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"Beautiful. Lakeland, Florida Hey, Terry, Welcome to the pet show. Hi, Warren. Thank you. I have a cat That's two years old, and I can't get her drink water. How he ever drink the water here with food. But she doesn't want to drink wine and trying to make containers. But what can I do that there's a couple of things. Okay? Have you ever noticed the cat may be drinking out of a flashlight or anything? No, I tried to get her to do that. Well, here's what I want you to do. A lot of cats will not drink water when the water isn't moving, And the reason I say that is instinctively. If water isn't moving, the cat assumes it may not be safe to drink, so it's not uncommon, whether it be a wild lion Tiger or ah, typical house cat. To to try to get water moving and refused to drink water that stationery The fact that giving her wet food that's okay because she's getting enough liquid inside. But what I'm gonna recommend that you d'oh good amazon dot com or Chili Dycom or whatever you want to go to a local pet store. And I want you to get one of those little fellas. There's little water fountains and made specifically for cats. What it does is it has the water constantly flowing when the water is constantly flowing, like, let the cat sniff it first. Before you turn it on. It's very quiet. Even some of them even filled with water. 98% of the time when I have a cat or dealing with a cat that's not drinking enough water by introducing a water found or what airflow to them. They feel safer and we'll drink it that way. That would be my recommendation at this point if he's still not drinking. You call me back next week. I got some of the tricks, but it sounds to me 98% of the time. Once you get water that's moving. The cat feels more comfortable and we'll start drinking it. I've even had cats with stationery, water in dishes that actually would take me apart and kind of swat at the water. Get the water in the dish moving because again it was moving, so therefore they felt that it was safe, but I would definitely not inexpensive. You can kick them for really, Ah little amount of money. But I would get one of those fountains at this point is that the captain checked by event there's no diabetes or anything like that. No. Yeah, So she's a healthy cat. So that would be my recommendation. At this point years ago, I worked with a really, really horrible situation with cat would drink and what I did is I took a little chicken boy on mixed it with water and frozen into an ice cube and let it melt. And I got the cat. They drink that way, But I don't want you to do that yet. I want you to go out and get one of those small founds. Let's try that first. Then you call me back will go further. Okay, Great. Thank you weren't giving and give that kid now going on with. Don't go anywhere. That's good. But let's put Terry on hold and I am going to send Terry. You know what I am going to send Terry? Some Cats and Christ. Thankyou. Thankyou out. I always forget my mind goes a little crazy. The official Lucy Pets catch Incredible cat litter Switch over Gradually, your cat will absolutely love it. I promise. Hey, the phone number here 8777258255 877 75 85 5 is to remind We only have the opportunity to talk once a week. And you know my phones were always jam packed, and we're really really busy. So I'm really urging you to check out my social media in the checkout facebook dot com slash the Petco. Facebook dot com slash the pet show. I share a lot of information there or as I said YouTube dot com slash Warren Eckstein checking both gonna go to the website. All that information's there. The pet show dot com But I do share a lot of information really important information that could make your relationship with your pets even better, and even potentially saved their lives. Hey, quick, break them right back to your phone calls. You know, you hear me? Talk about my own hugs and kisses supplements off all the products. I'm going backward. Over 30 years of all the product. People asked me to help them with I developed my own hugs and kisses. The reason was you I kept hearing from you on whatever show always doing whatever radio TV where reflector Whatever. You kept saying, Warren, our doctor shedding like crazy are cats have dry skin. There's fleas. All this nonsense. What can we do? What? Please flakes all over the house. Well, that's what actually pushed me to develop hugs and kisses and I worked with the top. Animal nutritionists in the world. And now my hugs and kisses supplements have been a bestseller. Ah, bestseller for over 30 years, But don't take my word alone. I urge you, I beg you go to my website that petco dot com called a walmart dot com could amazon dot com And we'd all of the five star testimonials about my own hugs and kisses supplements. The ones with my name and picture right on the label. I'm telling you, if you want to control your dog or cat shedding of the Danieli driving you crazy and.

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