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"chinchilla chile" Discussed on Whimsically Volatile

"If you had to spend the rest of your life in one city, money is no object, but it's not in the United States. Weird go. Oh, okay. Now the United States. Oh, we'll start off not California in the United States, but not California. Okay. Oh. Miami. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, they don't have hurricanes and not as. Issue. But like outside of the country Atalay. Yeah, I really. I was talking to somebody from stray recently. I really liked Atalay to you. Went to Sydney Sydney. Playing in laid. Okay. Is that close to the city maybe should be around. Okay. How are they from each other? They're far Adelaide's on the Australia's confusing. Everything's bigger. Yeah, more flights to our. Yeah, there's there's Adelaide is Sydney's in the Brisbane. I know is on the west coast, the only city over there. The main ones are Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide Sydney, and Melbourne, and there's nothing in the middle. Right, right. There's a whole bunch of rattlesnakes and fruit, and we had a fly over. I remembered there is like when we went over initially, it was. It was like, okay, your your your gearing up for this like intense fourteen hour plane ride. And then there was another domestic flight. And I was like, probably an our, oh, six hours. It was a cross country flight. Sure. From Brisbane to Perth, where at work for any Australian, any other flight? Any US based flight. They're just like, oh, that's nothing. Whereas you think cross country is like, oh, God, seven hours or whatever. Then that's nothing I was having in Hong about going to New York. What am I gonna do for five hours and thirty minutes. Lows feel as though. Wilshere. Much. Is there a line God, where do you, what do you do in the plane? Do you get to sleep on planes? Like what do you? What's the traveling, masters, lifestyle lake. I do get to sleep on playing. Because if I've I liked the fly late at night or early morning. Okay. And if it's early morning, I don't go to sleep until I get on the plane. Clean up and keep myself up. Yeah, I'm on a plane, but my chinchilla. Chile is dark sunglasses. I'm out. Yeah. And then my laptop or my ipad, watch movies and stuff I download from Steph. No, I don't. I some reason the plant the I've never been able to unless it's like them fancy flatbeds, though you the little pot. The I kind of just like sit in the chair and close my eyes in just like put my body on like rest, but sleep sleep, but it's kind of regenerative. It feels like it's seems a little weird. I like literally there and like just be still and don't do anything. Don't listen to anything. I don't think I could do that. I don't think I could put my mind at rest baby getting low window c, that's an something like a sweater, something. And I pop that up and I'm out really cover up. It makes it don't see my mouth up. Yeah, I've fallen asleep like. From like Chile to fucking Argentina or some shit in. I have not slept in. I was like, I was not washed. And it was like I was looking like a homeless person that wandered in first class, all these businessmen and I woke up like twisted up drooling everywhere. I think I'd probably been snoring around maybe had a little Boehner something. Hardship myself. Screaming and it was just like I woke up, didn't know where it was. Laws. Everybody. Anywhere. Jetlag can you how would you like hotels can sleep anywhere you. About your surroundings, and so you know how Lysol. Fresh can write everything. They really. Handles everything. See, I'm the opposite. I'm just garbage person. I'm the one you're cleaning up. And my staggers sprayed as she it. But you know what. I never sleep good in hotels, really? No, I don't like this sheets and because the germs and nothing it just that confidence on top is just there to look pretty, but that based on do now. And if you turn the heat on a certain way or you had the heat, the heat thing, and it confidence makes me sweat felt good thing. I have my chinchilla. Agah set the room temperature on the fun temperature, and I wrap up much in Chile and yeah, yeah, yeah, but that they need to..

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