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"chinese art heist" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"All right chuck. I thought that break would never come right so It's funny to think as famous as the Mona Lisa is but she was fairly neglected by the world until the mid nineteenth century and even then just like a small little group of French art critics finally discovered. You know this Davinci painting and we're like this is a masterpiece. This is an amazing work of renaissance art. I we haven't noticed all these few hundred years but it's amazing they they didn't really tell the rest of the world and people like the Mona Lisa was fine but it wasn't until she was stolen off of the wall in the Leuven. Nineteen eleven that the world really really set up in in took notice. It's very much like that. Cinderella Song you don't know what you got until it's gone. That happened with the Mona Lisa to think they wrote that about the Mona Lisa. Right probably Yeah August twenty first. Nineteen eleven there were three Handyman that Just kind of went out the side door with the Mona Lisa It took twenty six and this is kind of evidence that she wasn't that big deal yet. It's a whole twenty six hours before anyone. Even I noticed she was gone and Whereas today you know there would be alarm bells? Oh my second it was removed. Yeah But it was is put in the papers and all of a sudden it kind of ran away in the press. The Lou shut down for a week and everyone from Pablo Picasso to J. P. Morgan renamed mm does a potential suspects. Yeah they th. They thought J. P. Morgan was financing people. The steel steel like art works for him. Amazing Yeah and actually. It's funny that raises other thing. Chuck quick there's There are accusations against wealthy Chinese people Like who are funding art heists to repatriate Chinese art. Oh interesting there's like a whole string of high around the world that are just Ancient ancient Chinese works of art. And they think that some people in China financing it it was a G. Q.. Article called the great Chinese Art Heist. Wow well I certainly believe even repatriation to a certain degree. But I don't know if he should go to that length so anyway the newspapers get it out. Lou Shuts Down People. We're coming to the museum to see what was known as the mark of shame that Empty you know. Non Cigarette Stained Square on the wall. And everyone I went and went. Is that how big it is that little non dusty square yeah and then it's a full twenty eight months For this thing to finally reappear appear with an attempted resale from Vincenzo pedagogy and the owner of the art gallery that was being offered. This painting said Yeah. This is the Mona Lisa. You know what I'm GonNa make sure you get a good reward for this. Just stick around and stay right there. I'm going to go and the other mimic a quick phone call to the reward center right and make sure you get your rewards. Yes Lord right there reward and then homer Simpson just stood in place and waited for the Italian Policy I come up. And he He got busted and he got eight months in prison for this. It was a pretty big art heist but he was in Florence trying to sell it so he'd stolen from the Louvre in Paris and his defense was Napoleon stole this from us And I was repatriating reading it myself and I think he actually kind of got you know eight months as an exactly slap on the wrist but it's also not a A ridiculous sentence either for for what he got so or for what he did so I think that actually helped that defense worked. Do you know if you read it out. His two buddies. I don't know and I don't know if it would of mattered. Because he was the one that lived with it in the false bottom of his steamer trunk in his apartment for two years before he he tried to sell it. So I don't know if it would help at all man. I wish I had a false bottom steamer trunk those. It'd be pretty handy. Oh I thought you meant like a bottom then just a false bottom. Trump seems false. Bottom girls they make the rocking world. Go round kind of false bottom. Stop it can. We say that it's not the seventies any longer. I think we're okay. Okay you got anything else. Nothing well then. Everybody shortstop says areva dirty stuffy should know is production of iheartradio's. How stuff works for more podcasts? From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP Apple Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows..

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