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"christian hayward" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"And conquer is kind of like Johnny Smith. He's a move tight end, HVAC type, really good with the ball in his hands. He's 6 two. So he's not like a big guy you're going to run the scene, but if they're going to go that route, right, if they're going to and we think that they might add. The full back position may not be done. It might just be done as we knew it. This would essentially be this pick would be if they're not going to use John Smith primarily in that role. This pick would be, hey, Dalton king didn't work out. Here's a guy with a similar skill set that maybe can fill that role. Yeah. So I'm assuming Christian Hayward is gone, right? Oh, I don't know. So Christian Hayward would be Christian it looks like he is. Yeah. That's what I meant. Connor Hayward. Conor Hayward here is really interesting too. But Connor Hayward, they're going to trade back to the 7th for Conor Hayward. Connor Hayward is more of a fullback fullback. He's not going to he's got some army knife to him though, right? I mean, he's got some athleticism and some pass catching ability. I think he would just be a guy on top of the fact that he's got the pedigree and the off field character and all that kind of stuff. He just feels like the type of guy they would like, right? Just one of those footballs. So then why don't we do, why don't we do this then? Why don't we do that? Just move back to the 7th round and get him and pick up a future pick. We're probably going to lose him in knowing our love, but yeah. We need a team that actually has a future future 7th. The falcons made the stocks want to move up. We do love trades. They don't have a south. We love trades. Yes, you chargers have a bunch of things. Two 36. Yeah. Here I go, like at perfect being the enemy of good trying to get these 7th round picks right..

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