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Fresh update on "chief staff" discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

01:13 min | 12 hrs ago

Fresh update on "chief staff" discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"And uncomfortable. While getting complimented. while. He's holding your boss I don't know I'm like I feel like I get it I get it and we hate Randy Scott I feel like that's enough of what of what we do. By the way Adam Schefter did not break the news of I love it. I love shefty. You guys know I'm a huge Adam schefter fan. Right like I'm just love the fact that he has seventeen phones. He's always very humble. He's just hard working guy like. One of the best of is right. Schefter wrote a book about it. He's awesome, and so when Schefter tweets, everyone's like a wedge bomb. Okay, but it was Adam Schefter. Did it actually broke the news of Patrick? Mahomes signing with the Kansas City chiefs for half a billion. Okay, it was. Katie Camden applause liquors. That's right. Okay so yesterday. Hear me out here. Katie who you could follow her on twitter Katie Underscore Cam, and that's with three times. What so everybody with these underscores in their name on I'm sorry. She said quote. A front office employee of the chiefs came in and bought six bottles of Dom. Perignon said there's a big signing today. He said it's not Chris. Jones, of course, the defensive tackle that they're trying to sign, so my guess is the mahomes deal now she then Schefter sends out the tweet, and then Katie's out a tweet after that goes holy blank. I beat Schefter now. She did delete the original tweet. Screen shot at. Twenty twenty. That is correct. Fair not fair. Should we give the scoop over Schefter for this I? Kind of think, that's the case right? I mean like. Right. What's the confirmation that it was the deal done, but she was the one who of put it together. I wonder now though they obviously know who bought the champagne, the chief staff member I wonder if they're getting chastised. Are People are like well was good news. So you know people are gonNA find out anyways. So here's the deal I wasn't going to do this. But there is other piece of NFL news that needs to be broken right now. The Miami Dolphins Guy just got this text..

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