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"chris tacoma" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

12:30 min | 4 months ago

"chris tacoma" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Know and I know we put a lot emphasis on speed out here. But there's no one in that really had a four three that has earned a gold jacket right. It is interesting Shannon. Deserve another point does skip skip. You could run fast and then you can play fast. Those are two different things and people. Don't think people really understand that Jerry. Rice did not run fast. Shannon Sharpe didn't run fast. Steve largest didn't run fast but they play fast. Running rows skip is all about creating separation is getting in and out of breaks and what Michael is talking about. Is like when you're a when you're fast in order for you to get unless you're running a go route? Which is there more outs and comebacks than go routes in the playbook so what Michael is saying is that when you run something other than go route and you have to decelerate to get out of that break. He said he's GonNa Close. He's GonNa drive on the football if he's seen okay. You starting to chop because get nobody roads go route chopping. So he's GonNa Drive on the ball. He see you break it down. Would you what we call putting the blink on earth and get out of that break? Yup they're coming so if you can't play. Uk dropped your hips and get out of that breaking hurry. You got no chance. I don't care how fast you are because you gotta realize. Db's skip. They get paid McDonald's to run his pants backward as you do forward so they're really good. They're the best athletes on the field and I love the play wide receiver with the tight end but the DB's those guys are better athletes. So Michael is absolutely right. Candidate got transition. Can't he fit something up because as I said before there are more? There's only one go- route but there's a lot of things that you can do up to go round but if you can't sell that's giving you can't drop your Hilton. Get in and out of that break now. Now they're you know. Obviously it's hard for me to believe. Give Their Bob. Hayes didn't run three. He wanted to go metal in the damage in the nineteen sixty Olympic Randy. More sixty four county ready moss but for the most part. Now what we're seeing is that it will. Michael came out and when I came out. Skip guys didn't leave for eight weeks. Go to these camps in. La in Texas employer and this train specifically to learn how to run forty. You're right yes. But here's the thing guys. That are fast. I mean you could take a guy that runs fast and teaching technique and you can get him to four for. You can't get a guy that runs five flat and teach them to run four bore. No so either your fast faster. You're not now. Technique is working. Help you run a little faster. You can go from four three with the proper. Take me but if you fight for that you're not coming down because see that's NFL. That's what he likes you. Okay see if you fast. I can teach you how to run. Routes I teach you how to catch the ball in focus more. I could do drills like that either. You faster you. North Carolina heightened basketball skip. I can teach you how to dribble and set picks and all that. I can't teach how to be seven foot. If you can't do that so mike is absolutely right. I mean we put so much emphasis on speed. Oh Oh yeah. Yeah he wrote. How many times does this? How many times is roads going to get an opportunity to open up in us? Four to seven will he better be able to drop his hip? Because when you run that faith is just like any cards gift. You start going two hundred miles. An hour is going to take you longer to slow down now. Then me going fifty miles an hour. So that's the difference the deceleration and you're GONNA tip defensive bikes off and they're gonNA drive on you and you fall at two children. I was at that speed up. Nobody do anything. Gifts come lull. Yes the next thing you know you know what you need. I ran a four six seven. Do you know who has the longest playoff touchdowns from scrimmage in NFL history? Oh six seven Chez Chez both IRA bow to a report three eight zero both audible cowboys the Iran for eight for them using the cowboys missed. I don't gobble admits that all this here you know takes. Graham started all of this Combi oven. Forty gillibrand rescued meal. Just find a mate. So you're good so over the last ten years I've come to love watching the combine. It's great and they put it on Prioriti- Tom. Finally in I was hooked like I was hooked and I watched the whole thing and I couldn't stop what there's NBA on. And I couldn't stop watching the combine. It's just a track meet and it's fun but it doesn't translate into what's going to happen on the football field. No because John Ross still holds the record after last night. Thanks to rugs having a little shaky. I haven't seen very many guys. They complain about four to seven but he seemed to be upset that he'll report only so easy the second when he was really trying Jordan he was kind of side to side. Lost some time that way but look John. Ross has had a few moments over his three years with the bengals but he's been beat up and hurt and he's not transcendent. Not Changing the game. No okay so let's go back to. I knew pretty. Well Bullet Bob Hayes. Who started all of this because he won the hundred meter dash at the Olympic but he had played football at Florida. Jacksonville Florida right okay. So the cowboys draft him in the seventh round because everybody said he's just a track and they start throwing him bombs Don Meredith. The Great Don Meredith is just bombs away to bullet Bob in sixty five sixty six when he makes his. I do pro bowls. I will remind everybody. He's going up against a lot of white cornerback. Half of them were still white and it was a complete mismatch because remember bullet Bob in ran a sixty yard dash in five to eight. So if I'm doing a little algebra formula backwards that means his forty would have been under four yards three eight hundred three nine. Yes okay. That'd be the all time. So it's it's a joke. Yes yes and he was six feet one hundred and eighty seven appropriate huge four hundred meters. Look at Chris Tacoma. Kristen Coleman wave one fifty five hundred sixty okay. So that broke the mold. Yes but in general I have found over the years that while speed thrills. It often kills the receiver where it restricts them for all the reasons that you talked about. Because we've seen the freaks Randy Moss all-time free right He. He's six four two six four to ten drafted but he ran four to five. That's that's absurd. Yeah okay so he was the greatest ever to me and we saw two other freaks we saw. Julio and Calvin Johnson and they're huge men especially Calvin Johnson at six to six. I'm sorry six five six five seven four three. It's sick what he was doing. But but both Julio and Calvin didn't have that killer intangibles Julio dozen were they just dominate you you know that that will kill sort of thing on the field okay. So now we get to the goat. You bring up Jerry Rice. He ran four seven. The cowboys passed on him because he ran for seven eight. Now he's the goat. Go to me. My Goat is Michael. I've told you I would take him just on intangibles and killer will over the goat Jerry. Rice Michael ran for five to right. Okay so what's going on here what's going on is who's the best receiver in football right. Now Michael Thomas Right. Who's the offensive player of the right? He just set the record for single season catches when forty four forty one K. He almost ran four six four five. Seven that impressment. That's why he fell down to mid second round. All Right. Should he have gone the top ten? Yeah I didn't know what they know loudly. Yes okay so how does he do it he does it? Because he's he's a big he's six three to twelve. He runs with power and control. Yes and he has physical strength to snatch it the way you did it your position. Where if it's GONNA get your catch radius? It's GonNa Stop Shea. Sharp from catching the football in once. He snatches it he can turn on you and you're going to have a hard time getting him on the ground right but he can stop start. Stop Start yet he can. He can set you up and come out of a break quickly. Amari cooper the Odell Beckham Junior. Skip to go back to you Bob Hayes. Bobby should have been the first hall of fame. You know why. Because before every before Bob Hayes everybody play man to man it would Bob Hayes that force them to go everybody to go zone. Because he just ran by everybody he did revolutionize okay but it took him. He retired in seventy five. It took thirty four years for him to get in the hall as a senior. Can't right now field issue with a Buddy? You know we still. They're saying off-the-field shouldn't have anything to do with but but he had to go to prison. General right okay. But the point was that when Michael saying there's not a four three guy in the hall Bob is. He's not with US anymore. But he's he's in the hall. He's not at the niche key luncheon. He's in the hall. He we feel very comfortable saying the fastest hall of Famer that we have in our book that build up feel very comfortable and say I would agree does tyreek. He'll have a shot at being in the hall of fame. Maybe maybe maybe okay. So He's another freak to me right. He's a smaller man. At what does he like? Five ten one one eighty five so that you know five ten one eight hundred five. He ran for two eight at a West Alabama. Pro-death four to eight okay. He's he's just like scary fat. Yes yes and he's pretty pretty good. He did actually run routes right skit remember when he first. Let's think about him when he first got into the League to where he is now. He wasn't this Polish receiver he's taught himself how to run routes something other than deep routes. Now they have been running dig out. They have him running over out. There have been running things other than just posting goals. But he taught himself that right. Yup Okay but think about what's around him. This always helps around him as a tight end. You almost have to double cover it right. Yes and around in you've added Sammy. Watkins who can run and me call who can fly. Nicole ran four to eight. You read where. He ran at the combine. I don't know if he ran is Jordan. Pro Day I think four three or four three four last year because he got from a Paris hunter. I think that's his name from Ohio State. Yeah with so mature the Fassulo Campbell. Parents can but that's okay so again. Tyreek has the advantage of weapons everywhere where you can't focus on him every play which which gives him an advantage. The way I keep telling you I believe Jerry. Judy had a huge advantage. Todd mcshay at. Espn is calling this class of Alabama receivers the greatest group of receivers in college football history. Because you saw rugs can do judy and four four five last night and Devante Smith went back and Jalen. Waddell is still there and they're gonNA be high picked. Yes okay so does that not take some focus off Jerry? Judy's not give you a CH- give him more of a chance to get open because he don't play he's GonNa play a space. You can't double everybody and I think the big that forty four remember in the Super Bowl Skip. It was tyreek. He'll speed because they thought he was going to take it across the field and now he builds it back on the seven out or the sale and now he's wide open. It was because of his speed. That scares everybody in my homeboy. Got Away with throwing punt headed to the land. He says I can't hold it anymore. Here goals you know what he's trying to catch guy you know could've made that play. I could've caught. That could seriously okay. So the point is that if you're surrounded by weapons it might make you better than than you actually are. Solo took tyreek and put him with the Patriots last year. I don't know if he could have been quite successful you could you? Could you could calm.

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"chris tacoma" Discussed on Back To Work

Back To Work

12:18 min | 10 months ago

"chris tacoma" Discussed on Back To Work

"I think the APP is very very frustrating. let me ask you this do you do you use the youtube. APP ON IOS devices. I despise the APP yeah I I. I do too to back and reinstalling it because I I know that's not the thing Dan. I really watch a lot of YouTube. It is kind of my go-to nighttime. Thing is to watch music. See Music videos to watch videos about music on Youtube is something I do a lot of like that drummer guy that you showed me that awesome Dude Pretty Bernardi. Yeah purdy hired the best. He's awesome pretty shuffle stuff like that. I mean I I really I really enjoy stuff like that going to my history and you're going to see a lot of lock picking videos pocket and ideas about how music it's made. I mean you know I'll just sit down and watch exit stage age left. That's just the thing I'll do. Maybe Watch two nights in a row but just to clarify do use the youtube dot com service a lot and I you know oh I know this garbage fire. I don't run into that because I'm real picky about all kinds of stuff about how use these APPs including that. I'll download stuff. I'll remove stuff and also I just. I don't watch a lot of political stuff on their their stuff blamed. Put this way their stuff. I will link. I will not open on youtube out of fear will pollute my lifespan recommendation game. I'm like no Nazi videos are allowed here even ironic Nazi videos. If there is such a thing will not be allowed. Vic Burger is the most extreme thing I watch but yes. I keep going back and forth because I would love okay. Let's be honest. I've been watching a lot of parliament the last week parliament TV. I've been watching so much apartments when do you care about the UK at all but I there are i. I love that ability to have like whatever it's called until like basically like if I'm listening to a concert if I'm listening to Liz owes tiny desk. Ask Concert and you WANNA switch to different APP for as I will put in notes because everybody should stop what they're doing right now. Go Watch that or whatever like I'll have. I would like to be able to walk around and do the dishes while listening to that but there's tricks to get away with this but if you go to something that's not safari running youtube you too. It shuts off now. The trick is if the weather is right. You can go to the control center in hit play. Since it's already is such a garbage firewood decides to play control center and sometimes that will then let it stream with the screen off right. I have to back on so that I I can just do this like a person and each time I forget what it is. I hate about the youtube. I put it on and then I instantly remember what I hate about the youtube out today today. I'm watching the keynote. I'll put it on so in order to get that picture in picture or playing wall while you're not while the youtube APP is not in the foreground. You don't just need the APP. You also need you to premium. I just want to mention that. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah. I've got that I can't imagine not having that. Oh my God. I don't even know what I don't see. I'm so privileged Dan. I can't imagine watching the amount of youtube I watch and only goodness so you get like free role as stuff like that yeah all that crap but it won't. It won't let you get that one. That's sort of their golden feature. The way that I've found you can kind of get around that is to use a browser. That's not safari so you can use chrome Rome. I think chrome works that cool with rave throw. US brave and there's also fire Fox so you try using one of those switch from the mobile to the desktop version start your video switch away from the APP. Yep Then Control Control Center and Hitler Catholic saying Yeah Yeah the fifty fifty Dan. I'm reporting live from the show so I have to reinstall the Youtube APP. Today and I can be ornery about it when we visit next week. USO must needs return gives us more reports on operation football and how that's going on here. Can you run up against stuff like we get weird blackouts. Will you get you know what I mean yeah that's what drove me crazy with like even paying for the NBA or Mlb App s. like you just give us. I don't understand how they come up with. These blackout rules. It just seems so strange to me but I think very importantly before return to the show floor. I want to get a water and wash my hands dance and then I'll return to the show floor is third thing hair is thicker is it's a it's a company that that is most beloved startup or the brand new company brand new company. What is what is the company in the offering. It's called squarespace. Were School. Okay what do they do. They help you turn your cool. Idea into a new website was talking about squarespace great stuff. Why can't Oh you do with squarespace. You can pretty much you cannot do nothing. It's all doing doing things. All the people aren't a lot of your websites powered by squarespace. Yes yes. I have occasion to use. I use squarespace yesterday to post the latest episode of Roderick on the line and while I was there I mean no. This is a real world example apple. The violence has to do is give me some special accommodation but I have no problem at all hosting the audio there but the really important part audio those files can go anywhere what I don't want to do is spend and a lot of time thinking about type stuff and they make it so easy to go in upload the show art I so I I like to write stuff in mark down here in whatever the latest flavor of Ault is and and sometimes we'll do hit the preview go to mark copy out the html pace that into their but then like whilst I was posting that yesterday I also remembered that in order not to screw up feed burner. I try to keep you gotTA. Really Watch feed burner. I don't think it's so maintained detained anymore. No Shane eliminate but I try to minimize the number of things in the Roderick on the line feed to keep it from barking and so I will every ten enter twenty episodes. I'll go in and manually increase the number of items in the feet and I did that yesterday. I did it right on the webpage. I clicked from the content thing to the page thing and then it clicked on this side rail thing that got all the beautiful stuff that goes into my xml file and all I did was change the number to like three sixty or whatever and done tons. Oh that easy squarespace boom all the great sites you gotta get squared Dame wanted people might have squarespace. Are they just not hearing us. Is it banner blindness. What's happening Benner on sightedness I. I don't know why I don't know why they don't have it if they don't have it. Just have it as having your own. They're they're encouraging people to where what are they go for. This squarespace dot com slash. It's it's your show and if you go to space dot com. It's all one word okay all awards. Chris Tacoma and you'll get a just keep banging on the keyboard aboard you gotTa website get worse base. If you're saying this get it. If you take a hundred chimpanzees okay and have them all typing twenty-four priority stouffer will say it's. It's you know I think you can get it with one of those favor services. We'll do this for you. They'll get the chimpanzees you can see. The only gets a GIG economy. They'll just bring a hundred chimps if you. I don't want him in the house diaper dam where they'd be diapers. I think I need to maintain. This is the kind of thing I don't WanNa know as you know at a higher level visiting square space that you get one hundred monkeys and they make squarespace saying. You don't think that today one monkey you don't want anyone. You're the monkey. When Tim Cook gets on stage today. He's not gonNA look out and say you know yeah. I the lighting up there. I'm really glad they went with the wattage bulbs that they went with. He's not thinking about that. He's gripped. You've got grip glove. He's at a higher level. I don't need the reasons of human love where the chimpanzees came from chimp. No not my circus not my Chambord uh-huh diapers. He doesn't need to diaper the chimp. Yes while you get squarespace. Still Diaper your chip deb your chimp and the chimp that you don't need my I bought my point about the chimps was yes. Yes if you took all those chimps and let them go twenty four seven for long enough yeah even they couldn't make a website. You can make squarespace in like ten minutes. It was the blurts of Times Square space dot com slash. Save your show one word the offer code one word. It's your show. You'll save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or a dome. Get the squarespace. What is wrong with you you see he's if he you today right you go by yourself in era of Space Jam Benjamin you go by yourself in air. You get set up now. You've got Wi fi all over the house. Now you're terrible writer so get Gremaldi and now you're writing blog post not a problem right and then you get a big diaper chimp to come in or not depending on what's available and if you support the GIG economy. Is that a problem. I don't know I'm not Tim Cook. I don't own grip clubs eventually. The diaper comes off to chip in. They don't need it any way. They nasty me. I get that diaper offer. How do you teach I mean. Is Teaching a chimp toilet etiquette the same train rain. How do we teach. How do they learn You know what I'm saying you can you can you can you can potty train your cat. I I saw on real people yeah you can you can do it but guess what now that toilet is not something you're. GonNa use anymore. That's house now kako bathrobe. Here's the thing here's the thing about an animal and a diaper. It is really super cute until you really think about it like a duck. Duck and a diaper is pretty cute you but thinking about why you need that diaper s right near clean and poop diaper duck you know my point. Is You know do kirk people to do it so I went into the gym my son's Jim on Saturday last week login. It's it's a regular gym but they have trainer that that the work with him and and so the owners of the Jim Very Nice people they one of their they usually have their dog kind of back behind the counter and this time they had a different dog that which I know to be their older older dog and the older dog for a long time I found out they they did has to sit. It has sit upright in a special dog chair because it has some kind of problem with its Asaf AG- ass- a T- to eat yes. I've heard about this and I've seen photos of this. You GotTa get Special Dog box because it has canine posture. Problem are gladys gladys. It's got something yeah. I've seen photos of this yeah. It's upsetting adorable yeah. It's upsetting antidote that you made when you were talking about thinking about what you need the diaper for because has then last weekend. It had a diaper on and it wasn't just a diaper. My niece's dog wears a diaper well. It was always tinkling. A A little bit I came in. I said Patty it appears at your dog is wearing a diaper now and she says yeah she's wearing diaper and I I said but it wasn't like you're probably imagining like a white Kim diaper on it but it was not it was a cloth looking diaper her that had like a dog. Pani like dog bones and things Alabama's yeah how sweet oh can and I said she said Yeah. I said what is that what's going on said. Oh well she has she has cancer. Oh God oh no and apparently the doctor vet doctor had said that the dog was like could die at any moment and I don't know why. Why are you closing out the episode like this horrible. Listen to me I'm going somewhere with this. All right. Okay could die at any moment and I realize well. It's usually fifteen years old anyway. You know whatever so I said all all right that's too bad and then that was two weeks ago last week..

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"chris tacoma" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

03:36 min | 1 year ago

"chris tacoma" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Curtis is here for Jesse and Curtis Chris Tacoma now okay. I'll call him in two minutes on the phone. He's GonNa call you that he's going to cause you sound a little groggy. They call me right here. We'll have keyshawn next. We're GONNA talk to key. He's GonNa cost you real quick and then of course there's the juxtaposition of Steve Balmer and again. It's a little unfair to compare one owner at the most euphoric moment of his ownership <hes> and compare them to the other owner in the building at the worst moment of theirs which was when Magic Johnson goes on TV and hits the detonator but the silence coming out of one side relative to the just the over the top enthusiasm. It's okay I mean they're not only did they get quiet Leonard and Paul George but maybe they have their secret sauce that the Lakers had had a patent on for forty years. Maybe they stole that too. WELL LISTEN GENIE BUZZ IS NOT Steve Bomber. Genie Buzz has a different personality. They got Anthony Davis which is still so to me better than getting Paul George Leonard Agree but you don't see her out there going well. That's not how she rose. At the end of the day. It doesn't matter what you say during the preseason press conference in only matter of Ju- saying postseason season and whether or not confetti falling and I think the Lakers are still ahead in that category keyshawn returns August fifth for O._C.. Week but guess what what thanks to satellite technology he's here. He's here Heiki. We're mourning. What happened in Miami doing y'all in Oborne L._A.? Man Boy getting after it early a couple of Pina coladas yeah we come from No. I'm just kidding kidding Kiko kidding. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I know it said it's you know it's ten fifteen where you are. I'm surprised that you're up and moving at this point I it looks like you're having a great time and you know what we wrote in the sun was coming up but we getting ready to roll back out and <HES> WE'RE GONNA go to that'll be our exercise for the day when we made by the Pool A little bit and go catch a movie and some dinner it it just Kinda. Just enjoy myself relaxing. You're not got that glow because this humidity Ecclesiastes skiing so that glow is just like even though I'm I got a little darker because I was like before now lethargic but you can see the two and it's just it's it's unbelievable. Wait a minute. You're Elsie. I'll let you take that one. I'm not going to have you gone to twist yet way. Did you call me black. No that's the drought or you're not black. I mean you are okay. Darker darker like Joe Pesci Travis you see week is coming. There is a lot of chatter about waiting to play golf against you. I just want to play golf against you. They WANNA come out John. Ireland's also going to be there on Day four of O._C.. Week and we will talk to John in just a moment but here's how they qualified to play against you. They got to come out today. One of the week Monday August fifth to the Roger John Superstore in Santa Ana fourteen twenty one village way Santa Ana come by the Taylormade. We're made fitting center. That's where Travis is going to be eleven A._M.. To One P._M.. Monday August fifth. I'm going to be there to you can enter win a spot for you.

Lakers Jesse Travis Paul George Leonard Curtis Chris Tacoma Steve Balmer Magic Johnson Roger John Superstore Steve Bomber Santa Ana Taylormade Kiko John Ju Anthony Davis Paul George Ireland Miami Oborne L._A forty years