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Chocolate Melk - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW]

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Chocolate Melk - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW]

"Looking for a new career, but don't want to spend four years in college. Then checkout e CPI university through are year round accelerated programs. You can earn a bachelor's degree in just two point, five years an associates in one point five or earn your masters in as little as fifteen months whether it's technology healthcare business criminal justice, or the culinary arts are hands on programs can help you reach your professional goals. So what are you waiting for visit? Dot Edu to learn more. The Fan. Razors for last mother sweetheart one, we just grabbed key Democrat. Bird. Go Nito. Is Good News. Feel Brame, are you mad? Do you feel like walkabout? Can Furnish. Google you begin. To. It's there and I'm just guessing. Here's some kind of medication that you may need a lot of and have taken none of. It is the th day of August twenty twenty good morning everybody. My name is Chris Hockey. It's Wednesday. It's a Marnie Wednesday Rosie will be here as well. Mark Perish is on his way in right now we've got the dual the decades and so much more to get to. So thanks for tuning in. Let's get it started with Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan you kidding me great way to start off a day. My name is Chris Hockey, and I. Am Glad Your here when you're in your sixties, people ask you to do something you just say no. No reason. No excuse. No explanation. I wait for my seventies. I don't even think I'll answer. I like this time. It's relaxing. Grow I don't WanNa change I don't want to improve anything I. Don't want to expand my interest meet anyone or learn anything I don't already know I don't lie in restaurants anymore. How's everything? I don't like it here. On the people around my age like to make a bucket list, I made a bucket list. Then I turn the beat an F. and I was done with that too. I, just want you to have that option. You can either check off all your items or changed one letter at the top urine lazy boy watching the ballgame. Why would a dog bark at three o'clock in the morning in your neighborhood? What does that all about? I'm talking about when there's one dog, you know doing a monologue like at three o'clock in the morning. What are they doing I, think they just go out on the porch at that hour and just go. Nice and quiet. Water Barking up for no reason why so? And around you think they're done. I. down. The Dole. Argue with them. Wouldn't it be weird if people like that for no reason. Some guy went out on his porch at three in the morning. Nobody knows them like new. The neighborhood just goes out to you. Is. They're white people risotto. So hockey became schemes. Drinks on prince album. Well, come to the power trip morning show it is Wednesday August, nineteenth of twenty twenty my name's Corey. His name is Chris his name is Paul there. Zach. It is a beautiful Wednesday in the twin cities at least it looks like it's going to be very beautiful today now, who knows? Dark out so I like. Yeah. Right. Looks like it's going to be a nice one mark perish should be here within a matter of moments. Marnie. Later Mark Rosen. Later sauce you got your Trivia bit today, we'll get you the decades. Today. Hard on a day I was legitimately pissed that I missed it last week. Last week was pretty good. This one. I think you'd be your favorite. I. Love It. I can't wait. That's it does six twenty. Yeah. Morning Zach how're you? Cory, how are you doing in this? Guy You look great today by the wakes. Does. He look. Look better than me that. You know how much I love that shirt and the rip it off. You know my Lord Low. Shows. The shelf wait. So he has to take their split light up like a safety, right? Yeah. you know you get over can't say. What he's done something. In fact, you'll be doing that this Friday night Zach did you know that? You know we had a Gig Friday as of last Friday. Yes. I do good man. I love it Fairmont Baby. Down to Bacon towns showdown. The what town vacant town showdown. Brian Kelly Bacon Town Martin County fairgrounds in Fairmont. MINNESOTA. This coming Friday night where is that? County. Where FAIRMONT IS MARTIN? County. Is Two hours away. I. Don't know where Bake in town is but I want to go to tell you what they are huge amount of power trip fans there in fairmount in the entire area. So excited for the Bacon town showdown to be socially distance people have their masks don and we'll be playing music for you. So come on out this Friday night baby. Think we have four shows left for this year and that's it. No more book in any more shows for your boy. Taking the rest of the year. That's right. You've earned. Haven't actually. But. It has to have. Well that's awesome. Town showdown south sweet that's. was great that I don't know if. That's to. To time-sensitive that you had last night, you know. Now that's through I. Mean This let's Today turns out to be a historic day right and then I'll make note but as of right now. I don't think. So these two idiots are wearing the same shirt. Gash. Foster wearing this it's the back. To Soda Stick. The. Shirt Soda Stick Wales. Fails and others the same lines. What was going on? He just said I I know what is. Walking the same their dress in the same point. My goodness, if they're both drinking red bull sweet hell is going on over there. We've morphed into one. Yeah. Looking into. They're both going commando. Yeah Yeah I mean who doesn't yeah. Why don't command those hot? Perish get started. We've got a lot to get you right of course, Dula decades at six twenty you're sticking around the whole show, right? Yes. You're stuck with review we stuck with I. Love Trivia. Night come off the here for dual the decades I love doing decades. That's I like Wednesday's now you're. Just Wild Wednesdays really boring but now it's cool Do me favor to start the show at five forty two. Yes. Shut Your Eyes for one second. We're not gonNA punk you or punch you in the face just want you to shut your eyes and being serious. So you can feel this ready. Get back underway torment loses the. Gimmick. right-back. Joe. Housing over it's seven oh on the power. is on the. It wasn't as exciting as having the lead. But. It was pretty damn exciting. Better. This. Accident now here's call going. Ahead Yeah. That's in the back of neck down that means. We had the lead. We had the lead I'm truly never thought we would score. So I like the first one better but I understand the fact that we technically had a lead onto the best players in the world is something you and I can have in the back of our half for the rest of our. People while seconds or whatever it might have been but we had it well, I, I would say the first one definitely was most surprising right? Because we didn't expect. We're GONNA score that at all right but man have the lead those guys are world champions. Yeah. But again, I I broke down yesterday. If you watched that replay of game three, they've both we're going for boosts. Which means I just think they weren't communicating make definitely return one of the score I thought they maxed out the goals they were scoring as fast as they possibly it was. But on that one, I don't think they both go for boost like that in a championship game communication would have been better because they parted the Red Sea not to give me a goal just both. At, the same time and I had to wide open lane and just didn't blow it. Yeah. Leg I would've? Maybe. Yeah. Well in my well, my favorite goal was I. don't remember which one it was that scored at but was when they're like in the air and you went up to save it and they'd like just let go we said the same thing that was. That was control we have to guess because there's so much. So I, guessed right and went all the way up met him and. They're. Just. Like just incredible you, you're a thirty second break down what it feels like to play those guys. Yeah Right. It was humbling like. But especially because usually like when we play all right, I messed up a good half a dozen times where I probably should have scored a goal or I could have made a save I think it'd happened like once where I had like I had a straight on shot at a ball that was coming at our net and I- whiffed once other than that I just I wasn't even is some great views rate. They got football camp otherwise miss the whole game man I was replace. Incredible great torment and Gimme what they were doing in the air, and then just like you know upside down, twisting spinning, catching with her back tires to go front tires, their hood or just the one where they just kind of gently carried it in the hallway or the last goal that they or they just kept it up. Just incredible. Yeah. Why that was a lot of fun. Thank you permanent and given. Yeah. Yes superfund it was fun to watch. Perish. What's up anybody? Do those things on you excuse me coming. You know when they're giving you a massage the Kathy all yeah. Did it bruise you? The worst is when like I've done that both my shoulder my knee after surgeries where they do the break-up scar tissue exactly. Yeah. It's like, yeah you should see my back right now i. Get it yet the. Yeah exactly, I've been getting massage because I've been having some issues with my shoulders you know and. Man They're breaking. He said the scar tissues and the knots and stuff in there and she told me to take about three sessions and this place that I go to I don't mind saying uses cultivated CBD as part of the deal. So they're actually massaging CBD and the new skin and she asked if I wanted to try cupping because she said, she thought that it would speed the recovery of and we try to yesterday it feels so good but my back looks horrible right I can't believe how bruised I am right now and I only barely see it in the back. Yes. I've done it before it feels good. Believe Purple Yeah Yeah you look like the kid in the crash test dummies video. Long. Now that. You go to school. Yeah. It's it's sweet man. Going to. Take. His Shirt off Oh. My. Neck. Oh, my God. On. Zach take you. See this is why needs my help during the show and needs this close? Oh yeah, it's not as bad as I thought. I thought it is a couple of. Look like the. Purple Elephant from Dumbo or something. Yeah. It helps a ton. I've had it done a few times. It's great. Usually what hurts the most helps you free awesome. Yeah. But Man I'll tell you what? The difference after two visits you gotTa Take Care of yourself. Corey. To me. On the one that was in the Er a great point. Yeah. But yeah, it's Going around many basically tried to save himself by getting ice cream yeah. Sounds like a perfect plan to me I guess you guys run a new on Saturday or not? No. Yeah shows up with an ER bracelet he spent the morning in the hospital does his hearts phone apart? Happy Saturday. Correct breath whatever. Between you an age I mean what the heck's. That was at the Vikings game. I forgot about stress around here. Not really no not really. I mean kind I. Guess Maybe I don't know but I would suggest cupping if you're. Issues man they do it, they just put up on a fresher. Yeah no not take. Now yesterday they're like suction cups man. Yeah. Apparently like they pull the skin away if you. It's. Cool. The tire inflator. Hockey don't watch it or perish, but you'll notice if you watch it a lot of the NBA guys let arms look like that. The Big Purple Blotch is on from it because that's what they do to release some of the pressure them back and body no pain a a nokia massage and pain therapy. Lana is the one. I gotTa tell you I'm feeling so much better I. Wish I waited so damn long man you know I like getting massages but for all the wrong reasons. And now. Dr Oh no. No, it's not like that. It's all I need more. I went to massage place for a legitimate reason this. Hasn't. Been Ever Weird ladies. Hurt. Is the one where you got your Johnson knocked around is that still open ones being closed and I believe Cup people in jail that does right and you make it sound as if i. Went there for that. Well, it's not the people where you get your cuts that we think that's a Ro Robin talk you were gone before they could finish. Or they did say that and I did go investigate because I was the only gentleman in the salon. Brave and I wanted I wanted to find out if everybody was getting to the bottom of hold on core, he was the only gentlemen in the salon right because. The rest of us go to barber shops or haircut. STEIDL. Yes Yeah Yeah. Man. Genius. I don't know. Like you guys, right. Yeah. I'm. This tough. Right. and. Paris. You walked out of honey and Mackie's on Saturday look at was A. Fine around the supermarket sweep Oh, my Lord. How much did you get a lot like semi begs I had four scoops while I was there Wa and had a pint soon as I got home. Yeah. I've never had I wasn't kidding I had legit ice cream for lunch and. Console, my horny level. Out. why had two of the initials which was very good. My near like the princess sort from will yeah all. Yeah. With so good. So good and then I had A. Chocolate chip raspberry. Chocolate rain she should I don't even know what that means, but it sounds good. I'm ready for breakfast. Yeah Didn't guy go to. US We. That's a real song. Sounded like Saas mess around with something if you want to. If he still lives here, he went to the you if he still lives he goes but if he does. Don Days. You'd lives in L. A. Indianapolis native that's real but he does still lives here John Literally. Him To come to honey. Maggie's sing that song for two straight hours. Is She slings chocolate raw? This'll be shocking, but I think he does a bunch of voiceover work. Like that. Guy's head him on I. Think we might have I don't know. Like. Trip like Oh six power. That's how old were getting in how long we've done this show. If if somebody if you're trivia today at eight forty was true or false, this person has been on this good idea. That's that's gotta be like guys I've played with my hockey career. Sure nodes. Teams. Correct. Last night dinner I got a frantic you. said he played. Sure I don't even really care that much in. Yeah. You can't remember it must not have. Eighty, five, ninety percent I'm not saying we would get half wrong but I bet I bet we would get a bunch wrong forgetting I I'm pretty sure you guys had him on I don't ring a bell. I. CUSS to. Cancel. Yeah. It's a chronic sleep deprivation. Vacation. One Week, of five thirty before thirty. Oh, by the way. Perry. Yes. Finally brought you back your jerseys that you gave me two years ago. Oh, my God I forgot about that. Yeah. They're. Game. Mark Pairs turn. Over their. Remind, me get those to you when he was playing with those guys that he doesn't remember that. Guys I remember the. PUCK. Skates. Now here's the thing I was gonNA wear on stage because they're cool and then I put one of them on I'm like Oh man this is way too big. Kevin Smith. Right. So I said I, would you mind me cutting these up and he goes? To cut those Jones each. One of them. Yeah. He looks like a lady and Happy Gilmore happy wanted breakfast. Yeah. Sleeves on these. Pockets you can cut up. The name off the back of cheese number. was next time on the United Enter Mirena. Here Martin later. Rosie later. The power. Jim Warren Jonathan. Because I don't want to be stuck wearing my old outdated glasses because I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the eye center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for lacy over the past thirty years. The eye center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the freedom lacy provides now is the time for Lasix with twenty percent off or limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation now at the center dot com, some restrictions apply Cena not the same thing I say, not at the Fisher. The Fisher. House I know is a huge part of land covering for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just, having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. took. So much weight off our shoulders how can you help go to fisherhouse dot org the fan? All right. Good Morning. It is six am on the dot. August nineteenth. It's Wednesday marked parishes I mark. High Modest again Mario. Mark coming a little bit later as well plus the decades try twenty minutes from now outweighs. Mart. took. Off. What's wrong with mark? He's cranky today. In an girl Tumblr I guess God guys. Sports release, we can get it over with. We can have a dual the decades deep dive. Yes. Hold on. I'm almost ready how the hair is. Time now for front page sports presented by Ryan to see. Criminal Defense. Hey. Thanks Ryan Criminal Defense. Be Twins beat the drunken S- Ghani's four three in twelve innings but the main story was that they blew a three zip lead. After Kenta my eight, a No hitter into the ninth. Pretty. Sweet right. I watched all of it he. He's so good and they got him basically as a throwaway for Bruce Star. When they made that trade, and then all those other things happen with Boston and the dodgers unbeliev man he was done he was. Filthy the whole game until that last inning no hitter into the ninth. He also said a twins record by having eight consecutive strikeouts the major league records ten. Let's impressive. Ericsson's no hitter back in the you've seen one live it. That's how it will kidding. Yeah. It was like five hundred of us the Dome Yeah. Oh. Yeah. The Path platformers is awesome. So he finished with twelve strike as strikeouts in one hundred and fifteen pitches. The one fifteen is the most by any pitcher in baseball so far this season. Anyway. Thinning. Polanco knocked in boxing. That was the game winner. So they ended up beating drunken. Scott anyway forty-three, the twins are now up to sixteen eight they eleven into at home. Yeah. There was it was fun to watch and I think a lot of people in the ninth inning were wondering how are they going to celebrate a p throws a no hitter you can't Bob in. It would have been interesting to see what they did because a socially distant. Yeah. Mob Throw Gum at him for six feet away Gama. Game to Janis Tonight at seven ten. He's GonNa try throw a no hitter that. Yesterday we were talking about the NBA playoffs and I'll. Bet. Court Lakers clippers. The Lakers in the bucks. Yeah. And I took everybody else. I'm off to a good story because the bucks and the Lakers both lost but. Before we get to the Lakers and the fact that they lost the blazers the magic we talked about yesterday to win the series are thirty, two one. Yeah, right. The bucks were minus fifteen thousand to win the series they lost by twelve in game one, the magic in one twenty to one ten over the bucks. With thirty five points in fourteen boards. They got a long way to go if you're a thirty to one underdog and you win game one, there's no there's no home in Rhode Right Parish Yeah so if you can do it in the bubble. It's not like you go about who Milwaukee and find a way to win game two. You're GONNA, play the same the same guys you can do it again. Maybe I don't. Want to say this is so obvious in hindsight because it's not hindsight but. Shouldn't we have guessed that weird things we're going to happen. We've seen it in hot already right? We should've guessed in the NBA. Let's just bet heavy on the long shots and hope a couple of them head. I'm not I. Don't think the magic are going to hang on and beat the box but. Twelve point winning game one is a thirty two one shot a lot of its belief you believe you can beat them. But Harry. Yeah thank you. You're welcome grade-point by the way but as you know most of the time, the more talented team win. Yeah. In the long run, it's a seven game series. It's like one game isn't much more often than not and that's typical year obviously hockey 'cause I don't know damn thing about basketball but I it's one game like who cares move and on a fluke yes. I. IF ANYTHING IT'S A. Wake up call to the better team like, Hey, okay I guess we gotta these guys seriously the one that might not be a fluke though as the other one, the Blazers one, hundred, ninety, three over the Lakers Damian Lillard continues to be on a bubble tear thirty four points Lebron James did have an unbelievable triple double twenty three points seventeen board sixteen assists but I believe he's lost something like five straight playoff games and I this morning when I was putting my stuff together that the Lakers I think it was the worst three point three point shooting team left in the playoffs and they were like five of twenty nine or something from last night in that killed him. He won one, thirteen one. Oh, one over the Pacers Butler twenty eight points do you ever see Like when the wolves are in the playoffs which never ever happened. Rosie. Laugh. When I read a score of the he one, one, thirteen, one on one of the Pacers that must be with the rest of the country feels like about every Minnesota series, right? Neither one of those two teams matters. They're just they're battling. It's cute Jimmy. Right but I mean what a waste of time. Houston one, twenty, three, and one, zero eight over the thunderheart and thirty seven points and eleven boards usually. He's so good. God. Scores, scores every time he goes down the Court Vegas moving on. Mark. Perish, they win the series four one over. Chicago they won the game four to three. Yeah I. Wonder how Chicago's feeling paying half Robin, lenders, Contract Trading Vegas, watching him, beat them in the playoffs those the same point. I. Was GonNA. Make sure it was the caps. beat the the islanders three two to stay alive your former squad was going for the sweep, but they still lead that series. Now it's three to one the caps still alive. It's not surprising. You. You see that a lot where teams quote three rip The team that's up obviously in the series kind of takes a breath in and well nobody wants swept. It's just flat out embarrassing getting swept I don't. Goals he finally woke up Yep stars to one over the flames. Your former squad Dallas leads three games to two, and I liked that after going down to nothing in this series coming back three to I, got I got a chance at having four teams go on here. Yeah. The field would be great I would like that from boy. Who made that bad who's on WHO's going on? I Did Yeah. Yeah. So sauce. You have fifty with Hawk and you fifty Zak yeah. And and you have perished teams or non perishable. Team and I. I had no idea that Tampa that Paris. Point for Tampa probably wouldn't have done the bet. I don't know why Tampa's aren't they the best team. Yeah. They're. They're the most skilled team I Boston need look at Boston but them losing to Rask. In taking off. Goal tender took earlier. Did you hawk? Flyers. Canadians leads that series three games to one. Phillies planned incredible. They're they're Corey Hart the goaltender they're young goaltender is just outdueling Jerry. Price. Them they were yes and. Didn't he did the drunken Scotties the brewers have a guy in Corey Hart and this is the song always play. He was like right fielder. He have to. Discern intercessory. Still say one of the best it's ever that Will Ferrell Saturday night live scary comes into the courtroom in a wheelchair and the judge asks what happened. Because he just playing corey. Hart. Were car rats. Good suburban you. Want my sunglasses at night. I mean. They made a whole skit out of that one no no it was like I think it was a bunch of one hit wonders. All right that were in trial or on trial for something I don't remember the premise I just remember that the funniest moment in the sketch was, when will it gets wheeled in? He's funny. Super Funny. You'RE GONNA do do all the decades when. We do the keyword I share Zach six. Yeah that's all right. All right. All right I'll do it early the fan in WIXOM JEWELERS WANNA put a grand in your hand with our national cash contests just text the keyword love the two hundred, two, hundred to enter standard text message and data rates apply. Can you give us a preview of what we're battling? I can't when we come back their pop song and their ten years apart, hell. I pop songs I. Know You. Don't want to service, but it's One that I pay for if you know what I mean I'm sure. Yeah. So I can listen to a guy named savoured? Turn. powered. And they have these stations like I dunno eighty eight, ninety nine. How about this for a back to back humble this morning ninety nine, because it was nineteen ninety parts are currently had to. Pump up the JAM Helios into every second of it. Max Volume. When that was over they, it was some other garbage songs. So I flip date is eight and it was a believed nineteen, eighty-nine girl. You know it's true by Milli Vanilli. It was it was seven straight minutes bliss. Go home knows on the way to work this morning. I'm Jack, up, let's go to vote radio. Yeah. Let's pump up the jam around here. I. Had the same thing over on this hair metal station. Scorpions no one like you. Scorpions, notices bladder. Wade better better scorpion suck. Wolves. We go step on. Step Mom. This is. A. This. Right. Back to junior high. Don't go to. More. Thank. Okay when I was thirteen. This long hasn't gotten any better. It's still a ten. Get your booty on the floor. Yeah. Yeah that's a great song. Yeah. What did the rolling stone set? Wasn't? It? Didn't they vote on that song or something? Yeah. I mean. I was younger because again on came out in one thousand, nine hundred but I think in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five. I think they unanimously voted the greatest song ever ridden ever ever Oh. Wow and I believe they had something like twelve hundred writers vote well. Every writer who had ever written for rolling. Stone said, we should probably to shut down the magazine, Yeah I, think they did hockey still bison. Terrible. Now we're talking. Do I two thousand times better than this. We'll do what we come back. Joe. The Fan. It's twins on twenty powered by weeks. Jewelers discover the best selection of pre owned rolexes at Weixin Jewelers. The Minnesota twins won four three in twelve innings. But how they got there there they're starter can't by ADA through a wail of a ballgame a no hitter going into the ninth. Then there was a blue pit that wreck that but his final line he went eight. Up. One. Hit Struck out twelve at one point he hit the record with eight consecutive strikeouts at the twins record same two teams today at target field and was twins on the twenty s powered by Wickson. Julia's Minnesota, Swiss watch experts. It's time for dual the decades. Are. You guys ready for this. Born. Ready than sound like it. I. Get Ready. For this. So I don't it's not rocket league enthusiasm. Ever longtime he can't be honest about I feel like we're not ready for it. I feel like we should probably just. Jam. Around here. Zach this ten through one on one of the lists. That maybe you never know Gosh can you guys show a little excitement? Yeah. Great. have an open. I don't know you say. For it. Gets a little crazy. I don't say. The only thing I've got for an openness to go Lord Chris Hockey. That when when you got home Lord Chris Hockey that one Lord Chris Hockey that sounds like you're saying, oh Lord. Lord Chris Hockey. Lord Chris Hongi same. Christmas he wrote that one. Lord it's true. I'll have proof very soon. Owner of Chris. Bought that piece of land in Scotland just so Zach would have to call him that when they go onto her. I. All them that for two years. Ladies and gentlemen. Today's dual of the decades features the top ten pop songs. From nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, and nineteen, ninety, five. Yeah. It's a hard one or maybe not we'll find out. Let's start with the number ten pop song of Nineteen, Eighty five and you may say only number ten let's because it had been on the charts already for an entire year. This Wales take me. ME. Nothing. Attack Euler. I took this. In Common Man's one hit wonders from only the Eighties, seventies and fifties and sixties. Tucson's in the nineties. No because why would you want to? Play songs of your target Demo has heard. Your wife's the target demo. Brilliant. Polish. Number, ten in one, thousand, eight, five, nineteen, ninety-five. I've seen this live you have. No you have. To stand behind my typewriter there, I. Mean this at a super bowl comer superbowl commercial in my buddy jo who works at redwing boots randomly coming. Do you want to go see my toe Jordan was yeah. They made the commercial with us in the restaurant. It was sweep great story. Montell. Jordan was great. I'm going ninety five. Ninety five. Hundred. Eighty five, eighty, five on me I mean come on one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Miles. You. Thank you. One, nine, hundred, eighty, five. I was fourteen years old. It was a great year for music like this, the number of nine son nine, hundred, five. Off. Season for you. In tune smooth skin from the vision quest soundtrack greatest movie ever gauging last. Peg Board. Never seen a I can't do that split. That's number nine, thousand, nine, hundred, five hard to be. But maybe number nine of nineteen ninety-five can beat it. Little Song from Monica. Don't take it personal. Just on A. Vision Quest Eighty five with a bullet. I gotta be. Honest as Days. What are we going? I'm going in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, five. Eighty nine. So far. Domination that's to nothing. Nine, hundred, eighty, five. Let's see what happens. Again. Eighty, five, eighty, five. Doesn't even matter eighty five, you say. To hear nineteen, five, I need. Number Eight, of course, this is money for nothing chicks free from dire straits. Arkansas fluent. You knew that that quickly. Yeah this is nothing. How From. Madonna eighty five. Ninety five the rest of going eighty five. All right. So let's officially sold eighty, five, mark eighty five. Zach eighty-five ed corry eighty-five. By a mile domination. Dominate. Liked to Madonna songs but not the like slow ballad garbage I like the eighties pop Madonna. Interesting. Side. Some right. That's shreds. Phony to those are goods, eagles would be good right now intent Marnie, how much did you pay for? seventy, four, thousand dollars. Three to nothing. Is. Dominate. Domination, which is what I used to do in high school. Oh, here we go. Dominate those bitches. Are. You're talking about autres. Scoring. Cows. Nineteen ninety-five. Ninety. Five chance. Everybody wants the World Dennis Miller. Yes. So Tears for fears. This is arlene, prime versus somebody. Boxing. I was really thinking ninety five at a chance I'll maybe does else? Is it exactly like this is like AJ initials versus the rest of us what else is it? Exactly like this is like me at a buffet versus not eating at all. But I like it. Like. Is it exactly no. I don't think he understood that everybody wants to rule the world versus the number seven song of nineteen ninety-five. WHO Fantasy. Mariah Carey Right. For your phone to renew. Eighty. Zach. Five tears for. I. This like. That These guys. I thought the might have a chance against. Maybe Maybe. Number six of nine, hundred, eighty, five, which leads four to nothing. Over, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Oh. My God He. ended. This is. Corey eighty-five. This is the best. Better. With. Hunger Jad. Out of touch by hall and OATES. Great. Song versus nine hundred ninety five number six song. I used to do a routine this on. Twelve hours ago. This is real. McCoy. And? This dog wail. Eighty, five, eighty, five, eighty. Eighty, five. Yeah. You can say dominy. hydrates. Utter domination in. When eight was after the giant start last week initials and with five items ago, Christen Perish hadn't scored and I said something like parish hockey you have to run the table to tie marks said and pretty used to that. Made me laugh. We're halfway through the game in ninety five has to run the table to tie. Maybe it's because it's Migra you're struggling somewhat maybe maybe maybe we'll find out more. Ladies and Gentlemen Number Five Song of Nineteen. Five TUK TUK TUK a? TACO. tecom shock. The. Songs of old jazzercise video my mom. Deal convergence of cardboard break hand. The. Ripped up. One. Hundred rescues. Johnson. That's so good. But is it better than this? The number five song of nine, nine, ninety, five were. On bended, knee. Boys demand. By. Police who A lot of slow dance to the summit and go nineteen, eighty-five Lord Hockey. You're I'm sorry. Going on now nine, hundred five. Mark. Eighty five Zach I'll go with my birth year ninety, five what. You're taking boys to men over sex. Usually how? Well all Internet jokes aside, the last time I was on bended knee. Loses the drama, Call Gimmick. I have rug burns on my knee because I was on bended knee after scored against torment and Gimmick but this song sucks. Eighty, eighty five now six to nothing. It's never happened before in the dual of the decades could be a clean sweep today but it'd be great. We'll find. The best. Best. Yes. The number four, he's the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five wailers. Oh No are you kidding Dobbins Fema walkup saw. Even. I want to know. What love is yes. Foreigner Foreigner Right. In the country can I tell you a quick story? Here so swampy saw them at. I think. Grand Casino like fifteen years ago in every every song though lead singer would walk up to the Mike any goat. Doing. Anyone have any double vision and then they'd go into double vision. I don't know any other songs, but he did that for every single song they have everything every single one. He said double vision before every signed. Some of their other hotter it yeah. He'd be like any dirty white boy. Yeah. Correct. It's Kinda warm out here anyone hot blooded and then they'd going on. million. Out here waiting for a girl like you, right? Yeah. That's what he did. nineteen thousand five. Hundred. Ninety. The number four song in nineteen ninety-five. Remain rules by. Do we. Used to. Be. Good so good. Ongoing Ninety Ninety five Chris. Brown. Hockey. Oh. Go and foreigner I'm going eighty five. Oh Don't WanNA. Make this decision. Too To stop. By. God I hate this by myself ninety five Ya'll cornelius. Show. Nearly seal sign is crazy. Go Eighty, five, eighty, five. report. Decision. Embarrassment Brunette. I'm sorry. This is a great side go wrong there. That's a tough one. It almost happened ladies and gentlemen hope we are still Still on pace. A ten to nothing win for nine hundred, eighty five can happen. You'll have to find after this break. And we'll get to what really matters. Marnie Jonah joined seven o'clock. Chill. It's the of the decades it's the power of morning show. Mark. Parishes here. Marez. Coming into. Rosie O. B. Here's wall. But right now. We may be witnessing history. As nine, hundred, eighty, five, top, ten, pop songs are dominating nine, hundred, ninety, five, top ten, pop song. It's not even close. It's seven nothing. But the top three songs from each year are still up for grabs. Ready. We go back to nineteen five. The number three song. Say I come on my phone's ringing. ACT took. Zululand. Herman put the boom into my heart. Genius Zoo Anderson. The perfect song for Gasoline A. Wake me up you go. I mean. Is it better than? Eighty. Yes creep. By TLC yes. Am I gonNA recognize. Somebody. Should say Rosie's phone is ringing. I'M GONNA to go nineteen eighty-five. Hockey. Nine Hundred Eighty Zach. Swam baby eighty, five, five. Yeah it's. Believable happening now this is incredible ninety five is running out of time. We'll write better songs. Last. are going to be. The number, two song of Nineteen eighty-five. Like burgeon. Thousand nine hundred five hours. was. On Eight. Three. Rate Song. But. Is it better than the number two song of Nineteen ninety-five? Pacific. Chasing. Waterfalls. leadoff. Lead. I'M GONNA go nine, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Yeah, I gotTa go ninety five. Waterfalls for like a virgin. Virgin Okay eighty-five so alive. I'm not saying a word I need to know what you think sir. Is it waterfall like virgin TLC or Madonna? I had this album. That's sucks nobody. The video. Is Incredible right I believe at one and video of the year. This is like the biggest song of all time. Maybe the second biggest song of Nineteen ninety-five or that. Yeah. But I, it was the biggest video of the year right. I believe it one videos here. Like a better song just this could you? Come on. This this video. Come on I'm still going ninety, five five. To nothing just tasks Las, I'm right. Down to this. and I wonder. What we history? Today be the day the power trip fans look back on. This is one of the greatest days of their lives. When they heard a dominant dual of the decades, some people said, it would never happen. We'll find out if it has have awful lives as this. One. Of the greatest days of their lives. Song. Of One, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Oh. No Sexy Sax. Sexual Now Yeah. Like a saxophone player to come into the bedroom just. Play music while you're on getting on. On the whole you're on the Internet. Appeal for just say. Play this song if you want to. Get it on just we're that I don't want him to watch us. Play, the music man. Around. Rosie's taking saxophone. All comes down to this. Careless whisper. Versus he's. Off. Paradise. By coolio. Song. Nineteen ninety. That's exactly right. It's almost like that. was probably the number one. Of the Earth. Guys before you answer, look it up eighty five one does look it up for me. Would you? Can they run the table? I, Love Ninety five, but I. Careless whispers just more time was. On eighty five, I go eighty five as well. I don't want anybody playing gangster's paradise while I'm getting on someone go with careless was. It happened tend to nothing. Not even close I ninety five going crazy. I would have definitely gone one, thousand, nine, hundred, and five. Sanger. Chores Michael careless whisper. MEANS WE HAVE Witnessed History Ladies and gentlemen in the door of the decades. Nineteen eighty-five clean sweep tend to nothing defeat perhaps the greatest gear her pop music. In the history of humanity ever nineteen eighty-five touched by hall and Oates Beats Anything from the nine hundred ninety. S Te. Market down power trip of the decades on twitter. Which I'm. Momentarily. Today. It happened in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Forever being -Sconsin Histories. The greatest here in pop music history until we find another could defeat it. and. To, stay in the eighties the problem I know. Yeah. And we could do that by the way. There's no. Rule that says it has to be ten years apart. Kind of the point of the decades right it's eighty nine and ninety S. Different decades. That'd be a good list. It's true in tech neutron. If, we ever get another of the decades dominated ten nothing run. We're going to I don't care. WHAT YEAR IS WE'RE GONNA put it up against nineteen five. That's a hell of a year dominant. We can do like in a Dual. The decades major we take all like the top song of nineteen, eighty, three, eighty, nine, and ninety, thousand, ninety, nine. Crazy it's a good bit. Greasy. You'd be crazy now probably being the lady version seventy. Stays, in power trip, history. Yeah be some of the listeners greatest days of their lives. TVD brings you what really. Scores. World of sports and then cripple change your life was something else doric. It was a historic last night for the twins when Kent Majeida brought a no hitter into the ninth. And then lost it. But the twins almost lost the game they blew a three nothing lead. So it went to extra innings, they won four three over the drunken sky knees in twelve innings. Thanks to a Polanco. Fielder's choice writing knocked in Buxton in the twelve. So the twins do win in a weird way. They're sixteen in a what really matters. Though is this banging your head against the wall for one hour burns one hundred, fifty calories. WHO The hell was the test dummy on that one. Most of the listeners from sauce told story. Genius Corey. The Blazers, beat the Lakers in game one of their playoff series. The Blazers are the Lakers are the one seed, but they want one, hundred, ninety, three Lillard with thirty four points Lebron triple double. What really matters is this the oldest your mom joke was discovered on a thirty five, hundred year old Babylonian tablet. Iran? Tablet has so since been lost. But text remains preserved. The built I don't have it on here. I should but I don't know why it's not on here. Yeah I. Think they put it on here. The tablet is probably wherever my wife's credit card currently is. Somebody to get defined it. Why. Would you need it right? Get around to it. And who cares. Cancel all of. Those are all on auto pay right it's not like to go spend most of my day changing everything. Big Deal who cares if it's three miles per somewhere? Yeah. The magic are the eighth seed and they upset the one seat as well. One Twenty to one ten they beat the drunken S-. Ghani's boost switch with thirty five point. So the eighth over the ones so far have a one nothing lead in the NBA playoffs and I know the AIDS versus the ones in the NHL Marker. That's not insurmountable. Right? We win once in a while. Yeah. It's extremely rare in the NBA. It's only happened like two or three times ever really sauce that's it. It's something I. Didn't. Sonics Alice do it didn't Dallas at one point be don't want something like that. But yeah, it's it's. Kind of boring in my mind I, I liked the upsets, Cinderella story, the tournament, the Greatest Tournament Zach your hands out. So get ninety four the nuggets gets over the Sonics Ninety nine knick's over the heat and two thousand, seven the warriors over the Mavericks. Yeah. Three Times up twenty eleven that grizzlies over the Spurs case. So four. Times over the Bulls not. Oh I don't remember that one. Still Very few but so far we to with a one nothing lead. What really matters though is this. I'm taking no right now because. I had no idea until right now that. My poor wife has Jira Phobia Oh what now? Sarah Phobia she going to be okay. I don't know. It's an irrational fear of fun and happiness. What are the symptoms? You don't like fun or happiness. Sadness. Poor, serene. Here that. No. Get. Away. From the fun you have. You've never said that. That happiness out of my face. Casinos bad. I've been a rational fear of going to those concerts. The I love. Ya. Rational fear of the target bill. Yeah that's not irrational. The heat one, thirteen, one, one over the Pacers Butler twenty, eight points. What really matters though is this during your lifetime you'll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Gusting that's so gross. Why do we have to figure that one out? That's cool. Do That wasp. Houston one twenty, three, one, zero, eight over the thunder thirty, seven points Houston leads that series one, game two, zero. What Really Matters Is this if Pinocchio said, my nose will grow now it would cause a paradox. Because, it won't which means he's lying. Right But then if he's if he if it starts to grow, then that means he was telling the truth. Right. Got It that's fascinating. Man. As, we talked about AIDS never heard that. That's awesome. Terrified to think about that for way too long it's pretty good. Way Too long my nose will grow now. That's fascinating. Is that well, he was smoking cigars. Well, he's GonNa well, he was in a well screaming for djupedal going. Hey. Accent thing. I duNNo. Just Paul. Nothing. When they're trying to say, well, I don't know I don't know why else and milk well milk the milk. Yeah. Well. I don't know why say that I'm sorry Milky I'm not very smart i. think it's because you weren't paying attention welby teacher was talking. Too Much, Hamrin, just a s load of chocolate Malcolm. I. Long. I've never had a- what you hate it but you've never had never bring myself to drink at I've never had it. Are you kidding me? Hang on the typewriter somebody likes chocolate. It well. Sure, I know It's not. Guy And I'm wrong. Well, I would have bet Dav loves chocolate now doesn't drink dairy drinker Darier red meat. Anymore. Hate Him. Just live. We loves chocolate milk well. We Law. That's great new chapter. I love chocolate milk, the fair life or whatever. That's. Absolutely this massive plate stuff thing you'd never taken a Swig of it. No No. Never done a shot the hype about no, it's just chocolate. I can ask you another question. You see like the brown sugar. Probably. Think. Yeah You're right. One of my favorite things when I was younger was Hershey Syrup and milk, raw? Homemade milk was terrible. Staff that just. CHECK THE BOTTOM spooned all our. New Usual. Jam Jack. You're looking like you've never tried that. What's that Hershey Syrup in? Chocolate milk is basically. Doing. Chocolate Milk Zelma. You Chocolate Syrup writes us. Yeah. You like Mel. Milk. Now, why don't you like it together Corey do you like bread? Yeah. Do you like cheese? Love it do you like them together? No. Are you saying he's willing. Say Compare Yourself. To me liked it. Never. Tried it. But but that's me again. That's your. Meeting a well, never try I'm a freak I. Get it i. what do we have to do to get you to try chocolate milk? Have Paris Bison. Well, I will run to comment on that right now and get a half gallon. You're not pleased. He ran to find Marnie a week ago point ran older the young. Fair, life chocolate I'll try it. All right. We'll be. Back. You wanted to stash. Apple. Shares apple things. Apple. Bottom Jay. That's what it looks like. That's The quick. So good so good and just. So good strawberry or Straub reading. I remember we've been on the team having my breakfast. Making my my own. Chocolate mouth. Well. I was watching the news. Right Getting Ready for school making fun of me. That was a well the only while ago. Yeah. I. Was probably thirteen fourteen at the time talk of Malcolm still a big thing back then. Anyone. Fine with it. I will while. Well we do the rest of the show and then we go to break money geller joins next. Parishes here we'll do sausage tribute a forty. Rosie. Over here in about forty minutes as well as the power of and. I would like to tell you about mommy again. Tales of morning. Good Job Morning John. Mom. Mom. Mom. One. My whole Mommy to ship. Henry back is if one views. Pie View because I'm on the power to show Mardi Geller. Good Morning. Chris. You ready for this this is like a a stop, the presses kind of a moment. Misfiring Ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention? Go ahead you do it. And Saas Talking Tomorrow Well today. When I Arrived on the fifth floor. Texting Zach. To let me in the door. The actual text read. Can you please let me in my sweet sweet boy you are my best friend. Five minutes later. which is two minutes under time. He arrived open the door. Let me in and did so with. A GIFT It is a flat. Card. is the size of a credit card it is magnetic. I don't know what it does. But it has my name on it. You're one of. The building four hours a day can't believe the freedom. This saying. So fancy there is a piece of Scotch tape on it. Wait my name I'm not. GonNa lie to you, but it only works. Reprogram Mark Marnie Marnie Mar, and it doesn't open the bathroom door or anything like that perished. He's got a key card now. Name on everything. Old One I think sauce law piece of tape. So you could also put your name on your that is true but that would take. Tape. To Minnesota Company that is it. From. From here do you know that? There's no premise from here I did. Go on Wednesdays on the power? Yes. They are willing to pay for it. Otherwise. We gotTA stop mentioned man. I don't Wanna lie thought about this moment and what it would be like. And in my mind, there was a band. Expecting like just this ring ration- walk in the door hands and there's no one this song, the song is playing and we're. The carpet was read. Marnie. Sometimes, things like that happened the first time. I ever heard myself on the radio. It was North Country Limit I'm sorry. One more day. By, Rocket Club and I was in the drive through lane at starbucks and I pulled up to the window to get my drink and I was so excited I looked at the lady said, that's me singing on the radio and she said good for you. Get A job at. Got The way you think you ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention? Yeah. Speaking of that before we get into the news boy, can you know in under thirty seconds explain what happened yesterday in the power to the morning show? And then fifteen seconds explain the email you got on the after Party podcast, and then you can take the next hour and a half right care and tell me the rest of the story. Oh boy wait until you hear the here, this Marnie. So marnie did you do exactly what you hear this? Yes. This parish Wayne's you hear this slept in yesterday during the show. I would I remembered that I had heard a spot on a podcast saying that if you could go on this website and buy a piece of land in Scotland? And if you bought this piece of land, you would become a lord like literally it'd be Lower Fischel lawers for hockey. And you would own this piece of land. And you would get a certificate saying you have to be referred to as Lord Chris Hockey. sweetser to be a lady as well. If you'd like, it's something like. This hockey is what you're saying. Just a couple of square fee right could buy one the square foot. For Ninety nine dollars right. But why wouldn't you by five scripted when it's only two hundred, ninety, nine dollars? The. Most lay down two hundred. And Ninety nine dollars. For a handful of square feet in Scotland just so he can be. Diverse right. Go, visit my my spot in. Scotland whenever we love to travel again and stand on my piece of land that come Mark How do you know? I didn't know where your land is. Global Satellite Positioning Yeah we looked at it yesterday. Actual truth is nobody was going to file for bankruptcy yesterday talk bought one so so but Okay, I, know Chris is committed to the when he was looking it up and he saw the price yesterday I thought. All right. He's GonNa. Go. Through the motions, he's not actually going to do. This is just a good bit to say on the Redid it. Yeah. Well. Here's a little behind the curtain on the power to wanting to he did it. Oh Yeah, and the reason why I know he did it is about nine fifteen when we were recording the actor Party podcast, he showed us the email. He got from his wife who had seen it pop up already on their bank statement or bank website or whatever which by the way. That's that's crazier creepy as hell at nine fifteen, she's already monitoring your spending. Thing is rolled out of bed in the morning. The morning yourself a glass of wine and said, I got to start looking at what's. That one. Nine fifteen she sends an email with a bout. Try Not to exaggerate fifteen question marks. That was the entire reply email. Just question marks like is this just goes Oh, and he showed us that and that's the rest of the story that I know. So what is the rest of the story? Well, I said in response. Most. You emailed back right away. I said. Do as as as dip my toe in the water hot. It was. Corey, made me do it for the show. Expensive dip the tone. And her response was going to be something like. Or something mean and her response was. then. Corey can pay for. which I am not going. Did. You go from that. So when I get home. Just to clarify, did you purchase the the five feet for five hundred dollars or whatever? Ninety Ninety nine? Purchase you could put a up our she should have been just as bad for ninety nine dollars. The honest even that's preposterous but he went the full three hundred. A. Of Money I, love it and it's the same Old Lord. Lord and go I promise you own the land maniacs I will stand on that damn piece of land one of these days. I will I'm urinate. There might be there at my number three on that thing. Without having to be. told us you went there. So anyway. So what happens when you got home? I said. She goes. I thought it was a scam I literally thought somebody had broken into our account and done that. But you really. But that like Oh. Yeah. Is Good bid and I wanted on I wanna be referred to as Lord Christopher. Sh. She. Didn't think is funny didn't react. She said something about college funds or. Something like that. Which I replied. Oh, boy oh please. Tell me that's her. Good morning powered your morning show. Hey Corey, how's it going? Great. Zach Zach. The Fan and wakes and Julia's WanNa. PUT A. Text the keyword love that is love to make that money I'm sorry much. Two Hundred Santa Tax generates. I'll also. Okay so anyway. Now what I wanted to say. It'd been her. was. Maybe. Nine fifteen oh boy you just get up. I wanted to say. Four bottles of wine. What I said was. How that go I say it pitifully enough that it. You know it s return it. She. Did ask that. Well see Harris seat I said the same thing. Could come. We were walking out of the. podcast just we realized that the purchase had actually been made, and that Kim was upset I said the exact same thing to sauce. I said, if I found out that Angie spent three hundred dollars to be lady Angie cove of Scotland and go are you out of your GD mind in my first reaction would have been we're finding a way to cancel that charge. You're not paying three hundred dollars. I. Land in Scotland that were never gonNA see. I'm going to stand there. Can you imagine the stories of spending hockey and Angie? Would have if they were married I'm definitely. Not The power of theories that if my wife and hockey. And we if we wife swapped if it was Kim in me and Angie and Chris. Kim and I would be retired on a beach and Angie, and Chris would be basically doing handy's. Just. Trying to get by. This. Very similar. Broke and homeless within six months in came and I would have been retired about seven years ago. Because they. Just can't stop like piece his property in Scotland. Right I didn't I think I saw yesterday. That's what target had something like their largest quarter jump in company. You're. Welcome. You're welcome. Back it's coming from that Plymouth. Location. Which? Wouldn't even put my game in her guiding stores. I didn't even imagine the things they would spend money on have done. You guys a favor for the last ten years. Anyway. So from now on officially Marnie, you have to call him Lord Christopher Hockey Look. A kilt. Now, yet you when he travels to his homeland. Goes on Amazon and buys one. Idea she texted you. Know. No A. A Nigerian prince just died and Tell me. The whole bunch of money he just spent a hundred dollars in flowers. But they may more ashes. that. Five foot spot land and what is hockey always say they make it long run I'll go get more if I needed care by ten feet. Yeah signs in crazy. This is silly. Buy Your credit. Card and Chris has a plot of land and Scott Camera. I, do big day both. Here, we go. Coronavirus deaths in Minnesota hospital patients are going down. A new report from the State Department of Health says twelve percent of the over forty three, hundred corona virus patients died in July that's compared to fifteen percent back in May department says the improved trend is do better treatments for the virus. So there's a little. Over. The BLOOMINGTON Minnesota School district will start school year with online learning school board voted Monday to move away from its original hybrid learning plan due to staffing issues. A different learning policy could be put in place as coronavirus conditions change. That is definitely the the underreported angle of this right is. Everybody's talking about parents and being lean comfortable sending their kids to school but you have to have teachers that are also comfortable going to school. So the hybrid thing I think is Thing that makes a lot of teachers nervous. And if you get a teacher that's in that age range where they're at risk or higher risk, I can't blame them for being a little gun shy. So Lord. Hockey that. Bloomington do you interpret that as grade school middle school high school across the board I would assume. So first of all, what you just did made the two hundred, ninety, nine dollars worth. Yeah. It's second of all It's the entire school district. That's right. That's right. Howard district went. Like our daughter who is going into fifth grade finally, Final Year of element is in person four days a week. We are in carbon your days a week What's the other? Son is in middle school. He is in person two days a week and the high schoolers are total distance learning everyday. That's a large swing from four days out in person to know days or remember a game. That press conference a couple of weeks ago that what he was saying and what the the other people that talk that they were saying was brand new to me that he said he said. That, they're learning kids. Are Much, less likely to transmit it, and that teenage kids essentially transmitted at the same rate as adults. was probably why they based they are. Saying. Okay. These little kids, little grade schoolers. We're going to put them in school. It's harder for them to toss it back and forth but the team is probably going to spread it. So that makes sense I get it I don't understand that but I'm not a scientist and we have a site. Calendar. They've scheduled a question and answer zoom kind of thing with our school district might even be tonight yet is tonight. So as I sit here right now I can't tell you I. Don't know for sure when I go to school or how much have no idea. Really Yeah and it's two weeks away three weeks ago morning when you said four days in person, the other day is distance learning. Are they only doing five days a week but it's distance learning and plans day. So that kind of makes sense that kids go Monday and Tuesday and. The deep cleaning day of the school. And then the kids go back Thursday and Friday oh Gotcha. With the parish plan you guys doing you know yet I got the slightest. Nikki respond to emails. Sure Right. I feel. It's some form of hybrid That's as much as the kids feel about that or do you know yet? Do they care to talk to them? Yeah. A little bit right. Between hockey periods. Naked. Woman. Lagos at that point. In VR legos and VR Baby legos when. The WHO says the coronavirus pandemic is also creating a mental health crisis. Regional. Director. Tian. People are using more drugs and alcohol, and there's an increase in domestic violence. She's calling on governments to extend the mental health services as part of their pandemic response she warned that. Reduce contact to friends and family or barriers in access to services and shelters. We are leaving survivors with nowhere to go. I know also the WHO says flu shots might be more important than ever this year. Circulation of the annual flu is low in the Southern Hemisphere but assessment still need to be done on the north, the global influenza surveillance and response to is being used for both the flu and the coronavirus this year there are an estimated one billion flu cases annually around the globe of which three to five million or considered to be severe. Holy, moly. Lot. So get your flu shot to this year. We'll Marnie. Okay. Yes. Your Lord. My Lord, is about to buy more or less. And finally and Oklahoma Animal Park that was featured on the Tiger King Netflix series is clued old. Greater winwood exotic animal park owner Jeff sweet shirt low. Shirt. Announced Tuesday that he has forfeited his USDA exhibitors license and the park is closed effective immediately. Earlier. This year at Oklahoma federal judge awarded ownership at the zoo, which was once operated by Joe Exotic to Ford Animal Rights Activists. Carol. Best. Of News. And now go over to the sports debt. It's time for fan five on the power trip presented by all around property preservation. The Minnesota twins won four three and twelve innings on a Polanco hit slash fielder's choice that scored Boxton but that's an even the best part Kenta Maeda through a whale a ballgame he had a no hitter going into the ninth when Eric Sogard hit a week ass bloop single to break it up. You has one hell of a run so much. Thank you his final line he went he gave up one hit he struck out twelve, and at one point he struck out eight in a row, which is the twins record for eight straight strikeouts. So does he? Record was that a tying record. A hidden and fielder's choice? No, no no but he's sort of muddled his way through it. said that can tomato struck out eight in a row? The twins record for eight streets Not Ever. got. Matching, shirts you got me all plus these to you. Same t shirts and it's hard to concentrate get. Your. Do you think your husband and my wife would mind if we got married to I just want to spend more time with you. Want to walk around and here you do things like you just did us. Random? People. Can your wife be married to someone who will have a quarterly spreadsheet? Quarterly spreadsheet who the hell does that mean it. Takes into account your all of your assets and all of your debts, and it's just a running chart that gets updated every morning talk about my bedsheets. Times a year. I don't have time for that after you three. I'm going to do that. In just to finish the thought, it's actually. Helpful because it's a very. Easy Way to see this is our. These are assets versus our debt and how much it changes in how Oh your as your mortgage payment as you pay off your house and your student loans or whatever it is that you have in card. Yeah. It's right there in front of you. That's what he tells me, Gotcha. Yeah. What a game by eight? Oh. What A. Finish holy that was. That was multiple games in one I. Liked how how twitter? For about. This is great. Welcome to the twin cities candidate and then in the ninth inning and they were like, yeah welcome to the twin cities get used to this. This is how it works in the twin cities. You have your heartbroken constantly when it comes to sports. I bet that would have been on twitter. Follow Kato Kaylin on twitter. Probably. True. Fan. And he would have had about down. We won the game did we win the game or two three? We won the game. Hit fielder's choice. That's very strikeouts which is actively. Rosie about twenty minutes from now we'll do sauces trig eight forty Marnie Gilmour is earmarked parishes here. Say Three M Wednesday mark mark. Marnie. Evidence on a pet. Twins on the twenties powered by Wicks jewelers discover the best selection of pre owned rolexes at Weixin Jewelers. Minnesota twins won four three and twelve innings Ken to my it had a no hitter going into the ninth but he gave up a bloop single although he struck out twelve also. took the twins record for most strikeouts with eight consecutive last night the previous record was seven, seventy, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six, same teams today at target field I like he took it. He took it and that was twins on the twenty s power by wicks, jewelers, Minnesota Swiss Watch. Experts. So Zach did run over to the grocery store to get a milk because Marnie earlier we. Brought up again at sauces chocolate milk with eats weird. He also says well, when he's trying to say why L. W. H. I l. e. says well so he he was talking funny we made fun of them and then we were joking about. And he mentioned that never had chocolate melt but he hates it. That's my life I hate foods I've never tried. I think it's we that sauces never tried chocolate melk he says his new Dell? We drink to essentially everyday. She loves it now. So he's going to try to right now. Chocolate milk chocolate milk that I'm looking at is that milkers like soy milk. Okay his I'm more of a land lakes like, oh, no ma'am. Option. Eight. Lord. Gift later today. Hand. Do we actually believe that no offense sauce who had a little bit of a weight problem kid. Telling me you've never had chocolate milk seems like something that kids would love has, has it been offered to you and you said? This in your house. Every day and have. As a child? No not really. Because there are things that is obvious but if you didn't grow up with it, you're. Never around. Round and you can have. Like he would drink it at school now where we'd have at the house, the option like on Fridays Talk. Still took the white milk and I was like, who are those kids you? Know he wasn't drinking milk. He was getting surge out of the Soda Machine. And drink some fair life, it'll be an upgrade. Somebody is going to go to work virtual today and say, Iggy here when meets US try chocolate milk is a huge moment in the. Video as well. Watch. Yeah. Are you ready Are you nervous? No. You're not. GonNa kill me assure. You hated, you've never tried it but then you snoopy deal. He how guy chocolate mouth he calls it for the first time ever fans. All, Lambert. Steal a page. Swishing it around his mouth. Yeah let's literally amazing. Oh, my God. Change your life forever. This is amazing. It is think about all the time you've wasted. Oh yeah thanks. Dad. Man. Look at you. Now you we can. Great Post workout recovery drink is it is. He doesn't do worry about that. That's right. Wing it see I've got to tell you don't I'm calling you liar maybe you're going forbid there's no chance he's never had. Zero chance I hang on. CAN YOU TECHS JEFF? Jeff Lambert he's under the desk, but just what do you want to know? What you doing under there. Have Him Mad as? His head and then having my answer this question. It. Jeff Weymouth if you're listening The bat signal is out Colin please. Or if I can't believe I'm GonNa do this. No, he'll call. Stupid ASS DOB is listening colon because. He's he's going to be honest. He's going to say immediately. Yeah. Paulie chocolate milk every day. Greg Syrup. Maple. Syrup or chocolate syrup. Which one Syrup Maple Syrup a gross w out. So I do it all the time and and I kinda liked it. Still comes in here next time. Go at it. What what brand of Syrup? Angel. Momma old log cabin would we do? Jemima. Yeah Wow syrup ray out of the the old bottle. Your Lips. Or would you like again? Great. Question. For the visual of we were texting your Syrup Dealer Swabi. Good. On him to call in, this is what years of your life was like fourteen fifteen years old all like seven, eight, nine, ten eleven. Thirty. Islands bringing there you go. All right. Manage citing stuff rate stunts sauce used to pull chapter seventy four. Let's see what's happening. Good. Who Good morning powered your morning show who's this? This is a Wabi. Damp so. Walk us through this for a second year brother who was a large large child. Claims that three minutes ago was the first time in his life. He's had chocolate milk. He calls it Malic, can you verify that or deny that? Well, I can only speak for myself and either have I. Better correct. Yeah. So the best house throwing up with stress excuse me Strawberry Quik. Strapped Strawberry Milk But no, we never never had chocolate milk in the see. That's why they go strawberry Nestle Quik. But not just try the normal. Quick. Decision. So you've never had chocolate milk either what is wrong with you people I never have I thought on. Can I lay down therapist's couch for a minute? How much time you guys got? Type it all up to this. Great. What else you got Nothing screw up. That sound that. Wow You're. The wheel. The regular chocolate Nestle Quik you're the weird family, the only both strawberry and chocolate this Riera are also. Of course, he's hammering it. Of course great in. Zach. Just took the white milk with the Hershey Syrup. If. You don't have chocolate milk like pre mixed like that. That is a real nice way to do it or try this is that for sauce? Glass. He didn't Rufi you. With chocolate milk in her she's that would've been a great bit of. See Interesting. He went chocolate milk chocolate. Syrup I. You've never done. You've never done it before I go. You should have known the other. Now I'm starting to. It before. mixologist. I've made a few drinks and. Put a bunch of milk in and went more Syrup to book and. These. Come on. There's no chance you haven't done that before I've done it with. Like the strawberry stuff. Powder. No it's also in liquid, form? Sally. I this is even better by the way just what you're about to drink is even better. Is. The milk still call you can od on the chocolate and it's winter and I love that fair life. Better way worse for you. Other stuff's way better. Are you nuts? You didn't put enough trump. Turbo. That's terrible. He didn't put going. Like a cake at the bottom, you just scoop it up with a spoon. Whole Lord, that's back. that. Is A lot. Shockley. Credit you hands all day look. I was like soup aller. His Vikings news is next Rosie should be at joining as well. Perish is here Marnie is here power to you. That's right. Patrick morning show looking over there Mark Rosen has joined three am on Wednesday morning Mark Rosen mark. Perish Marnie Gilmour looking you guys. Go. Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark our betty grow the high like. Hey get your name tag keycard. Goodness you've made it after. News here also calling sauce Aligarh you think he's had a chocolate milk. Knowing attorney as well as I do I can't imagine that you were deprived as a child of chocolate milk, chocolate milk, and peanut butter. And Jelly sandwiches were my staple. For about the first fifteen years of my life, right? I mean I think Jack are bringing some over but I can't think of the last time I didn't have chocolate milk and my refrigerator right galt in defensive saucers leaning towards him telling the truth he blows my mind is. I think it's so unique for a fat kid to not like chocolate milk kidding that. Kind of. Putting. Everything under the Sun. Don't know how that one slipped through the cracks I. Think he's regretting missing it now. I would have I. Regret clarification. You've had chocolate milkshakes. Probably, not well, wait a minute. Yeah. We was on that by the way that doesn't that's not the same thing as chocolate milk. Shakes wars if there's a chocolate shake, there's a vanilla option there's a strawberry option, but at some point you've tried to talk. Dairy. Queen. Never ate no off. What would you marry all? Probably Strawberry. Chocolate I was just I. Don't know. It's weird because I was a huge ever had neopolitan ice cream. You just have a strawberry vanilla through either third out may know. was. Never. On. Sunday. At? Dairy. Queen They Rahab Duh. DUB But a chocolate shake is like I never. Have you had chocolate ice cream just bowl of chocolate ice cream or soft serve chocolate ice cream probably know what do you get again? I was on the. Screen I telling you I don't think I'd never said Hey. I've had plenty of twists cones, but if I went to, this is going to be shocking everybody when I go to like. McDonald's as a kid six times a day. I you know. Can I cone? Yeah. We have chocolate I'm good. Yeah I just chocolate ice cream not. A. Extreme. I won't eat chocolate cake Hershey bar. Well. Yeah. Again Duh. Of course I. It's straight chocolate. shortcake. Yeah. No. Chocolate chocolate milk is. Take. CARE can. They. Come from brown cows but I heard most deprived as a kid what percentage of the the country believes that again remember we did that number. Amount is higher zero. Off. Number. Twelve percent. Hide News. presented. Live. The Camden Chancellor tour continues yesterday he jumped so high what happened and the angle of the photo was so significant, it looked like he jumped fifteen feet over. Here's Michael Jordan ruler. Yeah I mean that Dude I'm excited. Inside I'm allowed to excited. Right. Thank you log. That was an amazing football player I. don't care if it's in practice that was a great play from that camera angle I I'll tell you this I actually think it's unfair to him. What waiter is doing to them there to your point you said it yesterday Rosie. We're propping this guy up so much. He's done nothing with our about practice. Yeah we're talking about. So he now everybody's going to expect so much from him when he's a rookie, it's a lot to ask. Position is so difficult to break in without any preseason games in running smack into Aaron Rodgers and I experience in the National Football League, at game speed not practice speed and it's a whole different animal and look at that's that's not to knock the kid Let's hope he's really good They need him desperately because a revamped their entire defensive backfield. I, it's the difficulty with. Social media and not having exposure really to what's going on Viking practice because not having exhibition games is that it's really just. A photo here, a video clip here Anand article there, and that's it. That's all you get from the guy and and camp dancers become kind of a you know a hot name right now and that's Hockey Right I. It's. It's fine. You WanNa get extended something. Happen. Remember March and April come on. It's it's fun to be attended May June. Yeah I remember it. Yes. Absolutely. It is. There's nothing wrong with that as long as expectations I mean. Martin, we saw social media at the Minnesota twins last night in full bloom from eight innings of Cantona Ada to Taylor Rogers should never take the mound again as long as he's breathing it's it happens that quickly so. Crazy but that's yeah that's okay. People have you know firing off opinions but good for Cam Dancer I mean I'd like. I'm sure he's got a real positive attitude about what he wants his and his own talents and flip the things settled down. He's pro chocolate milk he likes chocolate milk. He'd just handsome which helped. Jumped really I actually saw that photo and thought the same thing like holy cow but I looked at it objectively. So he's up in the air to catch a ball, but his legs are also bent. So. It makes it look like he's that much higher off the ground. So don't forget about that human element that his legs were straight. It wouldn't I loved them by. Component. Joke. But I'm on Hawk side it's okay to be exciting. Wasn't saying don't be excited. But. Remember she was being objective. I don't like chocolate milk does to you. Yeah. Makes you crabby? Kinda way we also added another linebacker to the future super bowl champion Minnesota Vikings. Twenty six year old California native now Viking linebacker hardy nickerson been around for awhile. Great. Name. Tampa Bay. Son. This is. One of the long time ago, and he plays in his old man in the hall. Hardy Nickerson played Yeah with. Nickerson. UNDRAFTED free agent in two thousand nineteen has played thirty seven career games with nine starts. Eighty one tackles made seven starts to eighteen. Because? I didn't know Hardy Nickerson had a son. So when you just said that I was convinced somebody was trolling you. Can Get Hawk to admit that. He thinks is. All right. Yeah he his senior was on the NFL nineteen ninety s all decade team. Five time billable. Really good player. Sweep? Do faces coming in and out. Can't. Talk Baseball with morning when we get back because. That was a good one last night came to my aid almost with a with a no hitter we can get the the breakdown and you guys during the break continue that conversation to the air. You guys were just saying you both like the runner on second. About that because. I don't think a lot of baseball fans were thrilled when Major League baseball put that rural in but you guys both are in favor. Let's hear why when we get back. Mark and mark in the morning right after this on the fan the fan. Good morning, everybody should powerchip morning so. Thanks for tuning entity to one. Three M show happening as. Rosy and Gilmer here the three ends. Of course Korean Saucy Myself Zach somewhere as well. He's. talked him down the line Paul that trump with milk somebody's doing. You. Know we technically four ams with meat sauce. Can Point problem you're gonNA work for potential sponsors. An probably pass me over anyway it's is right. It's one BECCA is yeah. Thanks hardly anybody hasn't thought of that forum. Yeah. Have you heard? Have you thought of six? I'm one step ahead of that what are you on seventy? The. Future guarantee what happens. Like if Somebody asked you to write a song that was better than candle in the wind. Would you rate? Does this have to be five thousand times better. Yes. It has to be Five Thousand Times better than candle in the wind. Then, I'd call it Five, thousand candles in the wind genius. I saw your Leslie Nope in twenty shirt. That's great. That's a great. Both. The original shirt was twelve or away everything. Was I had. Well. I've Seen Nope Swanson, I've seen NOPE? Wyatt. Has Been why I've seen? No, Faye. No wait poehler fey. It's a ticket like no fan. I know twenty twenty everybody go vote. I mean voting for fictional character, leslie no is a better vote than Kanye. West. Yes greatest say look. If you're on the left this year you think people that vote on the right are idiots if you're in the right, you think the people that are voting on the Left are idiots, right? That's how divisive the country is as if you're making the other vote in urine. Idiot. and. Right on both sides. Can we all agree that if you vote for Kanye West, you're the biggest idiots. Yes, you are. You are dumber than conde if you're actually gonNA throw your vote. Away. And vote for Kanye West all your hands I. Don't know a lot about. Stuff. Think. He'll get. To set the over under on how many votes Kanye will get no idea I mean there's a million look just just. Free. Zach looked it up. I. Thought It was twelve percents act found out that seven percent of this country thinks that chocolate milk comes from brown cows I wasn't too far off so I. Know It's something like three hundred and thirty million. Right. But to make the math easy three hundred million right if that's twenty one, million people think chocolate milk come from brown cows you don't think a couple of those idiots are gonNA. Vote for Kanye West Lake surely will. So he's going to get way more votes than we think. Yeah I. Think the barest million didn't they find that his even the petition or whatever it is you need to sign to get to run in the first place like seventy five percent of those names were fabricated. If he gets a million votes, but he fabricated eight hundred, thousand of something. You always have people writing in names for president, and that's you know that's part of our cultural. That's. Right exactly. Exactly. But this is just Nuts but. I'll leave it at that We don't need. Just, throw this out, but since you kind of touch. Id. Lord hockey not that. Just the fact that people who live in the middle, which is where I live in. It sounds like I. Mean I would think a lot of humanity lives in the middle I don't vote party line one way or the other I'm sometimes I lean. But sometimes lean a little this way. WHERE DO I fit? Why am I not the norm anymore you're not. One. Extra. Tiny thirteen. Facing you know he's targeting you he wants you he wants the middle. The undecided are you are you in the middle? because. That's the vote he wants. I don't think you're an idiot I don't think you're mentally capable of voting for Kanye, West is. I think. That might be true. In general is that not still a common place to live or? Am I in the minority now that people have you aligned with one way or the other and you stick dig in heart and you do not. genius. It's Changed I mean I I used to be more. Like that myself I mean I still like that open my we saw a lot of that last night and you're looking at John McCain's of the world other people who are reached across. Partisan lines have actual adult conversation our boy crease old. Yeah. Exactly. I think of you know Jim Rams politicians I have done that, but it's getting harder and harder. I think for young people. It's hard for people to think about getting into politics, right if your person and you want to do good things and. Getting into politics is a way to make things happen. Maybe the local level it might be your best pet right now but otherwise, it's back to that. Look. At it like this talk Marnie think about this, and this may be a will make you feel better about just where you stand if you see a movie and you think the movies. Okay. You don't go run out and tell everybody it was either greatest movie you've ever seen her the worst movie of all time you dislike movie was fine. So people in the middle are the quietest because they don't have the strongest opinions right there like, yeah wait and see. So the most vocal people are the most extreme writes in the most extreme left. So if you feel like you're not that passionate about it either way that just means you're in the middle there's nothing wrong with that. There are things. About and sometimes it falls on this side of the Party line because it's this topic not not people. I don't Associate Party with people like the current president or the current candidates or the like just like the democratic way of thinking of the Republican way of thinking sometimes I lean this way on a certain issue and others on. Policy than this character. Yeah. I like character to. That's big. Yeah I. IF I could vote on character but also cast that. But I'm in the medal and there's no room for me anymore get. OUTTA line. We were talking about. The Strike up the band this star wars theme. Young boy. Do, I miss that show. Yeah. No kidding. We there. We know know we know Weiner even heard that Marty. I think we have an now. He loves that was you can hear you know what you're going to hear in January of twenty twenty one. What is it? Brenton's. West. Billions a good number. Seem. So high. You'd have to be high to vote for on your west the. Company followers does he have for example and on twitter or instagram? Whatever is? That because those people I would assume most are fans. Some maybe just along for the Foley meant million. Rosie who are you boating for the Beezer is. B. E. Capital be. Thobe Beezer. I'm from. Sports. that. It's time for fans five brought to you by builders and remodelers. Muller's Hey, thanks, builders and remodelers. Little Royal. The twins won four to three ever the drunken S- counties in twelve Kenton my eight. It was the story though he had a no hitter into the ninth that got broken up in the twins the twins I blew the lead but they found a way to win but Let's let's not even talk about that. We talked about. Earlier. Almost had an elevator. Right struck out eight consecutive batters that they twins record major league records ten. Didn't the kid from the was at the Tigers struck out nine about what a week or two ago. We did that story. Lord Chris. has both off air said you're a fan of the runner on second base in the extra innings thing lane why Marnie was to me obviously put this ruling for the condense season they wanted to protect pitching staff. So you I'm looking you don't have to sit through fifteen inning games that lasts five hours. Here's the Mardi. I like it because it does add a Lotta immediate strategy to the game. I mean you've gone through your nine innings and the tenth and we saw it last night. There's no guarantee that guy from sex based in the score and all sorts of scenarios occur it. It's gimmicky could say that baseball rarely goes out of the mainstream way of doing things but the options and the the decisions the managers have to make in watching from home I liked it a lot I. mean it puts a lot of pressure on your pitching staff infielders guessing game I. Think it's the first time having seen it ourselves. I hope they keep it. I like it I like I like it a lot for the entertainment value. I can fully understand how managers don't like it and I understand if you're a baseball purist because the first nine innings are not played that way right? Understand that I like it for the entertainment value because something happens every inning every half inning and I have watched fifteen inning game sixteen, seventeen eighteen where you have multiple innings in a row where nothing really happens. It's three up three down its ground balls and fly balls and. Not a lot of drama. Is, drama every half inning guaranteed I love the entertainment of. Last night the twins. Those like how could this happen? They sent to many of the plate and they they had three outs they recorded three hours outweighed does. Well. because the runner in second, he was thrown out at third on a ground ball, the first Baseman, and then there's the bucks hit a double play. I think last night's game more than anything. This year is the first time on a picture perfect night here the twin cities were really missed the fans of in really. Miami going to the mound in the ninth inning and understanding everyone have been on their feet. You could have heard the crowd roaring all the way downtown and it's the first time you Kinda went man at this but I mean, I think people I you can tell by social media last night I said, my got definitely got a standing ovation after he gave up that at bloop single to the end, the bid and expression on his face you know you've talked to in through his interpreter he's got such a you just blows up he's. You. Know he's thirty, thirty, three, thirty four has been around for a while. When he came off smiling even when he was still on the mountain, the baseball and he had this grin on his face like. Oh my God give believe I got that close. There was just pure joy. Out so I think this would really resonated with fans. Number of storylines, how'd you like to be a beat writer? How is Lavelle doing this morning when you have a guy that almost throws a nine hitter and that is your story and then all of a sudden you're in the tenth and that all that everything that happened and Marlene Gonzales gets thrown out we've already use pinch runners and pinch hitters and either a five-man infield. By the time, we win the game crazy story lines in that game were incredible even more. Frustrating to lose the game after what my either did, and fortunately for the twins, they're able to scratch a a win out because Byron Buxton hit into a double play which allowed him to be on surveys. Yes he's. He's probably the only strategy that would have scored on that. Gras, ball from third base. So let me ask you to this now on bring perishing because we talked a little bit about this last week with the five overtime game in the NHL Playoffs. would you guys still be in favor of this Inda postseason or do you want this to only be a regular season rule your question? Follow her parish I. my feeling is. In the postseason you go back to the old rules, that's just you know having I mean I I won't be toward if they did it the other way I think getting to the postseason is why they're using this rule. So I think they'd probably go old school but maybe around. That from the Pant Fan Perspective in the entertainment perspective I say stick with. Games are four four and a half hours in the postseason. True. So you get. Talking about. Four hours. So mark last week when that five game went down, we were talking about how you can't go to a shootout in the playoffs right? That's dumb. But you even said as a player you would have been open to at some point they said, we go to three on three we can't go five on five for eternity. These guys are GonNa be absolutely winded and just wreck the rest of the series. Yeah, and it's and you look at it and I was Even, against that I was a total purist when backing all four when they started talking about going to the three on three and the shootouts, it does bring an excitement to definitely not the shootout in the playoffs just can't go to shoot. But at the same time you watch those like fifth and fourth and fifth overtimes it's horrible hockey guys are just shot, and if you go to at least there's going to be good scoring chances going to be more enthusi- and more excitement. That's a great point. Through three. We've talked about the. Shots the. Equivalent of putting a run around. Second base. I mean. But a lot of hockey purists. Rush think that you just play it the way it is and play till you. Drop so. Ben. NBA Playoffs Talk. Brin loss last night goes the. That I know Tommy has box in Lakers lost yesterday, right? And as the Lakers and the clippers. Magic. Are Thirty to one underdog to win the series and they won game one by twelve and we mentioned it earlier. It's not like they have to go to Wisconsin to win on the. Point is wide open. They played against the same guys. Not going once can they do it? Sucker lead best shirt. That's fine who cares about a hundred dollars but we talked. Long called talked about earlier. The better teams a win the more talented teams in a seven game series will probably win. Probably. Maybe but all it takes is one. I. Take over winter. You need more than one sauce. Really. Nice long nap. That's all you need I you and let me tell you where you should take the nice long nap. Number. BED SAUCE I don't know if you've noticed this or not but this is a commercial for sleep number beds. Yes, it is. 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No big deal I'm telling you please do yourself a favor check these beds out come in during the biggest sale of the year when all beds are on. Sale for a limited time, save fifty percent on a sleep number three, sixty limited edition smart bed sleepnumber the official sleep and wellness partner of your Minnesota Vikings shop your way by chat at sleepnumber dot com or one of these fine sleepnumber store Eden Prairie Maplewood Roseville Ridsdale, center, and of course, Maple Grove on the corner, of Mike Lane northbound. Creek Parkway. Got To love the song. Is a great the great. All good. Yeah. Hopefully traffic's bad for you. This morning this traffic. Awesome. and. I love this Song Right Rosie O. Pigs me back. Kidding, tell me what your close your eyes and tell me what you're seeing right now about a bong and lamp. and. Are Black Room in twenty thousand dollars which. Is House still there Oh yeah I drove by by leaning Tower Pizza. Still does he Go in there right now, what you're while you're you seventy. Three who's WHO's on your wall? WHO's the poster? It was Jimi Hendrix. It about again mail we had a collective poster was called are are black room. The lights in. The. Beginning high in. Outer Space Right. Right. Right that was it a lot of Alban brothers and a lot of. Era. Later that was later if anybody knows who lives in that house now. Contact us so. I can't. Video tour. Back. In that room is still smells this hooker the cat that was my cat. I. Always been a cat guy him to. Your guy all right hey. Twenty I do it's twins on the twenties powered by wickson jewelers discover the best selection of pre-owned Rolex at Wickson. Berkeley out. Ahead a no hitter going into the ninth when Eric's Sogard hit a week bloop single break it up. My eighth win eight gave up one hit. That was his only hit. He struck out twelve and at one point broke the twins record at seven Ben got eight for the most consecutive strikeouts. Same Two teams tonight, at target field at seven ten, you had one hell of a run back on for the twins tonight. That's good news we like to call on Dick Mountain Yeah. Yeah, that's on the back of your. Work Tonight I don't. Enjoy nickname. It's a funny. This. Come up with stuff like that. And when I do a bit on the pre game show tonight previewing rich hills starts tonight and I'm live in that red light goes on and I Jan Brady it I don't. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What do you think of that? We have a shiels gift card this week or you guys know I. Don't think we do this right I'd say. Thank you seals for bringing us the lovely and talented? Thank you. We were at in perishables for guess what Seventh Grade Football cleats is. The set youth football in. Did we talk about this last week I feel like we did the youth football in our district. Yeah you mentioned high school is. Never. Boy. got a pair Nike's. Trap on the TAP and the. Practice on Monday. Good for you. Follow you guys. Yes it is Yeah. School Times right here. Well, are you would you guys those of you who have school aged children if you were distance learning, would you go back to school shopping? Myself, this is GonNa shock you. There we go. Target my wife did. Oh. Some in person they're going full distance learning and they still they just whole and I mean full back to school shopping. Well, they're going to have classes. With video, I guess you WanNa look. You need new fits. Core they grew. Right were you asked About this occasion. Along the. Way I could possibly say to to sum it up without going deeper into it is. Please initials game DOT COM, and is by this fricken game. Otherwise. I'm going to be highway is that money go to a different just goes to me so I can afford to pay my bill be great if it was for sale at target and that weighed like. Twice Yeah. All right. Time. Four. Saying headlines. She'd by the initials game target even though she had a stack them in the garage. Yeah. That'd be great game iphone I made it. Headlines is brought to you by Michelob Golden Light I love MC logo. Forty seven percent of people under thirty. Say. They wouldn't date someone who didn't recycle. What? Question come up I dunno some survey forty, seven percent under the age of thirty said they wouldn't date somebody recycle I don't believe I don't either I don't understand. No question even. But I don't even. Date. Kind of rights agency. Research the difference in saying you wouldn't date someone under thirty and then seeing the Gal in the bar like charest did might be forty-seven percent of people would prefer to date somebody recycles, but they're not gonNA kick kate up out of bed. Breaker put her car out on the curve. I question to Bent Labor is not dear cycle your cans. Because I keep in. mind. Doubt on Ben to. Lucky a restaurant in Texas held Karen Day on Monday and free food to anyone named Karen and about forty Karen showed up. Oh, it's about tiny. I needed. Have friends named Karen you know. Everyone is pretty common. You slept with care. How. Would he ever know what her name? Name. To remember. Plus hard hearing after the master the figure out if she can be cycle. Movies up real loud. In Minnesota. Chevy truck forty four years ago for seventy five bucks. Just. Sold it to the previous owner's grandson last month four, seventy, five bucks. That's that's. Very sweet idiot. Factor in play. Well in the meantime did he put three hundred thousand miles on it? By the watcher. Or Chevy van. I know you're right. Important fake saw. Wales August. Yeah Netflix's canceled Patriot Act with us on montages. Montage was a former a daily show. This yeah, Stanford is great to well, we need a Hussy bad hogs. Man, in Pennsylvania who shot a friend says they always use to point unloaded guns that each other and pull the trigger but he didn't realize this gun was actually loaded. You know his friend was near lifted to the hospital. Melliger. Playing with guns and we were kids no. Matter. Ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention? Hockey bought a piece of land in the wrong country. I'm sorry. What'd you call me? Lord Hockey Yes sir the first time Corey said that Bra. Don't go down that route very often bras in Berlin Germany. Are Now allowed to reopen after being closed for months Mutt. Full sex still banned until next month Oh. Colorful. Hawk. Careful. Pronounce Prison for now they can only perform quote erotic massage massages which I believe you got yesterday when you weren't type yet not A regular great Masais and the thank you again to a no. Painter have you read the cupping before have not heard? Barney does look like she believes you. It leaves. A MARK DOES SLEEVES I. Find. No where they put the cups on you massage man look at this bruce though. Does it hurt. Does look like something. that. There is an. Nightmare who's Yet and visuals. The shoulders. Shocking side fool. Circles everywhere these. Weird hickeys. Felt good. It hurts a little bit today but it's worth it. I'm going to be pain-free before long wait and see me wrong baby bed. Yes I excuse me Lord back to Chevy van. Pain. Would have been better champagne producers in France are going to limit their crops this year to keep the supply of champagne down. So they can try to keep the price is high when they're so little demand. Interesting. Trusting, okay. They're little demand isn't alcohol like this through the roof right now. We have special occasions for Shannon Man. Yeah I think it's like you know for weddings and stuff like that. Celebrate. Tuesday. Tuesday. Celebrate. Sure Yeah. We're talking about chocolate milk and you had that rain soundbite ready. I'm like, wow, how did he find that? So quickly, how are you ready for that and then I read in the prep today? This story and I realized that's why Chris is ready because he's on top of it that's right. you remember chocolate rain by John. You remember this, Miami. What Was One of the person who viral videos on the Internet. Boot. SCOTTSD- on. The reason why this song to the news is a chocolate factory in Switzerland had a malfunction in its ventilation system on Tuesday and shot a bunch of cocoa powder into the air that rain down under the city hung. Chocolate rain in Switzerland Manna from heaven. while. They knew it was going to happen now south. Would you have liked that post? Man have been running new to the city. You don't happen very often, but when I used to come to work early early in the morning, sometimes when I got here, the whole place smells like butterscotch because of the Bronx factory over here, they were making butterscotch candies and it was like the greatest ever but I don't notice that anymore I wonder if you ever smelt that would be that would have been incredible greatest. What's it smell like now? I can smells Rosie. Thank you tell me if you think this smells good they just We can end on this and Undo Sausage Trivia next. Chocolate rain. The girl scouts announced their next flavor. They are called Toast Yays do ast hyphen Y Y. Y S. Se and say it. They look like and tastes like miniature pieces of French toast dipped in icing. Oh. Say s'mores pairs. Don't they only have. cookie I think they. Do French toast dipped in icing. Yes. Okay. So like Cinnamon? Toast. Maybe. Almost I duNno cinnabon. That's start. To. Sauce. The category today processes. Trivia when we come back the category for Trivia today is. All Time TV Trivia boy TV tribute right loving. That's next. Good. Morning everybody. It's eight forty fifth morning show. Marches, mark pay over. There was Mark Rosen I'm mark good morning over this Marnie going. Tell me your schedule for the week mine. Yeah. Like when you're on maybe I am back tonight, twins and burst tonight and tomorrow night and that links game against the Phoenix Mercury on Friday. Okay. Against the Oh stop. That's the reason I ask because I wasn't sure when you were. And then twins Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Still have Diana. Granted. Gosh. So that's GONNA. Be a great game on Friday night on Fox sports north, but she still dunk once in awhile. Yeah, more than any other WNBA player, Brisbane Greiner. Dealer. Janka reuss. Marnie. I don't think we've asked you how hard is it to do basketball on television? Was Very, challenging I bet it was very challenging a monitors. And a lot of it has to do with how clear the signal is the satellite signal that's coming in because you're trying to pick up a a number in the WNBA now has advertising on the front of their jerseys and no number Oh number only on the back line of ladies have a long ponytail. Covers up that number sometimes nobody challenging. But. And I'm so glad that our there are a lot of regions who do games like we do where you pick up some and have your local announcers. A lot of region said, we're just not doing it. We're just GONNA, take the pool, feed the pool announcers, and put it on in our region said, no Marnie and Leah. This is very for the music I'm sorry. I went through. Okay. Go Our region. No. Links fans will get their announcers. We need the hometown broadcast. Garni in. These Games Bands are going to feel that and love that and they're gonNa Watch them Friday night against Phoenix and they're gonNa Watch it again on Sunday afternoon against the Atlanta. Open to the broadcast. Hockey's name Song. Thank you, but it is it is a Lord Chris Hockey. Three hundred dollars for that. All right worth every penny. that. Thank you. We're going to be on a link against the. Thank you. Yeah, and the difference between like a twins game. When they're on the road, we have six different camera angles that the announcers can look at it anytime on screen. Looking at six different when the links play, we've got one what you're watching at home. And that's kind game. So if you would ever mute but why would you but if you ever muted the game and tried to call it, that is exactly one hundred percent with Leah and I I saw job hey, we gotta shiels Gift Card on the line. For a power trip trivia with your own meat sauce. Thank you very much. Everyone everyone ready pen and. A. Trivia. I have ten questions. At Trivia, I will give them all some are multiple choice summer. Now choice we'll give. You. We'll go from there. Normally Corey wins and we go. What I was referencing. What I was explaining is we have one hundred dollars, Gift Card and you can get. Fifteen hundred that's okay. Fifty can guess on twitter between mark. Parrish Chris Hockey Marnie Gollner Mark Rosen myself who's GonNa Win Trivia. You said it's all time TV Trivia. Trivia Young. Ball to right what's the Hashtag? Trigger Hashtag Caffeine Trivia. Predict, which of the five of us will win, then your name can be randomly drawn and you could win the fifty dollars shields gift card. She'll love feels as they. Had A great iced coffee. Abigail shop for Bras I was very uncomfortable. It was awesome. I love she. was. Benny. A. Right number one in the TV Trivia. What is the most watched season finale of all time these inner series series excuse me what's the most watch series finale of all time? Number two. With eighty four point four million viewers. WHAT IS SECOND ALL TIME And as a series finale as well series. Yes you are correct sir. Three maybe wrong. What year did Monday night football debut sixty, five, seventy, seventy, four, or eighty, sixty, five, seventy, seventy, four, more eighty. Number Four. How many seasons? Of The simpsons has there been. How many seasons of the Simpsons has there been? Choice. No I They. Continued. To it's your eight, they're having our I'm one off. All right dammit. Number of. What debuted I wheel of fortune or jeopardy. What debuted I wheel of fortune or jeopardy a great question. Good question right here. Again, I like that weather. Numbers six. This is multiple choice. What hospital does grey's anatomy taking place in Lord Chicago City Hospital All Saints Hospital. Eastman Medical Center or Seattle Grace Hospital. I knew that one before the multiple. Help in. Chicago city. Hospital All Saints Hospital Eastman Medical Center or Seattle Grace Hospital. Another multiple choice number seven. What was the first animated series to hold a prime time slot. The jetsons the looney tunes Tom and Jerry or the flintstones. What was the first animated series old they prime time slot jetsons looney tunes Tom. And Jerry. The flintstones. Multiple choice there. What year did sportscenter debut. Seventy four, seventy, nine, eighty, five, or ninety. What year did sportscenter debut. Seventy, four, seventy, nine, eighty, five, or ninety. Feeling very good about this. Number nine. Another I what debuted I sixty minutes or SNL? Minutes or SNL. And last and certainly not least. What is the longest running? Non Cartoon Slash News show ever. Gunsmoke lassie. NCIS or law and order. SVU Gunsmoke LASSIE NCIS or law and order. S V you feel really good about the is we'll time I may have gotten at least five. Okay. Cool. which is good for this is course we'll howl recorded I. Don't know these are tough lot easier before my time though so golden. Crushed I. Don't feel like and five ranges. Unfair. Maybe go ahead. Number One. What was the most watched season finale Of all time Corey said Mash at smash. Right. Marnie. I had mashed for the next one I had seinfeld. Nash Euro Nash. Rather Good, about would you say it doesn't matter okay. No. No. I have to say. Okay. It is mashed with one hundred, five point nine, million people what show is second with eighty four point four million viewers for its season finale between to. Me I think I, went the wrong way. Now I don't know if I went the right way or not I said cheers ain't Mash Seinfeld Rose Dallas see I wrote Seinfeld as well but I think you might be right. Corey. One of you. Got It. Right. Well Corey cove. Cheers eighth. Yes. So many people someone ear did Monday night football debut, sixty, five, seventy, seventy, four, eighty, four. Guest seventy four I also guest seventy four Dandy Don Meredith and Howard cosell in nineteen. Seventy. Seventy. Seventy four rosie and hockey or CAC nine thousand nine hundred seventy member well-dri. Many seasons of the simpsons have we had. I think I'm going to be very close I'm GonNa say Thirty One oh my gosh, that's what I have. I. Went to high thirty, five I. Don't know it started the year I graduated high school safety, nine. Thirty one or thirty two right on its thirty one. What debuted I wheel of fortune or jeopardy. I guess we'll we all jeopardy with art fleming jeopardy jeopardy jeopardy nine, hundred and sixty, four percent. Ademi is. SEATTLE. Deal. First animated series. Time slots at Flintstone. Correct. What Year did sportscenter seventy, nine, ninety, eight, thousand, five, hundred, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, nine. Debuted I. Sixty minutes, arrests and. Minutes. Toughest, the longest running non cartoon news show ever again. SMART. Law and order it's law and order. On smoke was twenty law and Order Svu is twenty one, eight. Wow, i. said I got seven. I got three. Ways. Oh Roseanne is that two in a row. Football, one man and we're just flat out like. Flintstone realized sportscenter started that. Done at work and they had like, Australian rules football was on ESPN when it first started to booth game and then also here comes the show called sportscenter moved down going wow this is kinda cool. They really do sports all around the clock. That's Never. And Chris Berman resolved. Credible. No. Well, Dan Suskind job. Questions thank you all right perish. We'll see you back on Friday for initials. Right Carly is initials competitor number five year plan Friday bring it on. Hinds Hansen the next Friday We're back tomorrow though Tommy. Olsen Ben Lieber Rosie will see you tomorrow as well. Desert. Five thirty nine by sound.

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