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Coronavirus Travel News

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Coronavirus Travel News

"As the world dust start to open itself up to travel again very gradually, we'll hear from Chris Gills shortly. which includes stay towels on May? Call Gospel not so bomb voyage. It's all those stories of win. Trouble doesn't go so well, and it's based on the. Travel News I. CAN'T UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tony about the world opening up once travel ban to the UK lifted soon as possible government, there is working on a new plan, so the British holiday Mike is can travel freely around Europe from July, without the night to quarantine on their return I, think they calling it the European corridor, the covid corridor main Tom Spain has further eased lockdown missions Florida's Disney resort hotels will reopen this month and You Zealand his declared victory over Corona virus after its final covid, nineteen patient was given the all clear night coveted old in the country. Awesome, Las Vegas has reopened for business. Sort of kind of. Fighting in the opening of casinos isn't Simul have handwashing stations with water and towels and soap. Please use them at least twenty seconds and signs will suggest gets waged at mosques, the Renault. No shows nightclubs will sporting events. People from all around Italy can travel to Venice again while the nations are no longer required with mosques outside which Lycos makes failing Nola. Nice we'll have some more news from you as we go and we'll hear from about being stuck Hiroko with her. But right now let's to no attention to jewels and Christine the team behind. Don't forget to move there. fulltime travel bloggers from opposite sides of the world silence kickoff and find out how they may. So, we met when we were both travelling Solos through South America and we both decided to volunteer organization `Pisco Peru helping out after the earthquake down there, and we met while volunteering together and volunteered together for about six months, and then just continue traveling together, and that was back in two thousand twelve, so we've just continued the life of travel as a couple now and into a lot of places around the world. Yeah, this is this is life We made the transition. We started the trouble blog in trouble counting crash everything that's involved with that probably back. In mid two dozen took a few years to get started, but within the last four years. That's what we've been doing full time. Traveling around the world. We have a couple of biases that we like to to. Work out of our Bali in come back to San Francisco Melvin, but other than that way on the right full-time. Working Travel Yeah. It's a pretty pretty good offer now. It's. The travel industry is citing you blah. Don't forget to move. How's IT affected leering, come with a having forgot to move, but we're definitely not moving at the moment. With travel bicycling orbits stopping within a wake over here in the US it really just. Kinda pull the rug out from under old trips. We had for the rest of the planned. Will avail earn travel plans and pretty much just stopped on so all the troops, all the brands in the companies and destinations that we had planned to work with new coming six months old had to postpone those trips over the other hotness ships and stuff like that we had organized as well just as budgets became todor in trouble became a non everything just pigeonholed hold, and it's pretty much where we are at the moment, just whiting in Limburg for the travel industry to kick back up again, Gills thinking of. Other things to do outside. If this travel travel blog, or are you literally just waiting things to stop back up against? They can resume knife. Resumed life as normal. Yeah, we, we've always got. Something was working on something on the side We've been putting a lot more. Trouble podcasts, which has been good, because it's allowed us to continue talking about trouble in staying in trouble spice without having to physically travel, so that's been handy and we've got a couple of other business ideas. It will always floating around, but it's I. Guess Everything in general is a little bit uncertain at the moment. I'm kind of jealous of you podcast. Eighties cold, not so bomb voyage. It's all about the stuff that goes wrong on the rights. Then we've done a couple of episodes. We've shared stories of things that have gone wrong on the right, but as Jill said you. Focus your attention on your on your podcast until those stories. Where do they come from? So we tell stories that we find from France from other travel bloggers from stories from the news, all sorts of stories, books and movies, but all true stories of when things go wrong while traveling which we find to be, they make the best stories right. You don't come home and tell all your friends and family about the time that everything perfectly. When you're out traveling the world, you tell them about the time that your bus broke down or you had your cameras stolen or something crazy happened. Those always make the best stories, and we found that there with social media and instagram and everything. There was this skew trend towards the glamorous side of travel where everything is picture perfect and you're on a gorgeous beach. No one else is there and everything. It just looks wonderful, but everyone who's traveled knows that there's the other side of that where it's. You're hiking down to this beach in your sweaty and there's probably a million people there and somebody's trying to. To sell you, you know like that's just the real side of traveling, so we wanted to bring that the forefront and just chat with people about that and tell stories of when things go wrong in the road, because that's more interesting in our opinion,

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