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"chris peterman" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"The guy works his ass off. So there's going to be a time that he's the quarterback of this team. Obviously, it's just not the time yet, but it was. It was the opposite of his game against Kansas City. When he started hot and then deteriorated. This one. He started slow. And then got hot and it was a good note to get him out of the game in the last passing through. John was a touchdown pass to Benjamin. Yeah, let them feel good about himself. Great thoughts on the tax line so far four and 5, 88, 5, 67 4 and five Anyway can be our We'll get to those Coming up next. Then Chris Peterman will join us at 11 o'clock. Um I think you hit it right on the head is that when Kyle after the game, he's not going to tell Detroit who's going to start, But Jimmy is the starter and everybody gets all worked up about it, and you talked about it. It's just he's just incredibly raw. And the mistakes he makes in the fastballs he throws and I was, you know, I was encouraged by obviously hit seven of his final eight. Like You said that great throw to To Benjamin, in which he looked often He did have to drill that ball in there because he had to get it between some guys. But the thing I kept thinking as I was watching this game as I hope he's not Kaepernick in the way that he just doesn't have touch on the football, and he showed it later. But like you said, there are throws and this just comes with experience and shows his lack of experience. There are throws your feather their stories. You gotta touch. There's throws. You gotta drill. They all are not fastballs. And it reminds me of the picture who comes up from the minor leagues and thinks he has to throw 100 by everybody. And then he starts to realize mix little Greg Maddux in there. Mitchell off speed, Get him off balance. You've got to become a quarterback, not just a flamethrower. He's got a long way to go. I like the kid. I like that. He had a couple of runs. I like the the two point conversion run that got taken off the board. You can see the talent. You can see the flashes. But he's just not near, uh, polished enough at this point, because this is a football team that's ready to win now, and those turnovers will kill you in the game. He's just number go yet, but there's I mean, you could splash right back. There's a theory. You know, you just let them go and they're not going to do that. Or else Jimmy would be off the roster already, and Julio Jones would be a 49 ers. So you're not going to do that? But, uh, you know, he just he did not have a lot of snaps in college. Just one year the 17 starts, but he didn't have a lot of throws in college and as far as Kaepernick He's a much better thrower. The football and Colin Kaepernick ever was. Talent powered everything that this guy I watched every throw that he had in college. And there weren't that many to watch. But he showed a lot of traction throws. There were a lot of touch throws. I'm a little surprised. There was tremendous inaccuracy on throws in college, where he would just throw the ball purely out of bounds is like what was that? But, uh, in ms guys on post routes, and then they come back and call the same damn play again and he hit it right and perfect stride, but he showed he has touched I think he's just pressing and he's gripping and ripping it. You know, John Elway was a rookie data problem in Denver, where guys couldn't catch his his ball and obviously always one of the greatest throwers in history of football. And Kyle said. There's going to be this guy is going to put more heat on the ball. His velocity is way hotter than Jimmy's. So you've got to catch the ball. You got to get used to that. Or does get wide receivers that can catch it. So, Brandon, are you Get on, Get on the jugs. George cables on the jugs every single day after practice, get on the jugs and turn it up to lance velocity and catch the ball. But he's he's got all that It's just he's he's a little Overly amped. I was talking to Daniel Jeremiah last night, as does charges radio about Justin Herbert. I'm like, Why? Why didn't he go number one and at least why didn't he go number five? And they said, Yeah, you know, he didn't test as well. He's an introvert and all that blah, blah, blah, but as a thrower, the football going back to his Oregon tape. He was trying to be too precise and they brought him to work out with Matt Ryan. This is after Matt Ryan was already he's working with John Beck, our friend, and it was after Matt Ryan was already an M V. P in the league, and he had like they was and and Herbert just watched like he threw the ball 64 times that day in a workout. And he said, How many of those throws do you think we're good throws and he said, probably 16 of them. This is Herbert talking about Matt Ryan. And they're like exactly. You don't have to make them perfect every single time. You're going to miss throws just, you know, get them on time and on target, and it seemed to settle Herbert down. Where I think traces trying to be too perfect. And he's trying to. He's trying to these windows are closing so fast, so I got to get out there now. And he's using that fastball. He will He will show up touch. Look at that when he was rolling, too, was left on the move. Throw to Richie James. That's a hard throw. Really hard rolling to your left, so he has every club in the bag. He is not just a driver there. He has the throws. She's just got to settle down. And let the you know the the His dexterity played through because right now he's just gripping it a little bit on some of these throws, but at the same token, you know Jimmy's got to sharpen up a little bit. And I you know, you can blame you for not getting that ball. That ball was too high. Over the middle, and that's the kind of throw you just can't make. And that frustrates the head coach, Whether it's the young guy, and you can say Well, he's got you know as a played. Jim has been in the league long enough. And is Jimmy's been in this offense long enough not to make mistakes like that. So There's no lack of ability here. He's a way better throw than Colin Kaepernick ever was mechanically. Kaepernick just tried to power the ball. He's also a much better runner than Kaepernick ever was straight line speed Kaepernick when he got running. Could run. Well, This guy is a great runner of the football there Times, John. Obviously, the two point conversion was exciting, but there are times he's reluctant to use his legs and it's not coming from the coaching staff if he wants to get out and run run. But he is there were a couple of times where he took a sack yesterday, and he's looking behind him where just just tuck it and run there..

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