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"chris shellac" Discussed on ID10T with Chris Hardwick

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"chris shellac" Discussed on ID10T with Chris Hardwick

"'cause you're talking to these guys and you see like they have you know and then you look we look at performance I guess. My Job's really. Not that hard. You know what these people do to put themselves in. Harm's way day in day out sacrificing pricing like you said life and limb and and and they and they can do it with such Stephen Breed. Yeah exactly all right different breed. So what was any of that. Did that affect you when you first took on the role go. I really need to make sure that we do the right way. Because it represents a real group of course we we do it the right way and we're proud of that you know it's something that we don't take lightly at all and it takes a little bit time but when we shoot it's it's very effective and very fast but the Matt one of the executive partners on the show executive producer with me with me As well Chris Shellac on a we you know we've he's I use someone. who was on thirteen deployments Captain Phillips Bin Laden? Those guys are they're just they're just different Britain uh-huh and you can see it in their eyes you can see them where they talk to you And they're also very tumbled and extremely just just really cool great guys to hang out with Great storytellers and they. They they tell you I think to a point What you WANNA hear To be honest. And so you take that information and for me was all really about the mind. And how they function and how they compartmentalize things how they deal with being away in deployment and coming home home after a long run and Gino putting someone's head back together and make an emission complete. They're arguing about Christmas tree lights. And you know why I have to tell is not working in the kitchen and you get into an argument your wife over the disposal the day after it's like Whoa. That's a big flip right and and it's playing this role going into the third season. You take that that on you know you you to tap into the mental aspect of of what this character goes through and From the beginning season one. It wasn't as it's really starting to get darker and deeper now. Really get into his mind fine. How he kind of is hearing kind of those voices and the demons and his brothers who passed away and how it's catching up to him And when you're on that grind you want to be as authentic as you can see you do talk to them and you do get the stories you but you also have to bring flavor to that right. You have to an actor to take that Information Ivonne and I work on what is underneath all that inside like how to make these specific choices that you know these are Alpha male guys. They operate one hundred and fifty percent. You know their engines are always going They don't ido very well but yet they're very methodical and slow when they're on the attack and they were operated team so in operating team if one functions off then. That's not going to be a team which I love that aspect of it so for me. It's always very sports oriented. It's so easily last. Sports Metaphors Hockey team takes the ice. If you're not playing the right move or you're not in your position. Stain your laying. Then things are gonna go crazy is he's not gonNa work and that's how they these guys operate and When there's a clog off the mission does not succeed? Their biggest fears failure. They don't want to fail like that's taste accepted for them to them is like a big gaping wound when you see a physical wound that is not as effective as a failure and emotional national wound. That's opens up and stays with them and it just festers and they live with so much regardless of what they're dealing with. PTSD TBI whatever that is is it just grows and grows and grows so to your point. Yeah we I did talk to the people I've talked to Matt. I did talk to tyler. The guys that were Delta Force Force guys that are on our show. I got into their heads. I you know they're very good friends. Their brothers we went out drinking at parties in my house else with them You see how they operate you see how proud they are. You know. It's a when you bring a bottle of whiskey and a bunch of tier one guys. It's an interesting night night. I'll tell you but you learn a lot and not to say okay. Well we just got smashed learned. It's you know you don't really need to what you can effectively find attitudes and how they adjust and it's amazing to watch from the actor perspective you just take all that and then you find yourself living it right. Find yourself immersed so much in the role in the you're now you're really into this role in your part of it in for me Jason Hayes has been the most Immersed character I think I I have ever played on all of them because they all lead to one another in a way you for you and you say oh you take bits and pieces from certain characters that you play. I fell into this role and it made sense to me and it was called to me I gave it up. I didn't WanNa do it. And then it came back to me so it made sense to me and It just was kind of like this needs to happen and I fell into it and here I am in third season. I'm like wow. This is really amazing to be apart of but because I feel it I I can do a scene If doing with ray abroad to guy and I'm going to an issue or problem I've done the work and working my subtext It's it's there's A. There's something about it that again. It's the you do them right right. It's the history. It's the history of a tier one operator of plane. Whatever that is veterans in the room you have an obligation to to them all of them right because you're playing this character and he don't want to be you want to be as authentic? Thank you can right and that becomes real and you feel it and in the scenes and it for me. It's it's like it's ignition. It's you the spark plug goes off. I can hit a line. I'm hitting a role and I'm on my roll with it and it just becomes very vulnerable right. I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed that feeling that rush of intensity here that that feeling that I'm going through because it showing the character struggles. It's showing the characters victories. It's showing the character's involvement involvement in bringing the team together in leadership and how effective leadership can be and also the cost of leadership right how it can change the dynamics of team mm-hmm right and the other choices. The other Bravo members are making. So it's a fascinating world in in. I've just enjoying it right now and Also understanding them as human beings and not just these machines that go out there not not have depth and they have they deal just the compartmentalization to me is so because especially because we feel like our culture right now is an estate where where you know. Everyone is conditioned to not ever feel an uncomfortable herbal emotion at any given moment like Oh you know we take we take pills to stop that and we do and we you know we consume to forget and we go on social media to distract you know and so you know to see that there are still people in the world who go. Yes the core of my job is living in a state eight of discomfort seeking that embracing fighting through it is so I have so much respect for and it's endlessly fascinating to me because it's antithetical to what I believe is happening a lot in our culture now which is just a complete. I want my life to just be like a big pillow now any of that but I wanted my life to be like an instagram ad or in person or whatever that post is and you're right you're only as valuable as followers right Sounds Crazy Z.. But it's like you know the star belly speeches thorax reference. Come on man like what's going on. You gotTA start. I don't have a star while go to MC monkey mcbain in August stars off. They don't have stars star off machine. How are you communicating? Because your kids must be t- how old are they seventeen and a ten year old just the weirdest time to be a young person right now. I would imagine because I don't know how they do it. Man Man I mean social media blitz Krieg the snapping the it was hard enough to navigate our own immediate social circles in schools and I also was along with everyone in the world. Now it's intense and it's in your scrutinize and you're under a microscope in so many ways and You know my family is to me very private and I keep it that way and I don't like to kind of really divulge like what they're doing but I will say that that my son and my daughter are very different. Parts of their one. Ten one seventeen one goes to school a boarding school out east. And he's feeling ailing all that what I felt like grown up in east coast the winters. How tough it is carrying a backpack full of books? You know all boy school like it's intense it's in the grind is intense. Sports is intense. It's like wow. They're really working hard every day for whatever that is and not just for the physicality of it but for the mental aspect aspect of it to break walls and become a young man right and learn that through through the environment that you're in again. There's my daughter is home. She question writer and she's on horses and she's jumping now on the tenth. I'm like this is crazy but she adapts to the environment because she loves horses and she's at home jumping dogs all the time. Our houses is like got sticks. All over dogs are flying. It's like it's like a magical world greasy but it has been consumed with with again the social media at they are scrutinized. They are put under a surface or your dad. Does this for a living. Now you're become more than just who you are yourself. Ourself identity for them is. I have to break through that. I mean me growing up. My Dad was in television. He had a kid show called rocketship seven and he was listening to whether guy in Philadelphia Philadelphia. He was a very popular guy in Philly. Dave Roberts city line I got the whole thing and I went to school and I was like razzed or whatever bully whatever that is whatever you deal with his kid kid you got that under that umbrella of whatever comes with it you have to find ways to navigate around it. Are you being my friend. Because my dad's whether guy in Philadelphia right right right right. Do you WanNa go around the station and meet the news. I wanted you on the podcast to be honest. Billy's Game Don Paulson was a sports guy that time you meet the fanatic like sixers cord. It's like crazy man. It's and you know but one thing my my dad always told me it was like you you you. He would introduce us all Dave Robert. Oh Yeah this is my son David and was like really daddy got to reduce me. You're my son in. This is who they are and you take time to talk my dad text everybody. It's like a Utah Goodbye. They say goodbye in the kitchen in the hallway out the doorway and.

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