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"chiampou kalpa" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"This is definitely the next person who brings up the electric thing and you know then environment when it comes to cryptocurrency. This is what they're getting their face. Chiampou kalpa and the story patty. Yeah if you want environmentally friendly way to resolve electricity issue you can start mining with who it apparently is true. Now when i pulled this article up some folks were saying things like is this a real website and you know it is a scottish website. And there've been a couple of other articles published about this. This is actually from june night. Have been sitting on this one for some time. where berry is in scotland scotland. Where they talk like sean connery. An englishman with a scottish action. now he's actually scottish. I believe but he played a russian man and a submarine and such was his most famous film. Apparently bitcoin mining often comes at the expense of using huge amounts of electricity something elon. Musk expressed grave concerns about as he announced. Tesla would no longer be accepting. The flagship cryptocurrencies payment despite gleefully announcing it would only days earlier and he's also co gone back on that now going well i guess i guess we'll take it again. He talks to the crypto. Minors hit had a conversation with the crypto. Minors all of them yeah. There's he didn't talk to me. I do a bit of mining from time. To time of crypto. it was just. That's how matt was like a saying that he phrased like he. He talked to the crypto. Minors or the crypto viner's like like making a subset of crypt minors. That are the crypto. Not all the crypto. The ones like they're more important than others. Have to look the exact. It's all right. it's not important. Off crypto currency markets rocketed at the first announcement with bitcoin hitting the all time high above sixty two thousand dollars. Us however the u-turn subsequent museum added tweets that followed where after cause a serious dip. That's bitcoins value have stripped back the price of all major coins. They're attributing far too much to mr. Musk and his tweets. The device apparently measures a mere seventy centimeters by thirty five centimeters by forty centimeters. Josh machines are designed to mind other digital currencies like raven coin in theory and use less energy. The firm's mining rigs have so far averaged approximately thirty thousand dollars each. That's in pounds in annual profits over a three year period with the bulk of these gains made in twenty twenty one as digital currencies. One institutional acceptance. So he's doing well with these particular. These actually will mind. You'll actually make money off them. According to this article. I wonder i wonder how efficient these machines are compared to like you know. I wonder if he ships internationally right. Rest josh i just shipped my pants. Josh who was among delegates in an e. u. summit on crypto last year says the company has been experiencing huge growth in sales among the uk's agricultural community as farmers tap in to on site renewable energy one greenside hosts forty mining computers which run twenty four seven. The site is powered using anaerobic digestion..

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