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"chris herndon antonio" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

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"chris herndon antonio" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"Blue as alone. I play him over that make you feel Brooks knowing that we'd play everyone. We talked about over Wendell never know what it said. I if Josh is slow it on your team. No little small what is on my team Titus. Josh Josh of. So if Josh Adams were to go down this week because he's dealing with injury. Peace ruled out then the small what is absolutely valuable as is Darren sproles, you if you're a PR league Darren sproles of Josh Adams's out. He'll be a sneaky PR machine Essombe saying he's worth nad. And suddenly as of right now, I don't see any reason that Josh Adams won't be out there. They just one. They're in the hunt. It this is a kid up get out get healthy getting the game Josh Adams situation. So I don't think the rest of them. All right. Let's talk about the tight ends real quick. Me do it. I mean, here's one avenue room. That's it behind his end of list. Thirty percent elites he's not available in your league. I get at Evan Ingraham would be the top up but Antonio gates. If Keenan Allen is going to miss the game and your love for Mike Williams. Yeah. Just you know, how many targets Antonio Gateshead last week five. That's right. Do you know how tired he is? Do you know how tired it's only who gates faithfully was a Thursday night game extra time for stuff? Here's what's crazy. Antonio gates would be the next man up. He would be next best of widely available own or widely available unknown tight ends. I would choose Antonio gates over Gerald Everett overplayed, Jarwa Matlock costs and Ian Thomas. Really don't do it man. All right. I I mean, so are you going to roll into your championship week then with David joker? Yes. Versus the Bank. Okay. Jimmy graham. No, no, no, no, nurses, the chedda. So you would okay. Let's say you had Jimmy Graham or you had Kyle Rudolph. Okay. Now are you looking at the way player? I'm looking for Evan Ingram saying beliefs bay there. Evan ingram. Komo Matt Lacoste Denver Broncos tight and he gets to play the Oakland Raiders who are amongst league worst Blake jar win for the Dallas Cowboys gets to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he's come on the past two games. I believe back to back weeks with seven targets. We're not talking about beaters here, but you don't want. So you don't want goose eggs. You don't want the that Austin hoop or zero in your tight end position titans. Take awhile rookie tight ends don't ever. I it's very very rare for them to pop except for Evan Ingram. And then they decided that they didn't want to use them for their. They're like you got two quick ahead. Starting your rookie year. We're gonna slow you down sophomore year. You'll be back. No. But my point is I want guys. So you've got the and Thomas's. Matt Lacoste Blake jar wins out. They're starting to get more involved. I would much much rather have the guy. Who has been more involved in Chris Herndon? Chris Herndon would be the next guy up against Green Bay at home. He's been involved getting more and more involved. That's the tight end for the New York Jets. You know, that would be tough for me between him and gates going up against the ravens. I feel like I might go Chris Hurn and over gates. It would probably go evidence room. Chris Herndon Antonio gates that that would be my list, and what about new hotness. Ian thomas. I can't Panthers. I can't trust a panther unless they were to replace Cam Newton right now, though, that's the way I feel and look if he gets healthy figures out something good this week to help the shoulder. But it's been my understanding that the shoulder will probably be something he gets surgery on this off season, but he can play through it. But it's not getting better. It's getting worse. And so I the only thing I had to go off of is the past and the past is. A downward pointing arrow and if it's pointing down from last night's game..

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