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"chevy ford chrysler" Discussed on Talking Mopars

"With, the creative muscle car marketing of the late sixties and early seventies long gone the late seventies sparked a new ad campaign from Chrysler to market their growing line of Dodge trucks. It was nineteen, seventy eight and the birth of the new adult toys from Dodge marketing campaign. This ad campaign carried over to nineteen seventy nine but unfortunately, that would be the end of the adult toys marketing campaign but. It was definitely fun while it lasted. The campaign was aimed at promoting four vehicles in nineteen, seventy eight including the warlock, the ram charger, the Macho Power Wagon, and of course, the street van to get an idea of what the campaign was like in seventy eight I thought it would be fun to read one of Dodge's ads. So here is the ad for the adult toys in nineteen seventy eight. A new set of adult toys from Dodge dodgers nineteen seventy, eight line of adult toys can do everything tough. Dodge trucks have always been known for, but a lot further than that. They're fun to drive fun to be seen in fun to own this see that four by four ram charger that looks like a hardworking station wagon. It looks more like a convertible when you take off, it's optional hardtop roof that extends all the way to the windshield or you. Can order a vinyl top with role upsides for fresh air camping that dynamite short bed with the solid oak stake sides is warlock which has got to be the ultimate status pick up most of the goodies you see on it or standard along with a couple of dozen others you can't see the imposing two-tone machine in the foreground is called the macho power wagon and it delivers everything the name implies inside and outside with a standard roll bar and full. Time four wheel drive to back it up, and of course, there's street van based on America's most popular van Type Vehicle, the Dodge Tradesman. It comes right from the factory with gear that gives you a great start on your own one of a kind set of wheels from there on the possibilities go right out of sight we could take ten more pages to tell you about the optional sun roof paint schemes, interiors, chrome, Trim special wheels, and etc, but we'll. Just say that everything about these trucks is designed for fun. If you haven't heard other truck companies talk about that lately maybe it's because they don't build trucks that are this much fun to drive. That was one of the ads from nineteen seventy eight and it was actually one of the Tamer ads other ads depicted the adult toys and a variety of fund youth inspired situations. So these vehicles were sure to Pique the interest of adventure seekers, some of these ads. Showed people at the beach just having a good time and you could just tell that the vibe that dodge wanted to put out was, hey, get a group of your friends throw cooler full of cold brews in the back and go find yourself a spot on the beach start a fire and have a great time. I really enjoy the marketing machine of Chrysler throughout its history. It definitely has had some great moments and even in modern times the marketing us. Today to attract the attention of the people who are in muscle cars has really been heating up over the past handful years. The folks at dodger really pushing the envelope much like they used to in nearly every vehicle in their current lineup is getting Hemi. Crazy. But props to the marketing department today because they're really doing phenomenal job at harnessing the power of those cars that muscle car everybody wants to be part of the Brotherhood of muscle, right? But My. Favorite. Adult toy from dodge had to be the street van. They really pulled no punches when it came to offering buyers customization options and it's great that they recognize the potential in the van craze of the nineteen seventies I. Don't think any other manufacturers capitalized on movements of the way Chrysler did back. Then you know with the Muscle car movement and then you know the big truck movement in the vans, it's crazy and it never ceases to amaze me when. I take a look at their marketing materials and ads from the sixties and Seventies. They really just had a way of making it fun and I think that Kearns. Even non Mo- Park Aren't suzy can at least appreciate their marketing efforts for all those different periods of time I. Think it's awesome and with the street van what was really cool is dodge offered this customization kit and they're really rare and if you can find one today Jeez, send it my way. Inside this kid, it gave you like a bunch of. Ideas. Pictures of dodge vans of like paint schemes and you know inspiration and I thought that was really cool. They also had. I guess they had patterns for like creating interior panels for your van so like the walls and things like that. So Dodge really you know through everything they had at the customisation aspect of these vehicles specially with the street van I. Mean There's a picture out there floating around on the Internet that shows an old dealership and for the life of me, I can't remember which one it is, but it shows nothing but street vans in front of this dealership and you're looking at it like is that a van show? No, that's just the lineup of St Vans that. This dealership had in stock that is insane to me but in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, a new adult toy was added to the lineup and that was the little mini truck, the Dodge d fifty sport. The rest of the lineup stayed the same with the biggest difference being the redesign of the grills, the front of the van guy a little bit more squared off and I'm not the biggest fan of that seventy nine van style. I've always liked the way dodges compared to Chevy's were less square. I like how the van the front of him float a little bit better into the grill. I liked the trucks how there weren't such sharp edges and how everything had Nice, curvature. Chevy's that's why the square bodies because they're. So Square at least with the dodgers you know you felt like I don't know they just looked smoother to me between the muscle cars trucks vans in comparison to Chevy Ford Chrysler products to me were just far more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes I don't know how everybody else feels but that's the way I feel and that's why I prefer Pars over any other car going back to the van styling it really is a shame that they changed the front end of that thing because it looked so good and you know. From the seventies into the eighties, they really looked more squared off like Chevy's and I really did not like that. But you know I guess all good things must come to an end and one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine was the last year for the adult toys from Dodge nineteen. seventy-nine was the end of that great marketing time in Chrysler history and with eighties came the K. cars will be talking more about them in another episode and you know talking about the eighties Turbomeca Pars, some of my favorite cars from Chrysler aside from the muscle cars and trucks and vans. That was another era in Chrysler history. That was. You know awesome with the turbo cars, they just were on a different level and coming from my childhood, you know my data talking car. So it's just really cool to think about what kind of stuff they were working with back in the eighties and we're going to be getting into all that stuff and she'd your episodes and we're also going to be getting further in depth with each of the vehicles offered in the adult toy lineup. So now you. Know, what vehicles were considered the toys from dodge, and hopefully you got a little understanding of why got a little flashier toward the end of the seventies exploring each one of these models in depth. A little bit more will be fun because each one is unique enough to stand on their own. They're so cool. But together, they make a great lineup of wild and crazy machines that will usually garner a little smile when you mention the adult toys from dodge..

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