what it is. It's like I almost get it's motivating and it makes me angry. A little bit at the same time if I'm soaking. And then later on the day, I'll have to be like, all right? Here's one tomorrow. And I'm gonna have to get this shit done, and I'll have to get this done. And this is what I want to do. So I can't sit around and just sit and be this dude all day, it kind of gives you an example of what you could be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a good thing. Because it why in fathers me to watch people. Do it a why though I don't know it just does. I guess it's because I don't see like your like, do you? Do you see it as weakness? Yeah. You do. So you kind of just stop being weak. Not as harsh as you're saying. It's like, you're showing weakness. Now the way my head works is like yo like now that you're here. Now, you know like. What you have to do in order to come out of dislike state that you're in of like, you know, but I feel like are you a person that like say like you feel like, you know, the answer? But nobody would know the answer to help, you know, it's it has nothing to do with that. Okay. There's no like answers to when you're upset about something or said about something like you can't help that like if you're upset about something. And I could not understand why the fucking upset about that doesn't change. The fact that you're upset, but. I don't wanna hear about it. No. I'm down to hear about it. Like, I'm not like that. Like, dude, don't tell me your problems, you're sick. Unless you're sick. I'm sick. No. If you're sick don't tell me out loud. No, no, no. Fassi? I feel just telling me fun. No. It's the second time. Second time. I am. I asked you how you doing? And you're like do not really feeling well, whatever. And then like two days later, you're like you'll how you doing. Don't be like, you know. It's just really like. I'm fine. Oracle, you know, but has nothing to do with like the answers or anything. I just feel like when I'm upset about something. I know what I gotta do to make myself not upset and to pull myself out of whatever. And at the end of the day. Everyone's going to have to do that for themselves. Like, you can get all the reassurance. And all the whatever from somebody else of them being like, hey, man. You just got to keep your chin. Like why you wanna hear that? Like, you know, all that you hear it on TV, you give that a bullshit of ice other people like whenever they're said. So it's like why do you need to hear that? It means nothing like at the end of the day. You can give me all the reassurance in all the like pity in the world. But if I don't choose to be like today, I'm going to get up and I'm going to get some shit done. And I'm going to forget about this. Then that means nothing, right. You have to grow from the succession of court yet. Right. And like I throw. Yeah. But that's that's why I like to be alone because I think it expedite that process. I don't really like to be, you know, I'm someone who likes to be the center of attention. Right. But I don't like to be the center of attention. When something sad is happening. Like, if something bad happened like for instance, I was out at a bar, and I bet the under in some game put a bunch of money on it. And the last second. There was a deep S three that put it over by half a point. So I was just like oh my God. And then everyone around me is like, oh do and like asking me questions, it'd being like, oh, it's all right. Don't worry about it. Like, all right, right. And blacks, you know, it's not that big of a deal chill. You know? I don't like that sort of set of retention where it's like everyone knows something bad happened to. So they wanna console you. I don't need your consoling. Yeah. Like like support and whatever is different than. Sort of you know, what I'm saying? I it's going to be okay. I don't need you to Pat me on the back need you to be my boy in like, whatever, you know, what I'm saying keeping moving after that. I'll be all right. That me up. It's all good. But I don't need you to be like fucking. You know, make me feel like a child here, you know, that could be belittling at the same time to a little bit. And I even if they don't mean it just like, you're probably not a five year old. Yeah. That's probably something wrong with me in there. That's like that. But yeah, I don't I don't like that. You're not a big fan of said nece. No, I hate it. I don't I don't know why anyone would would be a fan of sadness. I feel you on that. I do. I don't know what before we wrap up here. 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