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"christ sherry" Discussed on Christian Podcast Community

"The reason number three that he says is for self-denial beat a part of Asian. No Man can be a Christian. That doesn't take Christ for his Lord and Savior and no man without self. Denial can take Christ for his Lord and Savior. That sounds almost like he's just saying the same thing twice but think about it truly. Could you say it? Just imagine at work. My boss told me to do these different things. Did you do now? Now don't get to them. How long are you going to be employed? You're going to be fired on the spot but hearing that just goes what A. What a schmuck right. Well how can you say that? God is my Lord and Savior. I really love my do anything. God tells me to my Har- fully his. I'm I'm dedicated to God will do what he tells you in the Bible like deny yourself pick up your cross no. I don't that I kind of live my own thing but God is great Sunday morning for about five minutes. It's not going to be very realistic. And I think a lot of I duNno I. I am someone who came from a Christian home came from several Christian generations grandparents Christians and I do feel like it's kind of slightly. I don't know when you're raised in a Christian environment. When it's all you know I feel like there is a little bit of danger becoming Numb to donny of Christian life as opposed to someone who's a first generation Christian right now who came to know the Lord and college or something like that where they see the light and darkness. There's that difference to them. I think there's a wisdom and somebody who came later to Christ Sherry. No they really know what life out God is like right but I mean this is something that I feel like I struggle with to like the does my life really reflect this. You Know I. We had a Bible Study Group. That just went through James and James Hammers on that hard to as well as like. If you're faced is real it will result in real things that people notice that better tangible that they're they're works there are things that as a result of your faith being real in that needs to be something we take seriously. I know this isn't from the Seromba you put me in. James Abraham he brings Abraham Andrey Habit. I love it because as as the people for the worse. And Abraham is the father of the faith but he wouldn't have been the father of the head and put Isaac on the altar and Rahab is not the father of the she's the prostitute in. She had a bad job. She betrayed her country. She lied and yet she's considered faithful. Yeah because her heart was in the right place she was doing actions with her heart set on the right reasons and so God could use her and I back coming back to the sermon. You may not get self-denial perfectly. You may not live perfectly. But your heart's in the right place and you're doing something. I think Gaza going to move in your life a lot. More than if you go on the wayside the perfect theology or I'm no wait till everything is just right and then I'm going to move. I think God's not going to bless that second versus.

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