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"chinese taft jewish high school" Discussed on Yo, Is This Racist?

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"chinese taft jewish high school" Discussed on Yo, Is This Racist?

"Is late at night. Do you like doing things like Tommy things late at night because your stand up. Yeah I typically do. I've been working a lot the past year. I work as a set dresser dresser and I work with the art department and I've I'm on a job where I have to I was going to work at seven. Am and it took me out of doing a lot of stuff. Oh totally yeah yeah. Yeah because you don't WanNa be doing stand up till three. Am and then renting dressing the set right. Why didn't have to do any me? That on this job thankfully just missed sitting in an office which is hard because I would fall asleep if I was sitting in an office at seven. Am I've wanted into several times all the time. Honestly I had trouble today at work I had basically just my strategy once two PM rolled around. Just drink so much ice tea that I had to pee so bad I couldn't fall asleep. Wow so you put yourself in some sort of a torch fucked up my kidneys. Yeah you take your body to stay awake for your job. Good Way to get out of work. Yeah Oh yeah oh I thought you were in your pants that two way. One short term wants wants long-term. Either way you go. That's a good as places to introduce our gas very funny. Stand up caitlyn jeffers welcome. Aw that's great. I know we got you heard an insane time so energies are welcome and honored and valid. I feel that way more honored than ours out if someone came in your leg. No time How's it been going? What's what's been going on you doing standup been doing much standup lately Like I said I've been working a lot but hoping to get back out there I've been doing a few shows here and there cool. What types of rooms do you like to play to play rooms where people get what you do and know who you are winning over strangers? I feel like at the stage. That's a lot of winning over strangers when I see a lot of women in the audience. I'm like this is going to be. Okay Yeah Yeah. I think it'll go do you. Do you think that because is it. Because you're act leans heavy on the woman shit or is it just because women aren't nicer sir. Women stand ups you know. I don't I don't think all women are nicer to women's sandals. Recently I did a show in San Diego I got on stage and I saw I see the whole audience. It was so bright and I saw all the women crossed their arms and like Oh God like just glare at me. ooh Who does that make from the outsiders. Well someone told me later. That like that's a frequent thing for some rooms down there and really in San Diego and average place I will say there is one room. I really like in San Diego and I do go to that often and it's called Tiger Tiger. Check it out. Oh I've never been there angie. Dinner owner no no folded arms at Tiger Tiger. We hope yeah that is weird. I guess you're right like just because someone is a woman doesn't mean they're going to uh-huh cps their own arco brainwashing. You'd hope there was a better chance they might. Yeah Yeah you was. I think like a lot of the people have been subconsciously. Conditioned to think women are not funny spins or overtly tension constantly reinforcing it for themselves but I think I can win women over That's been my experience. What some what are some of your tactics for winning women over well? I think it's just like my set. I talk a lot about sex and stuff like that but from a perspective that is I enjoy sex. I'm a horny pervert hurt and I think there's more women like that in the world Than people think well then get to talk. I feel like yeah. Yeah right and and so I'm saying from the perspective of a woman WHO's trying to be sex positive. It's probably also like you've got one of the few jobs in the grand scheme of jobs that gets to talk about about that whereas like a lady at a bank doesn't really have that outlet Horny lady at a bank doesn't have a lot of people to tell about that although I have been talking about it at my day job hell. Yeah and it's got mixed reaction you might have an email from. Hr just saying yeah. If you've been talking about this I don't know where your day job is but I don't know I don't know how they how they feel about it. Depends on how conservative place. It is the film industry. So Oh you're not doc concerns they could use buttoning the shirts a bit higher significantly problematic person in the building. Take way here. I'M GONNA ask the question that we can also cut. If it's not something you WanNa talk about on the microphone before we started recording. You who've made a joke about how you were a bad native. What is that? What do you mean by that? I just I so I also is that okay. Yeah No. I'm totally down with talking about that. Because I thought it was just a me thing once I moved to. La started meeting more native. American people like in the industry. Like I feel like I'm a bed native American. They're like me to. Everyone feels that way and so many people have said like. Oh No I feel bad and I'm like right but you know how to do stuff you know how to do stuff like beating things and weaving stuff and I can't shit. I work in art and I went to art school and I can't do any pressure. Pressure suddenly have a skill and a craft. Just because of your lineage. Why I think that's it's definitely a big thing I think in general in this room is like I think all three of us are people who are like what we are? Well we there. There's like a part where you're like Shit Am I. Maybe it was bad it what we are yes home. But I've found like feeling like a bed. Native American can I have met people of other ethnic groups that are like yeah me too. Definitely a relatable I don't have a lot of west coast rap knowledge. They've got more than you and I'm like Ooh I knew a couple of names. Yeah it's all I got. I want some other shit during that time Yeah Yeah I think. Probably every every marginalized person feels like they're not doing enough for they're not you know the loudest proudest because we've been kind of conditioned to blend in and told to you you know not be that so you spend a lot of your formative years especially when you're a teenager and stuff just trying to not be so different not have something for other people to ridicule you about that but then when you get to be a full grown adult. You're like wait a minute. I should have spent more time. Learning shed again. Read Better Yeah I could have been better. Everyone's journeys find everyone's journey. The is fine basically acceptable. Should we do a voicemail. Let's over small high end to tiny and guest. I may have Chinese Taft Jewish High School and my school has this multi-racial meaty group that I'm a part of this past week. One of my teachers who is white decided to attend because he he is married to the Vietnamese woman. You're talking about interracial relationships and some brought up the topic of fetish rising people of different races. I know not the latest topic anyway. My teacher decided to play devil's advocate and said I love my wife. Because she is a different ethnicity from me. I used to travel all around the world and now it's like I'm living abroad in my own little hat meditation well to me. That sounded super problematic. But I wanted to know what you guys think. Well the show by so funny. I was just thinking about this today because I've been dating and I was getting them all mixed there's a lot of white dudes lately Ended up that way and I forget who knows what none uh-huh seeming to stand up so I said something about being like Indian and this was like you're not Indian native America and he goes are are you. You don't look it and fun start. Doing it was like yeah I am and here's all I've never been with a neighbor and that happens all the time as August. I haven't ever been with a native American chick and I'm like well nice surprise. I actually the one guy. He said it after red sacks so I wanNA. I hope you're not race. God the wildness mildness of someone to say hi I am this thing and someone to go. No you're not worth. What what do you think? This is funny hilarious joke. What's the angle we're here for me? It was a good bit. Yeah something different surprised. I've also like I. I don't think people fetish a shy as native American people as much so it's been like a complaint of my actually was doing a bit about how there's no native American porn and I was like googling it try like truly trying to find native American porn for bid that I was trying to do So there wasn't any Like nobody's really finish the. There's not even bad super-problematic Shit. I mean if we dig hard enough there's probably like a white dude and a headdress. Yeah Eh sure sure. Yeah but you couldn't eat. Obviously you couldn't find any good like supportive shit or even just like what you wanted to watch or even just like. Here's a hot person person. That's native American and we have a fetish or anything like that. There wasn't really much I wonder why certain ethnic groups get Fell to should. I always promised this word. Fetish is and some don't it. Sounds like you have another syllable in it fettuccine week you guys can no. I'm wrong but in my hard I feel right you said it almost confidently correctness has is I mean I think probably Eh. There's a good reason there are good reasons. And if we were fucking scientists we would know them but we're not asking scientists to get at US because a couple racist scientists yeah it turns out science can shady. I think it has to do with a lot of ethnic stereotypes. Yeah I remember Reading M. Butterfly College. About how like. Yeah like there's this stereotype of like submission submissive Asian in people and like it's like a like a yeah like a submissive thing and then also fetish certain ethnic groups that seem to be more like the women. Camila more empowered does also studied westerns. They're saying that a lot of the lake. Sexy ladies in Westerns are always Mexican native live because they're seen as more liberated and less like oh like repressed and also in a way kind of liked wild old and exotic of the Land tie-break tribe. Yeah that is interesting. I'm thinking of like Disney's Pocahontas where they're like. Try to whitewash. I like raping a child right just like I guess that's I- Pocahontas also created this idea that native American women all look like that. Ah Right and there's been a lot of issues with like casting in Hollywood were women that just have dark hair and aren't native. Go and get roles. Look like Pocahontas. Yeah you're like. She's Swiss Swiss welcome back to our show. What is this where did we? Oh No fuck that teachers teachers session annoying prick what what. Why would you say that like if you're a bunch of kids you're like Hey I've got the sex slave every time I come come home? It's like I'm in the Orient Johnny about this specifically though like an Asian student organization. Yeah he's not playing devil's advocate advocate. He is the white devil himself. He is saying his thoughts that he's been too scared to say out loud and now under the thin veil of like well. I'm educating and taking this role so that you guys can arguments like no. Those are his thoughts who anyway And quit school. What's our advisor? I mean whatever he said it's like he's like I don't see those fantasize position and it's like if you can. It's hard to do this to a teacher. Or whatever the fuck his capacity was. We're not gonNA voicemail. It's if.

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