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"chin chin cal colts" Discussed on WHOREible Decisions

"So that's another wha when you hear a culture thing. is, tall even like. The Jim. Jones. One is a Jim Jones or is it? Yeah. But some of these other ones there's just like wild and some of the tactics they use is crazy. So let's you gotta run down. Let me see what? Let's see. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. My first backed was a bout. Heaven's Gate and five dollars and seventy five cents and taking their money to the next level and castrating motherfuckers. Eddie Hi Matt Factors. Any did his first one was the weight loss. Lady named Gwen. Shirvani. Whatever because I thought wins the Ron Hustler. Second one was then a bow children, of God, and how they were flirting fishing getting members in their with little girls and then Eddie second one was about the tactics particularly love bombing about all the compliments and how we've seen it used with pimps and fuck boys today as it stands in my one was about the Peoples Temple Jim Jones bringing a bunch of people killing a total of nine, hundred, eighteen people and Eddie's last one into you just heard was about Garland Texas. The Chin Chin Cal Colts ten thousand and he said God's going to God's GonNa show up on TV and there was like, no where is he? Maybe meant Pacific Time. Oh what a great episode what a great episode much by Yeah we had a great, and if you the listener had a great time to listen to this podcast as much as we love talking about all these random facts, let us know give us a rating review on Apple podcasts. Every review helps a podcast grow it gets algorithm lets people D- aware and it's good for ratings as well. US on social media instagram twitter all that stuff it can be found in the podcast description We got horrible decisions listen to that every Monday disgusting it's fun. I've been on. It's great time and I got a new communist when you can find on Apple an I tunes spotify. And the link will be in the podcast description. Oh, what a great time? This was a this was a juicy one we did over an hour and. Long. No it's called little. Journey. I'll take a little devil. Okay come in various But what a great episode, a lot of fun and we thank so much over the leading get one, hundred, thousand downloads. Thank you. Thank you so much. We will talk to everybody in a week. They say..

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