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"chris dr. ruth" Discussed on Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

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"chris dr. ruth" Discussed on Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

"You. Good for years of it was without here like you cannot imagine how bad it went to the most various bad really. Oh Yeah I tanked. Yeah and I could not believe I was going I that I was away. Oh yeah no it. Like Shit went wild. How quickly were you out of the is kind of like? How long did I last house alone without her a year and a half? Yeah a year and a half and then and then I had to be. I came home a lot also and not because she was asking me to come home but I would just come home a lot. Yeah so we could be together and I would like go like visit. I would like not be in school and like it'd be like it's Tuesday not on break like what are you doing here like? Yeah it was real real rough seperation anxiety but you are close you were. She wasn't too far away right. She was in Baltimore. It was absconded. Yeah I was. I was out but you could get there. Yeah I took a train and then. When did you start stand up? When did I become a star? I started stand up when I was like twenty three to school right. He was right after college. Yeah choose probably a wide. I mean thing to do to stand up and be funny. And you know NASA kinetic thing was going to say I'm going to take the leap. Yeah I mean you're friends with a bunch of stand ups you know like they're the most delightful mentally ill people you know. Probably I I was funny like I was a funny kid. And all that you know when you just have a little something that people just laugh with you and I mean no one. Has it more than you go crazy on them? I would be real about it though because you didn't even have to talk. You just stood there and everyone sterile laughing and loving you. But I feel like I had that little thing and then so I try to Improv in. That was not for me. And then one of the girls the Improv troop on the girl. She was like fifty She did stand up and I went to see her. She's really bad and I was like well. I think I could do better than that. I just tried it just delusion and you know you're I stand up experience. Were you with it scary or was it in your mind? Just sort of okay. Let's let's let's see what this says. It was physically scary Yeah it was like you know it wasn't a stage fright of people looking at you but it was okay like you know. Just get up and talk and so I wrote a little set and it wasn't good and but I was likable enough that it went. Okay are you there? I don't know if I was at your I i. I don't know if it was very but you. You say that like a lot that it wasn't very good or whatever or that like you were like not good right away like I think you are so good his. You love me no. I think you're like no one's GONNA say end up right away. You're so funny and like you're like the things that you were talking about. Were funny and like people laughed right away. People get up some people get up and it's crickets like literally like why are you doing? I'm not GonNa you know what? I'M GONNA reliant adverse said you find the funniest one of your friends right right on you. You got up and people were like like they laughed. They like me but I wasn't good but you don't get good at stand up for years. It's not yeah you weren't good at standup. You're funny up there and you had like funny things to talk like I like. I think I think you're selling yourself short now your nose. It was bad I remember one show. I did in central park summer stage. You were there right. That Rehire doors. Yes but like a three to five thousand people and I woke up real ready to just destroy and it was a showcase so I was doing fifteen minutes and I could hear out of those thousands of people. Just my mom laughing. You know so. It wasn't even like I think the I could hear just my mom trying to get everyone to laugh bombed significantly. What happens to you after you bomb? No one will make eye contact with you You know you look to people to be like. Was that as bad as it felt you know and everyone just kind of looks at the floor with amy twice when she's bombed and this was not at the beginning. One is buffalo or was it bombed in Buffalo I bond. We've all bombed Buffalo. Was that country hundred. Oh this was the first time our dad ever GonNa see you alive. Because he's like in a wheelchair can't always I have seen I have seen amy like Duh at like sold out arena like people crying laughing just like like a stadium erupting and laughter. And nothing compares to the feeling of elation. I feel what amy has. Just just tangles come fully need people who are just like no none of the Lord gives me all. She has me on stage when she knows she's bombing and we're we're dying laughing of and Kim. Him always goes like this. She dances to the side. I look over her and she's going like this where I just like. What are you GONNA do? You gotta stay out there. There's also it's not her fault she's not doing like there's nothing you can do about it but I mean the funniest evening you know. I'm going to have a nice evening no matter it's going to be fine but just in that moment where I know. She's got another two minutes. Oh yeah those minutes go by but if I if you see your friend try new joke and it just bombs so. There's nothing funnier exactly. I'll our friend Kyle. Who Yeah we have made him do this. One Joke. That we know is going to bomb convincingly. Well it's so fun you have to do. Please you have to do it? He's but it never gets really crowded. Trussell go you had. It was the crowd like you and he'll get on stage at the joke. No and it ruins the set and he'll look over to us. O be like yeah. We're like best fields. Thank you know the one thing I have to say about comedians and particularly stand up. But you know that moves into acting as well whatever is that. There's a lot of tragedy and sadness in their life. Oh yeah and it ripped part of what makes us survive is how we laughed at certain stuff that literally other people would look at and go. How did you get through it right? Well because we have some weird sense of humor yeah about life yet. It's always been there. But that's why I sent like with all the stuff from our childhood truly like looking back it's never like I never remember us like collapsing into each other in sorrow. It's always it's always like how we are just like. Yikes not you know. But that's the darkest yes that's so you're so lucky to have that because it's even like what you're saying like you're up there bombing you're laughing your ass. You're getting me through it. And she's an and the reality is like okay. Like we've been through so much Ashley. There were times I've been doing. Stand up for fifteen years and my first there were just some an a heckler economy and I would go. I think you have seen me to stand up. I feel like I lose it at a heckler today. Did anything happen? Okay no but you know other people that the professional thing that's nice for the audience is to say something that gets a laugh and move on but it triggers me. It has triggered me in a way where I'm like. What the you know that it just gets ugly. Have you gone out someone to the point where your help bad later? Have you ever seen me like I mean? I don't I wouldn't say you'd feel bad later. I think I wouldn't qualify a couple times. I felt bad later. Yeah I don't think you should. I think they should shut right on the fuck. I remember that show in Chicago. And that girl Tatiana. It's not the time and nights are all ya thing all the time girls in the front row in Chicago tally. Get Out of edge. She was it was toward end. The show had been a really good show and the audience is happy. And I feel good and this girl I think just got real drunk by the end was like like yelling for me to like. Show a boo yes or my vagina or something. Like she's like like it was just really am Dr and I tried to get her to quiet and she wouldn't and I was like one time you saw your dad. Oh My oh yeah. Oh yeah I mean I went? I'd hard and I love that awesome. That sounds great beds light. We're Chris Dr. Ruth. I know says Chris. Rock has quote. He's like if ignorance is bliss. Then what's the opposite of that? It's you know comic see or performance. You see everything. It's our job to read other people and so that's it's the opposite of bliss. It's kind of a hell but God I haven't heard that quote. Oh the best like dramatic performances that I've seen recently have been by like people who are typically like comedic actors and I just think that it's like that like kind of like what we were talking about. How like Comedians and and people who are really funny have this way of handling dark things and kind of perceiving darkness and doing something with that that I think translates to drama in such a distinct and clear and beautiful way. The best comics are really vulnerable yet. Really kind of get to the crux of things. And that's why I think that you know like Odin kirks performance better call Saul. I'm just like I'm blown away by it so much and like he's so funny and I just I really liked this trend of seeing these really comedic. People being cast in these dramatic roles. And I think it's like such an exciting thing. It's the other side of comedy. Yeah and we possess the darkness. You know you know. I've gone out there and I've been funny most of my life even though my mother didn't think I was funny. But that's why not that funny but you know Mike. My favorite author favorite poets my favorite thing or dark. We'll go for instance You know and I just much more attracted to that sort of the underworld what what really is going on. Where does pain come from and it is? It is why it's like it's like the clown you know it's like the gestures Justice Court justice. No everything Oh my God I know. I personally think that it's much harder to be funny than it is to be. Oh my God I mean I. It's much funnier. And by the way when Amy Schumer cries so do we same with all all you hoes. I mean seriously thirty one week Ryan you with us but but you know in a movie like I told you this before but how to lose a guy in ten days like that is such a classic amazing comedy that I feel like I have taken so much from And like I don't know it's like a classic it's like A. It was on the other day when I was getting my nails. Done Brag Nielsen. Everyone is just like everyone loves that. Movie and Hilarious. It's hilarious also heartbreaking in feel good and it's relatable yeah. I mean I love that movie I I love it too. I love making that movie. Yeah it was also really fun because that was one of those movies where we wrote every you hide your set pieces but I really like in order for them to come to life. There was a lot at living in everything that I know everything was doing was wasn't written all. Tell a set me up for the best. My favorite kind of stuff which is just like going you know improperly it was also kind of revolutionary because it was like you know. I just felt like as women. We were just all supposed to like you. You want to try to get a guy and Do a good job and don't be too loud and don't be be pretty whatever that's just like what it felt like society was telling us to do and then it just vote. Kinda revolutionary to see a woman like breaking all the rules like. I'M GONNA go so far into that lane you know just because I'm because we're just as smart as you or smarter. Yeah that makes me feel. Oh my God. How often do you guys talk a day? Probably every day especially every every day sometimes for a couple of days but we talk a lot depending on like sometimes like there's a lot going on are like who like I call. It was like can I complain for like thirty minutes. And she's like definitely clear. Yeah and then also we have an APP called Polo bar rope. Oh yeah which is which is just so good because sometimes you know like like maybe like a little video like enough to say to have a full like conversation or whatever but it's just like quick things or whatever where like I need her to see like issues like I got a new plant that she needs me to see and I need to go to. I'm I guess it's always keeping in touch. This is what I like is like a beautiful part of our sisterhood. A couple years ago I called her at like five PM. And I complained about some. You know some Shit for like twenty minutes. It's five PM and she goes. It's my birthday this. This is okay. It's my favorite my favorite conversation..

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