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"chris tyler" Discussed on Black Love Matters

"It. Allegedly. Shout out, did y'all watch Abbott elementary? Shout out to Quinta. At first, I thought it was gonna be corny, and it don't matter. I was on support quintal goddess as a black woman who was a showrunner for a show. I'm watching it. Honestly. Black women came to no harm in my world. I want to watch all the shows. Abbott elementary is the shit. I'm bringing full circle to what I like it. Quinta, the documentary slash comedy hilarity. Hilarious. Breaking that fourth wall, giving office vibes, but school and black people, everything. Everybody hates Chris. What's his real name? William Tyler. You got a lot to get like three first name. Everybody hates Chris. Tyler William something. Shirley Ralph, who is playing all of the old school teachers, then they got that I forgot that white woman named who always paint like Italian mama sit cut me. The show's layers. Anyway, why I thought about this was like it was one of the opening scenes in Quinta was going around to the kids, they'd be like, oh, so what's your favorite show? And was like, paw patrol. I don't know what other kids be watching. Disney+ and shit. And then one kid was like, my favorite TV show is no, my favorite movie is American gangster. My favorite character is Frank Lucas. Oh, it is my second grade. She was like, oh, we'll talk about that during a parent teacher conference. Not Frank Lucas. American gangsters. My favorite film. It is a good picture. All that to be is it, they could have gave a little bit more to Larry Hoover. Something. Thank you. I know he was in the jail cell shaking his damn head. He said these needs. Shit. He's an opportunity. I'm.

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Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

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"chris tyler" Discussed on Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

"I've never tried it but it sounds rahva scrumptious and it's from new jersey so depending on which new jersey new ask the most magical poll product of all time is even called taylor hamill pork roll. The foam is the most common in the north chunk of the state the latter more popular in the central and south in any case the full name. It in nine thousand nine hundred advertisement said look out for imitate. See that you get the genuine taylor poke roll. The mission of ham was not maqsoud. Because technically speaking taylor ham not ham the pure food and drug act nine hundred eighty six nipped. It in the bud made result sugar and spices salami like flavor and spam like texture so the civilised not long after its inception. People can stop cooking breakfast. The scorn of some kosher relatives taylor ham was invented by john taylor born in eighteen. Thirty six and howland square new jersey. After working brickyard of the teenager went onto a grocery store cherif finance committee. Establishing opera house and becoming senator economists import roles in opera together is is an odd mix to say the least poke rollers legacy in new jersey. This ingredient is finding any supermarket. More commonly appre sliced package is given just about any dina which is saying something in the state more diners than any other state. Lloyd bacon taylor ham fries alongside fried eggs hash. Browns is even better. Kaiser roll eggs cheese. New york dot com. Even right the top twenty taylor ham pokhrel sandwich as an honorary just to be nominated. Sorta dale still to limit taylor hampshire. Breakfast would be caging a secret. Shore is that his home. Yes but it cannot saw as longs to taylor. Ham is a small swap that anything would actually use ham bacon or sausage. Think fried rice. Kaban our potato salad. Macaroni and cheese baked beans or bacon lettuce tomato but with a tayla ham bacon admitted lettuce and tomato like bay container handler needs minutes in a skillet crackly at the edges and glossy rented fat. The trick is skull the slice instead of puffing states flat skip crespi than crespi and crespi salty porky benami the soulmate to juicy d'amato his squishy bread leave a momeni. But before you said. I know i know you can no longer be called ability about the be. Am i agree. With the t h lt. opr is quite the same ring these technicalities only matter. You take your first bite. So i'm now dying for maybe crispy role or a friday egg. Some of the taylor poco may be a slice of black putting whoa hello. I didn't see. There is trump will trombone so i up on the ocoee. The rest species of endangered frog nicknamed the scrotum prog. Because it saggy. Skin is going despite a producer for the first time. The lake trico frog is the world's largest aquatic frog spends most of his life at the bottom of the lake absorbing oxygen using it saggy falls of excessive skin this trait labeled at the scrotum frog twenty of the ramp fittings and now being cared for the chest z. Where experts studying the behaviors product conversation efforts. The zoo is the first in europe to give home to the species as hoped that conservation efforts or prevent its total extinction. Luckily is now illegal to harvest. This rock caribbean in bolivia and locals. Still known to do so. They use them in smoothies because they believe enhances variety and energy. I made it has given me inspiration for my New reptile band scrotum frog. Tadpoles no more folks movies. We all stand together and a waiter as won acclaim of unfair dismissal. After charge boss farted in grin wafting the smell towards him in front of the customers. Allesandro chris tyler owner the talent anti-basque restaurant in london also repeatedly birthed edgar simplicity of face and asked him whether he'd like to see a picture of his feces. The ona claim that this was just childish sense of humor but following a massive row of the head by customers an employment tribunal as now ruled that the white was unfairly dismissed report so that criteria suffered from excessive gas and explain this condition means. He cannot control when he bumps breaks wind. Chill artist gratuity. Hopefully.

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"chris tyler" Discussed on Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong (A Podcast from Rotten Tomatoes)

"Never have to see each other to. we're already. it could work. You know it could but can not after woodbury andrea look. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. Fact is going to be a hell of a lot harder than standing here shooting at each other. But i don't think we have a choice. We don't you do but the governor is the only villain in the show. That didn't talk like he was a villain in a cartoon right. 'cause they also became a thing every other that was hired after that new they were walking into seventeen million views. No and i will in one hundred percent agree with you on that. It's just a shame that like time we gotta villain after that they were caricature of a villain from megan to alpha. Who just like talked really weird even to cinder or what was her name. Track chick the shake. Yeah who's your favorite villain josh. So is your favorite villain is the governor. Who would you say out of all the seasons. And then and i'll get your take. Who's the least favorite villain. Oh terminus the whole season. Yeah joa terminus. And it was like such a throwaway thing. If we didn't have terminus explode via daryl and carol right if we didn't have it explode that would have been the biggest waste because that whole season was legit walking without the beth death and and the explosion that whole that whole season is one off walking episode. True that jacqueline have. Are you favorite. Least favorite villain. I think my least favorite villain would be the police girl karen from that same season. I don't remember what her name was. But she was like karen before karen was personified dawn. Yeah and like. She was being mean to the guy that played chris from. Everybody hates chris. Tyler and like i was not about that girl and at least with some of the dudes and i'm not saying that every or even with alpha you could see where they got people to like get on their team. I'm like bitch. Nobody was on your team. Nobody was on your team ever ever built one. Yeah so yeah going gets hard for me. I can't really pin them as a villain. Even though the show would try to make us not trust this person from time to time. But i just never liked this character and i don't know why maybe all can figure it out the the character of jesus in the walking dead not the bible guy. Bible guys great the character. Jesus in this show never got. It never understood the appeal and jacqueline. You made a face. I mean. I'm not gonna blame this on your gender but the ladies listening to this what. Jesus looks like they will choose. There's five four and he punched. Zombie jump kicked as zombie. Which is malaysia..

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"And we'll get the nfl. We'll have a big season taking vegas dot. Com is good is there is and he's fun because he's going to you analysis and then the gambling part and when they both come together. You make a lot of money and that'll happen. I don't guarantee it. But i'll tell you what twelve and to last with their. Nfl picks documented matters. Chris great stuff. I don't doug pike's go nuts go down to those and everybody else here and I love you brother. Thanks for having great great to see you appreciate it and thanks for the gift. I hope i don't hit them in the water. Appreciate it chris. Dougie thank you bud. Hey tyler are you a guy say. Call me on the dry fleas all right. Thank you chris tyler. Are you a gambler. I know you're going there. But i mean we've talked about this before but do you. Would you gamble more if you made more or whether you pick games or if we had it easier access having. Where's your thought on. I'm not talking about black talking about sports betting cause it's become huge and i'm into it and he's really good. If we had sports betting legalize here in texas. I would definitely be doing it a lot more. Obviously doing it responsible. You like maybe only a couple books here. A couple of bucks there had always bet responsibly. No question about it well. I think it's fun i love. It gives it gives me a reason to watch games. That i normally wouldn't watch so i i thoroughly enjoy. I would definitely be betting more. Aren't we hypocritical. As a state and this way shape or form aren't the texan sponsored by. Don't they have an sponsors. An endorsement with caesars entertainment. Yeah we don't have sports gambling. Legal here it. Caesar's i know for the texans by going on their app or something. yeah but what. I'm saying it's critical. It's hilarious state. I mean they can smile. Neural louisiana still hasn't having the night there is now the caesar superdome right. And what are they gonna start throwing kiosks in there. It's only a matter time. But i would like it more so title. You're finishing on your gambling stuff. Yeah so honestly if there's one and this would be a very long shot but i don't think it would be a bad bet to maybe throw twenty bucks on just because i'm really excited to see what he can do in that offense. Maybe twenty bucks on matt ryan for. Mvp look sticking with the home team being home. What a home. But you know what we know. He's a numbers machine no matter who plays for him. Exactly offense offense is going to be the best offensive scheme he's had since kyle shanahan. And what did he do couch on the mvp. Exactly and arthur smith. We'll arthur smith's really good. He just is. We'll come back and discuss. Mci stick around for the ten o'clock show. Yes i'm here until noon today. Gonna to wh why he got stood. We had to move things around. We've got some people at the sniffles. Right little yeah call a little travel whatever it is but hopefully they'll be back in but mc l. You youtube you got this big us carrying it on. Will you'll have a blast. Yeah i mean two hours worth and gosh income in. But apparently he's still sleep now. Apparently you know. Apparently he ate something last night. That's not sitting although well. Well the whole bunch of people that substance it cold little met. Hey ross it's called a.

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"chris tyler" Discussed on Progressive Talk 1350 AM

"The answers to just because we found the Higgs. I can see a politician being like All right, guys. So you're telling me that you were totally wrong? And you miss spent all this money, but it turns out that Luckily, it's actually good news. That's right. Well, for me. The most exciting thing is the exploration like I want to build that $3 Trillion collider because it lessens explore the universe on a scale we've never seen before, And I'm excited for unexpected discoveries, much more than I'm excited for expected discoveries. You know, it's like if somebody told you exactly where to find a special little rock. Be cool to go there and see like, Oh, look, I found this little rock right? Much cooler to find something you didn't expect. Discover your next favorite podcast from over 250,000 available to you right now, all free by downloading the I heart radio app. Here's a preview of a podcast that will make your team the winner at the next trivia name. Yeah. S O have a diary all day. Oh, that's no blind us The molasses of the back of the back seat. Yeah, it would be nice is if to hear a story about molasses. Well, that's good news, Chris, because I have just the story for you. Well, that's good, because we're the history boys. I'm Chris Tyler. Yeah. Tyler Tyler's here and and Duke Duke. Yeah, I guess I could be Duke Duke Duke Sanchez. I am Jerry Nash. And Zach, of course, is on audio obvious via satellite in this remote bunker. Several stories underneath the crust of the United States that yeah, safe from molasses safely say from what he wants. If it did happen to get molasses down there. You're not getting it out, though. You know You're not gonna pump that stuff. You just gotta you're gonna have to abandon the bunker. We'll find a new bunker. It's a sweet, sticky grave. Luckily, we built that separate Molasses tunnel for him to escape out of in the case that molasses pours down into the bunker We got in the grave sign form and everything. This is in case of molasses Leave here and I didn't even know about the molasses flood of the time. Barely know anything about it now. Well, there you good. I didn't do the research. I know Jerry. Tell us a story about molasses. I'm glad I'm glad you want to hear now. You know, not many people are familiar with the great Boston molasses flood of 1919 the fatally tragic events that happened 100 years ago. Every time I learned, the more I learn about this The more I'm like, like it's like they're like we're trying to tell you. It's tragic. It's not hilarious. It does. It's not something that was like made up for, like an old timey cartoon. But then, in my research, I heard that one of its nicknames is legitimately the great molasses occur. Degree. You kidding? The great Boston molasses Occur of 1919 nineties handle Wikipedia. That zah Primary source. They did not call it the molasses occur. They called the molasses really, I would have if I was 2020. What is it? 117 people injured 21 dead. That's um Alaska. If you ask me, that's something I did not Asian citations. Bada Bing. Bada boom. All right. I'm not gonna check those. It was not in dark tide, which is a fantastic book. It was in the Boston molasses disaster causes of the molasses tank explosion. Spoiler alert. By Eric Hendrickson. There you go. Not not our primary, surly reserve oral in this episode, I think worth shouting out anyway. Yeah, this a giant Tank that stored a lot of molasses basically burst in Boston's North End neighborhood on January 15th 1919. Destroyed completely destroyed the neighborhood. It's I literally think of the time, they said. There goes the neighborhood and then meant it frantic tonight on just a little bit and back then they everyone talked with like the old timey voice. There goes. There goes my molasses boy, you the chance to read it, It's done. Yeah, well, the last years is all over May raspberries, my sweet boys driving Unless again who's gonna run the factory when I get too old, huh? Just to give a little bit of perspective and have big the molasses tank. What we're gonna talk about Not there yet. We're not there. We're not there yet. First I wanna talk about it too much. Rescinded your too much research. Wanna flex? Can't you be more like me? No research. I feel like there's a happy middle. There is there is A couple of things about molasses before we get to the actual tank. Here we go, 00 boy. My last. This is a non Newtonian substance, meaning that force has to be applied to it in order for it to move like it's not water like It doesn't just run everywhere. It's like truth paste er, ketchup like you have to, like, Hit the bottle for the ketchup kind of Scott City. Yeah, famously high for Scott. Yes, indeed. So considering this physical property, molasses would be far more deadly than just a giant wave of water and swimming in it is Impossible. Not with that attitude. You matter if it was a non Euclidean liquid, that would be well, that would be even worse. It would be pretty cool. So not only is molasses is used for, like syrups and sweeteners. It is used for booze and barbecue sauce. Ammunition. All hell. Yeah, well, the main well, it's Maine. Thing that people used for was distilling it down into alcohol and the alcohol instead of making room out of it, they would make munitions or fuel and in this case That's what they're doing. There were distilling it down and making using it from munitions well, and a couple other things is it is a diabetic sweetener. You can add it to things if you are diabetic, and it won't in fact won't affect your insulin levels. True, it's 100%. True. It's all that was amazing. High in potassium. And I think it's high and something else. Probably deliciousness and sweet. It is not delicious..

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Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer jab in UK

Monocle 24: The Briefing

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Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer jab in UK

"Well. Biontech and pfizer's landmark coronavirus vaccine has been given to the first person in the uk as part of a mass immunization program. The uk's vaccine roll it is being watched keenly across the rest of the world has other countries begin. Prepare to vaccinate their own populations for the latest on this. Let's talk to our health and science correspondent. Dr chris smith. Chris is also consultant for all the gist at cambridge university. I good afternoon. Chris tyler so i guess So far so good at least we have. We have a soundbite already. We had at the top of the program from this ninety year old woman. Who's been there the first to be to vaccinated chris last week. We saw a little bit of Chest thumping on the part of some politicians the uk saying look. This is great The uk is steaming ahead. How eagerly he would you say not. Just the immediate neighbors across this side of the channel but around the world are going to be watching. What are they going to watching. Forty you think over the coming days and weeks as this rolls out well think it will be a confidence boost to those other countries because no one likes to be i they unless it's a shorty. A dead cert. There's always some risk with any kind of intervention. And this is no different. So having a regulator a regulator that's world renowned the jewelry the medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency. Which is the. Uk's regulator which prior to just having jurisdiction over the uk walls prior to the brexit transition kicking providing that service for the whole of europe. Now europe does that through the ama it. It gives a precedent that other countries can look to and say right. Okay one fairly ferry. Big actor has gone ahead with this nathan. It's good therefore we're happy to Gives us some confidence too. So i think that there's always that aspect to it and it's coming good for the uk in the sense that it saying here we are. We've had a pretty rough time with this. But now some some fantastic triumph of sciences kicked in and we're about to start deploying this across the country and we're gonna we're gonna protect our outpatients. We have this type of approval from a respected Player how much do agencies elsewhere of course within the eu and obviously similar bodies all over the world. how much does it short circuit For them as you said. It establishes a precedent And does that mean that you have you know days or weeks then knocked off the process. Of course he. I'm sitting here in switzerland. Obviously a lot of talk as well about of course is also on the uk as well so does it actually then really prevent And and and and you do you have a moment where you have a real series of time locked off. They'd process well. The europeans are considering this through the jurisdiction of the ems the european medicines agency but the uk is still subject to a you know and in the uk is used one particular rule which is a regulation one seven four which is a specification for in public health crisis. Or emergency you can. Emergency approved something for use in your particular jurisdiction so the nhra has used that to approve this for the uk. Any other country in europe could've done the same thing so it's quite interesting that they've actually decided to white on a broad overarching decision from the a. But it doesn't matter. Who your regulator is they have to meet the same checks and balances. Because at the end of the day they all the gateway between a manufactured product and the public who going to receive it and it's on their neck that the decision rests so then going to say a will. They did it so we'll kind of ignore with this stuff would just sign it off. They are going to apply wherever they are in the world the same rigorous checks that they would apply whether or not someone else regulated something but it does help to give them confidence and he gives them a bit more political impetus when they see that. Another major regulator has taken a product which is also going to be wheeled out in that particular country and said well you know what's good enough is enough the ganda over the past few weeks. Of course astrazeneca moderna in this case. Biontech visor they. They've all been popping up in the headlines. Chris and of course various speeds that of course these approval processes have been working at now. We have three vaccines. We're we're now told her that there might also now be a fourth which is very much in play might be getting closer to approval. How different are all of these in terms of effectiveness and and do they all function largely the same way or do you. Also because obviously many countries that are hedging their purchasing all of them. Am i going to be particularly concerned. In a couple of weeks. If if i choose to get the moderna vaccine versus the astrazeneca versus the by pfizer one. In fact i think the uk has go options in on seven different vaccines and yes. You're right three of them are nearing the finishing nine in the uk but there are many others waiting in the wings around the world. There are ten different types of vaccine the work in ten different types of ways or being generated a more than forty and now in advanced stages of clinical trials. So pretty soon. We're going to have more vaccines than we can shake a stick at up to a point. That's a good thing and it's a good thing because not vaccines are going to be suitable for all people not vaccines are going to be available to all people not vaccines are going to work in all territories and what i mean by. That is if we take the fiso vaccine as an example. This needs to be kept at minus seventy degrees until five days or so before you're going to use all nine hundred and seventy five doses that are in batch and i've just seen a letter go from medical director saying can we make sure that we we use all nine hundred seventy five days in a within the five days so that we don't waste any of this very precious vaccine. Now that's going to be no use whatsoever in some countries where they don't even have a stable. Electricity supply let alone a stable minus eighty degrees freezer. So therefore having lots of options is a powerful thing also We don't know what the long term outcomes with these vaccines against be. We know that they provide pretty high level of protection but short after the vaccination program is finished in other words in in the weeks to a month or so. The person's completed the vaccine course. They're protected with the fis vaccine to the level of about nine hundred ninety five percent. But what happens in five months. What happens in a year. we don't know. And it may well be that other products that come along are able to confer a longer term protection. They might confer a big boost if you give one of those on top of one of the other products. This is a learning process. We're going to be sort of going through this process as time goes on an. It's always good to have more options. Where this sort of things concerned. If if your project yourselves twelve months twenty four months out do you think we also end up in a place because of because of cost because of stability many other things that they're only going to be potentially to vaccines. Is that the way things often go. The other ones might be effective but they might be too expensive as you said they might be too volatile and they fall by the wayside. I so i guess what i'm getting at. Will there sort of a clear winner in all of this in terms of one of the players and obviously the concoction that that ends up within the syringe. Well it's hard to say. I mean you know it's like niels bohr. Who is the forefather of quantum mechanics. Said prediction is very difficult especially when it concerns the future. But it's it's going to be very hard to know because we don't know what the long term outcome with these agencies. They are expensive. These genetic vaccines that pfizer. Madonna offering all pricey the astra zeneca vaccine. Which is still sitting with the regulator here in the uk. At the moment that one will be much cheaper and is also much easier to deploy and store so that there are pros and cons of all these things and it may not come down to simply a case if this one does this and this one does this therefore two horse race. I think we will definitely be a market for a few of these products whether or not. That market's going to be sufficient to sustain all forty plus of the clinical trials that are going on now but but certainly while the world is rushing to get this stuff in sufficient volume. Because that's the issue at the moment the companies just can't push it out the door fast enough the moment it's any partner storm so people are desperate to access whatever vaccine they can as fast as they can and just before we go chris any sense. When you're maybe discussing with your medica- medical call leaks. What the uptake is is going to be. I was talking to a doctor at the university hospital here in zurich the other day his defense was that you know probably just within the hospital owned probably fifty percent of the staff. You know would not be interested in taking the vaccine. Is that sort of a a pretty good gauge. In terms of how the public will look at this. Or if you're not in the medical trenches all day maybe you're going to be keener to take it any any house view from your side. I'm sensing quite a degree of what we dub vaccine hesitancy based on the questions that are coming into various radio programs on participating in basic enquiries from members of the general public and if you look at the day to this come out of the pew research center in america have been running a number of population surveys in the states and originally that was very alarming showed that fifty percent of people would reject a vaccine offered one at that point in time. They recently repeated that survey found that in fact the uptake had risen to fifty from fifty to sixty percents so in other words forty percent. Turn it down. But that's still forty percent. Turn down right now in the uk. We think it's probably going to be Less than that but at the same time still a significant proportion of people are uncertain citing rapid production very rapid approval. As a reason for concern. I do think this is largely going to take care of itself though because what will happen is that because of the way in which these vaccines are being rolled out to high priority high risk groups. I with a trickle down into the younger echo lonzo society over time by the time many of the people who live in countering who is saying. I'm nervous about this. Come to be offered a vaccine. It will have actually been through a very significant proportion of other people and that may well have in still quite a bit confidence into people are safe track record by then so i think it may be one of those short term problems. The actually takes care of itself. That's what i'm hoping anyway. Chris thanks very much for that. That was monocled health and science. Dr chris smith.

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