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"chris posey" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"And 11 is where your San Francisco Giants sit him in 7 11 through 18 ballgames. Nicely done there. Overnight Date of a little show open, recapping what happened with the Giants last night, and maybe I was thinking on the way in for others 95 textures yesterday who are hitting us about the age? We should have put together a nice highlight package. I don't Theeighties ended up losing last night, too. But it was a hell of a ball game down and I were the bullets flying all over the yard. A 10 9 final match happened like six R B eyes in three hits into the sixth inning or something like that into the fourth inning. I was keeping an eye on that ball game, and Anthony Reid don't want yard Otani Weight yard Trout went yard twice. It was a hell of a ball game. Um Little bit better than the one your San Francisco Giants plate in Houston yesterday again. This is this is the same frustration. Same problems I had coming into yesterday, and it's that they cannot play a clean ball game. And you start to wonder about what they're going to get out of this season, because right now you're running re trades out there, right? It's it's a lot of the same day as you've seen for the last year and 1/2 or two years, And I know Alex Dickerson came in last year used Rimsky came in last year. I know Solano came in last year, but it's not carried proudly with a headline yesterday. They basically the question was, what are the Giants getting out of this season? What are they gonna come away from 2020 with and we came in saying, you know what were okay with rebuild. We understand that this is a team that's not going to compete for a world championship in 2020 and probably not 2021. Maybe in 2022 Toby, a competitive National League West threat. Maybe. Who knows? You still got to deal with, like monkey Benson, Cody Bellenger and destined, mate like every one of those guys are still gonna be there in two years right with the Dodgers and the Padres Just keep getting better. Fernando titties. Junior Eric Hosmer will still be there. Wil Myers would still be kicking around. There's gonna be guys everywhere all over the National League West. So it's just a matter of when will the Giants get a crop of players to the major league level to compete with everybody else right now? The pitching is the problem. The pitching in the defense of the problem, which I think the reason my head is exploding about. This is because with Chris Posey, it was the exact opposite. It was. These teams did not hit for tons of power. They did not put up tons of runs. But they pressed all the right buttons when it came to playing effective defense, and when it came to pitching, and when you do that You give your team an opportunity to win. Don't get me wrong. An anemic offensive baseball team is one of the most brutal things to follow in professional sports, because you gotta watch it every day. 162 days, 162 games of a team just rolling over ground ball to shortstop is a miserable experience. But you know what else is miserable when your team is like a three run lead or a two or a lead or an opportunity to win a game or a Siri's and you just give away out. You just kick the ball around to throw the ball around or give up free 90 feet every single game? I can live with the No. Hit through six innings. You're gonna have days like that, or pictures deal. And I do believe in the Giants offense. I've said this to you guys already. But I think the Giants offense is productive enough to do damage or toe hanging some ball games. We saw it last night with 61 into the last inning, making a sixfour ballgame with an opportunity to tie the other time running the plate. It's a team that can put together a string of hits, and that's something we haven't seen in the past. Now. I'll give credit to them for saying Hey, professional and bats. They're getting things done. But then I look up and down the lineup, and I say what's different about this year in this coaching staff in this team in this roster? Then last year, the manager in the coaching staff most every single guy who is on the line up has either been here for a number of years. Or was brought in last year before Gabe Kapler was here and did basically what he did last year this season. Now I know Mikey streams. He's already off to Otter start then he had last year. Remember there was that that famous day where you as almost got sent down last year, and both had to go call him back. If somebody got hurt, somebody tweaks something they said. We actually do need you and he never went back down. And that was that, But I look up and down this roster and I say, What have they learned so far, and I know it's only 18 games in, but that's 1/3 of the season. We're two days away from being 1/3 completely done with this thing, and I don't know what they're calling card is John Solano. He's a 32 year old second baseman. Mike extreme ski. By the time you're competing for Ah postseason spot in two years, he'll be 33 years old or 32 years old. Right. You want to look at guys like Logan Web? I think Logan Webber's maybe the the premier Young stud pitcher the Giants have right now, and I don't think anybody would debate that or dispute that one earned run allowed in his previous three starts in this season. On yesterday, he deserved much better. He goes 81 pitches in competition before the game We're talking about stretching them out. We wanted to get into the sixth inning. We want him to throw 80 pitches, and I think, Okay, cool that's effective. If he throws 80 pitches that gives up a single or you gonna yank way We know runs allowed one run in and you're done since you're a down so Logan Web. I think he's a I think they view him as a riel. No projects, maybe is a two or three years as a front of the rotation starter. He's been pretty darn good. He's been a stopper. He's a guy who, when he takes the ball, I feel like they've gotten the opportunity to win. But when you have a young pitcher like this defense is all the more important. I saw a quote from Logan Web after the game, and he was three and 1/3 last night. He gets charge of five runs. Only three of them were earned because of a couple of Don Solano errors and he left right after the second Solano Air three years in the game, Hitting you three hits until the eighth inning right was that the ninth inning before they had three hits. Insane. They went six innings without getting ahead. They made three errors in the 1st 4 innings of the ballgame on their trail in six nothing or 61 When a young pitcher like that, as too continued to try to get extra outs one. You leave him susceptible to having to throw a bunch more pictures, which is something you don't want to do you talk about, you know, keeping guys healthy. You want to keep guys healthy. Get out of the inning when you have a chance to get out of the inning. If there's a saving Grace and capital said this after the game, it's that he looking what? There was not a lot of a lot of hard contact against him. And he said, Hey, you know some of those balls If I make better pitches, they don't put them in play, and I don't put that pressure on my defense. Your defense should be making those plays. You should be allowed to have a ground ball put in play that your third baseman fields and I know everyone's going. Get Donovan Solano out of there. It's got to be Evan Longoria. I did look at it. I sort of scarf with this because I saw that Longoria needed an off day just like the gun miss like the first week of the season with enough before he hasn't had a day off since he came back. But again, that was a 10 baseball games. What happened to playing for, like two straight weeks. Wasn't a day game after a night game. You're facing a right handed pitcher..

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