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"chris de bern" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

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"chris de bern" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

"Ten. It's 1%, 1%. Yeah, 1%. That's still now, they also received a $100 for each of his matches. And then 10% of some other stuff that WWE did on the side. Wow. But in 2005, he finally bought the rights from marvel, which is, I guess, once we are unpopular, but isn't that crazy? Yeah. Which makes sense, right? Because he totally did it based on the hulk. He did. So yeah, yeah. Crazy. Yeah. All right, fan questions. All right. Yeah. Here we go. A Kyle foxton, this question is just for Eric. Eric, can you explain your thought process? In choosing to go to SummerSlam instead of all out, and how many times have you apologized to Andrew? I can answer that one. He hasn't yet. Eric. My God. So you're never gonna fucking down. Hey, you had fun in bacon. What's this name? That's gonna be like. It wasn't my fault. Yeah. I'm gonna be the jeans. I have fun in Vegas. Not on Saturday. Well, pregame Saturday was Saturday. Our fans. Yeah. Not so much during the SummerSlam pay per view. Sunday, we had a good time. So anyway, good time. We went to bagel mania brother. We did that. That's pretty good. That's really good. Nick Ryder, do you guys think putting the title in Big E will help raw at all or is it too little too late? It's not gonna help the ratings. It's not gonna help. I mean, at this point, no one helps the rating. I mean, we just gotta see, are they gonna book him good, you know? Let's hope so. Chris de Bern besides Big E, which male wrestler in history has the most voluptuous set of boobs. Besides biggie, he said. He's got the best boobs. That's probably a bracket. Besides, you should probably do a bracket for best boobs. Chris masters had, like, right now. All the time. Maybe. He said it in history, which no, which male wrestler in history has the most voluptuous set of boats. It's gotta be biggie. We said besides Big E. Oh, right. Ric Flair. It's Christ. I mean, no. This viscera. Yeah, he's floppy tits on him. Big big daddy teeth. Dalton, English, new rumor song coming soon. It's been two years. We had to do one side. I've suggested this. Yes, sir. Joe Guerrero, which superstar jumping ship would be the final nail in the coffin for WWE. Probably Kevin Steen come this January. Right? For sure. That pop culture junkie, am I the only one who sees the similarities to spoiling that Big E will cash in tonight. When Tony schiavone spoiled it on nitro with Mick Foley. Mentioned that. Yeah. Eddie picone, do you think AW should include a money in the bank type stipulation at some point? Sure. No, do your own thing. Yeah. They already have they have a tournament where the winner gets to, you know, they have ladder matches where winner gets to be calling cash in the financial institution. Mark horsefield, so they're so desperate for ratings. They gave away the cash in on social media. Anyways, what's next for Big E, heath Hoffman said, I believe it's losing a Goldberg in a triple threat. I think that fix is the Goldberg's not coming for the title anymore because now he's just going to fight Lashley and he's not a boring non title match. Gotcha. I suck either way. Yeah. David for Becky to go full heel. They should just have her make out with Seth in the middle of the ring. I'm not sure what else could get people to hate her more than that. Fair enough, that would work. Yeah. By the way, I think maybe Big E fights riddle like on TV for his first defense, because they're a little back and forth and they shake hands after. Okay. Yeah. Why not? Maybe. Mark Carver, I know you guys will already have discussed this, but I have a best dressed nominee and it's Eva's ass cheek. Which one, though, left or right? Yeah, they're both kind of hanging out. Tune in. In the ring. Paul, what was the point of the tag team turmoil match last week? Thought the winners were meant to wrestle for the tag titles on raw. I just Vince, everything to say about that. Poison. Yeah. Yeah. That was crickets. You lick oh, you lick you lick me dick. You lick my dick. You licked my dick. Come again. Do you guys think Big E's rain will be shorter? We'll be short like Kofi's. I do. Coffee had like a. What? 5, 6 month rain? No, it was mania this SummerSlam. No, it was past SummerSlam. Oh, it was October. Yeah, to October. May need October. All right. I mean, that's not bad. Well, it just ended crap. It just ended. Ended badly. As long as Big E's reign doesn't end like Kofi's. Says I think I see Big E job in the old burg, like go feed into Lesnar. Absolutely not. How dare you? So he and ramen, who's the worst overall professional wrestler on the WWE main roster Eva Marie Eva Marie oof, I'll even give that to Goldberg. Down. Like he's not worse than even Marie, but he still shouldn't be there. Right. It's times done. Ryan Hensley, what do you guys think of Joe's trivia game show having a money in the bank opportunity on the line next time? The winner is able to have a cash in moment at any time for any of the pay per view prediction titles that way the winner can announce their cash in ahead of time for an. I mean, that would be fun. You cash in and it's like free ten points or something. Something like that. Yeah. Tight country, new patron. Welcome. Life or death, and you had to pick one, would you rather, who would you rather titty fuck? Do drop? Nia Jax are awesome Kong. I guess. Dewdrop. That's the thing. Do you have don't have big tits? They don't. Do drops are bigger. Are they? Yeah. I guess they look squished in the they look squished in the thing. In her singlet. Great. But great. I don't know. None of them are awesome. Definitely not. No. She's probably the bigger, biggest hits, but probably do drop I guess. I don't know. What those floppy things? I think Nia Jax, those aren't big. Those aren't big. They're just sagging. They're sad. They sag. They're just not in shape. What is happening here? All right, okay. Vanguard two, if AW went to Monday, do you think it'd be better than the original Monday night Monday night wars? They seem like they have a better behind the scenes grass than WCW, so they can sustain longer. Well, it wouldn't be better. I mean, it's not gonna be bigger. Yeah. I definitely think that they should stay where they are and build up their base. Because of all about their base. You could eventually do it. I mean yeah, eventually here's the thing. Dynamite beat raw in the demo in the 18 to 49. So they already are winning. That's crazy thing. At least with raw. Bradley gentry, pro tip for watching raw, fast forward to the end and delete. Oh, thank you. Yeah. Jalen Silva since WWE does it, I'm gonna spoil next week's show. After his successful cash in, be sure to catch next week's raw when Big E dry fucks the championship live. Wow. Live sex celebration with biggie in the title. Yeah. I can see it. Stone cold savage, push barberry, Kofi and Woods turn on Big E, Woods gets a championship run and the new day never turn on each other. Fire that. Fire that. Xavier Woods gets a championship run. Yes. I've been wanting it. Very Kofi and Woods turning. Dave, yeah, I mean, that's what it would take. So they all just need to turn on each other. Yeah. David Kim. What are the chances we see a new day triple threat match for the belted mania wishful thinking? Probably. That's what I fucking want. The chances 30%. Give me what I want. People saying the new day should never break up. It's like, that's what you do. That's the whole point of stables. Then you eventually break up and make them all singles like superstars. People like that love sports entertainment over pro wrestling. Right. But that's what you do. That's the history of stables to break them up..

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