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"christian grzelcyk" Discussed on Poke the Bear

"Now, you mentioned the movies aspect of things. I don't know what's nominated. I'm not a huge move. But but because my friends I told you last I told you on Bruins week this week. I've seen Goodfellas the first time this past month. He's movie. I'm trying to, movie guy. So HBO month now and I was going to want last night. I was going to watch or Tuesday night. I was going to watch Judas and the black Messiah, which is was up this or I think that's up for something this year. I know it's it's definitely not it's cool to be able to watch a movie that is in theaters, but watching from your bedroom, but I was about to watch it and then I saw Dunkirk and I'd never seen done purpose. I Gotta See Dunkirk first just cuz it came before I gotta get out of those gray move. Dunkirk was great. Very good. I said movie theaters and it was loudest movie. I'd ever seen in my life it literally like every single time. It was like a shot went off. It was like everyone was jumping so happily you definitely lose some of that when you watching it from your living room or from like your laptop, but it's still very cool that you're able to especially HBO Max and got like friggin 5 or different like brand new movies every every week. So it's as well my monitor and I didn't I was like, you know, one of the morning I don't want to wake up my whole house and it's in the movie does have a lot of dialogue a it's kind of like parts. So, you know, you're you're up in the volume when it's slow and then a bomb goes off and it's just like there's so much audio. So I had to kind of not wake up the whole house with that one. And now he's HBO Max talk. We'll get right back into Brewing stuff cuz unfortunately Bruins aren't on HBO Max, there's unfortunate, but nevertheless the case, but Wednesday night against the Capitals. Yep. Christian grzelcyk are likely to more likely to return again. We don't know if they actually did but our guest as they did I guess they'd returned from you know, text me just for the show who do the Bruins need back more for his like or crazy. I will let you go first who they need back bumper sticker. Great. Well, I think if you look at maybe the the struggle the last couple of games I'm like kind of inclined to say that maybe Grizzlies been missed more just on the defensive side of things obviously both our keys, right?.

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