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"chrissy lance laura" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"I Love Alison Friends. Were we see each other everywhere right and I said <music> Alison. She's a babe rates so then of course they're like Oh my god Chrissy America's sweetheart she must be bitch and then I was like this is Allison's night like she was nominated like this is so gross right and so I was texting her. She's at the table cry. The room and I was was like girl. I really hope you know that this is not like she's like oh please and then she re posted a picture of us together. She's like ridiculous. No she's such by the way weren't you when you saw that I was you freaking out of Corey Yeah because I didn't say it first of all who'd be stupid enough to say anything like that especially on a live. Mike Schmidt a wonderful person a lot of stupid people well. I'm not really not. I'm not that person yes. You're not annoying so yes anyway. Thanks <hes> hearing that up yeah. It doesn't matter people believe what they wanNA. Believe below deck mad it takes a lot to make the steadfast captain sandy loser cool that on next week's episode Travis and Jack Decide to accept that challenges to Sneak Peek Blackwater Travis or Jack Alarm going off and you stop drinking beer now okay. Can you find the engineer find out what along not have you been standing here the whole time noam today's not not hustle get it. I swear to guide you will be office boats so as has the alarm goes off. It's game time guys my guest vase off the music trivial the pressure make them WanNa crap their Khakis. Well holy cow roker were about to find out with tearing up my chartres. I Love Lyrics from famous rob songs with one word covered up with a wet fart noises Chrissy and Lance the first one two guests. The word gets the point. Whoever gets the most right wins? Let's get sharded. It's time to play my shorts okay. This is a drake song and I know what that that can only mean one thing. I guess very good Taylor Swift's song but I keep Cruzi can't stop won't stop kick it off moving okay okay. This is a lady Gaga Song. I'm off the as watches I dive in depend yes. This is beyond say song up in just grow up. I'm doing my own little thing and when the club yes Bruno Mars Song when I see your yes this is ground. They saw one taught me loved one job creation. This is a song my is killing me. My mom loneliness it lands. How's the business going with Jack's? It's going great for those that don't know what is your business partners now. It's a mixers line called just add ex- so so you basically Jack's my my friend John was not Jackson's. I know my friend James and I created last year because we develop a lot of products together right and then he had this idea of just add ex- and we're like Oh Jack's that's it's for horrible Walmart or ten yeah horrible Barton. Just add ice shake and your during you know what I'm not drinking. Oh you're on a little a Clinton anyway. I looked artists per nondrinkers too so go to just on Instagram Mosleh Day goes to a Belgian man who sat on a toilet for five days in an attempt to break a world record but still fell short. If he had only known about the tearing up my short game before he did this he would have had a party game to keep him occupied. Tonight's Jaakko goes to the Tennessee Police Department who had to warn citizens not to flush math down the toilet out of fear that math in water water treatment facilities would create math alligators now meth gators not to be confused with math gay tours the name of my first and only acting troupe made up of all gay in math in actors cosmic after a great night Improv. We were equally as dangerous as gay. I gotTa talk a lot of that. I want to thank Chrissy Lance Laura.

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