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"china exchange group" Discussed on The Michael Knowles Show

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"china exchange group" Discussed on The Michael Knowles Show

"All right john wall and i will show you that i will and so it's going well people are really excited about him uh they'll vote for him again and and really were only one year into this and people are already excited about the fact of what he's done give us three more years and he'll have so many people that are excited about him that i don't have any worries we'll do the exact same thing and what i'll do is sort of b scoreboard scoreboard oh yeah remember that oh yeah that was that i would you remember at yeah we did that you know i will say i was so pleased looking at the root of returns from texas juby primaries from both primaries democrat and republican they told us republicans weren't gonna turn out it was going to be a low donna big blue wave what happened record high gop turnout now democrats turned out to my at a much lower rate so we're still should be a little careful we gotta make sure republicans vote but it was really excellent it there's still a conservative exuberance and i've have last question before i have to let you go ten when are you going to run for office you'll be very good at it you have everything in tixx well i appreciate that thank you very much on not politically correct and i don't ever want to be because i agree with president trump you know there's a lot of a lot of went people in offices that just don't like they don't they're not strong i lake strength i have that same strength but i don't ever see me doing this on loving what i'm doing and i'm really excited about my new business the us china exchange group really excited to help push president trump's agenda but from the outside and w what over what of the usrun exchange group of what is working on right now right now we're trying to get agribusinesses to sign up to go on a mission trip and were taken ten companies us companies that want to grow and improve their trade relationships with china were taken him over to china and we're going to introduce them to their counterparts over there and help to be the project managers for making uh getting through the red tape.

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