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"chris simon century lincoln" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

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"chris simon century lincoln" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

"Know you they know this thing of you are listening to you. Lot Americans arkins discussing soccer or lads. PODCASTS this is the Monday special episode and we have our guest guest ever here on on this show. Is the soccer cogan. What's up guys? What's up as a go good I'm really excited. Mike Law for these shows. No I get a lot of success. You know slack for that. I usually drink whatever's in the fridge currently I'm Jay Black Jerry Whitelaw which you know to each his own poison. I suppose That's why you know it's it's easy. I don't feel like you know bloated afterward. They're Nice. I used to be very against the Seltzer. Now I'm like Lacroix it's you know it's it's a a lot of fun so you guys are currently down in Florida for the What's called ICC futures? You were talking a little inside the episode a little about that before before but if you want to tell people exactly what you're doing down to Florida that'd be really cool Garissa the ICU. Just the International Champions Cup most people know as like throughout the summers ars when like the Big European teams common play Here in the US. It's like a competitive series of friendlies. Very much yeah but so we're at the IDC futures which is the same concept. But this is for the youth teams the academy team. So this is these are like the fifteen boys and fourteen gene girls And they play against each other in environment. That is All all expense paid trip off for the kids they get treated needed like superstars. They get a a ton of swag. It's like a really cool thing that that was the biggest surprise seeing how happy these are to be here and be treated like professional athletes as you know and we're here to while we were MC me events our doing a bunch of stuff with with the kids like shooting videos and now we're also looking to start getting into third party ownership the job lucidly ship Youtube. We're hooligans agency. Oh my God why be missing. I didn't mention that you guys have are hilarious on social media. You make sure to follow them at the cool again is that you're at on twitter At soccer hooligans soccer hooligans on twitter and instagram guys are also on I tunes spotify everywhere. I mean if you're a soccer fan listen. This is the collaboration. No one knew they ever wanted so on Jerry. Happy to be a part of it so before I get into soccer stuff I do. Have I have some beef with you guys. You talk a lot of crap about Wiwa on twitter and as a South Jersey you know Philadelphia resident for some time before I moved up here to the Greater New England area. What's up guys like? What what can we do to help? I see a lot of this like Taylor. Ham Talk and whatnot. What's what's up with this Wa wa hate? We all know it's daily hand while was trash unless it's to come rules man. Are you a hoagie hero. Zero what you guys call it. I'm cool with sub. I'm cool with Hoagy but hero is the official term. Guys are obviously big pizza guys. I don't really have you. You know any good pizza here in New England you have spy and you're in Brooklyn Right. That's where like the mainstay of the show is. Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay do you have. What your favorite joint I would say industry Williamsburg you're in Williamsburg? Brooklyn is absolutely incredible Europe by Boston. You've got Santa Appeals over by the airport you got AIDS REGGIA which is in the north side. That's it's really famous superbeets in unfortunately guys also like to eat Greek pizza which is it's the Wa wa of pizzas Come on man like you guys probably like sheets come come on. I can't do this is it. Is it just because it has the stereotype being gassed Asian food. I don't get it man staple is really confusing for us as Dino's because y was kind of what we call plus the plus. Is You go. There is a nation sandwiches winter. The bus game. All right well I find I'm GONNA move on because like I can't. I'm not going to dwell on this because it's going to hurt my heart but I wanNA talk some soccer. Obviously you guys are big. MLS guys you're at the final this year right. Yeah I was. That was that whole experience. It was incredible Seattle Man. I'll that whole is. It felt the entire diner city. was there for the game was really cool. The earthquakes when they scored goals as you physically feel the world shake underneath the real thing it was ever offer Chris Simon Century Lincoln Yeah I think it was. They were more people there than like you know when they attend seahawks games. It was pretty intense and you can clearly see how important commanders are To that city so yeah I mean we that was already our forth. MLS Cup and they've been on the second that they've won that we'd been tagged but it's it's like you know who the Good Luck charm. My obviously so yeah. What do you all been your favorite wondered? You feel as though. Is there a favorite of the ones you've been to. I'd like I would say this is if not number one number one A. It's really hard between this and last year's Atlanta Anna was that tailgate was unbelievable. It felt like a coming out party for soccer in America. Erica Linda Yeah Seattle. It felt like we were in a weird world where soccer has always mattered. You know in America so it's hard to compare the two but I would say the two of those will they still like sort of I get butterflies thinking about both of those cups. My next question's going to be like on our show we talk mostly premier league and world world soccer's We always jokes were big. MLS guys but we're not really nice more of just being sarcastic convince me what is your pitch. MLS has grown immensely. I been trying to watch more games. What is your pitch to say like a lot of our fans are trying to get more into like? Mls what is your head just like. Why should we care more about this compared to like the European top five weeks before local local at the that that would be the first kind of message I mean we talk about We sort of made that conscious choice to or from relief. But I'm saying he's he's innocent clamp. Hey I'm a governor myself one baby so So we we made the conscious choice like you know a lot of people kind of with down American Eric in soccer they put down. MLS If the butt of a joke right where we stand up comedians right so we constantly even amongst peers did not sounds that. Make Fun of the sport but then he just talk about American soccer. You like there's going to be even worse like you're GonNa get but the more we were around a around players around You know the teams and just people who work for the League Lou. People are really trying to make sport relevant in this country and really the Mesler do it is like you know to get people to go see games and the early easy complaint is of equality or whatever but what outside of the top ten teams onto in the permanently. Garbage seems absolutely watson run. I don't want to hear a God damn thing. I'm a big Fan. I don't really know what they're you know. Mascot is still. It's still very confusing. But that's very that's very fair and I liked that you know and you guys like the playoff system system. Compared to the point system at the end of the season the title. I've I've kind of grown to fall in love with the idea of the playoffs because it's undeniably fun whether you think I think it's fair or not or it should just be a single single table whether you like that or not. Doesn't matter revolt it is fun. It is certainly fun and it's just something so late about how insane American soccer is is Tam. There's game and I when I say piggyback on what Christie said is you don't have to pick one you can still like Chelsea Elsie and also like rebel New Yorker or and they did it or whatever you can also like American soccer. You don't have to be one yes you could stop saying make you know what I mean. Oh my God I love that. I'm a Philadelphia Union fan by default. I was actually born in Chester. Pennsylvania at Cooper Cooper Hospital. It's a big Jimmy. Kurt van as Ginger. Love Me Jimmy Curtains so he's actually We got passes one day. I don't know how we pulled that off. You're actually in the press box. One sometime got to go meet Jimmy Afterwards Bedoya and everyone in the locker room and all the time. I'm just smilingly. This isn't happening the whole time so I I would actually like to ask as of union fan was a kind of a disappointing. It's such a great regular season. How they fell out in the play offs the the Philly fans for the show? I mean look at eight that night game against The rebels was unbelievable right so after they go up against Atlanta you know. They definitely flavor playing at mercedes-benz tough overall but the Philadelphia Union. More like like the the they had good results luscious detail and toews yet. But I'm just so impressed. Compared to last year where like nobody was going to games aims of it was just a really difficult to like. Just connect with the community and you realize like the sons of Ben all the effort that was pulled from from the club to just get more people excited about the team we went to even Fang all the stuff fan. You saw what we were there for the CFC's Philly Games We were doing press stuff too uh-huh and we were on the field looking around the police which jammed the Velika parring gap. You'll go philly. Yeah like yeah sold out stadium Gesture is feels feels like just it feels good is small at about twenty thousand. But that ain't a raucous twenty thousand It's it's The identity is very much via its the same constant belittling anybody man. It's just a brand. We have a brand had it not like people think soccer fans off whatever not build up the unit out now. I loved it very much. The Seniors Villi people. Yeah they Serbia different culture. It's a problem it's so funny because like Philly fans get this hard core like mentality but we feel things I remember when my grandfather we won won the super bowl with the eagles. I'm getting off track. This guy who served in Vietnam. He's never I love you know. Hugs or anything I remember. He called me when we won the Super Bowl. I I never thought I would make it to this point. It was like crying on the phone so we do not like the most like egg people but we do have kind of like hardcore your brand but that's really cool so are you guys Newark FC fans or Red Bull fans local. Or would you say I'll win. NYC AFC started is kind of what we started the podcast. I'm originally originally thought was the kind of focus on but So we are both NYC season ticket holders But we've kind of just we talked about the whole leagues over fans amend my CFC. For sure you're in. I think that lends a little bit of credibility too because American soccer fans for so long like well. Are you really committed to being an American furniture you paint. Are you a part of the League or you know.

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