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Chris Watts Pt. 2

Crimes of Passion

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Chris Watts Pt. 2

"Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes Discussions Violence Child Abuse Child death and murder that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen officers. Can't coon Rod circle the perimeter of the Watts family home. He had been called to do a welfare check on thirty four year. Old Shannon Watts. Who wasn't answering her friends calls or Tex Shannon's car was in the garage but nobody was coming to the door. Shannon and her two children four-year-old Bela and three-year-old CECE had apparently disappeared. Shenanigans husband. Chris was on his way home and officer coon. Rod hoped he'd be able to provide answers but when Chris Watts parked in front of the House and trotted up the driveway officer. Coon rod only felt more uneasy. Chris had just learned that his pregnant wife and two young kids were missing but instead of racing into the house to look for them. He stopped to exchange pleasantries with the officer once inside. Chris seem distracted. He kept looking at his phone. It didn't seem particularly invested in finding hints that might point to the whereabouts of Shannon and the children after looking through the house officer. Kunren suggested they talked to a few neighbors. The man who lived next door Nathaniel Trina stitch offer to let them look at the footage from the security camera in his driveway. Nothing you plead the security camera footage on his television screen. The video showed Chris truck leaving for work around five thirty that morning but there was no sign of Shannon. Ever leaving the house or anybody else arriving. The video itself wasn't remarkable. But Chris's reaction was strange. He kept looking at his phone or up at the ceiling anywhere but the television screen. He began sweating. He seemed on the verge of panic. Once the video stopped. Chris hurried. Out of the neighbor's house Nathaniel turn to officer coon Rod and voice. What he was already thinking. He's not acting right. Hi I'm leaning hops. And this is crimes of passion podcast. Original the legal definition of a crime of passion is violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore how passionate relationships sometimes lead us to criminal activity. How does a husband and wife become killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results? You can find episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Prams passion for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network last week we explored the marriage between Chris and John. Watts it seemed wonderful on the surface. Shinhan social media was filled with happy posts of their charmed life but it was all aside. The couple kept many struggles. A secret from their friends. And family including Chris's affair with a co-worker this week will discuss the horrific murders that destroy the watts family. We'll also talk about the obsessive public response to the debts and the aftermath late in the summer of two thousand eighteen thirty four year. Old Shannon. Watts worried that her marriage. To thirty-three-year-old Chris. Watts was irreparably damaged. She didn't officially know that Chris was having an affair but she felt that he'd been pulling away from her for weeks. She was desperate to fix things for the sake of their family. They had two young children for your old Bella and three-year-old Cecilia and Shannon was fifteen weeks pregnant with their third on August tenth. Two Thousand Eighteen Shinhan left town for sales training event in Scottsdale Arizona hosted by the direct sales company lavelle. She was due to return the night of the twelve. Chris and the children stayed behind Frederick Colorado on the afternoon of the twelfth. Chris took his two children to a family. Friend's birthday party. Chris and the girls all seemed normal at one point. Cc fell off the swing. Set and Chris Ranta Comfort her. The party host noted how good he seemed with the kids. Chris Dutifully took pictures of girls having fun at the Party and texted them to Shannon. He told her they were all having a good time. Shinhan responded good. I'm glad okay. I love you that evening around five. Pm Chris. And the girl's face. Time with Jon to say good night about an hour later. Shannon left her hotel for the airport. She texted Chris that she was ready for her flight. Back to Colorado. She couldn't wait to be home in bed but the weather in Scottsdale was bad once she got to the airport. She realized her flight was delayed. She wouldn't take off until after eleven pm around one thirty A. M. on August Thirteenth Shannon landed in Denver. She got a ride home from her friend and fellow Lavelle. Sales Rep Nikki Atkinson. She arrived at the house just before to. Chris was asleep when she got home but he woke up when she climbed into bed. He felt her stirring. She seemed restless. Unable TO FALL ASLEEP CHRIS SAMBA. Shannon began stroking his chest. He turned to face her and they had sex. He later said it felt strange like it was some kind of test. It was as if Shannon and wanted to know whether or not they still had a functional marriage. It felt wrong to Chris. He since that Shannon knew about his affair and he would soon have to come clean after they had sex. Chris fell asleep. He woke up early the next morning. Around four a M. He got ready for work then. Woken up to talk. He felt they had to have a discussion before he left the house. He later said he was worried that Shanahan might be on the verge of leaving him and taking the kids with her. He didn't want to go to work until they had at least talk things out as Chris sat on the bed looking down at Shinhan. He realized he didn't know what he wanted to say. Did he want to save his marriage right now or end it? He wasn't sure he wasn't even sure who he was anymore. He didn't feel like a husband or a father. At that moment he felt like he was inhabited by a stranger. The old Chris had spent his entire life walking down a set path. One where the road felt safe and familiar beneath his feet now. The Stranger in his head was beckoning him toward the darkness and suddenly. Chris couldn't seem to find his footing. Chris saw Shannon was crying. She knew it was over. The Path was in shambles. The old Chris founded all horrifying so he left. The Stranger take over. He became a new version. Chris and this one was filled with rage as they talked. Chris climbed on top. Shinhan his legs straddled her body. She told him to get off. He was hurting the baby but he didn't. He told her that he didn't love her anymore. She began to cry at some point. According to Chris. She told him that she was going to leave him. And he never see the kids again. If this is true it might have triggered a deadly impulse in Chris. Before I continue with Chris's psychology. Please note that I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show. In two thousand fifteen professor of criminology. David Wilson Co authored a study on individuals who kill family members. The study collected data on family killings between nineteen eighty and two thousand twelve. Researchers found that the threat of family break-up was atop motivator behind such crimes it was cited as a precursor to violence in sixty six percent of the cases. Chris leader said he wasn't sure if he'd outright plan to kill his wife or not he said it felt like there was already something in my mind. That was implanted that. I was going to do it and when I woke up that morning it was going to happen and I had no control over it on the morning of August thirteenth. Chris wrapped his hands around John's neck and strangled her. He said she didn't fight back and he didn't know why he thought. Maybe she was praying. Chris Choke Shanon until she died moments later. Chris said their four year old daughter. Bella came into the room dragging her pink and blue blanket behind her. She saw her mother and ask Chris. What happened? Chris told her that. Mommy didn't feel good. He wraps man's body in a sheet and brought her downstairs. Bella began to cry. Chris kept telling her that Shannon didn't feel well he removed Shannon's wedding ring and left it on the kitchen counter. Then he brought her into the garage. He went out to the driveway where his truck was. Parked am backed it partway into the garage. Chris Les Shannon on the bench seat in the back of his truck. Then he slipped a trash bag over Shannon's head and another over her feet completely covering her when he got back to the house three year. Old CICI had also woken up and was out of bed. Chris then loaded the two little girls in the truck. He began to drive. The girls fell asleep during the trip leaning against each other. Chris leader said his mind was empty at this time. He wasn't thinking about anything. At any point Chris drove to remote oil site owned by his employer. He was scheduled to examine an oil leak on the site that morning when he got there around. Six thirty a the field was empty. Nobody else had arrived yet. Chris took out Shannon's body and lead it on the ground then. He returned to the car. Chris turn to the children in the back seat. He covered see space with her blanket. He pressed one hand against her mouth and nose and wrapped his other hand around her neck. He strangled cece in the back of the truck. Bella remained still in her seat watching the father. She trusted murder her younger sister. She didn't say a word after. Cc died. Chris removed her body from the trump at the corner of the oilfield. Too Large tanks loomed over the site. Each tank stored four hundred barrels or sixteen thousand eight hundred gallons of crude oil. Chris dixies body over to the tanks. He carried her up a metal staircase to the top there. He opened the hatch revealing a small opening about eight inches wide. Chris Trump CICI's body inside then he walked back to the car when he returned to Bella. She asked what happened to see. See then is the same thing going to happen to me as C. C. later. Chris couldn't remember if he answered the girl or not but he did remember putting the same blanket over. Bellas head and smothering her. He recalled her saying daddy no before he killed her. Chris Brought Bellas Body to the second oil tank and put her inside after he had hidden the bodies of his children. Chris returned to Shinhan. He don't out a shallow grave about a hundred yards away from the oil tanks. He puts Nans body inside then. He covered her with dirt after the murderers Chris waited until his co workers began to show up at the site about an hour. Later Chris try to act normal. He had hidden the bodies in a remote enough location that it was unlikely that anybody might stumble upon them. All he had to do was act like nothing was wrong while he tried to figure out what to do next but Chris had no way of knowing how quickly his cover up would unravel up. Next Shannon's friends and family are immediately suspicious of her disappearance podcast listeners. 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Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in the early morning hours of August thirteenth. Two Thousand Eighteen thirty three-year-old Chris. Watts murdered his pregnant wife. Shannon and their two young children Bella and CECE. Chris went to work that morning at a remote oil site near Rogan. Colorado is co workers. That day knew he had been the first to arrive at the job site. What they didn't know was that he had hidden the bodies of his wife and children there over the course of that morning. Chris took breaks from his work to make several phone calls tax. He called his children's private school and told them they would no longer be attending. He also reached out to his realtor to talk about selling has house both the realtor and the Preschool director founded strange that Chris called them they were used to speaking with Shannon. Some of Chris's Co workers also noticed a few details. That stuck out as odd. Chris had come to the site to inspect a leak near the oil wellhead but he had parked his truck next to the tanks. Nowhere near the League. They also noted that his boots and shirt were shabby than usual after the murders. Chris throughout the clothes he was wearing and changed into an old set of spare work clothes. He kept in his truck according to a worker Queens. Chris also seemed quieter than usual still. Chris normally had a reserved demeanor so his behavior didn't seem that out of the ordinary. Shinhan silence on the other hand immediately copy attention of her friends and Family. Shinhan was an active facebook user posting multiple times a day. Every day. Shannon's Nikki Atkinson noted Shenanigans quiet facebook page just a few hours after her death. She tried calling and texting Shenanigans. See if she was okay and got no response. It worried her enough that she called the police and asked them to do a wellbeing check around nine o'clock. Am when they weren't able to send someone right away. Nikki went to the Watson House herself. She saw the finance car was still in the garage. Nikki thought she must be home but nobody answered. No matter how hard Nikki knocked. The front door could be opened by a keypad and Nikki. New the code however when she punched it in she discovered that the door was also locked from the inside with a sliding safety latch. Nikki called Kris told him she worried that something happened to Shannon. She thought perhaps she had gotten sick and passed out over the phone. Kris trying to allay Nikki's fears. He told her Shannon had taken the girls on a play date. Nikki wasn't convinced. This excuse didn't explain why Chanel wasn't answering her tax. And if Shannon had really taken the girls out Nikki wondered why her car was still there. She had a gut feeling that something horrible had happened to Shannon. She called the police again and ask them to come over. She told Chris the police were on their way. Chris quickly left work to come home. He stopped at a construction dumpster on the way back. He deposited the blanket. He'd used to cover the girls heads before strangling them. He also threw away the close. He'd been wearing that morning. He texted his girlfriend to tell her his family had gone missing. Then he went home to meet the police that afternoon. Police Officers Question Chris at the House. He told them the same thing he told. Nikki that Shannon had taken the girls on a play date. He didn't know where they were when he left for work that morning. Shannon had been home and the girls were asleep in bed. He also informed them that he and Shinhan had had an emotional conversation early that morning. They had discussed divorce. Chris pretended defined Shannon's wedding ring in the kitchen and showed it to the police. He hoped to make it look like she'd placed it there as a signal that she was leaving him. Officers Probed Chris about the state of his marriage. They asked him about infidelity. Chris lied telling them that he never cheated on Jan instead. He suggested Shenanigans might be seeing someone else. Chris gave police permission to search the house. They found in cell phone wallet purse and Medication Inside. It seemed unlikely that she left the house. Without any of these belongings. Chris's story didn't seem to add up that evening. Police canvassed the neighborhood and put out a press release about the missing woman and children the next day August fourteenth the Colorado Bureau of Investigation activated an endangered missing alert about the family. They urged the public to spread the message on social media. Hoping someone might call in with the lead. Chris gave a television interview in which he banked for his wife and children safe return. He talked about how much he missed them. He concluded I need to see everybody. I need to see everybody again. This house is not complete without anybody here. Many watching found the interview odd although the literal words themselves reflected. Chris didn't show any emotion when he spoke psychotherapist. Lena Dr Holly was struck by how indifferent he seemed when talking about his family Dir. Holly later wrote a book about Chris and noted that it was this initial interview that I drew her attention to the case she described how his voice remained monotone. Mix with little laughs and suppress smirks. She explained my theory is that Chris was possibly born with empathy deficits. He could potentially both a psychopath. And a communal narcissist he certainly has traits of both although Chris's behavior struck some as odd the interview. Draw attention to the case that afternoon. Word spread about the disappearance of Shannon Bella and C. C. Chris's girlfriend thirty year old Nicole Kissinger read more and more about the case based on what Chris had already told her. Nicole Thought Shannon had left him and taken the kids with her but news reports contain some details. Chris hadn't shared like the fact. That Shanon was fifteen weeks. Pregnant Nicole was horrified. Kris told her that the marriage was all but over and that they were no longer intimate that they slept in separate rooms that they were about to get a divorce. Clearly he had lied now. Nicole wondered what else he might be lying about because Chris was in quite playing the role of a tormented husband and father concern for his missing children the night after the murders e even sent out an email to friends regarding his fantasy football league leader. He went to the Frederick Police Department for an interview with special agent. Graham coder with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Chris repeated the story he had told the police. Shinhan said she was taking the girls on a play. Date aging coder. Ask Chris if he would return the following day to take a polygraph exam. Chris agreed the next morning August fifteenth. Chris PICKED UP HIS FATHER. Ronnie from the airport together. They went onto the police station for the polygraph. As Chris drove to the station he hapless into his father chatting about sports. He was struck by strange feeling right now he was still a free man. These were his last moments of freedom. This car ride this conversation. This was it. He knew that his life was about to come crashing down around him. Investigators were already treating him like a suspect and now he was on his way to take a polygraph test. He had no way of passing. He wondered how he was staying so calm as he inched forward toward the end of his life. He didn't really feel afraid. In fact he couldn't seem to feel anything at all a week ago. It occurred to him that he didn't really feel like a husband and father anymore. He'd gotten so wrapped up in an affair. He felt like a different man now. He wondered whether he was even human around the same time. Chris went to take his polygraph test. His Girlfriend Nicole. Also contact the police. Chris's lies had meter so suspicious. She couldn't let go of the nagging feeling that something was horribly wrong. She wanted to come forward with everything she knew. She came to the station for an interview and told them about her affair with Chris. Investigators now have proved that Chris had lied to them earlier when he said he had never cheated on his wife. Nicole statements were corroborated by emails. Pulled from Chris's work account. Investigators did not let onto Chris about what they knew. They simply administered the polygraph test. Only after it was over. Did they tell him that? It was clear he wasn't being truthful. Cbi agents began an interrogation trying to elicit a confession. Chris finally admitted to his affair but he still insisted he had no idea what happened to his wife or children when they pressed him. He asked to speak to his father. The agents allowed Ronnie to enter the room. When Chris was alone with his father he told Ronnie that he was in trouble. Concocted a story based on half truths. He said that he and Shan had an argument the morning of the thirteenth. They had discussed separating then. Chris claim that Shannon had attacked and killed the girls. Chris caught her in the act and was so enraged that he murdered her. He said he panicked and hit. The Bodies Ronnie was horrified. Chris's family had always been at odds with Shinhan but he still struggled to believe that she would hurt her children on the other hand. He couldn't believe his son was capable of hurting them either. So he accepted. Chris's story that Shannon had killed the children and Chris had retaliated in the heat of passion. He reportedly told Chris well. We need to find a good lawyer and see what the hell they can do when the CBI agents returned to the room. Kris told them what he had told Ronnie that his wife and children were dead. He also told them where the bodies were located at the oilfield. They Place Chris. What's under arrest that afternoon? Investigators flew drones over the oilfield. They captured photos of a bed. Sheet and to plastic garbage bags tangled in the grass. These were the items Chris. Used to wrap up Shannon's body hours later officers gathered at the field to excavate Nans gravesite. They recovered her body just after midnight on August sixteenth. The following afternoon the oil tanks were drained the bodies of CECE and Bella or removed and taken to a medical center in Loveland Colorado days later. Chris was arraigned officially charged. He faced three counts of first degree murder for the deaths. Shinhan Bella and see see the affidavit also included counts of unlawfully terminating a pregnancy and tampering with the deceased body in the first week of September two thousand Eighteen Shannon and the children were laid to rest in a funeral service in North Carolina. While Shannon's relatives celebrated their lives. Chris's parents did not attend. Chris of course was also absent. He remained in jail. He was being held without bond and facing a potential death sentence for slaughtering his family coming up. Prosecutors build their case against Chris as public interest in the case skyrockets now back to the story in the late summer of two thousand eighteen thirty three year old Chris. Watts was arrested and charged for the murders of his pregnant wife. Shinhan and their two children Bella and see when it was clear that police suspected foul play. Chris try depend the girls murders on Shanon. He said he caught his wife strangling them and then he lost his mine and killed Shannon when he found his daughter's dead but it wasn't long before he dropped this argument. Chris came to trust the public defenders appointed to his case a few weeks after his arrest. He confessed everything to them. He killed the girls. He told them that he didn't want to fight the charges in a long drawn out case in exchange for pleading guilty. Chris would face a life sentence in prison rather than the death penalty on November. Six two thousand eighteen Chris wants entered a guilty plea to all the charges. His decision to plead guilty was a relief for most of the horrified residence. Of Frederick Colorado. Still reeling from the heartbreak of losing a young mother and her children but not everyone was satisfied even after Kris agree to a plea deal. His parents still seemed to cling to his original story that he had only murdered. Shanahan after witnessing her killing children. They felt he should have fought the murder charges against him. Chris's parents sat for an interview a few days after he entered his guilty plea. His mother insisted. He's not a sociopath. He's not a psychopath she added. I just want him to fight. I don't want him to take this plea deal. I want him to plead not guilty to the children. Despite her objections the plea deal move forward on November nineteenth. Chris wants appeared at his sentencing hearing. He was sentenced to three life terms after the hearing. Chris returned to the Weld County jail and he was eventually transferred to a prison in Wisconsin. But the case did not quickly fade away from public consciousness. People remained fascinated some even tried to capitalize on the cases notoriety to boost their own public profile a few individuals including a man from Glen Rock Wyoming and a woman from Greeley Colorado claim. They had met Chris through dating. Apps and had sexual encounters with him prior to the murders. These claims had little credibility but they revealed how deeply people wanted to connect to the watts story from the earliest days of the case. Ever since Shannon had been reported missing members of the public were fascinated. Perhaps because the Watson's live seemed to be an open book Shannon's facebook profile was public. She gave everyone a window into their world even people who never met her could feel like they knew her. It seemed unthinkable that this perfect family could have met such a horrifying end beyond Shannon's social media presence. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was remarkably transparent about their work on the matter on November. Twenty second two thousand eighteen. Just a few days after Chris's sentencing. The bureau released its case file to the public. The file contained over two thousand pages of detailed notes reports and interviews relating to the murders for true crime fanatics. It was a gold mine of information. It invited people from all over the world to study and speculate on the Watts. Family tragedy. Crime Blogs reddit groups spring up to discuss every detail of the case for some Chris. Watts emerged as a sympathetic figure. Which meant the view Jeananne as the villain? Some thought Chris was telling the truth in his first confession they believe Shannon had killed Bella. Cc and not cress. They felt Chris. Watts suffered from post traumatic stress disorder which caused him to snap. They claim the disorder was caused by prolonged emotional abuse from his marriage to Shanahan. They circulated conspiracy theories questioning Sh- man's character digging for evidence that she was liar and a criminal. This kind of victim blaming is not uncommon after a tragedy doctor Sherry Hamby. A professor of psychology and founding editor of the psychology of Violence Journal relates victim blaming to the just world hypothesis. She explained. It's this idea that people deserve what happens to them. There's just a really strong need to believe that we all deserve our outcomes and consequences those who blame Shinhan for her own murder targeted. Her family with online abuse. Her Father Frank Ru Sak released a statement saying our family including John and her children and our grandchildren have been ridiculed. Demeaned slandered mocked in the most vicious ways. You can imagine we have been subject to false accusations. Fake facebook accounts hate speeches and a constant stream of ugly evil insults and attacks. Every time we turn around there is someone trying to capitalize on our tragedy by spreading false rumors and outright lies about Shannon and our grandchildren. The abuse was heartbreaking for a family already. Mourning others didn't outright blame Shinhan but they still tried to deflect responsibility from Chris some theorized that he wasn't himself at the time of the murders. They suggested that vitamin supplements and energy products had pushed Chris over the edge. Chris frequently used thrive products sold by Shinhan as a sales rep for lavelle. Chris had appeared in dozens of social media videos promoting these products but he later said that they had some negative effects including insomnia at one point he talked to investigators about using the dual burn patch for weight loss stating. I just know I felt different. I could go longer and longer each day and that was probably a bad thing. I don't think I was probably sleeping more than three hours a night. Chris also said his parents had received letters from people all over the world warning them that thrive products are not FDA approved and that they contain stimulants and could have mind altering properties. Internet commenters and bloggers seemed obsessed with the idea of finding some excuse. That could explain Chris's behavior. It didn't seem possible that Chris could have gone from the typical family man to a cold blooded killer overnight. But even though Chris's action seemed to defy in some ways. They fit a horrendous pattern. In many ways Chris matches the profile of the family. Anaya later a type of murderer who kills close family members in quick succession. These types of killers tend to be white men in their thirties. According to former FBI agent Brad Garret Garrett added that Family Anaya leaders are often motivated by a sense of losing identity. Thirty-three-year-old Chris Watts had nursed resentment for years about the way Shenice and controlled him eventually. This rage boil to the surface. Dr Neil Webb Stale. The Director of the Family Violence Institute at Northern Arizona University spoke about the watts case in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He said some cases involving very violent controlling batters who are misogynistic who engage in lots of acts of domestic violence up until the time of the killing at the other end of the continuum. You're looking at more controlled. Repressed depressed individuals who may be on the edge of a psychotic break but this sudden break isn't necessarily spontaneous. Fbi Agent Garrett said that family and neither leader crimes are often premeditated the anger leading up to the murders often builds up for weeks or months beforehand but while these individuals may spend many hours contemplating murder. The usually don't put a lot of careful planning into their crimes. They don't often think of future consequences when they carry out the murders. Instead according to agent Garrett they focus on the immediate need and gain of the moment these men often confess after the but sometimes create an alternate version of what happened as Chris did eventually however Chris repudiated his former lies in February of two thousand nineteen. Chris sat down for an interview with the investigators who had handled his case in the interview. He gave a full confession to the murders. He emphasized that Shannon was a good mother who would never hurt her children. He told investigators he didn't want anyone to bash finance memory. He wanted to clear her name and give her parents closure by speaking out. Kris spoke until his throat was dry. He talked for hours. It wasn't something he wanted to do but it was something he felt he had to do. He had to share everything to get the whole story out. Perhaps his confession put an end to all the speculation and the gossip may be then the fervor would finally go away and his family could stop reliving. This hell Chris spoke flatly about the last morning with Shannon and the girls he hurt his own voice recounting the horrors but his mind and body felt somewhere else. He still couldn't feel the weight of it all even after months of prison. He wondered if it would ever fully hit him or if he would remain like this forever detached from reality perhaps he had permanently destroyed. The part of himself that was capable of confronting the truth. Perhaps he was better off without it in his confession. Chris expressed his regret he told investigators he kept pictures of his children on the wall of his prison cell. He said he talked to them every night even so he expressed very little emotion when discussing the brutal crimes he didn't seem to show remorse grief or anguish only confusion he said. I don't see how this could happen every time I see pictures of them. Now I don't know how this could happen. This question is the one that continues to drive people's obsession with the case Chris. Watts may not have had the perfect family but he ostensibly had everything he needed to enjoy a happy life full of loved ones and good memories for Chris. It wasn't enough. He is still reckoning. With that fact he told his interviewers February of two thousand nineteen right. Now I'd have a five year old and a three year old and more than likely a one month old son and a beautiful wife and right. Now it's just me. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We will be back Wednesday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcasts originals. For Free on spotify not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like crimes of passion for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream crimes of passion on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. 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