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"chris morton kelsey" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"US LLC. The only man who is taking on the Wall Street establishment. You're listening to the watchdog on Wall Street with Chris Morton Kelsey. I'm not gonna get into Elizabeth Warren. And what a phony she is. I think most people can figure it out themselves from the whole fake Indian thing to the beer drinking thing. And you gotta go back and take a look at her history. And her dopey self-help books that she used to write. Reality is is that her asset forfeiture scheme. Her going in and stealing people's property. It's not gonna raise a lot of revenue. And it would leave the country worse off. But the reality is. The reality. Is that the people that are backing her? They're not about what's right? And they're not about what's raising money. She's got economists Emmanuel Sayas and Gabrielle Zuckerman arguing the case. Now, first and foremost, economists to us here at the watchdog on Wall Street show are nothing more than astrologist tarot card readers. I'm actually think I should do a bit every week. And run it like almost like the astrology pages. I'm a cancer. What is what is your economists say under your stars? It is crap is what it is. To them. To them. It's not okay. For someone else to have more or to do better. They just want to hurt wealthy people. You got it. It's all it is. It's all it is all they want to do is to hurt wealthy people. I'm going to ask everybody a question here right now pay close attention has anyone ever lost a job because a rich guy bought a boat or a plane or takes a helicopter off a helipad? That was Alexandria, Cossio Cortez thing. What Elizabeth Warren this past week went after Daniel Snyder the Washington Redskins because he bought a three hundred and something foot yacht and it had an IMAX need Ryan. Did anybody lose a job because Daniel Snyder bought that bulk? Did people get jobs in our people employed because they're spending money. Real simple. You think Daniel Schneider's background came from nothing built this business up and his parents bedroom with a couple of phone lines. When Barack Obama. This is this is the trajectory. This is the direction. This is why we have there's a lot of an my opinion real life losers. Lurking in this country. It's like a disease. It is it's like a disease, and it's spreading. Rather than looking to people who are successful that do. Well, we tear them down. Oh my God. Look at the collective freakout over Howard Schultz thinking about running for president, you know, that guys background. Came from public housing in Brooklyn, nothing. Good for him. But what he did look at what are you pills? I don't like their coffee. But that's okay. Watsa people do. Rock Obama in a debate with Hillary Clinton. When asked about capital gains rates was presented with the fact that well Bill Clinton lowered capital gains rates. And revenue to the treasury went up. Brock Obama's response to that was he wants to raise taxes due to fairness. What? And I said right then and there this guy's dangerous. That could be the most un-american thing a presidential candidate had ever said. But that's where we are. You have a large swath of the population that are highly un-american. What they're suggesting is highly UN American. Point of high top marginal income tax rates. Is to constrain the immoderate. And especially unmerited accumulation of riches. That's that's what these economists are writing. Is that American? Gotta take a quick break. More on this..

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