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"chisholm diaz" Discussed on Painting Corners Podcast

"And it was it was too little too late. The marlins couldn't swing any value for him at that point. I wrote an article around that time that they just had to get him out just so that they could get Issan in Because he was just wasting away in AAA at that point with the way he was hitting down there. But yeah you know it was just kind of it's one of those rebuild careers with the Marlins you know he's here and yes some really great moments moments. He had a really great second half this year which will probably get him paid again and and you know he was good to the fans in and and always a pleasure was starling so and he left with grace so you can't really complain about that from a fan perspective but yeah I mean in on the field you know it was. It was a roller coaster and I expected the Marlins to not let him walk like the way they did. But that's kind of how the cards got played out here. Don't WANNA dump jump into that That trade just yet because what was once we get to the field. We're GONNA go for all three of them you authoring big ones obviously If we look back at that Dee Gordon Trade though you know same position here I mean obviously being played everywhere. What's kind kind of the outlook on that day? Gordon trait can back. We Got Neider in the Dee Gordon Trade which was just just an absolute steel in my mind. Neither it is possibly our top pitching prospect. Well besides sixto. Obviously you could argue. He's maybe the next best pitching prospect. Like personally I would say. It's Edward Cabrera. He had a huge jump. This year just leapt off the page. But yeah neither it's really stellar. He was hurt all year but he had a really really nice fall he went out to Arizona and had a really great fall and so him and Duggar made some starts in the league this year. Here and he's another guy that project to be kind of a you know an arm that comes up and down every now and then and he made some good starts so I definitely think the outlook on Gordon Trade was pretty good. All things considered I mean. I'm the eternal optimist but I thought that swinging night out of that was pretty good but yeah I mean you definitely blue you know. There was a huge hole at second base left by and there was a huge hole in the locker room that was left by D.. But hopefully hopefully. Hopefully Sean can be what we think he is in. He can fill that void Assan. Oh man where do I start He had such a good year in AAA. I mean every night. He was just launching the ball. I think he hit near around. Thirty home runs this year He was really just spectacular to watch this year And his defense is something that surprised me but yeah it seemed like every night at one point point in the summer. It just seemed like every night he was just hitting a home run or go and two for four with a double or making us. We play out at second base so the kid hits for a ton of power he hit. He slugged five seventy eight in AAA this year. Obviously we saw what happened with the offense and AAA this year so those numbers might be inflated. Just a little bit but his slash was three zero five. Three Ninety five five seventy eight. He had a one thirty two runs created plus so just an absolutely spectacular occular year. He draws a lot of walks. Which is what I absolutely love about? Him is really great approach and and you saw that when he came up to the minor when he came up to the major she walked almost ten percent clip and was striking out under thirty percent And even though the numbers might not reflect how good he looked his his approach looked really advance for a young kid his age and he always kind of takes time at the new level to adjust like when he got to Jacksonville when he first got into the system he started really slow out of the gates and got really hot to the point where they sent him to a a New Orleans at the end of his first year with us in the same thing happened this year where he kinda struggled out of the gates was hitting under the Mendoza line in like May and then just it came out swinging and started touring the cover off the ball and put up those numbers that I just read also Really just an exciting prospect of left handed swinging swinging. Everybody says that the swing kind of looks like Robbie Canot and if you look at it it really does look like Robbie Canot I'm not sure he'll I think that's pretty much the ceiling for him. Put I think another a good comparison. my buddy on the podcast in Smith made was he said in Kinzler and I think that's probably the most likely scenario. I would say if it doesn't completely go south but I. The comparison comparison the ultimate comparison for this kid is Robbie Casino and just swinging left handed hitter that can get on base in play really good defense offense out second base. I think anybody you know growing up in Texas good. We'll tell you the income pretty damn good comfort. Yeah for sure her. If that's how it works out if that's your worst case scenario then you've got a really nice player with the song but you know he's going to have to take some strides because he did struggle to make contact in the bigs But he's so he's going to have to take some stride snakes sheer but I'm not worried about him because like I said he takes a while to adjust at new levels is usually so all right so moving to shore up the Marlins Twenty nineteen heart and Hustle Award winner. Miguel row house that sticks out to me when looking at his was defensive war stat which was in twelve six which is Top Ten in baseball. And Yeah just give me your thoughts on his this season. I love Meguro. He is the heart and soul of the team he really is and when we extended him. I was just really happy happy because he is the perfect guy. From this era marlins baseball that should carry over into the next one. When all these young guys come up? He'll be the perfect kind of veteran Brin leader in the clubhouse he can play all around the infield and like you said I mean he plays Gold Glove. Defense out you know. He'll never get the recognition for it but he plays really stellar defense at shortstop and he had some really nice moments with the bat this year. Really some good stretches so I'll make bureau. I'm glad we kept him around. I thought he had really nice season. And he earned himself the extension and he earned himself a chance to be like I said the the the carryover from this age of Marlins baseball to what is coming and what we all expect to be. Just the next grade age of the franchise here so looking in under him in the farm. Obviously you got jazz. Chisel the prospect acquired on the gallon trade so we can jump into that real. Quick Gallon was Pretty good around the time of the trade how did you how did you feel about the trade and compared to how do you feel now. I'll tell you exactly where I was. I was in the online at PD Q.. And it was I was going into work and it was probably like what two thirty three o'clock on deadline headline day. And so I'm waiting for the Marlins to do something waiting and waiting and waiting and then I see that gallon to the d backs and I just felt betrayed almost honestly it felt like what was starting. You know what everybody said. The marlins which we're going to we're going to do which is all these guys are gonNA come. I'm up and then they're just going to ship them off and you know fire sale in the whole thing that Loria did and he really broke. This broke this fan base and it kind of felt that way the optics of the trade were really bad but then I kind of took a second to look at it and I realized what the Marlins did which is they used their pitching surplus which they had a tawny of arms. I mean they still have some. Their system is loaded with arms and they use that surplus to go out and fill a void in the system which which is power and they got this kid. Jazz who was really struggling with in the Arizona system was hitting two or four and then had an seven thirty two in his was through the roof. I mean at one hundred twenty three strikeouts over thirty percent k rate but then he came to to Jacksonville and was awesome and had put together eight. Seventy seven s was hitting for power all over the place taking walks and he really kind of cut the strikeouts outstanding so all of a sudden. Now you're looking at a top. He's rated fifty four on pipeline right. Now you're looking at top sixty prospect for a guy that falls in line even though he was awesome a loved watching gallon pitch. He was awesome when he came up to the majors. When you look deeper down the system he probably fell in line find somewhere around four or five six and you think that he might be the next guy out and you look at what you got for him and it looks a lot more positive so I thought the Marlins as frustrating it was to watch gallon go? I thought they did a really good job at that. Trade and all the traits that they made the deadline really because they had a huge problem with the lack of power in the system. And that has been in completely solved with the acquisitions of guys like Sanchez and Chisholm Diaz. So it gets a lot better when you look at jazz and then another guy. I don't if you guys want to talk about him. But is Jose Denver's at shortstop and yeah. Yeah this guy is fun man. I mean he came over in the sand trade and plays great great defense and can hit the ball. I mean he missed a lot of the year But you can really put the bat on the ball all across in forty seven games period. Three twenty two with a seven eighty one. PS and he is nineteen years old. He is younger than I am almost a year younger than I am. And so this kid is really really really really exciting. And the way he plays defense in the way that he can hit at such an advanced. He's in high and he's putting those numbers together is really impressive. Impressive so I thought the Marlins did that Stanton trade obviously decastro thing didn't work out and it was more money than anything but divers was the real gem of that trade for sure her he kind of went from jump back home for a second. He went from the Jackson sons. The Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp like our friend. Tommy I'm sure we'll talk later Interesting character yeah. I sure I'm just trying to you. Know who sticks at shortstop is can both of these guys guys play short or do you think that somebody like jazz. Winds up playing second. If anybody you know if you're telling me okay only one of are these two guys six at short from a defensive side. It's gotta be diverse. He's a little more advanced defensively. He's supposedly one of the best defensive defensive prospect if not the best in the system but don't sell jazz short on his defense either. I mean he's pretty solid defender out there from all accounts so I think those both of those guys really have a good shot at staying at short. I'm trying to look down. Oh Cyrus is another exciting shortstop prospect. Don't even get me started on Naseem noon. Yeah I love that kid and then Jose Solace is a kid. That's a little bit farther away Ed shortstop from the International Free Agency market. Who you know? We'll see coming slowly coming up the tracks in the next next few years here but the future at shortstops pretty bright for the marlins but I mean at the end of the day right now because of what you gave up to get him in because of his stature..

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