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"chiquita strickland" Discussed on Winsidr WNBA Show

"Day, I think it's kind of it's gotten stale, having her in Atlanta. Similar with Elizabeth Williams, a good player, personally not my style of play with Elizabeth Williams. But I think this is one of those situations where, like, is there anybody else if you look at that, Blake deidre Candice Dupree? Odyssey Sims chiquita Strickland. That you're thinking that this team should bring back. Because for me, it's like Candace Dupree, you bring her back, you know, for a single season, maybe two, just so she can be that vet presence. Monique billings can learn and has that energy and you can match anything. But I feel like everybody else kind of got to move on from. I mean, potentially Elizabeth Williams, I'm big Elizabeth Williams fan. I mean, she kind of struggle at this point of her career. I think you've got a question how much longer does she go, but my God is pure specialist. So if you've got the room, maybe assigned to a vet minimum. But my thing is Rachel, she just couldn't hit water falling off a boat. Sure, sure, sure. Yeah, I mean, if you can't do what you brought in to do, then, yeah, I mean, that's gonna hit your game. Hurt your case. But yeah, I mean, you know, they've got to go away from some of these. You can't bring, you know, you can't just get rid of or not bring back Bradford and Courtney Williams and think that that's just going to make this team better. You know, you've got to shake it up. You've got to go away bring in some new talent, new pieces that kind of help build that culture. We talked about looking at some of those unrestricted free agents who are those people, you know, for me, we talked about yesterday. It came out that diamonds unlikely to return to Chicago. Which isn't a big surprise, but my mind immediately went to. Okay, wait a minute, diamonds from Atlanta. And I think a lot of people on Twitter were like, yeah, I was gonna say Rachel. Don't just say you. If you search diamond of shields or Atlanta dream yesterday on Twitter, before you broke that news, hat tipped you for breaking that news. It was very clear a lot of people were kind of connecting the dots and saying, oh, could that be happening? Because the things completely reasonable. I did, too, I'm thinking, okay, and it came out. Okay, I've got three teams I'm seriously in discussion with. I'm like, wow, this is, this is progress. She's really not returning. In my mind, have followed diamonds since high school. She's from Atlanta. Okay, let me see what's going on. You know, this is interesting here. And yeah, very interesting. I mean, on one hand, I'm surprised, on the other hand, I'm not. About that being a fit, which is totally fine, but you know, again, I'm just, I know you have more comments about that, but just going down the line and look at some of these unrestricted free agents that could be a fit. You would love to see, obviously, the dual Lloyd is going to be pursued by everybody. The dual loyd idea with her being chord, I think it's really likely that she returns to Seattle. I'm not breaking news there. I'm just that's just my anticipation. But you know, I don't know. I'm going through the line trying to think of some of these names might be and who fits who fits what they're building. It's going to be really interesting because I'm not a 100% sure. I think for me the first one is like a Brienne January Stephanie dolson. Those are the two that stand out to me the most if you can get them to agree and attract them there and sign them for big money. No, I'm not against any of that. I would also say a player who I have in mind and maybe this is just because, you know, years ago there was the whole matching of restricted initial offers from Atlanta for blinking on her name right now. It's right in front of me a student door. Paul, sorry. And so that's the player that I could see them giving, you know, a little ticket to thinking about that a little bit. For me, mostly, I think you need to bring in one vet big, sorry, one vet guard to try and educate and help the youngers. And then the wings, I think a wing is a position where obviously there's gonna be the talks of Angela katra is she coming back to end her career there. Personally, I'm still sold on the angel to Minnesota idea. The longer that's simmered in my mind, the more it kind of picked up steam. I think when it comes to wings, you can have a little bit more delay of growth in them. We expect bigs to come in and get your rebounds and get your easy layups. We expect guards to be able to facilitate the ball and whatnot. I feel like if there's one position we truly need to give time for growth, it's in the wing position. And I think that's where they kind of need to look. And they made the move, you know, getting a Megan walker. So I like that and I like those types of moves. I agree with you. I think, you know, for on the flip side, this isn't an Atlanta dream discussion, but like just diamond in general, like, you talk about how things have changed for diamond. And from what I've heard, she's not looking for a big paycheck. She's looking for a team. And so when I look at all of these things, yeah, it's about fitness about a place that's going to give her confidence and say this is what your role is and we're committed to it for a long time. Now, that's not a knock to Chicago, but you look at the storyline of Chicago. It was diamond.

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