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"chris eddy" Discussed on WGBB Sports Talk New York

"The week we had a chance to watch the baseball hall of fame. Induction ceremony During the week do yourself a favor. I if you missed it go to youtube. I'm not sure if the animal channel has it archived Just an impeccable speech from ted simmons. You can catch it on youtube. I'm sure mets losing to nothing To the yankee. So far that i'm advised just as a side note Yet ted simmons. What a speech. Beautiful delivered Amazingly and jeeter of course They were yankee fans heckling. Donald fear is he spoke about marvin miller because they wanted to hear the speech finally the most overrated player to ever play major league baseball and he their geeta did come on. He gave his speech all one in two syllable words So the yankee fans could understand. Also yankee fans who with the numb with the names on the back of jerseys cut that out i mean number two. Who do you think is number two on either. The the yankees have never worn names on their jerseys number. Two we know is jeeter. Come on what do you need the name. Their he thinks that we're we're paying homage to frank. Chris eddy the old third base coach number two. I saw a guy with a garrick jersey with with a name on the back. Oh unbelievable get exasperated with these yankee fans. But let's get back to business. Here are the nine eleven. Remembrance services were great at city field this of course being the twentieth anniversary of the attacks. We are talking about the return of baseball after this horrible experience went through the necks. Gentlemen were going to speak to was in new york for the ceremonies. So we'll keep the memories rolling. Our next guest he played for the royals. The brewers cubs padres in rockies we of course from every investor southpaw on the mets a member of the two thousand national league championship team looking forward to speaking with him about his view On the attacks on our nation is what was the return to the field after. It's a pleasure to welcome back to the show. Glendon rush landon in good evening. Are you wonderful. Great great to have you with us. Glad you you had to save trip back from new york thank you. Yeah we have easy back today and gone back in time to watch a little football and i spent a little time actually watching the broadcast last night game. You know we were. We were so All over the place that we didn't really get to see the How often they did on that broadcast and with the ceremonies and everything In so it was nice that the it was nice and then I had a chance a couple of chances over the weekend to view the nine twenty one. Two thousand one game and the ceremonies before that. We'll talk about that too Again the game against the braves just A thing of that legends are made of. That happened that night. It was absolutely magical and allah..

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