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"chris gowan" Discussed on GSMC Football Podcast

"But we still be able to assess where we think they stand after Go at the team. You know what. I'm saying like think about playing video games putting the settings on real hard If you don't get blown out then you know you kind of like okay. All right you know if you put up a fight you still lost. Maybe but if you put fry fight then kind of tells you where you stand right now tampa bay why are they ranked hartwell their national championships champions. Yeah but it's a little bit more than that. There's a reason they're national champions. And the thing is a lot of people didn't see it come in last year they are stacked okay. They bought back all twenty. Two starters from last season offense defense for at least one more year. And how could they possibly do that. Well known than the assistance of their leading quarterback tom brady. Obviously tom brady is back. He convince everybody. I'll get you another one. He has seven. He's got only guy in the league with anywhere near that many. Okay so you got him now. Though ronald jones is usually the one. I believe most people think Does most of the work. They actually have leonard fournette. Starting he has. Mike evans chris gowan antonio brown in his boy. Grunk okay now. This is the other receiving core that was ranked in the top. It wasn't one. It was too all right. That's another tough one but the real beauty of why these guys really have rings on finger. My opinion is because the defense you know they say defense wins championships. In when you have a defensive line made up of the dominant. Su vida via williams got shot and jp jason pierre paul. Well that's already a tough team to beat man that's a. That's a front four. That is going to just run through an offensive line quarterback oba. Wait there's help devon white levante. David an shaggy-haired aumont goodness people that just love wreaking havoc tackle running backs quarterbacks a shorter than they would like to They would like to get a lot further before you have to see those guys Yeah i know. And i just have to say these teams are going to make us proud tonight. I know i know they're going to show some good ball so some good game. That's why i believe this is going to be a high scoring game. Not because the defenses are gonna be lackluster. Trust believe is not going to be easy to get to these points but at the end of the game i believe the score will be forty two to thirty one tampa bay right now for your dallas fan in rebuttal. Shoot it why not. I don't mind next game. Philadelphia atlanta now. The first game. Like i said it's tonight The next few games of all gays minus one will be on sunday. Be sunday morning that'd be twelve. Pm central It'll be afternoon. Will i know to a. Pm isn't morning but work will be here. Makes it easier for me to say morning after the night. Okay asked the morning game. It's morning on the west coast Then you've got the three twenty five. Pm central time which is the afternoon games in then. We have one sunday night game Seven twenty pm central all right so let's do a philly atlanta Is is the game. I'm gonna watch. I might view a quarter or so but not gonna Definitely be too focused on this. One is a few other games like a little bit more interesting on my end But yeah we got jalen hurts. Who's almost Half the root for these guys. So that i can win my fantasy league so jalen hurts gonna have a great game I can't wait to see him. Could make with devante submit their first round pick out of alabama. Who won the heisman. let's not forget. Let's put respect on devante. Smith's name i don't care by size on care about. He was on a team. No with that look. He wouldn't to be the number one option and he won the heisman Jalen regular They have dallas godart on defense. Still got Name you have to respect okay But yeah this. This philly team is actually expected to be last in their division They did have a rough preseason. They ended up losing games in tied one with the jets But yeah i'm excited to see them. Get out there. Represent for the city. Really wanna see and i mean all jokes. Aside jalen hurts a talented individual. He did not get a full season last year. so this is his full. You know training camp in all at me no. Kobe really messed up a lot of things last season. But you know he got all of that stuff finally under his belt look he might surprise Out there now as being quiet. Coaching have been talking too much by the so i could be wrong. You know. it's a lot of guys out there that you know coach the asks have been raving about it. We've been hearing about jalen. Unfortunately is one of them. So it's gonna come out and make a statement. We will see they will be playing. The atlanta falcons. The atlanta falcons have been Dealing with their hiccups in the past year. Or so. and you know just trying to figure things out With coaching after a big embarrassment in the super bowl just being kind of ugly sensitive The app individuals such as julio jones who is louis c. should have a statue in atlanta But unfortunately he is now moved onto tennessee In the midst of they were able to have a top draft pick of skilled player. That i believe is going to be amazing long-term We got to see what he does. In his rookie season. That is being cow pits. Matt ryan is old guy. But i believe he's oh got still got it kinda like tom so he can still get done. Maybe not as mobile as usual but you can get it done. My davis solid running back. Calvin ridley very good receiver. Their offense is okay. We just hope that everything works out in their favor when it comes to their decided. Ball will Do you when you got the father junior. Eric harris at free.

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