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"chineseinmandarini" Discussed on The Allusionist

"Got that far as long as it's is lungs it's appoint ukzhu which is cheese bones apparently tell you need to now so i need to know i can order cheese bones and i can order a smoothies and down some sort of a expresso like drink i'm told call the cast zina of all your all set cortana is brazilianportuguese translations of the memory palacepolaski automomotive air will be published by to davorg on the twelve th of july and stop the tail came about when this show featured nate previously i'm wondering whether this episode could result in more books like to see the mary in all languages both financially and also because it would like a huge net would love to see the memory palaceinspanish or italiani would love to see it in a in a pictographic language i would i would love to see with the memory palace looks like in chineseinmandarini would love to see it in arabic they'd be fantastic come on people scholey we can make this happen listentotheshowthe memory pilotsusa couple of my favorite episodes on a white horse and if you have to be a floor cortanagalindo has a book of his own out to called yesi say yes a guided tour of jamesjoyce'sulyssesit's up for pretty major awards so if you want a companion book to ulysses making this one thanks very much to bob office pondering this episode is the perfect match for an episode about translation babble is the number one selling language lining up in the world from your computer smartphone or tablet you can learn how to have conversations in other languages in short interactive lesson i've just started using it to land spanishso far i've completed the first few begin assassins which fill a little bit like a game that i'm playing against myself so i always win and when the points role in breach task i feel like an absolute genius imagine how when are all feel when i get as far as being able to order cheese bonn's view illusionist listeners can get three months babel for free when you sign up for a threemonth subscription.

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