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Minnesota Timberwolves' Derrick Rose motivated to show doubters he can still play at high level

Dave Smith

01:51 min | 6 years ago

Minnesota Timberwolves' Derrick Rose motivated to show doubters he can still play at high level

"You're listening to the best of gold again we go on espn radio and the espn at my goal with his are about to travel across the globe delighted have chris camp equal moran of fowler of course part of trump the rothenberg once trendy have up this chris derek rose back in the league back with the minnesota timberwolves or with some simple walls that reignites him with his former head coach tom pivotal which with him in chicago is also going to be with jimmy butler who is out for a while and taj gibson rose may debut as early as thursday night when minnesota place host the boston the only thing missing now is the opportunity rose told reporters in minnesota on thursday yet i was last night sorry is he did not play last night greysuited up talking to tips he sounds easy given the opportunities wants all about learning the guys and fitting in at the right time so what literally should we expect from deir grows at this world anal lee you look at dirt rose last couple of years have been ruffalo me was in new york two years ago things didn't work out he had a leave of absence he went a wall and it was the situation where he knew the fresh start thought that was going to happen in cleveland but i thought the cleveland cavaliers just expected too much alvin with it missing the first part in a season they they were asking dared roles to be something that he's not he's not a spotup shooter in that's piling which have to be in the backcourt because the broad is going to be ball dominant cleveland so he didn't finish package them in a trade utah waived him and it just hasn't worked out but now he's got an opportunity to be a part of a playoff contender he's gonna be looked at a somebody could federally be a bench score in the backcourt opposite of jamal crawford so that's what you're looking for and if anybody can squeeze the last little bit of basketball out of dirt rose here's tom through what well that's that's the question is i mean what what basketball does he have left because the obviously are the physical limitations because he's always been a.

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